Madonna in black Dolce & Gabbana for her perfume launch: pretty or busted?

This might not be the most popular opinion, but I think Madonna is physically transforming herself into a version of Courtney Love. Right? These are new photos of Madonna at the Macy’s launch of her perfume, Truth or Dare, last night in NYC. Madonna wore Dolce & Gabbana, and she must love how little she looks, because she looks incredibly tiny and petite here. The dress is… meh. I don’t love it or hate it on Madonna. It looks like something she’s worn a million times before. I do kind of like the sheer sleeves, and I like her coat too.

I’ve been saying that I like Madonna’s current body transformation so much, and that holds here – she just looks softer and prettier. She’s not so gristly and ‘roidy like she was when Tracy Anderson was training her. I have no doubt that Madonna is still really fit and she could probably kick my ass. But I like that it’s not all about her bulging muscles and her veins now. I also think Madonna’s current hair color and length is really beautiful and flattering. As for her face… well, the cheek implants have “settled” so that’s good. But her face is still incredibly CRAZY.

Madonna spoke to reporters while on the red carpet too. She claimed that she’s been “trying to develop a fragrance for probably the last 15 years…It’s never worked out with various companies and different people and trying different fragrances… They never turned out the way I wanted them to smell.” The reason? Because Madonna has expensive taste, of course: “It’s the mass producing part that always gets tricky, because for some reason the fragrances that I like tend to be really expensive. One time I created a smell and I was told the amber, it was like a million dollars to ship from India or something. …And then they tried to make a synthetic (version). This happens a lot and it never smells as good as you want it to smell. That’s happened a couple times. Finally I got a smell I like that I can mass produce. Yay!” Madge also had some nice things to say about Malawi’s new (female) president – you can read it here.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Annie says:

    Meh, she looks the same as she always does.

  2. Amanda says:

    Ugh! It’s too early to be looking at these photos! Madonna scares me!! and those eyelashes….why???

  3. Hipocracy says:

    She looks witchy and busted to the core !

    Her face looks approaching 55 and completely overprocessed if i may say so.

    She is so desperate in that dress, it’s pitiful

  4. one hung dude says:

    that ho Madonna has a lot of nerve wearing a cross like she’s pure and virginal. she’s a walking petri dish. who knows whats growing in her nether regions!

  5. Zelda says:

    Kaiser can we get some kind of “Madonna through the years” post? It would be fun.

  6. TruthTella says:

    She looks nice I think, Her face is pretty cray but at least her cutlets settled and yeah her body does look way better than when she was all gristly…
    I really like her perfume bottle too lol

    P.S Love the Madonna posts but you never do any Kylie Minogue ones :/ please do.

  7. spinner says:

    I think she looks wonderful. Love her hair & she looks fit & healthy.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Okay, Spinner, thanks for saying that b/c I was starting to feel like I’m the only one who thought so! To me, she looks softer and that hairstyle is super flattering, IMO.

      Okay listen carefully everyone, this woman is “mature”. She will have feet, hands, elbows, whatevs that look like a fifty-odd years old woman would have. Can we please stop hating on the temerity of women to age? FFS, their driven to cut their own faces b/c, heaven forbid, a wrinkle be there. Then again, heaven forbid, that they look like they’ve had work done. And if it’s good work, heaven forbid, other parts look age appropriate. And if everything is pretty okay, with or without having work done then just the age itself can be used to tear them apart. Maybe at age 40 or 45 we can just revoke their “right to entertain” card or have ‘em taken out back and shot. Michael Bay might be our celebrity proponent of that idea.

      • BW says:

        I’m over 50 and my hands and feet don’t look veiny like hers. I also don’t wear seethrough skirts or pump my face full of fillers, and I look younger than she does.

        That said, she looks better here than she has in a long time, but I can’t take my eyes off her veiny feet, so I’d say this look was a fail.

