Charlize Theron shows off her son Jackson in Paris: how cute is this little guy?

My prediction was for late May. I theorized, weeks ago, that Charlize Theron would unveil her son Jackson closer to June, when she has two films coming out – Prometheus and Snow White & the Huntsman. But Charlize unveiled Jackson yesterday at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris – which means that Jackson is getting some attention a month before Charlize’s dual press tours.

So… Jackson. I’m still not sure how old this kid is. Charlize adopted him in… March. I think. We don’t actually know, because Charlize keeps her information locked down. The announcement came in March, and if I had to put a number on it, I’d say Jackson is about six months old, give or take two months. Is that a wide enough margin of error? I’m really terrible at guessing baby ages. Anyway, Jackson is super-cute. I love his expression of “OMG OMG OMG BRIGHT LIGHTS OMG.” He’s absolutely horrified. Charlize will totally teach him how to make the patented Theron bitchface soon enough. Trust it.

Can I just say? I’m still really happy for Charlize. I’m glad that she didn’t feel the need to wait around for a man to come around and help her fulfill her dreams of being a mom. I do think she and Stuart Townsend were the real deal, and since they split several years ago, Charlize has been feeling unfulfilled in some way. She seems so much more relaxed now, right?

PS… I love Jackson’s awesome little sweater. And his booties!

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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  1. Beatrix says:

    aaaawww, the cameras are scaring him!

  2. Aqua says:

    The poor sweet boy looks absolutely terrified.

  3. Maguita says:

    That boy is so frigging cute. And I have to say, I love how independent ladies in the media, and the oh-so-misogynist entertainment industry, are not only adopting on their own, but also are adopting outside social norm for white women. Black babies are not exclusively for black families. LOVE IT!

  4. Mirella says:

    He does look horrified, but he is SO CUTE!! Look at those cheeks!

  5. teehee says:

    He doesnt look so terrified, just both amazed and stunned by the lights flashing and crowds moving. He feels safe, though, you can tell… hes not upset.

  6. Jordan says:

    He is adorable! That being said, he looks terrified. Louis Bardo and Maddox need to show him how to throw a side-eye.

  7. Lisa says:

    OMG…he is adorable. What you talkin’ about Willis??

  8. Agnes says:

    cuteness! and he looks so horrified with people snapping pics of him, poor thing. :(

  9. another nina says:

    she should have put a hat on him or cover his eyes, he is so terrified…

    • barbi says:

      I had a feeling that someone would say something like that! She may know what is coming, as far as cameras and paps, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to walk thru a public place without covering her baby. Everybody should show a little respect, if not for her, for her child. She shouldn’t have to hide him in the shadows. I don’t particularly care for her, but they should be able to live their lives without a camera in their face while with their kids. :-(

      • pinns says:

        You are correct of course, Barbi, she shouldn’t need to hide him, but it always pisses me off when celebs hide behind big sunglasses (that scream “look at me”) while dragging their children through pap attacks.

        I know it can be a celeb trick for hiding red-eye getting off a long flight, but her child is fully exposed while she remains ‘protected’ and enigmatic, surely that should be the other way around?

        Another Nina is right, he is alarmed and startled, he should have been handed to a minder to go through the airport undetected (mainly because they aren’t wearing the ‘huge sunglass disguise’) while she braves the pap route with the flashbulbs, then they are reunited in the car. Result: privacy ensured.

  10. Orly says:

    The look on his face is priceless. Awww.

    Such big pretty eyes.

  11. Tillie says:

    so so cute! he looks scared, but who wouldn’t be? :P she dresses him cute too. wish them the best!

  12. QQ says:

    Awww Poor Little Cookie is Scared of the Craziness

  13. danielle says:

    So odd – never would’ve pegged her for the maternal type! Still, good for her for her adoption and congrats to her and the baby.

  14. T.C. says:

    It’s hard to look at those pictures. Jackson looks so scared. They shouldn’t be using flash cams on a little child. He is so precious looking. Charlize must be so happy she has wanted a child for a long time.

  15. Asli says:

    Awwwww, he’s terrfied of the paps. He’s so cute! Look at him! I just want to pinch his little cheeks. I like Charlize better for not waiting for a man to become a mom. Good for her.But this whole thing seems very out of the blue, though

  16. spinner says:

    Deja Vu

    Same thing keeps happening…over & over again.

    • tru tru says:


      seems like I just got the answer to a blind about an actress that felt she needed more favorable attention and she was going to adopt a black baby to get attention and more fans.

      while its good these children are being adopted, I just hope no one turns out to be “mommie dearest” who was admittedly looking for more favorable publicity in the long run.

      hopefully we won’t read about it later after the kid becomes an adult.

      children are not accessories, I don’t have any but I do know that much.

