Beyonce talks about doing her own hair, breastfeeding and going “natural”

Ah, so much news about our Most Beautiful Woman in the World! Some of this stuff is too good to be true. So of course, I want to believe it. First off, remember how Kanye West looked at Kim Kardashian and he was all “Imma let you be my Beyonce, girl”? Well, Kanye denied that he ever said that, but we all know he totally thinks like that. Heat World now claims that Beyonce is having none of this Kim Kardashian nonsense. Bey has “banned” Kat-face from all of the ELITE A-list partying.

When you get a new boyfriend that often means that you also spend time with his mates and their girlfriends. If you’re Kim Kardashian that should mean spending time with Kanye West’s BFF Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce Knowles.

It should… However, heat magazine has learned that Beyonce isn’t keen on becoming pals with Kim and has banned her from her inner circle of friends which includes a-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Despite Kanye being one of Jay’s closest friends, Beyoncé wasted no time in banning Kim from being invited into their circle, which is exclusive to say the least,” a friend of Bey’s tells heat. “Beyoncé is used to hanging out with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow – she’s in a totally different league to Kim.”

It’s bad news for Kim who is big fan of the pop diva, as she was hoping for lots of girlie bonding sessions with Beyonce,

“Kim had visions of her and Beyoncé hanging out while Jay and Kanye talked music and business,” heat’s source reveals, “but it’s not going to happen.”

It looks like Reality star Kim’s tell-all lifestyle clashes with the ultra-private Beyonce’s – who closely guards details of her own private life.

“Bey’s marriage to Jay-Z was extremely private, and neither of them confirmed it until long after the event. Kim, on the other hand, turned her wedding into a media circus and the whole thing was filmed for a Reality show. Bey thought that it was really tacky and is not a fan of Reality TV, either.”

[From Heat World]

I agree that Beyonce and Jay-Z are in a “different league” than Kim Kardashian. I also think this may be a plot by Bey and Jay to force Kanye to dump Kim Kardashian. Allegedly, Kanye does follow Jay’s lead in a lot of matters (their relationship seems to be big brother Jay to little brother ‘Ye), so if Jay and Beyonce are all “Kim’s not one of us,” maybe Kanye will reconsider Kim. That being said, if Beyonce can keep a straight face when Gwyneth Paltrow is going on and on and ON about her latest cleanse, maybe Beyonce could find it in herself to be polite to Kanye’s girlfriend?

In addition to that story, The Mail had more excerpts from Beyonce’s People Magazine interview for the “Most Beautiful” issue. These quotes were cracking me up!

Beyonce on her high heels: ‘I never thought there would be a day when I wouldn’t wear heels. Now that I have a child, I walk around holding her all day, I’m buying loafers and oxfords. I love them, because they’re comfortable, and shorter heels too. [Jay-Z] loves it when I wear flat shoes, which is surprising – he never saw me in flats before! He likes me more natural – just he relaxed, natural me.’

She does her own hair too: ‘I recently cut two inches myself – I just parted it in the middle and chh-chh-chh!’

On breastfeeding and workouts: Beyoncé also revealed how breast-feeding her little one for ten weeks helped her lose ‘the bulk’ of her pregnancy weight, but that she’s now on a strict-protein based diet. She now works out three times a week for 90 minutes, doing a combination of running, dancing and crunches. ‘I’m definitely softer, but I feel my body bouncing back,’ she says.

[Via The Mail]

Re: Jay-Z liking the “natural” Beyonce – have you seen photos of Beyonce with no makeup, and without her wigs and weaves and stuff? She’s stunning. Of course Jay likes that. Re: doing her own hair. HAHAHAHA. This coming from one of the most be-wigged women in the world. Girl, I ain’t buying it. As for the breastfeeding thing… is she saying she only breastfed for 10 weeks? Are you judging her, pro-breastfeeding advocates? My thought is… her body, her choice. I don’t think it really matters though, just because… you know. Coughthesurrogatewasbreastfeedingcough.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Mrs. Camel is actually a very pretty woman … To bad she a robot

    • Whatever says:

      Beyonce needs to go away for a bit. She actually gets praises for doing things that normal,every day women do every single day.Please Beyonce, go away.

