Did LeAnn Rimes spend $50K-plus on her veneers to look less “horsey”?

Ever since I saw the grossly inappropriate “birthday cake” LeAnn Rimes got Eddie Cibrian, I sort of put myself on a LeAnn-embargo. I just show the Twit-pics, y’all. I don’t want to get involved in the trivial details of LeAnn’s insanity. But since I’m writing this, I guess I should mention that following the (international) scorn LeAnn received for that grossly inappropriate cake, she has been tweeting a lot about “bullying” and “bullies”. Because, I suppose, we are all “bullying” her when we simply reprint a photo that SHE put on her Twitter feed, for public consumption, and when we reacted to it (“OMG, is Cake LeAnn giving Cake Eddie a handie under the covers while Cake Jake and Cake Mason witness the Sugary Fiasco?!?”), our reactions weren’t what she was expecting so we are all bullies. Or something.

Anyway, I didn’t even want to talk about all of that. I wanted to talk about LeAnn’s gradual makeover over the past three years, in which a relatively pleasant-looking country star remade herself into a bony Hollywood blonde with wonky bolt-ons, giant veneers and a not-so-beguiling squint. This is all a direct, word-for-word transcript from The Enquirer:

Country cutie LEANN RIMES finally quit horsing around with her choppers. After spending thousand$$ on a mouthful of new sparklers over a year ago, LeAnn just shelled out a whopping $50,000-plus for a complete re-do, complaining to pals that the first set had made her look horsey – but now – NAY!

[Via Mike Walker, The Enquirer, print edition]

NEIGH!!! I mean, YES. This is probably why LeAnn was tweeting about her oral surgeries constantly several months ago. She wasn’t getting operated on for TMJ or whatever (or maybe she had that done too) – she was getting new teefs. To look less horsey. HER WORDS. I wonder if LeAnn just brings a photo of Brandi Glanville to her plastic surgeon, her oral surgeon, and all of her little helpers, and LeAnn just says, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!! NEIGH!!!!!!!!!”

Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Eve says:

    Why is she always laughing like that? I don’t need to see her uvula! Come to think of it, I don’t have to see her face at all. I’m out!

  2. Julie says:

    that smile. it reminds me of that tom cruise crazy face, google tom cruise laughing and click on pictures.

  3. StopItLuke says:

    Her manic fake laughter on every occasion is ridiculous…

  4. tripmom says:

    I really hate those trashy looking Stella McCartney dresses with the mesh panels. Why won’t they die?

  5. I.want.shoes says:

    This horse.

    She may want to stop buying hoof-looking shoes too.

  6. marie says:

    Umm, it’s not her teeth that makes her look horsey, it’s her face.. She sure is wasting a lot of money, is she even making any at this point?

  7. Djinn says:

    Unless veneers now cover your whole face I’m not sure she’ll be much less horsey

  8. Jacq says:

    She looks like she’s braying in every photo. Quit standing around with her mouth open; that’d go a long way to making me not want to slap a feed bag on her.

  9. Lola B says:

    What a waste of money. She certainly looks horse like-even w/the new chompers. Next she needs fix the wonky bolt-ons. Those are AWFUL. After that she should just glue a bag over her face and body and curl under a rock and hide bc nothing is saving her nastiness-INSIDE AND OUT.

  10. Kit says:

    Her boobs look extra wonky in the bottom picture.
    I can’t focus on her face for more than 2 seconds, I don’t know why, it’s too much teeth and squinting and it hurts my eyes.

  11. Poppy says:

    I genuinely don’t get why someone who makes their living from singing would do anything to risk that?

  12. SolitaryAngel says:

    Well, that’s $50k wasted….

  13. Marcy says:

    She seemed so much more comfortable in herself when she was with Dean.
    She dressed normal:

    and now she dresses like those girls who pretend their confident when really they just want attention because they lack confidence in themselves and need validation that they are “hot”:


  14. Cathy says:

    Awww come on ladies. Don’t insult the horses. Poor horses, being compared to Leann Rimes.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Right? My horses are beautiful. Nothing like her. Maybe a mule? Donkey?

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Sorry to thread jack, but just wondering if anyone here is from DC?
        We will be living in Crystal city, near the pentagon, the Nordstrom and airport. Is it nice out there?

        Is the traffic to the National harbor bad? Just wondering.

      • anon33 says:

        OT, I don’t live in DC, but I live in Baltimore and am familiar with DC. Crystal City is actually where our main office is located as well. It is a very nice area, historic and pretty, very safe, but the traffic is awful and fines are INSANE. I literally just last night got a speed camera ticket (from when we went to the Verizon Center for the Radiohead concert), and the fine was $125 for going 48 in a 35. So be careful! :)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Thanks for the info. We will be driving, so that’s good to know. Lived in Baltimore last year, near the marina. Big gold statue in the middle of the roundabout. Nice tower apartment.
        We should get there for peak summer and stay until October. My kids are off for a few weeks then, lots of museums to see.

