Lamar Odom leaves the Dallas Mavericks, will sit out the rest of the season

Lamar Odom

Back in December of last year, Lamar Odom was traded from the LA Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks. I haven’t watched Khloe Kardashian & Lamar’s E! show, but I know that the current season is all about “the move” to Dallas and how rough it is on both of them. Well, SURPRISE! Lamar is no longer with the Mavericks. When you’re talking about sports, do the same rules apply like you’re talking about celebrity breakups? Like, can I say “Lamar broke up with Dallas” or “Dallas dumped Lamar”? Or do I have to just go with the official-sounding “They broke up with each other. They meant a lot to each other and they will remain friends, at least until the Mavericks start strutting around with some barely legal girl with busted extensions and then all bets are OFF”?

Where will Lamar Odom end up next? The 32-year-old NBA player announced he will no longer be playing for the Dallas Mavericks Monday, despite joining the team just four months ago. “The Mavericks and I have mutually agreed that it’s in the best interest of both parties for me to step away from the team,” Odom told ESPN in a statement.

“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.”

According to ESPN, Odom will likely be listed as inactive for the rest of the season. Instead of being formally released, the Mavericks can trade him after the season ends in conjunction with the draft. “Any team that has Odom on its roster as of June 29 must buy him out by that date for $2.4 million or otherwise accept responsibility for the full $8.2 million that Odom is scheduled to earn in 2012-13.”

During his four-month stint with the Mavericks, Odom was temporarily reassigned to Dallas’ D-League (development league) to tend to personal matters.

Odom has previously played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. When he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in December, his wife Khloe Kardashian, 27, left California — and her family — to support him.

“What we have is pure and it’s always going to be here,” she said on their E! reality show, Khloe and Lamar.

[From Us Weekly]

Ever since the move to Dallas, the tabloids have been harping on and on about Khloe and Lamar’s “marriage crisis” – some reports even claim that Lamar’s trade is one of the biggest problems in Khloe and Lamar’s marriage. Whatever – if Lamar sits out the rest of the season, what does that do for his career? It hurts him a lot, right? Will other teams even want him after this season? Is Lamar through? All good questions for someone who doesn’t follow anything involving balls? Maybe Khloe and Lamar will return to LA and Lamar will just be a “former player” who lives on his investments…? Sure.

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  1. Al says:

    It doesn’t sound good. I’m not sure what this means for his career, but it seems like he could have stuck it out for the season.

    • mel2 says:

      My brother is a coach in the NBA. I will try to get some information. When stuff like this happens it circulates around the league really fast.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        The bleacher report and local talk has been running with the idea that the Lakers will try to resign Odom for a much reduced fee after the season ends. He followed up being six man of the year with hugely subpar numbers. Almost half of his former.
        Lamar will get picked right back up. He has skills that not many players possess and can play all five positions at the court with huge length. The show being his one big drawback.

        Laker fans, feeling you! :)

    • corny says:

      You shouldn’t worry about him, his mother in law, PimpMamaKris will have him selling diapers and cologne very soon.

  2. jc126 says:

    Weird. It’s got to have something to do with that stupid show, or something else Kardashian-related. And shame on her, or her and Kris, for interfering with someone’s career. I don’t follow Lamar Odom’s career closely, but I haven’t heard of him having team troubles before, so I am presuming it’s K-related.

    • Jacq says:

      I really don’t think that Khloe wasn’t supportive. Throughout the episodes I have seen, it seemed to rock his world more than hers & she was trying to make the best of it for his sake. He’s old, maybe he’s just done. They can live off that fragrance money & Pimp Mama Kris can put him on the stroll…

  3. Blue says:

    He’s a big baby. His career might very well be over. He should have stuck it out for the season.

    • sunmoonstars says:

      Yes, we already have a Big Baby in the NBA and he plays for the Magic! This sucks though, I like Lam Lam and it was nice to have someone else to like on the Mavs besides the White Mamba. Lol b-ball players have some cray cray nicknames!

  4. tifygodess24 says:

    All of this just seems weird, granted I don’t really follow basketball but he seemed to have been in then out then in and out again in a short period of time. Is that normal? OR Does this really come down to him being a big Baby Crier because he had to leave the Lakers and he just couldn’t get over it??

  5. Lianne says:

    Its an E! curse–look at Hank Baskett

  6. kay says:

    I find it hard to believe you don’t follow anything to do with balls Kaiser ;)

    I never buy the “sorry it didn’t work out for us” line. and as if he wishes them the best, they just dumped his ass.