      I wanna seee Beyonce actually get pregnant and give birth to a baby. Her own baby. That’ll be magic.

      • TiaB says:

        Get this straight – that Baby is HERS. Irrespective of whether she gestated Blue in a surrogate or adopted her straight up. Beyonce is the only mother that baby will ever know. Got it?!!!

        Honestly, as if there isnt enough stigma around female reproductive issues. It is her business, how & when she reveals the nature of the birth to HER baby. In the mean time feel free to hate on her for whatever other reasons (real or imagined) but leave that baby out of it!!!!

  2. Noel says:

    Does anyone else think it is strange that so many beautiful African American women become famous and then start looking more like stereotypical white women? Beyonce and Rihanna are great examples. If I saw Beyonce on the street I would think she was 100% Caucasian.

    • Gene Parmesan says:

      Noel but didnt you know Beyonce is French, Native American and then African American..duh.. :)

    • lisa says:

      As a black woman I have never had a weave in my life. I do get a perm and wear my hair fairly short. When I was a child I wanted that long flowing locks. Then just grew out of it. Women like to change their hair styles. This is especially true of many black women. I don’t think it is some unconscious thing to be “white”.. if that was the case we would all be obsessed over out weight. Most of us are not. Not being racial…just stating a fact. Most black women are more happy with their body types. I think that applies to hair too. We just like mixing it up.. I’m going natural this summer. Not a weave girl, but I want to give my hair a break from the perm..

      • MST says:

        I disagree about black women and their hair. I think that many of us dislike or even hate having nappy hair. I work with mostly black women and I constantly hear talk about “good” (Caucasian) and “bad” (hair). I remember my older sister was straightening her hair and burnt it and said “I hate having this nappy n****r hair that you can’t do anything with.”

        Maybe we don’t obsess about our weight, but many of us do so about hair and skin color. I work in the human services field and I’ve met women who will have no food in the house, but they will buy hair weaves. I know that’s an extreme example, but it does happen.

        I’ve also met black women who want to have babies with Puerto Rican guys so they will have “pretty babies” with “good hair.” I listen to this crap and just shake my head. When is it all going to end?

    • RocketMerry says:

      Right?! I love how she’s all “I’m all natural, y’all!” when every year that passes her skin gets lighter and lighter and lighter… She’s almost whiter than Goop! Ooh-oh… wait. Do you think this is why? Is Goop spreading the vanilla-ness?!
      Incidentally, “Vanilla-ness” sounds like a good name for a viral disease.

    • MST says:

      That’s because in this society, the closer a woman of color is to the Anglo-Saxon idea of beauty,the more attractive she is considered. Light-skinned women get most of the gigs in Hollywood unless its a “black” movie. Every generation or so there is some light-skinned black woman who is supposed to be the epitome of black beauty, — in the forties it was Lena Horne, in the fifties, Dorothy Dandridge, etc.

      Walk down the street and look at a group of black women. How many look like this? Not too many. I don’t have anything against Halle Berry, Paul Patton, etc., but there are darker-skinned black women Angela Bassett who can act rings around them.

      Same with music. Rhianna is cute, but she can’t sing very well. Do you think if she was dark or even brown-skinned she would be in the news as much as she is? My girl Jazmin Sullivan can circles around Beyonce, but a plump dark-skinned woman just isn’t going to get the attention someone who looks like Beyonce does.

      • ol cranky says:

        It’s not just broader society (white society only accepting lighter skinned women) there’s an awful lot of color prejudice within minority communities – especially within the AA and Indian communities.

        As a white woman, I don’t get the lighter is better thing and it bugs me when I hear co-workers of color saying they wish they were lighter when they have such beautiful, rich complexions

      • Jover says:

        Mst i don’t believe it’s skin color so much as just plain old fashioned money and marketing; fakeoncye and riri have major labels, products endorsemets and pr teams that work 28 per day keeping them relevant; jazmine sullivan has talent – but junk pop music sells more than talent – if talent sold, then why does Esperanza spalding and rodrigo and gabriela barely register except for those that desire to hear real music by real musicians?

      • TiaB says:

        Generally agree that odds are stacked against dark-skinned women. However, this types of discussions put me on guard because they so easily slip into a deep deep crater of hate against light skinned girls. Beyonce and Rihanna may not be great vocal talents but they are undisputably great entertainers & therefore a great pop stars. So what if they are light skinned? Should they bury their ambitions because society is unfair towards dark women?