        Sucks about your ticket. I got one in Ca last year 10 mph over the limit…ready? 354$! No more tickets for me!

      • decemberist15 says:

        Original Tiffany,

        Yeah, I am from DC (actual DC). Yeah its pretty nice out there, although, like most areas there are sketchy parts as well. But for the most part its a pretty sweet area

    • anon33 says:

      OMG that is crazy!!! The same offense in Baltimore gets you a $42 ticket…
      The museums are awesome, I’m sure your kids will enjoy them! I still do.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Crystal City is pretty posh. What can you say when the mall you’ll be living next to has a Ritz attached? :) . Pentagon Row is a nice little area with good restaurants right on the same block. You’ll be right off 395 though, which is super handy.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Sounds great. We do usually get put in posh parts of town, like Kensington, and choice spots in almost every city.

        We had dinner near there when we were livi g in Baltimore and I was betting that would be our building. They always stick us next to the posh shopping! I don’t have my own large independent salary, I hate having a joint account!

  15. Adrien says:

    It’s not the teefs, it’s the “dog in neverending story” nose.

  16. Jezi says:

    There’s soooooo much I could say, but I won’t. I reaallllyyyyy want to but I won’t. Happy Friday!

  17. Prinny says:

    I’m honestly surprised when she had her teeth done she didn’t pull the ‘those were my baby teeth”.

  18. char says:

    come on Jezi, let it out, you will feel so much better for it. Personally, I think she looks more like the grinch now.not to forget being able to see clear to alaska through those nostrils.

  19. TXCinderella says:

    She does dress more trashy now that she’s with EC. Maybe that’s what he likes. Scary skinny, big knockers, hooker clothing, and FM shoes.

  20. Cam S says:

    Bullying- heck that’s not bullying. When my Dad died I got sent to an ALL WHITE SCHOOL IN THE DEEP SOUTH. Me: half Greek/Latina. Complete with kinky curly hair and nobody knew wtf nationality I was (got asked EVERY SINGLE DAY). Got spit on, yelled at, threatened daily because I was different. Just made me stronger though. Now, I have an armored skin.

    **Leann isn’t being BULLIED- she just isn’t used to people calling her out on her insanity. THE TRUTH IS NOT BULLYING. It offends me GREATLY to hear her say she is being bullied. Especially having been on the receiving end, I truly know the difference.

    She also claims it is “just a few people on twitter who don’t like her”. Girl can’t count- or lives in a bubble. As a Nashvillian, trust me when I say- PEOPLE THINK SHE IS JUST A JOKE. Talent or not, she is just gossip fodder now

    • lori says:

      I agree it is an insult to real victims of bullies for this multimillionaire megalomaniac to claim she is a victim. But this is how Leann thinks, she projects her own actions (bullying Brandi and her boys) onto others. So she can’t be a bully, in her mind, she is the victim. It’s child molester type of thinking. “The kids came onto me…”

    • claire says:

      That she paints herself as a bullying victim, and manipulates the anti-bullying campaign into thinking she’s a big advocate against bullying is despicable.

      What about the fake accounts, Leann? What about siccing lawyers on people left and right and trying to shut down their free speech? What about all your twitter friends and your employees that you encouraged to relentlessly harass Brandi Glanville for years????

  21. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    When she opens her eyes her face looks completely different. Her face lengthened by three inches. That last picture is like her bizarre, equally creepy body double. LAnn just forgot to to tell her to keep her eyes shut.

  22. Sonia says:

    Why could Dean McShermott (whoever is married to Tori Spelling) get stopped putting his son on their reality tv show by his ex, yet these twats can post pictures of Eddie’s kids all over the place?

    • thetruthhurts says:

      I think it was a mutual decision between his ex wife and dean. jack’s face was blurred in the beginning, when he was young, but now that he is older, he has appeared on the show with no blur. He doesn’t live with them, so that is probably why we don’t see him much anyway.

  23. The Original Denise says:

    Epic…fail; she still looks like a farm mule. She should sue the dentist for a refund of her 50K.

  24. Angela says:

    She should have spent the $50,000 on psychotherapy instead. Her teeth are the least of her problems.

    • Elliejo says:

      My thoughts exactly. But it is so much easier to focus on fixing (or trying to fix) the superficial than the actualy issues, right? And Leann might need more money than that to fund a course of psychotherapy long enough to fix her Axis II self.

  25. Linda says:

    “…new teef.”

    OMG, what a bellyache from laughing. The whole article was hysterical. Thanks Kaiser.

  26. Trish says:

    I actually feel a little sad for her. Her marriage will end, that’s a given, this is why she clings so hard now…a marriage based on lies is doomed to fail as in infidelity. Under all the big smiles and plastic surgery is a really insecure woman who is going to suffer once her marriage ends. Her actions show how hard she’s holding on…too much proclamation of love..too much kissing for the cameras..something just isn’t right….

    • Jezi says:

      Trish I would totally feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a vile and evil human being. She has done things that have been completely disturbing and has hurt so many people along the way. So this is what she deserves.

