Jennifer Aniston cancels wedding plans, now plotting revenge on Angelina Jolie

Shortly after Brangelina’s engagement was announced, every tabloid and celebrity weekly carried various versions of Jennifer Aniston’s reaction to said engagement. By far, one of the my favorite versions was the hyper-melodramatic story in The Enquirer. The Enquirer had Jennifer “collapsing” and then Justin Theroux came in as Jen was sobbing, and they had a huge fight and then Jen made it up to Justin by planting a bunch of stories about them together. Well, the Enquirer ups the ante this week with a story that is so funny, you will literally laugh out loud. Jennifer and Justin have called off their engagement, you see. Because Angelina – specifically, ONLY Angelina – managed to announce the engagement in order to destroy Jennifer Aniston. Oh, and Aniston WILL HAVE HER REVENGE. BY GOD!

Jennifer Aniston has called off her wedding to Justin Theroux – and it’s all Angelina Jolie’s fault!

“This was going to be Jen’s big year for love and happiness,” said an insider. “She and Justin were knee-deep in wedding preparations when Jen got the shattering news that Brad and Angie were announcing their engagement and making plans to wed this year.”

After Aniston’s “collapse” after she heard the news, she and Justin Theroux got into a huge fight.

“At that point, Justin said it would be best if they indefinitely postponed their wedding plans,” continued the insider. “He doesn’t want to be drawn any deeper into the twisted soap opera of Jen, Brad and Angie.”

Meanwhile, Jen feels that Angelina intentionally blind-sided her, said the insider.

“She wholeheartedly believes that Angie engineered the timing of the engagement announcement to Brad to get in another dig. Jen is more furious than heartbroken. She feels like she’s been stabbed in the back all over again, after enduring the pain of having Angie steal her husband seven years ago. Jen and Justin’s marriage would have been THE wedding of the year, but Angie went hijacked Jen’s special moment. Now Jen wants revenge. She wants to get back at Angelina for overshadowing her once again.”

The insider continues: “This year has gone from bad to worse for Jen. She took a $500,000 loss on the sale of two Manhattan apartments after her East Coast relocation with Justin failed. Then their movie didn’t do very well and now her wedding plans have been upended by her archenemy. Angelina better watch her back, because Jen’s making plans to retaliate.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

What are Jennifer’s options for “retaliation”? Pregnancy? Eh. I mean, I guess that could happen, and if it did, Jennifer would definitely soak up a lot of attention and Brangelina’s engagement would be the “Number Two” celebrity story. But pregnancy is the obvious choice, and I’d like to think Jennifer (or her people) are smarter than that. What about a series of photo ops with Jennifer and Justin? Go down to Mexico, call the paps and pose in a series of thong bikinis for weeks and weeks. You laugh, but that would totally work too. And it’s less work than a pregnancy too.

Oh, and do people really think like this? “She feels like she’s been stabbed in the back all over again, after enduring the pain of having Angie steal her husband seven years ago. Jen and Justin’s marriage would have been THE wedding of the year, but Angie went hijacked Jen’s special moment.” Let me correct that question – do people outside of high school think like this?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Snowflake says:

    i doubt she cares. so stupid all these tabloids

  2. NYC_girl says:

    I like her bag and scarf.

  3. marie says:

    hahaha, can you see her sitting in her recliner staring at wedding photos petting Brad’s face chanting “soon, my precious-our time will come again.”

    please, this story is beyond ridiculous..

  4. Lem says:

    Earn that paycheck tabloid writer. I dig this story.
    Let us plot revenge!

  5. T.C. says:

    Nothing can up stage the Brangelina wedding. Not Jen getting knocked up. Nothing. Can we stop the it’s all Angelina’s fault? Brad proposed to HER not the other way around.

  6. Gia says:

    Jenn always looks so 90′s. It’s like, no matter what she wears she always looks trapped in the 90′s. If Gwenyth Paltrow put that same outfit on, it would look totally modern…it’s just Jen’s look. 90′s fo’ life!

  7. Marjalane says:

    Is Jennifer Anniston even that big a deal anymore? Get married, have a baby, pose in a bikini- isn’t she like 43, 44? I think this bizarre media attention to her (?) love life makes her look even more pathetic than ever. And I kind of doubt that she lost much sleep over $500,000! She probably spends more than that on her hair in a year.

