Star: Blake Lively hates Ryan Reynolds’ mom, and the feeling is mutual

Whenever I think of mama’s boys trying to pass themselves off as Hollywood heartthrobs, my mind always goes straight to Bradley Cooper. I swear, poor Zoe Saldana AND Renee Zellweger spent more quality time with B-Coop’s mother than they ever spent with Bradley. But would you peg Ryan Reynolds as a mama’s boy? I don’t know much about his family, but I’ve heard general things about his family being tight-knit, nice, normal Canadians. I just looked them up – his dad has Parkinson’s, which is just awful. Awful for his dad, and awful for the family. Ugh… anyway, by all accounts, they’re a tight-knit family, as is Blake’s family.

So, a few weeks about Ryan took Blake to Canada so they could spend some time with his family, after they spent many, many mini-breaks and holidays with her family. I’m positive that this is not the first time Blake has met Ryan’s family, but according to Star Magazine, there was something about this trip that pitted Blake and Ryan’s mom against each other. Tammy Reynolds thinks Blake is a diva. Blake thinks Tammy needs to mind her beeswax. Who shall be victorious?

As they blissfully prepare to share their lives together in a new home, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s whirlwind eight-month romance has hit a major snag. The couple’s recent visit to his hometown of Vancouver erupted into a showdown between Blake and Ryan’s mother Tammy – causing a furious Blake, 24, to storm off, a source tells Star.

Ryan’s mom, a retired salesperson, “is a straight-talker who speaks her mind,” says a source. “She hasn’t really warmed to Blake.”

“Tammy would like to see Ryan with a woman who’s not in the movie business because she feels that, ultimately, actresses put their careers first,” says the source. “And she thinks Blake is pressuring Ryan into settling down before he’s ready. He also rushed into his first marriage, with Scarlett Johansson.”

Indeed, Blake and Ryan are “unofficially engaged” and planning to wed in the summer of 2013 at the $2.6 million estate they recently purchased in Bedford, NY, the source reveals. But Tammy is urging them to relocate to Vancouver full-time.

“She says when they have kids, Blake and Ryan should raise them in Canada because it’s safer,” says the source. “Blake refuses to even consider that, saying that she has to be in NYC for work.”

Despite her objections to the hasty wedding, Tammy “has also been trying to take over the wedding planning,” says the source. “She wants to invite all these family friends Blake doesn’t know.” The mama drama came to a head during a May 6 dinner at the Reynolds family home.

“When Tammy started grilling her, Blake left the room and had a meltdown… she told Ryan she wanted to stay at a hotel for the rest of the trip.”

Blake cooled down enough to dine with the actor, his brother and sister-in-law the next day, “But she made it clear to Ryan that Tammy was not welcome.”

Now tensions remain high. “Tammy says it proves she’s right: Blake’s a diva… Ryan is torn between them – and in an impossible position.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

While I think Tammy has some good points – especially about actresses prioritizing their careers and about Blake pushing Ryan so fast – I do think Tammy needs to butt out. Moving to Canada? No. Interjecting herself into wedding plans? No. I mean, was Scarlett Johansson the perfect daughter-in-law? No. And Blake won’t be the perfect daughter-in-law either, but Tammy’s son has a thing for big-boobed blonde actresses, and if that’s his prerequisite, he could do SO much worse. I know I’m about to get many, many lectures from mother’s of mama’s boys, but seriously ladies, why can’t you let your sons just make their own mistakes? Why does it always have to only be about your future daughter-in-law being a Leo DiCaprio-boning, workaholic hussy? That’s obviously what your son likes.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. NeNe says:

    Always listen to your momma, because she knows best!

  2. hateonit. says:

    hah. ii don’t even like Blake. she over exposed,annoying and to be honest nothing special. just an “actress” with a good nose job and a fixed smile. she can’t act. anyways, I like Ryan. I would like him more if he stopped picking all these females that don’t belong with him. his mother is right about dating someone non famous. however, she’s not right for trying to take over the ( I honestly hope not ) wedding.