      • Trish says:

        Jezi, you’re right..we reap what we sow….. but I realize all of this comes from such a deep and damaged place….she truly is going to endure incredible pain when the marriage does dissolve. but, pain is where we get growth…….

    • Anahata says:

      I don’t pity her at all. And I don’t feel guilty for not doing so. She has behaved in a ghastly manner and maybe once her ridiculous sham of a marriage comes crashing down she’ll finally learn a little about humility, dignity, respect and personal accountability.

    • Theskinny says:

      The sad thing is that much like rape…the kind of continuous, constant infidelity Eddie pulled is about CONTROLLING WOMEN. He was feeling very good about himself victimizing his wife and stringing random women along. She has no idea what sort of prize she has “won” but I’m betting she will sooner rather than later. And how fitting that he is being controlled within an inch of his life now by this whack ass. They both will ultimately act out their psychosis on each other. Once they can no longer control Brandi, or she moves on to another relationship they will implode. They are both united in controlling HER for the time being. Which is why it makes them so NUTS that she no longer gives a crap. They will keep upping the anti and when nothing else works…that will be the end of them. They are two damaged people acting their damage out on others.

      • lori says:

        I agree, Eddie knows all the swf stalker stuff Leann does to Brandi and probably sees even more of the child grooming pedophile behavior she does with the boys at home. He gets off on it, anything that hurts Brandi. The message to Leann is: you are a useful tool to hurt my ex-wife.

      • heidi says:

        One of the best comments ever! And because of that crazy, let Brandi be cautious, watch her back and not brush these two off as harmless whackos.

      • Over It says:

        This is perfect! I think it absolutely kills L and E that Brandi does not want him. L needs to feel like she won a prize with Ed, and Brandi dismissing him makes L angry. This is why she plays up the bonus mom crap. She knows that gets to Brandi, so she get off on at least feeling like the boys are her “prize” stolen from Brandi. I don’t understand how Ed can let this happen, but as you say, he is just as mentally ill. I hope this ends soon, those boys have lived with this for too long.

      • lori says:

        I agree that it makes Leann and Eddie nuts when Brandi doesn’t even respond to their antics. It’s like they are two teenagers trying to bully their parent, who just laughs it off because they are so juvenile. The other thing I think with Eddie is that his cheating is a chronic habit. It’s something he does to gratify his own narcissism. All of Leann’s money and attention will not control him. He likes attention from lots of different women.

  27. Memphis says:

    Well that was a waste of money because she looks just a horseyfied as ever. And shouldn’t she be saving her cash? Eddie is an expensive piece of arm candy.

    And would someone in her inner circle please tell her to stop with the “I throw my head back when I laugh and everyone is astounded by my beauty and can see how much in LovE we are” shots… because really, it ain’t pretty. Downright Manic and scary is what it is.

  28. Rita says:

    For such a “natural girl”, LeAnn has become a collection of synthetic body parts and procedures. She responds to all the gossip sites where people comment:

    Brandi’s her hair style and color is great- LeAnn adapts to the look.

    LeAnn is a “bikini bag”- Lypo suction the following week.

    “She got no boobs”- LeAnn gets wonky boobs.

    “LeAnn has stubby legs”- LeAnn wears 6 inch heels to the beach.

    “Her teeth are so equine”- She gets new teefs.

    Try this one LeAnn:

    The thing you need to be Eddie’s perfect mate is your own “thing”. I’m sure you can pick-up a good 8 inch thing at the morgue and they will attach it as an out-patient surgery (Bolt-wang: Color and style are a personal choice).

    Have it preserved in the erect position with botox injections(Direct erect inject: Aka DEI.)

    Think of the hours of fun and tweeting you’ll enjoy as you and Eddie play ring toss just before bed. You can have it tattooed with a special name and talk to it when Big Eddie is away. Also, if you like, during the installation process they can implant bio-material and you will have your own personal Chia pet (Chiapeen- Water once a day, fertize as needed, no direct sunlight).

    Waiting for next bikini pics.

  29. qtpi says:

    Finally figured out why this whole story with her is so familiar. I have a friend from high school – and by that I mean someone I used to know from high school that I happen to be friends with on FB.

    She was always on facebook with posts like “I have the most amazing husband in the world!” “My kids are the best!” “I am so INCREDIBILY blessed!” yada yada yada … random times she would post this crap and of course on every birthday, holiday and especially their anniversary.

    Well all of sudden she was GONE from FB. Took her profile down. Turns out her hubby was cheating and they divorced. He quickly got girl number 2 pregnant and he remarried.

    So this is LeAnn.. the girl from FB who loves to shout to the world about how wonderful her hubby, kids, and world are.

  30. Lisa says:

    I’m not suspicious of people who laugh or smile all the time, just of people who GUFFAW like that. RELAX.

  31. ria says:

    She still looks horsey. I don’t think anyone could unhorse LeAnn. Like Memphis suggested, that 50,000 would have been better spent on fixing her mind, not her teeth. All the talk about knowing how beautiful she is and that Ed tells her. Then why keep changing herself? In the real world, nobody would give that a second look.