    • Lisa says:

      You’re right. The tabloid press treat her like she’s a 25 year old starlet. It is weird and rather embarrassing.

      • autumndaze says:

        Actually, it is her PR guy, Huvane, who plants endless stories about her and keeps her in the press.

        It makes her look desperate, insecure and pathetic.

        I hope she has put an end to it.

      • Carolyn says:

        It’s Huvane putting out stories as directed by Aniston. The only question really is WHY? Is she scared that she won’t have any friends anymore if there are no tabloid articles? It’s rather funny/sad…just because The Triangle results in countless blog posts it doesn’t translate into people buying movie tix or her products. We’re happy bagging/supporting her on blogs but not willing to watch her awful acting or fund her lavish lifestyle.

  8. cupidityrox says:

    Oh didn’t you know? Hollywood’s just one big highschool. With more drugs

  9. lower-case deb says:

    speaking of which, over a past article (can’t remember which one) i remember thinking how sweet Justin seemed to be, helping carry Jen’s bag. but then, i thought maybe it’s Justin’s bag.

    however, this second pic confirmed it for me! i think it’s the same bag! Justin was carrying Jen’s bag for her in that previous article.

    (i just find it rather sweet for a man to help a girl carry her bag, emancipation and all).

    i’ll go look for the link now. :)

    • someone says:

      Justin has some sort of backpack that he is wearing. In the 3rd picture you can see that Jen has her purse and a larger black bag. Then you see the strap on Justin’s shoulder. He’s not carrying her bag – he has his own.

    • autumndaze says:

      Eh. You should google for the photos of them walking in the rain together while he holds the umbrella…..
      over himself.
      He is one gallant guy ;0)

    • Jen says:

      I absolutely think it’s unnecessary for ANY MAN to carry a woman’s purse especially those small clutch types unless under these conditions:

      1. Woman goes to public toilet and does not want to lay the bag down on the floor or anywhere in the cubicle.

      2. Woman has a physical condition that she cannot carry anything

      3. Man is gay and feels that the bag goes with his outfit and rocks it better than the woman.

      I mean, c’mon it’s not sweet! It is not the same thing as opening the door for you or pulling out your chair. If a girl choose to bring a bag whether it’s small or big ass one that has everything plus the kitchen sink then carry it yourself.

  10. That girl says:

    Brad and Angelina are parents, stay in and watch Pixar parents. If anything I’d say they would (at times) be envious of fancy free Jenn. I’m not married to this idea btw, just a thought. What if we have it all backwards?

    • Dinah says:

      As a parent, I read you loud & clear!

      • Rhea says:

        That’s normal. I love my children but I do miss the freedom of doing something at a drop of a hat without having to thinking of other than myself. At the same time, my single friends also at times want to have a family life where you get to be part of each other life, sharing your happiness and problem about your kids, etc.

        Every lifestyle has their own side angle. I personally think both Jen and Angie already choose a lifestyle that fits them.

        It’s just the media that having a hard time to accept it. -_-

    • samira677 says:

      I don’t understand why Jennifer fans always say that Brad and Angelina hate their life and is jealous of Jennifer. Clearly if they weren’t happy they would have at least stopped having children or broken-up. The last thing they would do is get married.

  11. Katren says:

    look at her feet! jeez get some closed in shoes jen!

    • roooster says:

      I said the same thing, a bit higher.
      Those feet are some of the ugliest I ever saw, on a celebrity or not. They ruin the whole last picture – all by themselves. At first I seriously thought that she was wearing and old, worn out pair of leather boots, but then I noticed the straps of her flip flops, LOL.
      HOLY SH!T!! These feet look 80 years old, like they belong on that crazy over-tanned lady, not on a ‘well-preserved’ woman who takes such a meticulous care of herself. What happened?
      Oh, Jen, Jen – you’re never going to win Brad back with feet like that ;)

  12. Hautie says:

    The only person who is concerned about any of this self created drama… is the Owners of the magazines who publish this crap. Whom must keep this drama alive.

    How will they ever sell their weekly magazines?

    Without tossing out at least one front cover story of Jennifer/Brad/Angie Jo every third week.

    How will they survive if they have not invested in another self created drama??

    I mean, damn, Britney is medicated out of her mind. So she stays at home. With the pink wig crammed into the back of her closet.