  3. lamamu says:

    I think it’s worth noting that Ryan R’s mom is a big-boobed blonde. Just sayin’.

  4. Jenna says:

    I still don’t get this couple.

  5. cupidtyrox says:

    This is star so this story is obviously bs. Blake strikes me as the type to seemingly go along with whatever plans Tammy has Q then go ahead & do her own thing

  6. Tapioca says:

    With Gossip Girl ending, mediocre acting skills and a film career that hasn’t exactly set the world alight I doubt Mama Reynolds will have to worry about Blake having a career to prioritise much longer.

    She probably just wants a couple of grandkids and doesn’t want to wait until Blake is in her mid-thirties to have them!

  7. horizonte says:

    To think he used to be engaged to Alanis Morisette!

  8. Cel says:

    So, its ok for an actor to put his career first but not an actress? What a load of hooey.

    Both people in any relationship need to think about work/home life balance, not just the ladies.

    As for these two, I have never understood the appeal of Ryan.

    • Embee says:

      Absolutely!! I am gobsmacked at the lack of a sense of irony in the quote attributable to RR’s mother (and in Kaiser’s commentary) that Blake is somehow deficient because she’s an actor and actors tend to put their careers first.

      Because it’s ok for RR to marginalize his spouse in favor of a career…just don’t let the little woman do it!

      TGIF. I need a drink.

  9. Jackie says:

    he looks like a momma’s boy.

    i sure wouldn’t want my partner to be emotionally dependent on his mommy. i’d run, fast.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Likewise, you don’t want to be with one who has contempt, and a profound lack of respect, for women (because his mother was a drug addict who cared more about her drugs and hoarding animals than she did about her kids). TRUST.

      Either end of the spectrum spells TROUBLE.

  10. cmc says:

    As much as I’m not a fan of Blake (or Ryan, or their relationship) did I just read that his mom thinks a woman who prioritizes her career is a BAD thing? Um…it’s 2012. It’s okay to have a career you are passionate about. It doesn’t mean she’ll be a bad wife.

  11. Kaboom says:

    That’s a good way to keep them both out of the house .. insist to only invite them jointly if they want to visit.

  12. Marjalane says:

    It’s not that tough for a mother to spot things in a potential daughter/son in law situation that look like they might be trouble in the future. Mom probably knows Ryan better than anyone, and probably knows what the big issues were in the Scarlett marriage. Maybe she sees doom in Blake Lively. Maybe STAR magazine is full of shit and this stuff never happened- I just know I wouldn’t want my son to jump into marriage #2 with the same type of woman that he couldn’t make marriage #1 work with.

  13. Orly says:

    This whole story reads like malarky to me. Safer in Canada? They’re wealthy and would be able to afford security no matter where they live, I doubt his mom said that. If mum had to object to Blake, maybe those nude pics would be something a mum would raise her brows about.

  14. wonderwoman21 says:

    Blake Lively has really grown on me, I think the lady has got game & knows how to hustle! Her face is so-so, but that’s a smoking hot body & she comes off as aware & intelligent.

  15. sallyreo says:

    I don’t believe anything that Star writes about. They just want to sell

    As for Ryan’s mom, she may have a point.
    Love is blind and Ryan sees only what he wants to indulge in.
    I would not want an over-protective mother in law, but if his mom has seen
    her son hurt, she will voice her opinion.
    It’a a mother’s instinct. No mother wants to see her son or daughter hurt again.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I completely get where you’re coming from but my personal opinion is that unless he asks, mom should keep her mouth shut. All she’s going to do is create discomfort and resentment. However, if he asks her opinion, she has an obligation to be truthful and tell him what she thinks (as gently and kindly as possible).

    • Chatcat says:

      Mom here of 17, 21 and 24 y/o boys…of course we don’t want to see our kids hurt, that is a no brainer. HOWEVER,relationships are just like everything else they do you can’t over parent because as humans we learn more from our mistakes then we ever will from the easy success’s.

      No wives or soon to be wives for me yet, but have done the girlfriend thing enough to know when to pick your battles as a Mom offering up an opionion or advice…and they are few and far between.