  32. ria says:

    Agreed Qtpi. She’s masquerading on twitter that her life is blessed, when really it is the opposite. The harder she preaches about her happy life the more I suspect it’s on it’s way out. When she starts the quoting and the passive aggressive tweets, she is on the warpath.

  33. Jess says:

    Where are these “bolt ons”….??? She still has no tits to speak of!!! Don’t see ‘em! Help anyone?

  34. Cleveland Girl says:

    Teeth my ass. She got her eyes done and cart load of Botox.

  35. heidi says:

    Lips, cheeks, teeth, boobs, but not the eyes just yet

  36. Masque says:

    Sooooo, she gets the teef fixed but the whonky boobs are here to stay???

  37. Ally says:

    Do NOT stand too close behind her, or she could turn around and knock you out with that grill.

  38. Jovia says:

    This series of LeAnn’s mouth wide open literally made me laugh out loud just now. (Thanks, Kaiser.)Happy Weekend, everybody!

  39. char says:

    Jezi, come on girlfriend and spill a little. I still say she and the grinch were separated at birth

  40. why? says:

    But, but, in her “Lessons that I learned in a few days” twitlonger, Leann said that she was COOL with being herself. Well this article from The Enquirer explains the fluffpiece that Leann paid x17 to write yesterday. So Leann’s “sweet/incredible/hot/thoughtful” hubby thinks that she looks like a horse. And rather than dump her man, she gets mutiple cosmetic surgeries to change herself into a woman he would be attracted to and attempts to fix it by paying x17 to call her sexy/picture perfect/cutie/lovely/beautiful.

    I think that Leann is molding herself into various women. She is aiming for Brandi’s hair, legs, and breasts. Kim K behind. Jennifer A feet and hair. Scheana with the tattoos. I wouldn’t be shocked if she was also taking Eddie’s picture into the comestic surgeon and requesting that he/she makes her look more like Eddie.

    Hey how come we don’t ever see any photos of Leann as she is entering or leaving a facility to get surgery if the paps are ALWAYS following her?

    Who wants to bet that the “friend” who sent this story to The Enquirer was LIZZY?

  41. Newtsgal says:

    She should have spent 100k for the teefers…. Now, what she gonna do about the pug nose and squinty eyes?

  42. Erica says:

    Oh come on Jezi, it’s Friday! I love your insight. Give us a little hint. Does it have anything to do with The Prodigal Peen at Sagebrush Cantina?

    I’m being forced to work at a Little League Concession Stand in the sweltering heat of the deep south all day tomorrow. Give me something to look forward to!!!!!

  43. why? says:

    If her friends and family really cared about her, they would tell her that the donkey laugh makes people think that she is a phony.

    Remember the photos from her vow renewal where she is doing the donkey laugh as she and Eddie are walking down the aisle? Well Leann told Extra that she was heavily medicated(because she had “mouth surgery”). So when we see her doing the donkey laugh it’s a reaction from whatever drug cocktail she received that day and not because she is really happy.

  44. Maritza says:

    Demi Moore would benefit to know the name of Leann Rimes oral surgeon, God knows she needs to change them teef too!

  45. Candyland says:

    LeAnn’s like an old house. Fix one room up and realize how awful other ones look. Fixes her horse teeth only to make her nose look bigger. And piggier. Eyes squintier. Face longer and horsier.

    She needs to bump out that nose. Buy some toothpicks to prop open them eyes. and get a muzzle to keep the horse mouth closed (no more stupid LeAnn comments or insane-laugh poses.)

  46. Candyland says:

    WTF do new horse teef cost so much for? Vibrating for Eddie’s pleasure?

  47. nomorerimes says:

    Thank you, Kaiser. The last Sleaze article was getting too many hits–433! Took too long to scroll down through them to see if there was any new ones. Wonder what the largest amount of comments were and who they were about. Bet SleazeAnn is going to set a record. Pretty bad when post numbers exceed CD sales and almost as many posted on the previous article as attended her concert in Louisiana!

  48. gabby says:

    For $50k she should have gotten the stretchmarks erased from her boobs (last photo) and ass (every bikini photo of her).

  49. palermo says:

    She will never be “right” for him and she will probably die trying. I don’t understand women like this. Is he really worth all this?

  50. Snowpea says:

    In that last photo she is unrecognisable!

    Ummm, something about this whole trainwreck is starting to make me feel uneasy. I know I’m always jumping on board the LeAnn threads but after that Cake Fiasco, I’m starting to think this woman is very very unwell.

    Like the poster said above, people only behave like this when they are deeply damaged human beings.

    The copying of Brandi alone speaks volumes about her completely fragmented identity.

    I’m not sure exactly what my point is. I just feel…a little bad now.

