Is Sofia Vergara’s on-again BF Nick Loeb a sex addict who loves coke & hookers?

I might have completely misread Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb’s now on-again relationship. My take - which almost none of you read – was that Sofia was not and is not interest in “settling down” and becoming Mrs. Loeb, and that was why they broke up. I also thought that no dude in his right mind is really going to give up having sex with Sofia Vergara, so Nick came begging for a second chance. As I said, I might have been reading it the wrong way, though. The National Enquirer (via The Mail) has another theory: they claim that Nick Loeb is a sex addict, a recreational cocaine user, and a frequent user of prostitutes. Let me just put Loeb’s denial up top before we get to all of the dirty stuff:

Sofia Vergara’s on-again boyfriend Nick Loeb is firing back at a wild report which claims he engaged in cocaine-fueled orgies with prostitutes while dating the Colombian stunner. Two prostitutes told the National Enquirer they had slept with Loeb, with one — named “Bianca” — saying: “He’ll party with anywhere from two to five girls, usually in luxury hotel penthouses, with porn playing on all the TVs, lines of cocaine laid out and liquor flowing like water.”

But furious Loeb — who still harbors political aspirations after flirting with a US Senate run last year — told us in a statement: “I am mortified that false illicit behavior has been attributed to me. It’s hurtful and unfair. My first priority is to protect the people I love, and I hope they are not impacted by these lies and irresponsible reports.”

Sources tell us Onion Crunch baron Loeb is now considering legal recourse.

[From Page Six]

So… it will be interesting to see if Loeb sues The Enquirer. For now, I’m going to discuss the allegations leveled against him and I’ll just throw up a giant “ALLEGEDLY”:

They split last month after reportedly constantly fighting. And now there may be a reason behind the arguments, as it has been reported that Sofia Vergara’s ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb has been hiding a secret. The National Enquirer claims that the Modern Family star’s wealthy businessman beau is a ‘sex addict’ who regularly indulges in multiple-partner cocaine-fuelled orgies.

Two prostitutes came forward to the publication and alleged that they have both had ‘intimate encounters’ with Nick. A woman, who goes by the name of ‘Cindy’ told the magazine that Sofia had no idea that Loeb was cheating on her.

‘Sofia’s in the dark!’ she said. ‘Nick was willing to risk his future with Sofia for his own selfish pleasure.’

The second woman Bianca believes that Nick is addicted to sex. ‘I think Nick is definitely a sex addict,’ she said. ‘He just can’t get enough. He’ll party with anywhere from two to five girls, usually in luxury hotel penthouses, with porn playing on all the TVs, lines of cocaine laid out and liquor flowing like water.’

Bianca claims that Nick takes Viagra and provides the girls with Ecstasy tablets to ensure that they have a good time.

‘He takes large doses of Viagra and provides sex toys, lingerie and drugs, including Ecstacy. He doesn’t use it but he likes the girls to take it because he believes it makes them enjoy sex more. His favourite thing is to watch two women make love while he has sex with another girl.’

According to Bianca, Nick told her that Sofia wasn’t into the same things as he was when it came to the bedroom, and that is why he turned to sex workers.

‘When I asked Nick about his sex life with Sofia he said, “She’s not into what I like,”‘ Bianca told the magazine. ‘He told me “Sofia won’t even talk about it.”‘

Nick’s racy behaviour doesn’t apparently just stop there. The aspiring politician also reportedly likes to visit strip clubs, according to the publication. There, he allegedly pick up girls, pays them $1,000 and takes them home. In Facebook and phone messages obtained by the National Enquirer, Nick allegedly tried to set-up sex up sex parties with Bianca, but once said he couldn’t interact because Sofia would check his phone. The women allege that Nick was once nearly caught out by the Modern Family star when she called during one of his parties.

‘Sofia would call in the middle of an orgy,’ Cindy told the magazine. ‘Nick would grab his cell phone and bolt. When he got back, I asked, “Does Sofia know what you’re doing?” He said, “No way! She’d kill me.”‘

[From The Mail]

There’s some stuff about how Sofia is in the dark about all of these alleged activities. I’m not sure what to think – I haven’t read the full story at The Enquirer yet, but I’ll be reading it this afternoon. The Enquirer does some sex scandal coverage really well – remember Tiger Woods? Remember John Edwards? And considering they’re going after Nick Loeb, a man with ties to Hollywood AND Washington, I think the Enquirer would really try to get double and triple confirmation on a lot of these allegations. What I’m saying is this report (or parts of this report) could possibly be true. Allegedly.