  16. anonymous says:

    This is Star Magazine, the same one who last summer had Ryan and Sandra planning a secret wedding in Texas then Blake and Sandra going head to head for Ryan’s affections. These people start rumors so they have something to write about. Do you think Blake left Canada and start blabbing about “hating” Ryan’s family and to whom?? Do you think this source is a close friend? WOW!! ARE WE REALLY THAT BORED??

    • Aubra says:

      EXACTLY! and to think this is the second tabloid this week that ran a story about an actor and his “mommy issues” (Enquirer did one on B-coop LOL). I think there may be only a BIT of truth in this one and the one about Bradley in the Enquier about them being mama’s boys, but the issues are different. Ryan’s mom is allegedly the second mom not to like Blake (Leo’s mom supposedly didn’t like her either), Bradley seems to have any girl hang with his mom wether it’s serious or not as we have seen. I think Ryan/Blake is the real deal as opposed to Cooper and his wrecklessness at having his experimental jump offs hang wit his mom because emotionally he aint budging so he may as well use mom as a distraction (I think that’s what’s going on with him LOL)…

  17. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I just wish she were a little more down-to-earth. I think his personality is too cutesy for her. It’s like he’s the theater dork/smartass and she’s the shallow, materialistic popular girl. IMHO, I just think he could get a sweeter, more humble girl. Then again, it’s his choosing too, so what do I know.

    • anonymous says:

      We don’t know these people to deduct their personalities based on interviews and photos and if were to do that she comes off as sweet and down to earth to me. This yr she blew the “MET” gala She has been the model for many famous designers. Materialist is not what this looks like. They both seem to want they same thing moving out of LA is start and just laying low. What girl would not like to have Karl L., Channel, Chrisian L or stella M. on speed dial. there is nothing he could buy that she could not afford herself.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        You pretty much just contradicted yourself. A model who supposedly has all the big designers on speed dial and is entitled enough to skip one of the biggest events of the year – exactly my point above. She screams plastic, vapid bombshell type…not chill, sweet girl. Anyway, JMHO.

      • mercy says:

        Are other actresses and fashionistas who don’t attend the Met Gala every year “entitled” too?

        She doesn’t come off as the person you describe in the interviews I’ve seen. Seems very friendly and fun.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Sorry but I HATE Mama’s boys. Love a man that respects his mother but I hate grown-up dudes that put their mom before their wife/girlfriend. I mean, it shouldn’t even be a choice. Moms need to step back and respect their son’s relationship. That being said, I kinda hate Ryan Reynolds. Dude is 35 dating chicks in their early-twenties and he’s surprised when they get antsy and lose interest? Nothing against the age difference, just saying that especially in Hollywood, he needs to stop trying to turn ambitious actresses in their twenties into wives/homemakers. Serious pattern developing here…

    • Sarko says:

      I agree with you 100% on Ryan
      I still like Blake, but she’s so young and my gut tells me this will end badly.

    • the opinion says:

      Why would you kinda hate Ryan for who he dates. A 24 yr old ‘WOMAN’ not ‘GIRL’ is capable of making a decision. this is the age most woman begin to think about marriage and children she is no different than most at this age.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Who said she can’t make her own decision? She’ll be making her own decision for sure when she dumps his ass in another few months. Where did you read that Blake’s goal is to get married and have kids? Just because you assume that “this is the age most woman begin to think about marriage and children”? Maybe in the 1960s. She seems pretty career-focused if you ask me. Anyway, I think you missed my point-I dislike men who are ruled by their dicks. How is that? Bit clearer?