  51. ria says:

    I really think its about time that gossip mags and online sites stop paying this woman attention. Just do a complete ban on stories that feature her. I’m guilty of coming on here, reading and commenting, but the more stories published about her, the more she will keep it up. The cake as sick as it was, was to draw attention and it worked. She is getting sicker by the day. She is very ill. Her followers should stop idolizing her and encourage her to get help. I think some of her celebrity friends are starting to realize that she is messed up after the whole cake incident. Her fans went quiet and never mentioned it, why was that? They know. They think it’s cool to have a famous friend. I could never be friends with a girl like that, famous or not. Lucky for her she can buy friends or else she’d have none.

    • claire says:

      That’ll never happen. Unless commenters decide not to comment anymore. Otherwise, it does gossip sites good financially to write about Leann, KK, Lindsay, etc. They’re completely reviled, and bring in lots of comments because of that.

    • why? says:

      Ignoring Leann isn’t the solution. When the media ignores Leann she hits even harder and more frequently with her staged photo-ops and fluffpieces.

      The media(ie-People mag, Saultstar, DM, x17, JJ, GG, Oxygen, Hallmark, Glee Project) needs to stop going along with Leann’s lies and manipulations and rewarding her bad behavior. When she lies and does something inappropriate, they need to not post her lies because by posting the lies they are telling Leann that they agree with her and support her taunting of Brandi and inappropriate behavior(HINT: SAULTSTAR).

      The major purpose of Leann’s cake was to convince people that she and Eddie have the greatest sex life ever and therefore there is no way that Eddie is cheating on her because she satisfies him sexually. Her plan didn’t work. Rather than seeing articles about how “incredible/hot/sexy” her sex life with Eddie is, she was met with article after article calling her cake CREEPY and inappropriate. And if her plan had worked, she wouldn’t have had to pay x17 to write the one and only article that supported Leann’s choice of the cake.

      Since her “Eddie isn’t cheating on because…” cake plan backfired, watch as she comes up with something even more ridiculous and inappropriate this weekend. I hope that Eddie’s son doesn’t have any soccer games ot practices this weekend because Leann is really going to put on a pdafest show.

    • nomorerimes says:

      By the way one of Sleaze’s favorite sites –JJ–did not do an article on the cake–no pics–nothing. Either they are beginning to see what she is really like OR she paid them not to!

  52. mellaniee says:

    I agree with above posters this situation makes me feel sooooo uncomfortable especially since the cake. I cannot believe that Brandi and her poor boys have to actually deal with all of this (I can’t even imagine) and I can’t believe that this woman (LR) is not seeking or receiving help or at least worry from anyone on her “side” or in her family. It is so clearly obvious that Eddie is just bitter and misses Brandi and LeAnn is extremely mentally ill and violently obsessed with Brandi because she knows she was Eddie’s last resort. It is so so sad all around and Eddie Cibrian is a pathetic excuse for a man because he can’t/won’t put an end to this and he is the reason this has gotten so far out of hand. He clearly has no loyalty to Brandi but he should at least have some to his own precious young sons who he is endangering by allowing this sick woman to be in their lives. What a f$%&ing POS!!!!!

    • lori says:

      I agree. I hope that Brandi and her boys get good family therapy to help deal with this lunatic. Whether she has borderline or histrionic personality disorder, it’s clear she is getting sicker. And much more sexually aggressive with the kids. I hope they can sit down with a professional who can help this family protect themselves as much as possible from her psychosis. Maybe learn tools to redirect her behavior or shield the children from the constant exploitation and aggression. I would hate to see her get caught in bed with one of the boys when she is bored and wants attention, like Shauna Sand did with her teen stepson with Lorenzo Lamas.

  53. Jennifer Aniston says:

    She was having surgery by a periodontist.

  54. why? says:

    Leann is so predictable.

    Remember how she tweeted on Tues(in her lessons learned twitlonger) about how she couldn’t put her ring back on because her fingers were swollen from playing softball with grown men on Sunday? I was wondering why she went out of her way to mention the fact that she didn’t have on her ring, and thought she was doing damage control because she was about to have one of her mouthpieces release a staged photo-op of her without her ring.So in the staged photo-op that she set up with x17 on Monday, she isn’t wearing her wedding ring. And it’s very noticeable because she used her left hand to block a fourth of her face to give the impression that she isn’t setting up staged photo-ops because she pretends to act shy.

    So did she purposely leave out her ring to make the photos seem more candid? As in, if she knew the paps would be there she would have definately put the ring on. Why does she keep attemping to manipulate the public’s opinion of her? The best way to prove that she doesn’t set up staged photo-ops is to not set up staged photo-ops.

    She has a big purse with her, so why didn’t she use the big purse to block her face? She is flashing the “TRUST” tattoo. Definately sending a message to those people who are saying that her hubby is cheating on her. All the clues are there, it’s just up to the media to post the truth.

  55. claire says:

    C’mon now. The pedophile stuff is getting out of hand. That’s a big freaking leap. The most likely issue with her is that with her narcissism and obsession with keeping him being so rampant, she loses sight of common sense, by doing things like not judging how weird the cake would look. Now all of a sudden people think she’s going to have sex with his kids?? Give me a break! That’s being really alarmist and out of hand, IMO.

