Is Jennifer Aniston going to start a production company with Justin Theroux?

Way back when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married, they occasionally mingled their business interests. One of those occasions was when they formed a production company together called Plan B. After their 2005 divorce, Aniston got custody of their mega-mansion (which she sold) and Brad got custody of Plan B. Plan B had early financial successes, and Brad has turned it into a interesting venture, producing smaller, more “offbeat” productions than giant blockbusters. Incidentally, one of Plan B’s latest films is Twelve Years a Slave, which will be directed by Steve McQueen (Shame) and star Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I mean, come on!

Anyway, a few years after The Divorce, Aniston went ahead and began another production company called Echo Films. As far as I can see, Aniston hasn’t done much with Echo, although she’s been listed at a producer on some of her own films – Management, The Switch (I ended up liking that movie), and the Lifetime project Five. I’m not sure if she did those under the Echo umbrella, or what…? So, long story short, Aniston wants to start another production company. Maybe. With Justin Theroux! Because she not only wants to have his baby, she wants their business interests to co-mingle.

Not only do Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have babies on the brain, they’re also seriously talking business too.

“She’s planning to set up a production company with him,” an insider reveals exclusively to OK!.

After her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt, Aniston dropped out of their joint production company, Plan B, leaving Brad the sole owner.

“Giving up Plan B was something she always regretted,” the insider says. “But with Justin, she feels she has a second chance. He has a number of scripts written, and Jen’s really pushing to get them made because she’s a huge fan of his work.”

As for babies, “Ideally, she wants to be pregnant as soon as possible, but if it doesn’t happen by next year, they’re going to adopt,” the insider tells OK! “Jen has always been very open to the idea. Plus, it seems these days so many people in her circle are opting to do it that it’s got her thinking of it more and more.”

In fact, even if Jen does conceive, she and Justin may still adopt. “The fact is, she wants to have more than one child and now she’s in her 40s that’s becoming less likely,” adds the insider. “She wants her baby to have at least one sibling.”

Also… “Jen is seriously considering a stage musical based on Friends,” the insider says. “She’s met with some big Broadway producers. Nothing is set in stone, but Jen is really excited about the possibility of it!”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

The Friends musical sounds extremely stupid and it’s probably not even a thing, right? As for the babies… well, God bless. If Justin and Jen are both on board, I wish them all of the baby-making and adoptin’ bliss they can manage. But the production company? That bothers me a little bit. If any of that is true (which God knows, it could be), why is Aniston acting like she’s Theroux’s career savior (“Jen’s really pushing to get them made because she’s a huge fan of his work”), like she’s going to produce his genius scripts because she’s the only one who understands? As much as I tease The Shane Warne-ing of Justin Theroux, I do have to give him some credit – he’s an established screenwriter. He’s in-demand. Hollywood heavyweights want to work with him. He’s not some struggling screenwriter who needs to have his girlfriend produce his scripts.

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  1. lisa says:

    Brad and Jennifer did not “form Plan B”. Brad was equal partners with Brad Gray. Then when Brad G. Left he sold his interest to Brad. Jennifer had a very tiny part in the company. She was there when they did Charlie and the Chocolate factory. When the divorce started she decided she wanted more of the company. Brad said HELL NO and then the divorce changed from amicable to something else. Brad kept his company and fired Kristen Hahn who thought Jennifer had more power then she did. This was after KH spoke about Brad’s personal business in that Vogue interview. She learned the hard way who the BOSS was. And it was not Jennifer. Brad didn’t want her in the company at all, and I think she got that house and a couple of movies. Note nothing has ever really been produced on her side.

    She and Hahn(?) co created Echo. So what happens on that front. And why would Justin go into a Production deal with someone that doesn’t have any success in that field.

    • Nicole says:

      Brad is the Boss??

      I always thought it was Bruce Springsteen.

    • Wendi says:

      Lisa, it’s public knowledge they started Plan B together with Brad Grey.