        It gets me really mad because I have had to hear from friends and relatives that I somehow enjoy a privillege being light skinned. How is it a privillege when every single accomplishment (college, work, family) is chalked down to being light skinned. Or if I constantly have to address skin-bleaching allegations?

        Theres enough room in the world for dark skinned, medium toned and light skinned African beauty. So can we quite knocking down the either variety please?

  3. Liv says:

    She’s the most beautiful whithout any makeup and with her own hair.

    Plus not wearing highheels while carrying your daughter around is probably a good idea ;-)

  4. Happymom says:

    Those recent bathing suit photos of them in St Barts-she did look bigger, especially her boobs-so sure, maybe she nursed. I never judge any one for quitting (if she has) because I had a horrible time with breastfeeding all my kids, despite my best efforts (lactation consultant, herbs).

    • Bodhi says:

      Same here. I wanted so badly to nurse my son for a full year, but it just didn’t happen for us. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. That being said, I beat myself up on a daily basis for failing at it

      • dahlianoir says:

        Honey, you shouldn’t think like that. I also had a bad experience ( pressure from family, useless nurses at the hospital, a bit of post partum) and quickly stopped breast feeding. We’re not bad mothers, we just bond with our kids in another way. Despite what people say,nobody is a natural, you just learn to be a mother.

  5. Leticia says:

    I love the tiny gold shoes on the baby in the middle photo! Just precious!

  6. Green_Eyes says:

    I don’t know… I cut my own hair just as she describes, have for 10 yrs. I also wear hairpieces days I can’t get my hands to cooperate. (my hair is wavy curls if air dried & frizz if blow dried.. But can’t walk around in winter w/ wet hair. My sister never breast fed til her 3rd child (she always went right back to work as the major bread winner in the family). It took her over 2 yrs w/ the first 2 to loose the weight (she was 18 w/ the first & 25 w/ the second). At 38 she had her 3rd, breast fed & the weight fell off in weeks. We were all amazed. But like Beyonce w/ the 3rd my Sis ate healthy while pregnant where as the first two…she ate everything & anything. So maybe it’s true.

    Don’t blame her about Kim, I wouldn’t want her around me & my child. Lord knows what she’s caught w/ her revolving social life!

  7. Marjalane says:

    Beyonce needs to go away for awhile. Everytime she comes out and graces us with her “normal, everydaygal, mom-stuff”, I want to roll my eyes and mock her. She isn’t, and she didn’t breastfeed no baby either.

    All the suspicion and snickering about her “pregnancy” must have really chapped her ass. Perpetual damage control.

  8. Beta says:

    ‘ultra-private Beyonce’
    They used to be private. now they are most definetly not.
    Same for the brange.

  9. My $0.02 says:

    She breastfed for 10 weeks????? In light of her financial situation, I find this quite surprising – unlike a lot of women who must return to work mere weeks after having a child, she has the luxury of help and flexibility.

    When you are physically able to breastfeed and are in her position financially, why wouldn’t you want to give your child the best?

  10. Gene Parmesan says:

    This is soo hilarious i burst out laughing. Bey, your sister is exactly who you described when talking bout your hair and yadayada…Her lack of intelligence always comes out when she speaks, have y’all noticed. There’s never anything of substance

  11. mel2 says:

    I dont believe a word of her crap. Her hair is fake, she can buy more. Her pregnancy was fake she had a surrogate. She was stupid for wearing heels while pregnant which could have put her and her baby in jeopardy if in fact she was pregnant.

  12. Embee says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sakes! “Only” 10 weeks?!?!!? We Don’t know if she was “physically able” to, if she was producing enough milk, etc. It’s never, ever ok to judge a mother’s choice re: nursing and bottles. We have no way of knowing the factors at play.

    And 10 weeks is a heck of a long time to have a child ripping off your nipples every two hours. And don’t talk to me about “proper latch” and “it doesn’t hurt if you’re doing it right.” That may be true for some people but it is absolutely untrue for others.