    Has hell frozen over? ‘Cause I think I just defended Leann Rimes. Ewwwwww.

    • Snowpea says:

      No I totes agree.

      We’ve gone from mild freak to weirdo to exhibitionist to stalker to SWF to Narcissistic Personality Disorder to Histrionic Personality Disorder to PAEDOPHILE?

      Gimme a break. This chick is seriously fked up. But Paedophile? Uh-uh.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Just keep in mind–she would do ANYTHING to hurt Brandi! Scary thought!!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I initially thought it was overreaching as well. But I have to say, it *is* a little weird that she’s dressed in booty shorts and a cutoff and standing over Jake so closely in one photo and posing so suggestively in front of them in others. Of course, this is someone parading in a thong and bending over in it while Eddie and other men stand around and she seemed perfectly comfortable. Right now she likes to play house, but she is obsessed with all things Eddie. I hope she won’t turn her attentions once the boys are teenagers. She is seriously not right.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        The booty shorts and her ass to the camera while she is hoovering over Jake is not her being a predator to children. It’s her knowing the paparazzi are there, and her picture will be taken with her ass hanging out towards the camera while she is fussing over Brandi’s baby. That’s what it is about. Brandi, I’m sexy, im showing my ass off to you, I have your husband and your baby.

        Childish and disgusting, but that’s all it is. EGO, immaturity and insecurity.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Well, I do see your point. And I can’t say she struck me as pedophile ever before, though it’s not spottable like a toupee anyway. That said, she has no restraint in front of the kids. Inappropriately dressed, bending over or climbing over things dressed that way, the balcony photos with Liz and the kids inside…. to me, it goes back to the time when she was crawling all over Eddie when the relationship was new and Jake was sitting beside him. And not once has Eddie ever told her not to act that way in front of his sons. Children should not be exposed to their parents’ sex lives or overtly sexual behavior. To me, the cake was a reflection of their behavior, like they feel the boys are fine because they know that their dad and bonus mom are meant to be and they will deal with the teenage behavior because the adults don’t put their feelings first.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree, it is really stretching. She is obviously suffering from some serious mental health issues and is inappropriate for sure, but calling her a sexual predator towards the kids is way over the top. Defending her feels unnatural but in this case, I feel compelled.

    • mellaniee says:

      I also agree…when I said the situation was making me uncomfortable I meant because her obvious mental illnesses were not being addressed by anyone close to her and she is clearly getting sicker. However, I think it is a bit of a stretch to call her a pedophile andd it makes the rest of our accurate accusations seem less legit.

      • nomorerimes says:

        I agree it is a stretch but remember–desperate people will do desperate things–things they probably never even thought they would or could do. And don’t forget she started off young with older guys with mommy’s consent!

      • claire says:

        @ mellaniee: I agree on the legit part.

        @ nomorerimes: Sorry, but I just really disagree with you and anyone else who is making those allegations, or has those suspicions that she will do something like that in the future. And knowing that BG sometimes reads these stories and comments, I hate that she would see people talking about her kids in this way.

    • why? says:

      I forgot to add:

      Did you see the twitpic of her and Mateo sucking on the popscicles, which she then tagged as “Kid’s play”? It didn’t end there because on The Superficial she is then photographed sticking that same popscicle in the mouth of one the boys. Someone needs to at least explain to her how that type of behavior isn’t appropriate and most of all, the kids shouldn’t be publicly subjected or dragged into her sexual inneuendoes. She received criticism for the cake, then turns around and does the popscicle thing with Mateo and one of the boys like she was gloating about how she can do whatever she wants with the kids.

      Those type of actions are cringeworthy and shouldn’t be ignored.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        What is sad is what wasn’t in pictures: Eddie interacting with his sons on Fathers’ Day. Not one picture. He was photographed with his wife crawling all over him and posing, but not once did I see a picture with his kids. Those kids are just tools in their mentally ill toolbox. It is Fathers’ Day, therefore we get the kids because Eddie is their dad, but no desire to play with them or interact with them beyond buying some ice cream. Just sad.

      • why? says:

        I also noticed that as well. While Leann was photograhed “interacting” mostly with the youngest boy in the staged park photos, there were very few photos of Eddie actually interacting with either of his boys. Yes there are photos of him standing or sitting next to them. Even when they were buying the popscicles from the ice cream truck; Leann was rubbing the youngest boy’s head and Eddie was just there more concerned about buying the popscicle. Other than the photos of them standing at the truck, the only time Eddie was photographed anywhere near the kids was when Leann was raising her legs and climbing over the fence, when she had the kids gather around Eddie as he opened and read his card, during Leann’s pdafest with Eddie(Oldest boy is sitting right behind Leann and Eddie in the shade), and when Leann was swinging the bat(Eddie and oldest boy sitting under a tree in background).