      As for what Aniston did or did not ask for in the divorce, along with what Brad did or did not say, the scenario you describe sounds like wishful thinking to me. Unless you have a source that was intimately involved with their negotiations, you have absolutely no way of knowing anything about what went on behind closed doors in their lawyer’s offices.

      • lisa says:

        Honey it is call google.. use it

        and yes it is common knowledge. but when people spot off that she was equal partners that is not the case and is what I state. Like it or not it is the truth. If you need proof go find it. I did.

      • Wendi says:

        Lisa, google reveals that Plan B was founded by Pitt, Grey and Aniston. So the bit about Aniston not being in on the formation of it is patently wrong.

        This article: values the house that Aniston got at $29 million and the production company at $50 million. So logically, Aniston’s share of the company was worth $14.5 million (Brad’s half of the house) plus it says she retained a minor stake in the company. That would pretty much indicate that 1/3rd of it, or pretty close to that, was hers.

      • Guest says:

        Lisa is is an article form Variety that states that the two Brads had 50/50 with Jen having a small part in it.
        “in a partnership that will test the hypothesis that two Brads are better than one, Brad Grey and Brad Pitt have formed a motion picture company that has been staked to a first-look, first-

        dollar gross deal at Warner Bros.
        The three-year venture is a 50/50 partnership between the Brads, with “Friends” star Jennifer

        Aniston also an equity partner”

        that doesnt say nada about Jen having a huge stake in Plan B

      • Wendi says:

        One has to wonder how there can be two 50/50 partners and then a third partner? Someone isn’t very good at math.

        So, she was obviously a part of it when it was formed. Do we know that she didn’t add more money into the pot at a later date?

      • LAK says:

        @Wendi – An Equity partner simply means an investor. It can be long term or short term. An Equity Partner doesn’t always have legal liabilities as far as the companies they invest in although they stand to gain/lose from the investment. Usually an Equity partner is reimbursed the value of their investment plus an agreed % of profit from that investment.

        A partnership simply denotes legal ownership and liabilities. Of course a partnership can be split between the number of partners.

        In this case, that statement is very clear that the 2 brads are ‘the partnership’ in an equal 50/50 split, with JA as an investor.

      • Rena says:

        No the 2 Brads formed Plan B, they owned the majority of the company, Jen was a minority shareholder. Brad Grey’s share was transferred to Brad Pitt when BradG took over Paramount where he still is.

        Brad Pitt was then the majority owner of Plan B, Jen was primarily interested in making films under its shingle of which she made ZERO. She had no authority to hire or fire, Brad had the power and control. She took a few projects with her and some few $$$$ as part of the divorce settlement which Brad spoke about in a Dec 2006 interview in Variety.

        As to the never really lived in BH house, Brad’s realtor found the buyer and they split the profit. Jen did not get the house in the divorce. This house was, other than Plan B, the only property Brad and Jen shared any joint ownership in, all else was kept as separate property.

        Just the facts not fiction.

        Btw, Gambit was a Plan B project Jen wanted and got and Cameron Diaz and Collin Firth made the film last year, Jen was not offered the part.

    • pamela says:

      Lisa,I have one correction – Aniston didn’t get the house, it was sold and the proceeds split. Also, IIRC, she got a couple of the films that Plan B had, but I don’t think she has managed to get any made.

      • lisa says:

        Thanks Pamela.. I thought that part was wrong when I typed it.. but too late.

        Maybe she can do better with Justin. I think the problem is most of the projects she had under development seem so dated.. Pumas and such. Women with younger men has been done on screen and off. So not a novel idea anymore. I know she had years of trying to get the film Goree Girls made. But my understanding is she does not own the rights to that movie. Maybe she has first refusal or something. Not sure. But the script has been worked on for years. It has been really hard for her to finance films on her own. But again maybe with Justin since he has had more success getting things picked up.

        It seems clear who was getting the more interesting projects. I don’t know what things she has optioned. I never hear that her Production company has optioned a book. the things she has under development have been there for years.

