Cameron Diaz cried after getting her bobbed haircut: “I felt so vulnerable”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is still promoting her role in What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and her studio PR team is not only covering all of the magazine-cover fronts but also the late-night talk show bases as well. As such, Cameron has appeared on the Jay Leno show to speak about her recent (post-Bad Teacher) bobbed haircut, which she admits that she wasn’t too pleased about upon its first inception. First, I’d like to add that I love Cameron’s hair in it relatively new, cropped style. It reminds me so much of her hair in There’s Something About Mary … only with less dubious appliction of “hair gel.” Secondly, I can totally identify with a haircut that takes one by surprise. Here’s how Cameron reacted to her unexpected haircut:

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz recently told InStyle her short haircut was “freeing” — but she had very different words for Jay Leno Tuesday night.

“There was a little misunderstanding,” she explained on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno of her pre-Christmas cut. “I said, ‘Oh I just want a little bit off’ … and it went from here to here,” she added, gesturing two very different hair lengths.

Once Diaz saw the new do, her reaction wasn’t so pleasant. “I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable,” she explained. “For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my god.”

What made the situation even more awkward was the fact that Diaz’s hairstylist happened to be a good friend. “I felt really bad, she felt really bad, she started crying, I started crying, a couple of other people started crying,” Diaz said. But soon the situation smoothed over. “I ended up writing her a few emails after, the next couple days, assuring her I wasn’t going to kill her.”

As Leno pointed out, it’s unique that Diaz gets her haircuts from a friend (in that friend’s kitchen, no less) — not at a chic Los Angeles salon. But the actress said she’s been getting kitchen haircuts from this friend — and her own mother — for quite some time. She joked, “I’m in her kitchen often with the cape around my neck, going, ‘I hope we’re not going to cook after that.’”

[From People]

As I mentioned above, I once had a traumatic haircut, and it shames me to reveal that it was “The Rachel.” No wonder I’m not much of a Jennifer Aniston fan, right? Well, at least it occurred during the mid-to-late 1990s, and it also grew out after, oh, about a year. Did I mention that my best friend got “The Monica” at the very same haircutting session? Thank goodness that era is behind all of us.

At any rate, the main lesson here is that nearly everyone — even the most famous movie star — has fallen prey to a bad haircut at some point in their lives. Also, don’t ever let a friend cut your hair … that is, if you want to remain friends forever.

Here are a few photos of Cameron that were taken circa 2005. Her long hair was lovely, but I do prefer it in the bobbed state.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Red Granny says:

    She needs to be friends with Aniston. They really would have some world shaking things to discuss: traumatic hair cuts and how it is the greatest risk on earth to not wear mascara.

  2. Hautie says:

    I suspect that Cameron most likely came to the point, that she needed a that haircut. She was using extensions and all they do is damage your natural hair.

    Cameron has a nice jaw line. So she can wear a bob-cut. Plus her own hair is so thin and wispy. It looks fuller and healthier when it is shorter. And I too really like her with the bob-cut.

    But if she is obsessed about having long hair. Then she needs to buy her self a nice Beyonce wig.

    • Rin says:

      I agree. Her hair was always thing looking and a bit “burnt”. If you don’t have thick hair, don’t have long hair. Renee Zellweger is another one whose hair was too stringy for longer. Julia Roberts (I can’t stand her) has great hair for wearing it long, Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore even. Cameron, not so much.

    • cat1 says:

      I agree with Bella that there is something off about her face. I don’t think people have to be ‘perfect’ by any means but I’m always surprised that people say she’s beautiful. Something is ‘off’ with her features. I enjoy her in the movies I’ve seen with her tho’ and there’s something cool about her. However, these pictures from the Mask really look like another person – and and even tho’ 18 years ago, it does not seem like the changed face now is age alone. That being said, I think we may all scrutinize this too much but such is Hollywood.

      • tmbg says:

        It was youth and very good makeup. She has natural fullness in her face and no lines (tanning did her no favors) in those shots and the makeup was expertly applied to cover the acne. I feel for her about the skin problems. At some point in your life you think you’ll outgrow them, but no, the blemishes just keep on coming. And dermatology has just come up with so many treatments that work. (Not.)

        Plus maybe the pictures are from before she broke her nose. Didn’t she break it more than once?

      • k says:

        She’s broken her nose a few times while surfing. She didn’t always look this way.

  3. samira677 says:

    Hasn’t Cameron always had short hair off and on? I’m not sure why a short cut would be traumatic.

  4. marie says:

    I’ve had a couple traumatic haircuts, never cried though. I have really curly hair and the stylists would always take off more than I wanted-so I’ve let my mom cut it for the past few years..

