“Nicki Minaj’s bondage outfit looks really uncomfortable” links

Nicki Minaj‘s bondage outfit looks uncomfortable. Also, she needs to stop working on her face and wearing those Barbie wigs. Awful. [Starpulse]
Acura apologizes for being racist. [Gawker]
Cee Lo Green, the Mario Batali of music. [Go Fug Yourself]
Werner Herzog didn‘t realize that John Waters was and is gay. [OMG Blog]
Camilla Belle‘s gold dress is pretty. [Moe Jackson]
Sculpt your own jewelry! This looks like a cool gift for a teenager. [The Frisky]
Anna Paquin & her bump step out. [ICYDK]
Creepy makeup tutorial: “How To Look Like A Puppy”. [Videogum]
Look at Naomi Watts‘ tiny little dog! [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Liam Hemsworth left the barn door open. [INFDaily]
Parks & Rec is back tonight. [PopBytes]
Ryan Seacrest pays tribute to Dick Clark. [Radar]
Madonna & Lourdes share closets! [Life & Style]
I think Carmen Electra looks kind of tired and bored. [Hollywood Rag]
Vanessa Minnillo is going green for the baby. [Celebs]
Malin Akerman is in Maxim. The photos are meh. [CityRag]
Ted Nugent is so incredibly dumb. [Bitten and Bound]

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Nicki Minaj’s FACE looks really uncomfortable!

    And Ryan Seacrest is not now, nor will he EVER be, comparable to Dick Clark. The world mourns, and I’m having a really sh!tty morning.

  2. Cali says:

    So HAM!!! Not the outfit, but That GLUED on wig looks horrible!!! She cannot pull off the Black blonde like Beyonce…sorry :-(

    • sluggo says:

      More like she’s trying to pull off the Xtina look … have another peek at that second picture while squinting a bit and you’ll see what I mean. The only thing missing is the greasy red lipstick.

      I’m sorry, I don’t get this chick at ALL … and I don’t see the talent everyone’s claiming she has. All I see is a lot of plastic. Head to foot plastic. Squeeze her and she’d probably SQUEAK like a rubber duck, which is what she sounds like to me.


      • smith says:

        To me she seems to be morphing into Kim K. They now have the same weird sculptured cat look to their cheeks, chin and eyes.

        (And by morphing I mean heavy and repeated plastic surgery, botox and laboratory designed fillers to the face and neck area …)

  3. atorontogal says:

    These chicks try way too hard to be edgy and shocking. They just look plain stupid!

  4. samanthalous says:

    That poor woman, this is what happens when OTHER people control you!

  5. Relli says:

    “I think Carmen Electra looks kind of tired and bored”

    Kim Kardashian this is your future!

    Also the woman claiming Ryan O’Neal is the father of her baby… wow just wow that is terrible. I caught Real House Husbands of Hollywood (or something like that)and he was the friend of one of the husbands and he managed to show in 5 minutes the truly awful person he is. I cannot bring myself to watch Love Story ever again.

  6. Miss says:

    Somebody needs to tell this chick that its been done.

  7. judyjudy says:

    I always thought Nicki Minaj was supposed to be a parody. I only recently learned that she is “for real”. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

  8. lucy2 says:

    That’s hilarious! And her face…what’s going on there?

    YESSSSS!!! Parks and Rec returns!!!!!

  9. juju says:


  10. Jenna says:

    Not to be hopelessly naive, but how the heck do folks manage little life basics in outfits like that? I mean, sitting is going to be uncomfortable, but how the hades would one use the bathroom in that? Does she have to have an outfit spotter to follow her to the loo? It looks like just a dress of buckles, so technically I suppose it just hitches up, but man that looks… uncomfortable. This is why I have never held any desire to be famous – I enjoy my own comfort WAY to much to be bothered to work THAT hard to be viewed as edgy.

  11. mimi says:

    Aww, but I love Nicki Minaj! CB, did you write about the recent interview she did with Allure magazine? She was incredibly candid about her past, and how much she loves her young fans. She was shown a photo of herself with a fan and commented, “I really wanted to make her day special.” It was very endearing- I like her a lot better now. She’s not all crazy outfits and rainbow wigs.

  12. Dena says:

    That outfit is atually one of the best things I have ever seen her wear.

    BTW, I like the jacket.

  13. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    She’s hideous.

  14. Orange Cone says:

    Cee Lo has T-Rex arms.

  15. Hanna says:



  16. FOREVER says:


  17. Meadowlark says:

    Camilla Belle looks amazing in everything! So jealous of her body.

  18. taylor says:

    You know, the thing with Acura’s (not really great) apology is that I’ve often looked at ads (billboards, commercials, whatnot) and thought, “Huh, they clearly wanted “diverse,” but not “too black.”" So, I guess I’m glad someone was called out on it, but I doubt this is anything other than the norm. Sadly.

    And that Werner Herzog story is sort of sweet. Although how you don’t know John Waters is gay, is sort of beyond me and I don’t actually KNOW him.

  19. That’s what I wear when I grocery shop! You haven’t seen me at Ralphs?

  20. Str8Shooter says:

    This girl is the African-American equivalent of Katy Perry: vapid, shallow, marginally talented…oh yeah, and a major attention WHORE who needs to have gimmicks to sell records.

  21. velourazure says:

    i’m exhausted just thinking about how hard she works to look so awful.

  22. ImpC says:

    Nicki Minaj’s whole thing is about being the stereotypical not real barbie. This is a performance, people never want to see the real star. Stop bitching and whining, you would be bored to tears with regular Nicki, also, are these the same people that hated on Madonna, Gaga, Cher, etc.,? DO I NEED TO GO ON? GET OVER IT!

  23. Bad Fairy says:

    I kinda feel sorry for today’s diva’s because everything they do is “been there done that”

  24. Bodhi says:

    Oh Vanessa, so vapid & dumb.

    Ted Nugent is a scab on humanity.

    I can’t WAIT to see the Paquin/Moyer baby! I bet it will be beautiful.

    Still no love for Levon Helm. One of the America’s greatest musicians passed away today. Do yourself & you tube him

    • sluggo says:

      ^^^ cannot agree or like this ENOUGH

      All sorts of stuff about Minaj, Perry, or flavor-of-the-month “actor” boys … not much about Levon Helm, who was indeed one of America’s greatest musicians.

      I cannot say enough about him: he was a damn fine singer, an incredible songwriter, one of the best drummers EVER, and the man could also act. I was just rewatching “The Right Stuff” last week … do yourselves a favor and check it out, because Levon’s acting and narration are supremo. It certainly puts “Katy Perry wants to be an actress” in an entirely different perspective; girlfriend couldn’t even do SNL, much less a movie.

  25. Onyx XV says:

    She is one really weird looking chick.

    • crazycatlady says:

      What’s even weirder is that she purposefully made herself look that way.

      Just what look she’s going for I’m not sure. Creepy Blasian China Doll?

      When I realized it wasn’t all CG in her videos – that her face actually looks like that – I got scared. She scares me.

  26. Madpoe says:

    Yeah thx Nicki! I kinda wanted to know what old bubble gum looked like on the boot of a cenobite.

  27. blenheim says:

    Comes with a warning: do NOT put close to a heat source as it is likely to MELT…..