      • Rena says:

        Thank you, totally true about the house proceeds being split. And not one of the projects Jen took from Plan B has been made with her.

  2. sukienow says:

    he already has two movies which he wrote the script coming out soon :
    rock of ages and neigbouhood watch

    and he finished the script for zooland 2 which apparentlt he might direct

    this man wrote iron man 2 and tropic thunder,
    aniston needs to sit her ass down: ben stiller gets first look on theroux scripts lol

  3. sup says:

    stop… mentioning… the word “pregnant” next to her all the time… god damn it i don’t believe she wants kids and she doesn’t have to, whether she plants and denies these stories or if they’re made up, this has to stop!!! why would she be crazy about kids at the age of 43? why?? going to holidays and drinking cocktails is a much sweeter lifestyle and i can imagine after a certain age pregnancy can become even more of a hassle

    • Rhea says:

      I have to agree with that. At 43, I just couldn’t imagine why a person would want to have a children since they really do require your full attention and responsibility plus stamina.

      Not that I am dissing other people who wants to have kids at that age, but I have kids myself (which I love a lot despite the responsibility that comes with it ;) )—-and if I am already at that age, I prefer nieces and nephews :D

  4. Agnes says:

    she should just give into being pretty talentless and spend her time grooming, drinking and making awful rom-coms.

  5. Wendi says:

    Isn’t it rather normal to want to support your partner in thier career? Does anyone bat an eye when actresses wear dresses deigned by Harvey Weinstein’s wife? When someone casts their partner in a film they’re producing? If your husband or partner invests in a company that you want to start?

    • Rhea says:

      I think you should separate business and personal interest. It’s just going to be a disaster mostly if later on you got a problem with your life partner.

      If you do want to invest in their business you must do it because you’re looking at it as a prospect business profit. It’s a different matter if you’re helping to invest in their business without hoping a profit in return.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        ITA–Doesn’t matter how ‘in love’ you are today, business should be kept separate. They haven’t been together that long and they’re not even (or yet) married!
        What divorced 43-year old* would be so starry-eyed that they can’t see this is a BAD idea?

        *I’m just saying she should know better based upon life experience, not knocking her for being 43 OR divorced.

      • Wendi says:

        I’m sure she is looking at it as a potentially profitable enterprise.

        I have to say though, you could apply exactly the same reasoning to buying a house together with your partner / spouse. I would imagine that if she does do this, they will likely have a very well defined legal framework, just like one would for any other business.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Wendi—With her dating history (life experience), this woman should avoid complicated entanglements. Whether it’s a house together or a business—dumb dumb dumb. What a pain it will be when they break up!
        Can’t she make money on her own, with her own company? Or is she coat-tailing onto Justin’s somewhat successful writing career? (Just rhetorical questions.)

      • Nicole says:


        ‘I think you should separate business and personal interest. It’s just going to be a disaster mostly if later on you got a problem with your life partner.’

        So that explains why Brad and Plan B had nothing to do with ITLOBAH.

      • Wendi says:

        @Ahoy: First, this is a woman who is worth in the neighborhood of $135 million dollars. I’m sure she’s got top notch lawyers and business managers looking out for her interests. Second: life experience has probably taught her that it’s a good idea to set up a buyout clause in the event of You or your partner wanting out, regardless of whether or not you are romantically involved with that person. Finally: if we’re going the “life experience” route, let’s see… No divorced woman should ever take the risk of getting married again. No woman whose partner dropped her like a hot potato once she got pregnant or adopted a child should ever have more children. No one whose partner cheated on them should ever trust anyone again. No one who ever got fired from their job should ever look for another one. It’s all too risky. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous?

