J.Lo & Casper Smart pose with blindfolds for her new single: cheesy & unsexy?

Jennifer Lopez

These are some photos that Jennifer Lopez just released yesterday to promote her latest single, “Dance Again”. Ugh. That’s Jennifer’s facially-challenged boyfriend in the photos with her. Can I just say? The blindfold is a minor improvement for his face. I’m not being mean or anything. I’m just saying, part of “facial challenge” is the area from his cheekbones to his forehead, and the blindfold helps significantly. He should wear it more often. Anyway, the music video won’t be released until Thursday, during American Idol, because Jennifer is now the Queen of Cross-Promotion. Guess who’s in the music video? Casper Smart. Here’s the song:

I find Pitbull to be a very overrated artist, but… whatever. He and J.Lo have collaborated several times now, so I guess we’ll just have to live with it. As for the song… meh. I’m not into it.

Getting back to the photos Jennifer released, and what it means for her relationship with Casper… let’s face it. She’s going to marry him. I had a brief, joyous moment where I thought, “Maybe she’s kind of ashamed of her boy-toy, maybe she’s learned that she doesn’t have to marry the first loser she has sex with.” But no. She’s going to marry him. A source “close to the couple” claims “There is a lot of love between [them]… He treats her like a queen.” Yes, he treats her like a queen… on her dime. Radar reiterates that Jennifer is paying Casper $10,000 a week because, “She hated having to whip out her credit card every time they go to dinner. And it bummed her out that Casper had to borrow money from her to buy Christmas presents, including hers.” He’s getting paid $10,000 a week to wear blindfolds and hang out with Jennifer’s air-brushed abs.

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Lopez’s website.

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  1. Rhea says:

    You should put an “image-cringe-warning” on the headline…

  2. lucy2 says:

    She’s a fool when it comes to men. You’d think she’d have learned by now not to mix business with her personal life, but here she goes again.
    What’s with that last photo? Looks like someone grabbing her boob. Stupid.

    • Elizabeth says:

      This woman is embarassing herself and every other over 40 woman (myself included). At least when George Clooney does this (eats low on the food chain when seeking “partners”), there is an understanding between both parties that its a “job”. She gets free publicity and a potential career boost and he gets arm candy to cover up his other sexual activities (kinky, guys, I dont’ know!). There is no belief that his latest partner is his “true love” or whatever. Why is she so stupid with men? Or maybe she just wants to marry her “boy toy” even though she knows he’s expendable. Weird.

    • Kennedy says:

      She really is a fool. But I’m totally down with taking advantage of a fool. I’d be willing to pretend I’m a dude for a few weeks if she’s going to pay me 10,000 to “romance” her. Fack! I could pay off all my college loans.

      Can I say it? I miss Bennifer. They might have been the most overexposed couple of the century but DAMN they were good for gossip.

  3. paola says:

    bringing your partner into your work field is never a good idea in my opinion

  4. lin234 says:

    PLEASE let her marry this one. Her life is entertainment all on it’s own. No need to make lame movies, music, etc…

  5. Toot says:

    They look good.

    The lyrics to that song made me laugh, well Jennifer’s part. I think she’s talking about her whole relationship in it.

  6. gast says:

    that blindfold is almost perfect “love is blind”! more like “blind and stupid”, but one out of two is not that bad. she really has no sense when it comes to men. of course we all have some kind of pattern, but this is just sad… and stupid. blind, sad and stupid.

  7. Nona says:

    am i the only one that likes them together?

    • Jeannified says:

      No…it irritates me that all of the bloggers keep saying that this guy is “facially cahllenged.” I can only imagine that they say that because he is so young, and feel that he is not fully a “man” yet. However, if you’re gonna call him “facially challenged,” then that moniker belongs to skelator…Marc Anthony!

      • anon33 says:

        Hmm, I’m not the blogger, so I’ll say it.

        “Facially challenged” is code for “ugly as all hell.”

        At least Skeletor had a sort of dashing quality at times. He’s nowhere near as ugly as this dude IMO, but obviously YMMV.

      • fleur says:

        Yes, Casper’s buff and Anthony’s not but Marc has a great voice. Vocally, he’s a hugely talented man in his own right. Whatever you think about his looks, I think he’s not Brad Pitt by a mile but he has a lot of confidence and knows what he’s good at, he owns the stage when he’s on it. I’m not a huge Marc Anthony fan but I have a relative who works in tv and watched him perform for taping. my relative said he was friendly to the crew and he has a MAJOR voice, it’s supposedly incredible to hear live. I can see why Jennifer went with him. Casper is a bit more confusing to me

  8. yarra says:

    She needs to find herself a taller guy. I actually think he’s cute enough, but they look wrong together.

  9. Bite me says:

    A very attractive couple :)

  10. Liz Taylor says:

    Say Hello to Ben Affleck Nr.2 Hahahahaha
    Just with no money haha
    she has no selfrespect. shes ridiculous! Why does she always have to marry?

    why cant she be just happy in a realtionship?

