“Sarah Jessica Parker supports her husband at his new Broadway opening” links

Sarah Jessica Parker always looks so grateful to be married to Matthew Broderick. And he always seems kind of meh about her. [LaineyGossip]
This breastfeeding PSA is super-creepy. [Dlisted]
Love the photo of Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton! [Pop Sugar]
The latest promotional image from The Dark Knight Rises is meh. [Pajiba]
Is everybody kind of over Drew Barrymore? [Yeeeah]
Matthew McConaughey & Channing Tatum hung out in a real strip club. [Celebuzz]
Hannah Simone is on The New Girl, and she has a great body. [The Blemish]
Courtney Stodden played beach volleyball. By herself. [Evil Beet]
Reese Witherspoon took her baby bump for a jog. [A Socialite Life]
Amanda Seyfried, Celebrity Knitter. [IDLITW]
This cat is hilarious and smart! [Gawker]
Khloe Kardashian looks awful here. [Go Fug Yourself]
Love this story about Calvin Klein‘s boy-toy. [OMG Blog]
Ashley Greene reminds me that I need new sweatpants. [Moe Jackson]
YES. I too am hot for The Dinklage. [The Frisky]
Here‘s January Jones & her little X-Man. [ICYDK]
Seth MacFarlane wanted to reboot The Flintstones, but it probably won‘t happen. Which is good news, right? [Videogum]
Cute pics of Gabriel Aubrey & Nahla. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

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  1. layla says:

    He needs to clean his ears out. The close up/profile shots are disgusting. yuck.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley adopted another child. Congrats Kelley Family!!!

  3. Maguita says:

    Read the whole article on Lainey, and the pictures made me CRINGE with embarrassment for SJP:

    How can she love him sooo much, and just stand there when he gives her sooo little?
    She looked good though! Love that icy color on her complexion and hair color.

  4. Alexa says:

    You know, my husband loves me and I love him, but when we are out in public his kisses are sort of perfunctory (not in private though). Different people handle PDA differently. I’ve seen celebrities who are French kissing each other one month and divorcing the next. The little boy seems to be happy enough and that can be the sign of a happy marriage.

  5. Happy21 says:

    I am surprised they are still together just because well they are celebs and celeb marriages barely (if ever) last. I like them together and I think he is just uncomfortable with always being photographed and being fawned over by his wife in public. Just because she is drippy doesn’t mean he has to be or that he loves her any less.

    Oh yes and Peter Dinklage is hot. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. There I said it. Out LOUD! He is hot.

  6. Hubbahun says:

    Over Drew Barrymore? Never! :D

  7. Hubbahun says:

    Oh and Dinklage – yessireee!!! :D

  8. Sara says:

    Very rude what they said about Drew passing her genetics on. I love Drew always!

  9. Esmom says:

    Body language between SJP and Matthew aside, WTF is with those porn-y glasses? They make him look like a pervert in a time warp.

    As for Courtney Stodden…I have no words.

  10. Stubbylove says:

    I love SJP & Broderick! I think she’s just much more comfortable in front of the cameras and he could either care less or is more reserved/passive about it.

  11. Samigirl says:

    If the top pic on evil beet doesn’t prove that Stodden is smuggling silicone in her chest, then I don’t know what will. NOBODY has breasts that look like that in every single frickin pose they do.

    • Happy21 says:

      Those photos reminded me of thos horrid ones of Leann Rimes on the sand in her bikini from a couple months back…Tragic, just tragic…

    • NerdMomma says:

      With you! I’ve never doubted she had two levels of fake boobs- implants and the stuffed bra with fake nips that she always wears on top- but some pics show it really clearly, and that was one of those.

      God, her life is so sad. If she would just wash her face and wear normal clothes, she would be such a cute girl. Then she could go back to high school, make some friends, learn how to write a complete sentence….

  12. mojo says:

    I think Matthew is uncomfortable flaunting his personal life in front of photogs. He is very private. He is not even touching his son and there is no doubt that he loves his little boy. Not all people can display affection in front of cameras. She has been home with the kids during the rehearsal process for this show. That’s the sign of two committed people working out their careers in order to stay married. That’s real love.

  13. Itwillrain says:

    He’s probably having an affair w his Broadway costar. Kelli O’hara is famous for hooking up with her leading men.

  14. Itwillrain says:

    Well I know that’s rumored about him but anyone claiming to have firsthand knowledge seems to say they’ve witnessed him w women. In fact someone said they saw him getting very handsy in the wings with a female costar on another Broadway show. This was something I read on Datalounge and you know those guys would be calling him out as gay if they had any inkling…

  15. LipstickGirl says:

    Oh, geez! WTF? These pictures are so bizzare and uncomfortable. Please do us all a favor and go your separate ways! You know you want to….we would all understand…

  16. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Courtyney Sttodden…….who wears stripper shoes in the sand??? In my opinion she looks like Magda from theres something about mary. Wow. Just. Wow.
    I feel really sorry for her.

  17. Bodhi says:

    “Over Drew Barrymore”? Um, no. Not even a little bit

  18. jesstar says:

    The Dinklage…I will have to say yes!!!

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    Wow-together they look kinda Addams family-ish-creepy. (The original TV version, not the fab, perfectly cast movie version)….if SJP died her hair black and changed up her clothes a bit: ta-da!-Morticia. Her face is so skeletal, and MB could pass for Gomez…
    Will exclude their son, who is darling…