      • ahoyhoy says:

        What I’m saying is that she has had a long history of relationships that have been longer than this one—and they’ve ended. If you read all my comments, you’ll see that I’m surprised she would engage in that potential HASSLE with all her experiences. Marrying Justin (without kids involved) would be easier to dissolve than a production company together.
        My comments are just shock that she would entangle herself so at this point in their relationship, and i was speculating about her motive–Is she a hopeless romantic, does she need the money, does HE, or is she perhaps trying to control Justin further by enmeshing their careers? I have no opinion of the answer, just asking. It’s certainly a curious move by a woman who seems mature enough to know better.
        Your quote of her net worth seems a little high, but I don’t care enough to ask you to link it. That would seem like every payday she’s ever had without allowing for the masses of $ she has spent on real estate alone. There were 6 stars of ‘friends’, and haven’t her residuals ended or are soon to end anyway? Like I said, it matters not, I was just shocked at the business entanglement so early if this story is true.

      • Wendy says:

        She and Pitt were both worth something like $90 million when they divorced. She’s been earning in the $20-30 million range ever since, so almost 7 years. $135 million might actually be low. Real estate counts towards net worth.

      • Rhea says:

        @Wendi :”I have to say though, you could apply exactly the same reasoning to buying a house together with your partner / spouse.”

        —->I would say that buying a house together with partner or spouse MOSTLY because they are planning for a future together a.k.a making a family,hence they are buying it. Not because they want to make a profit from it.

        If they are buying it for profit reason, like for later on selling it again—not keeping it for a long term—then like I said, it’s a different matter again.

    • LAK says:

      @Wendi – without judgement, just like the babies, i honestly don’t think she’s interested in producing/directing. she already has a production company that has barely put any work out. She isn’t someone unknown, and i assume that she has a certain amount of clout in Hollywood, and as you mention over $135M in the bank, some of which could be invested in her company. People do it all the time in Hollywood and elsewhere.

      She talks about directing and yet she’s only produced 2 shorts. If she was really passionate about it, she would dig into her own pockets and put up the cash and her hollywood clout to develop projects.

      Compare and contrast with *Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock and even her BFF Courtney Cox.

      *I am only talking about her producing work here.

      • Lurker says:

        I agree with this. Aniston has more than enough money to finance her own films to give herself more quality roles and prove herself as an actress if she really wanted to. I think she is scared of doing this as she has very little acting talent and the films would probably bomb. So, I can believe this story of her wanting to invest in Justin’s talents could probably be true. Maybe that is one of the reasons he is with her anyway, to advance his career. Although he is not a failure or anything, his association with Aniston and investments by JA could push him to A list.

  6. Jayna says:

    It sounds like a good idea to me. She did love that, and Justin having written screenplays for hit movies could help to spot good projects or write on one. Jen’s parts will be drying up more and more in the next few years, so a nice segueway.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Why does this woman elicit such passion from her fans? She makes awful movies and her personal life seems boring as hell. And her boyfriend wears too much make up. Ick.

  8. Franny says:

    I love everything about her outfit in the last picture. I feel at this point I’m only going to comment on concrete things about her. Who knows what she is doing with her uterus or make up fund…I just like her outfits and hair.

  9. Katherine says:

    Plan B is named for Plan BRAD – get it? The 2 Brads – Brad Gray and Brad Pitt. It’s pretty common knowledge that Jennifer did very little with Plan B. Why do you think she had little say in its future?

    Jennifer did not “get the house” in the divorce. Both she and Brad retained ownership and sold it. There is no record of any pre-sale exchange in ownership. Since Jennifer and Brad had never co-mingled their personal fortunes while married that made the financial issue during the split simpler.

    The new production company? Of course Jason wants this. I knew this was part of his Plan J! LOL! And why a new company and not a continuation or revival of her Echo Productions? Well, there is the issue of her friend/partner and this would either ease her out completely or take away any power she would have had.

    I told you all this boy was ambitious and no fool. Wanna bet he’s an equal partner in the new company? Most of his work as a screenwriter has been courtesy of his friend Ben Stiller. He’s not exactly an in-demand screenwriter as some would have you believe. Justin’s work on Thunder Tropic was merely as one of its various contributors to his friend, Ben Stiller’s script. A nice gift from a wealthy and successful friend to his not so successful and struggling friend.