    • Malificent says:

      Amen! I think every woman who can should make an effort to breastfeed for as long as they can. But there are lots of legitimate reasons why women can’t. I know plenty of women who did all of the “right things” and still weren’t able to produce enough milk. Or, there may be medications they are on that prevent feeding. Or a kid who just won’t latch (yes, they exist). Any number of issues that are no one else’s business.

      And my mother, who successfully nursed 5 kids back in the 50s and 60s when no one breastfed, laughed heartily when I told that my breastfeeding books said it only would hurt if I was doing it wrong. Her response: “The books lie!” I’ve never met a single one of these mystery women who experience no pain — and that includes my friends who hired professional lactation consultants. My kid latched like a pro, and for the first week until my nipples toughened up, he might as well have had sandpaper for a tongue….

      • Bodhi says:

        Ditto to you both! Only one of my boobs produced milk & my son couldn’t latch on to it, no matter what I did. The lactation consultant was on speed dial & I called her all the time, mostly in tears. Realizing that I couldn’t feed my son & giving it up in favor of a bottle was the hardest & most gut wrenching decision I’ve ever made & I beat myself up about on a daily basis. I will feel guilty about it for the rest of my life even though it was the best thing I could have done for him

    • DesertRose says:

      Well just be glad we’re in modern times, years ago you either would have suffered or your baby would have died from undernourishment. It is and always will be best, I suffered through four months of engorgement, foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, and months of pumping in my car at work (with both of my kids). It sucks, but I know I did everything I could to give my children the best nourishment. I also believe there is no better way to bond with your child. And yes, I totally am judging. Formula is some nasty stuff, and if you wouldn’t drink it, why would you give it to your baby?

      • DesertRose says:

        I will add this to my super judgmental post: almost every woman I know who uses formula gets subsidized by WIC. It chaps my ass to see women on public healthcare, unable to afford their own insurance, who keep popping out babies, then use WIC to feed them. If you are spending $20 a can of your own money to feed the baby, then I guess breastfeeding must have been hellish. If you gave up because you knew that someone else would pay for your formula, then I still sit in harsh judgment.

      • Bodhi says:

        I AM glad that we live in modern times. Do you think that women who aren’t able to nurse don’t feel bad enough about it? I suffered from depression so severe that I didn’t want to get out of bed for WEEKS. I will never get over my inability to nurse my son. I will go to my grave knowing that I am a failure as a mother. Does that make you feel better? I didn’t chose to feel my (completely healthy) son formula, I did it because my job as a mother is to keep him alive. Judge me all you want, but know that I’ve done a much better job of it than you ever could

      • Embee says:

        I’m glad you recognize how judgmental you are being, as that might help you have some insight when it comes back to bite you in the ass (and it always does; I speak from painful personal experience).

        Yes, we live in different times: times where a 6 week maternity leave is considered normal; times when mothers are expected to do all of the house and childcare as well as go to work; times when every single one of our decisions and our appearances are dissected and judged and denigrated.

        When mothers in the past couldn’t nurse their children sometimes died; sometimes lived on animal milk and sometimes used a wet nurse. Women have been working around the differences in their abilities to nurse since the beginning of time. Formula is the latest solution and thank goodness for it.

        I cannot speak to your WIC comment as I don’t engage in kicking someone while they are down. Let’s just say let down is probably harder to achieve when you’re worried about where your next meal is comign from and whether you can make rent. I’ll give the GA ladies a pass on this one.

        And for what it’s worth, the ladies I know who formula fed were all upper middle class dual income households clearing half a million or more annually. I don’t think WIC is the reason people formula feed.

      • Isa says:

        I don’t know if it’s the same in every state. But my WIC office is very supportive of breastfeeding. There’s posters in your face everywhere talking about how breast is best. I was able to talk to a LC, given a breast pump for when I went back to work, and got food checks.
        But I don’t make enough milk so my baby gets formula too. So he doesn’t, you know, starve. My husband and I both work.
        Btw, back in the day people also used wet nurses to feed their babies. Or they made their own formula out of goodness knows what. My grandmother-in-law made it out of powered or evaporated cows milk and caro syrup. They also started solids REALLY early.

  13. Chatcat says:

    Oh Kaiser…you do so make so many of my days! Thank you~

  14. Alexis says:

    Oh, she cuts her own wigs?