      I hope her intentions are true.

      • barbi says:

        @tru tru, because she adopted an African Amercian babu, it is automatically an accessory? That I so ignorant, which is not to be mistaken with stupid. Huge difference. Look it up. She adopted a gorgeous baby which should not be confused with black, white or purple!

  17. original almond says:

    He’s so cute and he looks so frightened.

  18. Maritza says:

    He looks so much like Sandra Bullock’s kid, they could be brothers from another mother. So cute! He’s going to get used to the cameras very soon.

  19. BNF says:

    such an animated face!!! Love It!!!

  20. Reece says:

    I love his little grandpa sweater.
    That is the cutest little face of terror! Why is it ok to be sadistic with babies?

  21. JB says:

    So freaking cute! I’m in luv!

  22. brin says:

    He’s adorable! Hope he can get used to the paps.

  23. bagladey says:

    He is sooo cute. Omg he’s gorgeous. Congratulations to her.

  24. NerdMomma says:

    He’s adorable but these pictures make me angry at the paps. I now see why other celeb parents have blankets over their kids’ heads.

  25. beclove says:

    Precious baby- would love to give him a little squeeze! Best wishes to mom….

  26. sallyreo says:

    I know that it is none of my business,
    but why are these women adopting babies
    from other countries when there are so
    many children who need loving homes here in the US?

    • mia girl says:

      I am pretty sure both Theron and Bullock adopted children from the U.S.

      But my respect goes out to anyone who adopts from anywhere in the world.

    • Maguita says:

      FYI, Charlize was born and spent a good part of her life in South Africa. But like @mia girl stated, I believe Jackson was born in the US.

    • Fyofeelings says:

      If you know it’s none of your damn business why even bother with the question! It doesn’t really where the child is adopted from it’s always a good thing when a child finds a home.

    • Hipocrisy says:

      The question you should ask yourself instead is why in the richest country of the world, with all the access to contraception are there so much children ABANDONNED ? What is wrong with that ?

      Most children to be adopted from overseas are actually real orphans or children whose parents can’t even feed.

      So before accusing a south african citizen (i know she has now the dual citizenship but is still a daughter of Africa first and foremost) of chosing an african american child over a white american one, not even an african one (white or black or asian), you should ask yourself what is going on with a rich society who abandon his children left and right ?

      This is a real societal problem in the US, from children having children (number one country in the western world with teen pregnancy) to drugged out parents who abandon their kids to foster care, to citizens who have the freedom, technologies, access to contracepyive, condoms to not get pregnant, to terminate a pregnancy with near zero chances of dying in the process.

      Fact is there shouldn’t be so many children to be adopted in the US in the first place and if all who are concerned or cynical about actresses adopting from abroad whould actually be true and in par with their concern, they should start themselves, talk about prevention and/or adopt their own kids in here instead of having their own to tackle that problem they so hypocritally are so suddenly sensitive about each time a caucasian actress happen to adopt a black kid (even more than an asian one) from the US or not.

    • WaywardGirl says:

      I’m so tired of people whining about people not adopting children from the US. A child is a child no matter where its from. And besides Jackson IS from the US.

    • Lady D says:

      What makes you think her beautiful baby is not American?

  27. Kiki says:

    She looks very confident holding him. No awkwardness at all.

  28. Dusty says:

    My thoughts exactly. I also think adopting babies has replaced the old tradition of unmarried women collecting cats!

  29. TG says:

    He is adorable but I am still having trouble thinking of Charlize as a mom. I just don’t see her as a warm hearted person. Do celebs still adobt just for their image these days?

    • starsh says:

      oh for goodness sake, how on earth do any of you know what she is like other than what you see in front of the camera. She could be the most maternal woman in the world for all you know. noone who ever talks about her after actually meeting her says she’s cold or bitchy!

    • June says:

      A woman who loves animals like Charlize (think of all the dogs she’s rescued over the years!) can only be very maternal. The icy image, I believe, is just her way of protecting herself. Deep down, she could be a very warm person.

    • Prim says:

      Her costars have described her as maternal. She’s been like that with friends and animals, so I definitely see her as a strong maternal woman, not some soft pushover. The fiercest mothers are strong and that’s what she is. Besides she’s down to earth and funny, not an ice queen. You seriously want to judge her whole personality as an ice queen based on pap photos? You don’t know much about how the world works do you?

  30. Janet says:

    Omigod those eyes! He is so precious!

  31. Janet says:

    You can always count on a couple of sad people coming on these threads and snarking about people adopting babies from overseas as fashion accessories. Can you wrap your heads around the fact that it’s possible to love a baby of a different race and ethnicity as your own, or is that too much for your narrow little minds to deal with?