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  1. Rux says:

    I worked for a High Yield Bond Company awhile back and one of our major positions was in American Media which owns the National Enquirer. They have been sued countless times and have lost once to Carol Burnett. The majority of the time the cases get thrown and very few times there are settlements. So I usually believe about 80% of what is printed in the Enquirer because they generally get their shit right given the statistics I know of their legal issues.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Interesting stats, Rux. Strange that the NE is now a news source that regularly hits the mark where other miss. Things have really changed since I was a kid and the NE was pure pulp!

      • Rux says:

        I thought the same thing until I was placed as the analyst for American Media. In 2008, I did a big research project on tabloids and what happens if anything when they get sued. Over 80% it gets thrown out, 10% gets dropped and the other 8% settlement and >2% loss. It’s some serious stats to consider. Just as a refresher, remember when Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith, and David Beckham, just to mention a few, threatened to sue? Nothing came of it. Just saying that it speaks volumes.

  2. sukienow says:

    this isnt like a few of the obvious silly stories the National Enquirer print some times.

    this is a serious allegations and there is potential to get sue. so i assume for their sake they double checked their sources to get facts right.

    when it comes to serious allegations like this i think the National Enquirer is usually on to something.

  3. marie says:

    I don’t understand why this matters to anyone other than Sofia Vergara. He flirted with the senate seat but hell, with the way most of our politicans are acting, if he gets elected, he’ll fit right in.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Something about this smells like set up to me. It reeks of one of those types of accusations that are never proven, but manage to smear someones reputation to hell all the same. It almost makes me think it’s more to harm Sofia’s rep than his.

  5. Julie says:

    this is very heavy stuff. i would also assume they wouldnt bring the big guns without proof.
    gossip sites claim lots of stuff but they never do something this heavy without evidence. or they are really stupid.

    as much as i dont want sofia to get hurt by some guy i would pay to see what she would do to him if its true and she finds out.

    it will be bad for his and maybe her rep nonetheless but i have a feeling we might see a big scandal.

    oh and so nice from the hookers to be so interested in sofia while bonking the guy she loves. (and while making it sound like she is a prude)

  6. valleymiss says:

    The phrase “Onion Crunch baron” made me laugh. ;-)

  7. Brooklyn says:

    Who deosn’t like coke and hookers? Come on.

  8. lucy2 says:

    That’s a pretty nasty allegation to print, so I’m guessing NE feels they have something to back it up. If it’s not true, I think he has every right to sue.

    But if it is at all true, Sofia needs to RUN in the other direction.

  9. Zelda says:

    In his defense, coke and hookers are awesome.

  10. Evie says:

    I call bs on this one. . .Sofia wouldn’t put up with that kind of f^kery. She way too hot and she knows it. They make a cute couple though. . .

  11. KK says:

    Onion Crunch Baron! That’s what I’m gonna call him from now on

  12. heatheradair says:

    Of course this is true. Dude’s like, “wait — you’re a hot, famous actress, and all you want to do is ‘make love’ like ‘normal’ women? aren’t you supposed to want to do lines off hookers WITH me?????”

    and when her answer’s “nope, sorry, no threesomes with your admin assistant, no coke off hookers, better treat me like a lady,” he goes and finds it somewhere else.

    and, like plenty of women in denial, she thinks she loves him, pretends not to notice.

  13. Lindy says:

    He’s always seemed like a jackass to me, and I think she needs to move on.

  14. Metry says:

    Sounds like every politician I’ve ever heard of.

  15. Kate Kack says:

    He is not even attractive IMO

  16. timewarped says:

    i might be the only person here that remembers/knows he used to act too. i used to watch the smokers all the time, it’s a horrible movie but in the way that 15 year old girls adore. busy phillips and oliver hudson are in it too. and thora birch. totally re-watching it tonight.

  17. Becky says:

    Ok. I can’t blame him – it sounds like he is living it up, and his idea of a good time sounds pretty fun. That he gets Sofia as his bonafied…. Makes him the luckiest guy in the world?

  18. davyj says:

    Coke?? Hooker???? Sofia Vulgara???? The boy has it all in one package!!!!