Kathie Lee Gifford, 58, admits to using Botox for 18 years

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Kathie Lee Gifford, 58, has admitted that she loves Botox. (On Today this morning she said “I’ve been getting it since I was 40 years old.”) It’s clear that she uses/abuses it, although she only half admits to having other work done. In 2010, Kathie Lee and Hoda went without makeup on their show and Kathie Lee moved her face around and said “look closely. If you see a scar, I’ll own up to it. Only from the neck up.” She then gave a wink to the camera. So she’s not a plastic surgery denier, and that’s nice to see.

On this morning’s Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda both had work done for the cameras. It was non-invasive and they didn’t even get any injections, disappointingly. I was kind of hoping for a real eye lift, kind of like how Harry Smith got a live colonoscopy in 2010. Kathie Lee had this deep tissue eyebrow “lift” called Ultherapy that’s touted as an alternative to Botox. (And a super expensive one at that. It costs $1,200! Dr. Oz has featured this on his show too. It uses ultrasound and is supposedly very safe and effective, although it takes 2-3 months to take full effect. It actually looks kind of awesome.) Hoda, 47, just had some laser hair removal on one of her arms. They did show a live Botox injection along with spider vein removal, but that was on participants who agreed to get it on air, not on either of the hosts. Here’s more:

During TODAY’s fourth hour plastic surgery extravaganza, our intrepid co-anchors bravely underwent some (minimally invasive) work, on-air. Here’s how it went down.

Step one: Prep
After revealing what they’d be getting done — an eye lift for KLG, and arm-hair removal for Hoda — the ladies got prepped at the desk, being numbed and shorn, respectively. They spent the show dressed in hospital gowns (“This looks like we should be serving food at the school cafeteria,” remarked Hoda) and awesome anti-laser sunglasses.

Step two: Procedure
Kathie Lee’s old pal Dr. Patricia Wexler removed her forehead-numbing cream and got to work, first lifting and then massaging the area above her left eye. Kathie Lee took having her face prodded and vibrated like a pro (“Not the first time we’ve done this,” she noted cooly.) Hoda was less cucumber-water cool. As Completely Bare’s Cindy Barshop zapped her arm with a green laser, she worried, “Is that smoke?” then added, “Where’s the wine?”

Step three: Recovery
Finally, it was time to relax with a glass of Champagne. Well, sort of. Hoda was still half done, but with time-a-wasting, opted to finish up her lasering off-air. So how were the results? “One of my arms is baby smooth and one is like a gorilla,” noted Hoda.

In the end, the ladies looked refreshed, relaxed, and semi-smooth, at a cost of $1200 (for brows) and $400 (for Hoda’s arm hair).

[From Today]

One of my friends just got a job working in a clinic that offers Botox, liposuction, and all the other cosmetic procedures that women around my age are opting for. So I’m tempted, I’ll admit. I’ve been kind of shielded from all the injectable madness to date (apart from my awesome job) because I’ve been in a remote area. So I will wait and see what my friend says about it, but I’m a freaking chicken when it comes to anything medical. I hate just going to the doctor, so that might save me from getting something done I might regret. That, and the high cost.

Here’s a link to an article from Self about the different options and costs for skin and facial treatments. This video from Dr. Oz’s show has more on Ultherapy.

The video below shows Botox and spider vein removal. The Botox doctor is way too enthusiastic about it and what it can achieve.

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  1. Maguita says:

    I’ll be the first to say, whenever i have a weekday off, I watch those 2 hilarious drunken b-tches.

    They’re a hoot-and-a-half, and don’t give a crap that they look kind of crazy. They own up to it. The funniest? Poor Hoda at times CANNOT complete a sentence when the other loony is on a a.m. drunken roll! Hilarious to watch.

    And oh, I will so be looking into those tightening procedures soon… Them “laugh lines” are spreading.

  2. Maguita says:

    @CeleBitchy – This is too funny!!! Only 1 comment. one!! Guess no one is interested in those 2 ladies. Which is odd for their ratings are quite decent!

  3. Nancy Kaye says:

    Kathie Lee Gifford still looks like she’s 100 years old. What I love most about her is her revisionist history of her religion: Born Kathy Lee LEVINE, yet professes to know NOTHING about Judaism. She calls herself a Christian, and pretends not even to know what freakin’ CHOPPED LIVER IS, let alone Chanukah! From someone who’s proud to be Jewish….she is just a horrible fraud of a person. And this doesn’t even begin to take into account how she tried to distance herself from her sweatshop of 10 year old Asian children working 15 hours a day to make the shitty clothes she sold to Wal-Mart. Ya gotta love her!!!!

  4. Seagulls says:

    I do kind of love this show…