    *slow clap*

    Honestly, I’m sooooo tired of hearing about this trick.

  15. Roxy750 says:

    Who tallies the votes for this SHI*TSZKE?? Wow, Beyonce being the most beautiful woman in the world? WTF? Pulease? She is also almost one of the most richest women in the world, I am getting so tired of all this celebrity crap….

  16. Eric says:

    Yes, seriously this woman wears a weave and lace front wigs, she cut two inches from one of her wigs or her weave? LOL…
    she should stop with breast feeding crap, no one believes she was ever pregnant, and why is she hiding the baby’s face, it’s always facing her.

  17. dani says:

    @alexis I damn near got whiplash keeling over as my head simutaneously fell back in a fit of laughter at ”oh she cuts her own wigs?” Im still tickling with joy!! Beyonce is full o shizz on every level I believe nothing she says and 1/6 of what she does!! Why is she still alive??

  18. lover says:

    ok i dont know how to do the pic link thing but can someone please get the dangerously in love album cover next to the 4 album cover, so some idiot stan can tell me she gets darker in summer and lighter in winter, ohhh please halle has a whit mamma yet she is the same tone all year round.. long blond white girl weave/ wig / hair, nose job yes she is so proud to be african american, fakeyonce is just that fake creol my wide bootie.. lol

  19. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Bitch please with the lies.

    She said out of her own mouth that Jay wants her in heels and dolled up all the time. Beyshameless, get your life and lies straight?

    And she’s lying when she says he’s never seen her in flats. It’s rare but at the beginninng of Pillow Phuckery, homegirl wore them for their Phony Rhetoric walks around the Tribeca area, and she’s even worn them a few times before that in his presence. Girl, please get tested for your failure to spin.

  20. TG says:

    I can’t stand Kim Kartrashian but why do some celebs think they are in another league as other celebs? I mean does it really matter how you make your money? I guess though in Bey’s defense Kim would easily use the connection to get even richer but isn’t that what they all do? Famewhoring their way to the bank?

    And her post pregnancy photos she looks very much like a woman who has given birth but I don’t know. But I wouldn’t call her private. She announced her pregnancy in a big way to the world on national telivision that isn’t any different than Kim K’s TV wedding.

    I breast fed for 12 1/2 months and worked and commuted 12 hours a day and was the bread winner in the family, my husband stayed home. I stayed home for 8 weeks then pumped 3 times a day at work and had to get up in the middle of the night also to pump not to mention middle of the night feedings for her as well. It was a simple choice for me to give her the best. I understand many people are not able to pump at work but I have met too many selfish women who don’t breast feed for their own vanity and selfishness and I wonder why they even wanted a child if they are unwilling to give their child the best nutrition and proteciton possible, at least for the first 6 weeks anyway. And yes, it was painful for the first month or so and I had chapped nipples but I persevered.

    • skipper says:

      I agree that Bey is no better than Kim. I’m not impressed with either of their talents. I didn’t see much of it, but it looked like Kim worked really hard on her sex video. Bey just sings crap that someone else writes; it all sounds the same. Then she writhes around all sexy like in her videos – just like I do for my husband at 4 am after a a few drinks (assuming I like him that day).

      Anyhoo, since I breastfed my little son for two years (exclusively for five months), despite the fact that I was a single mother, working, and in school while trying to lose the massive amount of weight my body had acquired – I feel perfectly entitled to say that she sucks if she only breastfed for 10 months. Yes, it destroyed my boobies but she can afford to have them fixed just like I did.

  21. Michele says:

    What’s a lace front wig?

  22. Blue says:

    I cut my own hair too….. and my own bangs.

  23. pam says:

    Most “rumours” and gossip are only 10% accurate. I doubt any of Beyonce’s true inner circle friends would say that. But, if I were Beyonce, I sure wouldn’t want to hang out with Kim Kardashian. Kim would us Beyonce the same way she used Paris Hilton.

    As a side note, I’m shocked a discussion abuot skin color is even happening. She is a naturally light skinned girl, look at her mom. You can’t go buy how her skin appears in magazines, they airbrush and change things. Look at REAL pics of her and video footage of her from a child to now, she’s pretty much always looked the same. We all tan in the summer don’t we? We all get lighter in the Winter…every race.