    • searching4grace says:

      I should know better than to drink something while reading comments. I almost choked on my raspberry ice while trying to swallow and BWAHAHAHAHAH! at this comment!

    • JudyK says:

      Hats off to the Kardasahian tramps they have now ruined Lamars career. Those women are nothing but bad nasty luck and I bet he gets a divorce ASAP.I bet that somehow they are at fault with him getting the boot. They tried to ruin Krises career to..This happened because it interfered with their shooting the show for the a;; important Kardasians. NOw he doesnt have a job so he wont be getting any commercial moneyand that pimp mother will nbe running her mouth real soon about him not working like they did about Kris when they were on this marriahe crumble real fast.

  7. Holden says:

    I don’t know why he walked away, but that’s never good. If he can’t suck it up and play for a different team, I’m not sure what his future will look like in the NBA.

  8. smith says:

    I’m not sure why or how but I want to blame KRIS JENNER for everything. World hunger, North Korea, my thighs, Lamar sitting out the season. She’s the pit of doom. If I hear the show closing “Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter K,” I’ll probably toss the teevee out the window.

    Anyway I wish him the best. He seems like a nice easy-going guy that kind of lost his way after the Laker trade. Unfortunately he couldn’t get his head or body back into the game. I wish him the best.

  9. Laurie M. says:

    His trade away from LA began the free fall of his basketball career.

  10. Annie says:

    He didn’t walk away, he was benched permanently because his playing has been God awful. I do hope he can turn it around tho because he has talent. He needs inspiration and drive and that’s all on him

  11. jess says:

    The Kardashians bring too much drama and the wrong kind of attention, sadly Lamar is learning the hard way. I think him and Khloe will seperate in about a year.

  12. Shelb says:

    Anyone saying his career is in danger doesn’t know anything about the NBA.

    He’ll either be bought out of his contract by Dallas or be traded and THEN bought out by the other team. At that point he’s free to sign with any team he wants and will go to the Clippers or Miami for cheap. Only reason he doesn’t play next year is if he doesn’t want to and I’m sure he will want to continue playing for as long as he’s physically able to.

    • Johanna says:

      Who would want him after everyone saw that he quits before he even starts if that team doesn’t happen to be purple & yellow? Some crappy team will sign him & it’ll be the same thing. He has to stop being such a big baby. Players get traded all the time, ask Peyton Manning.

  13. Jayna says:

    To acquire a big salaried player and remove him from the team halfway through is unbelievable. What is wrong with Lamar? This is a really good team and he could have made a difference for them. He had a mental toughness to get where he’s at in the NBA and to cave like this is so odd.

  14. Lana Moon says:

    Now maybe porky pig will sign a diet deal with Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers b/c that HEFFER needs it.

  15. Michelle says:

    He spent the off season and time during the strike filming his reality show instead of working on his game. He even admitted that he wasn’t in good shape. No reason for that! He should have been working out (like Kris H. was) and would have been just as good on Dallas as he was as a Laker. His own fault. It will be funny if he gets picked up by Minnesota and Khloe moves there!

    • hoya_chick says:

      Yep, as much as ‘uh basketball’ annoyed me he was always working out and working on his game during the lockout, unlike Lamar. Kris’ game has actually been good this season, better than last year. To play at the pro level you have to not only be in excellent physical shape but excellent basketball shape.That means playing the game daily, conditioning, and training. There is no excuse for Lamar. He knew the lock out would not be forever, he should have kept himself ready. Trades are the nature of the NBA, no player is guaranteed any thing come March 15th (the trade deadline). I don’t feel bad for him. There are plenty of rookies, college players, bench players and players in the d-league who would love to play for the Mavs! It’s a pity because as much as I don’t hate Khloe this marriage will NOT last forever and he worked so hard is whole life to make it in the NBA but it’s all now tarnished? And for what a shitty reality show and a 3-5 year starter marriage?

      Side note isn’t ironic that kardashian husband who focused on his game got better and is marriage imploded, the other did the opposite and his career imploded. Lol, a deal made with the devil, pick your poison potential suitors.