    • Aubra says:

      You know what though? I think EVERY man is a mama’s boy in some way, It’s just a matter of seeing which one you have. I think if he is letting his mother’s whispering and influence affect your relationship and how you’re treated by overuling you in your relationship and your own home, then it’s time to bolt!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I agree in the sense that most men I date have close, healthy relationships with their moms. And I think that’s not only awesome, but mandatory (at least for me). I feel like men who’s mommas raised them right, respect women. But yeah, the ones who literally LIVE for their moms or put their moms on a pedestal as THE PERFECT WOMAN scare me. I mean, I love my dad to death-he’s a wonderful father but do I compare every guy I date to him? Hell no. But you’re right, there is a definite difference between Mama’s Boys who just love their moms and Mama’s Boys who love their moms so much that no girl they date can compare to them. Healthy vs Unhealthy. Usually the latter end up living in mom’s basement well into their 30s, where mom cooks for them, cleans for them, does their laundry etc….yikes…

      • amanda says:

        Yeah, the other Ryan from canada, Ryan Gosling is the same way. Major mama’s boy. Likes his women to mother him. He had Eva Mendes do his cooking and cleaning for him the whole time they were in thailand. That’s not sexy. I’d want to be someone’s lover and partner. Not their mommy. Somehow I don’t think Ryan Reynolds is as bad though.

    • littlestar says:

      Kitten, I so agree with you 100%. I cannot stand meddling mothers – and worse yet, their sons letting them act like that. I’m very grateful that my boyfriend respects his mother, but puts me first always. I know his mom doesn’t like that she’s not the #1 woman in his life anymore, but she’s just going to have to deal with it. He’s an adult now, he makes his own decisions.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly. I feel like a man shows respect and love and honors a TRUE partnership by supporting his wife, not kowtowing to Mom. And I think a good mother will respect that fact.
        Sounds like you got a good one! ;)

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        I’m so relieved to see I’m not crazy. My husband is a momma’s boy in denial. They are super close and she butts in too much, but he ALWAYS allowed it to happen. Eventually he chose her over me one too many times and it finally broke the camel’s back. And it’s been broken ever since. These “boys” won’t ever change.

    • the opinion says:

      Can I borrow that crystal ball you are using that says “she will dump him” it is no secret that Blake has been vocal about family and kids. She makes lots of money, has traveled the world, knows top designers, has made the cover of all major magazines and is the spokes model for Channel. She is making movies and the list goes on. It is not like she is fresh off the turnip truck and has not been exposed to the world. This career focused woman seems to be picking out drapes for Ryan’s Bedford home. The career ends, what matters is family. Your idea about men being ruled by their dicks is so 1950’s.

  19. mercy says:

    Ryan has been on his own, working and living in the States, since his teens. I’m sure he’s close to his mother, but doubt he’s still a “mama’s boy,” or that she would expect him to move back to Canada full stop after all these years. And the ‘burbs of Bedford are hardly unsafe. Besides, the paps who were following them in Vancouver said they were house hunting, so doesn’t look like Blake is averse to spending time there. They also placed the couple at a restaurant with his family on the date in question. It’s all on their Twitter feed. And if they’re not getting married until next summer, can it really be considered rushing into marriage? Another made up story from the Star, methinks.

  20. valleymiss says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate on the wedding planning angle…if I recall, Scarlett and Ryan had a teeny tiny wedding and invited less than 20 people. So if mom wants to invite a boatload of family friends, maybe it’s because they didn’t get to attend the first wedding.

  21. laughlinb says:

    this sounds fake or at the very least exaggerated.

    I could see her thinking that blakes a hussy though. lol

  22. ladybert62 says:

    If there is a fight between momma-in-law and the potential daughter-in-law and the man in between is a momma’s boy, that future daughter-in-law better run to the hills because she will never win and marriage will be a constant battle.

  23. Sarko says:

    Its increasingly evident that there is an MO with tabloids. I could have sworn we’ve seen this EXACT STORY play out with Justin/Jessica, Ryan/Eva, Drew/Will e.t.c
    Similar narrative different cast
    When there is NO story – she’s pregnant, divorce, affair, ‘someone is always devastated and in tears’
    Bunch of bull IMO

  24. Hautie says:

    It is a very bad sign, when there is a pushy Mother in the middle of any relationship. (his or hers)

    And by no means do Mother’s know best.

    If anything Mother’s tend to be jealous of their son’s romantic interest. And I swear it has gotten worse in the last decade.

    So making Ryan into some poor sap, who needs his Mother to make life decisions for him… is ridiculous. She needs to shut up. And let it go.