      • kiyoshigril says:

        Madonna has been successful at reinventing herself commercially a hundred times over, but she’s failed to reinvent herself personally as a woman over 50. She needs to give up trying to be 30 and accept that she’s a mature woman. She just cannot give up the “image” she’s created. Everyone would stop talking about her looks if she stopped placing the emphasis on appearance. She has so much power to do good and could truly make a difference if she would transition her efforts to philanthropic causes. Yes, the idea of giving is foreign to her, but she could at least fake it.

      • Carpe Diem says:

        Nope; when you’re a celebrity and you cut yourself up like that, you get criticized for it. It doesn’t help the cause of aging female actors and singers; it panders to the old boy network which doesn’t want to hire naturally-aged females.

      • Kara Ann says:

        Carpe Diem,
        I agree with everything that you said. I do think that female entertainers pander to the old boy network when they “cut themselves up”. I also think that they are pandering to other women b/c lots of women, in general, have bought into this anything-not-to-age philosophy. I mean just look at some of the comments on this story. I guess, at this stage, I am less inclined to maul the victims of ageism and more inclined to just be sad about it. I do realize that Madonna, and others like her, contribute to this problem. I’m not even a Madonna fan.
        BTW, I also feel like scantily dressed female entertainers create a similar, unacceptable problem from young women.

      • Ozzi says:

        Madonna’s has Dancer’s Feet. Years of dancing has damaged her feet and she’ll be lucky to be able to walk in ten years. Also, the damage of dieting doesn’t help either.

        Still she looks good for being in her mid-fifties.

  8. DavidBowie says:

    Grandma Madge is starting to make me feel sorry for her. Nonetheless, totally busted…WTH is going on w/ her face?!?!?

  9. Vic says:

    Busted here. Can’t hide veins on hands and feet. If you cover her face she looks 70. She had a phase where she looked polished and pretty. (around Evita maybe?) She needs to soften her look.

  10. dorothy says:

    She’s having a hard time ageing gracefully.

  11. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    It’s an improvement, sure.

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    That is one fugly dress.

  13. Jayna says:

    She looks fantastic, but even though they have settled, I will never like her cheek implants and morn how they changed her face. It changed the angles of her face and actually makes her look older. But at least the massive fillers are gone and she has a thinner face and smile lines agIn.

  14. Palladian says:

    I think that all her hard work shows. But, this woman should consider feet surgery. All the talk about her looking softer and not so defined and then I take a look at her feet in the first shot … OMG … it looks like her feet are roots growing into the ground.

  15. lucy2 says:

    I do like the hair and she does look less gristly, but it’s a shame she did such drastic things to her face. She’ll never look the same again.

  16. Alexa says:

    Her feet are why sheer stockings look better on most women than bare feet. You can wear sheer stockings with peep hole shoes – all the famous Hollywood goddesses of the 1940s and 1950s did and they looked fine.

  17. Madpoe says:

    OMG her feet are mad busted! Scary as hell!
    I did see abit of Court in the first pix, what can be said its Madonna after all.

  18. Voyeur says:

    Once again: Faye Dunaway look alike.

  19. Linda says:

    I do understand women want to look younger than their age but this is ridiculous. She needs to grow up and act her age. Sometimes, getting work done doesn’t mean it will make it better. Her cheeks look to fake.

  20. Eve says:

    Her face…I’m not a huge fan of fad expressions but this one deserves a “I can’t even” for sure.

  21. Seymour Butts says:

    He feet are those of a velociraptor. Ugh. :P

  22. Dena says:

    She just can’t get it together. She should go back to her original hair color & get a cute to flatter her features. She has very strong features that just look harsh(er) and bizarre with the bolnd hair.

  23. maggiegrace says:

    A cross is her trademark. Although I don’t like the dress, AT ALL – I think her face and hair and makeup looks great. Love the lipstick color, pretty sure she has some extensions to thicken up her hair. Not bad at all for 55.

  24. D1 says:

    The trend you see in posts about Madonna – comments expressing disgust at her visibly aged hands & feet, as well as comments mocking her plastic surgery & attempts to look youthful – perfectly reflect the double bind female celebs face as they age:

    It’s shameful to look old, and it’s shameful to try to keep looking young.