    This guy ain’t letting go until he is comfortably set.

    • Wendi says:

      Well, I guess you’d better call up their reps who released the divorce settlement details and argue with them that you know more than they do then…

      As for Plan B… everyone knows what a plan B is.

      • Katherine says:

        I do what you can’t be bothered to do. I check records which is now very easy to do. You prefer to cite unreliable gossip articles known for their propensity to write anything no matter how inaccurate.

        Neither of their personal reps released any details about their divorce. The property details are available as public records. The article you linked was clearly incorrect and typical of gossip columns which didn’t even bother to do the simple act of checking public porperty records easily available online. You could have done the same, Wendi.

        Some corporation and LLC reocrds are also accessible online.

        As for Plan B – yes everyone who pays attention knows what Plan B stands for in this case – Plan BRAD.

      • Wendi says:

        Let me guess, you also have online access to the bank account details concerning who the product of the house sale went to?

        Yeah, didn’t think so.

      • lisa says:

        The name Plan B is a Production Company

        Plan B stood for Plan Brad..

        Brad Pitt later said he didn’t really like it but at some point it was really too late to change it. Brad and Dee Dee Gardner are the sole owners of it. And they have I think a couple of partners involved also. Or people they collaborate with.

      • pamela says:

        Oh, OH,someone is getting very snippy when faced with the facts. LOL

    • The Original Mia says:

      I thought the name came from the Brads too. I don’t know if this was Justin’s plan, but it really would be a stroke of luck for him if she did finance a production company for him.

  10. Maya says:

    If they do decide to adopt, you just know the tabloids will have a field day: “Jen copies Angelina! Angie tries to focus the attention on herself by bringing out The Leg! Brad breaks down in tears at the news!” etc.

  11. Jackie says:

    this would not surprise me at all. they seem to both know that if he is going to stay around, she better be helping his career in every way possible.

  12. labyrinth says:

    Has anyone considered that this woman may not be able to have bio children? This constant speculation over her pregnancy desire versus her ‘selfishness’ and ‘career’ could be very hurtful. Not to even mention the fact that if she should choose to adopt, the comparisons to AJ she would have to brace herself for.

  13. mln76 says:

    It actually sounds like a GREAT idea. She’s hit the dead zone in her career at her age and with so many unsuccessful movies the only way she’ll be able to work as a lead is if she starts backing her own projects and then sells them to the studios. Or she’ll just end up playing mom to Miley Cyrus etc. Maybe Justin can write her something good? if not she may as well go back to TV.

    • Nicole says:

      Whats wrong with going back to TV or being a TV actor?

      • mln76 says:

        Nothing actually, I think TV would be a better fit for her and I’ve said it several times. Right now there is much better TV than movie roles for women especially older women. And when you consider actresses who have been much more acclaimed than Aniston like Sally Field and Glenn Close have ended up on TV shows there is no reason why she shouldn’t.

        BUT I think she’d see it as a step down. It would be in a way finally admitting that the Oscar (that she said she wanted) and the film career haven’t actually panned out. And that despite the constant press releases and glossy mag covers she’s not an A-list movie star and never was as big as Huvane and co wanted the public at large to believe and that she never really had more success outside of Rachel and Friends.

      • Wendi says:

        I know it pains you, but Aniston is most definitely A list.

        The was a good article on just what makes someone A list these days:

        From the article: Cut to today. Now stars make the A-list when their names attract very different types of deals.

        “The reason all these women do very well is that they trigger upfront distribution deals overseas, which has nothing to do with U.S. box office,” says Bonnie Gillespie.

        I refer you to the Ulmer Scale, which tracks the moneymaking power of actors. Specifically, the Ulmer Score indicates the likelihood of a star generating enough up-front interest for a producer to make all of his money back before shooting even starts.

        For, say, a small-budget picture, Alba has a 46, Lopez has 81 and Aniston has 96. So if you hire Aniston for your cheap rom-com, it’s almost guaranteed to make all of its money back before it ever hits the market.”