    The ex-Disney child stars just don’t have the panache, to carry a magazine to greatness every third week.

    No matter how cracked out Lohan may be… till she either goes to prison or OD’s and gets hauled into the ER to get her stomach pumped. She just can’t sell a magazine.

    So we will forever be reading how poor Aniston, is waiting for old raggedy looking Brad, to come to his sense’s.

    • Lindy says:

      Seriously. I mean, I just fail to believe that any of the adults in this situation actually give a rat’s ass at this point. and I am so woefully sick of it all. In fact, I pretty much never even click on or comment on one of the JA/BP/AJ (and now JT) stories because I am trying to avoid giving any fodder for gossip/tabs to think there is anything in any of these stories. Want it to stop.

  13. lucy2 says:

    That is some hilarious fiction!

  14. beautiful says:

    her hair looks AWFUL.

    that piss-yellow colour looks soo weird and poor.

    Just own your natural hair colour. so pathetic

    • Rory says:

      Never mind the hair. It’s warm enough for a tank top, yet she has that scarf wrapped around her neck like a whiplash victim. What’s up with that? A huge scarf around the neck in warm weather?? Looks dumbass to me.

      • manly says:

        the scarp is to cover her “sharp chin”

      • hannah says:

        she is going on a plane, i do that all the time, it works great as a pillow, without all the bulk of an actual pillow.

      • roooster says:

        @ hannah :
        Seriously, don’t you think she can get ANY pillow, cover, blanket, throw, pajama, booties etc. she wants on a plane? I bet flight attendants are extremely helpful and accomodating to her, what with first class and celebrity combined.
        I vote for just plain old hickies from a previous night/that morning’s love making session.

      • lower-case deb says:

        @hannah, i agree somewhat.
        i see it a lot in my asian country where the children are mostly taken care of by the nanny and/or grandparents. and they identify more with their carer’s values and views than their parents. they even see the carers as their parental figures than their biological/real parents who they rarely see (due to work, etc).

        however, some credit and/or condemnation must also be accorded to the parents who choose the nannies to care for their children in the first place.

        the wrong choices may be very detrimental to the child, even cause severe injury or even death. and i don’t think that any parent, sane ones anyway, choose nannies willy-nilly. surely they make careful considerations on which nanny to hire, whether they retain nannies, or whether to dismiss a nanny.

        if you ask a lot of parents in these asian countries, they will say “getting a good nanny is hard”. especially when there are very many examples of nannies abusing the children.

        this happened in south east asia:

        and this happened in jacksonville, fla:

    • lower-case deb says:

      @hannah. whoops. i apologize. the comment was actually for @missy downstream re: nannies. the internetz is playing tricks on me. and i only just realized it belatedly.

      i apologize :)

  15. lisa says:

    this story once again paints her as pathetic and trapped in the past. I don’t get it. She is in a relationship and it still doesn’t matter. Every story about her is some how connected to them. On another thread one of her fans said Brad/Angie were not popular because they are not on the magazine covers as much. ON the sidebars.. Well I really doubt they care. I think the reason is most SANE people know that the tabs know crap. And after almost 8 years of stupid stories that have never come true.. Well the proof is in the pudding.. The RAGS make up shit.

    Jennifer having a child with Brad would be big news Her having a child with Justin who is not a HUGE international star would not be that big.. About as big as jessica simpson having her baby.

    This is old and silly and no one with any ounce of reason would believe it. But we all know the world is made up of people with NO OUNCE OF REASON.

  16. Cathy says:

    Gawd, ya gotta love the Enquirer. First thing this morning I thought it’s Friday, it’ll probably be a slow gossip day. Then I come on and get a cracken story and a Jen/Brad/Angie drama first thing. Gotta love gossip.

  17. Dinah says:

    Stupid and boring. I actually felt a twinge of pity for these four after reading this.

  18. mln76 says:

    Isn’t she supposed to be upset about Jon Mayer now? The Enquirer is so behind the times :)

  19. Hypocricy says:

    I thought her revenge was that she had Brad when he was hot.

    Or that her current boyfriend is alwats better younger looking than her ex, ex, ex, ex, ex…Brad Pitt

    Or that her body, leatherly or not is wonderland compared to skelletina (sarcasm)

  20. Chatcat says:

    1. Love the way Jen does casual…I have a flip flop thing and like that she goes that natural with the outfit…no 5 inch heels for her!