    • Veruca says:

      I get where you can read that based on the comments here, but if you’re a site regular you’ll notice that you won’t see that kind of vitriol for Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, or Helen Mirren.

      The venom is pretty much reserved for Madonna only. She’s become a pathetic, desperate shell of who she once was, and some of us like to call her on it.

      • D1 says:

        The best test for misogyny is not how you speak about women you like, it’s about how you choose to attack women you don’t like. A man who will speak glowingly about women he approves of, but then use gender-specific slurs to insult women who piss him off is still a misogynist.

        It’s like when people dislike a female politician, they so often fall back on insults about her looks and insinuations about her sexuality, rather than just criticizing her policies.

        No one is suggesting that you shouldn’t call Madonna out on her actions, statements, music, etc. My question is: why are you “calling her out” on having icky old lady hands/feet, something she has no control over and is presumably not the cause of your hostility? Furthermore, it stands to reason that if Madonna’s wrinkled hands are disgusting, so are the wrinkled hands of all aging women.

        Our culture already tells us that older women are unattractive – why perpetuate that attitude? I’m guessing you don’t dislike her for getting old, you dislike her because you think she’s pretentious, a jerk, untalented, whatever. So call her a pretentious, untalented jerk, and leave it at that.

    • Sapphire says:

      I don’t see the comments as specifically misogynistic or ageist. Yes, we are calling her a jerk BECAUSE she has decided to alter her face and body to ape youth. And because it’t a FAIL.

      • Justine says:

        That is exactly the point: It is not bad to enjoy being young, it is not bad to try to stay in shape and to look after yourself. But with Madonna there is a huge gap between what she wants to be and what she really is – she seems to have big issues to accept herself and is trying so hard, that she just became fake. This is what people judge: Her being fake, not her ageing.

        I think the dress is okay but absolutely inappropriate for a woman her age. It just points out all her flaws she is trying to get rid off so hard. And she does not even seem to be aware of it.

        Madonna is pathetic and I actually feel sorry for her. I am glad to be myself – not rich, not famous, but happy. Sorrounded by people who really love me, no matter how old I am or how I look like.

  25. Gene Parmesan says:

    Bitch your album is shit

  26. kira says:

    In my opinion, all her attempts to defeat aging have back-fired.

    I bet if she would have allowed herself to age gracefully, like Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep, she would be looking real fine right now. Even if she had a little nip/tuck, she would be okay. Instead, she took the extreme route with implants, fillers, and wind-tunnel face lift. She’s using her money to turn back the clock. It says to me that she hates her age. From dropping the drug references in the naming of her album, and at that awards ceremony, she will literally do anything to be younger, it seems.

    It’s funny that her fans want to defend her by calling negative comments ageism. I think Madonna is ageist. She has called men her age boring, and she refuses “to sit around and get fat” (because that’s everyone older, right?). She is NOT an ideal image of the mature woman, in my opinion.

    • MST says:

      Don’t forget Diane Keaton, Iman, Jacqueline Bisset, and Diane Lane. They all look great and are aging gracefully.

      I am going to be 54 next month. I’m not going to say growing older isn’t sometimes difficult. My daughter is 23 and yes, I sometimes envy her beautiful clear skin, hair, and slim figure.

      But then I remember that in many countries the average life expectancy is only around 50 years. I am blessed with good health and I am thankful for every year on this beautiful earth that God gives me. And I don’t look too bad for an “old” gal — remember, black don’t crack!

  27. Jackson says:

    Too bad time won’t settle her permanent smug bitchface. No hair color or makeup will ever soften that harshness. And that dress looks budget and cheap – quite appropriate for her.

  28. Maggs says:

    cross necklace and skull and bones earrings. that really goes together. her feet are scary but yes her cheek implants look MUCH better now

  29. Crystal says:

    I think she looks great, even with the sheer skirt (which I would normally hate).