  24. spinner says:

    The top photo really irritates me. In fact…everything about Bey irritates me.

  25. Euphorima says:

    Her bodyguard is so hot.

  26. mel says:

    Not every woman has to breastfeed. You can’t force her to, it’s a woman’s choice.

  27. ok says:

    what exactly is her bodyguard shielding her from in that top pic?

  28. me says:

    Wow I never knew Beyonce was hated so much.

    • Luke Warm says:

      I’m not a fan/stan of beyonce but I wouldn’t say she is hated it’s just people get tired of hearing about the same celebs all the time. Too much exposure, especially when celebs are being glorified for doing average day-to-day sh-t. It’s kind of like Jennifer Hudson, I love J. Hud but after seeing her in all those damn Weight Watcher commercials I started to get irritated. I wouldn’t go so far and say I hate but she does come off as being…boring, fake, and almost lifeless.

  29. shannon says:

    Re: breastfeeding, I breastfed my first son and couldn’t stand it. It caused some kind of hormonal ‘low.’ Also, I was living with my parents at the time and didn’t have much privacy. After about four weeks, a gave up and gave him a bottle of formula, and he looked at me like, ‘What have you been waiting for?!’

    My second son, I was much older, and I breastfed him (although not exclusively) for the eight weeks I was on maternity leave. I enjoyed it then, and he seemed to miss it when it was done. Different situations for all women … I say, my boobs, my choice. Breastfeeding fanatics annoy me. Feed and love your baby, whether it comes from your boobs or not.

  30. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I don’t like the heffa but breastfeeding is a personal issue. My mother breast fed me till I was about eighteen months. I felt it was my duty to give my children the same care that I was given since I was CAPABALE of doing it. I didn’t care if it was uncomfortable I felt if my mom could do it, I could to.

    But my body just didn’t work out that way. With my oldest I was able to do it for a full year and few months but with my younguest I was under a lot of emotional stress and my milk dried up after three months.

    Maybe since Beyonce had to induce (that the right wording?) lactation the milk dried up or wans’t free flowing, since you know she never had the baby. I don’t really know how all that works.

    But breastfeeding is the least of her problems. Everyone is different and no woman should be told how to feed her child as long as it’s not harming th ebaby.

  31. Bella says:

    The most beautiful women in the world?

  32. really? says:

    speaking of kim kardashian, kim and her mother were invited to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington on April 28. Can you believe that??? I hate this stupid world.

  33. Bird says:

    That fake liar never breastfed for a second. And it’s not up for debate that breast feeding is what is best for babies. I’m still nursing my one year old and while the first couple months were incredibly painful and difficult, it has been one of the most amazIng and beautiful experiences of my lIfe. I am so glad I didn’t give up, just to encourage any one out there to stick with it- it does become the easiest, most natural thing in the world once you’re over that initial hump.

    • Emma says:

      Ugh. Women like you and a couple of the posters above make me never want to have babies and be a part of that ‘community’. You’re all incredibly smug know-it-alls.

      • Mama*C says:

        I used to feel the same way. It’s something you don’t really get until it happens to you. Not saying it to be smug at all, because I’m an individual who never wanted kids until a few years ago either. But, now that I do, I understand. Simply put, Everything Changed and no one can tell you about it properly until you experience it yourself.

      • Remote Control says:

        @emma-these woman freak the hell outta me. They’re probably just miserable people living miserable lives. I mean, isn’t that the case with most judgemental people? Im trying to remain positive! There has to be a couple cool moms out there for us!!

  34. nikzilla37 says:

    What baby weight?? She’s looked exactly the same since she announced she was pregnant.

  35. Gia says:

    Hahahahaha…ahem, errr I mean’ oh yes Beyonce. You are the most beautiful in the land and deserve nothing less than fame and fortune for taking care of your baby and feeding it. And as for actually cutting your own hair!,?, well, mere mortals could never understand such talent and skill.

  36. LAK says:

    OMG didn’t read past beyonce, friends with GOOPY…..can you imagine them when KK walks into a room, trying to be their friends??!!!! Oh to be a fly on that particular wall….ROFLOL

    EDIT: Too mean??:)

  37. Jover says:

    Does this twit have any other look other than the dopey deer in the headlights look. She is utterly vacant; what do her fans see in her;
    Really says that’s a travesty if lardassian and pimp momma were invited;
    Not to be political, but these are the same types that trash the Palins (they deserve it of course), and then the lardassian clan is invited to the WH – brainless hypocrites all surely the Obama’s aren’t going to be at this event?