    And I like Blake.

    What ever she may lack in talent. She makes up for in the ability to hustle.

    She is not some crack head or booze hound. She works as much as she can.

    And she doesn’t need anyone else to pay her bills. So trying to make her into some gold digger is a stretch. She has her own cash.

  25. gigi says:

    Whenever a celebrity couple starts to get serious, one of the tabs ALWAYS puts out a story like this. I think it’s BS, it doesn’t even sound interesting enough to be real.

  26. KT says:

    I have a mother in law like this. Blake – get away while you can!

  27. cat1 says:

    I don’t really care but I noticed that Blake has major roots in the last photo. So she is a brunette? I would not have pictured that.

  28. bluhare says:

    Assuming Star has a source, and it’s really doubtful, I’m going to translate.

    Ryan’s mom loves her son to bits and wants the best for him. She thinks Blake is starting to control him, and she’s probably harkening back to Scarlett who appeared to have him on a leash that was hooked to his balls.

    Haven’t we said here before that Blake calls the paps for photo ops? Maybe that’s what his mom doesn’t like.

    Also, the translation of “it’s safer to raise the kids in Canada” is because if they are in NY state, she will never see them. Does anyone know if she has any grandkids yet?

    I hardly see having an opinion on the guest list as butting in on wedding planning. Family members Blake doesn’t know? Of course, there’s always family members gfs/fiancees don’t know. If she was designing the wedding dress and had already called florists etc., then yes I’d say she’s butting in.

    But Blake doesn’t like her opinion and storms off and insists they stay in a hotel. Who’s the controlling one here?

    I love playing devils advocate. And, of course, this all assumes Star has it right. (I know, that last sentence is pretty funny.)

  29. London Lady says:

    She stormed out of the meal and then refused to meet with the mom again? I think this story is probabky tripe, but if not, that is what you get for dating a 24 year old when you are in your thirties..

    • the opinion says:

      The next day his family + Mom and Blake went to dinner and based on restaurant tweets they moved from a private area to the main dining area were laughing and having a good time catching up and Blake looked comfortable w/his family

  30. mymy says:

    Memories of having to deal with boyfriend’s mother’s. I hate the power play some of them present. Almost as if I have to apply for the job through them.
    I was always polite. But if you thought I would play any games. Forget about it.
    You know the one where you have to prove to them your worthy.

  31. I Choose Me says:

    His mom’s a good looking woman with a great smile. That’s all I’ve got.

  32. njnick says:

    This story is BS. Why would Blake/Ryan/Ryan’s mom leak this story?

    The mama drama came to a head during a May 6 dinner at the Reynolds family home.

    “When Tammy started grilling her, Blake left the room and had a meltdown… she told Ryan she wanted to stay at a hotel for the rest of the trip.”

    Who would be Star’s source? More fabrications.

  33. iseepinkelefants says:

    They left out the most important details: what did she think of Scarlett?

    As much as I despised Blake, I doubt she’s as stuck up as Scarlett (thought not really that much less).

  34. FingerBinger says:

    this Star story just doesn’t ring true. I’m no fan of either one of them, but why would Ryan get a divorce and then go and marry another 24 year old. Wasn’t Scarlett 24 when they got married. I know it’s Hollywood,but wouldn’t he wait a little while before getting married again?

  35. Kim says:

    NEVER chose the girl over your mom. Thats always ends badly.

  36. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t buy this bc Blake seems like the type of attention whore to want 500 people at her wedding.

  37. Fifie says:

    Nothing wrong with moving to Canada!! I think Blake has a horse face. Even a nose job couldn’t fix that.

  38. Twez says:

    God, her roots drive me nuts. Get a touch-up!

  39. Nilber says:

    I have an 8 yr old that I threaten regularly not to bring some airhead home. However, if he did and he was happy I hope that I can sit back and deal. Then if it all falls apart rip her hair out. :)

  40. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    As the mother of a mommas boy: when you raise an amazing, sweet thoughtful man they inevitably end up with pushy, nasty, overbearing bitches….because they are TOO NICE!!!! So…..we have to look out for them and attempt to steer them to an equally nice sweet girl. Ryan has already made one huge mistake, no he’s on to mistake number two (Blake is too pushy). Mom needs to intervein here. Hello, mom? Where are you? Engaged already and the divorce isent even final? House in Bedford?? WTF???