    Why it is so importand to americans to get married? i dont understand it. that is soooo overrated! especiayl when it is obvious that you are not made for a long lasting realtionship like JLo

    She will beat Liz Taylor!!!

    • Rin says:


      Elizabeth loved Richard Burton with a crazy love…she has no Richard Burton.

      • pam says:

        Rin says:


        Elizabeth loved Richard Burton with a crazy love…she has no Richard Burton
        You’re forgetting about Ben Affleck.That was her true love.Hello! she dedicated a whole album to him.She was married to skeletor for 7 years and all he got was beans.I hope this kid takes her to the cleaners for being so stupid.You’d think she would learn after all this time

  11. Rio says:

    My God, Lindsay Lohan is out of her league. THIS is who should be playing Elizabeth Taylor!

    I can’t hate on her– not because I like her music (never heard it), or her movies (haven’t seen since “Out of Sight”), but because she is just so unashamedly tacky. Considering how tightly regulated most stars are by their PR machines, J.Lo is a breath of phenomenally cheezy, enjoyable air.

  12. I.want.shoes says:

    I can’t help it, but there is something very enjoyable about watching her make such a fool of herself. I’m all for them marrying!

    • TG says:

      Ha-ha me too. And this one is especially fun because not only is she eating low on the food chain but he has an unusally small head making him look even more ridiculous. What would we do without her tackiness to entertain us. One question though, she is known for having a fantastic bod so why did she airbrush her mid-section to look like a 12 year-old girl?

  13. Bbyboo says:

    I never used to like Pitbull either. Then I started taking Zumba classes a year and a half ago and now I love his songs. They are fun to dance to :)

    As far as JLo, I think she feels wanted/needed by Casper and like his devotion to her {money}… LOL. I hate the blindfolds… it’s like inviting us into their sex lives. So not interested!

  14. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that all of her songs are crappy?

  15. Asli says:

    She’s Ben Affleck-ing this. Remember the movies? Music video? But then again Ben had money and a career of his own – as much as it was sinking. This kid has more to stay for.

  16. Rux says:

    I finally saw pics of him without sunglasses; UGH!!! Holy f’ing terror of the bug eyes. Now I know what you mean by “facially challeneged”.

    I love JLos hustle but her choice in men is seriously lacking. I still want Bennifer back!

    • Meecey says:

      Bug eyes! Hahahahaha thanks for the rotflol. And whoeverelse said about the blindfold inviting us into their sex lives *barfs* I say amen. That’s the first thing I thought of, leave that crap in the bedroom. It makes ME want to cover MY eyes with a blindfold made of acid! Gaf!

      • Rux says:

        Seriously!!! I went “EWWW” with Skeletortony but at least that guy has talent. “Casper” “Smart” WTF!? Ugh, I might not be able to have sex with my husband for a week I am so turned off by that “facially challenge” and I love having sex with my husband.

  17. Maritza says:

    They’ll be together so long as he never strays on her and keeps treating her like a queen. Since he is so young I truly believe he is really in love with her but what probably she most likes about him is how sweet he is with her kids, in her eyes he’s a keeper. They are happy, good for them.

  18. Jackie says:

    this relationship keeps us talking about her. if she were with a 45 years old business man, nobody would care.

    she will do anything to stay in the spotlight.

    that song truly sucks.

  19. Andrea says:

    She’s looking kinda cat faced in that last picture…wonky.

  20. Brannie says:

    She needs an intervention. This is a train-wreck waiting to happen and I’ll have the popcorn out when it does.

  21. Jennifer12 says:

    She’s the new Madonna: desperate to stay young and relevant at any cost. Sofia Vergara wears her age proudly and doesn’t try to act 25. And why is she so scared to be alone? She started with this guy the minute she separated from her husband. What does this say to her kids? Casper is now a featured player in all her “work”. Girl, enough, please. Just STOP. Being in your 40s isn’t the death sentence you act like it is; go with it and be sexy and hip in a way that works for your age.

  22. nikzilla37 says:

    That’s creepy. They’re creepy.

  23. Az says:

    Omigod, i could not be more embarrassed for her. I mean, you don’t marry the waiter… or whatever he is. You don’t take him to Oscars after parties. I swear she has no class at all.

  24. Alexis says:

    She is sooooooo embarrassing. Does she know that the world is laughing at her? I wouldn’t care so much if she didn’t make her sh*t so public. Why is she flaunting this dude in our faces?!

  25. Maria says:

    ugh… a young guy, who could be her son, is sleeping with a woman entering into perimenopause…just lovely…. seriously, what young guy wants a woman who is drying up?…. not sure why she is so blind about this…in 3 or 4 years, aging will truly begin…she will grasp even more then… it’s not going to be pretty, to witness the demise of another marriage…and to see her try to stay youthful.

  26. Jordan says:

    Ugh, please stop trying to make the Latino K-fed happen, JLO! Cas-mart?