      • claire says:

        I don’t get why it’s so wrong to let your stepkid taste your popsicle. Or, why two adults, eating popsicles, can’t label it “kids play.” I saw that, and immediately got the connotation that, those ice cream trucks are geared towards kids, but, look, we’re adults having popsicles. Like “playing as kids.” I don’t see anything sinister or sexual in that. It’s Leann being typical Leann – posting photos of herself nonstop in which she thinks “look. look how cute I am”, because she’s a raging narcissist, but other than that…just not seeing it.

      • why? says:


        Wait, what? You don’t understand why it’s inappropriate for Leann to share a popscicle with her stepson? Well let’s see…why isn’t it a good idea for Leann to share her popscicle with her stepson

        The child doesn’t belong to her. People don’t normally stick things that have been in their mouths, in the mouths of another woman’s child. Do you know why? Try it and see. Try to give a child who doesn’t belong to you something that came out of your mouth and watch the response of the child’s mother.

        Leann is always sick. So you think it’s okay for an adult who is always tweeting about how she has the flu or some infection to share her food with a small child and thus pass whatever is making her sick to the child?

        Think about what we have seen Leann doing with her mouth. In the photos of her in Mammoth, she is photographed kissing all over Lizzy. Leann hinted on Chelsea Lately that she gives Eddie BJ. Leann was also videotapped sucking on Eddie’s fingers and has been photographed at the soccer games kissing on Eddie’s hands. Do you know where Eddie’s hands have been?Leann has also been photographed feeding Eddie food off of her fork and plate. Considering that Eddie is a serial cheater, you have to think about where his mouth has been. So you think it’s appropriate to share food with a child, knowing what we have seen Leann doing with her mouth?

        The ultimate reason, we don’t even see Eddie or Brandi taking food out of their mouth’s and giving it to the boys, so why are we even seeing Leann doing this? Interesting that it was LEANN and not Eddie who was sharing the popscicle with the child, that speaks volumes.

        Seriously, this is Leann we are talking about. The same woman who put a topping of her in bed with Eddie on top of a cake with images of Eddie’s kids below.The same woman who wore a sheer dress with no bra to a child’s birthday party. So you want us to believe that Leann wasn’t making a sexual inneuendo with the photos of her and Mateo sucking on a popscicle in which she tagged as “Kid’s Play”? What I also find interesting is the fact that once again look at how Leann’s own mouthpieces steered clear of the photo of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles and of Leann sticking the popscicle in the boys mouth. Apparently they too knew exactly what Leann was conveying in that photo, which is why none of them posted it with their fluff. She wasn’t having funny or trying to look cute, this was her once again being sexually inappropriate and dragging the kids in it.

    • why? says:

      It’s naive to think that Leann’s behavior with the kids won’t progress into something much worse if someone doesn’t intervene. Look at what she has and continues to do because her behavior continues to go unchecked by the ADULTS. Whether you like it or not what she was doing in the photos in the park, the cake, her comment about how the cake was okay because the kids know that she and Eddie share a bed together, and even attemping to justify the cake by claiming it was a joke, is grooming the kids.

      After seeing the twitpic of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles and calling it “KIDS PLAY” and then sticking that same popscicle in the child’s mouth, it’s safe to say that people are not being alarmist. JJ, GG, and CBS didn’t post that photo because even they knew what type of backlash it would have drawn for them and Leann.

      If this wasn’t Leann, but a man who was doing this, would some still feel that people were being alarmist or taking this out of control? I hate that Leann’s behavior has gone unchecked for so long that she continues to get worse and cross boundaries that she shouldn’t be crossing. With as many children who have gone missing this summer alone, why would any adult put images of that out there like that or even attempt to justify a cake like that?

      • Samigirl says:

        I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate, but I’m adopted and I’ve always eaten after my dad. And I eat and drink after my (ex step) mom as well. I also don’t even hesitate to give my niece a sip of my water or a bite off my fork-and she’s also not blood related to me. Also, my son drinks and eats after my husband, his step dad, alllllll the time. Basically saying LeAnn is being abusive or taunting Brandi by giving her step son ( like it or not, she is their step mom) a bite of her food is ridiculous. As much as I dislike crazy LeAnn, I see nothing wrong with sharing a Popsicle with her stepson.

      • why? says:


        Please keep in mind that while you may think it’s okay to share food from your mouth with children who don’t belong to you, not everyone subcribes to that practice or line of thought; especially if the adult in question has some very questionable behavior. In that case what is stopping a child’s teacher from sharing food with him/her at school? With outbreaks of Ecoli, Salmonella, and Camphylobactor, you have to be careful with practices like this. Did you see how people reacted when Alicia S fed her son food directly from her mouth and that was her own son?

        It’s not ridiculous to say that Leann is taunting Brandi by giving her stepson a bite of her food. We witnessed Leann unlock her twitter account just so that she could tweet about how she sung at the child’s school after being told by his mother not to do that. Leann is immature. Her top priority is Leann, not the kids. Everything that Leann does with or to the kids is about Leann. Including their birthdays. Leann has called the kids “her boys” and addressed herself as their mother twice. So when she feeds the kids from her mouth, she is once again pulling the “I am their mother” card.