  16. Oi says:

    dallas media is having a field day with this one. Kobe Bryant even defended his dumbas$. This guy wanted to stay in LA and whined the whole way through his time in Dallas. This is the second best thing to happen in Dallas sports this month! (rangers opening being the first of course)

  17. lucy2 says:

    Weird. Must be a bad situation to bench him/dump him in the middle of the season.
    Pro athletes have such a short window to play in too, not good for his career at all.

  18. SleepyJane says:

    There is something about Odom that I just don’t like. Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the fact that he married a Kardashian.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I hate basketball but I live in LA so I hear Laker stuff whether I want to or not. I know he’s been caught for “unsportsmanlike behavior” or whatever the basketball name for that is but I am not sure if that is before or after joining the K-Klub.

      The Lakers are full of nuts. I don’t remember his name but there was one that my guy friends hated who did all sorts of weird things after the last championship a year or two ago. He did all this insane press, sounded like Tom Cruise or Charlie Sheen nuts.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        the Lakers are not full of nuts. They have always dropped any players that had issues, ala the Denver Thuggets.

        Word is Lamar and Dirk got into a fight two days before Lamar’s release from the team. He clearly has been unhappy and unfocused in the big D.

  19. Hautie says:

    Lamar never got over being pissed about being traded. And if the Lakers offer him half his salary, he would run back to them immediately.

    Yet Lamar, came to Dallas with a bad attitude.

    Which always surprised me, considering the Dallas Mavericks really wanted him. Made a point to make him feel welcomed. Seriously, Cuban (owner) fell all over himself to make Lamar feel wanted.

    Lamar never had any intentions of staying in Dallas. So he made no effort to perform to his abilities. And made no friends in the locker room. He just refuse to be professional. And Cuban had enough of it.

    I am curious what team would want Lamar after behaving so poorly.

    Lack of professional behavior at the level of play, will haunt him.

    I hope the Lakers want him back. Cause he is no good to anyone else.

  20. Dorothy says:

    As a whole, anyone involved with Kardashians lose credibility and dignity. If I were him I would grab my wife and get as far away from Mama kris and that group ASAP!

  21. Leticia says:

    I think Lamar’s poor playing has something to do with unresolved daddy issues. His father is in poor health or something like that.

  22. WTF says:

    Lamar needs to learn to smile a full smile and that could make all the difference in his outlook on life. He should have embraced the trade and made the most of it because if he played as hard for them as he did the Lakers he could have really made a huge impact. the Mavs are a solid team and not something to be pissed about. how shallow can you be if you can’t handle being outside of fake ass LA. uggh

  23. Masque says:

    Maybe he can play with the Nets and the show can tape the drama between him and KrisH. (kidding…)

  24. AB says:

    That dress on Khole, she looks like she has been stuffed in it and 20 pounds heavier plus 10 pounds of K make-up – ugh! IS mama Kris managing Lamar’s career?? Remember she was also ‘managing’ the BG5 girl group, what happened to them?

  25. JudyK says:

    It probably has a helluva lot to do w/ that STUPID show…and let me reiterate STUPID.

    All the baby talk…talking to Lamar like he’s 12 and calling him “lamb”…I wanted to puke.

    How embarrassing for the team.

  26. JessSaysNo says:

    I used to think Lamar was an OK guy but this proves that he fits RIGHT in with the K-clan. He thinks he is too good to play for Dallas and is resentful that he got traded so he acted like a little *itch because of his bruised ego. Good luck with the rest of your career. Who else is going to want this little brat? And he’s certainly not going back to LA. This marks the end of his bball career to me, now he’s just another reality star… Congrats!

  27. Sarah says:

    This is what happens when a sports star dates a celebrity! Their career dies a death.

  28. JudyK says:

    Hahaha that Khloe is a Size 4.

    I do, however, finally believe that Kirstie Alley is a Size 4…she looks phenomenal in her new commercials for Poise.

  29. Violet says:

    Seems to me that Lamar felt he was downgrading by moving to Dallas. That sort of thing can really bring down team morale, plus there’s the drama of being on a reality show.

    He probably could’ve done well for the Mavericks if he had had a better attitude.

    Missing half a season is definitely a big deal — Lamar is already in his 30s, so his days as a professional athlete are numbered.

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    I don’t like basketball nor do I understand it so I am translating to baseball to see if I have this right….