  30. HadlyB says:

    Her face has calmed down, settled more from the filler – they were soo over filled before. I still think she is too thin at that age .. she could gain maybe 5-10 pound and be ok since she works out so much and it would look better in her body and face.

    I also think that eye liner is too harsh for her.. more smudey .. get rid of that liquid liner and cat’s done. Her hair looks great though.

  31. Maggs says:

    Forbes says…

    Madonna’s “MDNA” album is dead. It’s really quite amazing. has dropped the price of downloading “MDNA” to five dollars. On iTunes, the only version of the album on the chart is the explicit one, selling for $14.99. It’s at number 49 on their chart.
    The situation is much worse. As a physical CD, “MDNA” is just gone. (Updated) The actual deluxe CD, has fallen to number 16. It’s the only one of the many versions of “MDNA” that’s selling at all. This is the second week of release. The clean version download — for $5 — is at #733. The dirty one, so to speak, is around 500. “MDNA” is just…gone. It’s a total sales collapse.

  32. poul yanka says:

    I love her body and beautiful face

  33. k says:

    While I love dressing in black, I don’t recommend it for Madge. She looks 300% better when she wears a bit of color.

  34. Luls says:

    As the old adage goes,
    If u have nothing nice to say…..

    Hence, my lips are sealed.

  35. Ainsley says:

    I saw a closeup pic of her toes on Twitter while looking for pedicure ideas…um, wow. I almost tossed my cookies. Go look for the pic if you really want a thrill!

  36. Alexa says:

    She looks super BEAUTIFUL to me! The best of ALL THE CELEBS! How you can compare her to Courtney Love is beyond me. Shame on you!

  37. gg says:

    “The smell”?? Gross. I’m sure the perfume company is thrilled she hasn’t learned to use the word “scent” in reference to perfume.

    Her cheeks look like they’re blowing up.

  38. Jen says:

    Normally I’d agree with the people saying it’s mean to condemn others for looking old or fake or whatever.

    But, in Madonna’s case, SHE is the one who built her career on her looks. She’s always been so obnoxious showing off her face and body, putting it out there for public review. So now, people are justified in having an opinion on how she looks.

  39. Sara says:

    WHY no pants? Isn’t she over 50?

  40. Patricia says:

    Truth or Dare? Seriously?
    Someone needs to tell her that she’s a few decades late on the marketability of that one.
    Same with the Material Girl fashion line.
    Your glory days are over honey. These names are at best meaningless and at worst laughable.
    How about simply Madonna? I’d respect that approach more – although I’m not sure it would help sales.
    Like women in their 40s dancing on pool tables this is just too painfully embarassing to watch.

  41. Dredz says:

    I actually like Madonna’s makeup. She inspired me to use gel eyeliner… LOL :D . I heard all her makeup is by Shu Uemura?. And this perfume is similar to Fracas? Anyone tried it yet?

  42. Chris says:

    Looks gorgeous! Must anger all the broads out there that demand we all look at pigs so that the broad at home can feel good about herself. By the way Celebitchy, YOU LOOK FAT! LOL.

  43. JudyK says:

    OMG, accept your age, grown up, and date MEN…not little boys. I have zero respect.

  44. Maria says:

    perfume? oh great… spraying chemicals and toxins very close to where you breathe…that’s healthy……

  45. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Where’s casper smart when you need him, oh yeah, with JLO.

  46. ??? says:

    I have respect for her. She’s still here, still making money. What do you all look like at 55 I wonder?

    • blonde on the dock says:

      My thoughts as well. She looks alot better than most at my gym who are half her age. I don’t think the veiny feet are always about age. Angelina Jolie comes to mind.

      • catt says:

        You cannot compare how Madonna looks at 53 to a ‘regular’ person who hasn’t had massive plastic surgery, personal trainers and all manner of age defying tools for the past 30 years. Level the playing field and lets see Madonna without all the plastic surgery and liposuction and then judge how she looks at 53. Remember how bad she looked in Swept Away? How old? Just add 11 years onto that w/o surgery and you can just imagine.