    2. I would never, in my life, consider Brad and Angelina “ideal” parents EVER. There is nothing to recommend the kind of relationship they have, how it started, how it’s progressed, how many biological or other children they have or the general life style they exist in.

    3. It is after all the National Enquirer…how many years have we and our mothers before us laughed at the absurdity of their stories!

    • Rhea says:

      The thing is after being a parent myself, I found out that what works for one family doesn’t work for the other family. What considered to be ideal for one family doesn’t mean ideal for the other family.

      Why? Because each family has their own different background, situation, environment, personality, etc. You can not put the same ideal standard of one family to all other family.

      There are no such thing as perfect parents. But there are good parents who try their best with trial and error to give the best of their life to their children.

      And in my opinion, Jolie-Pitt might not your ideal parents EVER but they are a good parents who clearly love and being loved by their children.

      • Chatcat says:

        Rhea…your right it is soley my opinion about the way they have “famlied”. However, having been married 28 years, having a successful career and raised 3 sons who are/have been successful students, athletes and most importantly caring, giving,honest and productive human beings (certainly not perfect…they are only human I may add) my misgivings about the Brad/Ang life style doesn’t lead me to believe that these kids won’t be some kind of f*cked up in their later years…more so then your kids or mine…because of the choices they make not despite them.

      • Rhea says:

        I don’t know… sometimes future is not something that really fixed. A child could come from a religious family with the white picket fence house, a perfect childhood and everything, but because of one slip of event/mistake/lapse of judgement in that child’s life decision, that child future could change for a worse. Haven’t we seen it a lot in the news?

        A perfect child, with a perfect religious family from a small rural area, coming to a city and getting mixed with a wrong crowd and end up being a drug user that going in and out of jail?

        Or a child from a broken family, with an alcoholic parents, managed to rise above the slum and stay away from the negative in their life and making a better future?

        My point is, we do not know what happen with a child in their future years later. You could give them the best in their life, education, family, etc, we could give them all the support, guidance and everything but in the end it would be the child who choose their way for their own future. Just because their parents is a thief doesn’t mean their kids would be a thief too, is what I am saying.

        Again, I respect your opinion. It’s just what I have in my mind when I am reading your opinion.

      • Chatcat says:

        Rhea…good points that you made, of course life offers no gurantees but if you look around, as you say with an open mind, the most content people have had a more constructed upbringing. I myself come from divorced parents whose dad was an alcholic, not abusive simply a drunk. But I think as humans from womb to tomb crave for consistency and the way they are raising their brode doesn’t offer much in the way of that.

      • mln76 says:

        @Chatchat you have a right to your opinion. I quite honestly don’t see how the way B&A got together would affect these kids that much. It would be one thing if there were a child from the first marriage and ‘another family’ to deal with but the way it stands now there is nothing that really ties Aniston and his first marriage to them except the media’s obsession.
        As far as whether or not the children will be successful. Having worked in a professional capacity with children in the past I can tell you that it takes all kinds to make a family. There is no single right formula for a happy and healthy child. The disapproval and dislike the Jolie-Pitts seem to garner has nothing to do with their actual devotion to their children and their upbringing no matter how unconventional their lifestyle may be.

      • Rhea says:

        If the idea of consistency is only staying in one place for raising a family in a long time, I have a different opinion. I know some of the people that raised in a family where they keep moving around mostly because of their parents job. Even though they came from that type of family, they getting on well in their life now just like other children that raised from a family who stayed in one place most of their life.

        I think consistency is more of what set of rules and pattern you established as you raised your child. There are certain rules, habit, pattern that I think those parent makes to keep their family in order no matter where they are. That way the children would still have a consistency in their life.

        But like I said, we do not know what the future holds for every kids no matter what environment they are being raised on. We could only hope for the best while they make their decision while offering them a support and unconditional love.

        At least, I think we both agree on that ;)

    • Janet says:

      Having successfully raised a son myself, and having seem some children raised by excellent parents turn out poorly nonetheless, I’d say that when it comes to raising kids, there is no magic bullet. All you can do is the best you can do — and pray a lot.

      • lower-case deb says:

        so true :)
        btw long before the elizabeth gilbert novel came out, i had my first child and my mam taught me what gram taught her: feed, pray, love.

        feed the kids, pray a lot, and love unconditionally.

        now i’ve got two and the eldest is going to be a teenager soon. suddenly i’m becoming even more religious than i’ve ever been.