  27. Gene Parmesan says:

    you would think after ;Dear Ben’ she will be able to separate business from personal. Cos look how that ended up, oh and he ‘borrowed’ money from her, cos he is going to pay her back right?

  28. NeNe says:

    I personally think that she tries way to hard….

    It is quite uncomfortable to look at….

  29. Laura says:

    Why do her abs have the same freaky definition as her cheekbones? 😳

  30. Pedge says:

    For a second there, I thought you accidentally posted some pictures from 1998.

  31. truthful says:

    I’ve said this for months, SHE WILL marry him…WATCH.

    her bahavior makes me cringe, it has nothing to do with age, its the desperation reeks from her pores.

    maybe I just think more of her than she does herself.


  32. Jaana says:

    I LOVE JLO.. Get yours! Plus those are her abs.. She looks great, don’t try to take that away yet..

  33. NeNe says:

    This is like the Demi and Ashton thing all over ago with these two.

  34. lover says:

    omg cringe worthy, when will she learn, marraige no 4 on the way. damm fool

  35. skuddles says:

    JLO going S & M on her little boyman – lovely. Is there an emoticon for puking? I’ll take two please.

  36. FeverDream says:

    I don’t really see why so many people are mad at JLo for getting hers.

  37. vegasbride05 says:

    So tired of people bringing her down with her choices of men. So what! It’s her life, not yours. If she is happy so be it. You cannot help who your heart falls in love with, sorry, you can’t. We ALL make mistakes in love. And so what if u think she keeps making them. Let the woman be happy! I am sure none of you like people meddling in your relationships or trying to convince you to fall out of love…right??! And for her “facially challenged” bf well guess what, we all can’t be perfect beautiful specimans. Leave Jen alone…let her be happy! My goodness…

    • HAHAHA says:

      co-sign everything!
      Particularlly after having read the comments giving accolades to granpa’ Liam Neeson (60) for his new girlfriend(36)! if it’s good inoff for him, then it’s good inoff for JLO to get hers!

    • anon33 says:

      This is the same dumb defense women with low self-esteem, cheaters, and pedophiles always use. Just because you “can’t help but fall in love” doesn’t mean you have to act on it.

      It’s the same thing with sex. Just because you CAN have sex and you WANT to have sex, does not necessarily mean that you SHOULD. That’s how idiots like LR get dickmatized.

      Also, Liam Neeson’s wife died. Quite tragically. I think people are giving him props specifically for getting on with his life, not because he is dating a younger woman.

      • vegasbride05 says:

        So be alone and think of the “what ifs” just because you “shouldn’t” act on it. Ok. If u don’t take the chance u never know. And its not a dumb defense. I was with a guy for almost 2 years and I knew we probably wouldn’t work out. And I tried my damdest everyday not to love him. But my heart had other ideas. So why fight it? Yes he broke my heart but it was a lesson learned. Thus is life. I just don’t understand why we ridicule someone else’s happiness…its not our business nor decision!! Leave her be….

      • HAHAHA says:

        God woman why so bitter and agressive?
        Love is love if you fell for younger or older shouldn’t matter, she fell for younger and she looks quite young herself so why should she forget about it?
        Even if his wife died so Liam Neeson should then “control” himself either since 24 yrs age gap is everything but appropriate!
        She is hot as hell, if these andropaused men can have it she- at the top of her gamey- can too!


        The most succesful pay for both, are you mocking bruce willis for pampering Emma? or Nicolas Cage and his wife? well both pay for the stuff of their companions and oddly everyone define these relationships as “love”!

    • aquarius64 says:

      Falling in love? It’s not love if you have to pay for it, which is what she’s doing at 10K a week. JLo is better off going to Nevada or Amsterdam and getting a pro on retainer. At least that’s legal…and honest.

  38. Kim says:

    Smart in her career but VERY stupid when it comes to men. Such a shame.

  39. Dhavy says:

    Funny how some defend her and they trash Madonna for the same thing

  40. Amanda G says:

    I’m not sure who is worse in that song..J.Lo or Pitbull. Can’t stand either of them. And yes J.Lo will totally marry that kid and divorce 2 years later. I thought maybe she broke the cycle with Marc.

  41. mar says:

    Wow J-lo- you never learn.

    She has the IT factor, but in person I promise you she is rather ordinary looking. They work the sh+t out of her hair and makeup.

    Remember when she asked MTV to ban “Jenny from the Block” video because it was all about Ben?

  42. Kosmos says:

    In the long run, I cannot see them lasting. Once the sex wears off or their lives become too normal again, there won’t be enough to keep them together. He’s just too young and needs time to grow up. She’s hung up now, but she’ll be in mid life soon and she’s got her motherly duties…by the way, where are those kids? Is she still a mommy? Can’t blame her for wanting to have fun and do her thing, but does she have to drag us through all of her fantasies? Sorry, but this woman is highly over-rated.