    • me says:

      Yes the Obama’s will be at the event. Kim and her mother were invited by Fox News. Can you believe that? They will be sharing a table with Lindsay Lohan…can you believe THAT ??? Seriously what is wrong with this world. The Kardashians already think they are so damn important, now it’s like their own heads will explode from the ego boost.

      • Jover says:

        Thank you for the response me – I’m stunned speechless and saddened culture, such as it is, has sunk this low; can’t the Obama’s boycott this? WHo invited these trashbags and journalists think they are better than everyone – I think i’ll go and get drunk.

  38. Genevieve says:

    A. I don’t believe she gave birth to that baby. Her egg & Jay-Z’s sperm, but she didn’t carry her.
    B. Does anyone else think she’s bleaching her skin?

  39. Bodhi says:

    With all her money you’d think she’d buy a better carrier. Baby Bjorns are ok, but Egros, Beccos, Mobys, mei teis, woven wraps, ets are much better for the baby’s hips

  40. Eric says:

    Lace Front wigs appear more natural than traditional wig, it’s a wig with lace base of human or synthetic hair tied to the lace base.
    Solange bleached her son’s skin,so nothing is beyond these two. It is a very sad day in US magazine publishing, and obvious publicity stunt and insult to beautiful people like Zoe Saldana, Chalize Theron etc…

  41. The magazines love Beyonce, because she won’t get all in your face with any real opinions. She’s “well-behaved” and Good Housekeeping material. And she and her husband can make brilliant decisions such as buy 600,000+ rocking horses made of frickin’ gold.

  42. divaonthereal says:

    To have this much hate toward Beyonce and her family is so unreal. I’m just glad that Beyonce has tough skin and just keeps it moving. The media talk so much negative about Beyonce and her pregnancy and it just got ate up by all nieve gullable hateful haters that kept things going and spreadaing all those untruths that never once were proven to be true. People just don’t care how someone will feel about all the untruths or even how it will affect their emotions. Beyonce only tries to do her job and that’s to entertain us. If Beyonce allow you the haters to come into the delivery room while she was given birth, you still would not have accepted the truth of her actually being pregnant, so I guess it is what it is. People get alife and allow Beyonce and her family to live theirs.

  43. tru tru says:

    I’m not here to discuss Bey’s skintone or her hair sitch, that’s her business make-up, lighting etc also count…plus she was a lightskinned lil girl–I could careless.

    I’m here to chuckle at the fact that Kim and her trashy entourage/family will NOT be coming within 10,000 feet of Bey and Jay–it ain’t happening.

    Kim’s fans (they exist, the numbers for that fake reality show prove it)

    Those paps on speed dial,her “fans”, and her joker faced mammy have her thinking she is a respected, talented celebrity–she is a fake piece of trash..

    most folks/celebs wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire, at least the ones that have earned their money and honed their craft.

    she’s like the black plague, heehee

    Reggie Bush was soo smart to get out..

  44. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    She will open up more about her personal life now, thanks to Adele.

    Privacy, done and over.

  45. mimi says:

    How does she find the time to do all of those interviews, to go out to restaurants, always with makeup and styled and also have time to work out, and breastfeed?

    I was exhausted and barely slept. I would have never found the time to work out, not to mention to find the time to give interviews, bother to put on makeup etc.

    I have no idea how she finds the time.
    Even if she didn’t breastfeed.
    Seriously, just waking up at night to bottle feed would have been exhausting.

    And the most telling thing is her body- exactly the same as it has been before the “pregnancy”, during the pregnancy (minus the pillow, I mean the belly), and right after the arrival of the child.

    Same body= nothing changed. Looking fresh, so someone else is waking up at night, and having so much time for all these PR moves.

  46. Jaana says:

    I love Beyonce’.. She is a living legend.. People will talk about her until the end of time! Its also disrespectful to Bey to even want her to hang with Kim K.. Ugh

  47. Meanchick says:

    Damn that bodyguard is FINE!!!!