    • Freya says:

      Chatcat, you mention consistency.
      The Jolie Pitt kids have consistency in their life. This IS their life.

    • Missy says:

      The kids will grow up having the morals and ideals from the people who raised them……they’re nannies

    • roooster says:

      It amazes me that you comment on Brad/Angie’s ‘lifestyle choices’ and how they do/will adversly affect their kids. How do you know that? Where did you hear about their REAL lifestyle? Did you go on vacations with them? Did you go to the third world countries with them when they went to learn about their, and everybody else’s, cultures? Do you go to school, for icecream, to museums with them and observe how that influences them?
      It is pathetic when people criticize someone’s choices when they have not the faintest idea what those choices really are! The kids seem healthy, happy, well adjusted, well taken care of, loved and raised by the parents not nannies. Yet you think that this ‘lifestyle’ is ruining their futures?
      Nobody can guarantee that a kid will take everyting you try to give them, and build their life on it. But the best you can do is give them as sound, healthy and responsible basis as possible, and then let them make their choices and hope you taught them well enough to know that these choices will be right ones.
      And I think that Brad/Angie are doing hust that, and with aplomb, joy and love that many, many others should look up to, instead of criticizing and looking for things to slam them on. Not cool.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    I think next we are going to hear about Jennifer Aniston adopting a baby girl. Whom she will raise to exact revenge on all men, and Brad’s sons in particular. All the while, Jen is sitting in her dilapidated mansion, wearing her wedding dress with her iphone date set to July 29, 2000. Oh no wait, that is Miss Havisham. Jen is the one drinking margaritas and enjoying life.

  22. LittleFATMe says:

    Yes! People think this way, I actually do not think that JA is thinking this way, but to answer the question – yes. I have a friend who – in a flash of bad character – hooked up with her current husband while both were ending their marriages… it was wrong, but they seem right for each other. ANYWAY, the ex-wife send him gifts for father’s day, birthday, ANNIVERSAY and Valentine’s day!!! Also, YEARS LATER, she still sends my friend a different picture of herself and her ex (friends current) husband for several holidays as well! lol CRAZY!

  23. H2mama says:

    They seem to be wearing matching rings on their wedding ring fingers. Maybe it’s already done. No scoop there.

  24. Carey says:

    Maybe she should make a decent movie and give us something to actually talk about… I’m so tired of hearing about her latest f–k buddy. That’s the only thing giving this pathetic woman press at this point…

    • Iggles says:

      Agreed! I think the chances of JustJen get married are pretty low – about the same as she had with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Paul Schulfer, etc..

      If Jen wanted to be married with a child she would have moved towards that within the last 8 years! Instead she hooked up with men who weren’t marriage minded – at least with her! (A good number of her Exes are now married with children)

    • someone says:

      You seem to dislike Jennifer so much, I seriously doubt that you would acknowlege a good movie if one bit you in the rear….

    • Lurker says:

      I agree with Carey. Even Jen’s own fans don’t talk about her movie performances because there is not much to talk about. They just go on about how hawt they think she looks in a bikini, how hawt Justin is and ofcourse, how they must be having hawt sex together. If it were not for who she is dating or her association with Brad and Angelina, she would be a total non entity.

  25. Mew says:

    There’s nothing in the world Jen can do that Angie would give a damn about and I’m quite sure she knows that.

  26. IzzysAlterEgo says:

    I’m so over Jen,…anything bad happens to her and she goes into yet another Angie rant! I mean, get over it. Angelina & Brad have been together for 7? Years… And Jen is stil
    Freaking out!?!
    Once upon a time, I liked Jeniffer, but now…. She gets on my nerves
    BTW. I adore Angelina &Brad together.. And Brad wanted kids, Jen did’t want to lose her body to childbearing.. Here’s the facts?.if a man wants kids.You give him kids. “FULL STOP”

  27. Dibba says:

    Justin’s clothes are so tight and small. Makes me uncomfortable just looking at him. Its like he’s wearing the wrong clothes.