  32. Maguita says:

    You know, if Charlize was in her early 20s, I would have agreed. If Charlize was always a fame whore, I would have agreed. But she always conducted her personal life outside of the camera glare, and has built herself quite the bankable reputation, on her own, and she can afford any damn fashion accessory, or pet, she wants to buy. So I will have to strongly disagree with both your statements Buster and Dusty.

    The reality is, unlike imbecilic young adults who do have children when they are not ready yet, Charlize is most likely at a point in her life where she is stable, confident, self-assured, self-assumed, and quite financially independent. She is at the right age, for her, to have a child, or two, without being a deliriously desperate little twit waiting for a man to save her and give her the family of her dreams.

    She is a mother, who found her child, and is not only able to assume all financial responsibility on her own, but emotional as well. Not needing a partner to help her raise her child. To assume anything less, is just feminine pettiness, and quite lacking in any sense of girl-power support all around.

  33. Meanchick says:

    I don’t know the process, but I’m sure she was interviewed many times and jumped through fire hoops to get that little cutey-pie, so I don’t think of him as a fashion accessory. That’s just mean. Think he’s not going to hear that bullcrap from other kids when he gets older? I can think of 100 other things she could have done to market herself (as if) or change her image and adopting a baby (ala Joan Crawford) is not one of them. Let’s just enjoy the cuteness of this little baby.

  34. Alexis says:

    OMG he is TOO cute. But she should break out the blanket next time, I think the flashing lights are too much for him.

  35. Booka says:

    I’m sure I read she adopted him from Louisiana. And why are people saying he looks like Louis Bullock. He looks nothing like him, or is it because he has curly hair and dark skin like Louis? The “resemblance” stops there.

  36. Julie says:

    born in the usa or not you always get the impression that celebs adopt non white children to portray themselves as tolerant.

    • Hipocrisy says:

      you always get the impression that celebs adopt non white children to portray themselves as tolerant.

      This sentence sums it all YOU ALWAYS GOT THE IMPRESSION….IMPRESSION not FACT

      It’s not the celeb who has a problem it’s the people who perceive them as having an HIDDEN agenda because they have their own racial codification deeply rooted and can’t see themselves doing the same.

      Their OBSCENITY and incredible arrogance make them PERCEIVE a celeb woman adopting a child of a different race as automatically suspicious or as being dishonest, traitor to her race, yes i went there,…hell deep down they would prefer Charlize to adopt an east european child than an african american or an african one, though she is both african and american culturally wise included.

      Those people always have that cynical idea that is far from the simple notion of just a woman who want a child, any child…something that is so primitively ingrained in most women.

      They are the ones with a problem of INTOLERANCE and prejudice. They point a finger at women trying to build a family with a child who happen to be of a different ethnicity (more than their citizenship), I point a finger at them for using an innocent child’s skin color as a pretense for their own prejudice idea of what a REAL family should look like in their own intolerant mind.

  37. JRenee says:

    Unless she turns out to be a horrible mom, give it a break. I hope she is a great mom to a kid who obviously needed a home, regardless of skin color.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Poor adorable baby, with all those lights flashing in his face. He sure is a cutie-patootie.

    I LOVE the booties!

  39. Prim says:

    Awww he is so cute. You posted the photos where he looks the most terrified. I saw photos where he was clutching on to his mother’s sweater and looked so content.

    To all the cynical people judging Charlize for adopting someone of a different race or claiming she is using him for a fashion accessory, you sound ignorant. Has anything she’s done before suggested this is the type of star who would make a serious lifetime commitment only for 2 minutes of publicity? Think about it and celebrate that one child has the chance now for a better life.

  40. lucy2 says:

    He is adorable! I feel bad they were ambushed by photographers though, poor little guy looks startled. So cute though!

  41. patricia says:

    What a cutie! I can only imagine the pretty. smiles he gives her!

  42. Tiffany says:

    Flynn Kerr Bloom has been my favorite celebrity baby…but it looks like someone is moving up the list…

  43. skuddles says:

    I just want to smooch that funny little face! What a cutie pie.

  44. Mara says:

    Wow he is so cute i am really happy for her and a big fan of her movies she is so beautiful .

  45. Anon says:

    Another handbag er black baby for the celeb who craves attention. I think Viola Davis baby is super cute.

  46. Ari says:

    lol @ showing him off – she is outside doing mundane stuff and they are up in her face! very rude. he looks absolutely terrified though poor kid :L

  47. Onyx XV says:

    Aw, poor little guy is scared. And so, so adorable! She is a lucky woman.

  48. jaye says:

    His facial expression seems to say “What the HELL??” He’s SO cute!

  49. cannonball says:

    Anything for a picture C.T.

  50. swe says:

    Brand of the sunglasses she have on?? Enyone…..