      • mln76 says:

        @Wendi in the sense that everyone knows her name and face who she is and her personal life yes she is A list. In the sense that when she is the star in a film she can’t get any butts in the theater, has never had even the whiff of an Oscar nominatiion, and in some cases she actually hurts the appeal of a film then no she’s not an A-List FILM actress. I was referring to her film career NOT her overall appeal as a personality.

        EDIT:Oh and the fact that you quote a GOSSIP site and not an actual industry source like Deadline or Vulture shows how easily you are manipulated by Huvane and his press releases.

      • Janet says:

        @Wendi: Aniston is famous for three things exactly: 1) being the star of a long-running TV sitcom; 2) a hairstyle millions of women copied, and 3) being married to and divorced from Brad Pitt. Her acting chops are mediocre at best and she has never been able to carry a feature film by herself.

      • Wendi says:

        @mln: I suppose they totally made up the Ulmer scale notion too.

        As for the source, the fact that the question was asked on a Question and Answer column regarding HW doesn’t make the answer any less true. It’s not TedC giving the answers, now is it? As far as I know, Variety doesn’t have write in questions and answers, but I may be wrong there. I’m pretty sure they probably wouldn’t publish one expressing disbelief that Aniston is A-list though…

      • mln76 says:

        Wendi here is Vulture’s analysis of Jennifer Aniston. They actually talk to industry sources and not just publicist to see what the INDUSTRY has to say about Aniston. Although they don’t use the exact phrase A-list they do actually say exactly what I and others have said. She’s more a tabloid star than a box office draw. She’s had little critical acclaim. And she needs to change it up to actually prove that she can appeal on her own once the tabloid attention dies down. This was written before the unsuccessful results of The Switch and Wanderlust (the two films she headlined) so keep that in mind.

        I just don’t understand the insistence that you have that she is A-List. In the true sense of the word as a film actress she clearly IS NOT. She hasn’t had a franchise. She’s never won an Oscar(or been nominated) and she isn’t a box office draw without a co-star. That puts her at the very least a tier below the actresses that CAN do all of those things AND have a higher Ulmer Scale than Aniston. (We can all admit she’s bigger than Jlo and Jessica Alba).

      • Emma says:

        Some TV stars are better actors/more well liked than some movie stars these days. Aniston is better fit for TV…she was great as part of the ensemble cast on Friends.

        And lol guys don’t bother arguing correctly, using well established sources versus tabloid sources with Wendi. She likes to act very reasonable, well informed, impartial, and just on threads of mostly Aniston, a little bit on other threads, but lol just go check out her posts on Angelina Jolie and see how quickly her second head roars.

      • sup says:

        @ wendi most of her movies are known to bomb, including her last, wanderlust which i decided to see for the cast of “the state” (90′s comedy group). she has her loyal group of fans but most of the movies aren’t funny. i used to watch a lot of romcoms but these days the comedy part is severely missing. they’re just lazy writing.

      • mln76 says:

        Oh and by the way the ONLY place this Ulmer rating for Jennifer Aniston is quoted for her on google is in the E article which doesn’t say exactly when she was at 96. Considering she isn’t on the top 10 list on the Ulmer website I’m going to call bunk on that one.

      • wendi says:

        @sup: if her films “bomb”, how is it that her average is only $4 million less per film than Jolie’s? And Jolie’s totals include 3 films where she was only providing voice.

        I’d be willing to bet that if you totalled Aniston’s (barely if at all A list according to some) box office and divided it by what it cost to make her films, and then you did the same for Jolie (A++ according to some) dollar spent for dollar returned, Aniston probably makes a much better return on investment than Jolie does for the money people.

      • Guest says:

        Um Wendi I think they mean that Jennifer has yet to carry a movie on her own or be even nominated for a GG or Sag I’m not even talking about an Oscar for film. Sandra can open a movie Julia has opened movies heck even Katherine Heigl opened a movie. Can u name one movie that Jennifer A carried with her name alone. I’ll wait. All her movies u are referring to was carried by a popular comedic star, until she can pull a Jolie n open a movie ala Salt with her name then u can compare.