    The D leagues are like the minor leagues? And he was sent down for PERSONAL PROBLEMS? I’ve never heard of that in baseball or football, they usually get sent down to rehab from an injury or because they haven’t been playing up to par – sounds like the Kardassian Kurse to me.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      It’s the Development league. I think he was having major trouble with his dad and they probably did a 10 day add on the roster for another body and put him into D-league temporarily.
      It’s a pretty common occurrence. Whenever there are injuries and other players signed to temps, they have too many when the other guy comes back, so D-league.

  31. Dirty Martini says:

    Another Dallasite here. And let’s set the record straight: Dallas Mavs openly welcomed LO from the get-go….despite the fact that LO as a Lake openly disrespected the Mavs and acted out horribly (in a fouling kind of way) when Dallas beat LA to go to the finals. Dallas Mavs are a class act. That set aside LOs @$$hole behavior becuase he did half @$$ apologize for the very unsportsmanlike foul. So then Dallas Mavs had LO after the trade. And they treated him very kindly, cut him slack with all his so called “family issues” (Earth to LO: Its called “life”…and most of us deal with it, go to work, and don’t go all drama laden in the process)….and still supported him. But LO did NOT deliver, did not respond in kind, and sulked his way thorugh the season thus far.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. And by the way….I kinda like Khloe. Least objectionable Kardashian in my book. And I wanted to cut LO some slack as a Mav. He seemed like a nice enough guy on TV, even though his flagrant unsportstmanlike foul in the countdown seconds of the playsoffs last year was douchey behavior.

    But the man has sorely disappointed a lot of us.

  32. birdy says:

    How is Kris going to handle her daughter’s hubbie not bringing in the big bucks and being a professional player? Cause that was the only reason she liked him. He might play along with the Team Kard PR and spin for the next year or so but after that? When he is has-been who can’t get a job or draw attention? Khloe isn’t bringing in much cash – she has the show but she rarely gets endorsement deals like the other sisters which is wnhere the bulk of their money comes from. That’s when the true colors of Kris will come out.

  33. Bree says:

    Lamar & Khloe are a cute couple & all you that say its a curse are just haters . At least Khloe is there to support him through all the mess that he is going throug . He just need time to think about what he really wanna do . All you haters fall back and get off their nuts , dang ! They’re human too , just like us .. If Lamar didnt wanna be on the team then he just didnt wanna be on it , im pretty sure he has plenty of reasons to back him up . Khloe is not fat ! She’s no where near fat. Mind your own business and let them live their live ! #TeamLakers

  34. lol says:

    I think he still gets paid his salary even if he’s not playing…so can’t really feel too sorry for them, they are still rich. Plus he’s 32 which means he only has a few years left in the NBA before retirement anways…he might just retire early, he can afford to.

    I’m sure the producers are loving this, so much stuff to film and make the episodes exciting to watch.

    Lamar and Khloe are very likeable, Lamar should be thanking God he married the right Kardashian, if he was married to Kim, she would have divorced him the minute he was traded to Dallas as she simply can’t live anywhere outside of LA (or should I say anywhere the paps aren’t).

  35. Lyn says:

    Lamar is a big baby. What is really going on?

  36. Marycontrary says:

    I don’t know much about basketball. Football is the sport I obsess about. I will confess to watching Khloe and Lamar a few times, and while Khloe’s baby voice can be weird, they both seem like genuine people who are committed to each other. They come across as quirky but warmhearted, neither of which are bad qualities.

  37. Jason says:

    She seduces him, undermines his self-comfidence and distracts his focus from his work to do their ridiculous product-hocking ventures. Who cares if they’re rich from it, they’re fake people. I’ll bet he wasn’t fake before and thought he could stay above it. He’s now struggling with their negative energy and giving up his manhood. To be in that family have to give up their balls and become emasculated. Their not-so-subtle version of genocide. Dangerous women. Period. He was a sitting duck. Definitely not entertainment. No class white trash.

  38. DueceBaggs says:

    Khloe you go go go baby!! Most of the comments made on here are others judging you and Lamar and your lives together. Do the best you both can possibly do. Lamar you will find your inner strength and shine again. Have any of you people ever been under stress? He’s lost loved ones recently, a wreck that resulted in a death, his father sick, and the trade damn people have heart! I wish the best to both Lamar and Khloe.

  39. christina says:

    U all bitch about khloe and blame sh-t on her. Lamar is a grown man. He can make his own decisions. He chose what he chose. So what!!! He loves khloe and they are a gret couple. The rest of u judging them are just haters…..grow up!!! You go khloe and lamar…keep doing what u doing….