  41. Ramona Q says:

    Her hair color looks like her stylist rinses out the peroxide too soon between brown to blonde. Clowny orange! Horrible.

  42. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    One-sided tripe.

  43. lisa says:

    I never understand why it is when women don’t like a certain female celeb they believe any and every gossip story about the mother not like the women in that man’s life.

    Do any of you ever notice that these stories are never about the Father not liking the girl. Always always painting women as not being able to get along. And here again Blake is being ragged on as if this story in STAR magazine is real. LOL

    I’m sure this is a BS story. Blake and Ryan seem to be very very serious. I could see a marriage happening in the future. She seems to be spending all her time with him and he with her. Why do people care that the are together.

    She is a pretty girl, and Ryan seems very much into her.

    I for one have never been attractive to men that are too close to there mothers. Not saying it is a bad thing. Just that for most men in that position it makes them not able to be the man of their homes. Ryan, Leo, Justin, Bradley C all too much under their mothers.

    I had a friend that called these men.. “titty babies”

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    Funny Kaiser, but when I think of someone trying to pass themselves off as “the biggest Hollywood heart-throb,” my mind automatically goes to Trousersnake.

    I can’t think of a bigger Mama’s boy.

  45. Kosmos says:

    Blake is definitely not a blonde, and her hair tends to look over processed and just not the right color for her, right? However, I find her to be tastefully dressed and she has fashion sense. Moms tend to protect their sons, especially from divorces down the line. Remember, the family must also accept her as one of their own, so there is reason to be cautious, but Ryan & Blake must ultimately make their own decisions and mistakes. I think it’s too soon, but maybe they feel they’re ready. I don’t think they should have to live in Canada since she has roots in NY. So far, Blake has not shown that she has a great career as an actress, unlike Scarlett, who has made a name for herself. Blake’s acting is not noteworthy and she doesn’t get handed many roles, but perhaps she still has time to improve her skills or to land a big break. From what I’ve seen of her acting so far, b-o-r-i-n-g.

  46. Cinesnatch says:

    I’m siding with Mama Reynolds here. Let the grandkids be near the grandparents. Time for Lively to move on.

  47. corey says:

    isn’t this the same story that was published last year…only with leo’s name instead of ryan’s….

    • the opinion says:

      The same story with Leo, There is one with Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. Very slow news days I guess. There is a bit of distance between NY and Vancouver, so I sure Mom will learn to be quiet and just wait for them to cross the border with the kids in tow.

  48. KLO says:

    I think Blake looks like a carbon copy of Ryan’s mom.

  49. elaine says:

    I think Ryan needs to hook up with Sandra Bullock.

  50. TXCinderella says:

    Mama’s boys may go astray when they meet a girl that Mama may not think is suited for her precious boy, but girls need to recognize a Mama’s boy and make sure you get along with Mama if you want to stick around because Mama’s boys always come back to Mama.


    Mother of a Mama’s boy

  51. Fleur says:

    I’m not sure Ryan Reynolds’ taste runs exclusively to model-ish blondes. He did get engaged to Alanis Morisette at one point, right?

    If any of this is true–or the rumors of Scarlett putting her career over their marriage were true–than Ryan should try dating a non-actor. (Sidenote: Ryan! Choose meeeeee!)

    Hah, seriously though, whatever makes him happy and Blake seems super sweet, not that it’s any ones business but their own. All the interviews I read about her go on about how sweet she is, and I bet that’s probably true. I love the fact that he’s not afraid of commitment but I am surprised his taste ran to yet another blonde bombshell, and not someone who’s perceived as more cerebral like Jessica Chastain

  52. Anon says:

    Well I honestly believe that Blake was much better with Penn Badgley. He’s attractive, her age, same show, dated for almost 4 years and Ryan is honestly one of the worst actors out there.