    • kira says:

      I love that article about how some actors are considered A-list despite lack of talent, good films, or box office draw. It boils down to PR, it seems. Well, that’s SO flattering. If that’s the case, then, Kim Kardashian can be A-list. She sells out malls everywhere! ;-)

      And, if Aniston is A-list, then what does that make Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts? MEGA-A+ listers? Bullocks/Roberts have had many hits based on their own star power, they have Oscars, and they’ve stared in memorable films. You simply can’t say Aniston compares. She stars in bad films, can’t open a film by herself, and often plays the girlfriend role to big co-stars. Her PR is blinding–but, that’s not really A-list.

    • LAK says:

      @Wendi – if you are going to quote Industry sources, please stick to Industry sources. I mean Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Indiewire, the Hollywood Index. Eonline is a gossip source.

      There is a huge difference between tabloid fame and box office fame.

      By that measure, the Kardashians should be in every movie here on in.

  14. Gene Parmesan says:

    Oooh Justin looks like a covergirl in that top pic!! Maybe he’s born with it!! His face is glowing

  15. skuddles says:

    And Justin hits paydirt – cha ching!!!

  16. Guest says:

    is Wendi Anistons Pr person..she has responded to like every persons criticism..its okay hon, not everyone is a fan of Aniston..this is Celebitchy where we biitch about all celebs not just aniston

  17. kira says:

    Sounds a bit like…”Mama pays all the bills and you write me a role where I can be the BIG STAR, got it?” ;-)

    They should rethink this plan given how badly Wanderlost bombed. They both did a ton of PR for that film, too, like Aniston’s Hollywood star ceremony, she talked about being naked in the film, and dating her co-star (while he was living with someone else). Yet, the film only opened at 6 million and in the 8th spot? Geez, even Reese’s silly movie did much better and people were calling that a bomb. That doesn’t bode well for them.

  18. mummy says:

    I think it’s a great idea, if true. Funny how some folks have difficulty even admitting she had a significant share in Plan B. Childish haters keep on trying to diminish her role in her own life … past, present and future. Must be hard work keeping all this antagonism for the former wife.

    • Wendy says:

      No kidding. It’s like they want to erase her from ever having existed because she married Pitt.

      • lisa says:

        Wendy Jennifer’s and Brad’s marriage was YEARS ago. Most people not familiar with them don’t even know they were married. HECK how many people think Brad and Angie are married.

        As a JP fan. I don’t care that Brad and Jennifer were married, any more then I care about Angie’s past marriages. The word is PAST.

        but I will say that the most pathetic thing I’ve seen is the number of times the Aniston fans say over and over.. At least he married Jennifer. REALLY. How pathetic do you all want this woman to been seen in the world. SO WHAT they got married and got a divorce. But the thing is not that the JP fans are upset that he married Jennifer. Her fans like you are still hurting ofter 7 years that the are divorced. Hurting so much that you still 7+ years later, a new relationship and 6 children. Still spouting off that Brad married Jen. Is that all she is worth? Is that all that matters in her 43 years of life; is that for you her major accomplishment. Sad that in the year 2012 her worth is not a successful TV show or movies or awards she got but that Brad Pitt married her ass.

        I’m not fan at all, but damn even I would want more for any woman then she got some man to marry her. Goodness with fans like you no wonder she is looked at as a woman still stuck in the past. And that is despite that she is living with another man. Not to mention the men she was involved with after Brad.

        Wow you all really have low expectations for her.

    • autumndaze says:

      *See above. Fact: She didn’t “have a significant share in Plan B.”
      Fact: She was an investor.

  19. Emma says:

    Why does this woman age so badly despite spending $2000 (or was it $8000) a month on beauty treatments? She could probably pass for Justin Theroux’s mother.