  5. Neelyo says:

    I don’t think she means ‘vulnerable’ I think her subtext is ‘old’. She had the exact same haircut in the late 90s but it’s over ten years later and the first thing I thought when I saw the haircut was how it aged her. I’m sure she had to be aware of it too.

  6. Bella says:

    She is aging in very ugly way. There is really something off with her face.

  7. paola says:

    It has to be one really slow gossip day if we’re concentrating on someone crying over a bad haircut. it’s the face she should be concerned of, not the hair.

  8. Marjalane says:

    She might want to get used to trying some different things with her hair on a regular basis…Cami’s not wearing her age all that well and the right cut can really help. I think long whispy hair on an older woman looks crappy- drags everything down.

  9. Itwillrain says:

    Yeah, the ginormous cheek implants is what is off with her face. Still don’t understand why every woman in Hollywood is doing that…

    • SLM says:

      You are absolutely right. The cheek implants and whatever is happening around the mouth – fillers, right? I’m getting really tired of seeing these altered faces on television and in film, especially on people who are not terribly old. It’s distracting and not an improvement.
      Hollywood certainly is a hall of mirrors at the carnival, distorting what’s true.

  10. cupidityrox says:

    I cried when i saw your jack-o-lantern face Cam

  11. JoeBanana says:

    That haircut seriously aged her by about 10 yrs.

  12. Bobby sue says:

    BOOOHOOO!!! Big life problems for Cammy!

    1)This is the haircut that made her famous
    2) Ever heard of extensions like every other twits wears in HW?
    3) She forces her “friend” to cut her hair at 10:00 pm the night before she’s going way with her family? She deserves it.
    Like her ok but this is just nonsense, pure and simple.

  13. elohor says:

    She wasn’t always pretty. She was just young.

  14. lisa says:

    I would get the tears if she had never had short hair. But she has had short do’s

    yep very slow news day. I’m I just as bad because I commented on it.

  15. crumbcake says:

    I’ve had some bad haircuts in the past that made me cry, but then I got a huge dose of personal perspective when I lost all of my hair (chemotherapy). It made me wish that I had never complained when I got a “bad” haircut. . . . . . getting a shorter hairstyle than you wanted is FAR better than being bald and trying to cover it up with a wig. But my irritation aside, I do understand where she’s coming from–been there, done that.
    BTW, it’s not her hair that’s the problem. . . she’s jacked up her face a bit.

  16. MarionP says:

    I love your new hair cut I just recently cut off my hair and it feels so good. Cameron long or short you still look great ;D

  17. tmbg says:

    The only time in my life that I cried over hair was when I asked my colorist to dye my blonde hair Liv Tyler’s color. It didn’t come out that rich brown, but rather something resembling a chocolate cherry with a purple cast.

    I tried all of the tricks and that dye would not fade. I was so distraught I went to another salon the next day and got blonde highlights put in, but it was just fried. Eventually I had to get it cut short (as in tapered to my head) and I hated it. But a bob? I’m thrilled to have bobs. They’re my favorite haircuts. I don’t know why she feels like she has no hair. If she wanted extensions, she could easily get them.

    • rylan says:

      I’m with you. The last time i got my hair colored was at a salon. Oh god. Even my kids cried when they seen me! But i washed it like five times a day with dish soap & that got rid of most of the barf worthy color. My hair didn’t get get dry & damaged, it actually felt softer.

  18. Mari says:

    Really…? Other people started crying? I’ve never heard of anyone crying over someone else’s haircut. Stiffled laughter maybe, but crying, no.

  19. Jackson says:

    I get what she’s saying about a major haircut that turns out too short. Let’s face it though – when a celeb like CD gets a bad, too short haircut she can afford to drop $$$ on a top-notch weave and no one would ever have to see that mistake. I feel bad for the rest of us who have to suffer through growing that mistake out! And for the record I love, love, her hair in that fourth pic in the white cami!

  20. sally says:

    It’s really pathetic to CRY over a hair cut, of all things. It grows back!

    • Jayna says:

      Call me pathetic. I left a hair salon with bad color. I got in the car and began crying. I called my sister. She said, come on, you’re overreacting. I drove by and showed it to her. Her face said it all.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Not only have I cried over a hideous haircut, I have comforted several friends who cried over their hideous haircuts. It doesn’t matter that it will grow back, in that shocking moment when you first see it & it looks like hell. I think people are very emotional about their hair, probably women more than men–although I have never heard a man who was losing his hair talk about how pleased he is about that.