  47. Ron says:

    Hair and makeup are perfect. The dress is so tired. This would have been the prefect opportunity, to kind of channel the Evita look, but it’s really a miss.

  48. Minty says:

    Oh look, Madonna is wearing black again. Why am I not surprised the skirt is sheer? The better to publicly display her crotch for the hundredth time.

    Geez, woman, hasn’t that area been aired out enough already?

  49. sup says:

    her mouth seems to have gotten wider, too much skin tightening?

  50. Carpe Diem says:

    The face is nice, neck looks good… but scroll down to the arms, hands, feet and all you see is crone. Looks like special effects in a horror movie. It’s weird thinking those limbs belong to that head. Still, at least she’s not freakish looking in the face.

    I need to listen to that album; I don’t think I’ve heard any airplay on the radio.

  51. Lisa says:

    Pretty, but that outfit looks almost identical to one Courtney wore a few years ago, minus some rips and tears.

  52. Cirque28 says:

    One time I created a smell and I was told the amber, it was like a million dollars…

    No, Madonna, you are not a nose, not a perfumer, not a creator of any scents at any time, whatsoever.

    I actually think Madge looks great, but I hate the way she rips off other people’s work.

  53. Snowflake says:

    i think she looks great. damned if you do, damned if you don’t. when it comes to plastic surgery that is. we all have to pick our poison. you can see your face change and realize how good you used to have it or use your money to try and turn back time. i know what’d i be doing if i had her money.

  54. Lardy Chops says:

    Poor Madge – she couldn’t afford a pedicure.

  55. Sue says:

    In the second picture, I totally expect a forked tongue to roll out.

  56. Rose says:

    Face has always been busted…but her figure is amazing.

  57. Original Lucy says:

    I hate to tell her, but even with all the plastic surgery, she looks like a 55 year old woman….nothing wrong with that, she IS a 55 year old woman….

  58. nikzilla37 says:

    She actually looks really great in these photos. She must be using fillers among other things. She’s looking better than past photos.
    As far as her career, she needs to hang up the microphone, chill out on the licensing/merchandising and just go behind the scenes. Produce, direct or just pull the strings, Madge. You’re rich as hell and your daughter is bound to bring you in some $$$ after she gets out of school.

  59. lauren says:

    Madge is very hardworking and successful, and a mother of three children. She can be artistic without being grandma skanky. The man she is currently with is not much older than her teenage daughter…gross.

  60. lauren says:

    I think of Madonna as a brilliant businesswoman. But this last CD is dreadful. My daughter and I were watching M’s video “Girl gone wild” , and my daughter yelled “What is wrong with her? She is granny gone wild!!” I started choking from laughing so hard. Madge has to calm down, and halt her proclaimed artistic goals. Her latest orgy video isn’t artistic or inspiring..especially to my 13 year old daughter.

  61. salamanca says:

    I can’t…
    But I can puke now easily.

  62. Axel 5 says:

    she´s doing what she can to stay young, I can understand that, she´s a pop star afterall!

  63. Oi says:

    As someone posted above, she desperately needs to do something about those toes, and she had a big bandaid on her shin. wtf? She let herself be seen like that?

  64. Candyland says:

    She usually looks real good. What happened? Too much weight loss? I’m not lovin the look. She needs to add some weight, the loss is showing in her face.

  65. NYC_girl says:

    I don’t care if she’s 55 or if her hands look old, I hate her plastic face and I don’t need to see her crotch, either. I think she’d look a lot better with more meat on her bones. A mani would help the hands. And, I don’t think her feet are hideous, but if my toes looked like that I wouldn’t expose them.

  66. Annie says:

    OMG she needs dermablend for those feet, eyes look tired & all of 52, no 52-yr-old needs to be wearing skull earrings, and lord, how embarassing she is to her kids, esp. Lourdes!!

    You can’t buy class!

  67. kaligula says:

    Honestly that dress, and those shoes… it’s like she kinda doesn’t give a f***. It looks like a housedress & some slippers that she had on when she was doing her makeup, then ran out in because she didn’t have time to plan an appropriate outfit….