    • anon33 says:

      See, this is why reasonable people call you “Loonies.” There is no way in hell, and I’m even going to say objectively speaking, that she looks old enough to be the mother of a man in his forties. Like her, don’t like her, I don’t care, but when you say stupid sh8t like that, it only makes your argument look invalid.

  20. Anon says:

    Good gawd, there goes Huvane feeding her fans more baby lust to keep them happy. He’s working overtime to see why they didn’t park their butts in the seats for ‘Wanderlust’. I see Stephen and Jen have now got Justin coat-tailing on Pitt’s name. Next week, they will be mentioning the Jolie-Pitt kids’ names and something about the Hamptons.
    good luck on their production company, after this last movie–they both need to be more creative.

    • pamela says:

      Someone posted once that they think Huvane had a crush on Brad and was more angry than Aniston when Brad left, so now he’s obsessed with the imagined competition with the JPs (which is only in JA and Huvane’s heads btw). There is actually a pic of Huvane on the RC with Brad and Aniston, and he is actually gazing with puppy dog eyes at Brad.It is funny as hell. LOL.

  21. pamela says:

    You are totally out of left field with that claim, but just so you know, Brad AND Angie invested their own money to make ITLOBH. Seems Brad has faith in his woman.

  22. lrm says:

    this entire thread of comments is stupid. that is all.
    my last JA thread; but I do enjoy seeing pics of her, even tho’ she boring and I’m not a fan,n or do I hate her.
    I have no idea why she interests me.
    There: that is her appeal-it’s a je ne sais quois factor. probably why ppl hate her, too. je ne sais quois.

  23. Luise says:

    God, she is SO BORING. I bet she really bosses his ass around town.

  24. Sally says:

    Food for thought… Since both the house and PlanB became assets after marriage and there was no pre-nup, both would have been considered community property under California law. That means half half. Chances of Pitt getting half the house and Aniston not getting half of his stake in PlanB are pretty much non- existant.

    • Rena says:

      No you are not quite right as to the application of community property as to a business. Some will depend on how the property is legally held. Plan B being a business would have been incorporated and the CONTRACT provisions would govern the disposition of the business. All earnings from a privately held business are considered community property to the extent they reflect either spouse’s participation in the business (Jen was an equity investor not a principal).

      So as an equity investor Jen would most likely have been entitled to the present day value of her investment when they separated when she was bought out (this would have been covered in the business contract). There would have been an appraisal of the value of the business and that was probably some tough negotiations with Jen likely also earning some money based on Plan B projects completed before the date of their separation. She probably took the Plan B projects she wanted in lieu of more cash.

      The BH house, which was the only real property they bought together, would indeed be community property, and the proceeds of a sale equally split. Like furniture, art,their earnings,and whatever else was acquired during the marriage, unless a settlement was reached by the 2 parties as to who received what in the divorce.

      Brad’s Los Feliz and Santa Barbara properties were his separate property and Jen’s Bird Street house was her separate property.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Sally, Brad bought out Jen’s limited ‘stake’ in Plan B with money and a few film projects. Whether or not she was entitled to half the company, she accepted his offer.

  25. Rena says:

    Brad is the sole owner of Plan B as he stated in December of 2006 and he has given ownership shares to Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner.

    “Amid that upheaval, Pitt has emerged as the sole owner of Plan B (thanks to a recent settlement with Aniston)”

    Variety, 12/14/2006

    Again just verifiable facts.

  26. Kara Ann says:

    I’ve read all of the comments thus far and it’s so funny how many rehash old crap instead of commenting on this particular story.
    Anyway, despite the slant this this site and the quoted article puts on this whole thing, all I see are two successful people that are presently intertwining their lives. Good for them if they feel comfortable enough, and trust the relationship and one another enough to feel safe joining their business/creative interests as well. I don’t think they would be the first couple to do so and, I wish them happiness and success in their endeavors. Pretty simple to me.

  27. deb says:

    what’s the brand of the pair of shoes she’s wearing in the bottom picture?