  28. Faye says:

    Sometimes I can help but imagine the three of them (four, now I guess with Justin in the mix) getting together, drinking wine and eating fancy cheeses and laughing their asses off at all this nonsense. (For some reason I picture Angelina in a black dress, white gloves, a boa and smoking a cig with a cigarette holder, Brad in some ridiculous polyester suit and Jen in highwaisted black pants and some poofy blouse…It’s more fun that way.) I know, that’s a bit far, but they probably at least text each other and say, “Did you see that cover??”

    My guess is they’re not all besties, but I bet that they have some contact (not just Jen and Brad, but Angelina as well) and that they all find this sh- ridiculous. Or do I give too much credit?

  29. tamrin says:

    pls stop posting anything that has this woman with Brad and angie. Why the media give this woman the importance and the entitlement?
    she is not in contact with Brad and Angie. Angie’s exes are in contact with her and are cool with Brad, They are the one who supposed to be asked about his situation, why she is even impotant here. She is removed people no matter how much she try things for her relevancy through “frineds” talking and all make her and let her to live her own life.

  30. Lucinda says:

    1. My mother thinks that way and she is 67.

    2. I don’t think Aniston thinks that way.

    3. All 4 must be highly amused by stories like this. I would be.

    • pls says:

      Oh please. The ones who amazed will be JP not her.
      You can’t comment 5 times in within two weeks of annoucment of engagment and if you didn’t say it you didn’t retract it and expect the magazines not not assoicate you. She want to have it both ways , she want to use and then she doesn’t want to be called this. (rollyes)
      Also you can’t have a friend who bash ex and his girl constantly and admire her how wonderfull woman she is and expect the magazines not to assoicate you. Who is she kidding . The blogers and tabloids who are dumb not the regular people. She want the assoication that is why she do this so it can give her a way to come out and deny and which is another attachment. why not she remove in all things it means if she doesn’t want assoication. They are not the one it is her and her act the magaziens do this.

  31. lol says:

    I used to not like Jennifer but now I think she lucked out by divorcing Brad without any kids in the mix. He’s gross and it doesn’t seem like there’s much going on in his noggin. He depends on women to lead him and to bring adventure to his life. If he didn’t have these women to depend on, he would actually have to take responsibility for himself.

  32. foozy says:

    her jeans are outdated!!!

  33. teddy says:

    I don’t know her so why do I feel I must comment on this? Because I somehow find her disgusting:
    because of the hype–the media attention–the lack of acting ability? Huvane? the stealing away of Bivens man? Why?? all of it!
    I wish she and Huvane would just stop it and go away.

  34. Newtsgal says:

    Dear Gawd!
    when will this stop?
    All 4 of these people could be dead and gone and there will still be stories…I see the headline now… Angie bans Jennifer from brad gravesite, Angie buys up all gravesite within 20 feet of Brads grave, to keep Jen away! Annistons will states she wants some of her ashes spinkled on Brads grave, Maddox to file an injunction to stop Justin!
    *head to desk*

  35. Izzy says:

    I am so over ALL of these people. I would love a media moratorium on ANY stories involving, Jen, Justin, Angie, Brad, or any of their basketball-team-sized brood.

  36. Kim says:

    Silly story i dont believe a word of.

  37. pls says:

    If she wants this to stop, she would stop the things she does that causes these things like :
    -letting cuntia bash angie
    -her commenting 5 times within 2 weeks of the engagment are the reasons that cause this kind of stoires in the tablids. Maniston has no means she keep this going and act surprised when they assoicate her. She is kidding hereself and fools.

  38. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    This non story is silly and catering to a specific demographic.

    People should be ashamed that someone thinks you will believe this mess and are willing to pay for it too.

    No they are not laughing together at any of this. They are laughing separetly at all of it. The couples do not hang together in any circle.

    No one can upstage the JP’S when it comes to $$$. Too many globally interested in them together as a couple, the other couple not so much. Interest only barely in one and how she connects to the other couple. Justin is STILL a non-issue and will continue to be so.

  39. Another completely bullocks story by a rageloid. Is it just me, or do those aviator sunglasses look a bit affected when you wear them as a couple?

  40. dragonlady sakura says:

    OMG! How long are the tabloids going to milk this make believe love triangle? Am I seriously going to be reading about this same mess when they are in their eighties?

  41. pwal says:

    While I do believe that Aniston is desperate to maintain something resembling youth, I doubt that she would revert back to a 17 year old mindset.

    The tenor of this story sounds like every 17 year old starting their senior year… THIS IS MY YEAR!!!!!