  48. Aubra says:

    LMAO Leave it to Beyonce to make a subject/thread to take a u-turn. Craziness ranging from “she didn’t have that baby” to “you don’t love yourself if you don’t wear your natural hair”…only Beyonce can do this! LMAO

  49. Eric says:

    Beyonce will be forgotten, her last record bombed, and that screeching voice will not go down in history with the likes of Diana Ross and Tina Turner. Rhianna with her thin whiny voice has a better chance being remembered than this overfed trollop.
    I seriously doubt she is breastfeeding, because she never gave birth. It makes as much sense as her cutting two inches from her wig, if you look at the full People mag spread she is obviously wearing a very expensive wig.

  50. ViktoryGin says:

    Haha. No matter how you feel about Paltrow, this maternal one-up-man-ship just proves her point.

  51. It is ME!! says:

    Soooo, let me get this straight…now that she HAS the baby, she’s all about wearing flats, but when she was hella pregnant (or supposed to be hella pregnant), she was rocking those heels all the time….sure, whatever, Bey.

    The “she cuts her own wigs?” comment had me DEAD.

    And the Breastfeeding Nazis can jump off a bridge for all I care. JUST FEED YO BEBEHS!!

  52. Kellybean says:

    She has always had huge thighs, in my opinion. I never understood when people said she had “toned” legs…

  53. JB says:

    They look perfect and athletic…huge??? Are you for real?!

  54. Leticia says:

    agree. But her face is lovely.

  55. susan says:

    i am always blown away when i see her legs – they are super sturdy looking…

  56. MST says:

    Umm — how many of these women, besides Jennifer Hudson, have you seen on the cover of magazines? In Hollywood, when it comes to black women, light is right.

  57. Noel says:

    When I said stereotypical white woman I meant Anglo-Saxon. Technically someone who is Middle Eastern is Caucasian, but that makeup is not stereotypically associated with being white. There is nothing wrong with getting a weave. Lots of people do that, but to me it is sad when actresses make permanent changes. Beyonce has clearly lightened her skin. In general in Hollywood the black women who are considered pretty and popular are very light, usually mixed. To me it is sad that darker skinned women are not more popular. Rarely are dark skinned women given major movie roles.

  58. Kim says:

    ALL these women are light skinned. Come on – its a fact that dark skinned African Americans arent prevalent in Hollywood or on magazine covers. Sad.

  59. LAK says:

    @Asli – you have a point, but so do the other posters. Light skinned with Anglo-saxon features is first choice, followed by Dark skinned with Anglo Saxon features which all your examples have.

    Even Blood Diamond Naomi has very Anglo features even though she is dark skinned.

  60. lover says:

    5 shades lighter i dont think so put the albums covers side by side.. lol this chick fools only fools…

  61. FOREVER says:

    This woman was very dark in that album cover…. It just does not make sense.

  62. Remote Control says:

    I guess these are the ‘meanie mommies’ I hear so much about. I’m going to try my best to avoid these types. And yes, I plan on breast feeding..

  63. anon33 says:

    Asli, I’m with you. I have no idea when this breast feeding shaming started.

    I was born in 1978. My mom did not breastfeed me, or my sister who was born in 1983. None of my cousins on either side were breastfed. No one on either side of my family was breastfed or have breastfed(ed?) their children. Literally none of my friends who have had kids breastfeed. So far everyone has turned out fine even though they didn’t get the magical breast.

    I don’t even know if I want a kid, but I never even considered breastfeeding just because no one in my family or my immediate circle ever did it, talked about it, considered it, or debated it. I guess EVERYONE I have ever known is a bad mother who doesn’t want the best for their kids??? When did everyone get so preachy about this issue?

  64. LAK says:

    OMG – That’s my family situation too.

    Reading and listening to the motherhood debate in general in the media and on blogs, it seems women are now mother shamed more and more if they do not do things the way the stone age ancestors did.

    Of course i understand that not all progress is good, but seriously, the neurosis that is prevalent in these discussions would make one think we were the first mothers. We have more choices than ever and yet if you do not do it the stone age way, you must be a bad mother. If you accept any help, you must be a bad mother. If you are not helicopter parenting your children, you must be a bad mother etc and on and on it goes.