      But crumbcake is absolutely right–you get instant perspective when you lose your hair. It was also chemo for me, & I just had to snort at people who told me “it will grow back.” It’s supposed to, but sometimes it doesn’t. What grew back for me didn’t resemble my hair remotely!

    • crtb says:

      I don’t think so. I’ve had hairdressers ruin a head full of healthy hair! I aksed for my grey roots to be colored and left with poka dots. I had hairdreesers leave relaxers on too long and all of my hair break off. I hair another stlyist cut off $200 worth of highlights that I had gotten the week before. No I believe in crying loud and long when I’m upset. Why shouldn’t they be aware of how much they’ve upset me!!

  21. Sarah says:

    Jezebel was so mean about this story! They called Cameron Diaz emotionally unbalanced because of it. I have cried after a bad haircut, and I don’t know any woman who hasn’t. Sure, I waited til I was in the car, but still.

    I also think a lot of women who get criticism or insults about their facial beauty, like she does, especially depend on the look of their hair. I was once called a butterface by some nasty emaciated chick in a grocery store and that, along with other people mentioning “politely” that my face would not work well with a short hairstyle, has kept me from ever getting a haircut shorter than my shoulders. One day I’ll say eff them all and get it cut really short, but I will probably cry after.

  22. mar says:

    I never thought she was beautiful, but the sum of her parts ( including personality) had always put her at the top of every man’s list. Now she seems kind of desperate, and her face is aging very ungracefully.

  23. Runs with Scissors says:

    It makes me sad that women are pressured to be SO invested in their looks.

    Could you imagine a MAN giving this interview about a haircut?

    “I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable…I felt really bad, she felt really bad, she started crying, I started crying, a couple of other people started crying.”

    I’m not trying to just call Cameron out, I actually like her, but it’s stuff like this that just makes women look so pathetic. How can we undo this?

  24. Laura says:

    I was also traumatized by a Rachel cut once! That haircut ruined lives, I’m telling you.
    It funny that she was so traumatized by that cut (which is super cute) because I’ve always associated her with short hair. I guess it’s been longer lately. I assumed that was fake. I guess she got used to the extensions and wasn’t ready to part with them.

  25. Nev says:

    now all she has to do is dye it dark again.

    that was her most happening look.

  26. sup says:

    how can an adult woman cry about a haircut it is just so absurd i can’t even fathom it. i left the hairdresser less than satisfied before. never did i even think of crying because you can grow it out or invest in extensions. and this was back in the teen years. if she cried over this she must be a real crybaby.

  27. Aqua says:

    I find it refreshing to see a Hollywood actress with short hair for a change even if she has had it that way before.

  28. Amanda says:

    Cameron Diaz looks great with short hair, like the hair she had in Something About Mary. The difference is that the haircut from back then was a GOOD haircut. This is a BAD haircut. It looks like a beauty school student executed it. She and Brooklyn Decker must go to the same stylist. I think bobs are great. However, both she and Decker have choppy, uneven bad cuts that don’t lay right and make their hair look dry. IT BUGS!

  29. G says:

    The is no misunderstanding Cameron. this is what 40 looks like.

  30. tele says:

    I am not a fan of her but CD was really stunning. You will know if you happen to see her older movies. She was really stunning. Blue eyes, blond tall and great body. She is not aging well at all too much sun may be the reason . For the woman who never have kids and still in her thirities she should have looked better.

  31. tele says:

    I think feeling sad when you lose your hair if you have real long hair is pretty normal but she is a little older to cry out for that imo.

  32. blonde on the dock says:

    Well I think she’s very striking.
    I used to volunteer at a cancer centre. One of my positions there was fitting people with wigs. I had one girl who had lost her leg. She said losing her hair was worse. Some men were pretty emotional about losing their hair as well. I hate getting a shitty haircut.

  33. Peanut says:

    My sister has cried over an eyebrow dye job. And I didn’t blame her. She looked like Groucho Marx.

    People are emotionally invested in their looks. One of the many reasons why aging is hard.

  34. galaxygirl says:

    Reminds me of the Amazing Race ladies that could shave their head & don’t (whom probably need the money)… I think I would go for it. But I have had a horrible perm and a squire look when getting a bob so, people get emotional when things change, she is human :)

  35. momsjet says:

    I don’t blame for not liking it… I don’t

  36. Pat Dorty says:

    What the hell does that mean exactly? I guess I’m an insensitive bastard, because I could never figure that statement out. I’m pretty sure if I did understand it I wouldn’t think it would apply to something as stupid or irrelevant as a haircut.