    Or to a lesser degree… THIS IS THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!!!

    Of course, Handler is acting like Aniston’s personal mouthpiece, so maybe this isn’t too much of a stretch.

    • lisa says:

      But let’s face facts.

      Every story about her sounds like she is 18 or 20 something. You have never read these kinds of stories about other women her age. Even the shit stories about Angie don’t paint her as a child. I don’t get it. Her fans comment on her like she is their high school fan.. Crap like.. Justin is way hotter than Brad,
      Jen had Brad when he was hot
      Jen is so cute in her outfit; looking at the first comments or any comment about her it is always superficial.. I like her jeans, her scarf, her hair…

      gosh nothing ever about her the person. I think it is because of outside of Friends and her character.. her fans know nothing about this woman at all.

      And has anyone ever heard Justin talk about marriage or children. I mean some say he is so famous. He has done interviews. Has he ever expressed any desire for family. Hell we hear Justin Bieber talking about children and marriage. He is just 18. So Justin T. is 40… surly someone knows if he wants to be married or not. He was with Heidi over the course of 14 years. Was there ever any movement towards marriage or children?

      These stories all seem like Jennifer is the one dictating their next move. Maybe this man doesn’t want kids either… just dogs

      • Janet says:

        I think her fans limit their comments about her to superficialities because that is all there is to comment on. There is nothing else there. She impresses me as being extraordinarily shallow, vapid and uninteresting.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i remember Lady Gaga’s interview with Anderson Cooper on 360 once, I think last year. She said that she engineered her image to make it seem as though she’s sharing a lot (by saturating the media), but actually it’s just a decoy to take the limelight away from her personal life.

        So people are led to think they know a lot about her, or see her a lot, but in fact, they know nothing about her.

        maybe JA is employing the same theory as LG?

  42. skinanny says:

    They are all so self important!!!

  43. someone says:

    this is the most ridiculous story I have heard..Im sure Jennifer could’nt care less about what Brad and Angie do..she has her own life..its been too many years for people to still think shes grieving over cheating Brad…

  44. steven says:

    Well Jenn did steal her man from another women so what is the big deal. Get over your self

  45. poopie says:

    something about his jeans just bug me

  46. Camille (The original) says:

    Does any (sane) person really believe this utter rubbish? What a load of BS. *eye roll*

  47. annoying says:

    This will contiune as long the blogs the tabloids and the whole media don’t talk about the reason this kind of things continue. HER ACTS and MOVES.

  48. Hmm says:

    Those photos are so OLD! Christ get some new ones.

  49. Shay Kay says:

    I read on IMDb that Toni Collette is signed on to star in “Miss you Already” opposite Jen.I really enjoyed Toni and Cameron Diaz in “In Her Shoes” so I am looking forward to this pairing!
    I think Jen is focused on making movies (Miss You Already and The Millers) and keeping her private life with Justin private.I believe that he is a very steadying influence on her and may be why we don’t see her in the press so much now.I think she hasn’t answered anything except rationally (there’s no feud) on the Brad/Angie thing if at all. She didn’t reply to Brad’s “Parade” interview which the loons swore she would and she hasn’t issued any statement about the engagement either because she doesn’t care.I actually miss seeing pictures of her out and she was great for gossip but she and Justin seem happy with low key so more power to them.

  50. Shay Kay says:

    You know maybe once Brad and Angie get married the tabs will start speculating on which of them is cheating and with whom.Suddenly they will be by law a monogamous couple so the tabs could do the “Will he cheat on Jolie like he did Jen?” or “Will Jolie be able to keep her hands off _______ or will she break Brad’s heart?”That at least would be a change up from their usual BS and Jen would be left out of it finally.
    Maybe Brad or Angie will have an interesting hookup after the wedding to give you guys a new target.

  51. Mila says:

    This would be excellent telenovela :D

  52. Meanchick says:

    While I might believe that Jeniston wants all of the attention on her new ‘whatever’ with Justin, I don’t think she’s plotting revenge. Funny story though. I think Jeniston is arrogant and wants the world to pay attention to her “wedding” and she knows that Brad & Angie’s wedding will most likey get more attention no matter how big or how small it may be.

  53. animac says:

    story = ridiculous
    JA on the news = sight*for*sore*eyes

    yes please
    much prefer her to see and read about her, don’t care about false stories