        There are no if, ands, or buts about it. Leann is always talking about how she sick or has an abscessed tooth. We don’t even see the children’s parents feeding them from their mouths, so why is Leann putting images of herself out there doing this? We have witnessed Leann publicly using her mouth for other things than eating, so with that in mind you don’t want the children exposed to that. And then there is the issue it was Father’s Day, how come we didn’t see Eddie sharing a popscicle with his son? Remember what Leann did to the hot dog while at a basketball game with Mateo? Now it’s the same thing again, only this time it’s a popscicle. The children should not be subjected to that. Did your stepfather, you, or husband engage in any of these behaviors that we have witnessed from Leann?

        Her mouthpeices posted photos of her sharing her food with the child at the soccer game this after she kissed all over Eddie’s hand. But then again, Leann didn’t tweet a photo of herself eating the candy bar with Mateo and tagging it “kid’s play”.

      • why? says:

        Think about it this way. How many stepmothers in Hollywood have been photographed sticking a popscicle that they had sucked on into the mouth of their stepchildren(after taking a twitpic of herself sucking on that same popscicle and tagging it kid’s kids)? Why aren’t more and more celeb stepmothers putting out photos like this? Anna Paquin is seen riding bikes with her stepchild, but I don’t ever recall one photo of her taking food from her mouth and giving it to her stepchild. What she does behind closed doors concerning feeding the child food from her mouth, I don’t know because Anna Paquin doesn’t tweet about how she is eating off of the plates of her stepchild or posts photos of herself sucking on popscicle calling it “kid’s play”.

        I don’t watch Tori Spelling, but does she do that with her stepson on her show? Have we even seen Khloe sharing food from her mouth with her stepkids? What a Gisele? Has she ever been photographed giving Tom’s son food from her mouth? So it’s not ridiculous to say that Leann is tauting Brandi when she shares food with the boys during her staged photo-ops because if that was the case the internet would be bombarded with images of many celeb stepmothers doing the same thing. What these women do behind closed doors or out of the frame of the camera, I don’t know because they don’t make it a habit to let everyone know that they do this. Why is LEANN RIMES the only celeb stepmother who makes sharing food from her mouth with her stepkids it into a public spectacle as if she gloating about it?

  56. Ming Lee says:

    saw on twitter a fan saying that leann’s performance in wisconsin tonight was a major fail, that she was disappointed and on twitter cause the show was that bad.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Google “LeAnn Rimes Concert Reviews” especially the one on Ticketmaster. Some really bad reviews!
      The one in NH on May 19th one concert goer thought she was either drunk or on drugs. Same for her concert in Lousiana on June 9th. Another felt she “was just not there.” And one said “we don’t think we will waste anymore money on tickets for Ms. Rimes and we will be sure to spread the word to our friends to not waste theirs either.” OH-OH! Lots of disappointed people out there.

      • HoneyB says:

        That is bc she puts all her time and effort into making sure Eddie is by her side and not cheating. She is not focus on her performances just making sure EDiot leash is tight and won’t stray.

      • claire says:

        I’ve been seeing the “talks too much” critique on twitter as well. Not surprising. As she uses interviews, and Twitter, to constantly paint herself as a victim, and defend her love, and preach her “don’t judge”, it’s not surprising she’s using her concerts this way as well. She’s reallllly driving away the few fans who do pay to see her. But, of course, she won’t see it that way. It’s their issue.

  57. Rita says:

    I think LeAnn is in the process of setting-up her next round of twitter pictures by admitting she has “horsey” features. No doubt we’ll be treated to before and after pictures of her and Eddie’s “Unbridled Passion”.

    Get yo kink on Eddie!!! Don’t let her spit the bit. Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!!

  58. Stonegoddess says:


    Read some of these reviews. Some from her most recent concert, others dating back 3 years. Sad that she’s wasting her talent. Most people thought she was drunk.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Wow. It’s crazy how many bad reviews there are up there. Soooo many people wrote about wanting her to shut the hell up and not talk so long in between songs! Typical LeAnn, me! me! me! Narcissist.

    • ria says:

      Just looked at those reviews and realized it spans over 3 years and not much has really changed in those 3 years. Her career was stalling before she met Eddie but she’s officially killed it now. All over a cheating man who married her because he had nothing better else going for him.

  59. Fiona says:

    But yet, it’s ok for her and her minions to bully Eddie’s ex? Hypocrite!

  60. Someone says:

    I wondering if all you Leann haters worry about the mental stability of those around you IRL as much as you concern yourself with Leann’s mental health. Kids on a cake with a bed on it – the horrors. What does it say about yourselves that you read pedophilia into what she does? Does it mean that you all have smut on your minds too?

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Look, lets flip the situation. Lets say a MAN was dating a famous woman she had two small daughters and HE bought the cake with him boning the Mom with the two daughters on the cake…..how would that be? Would you say that is appropriate? I think most people would say thats horrifyingly creepy. Leanne doesnt get a pass just cause shes a “girl” and attempts to deflect her cringeworthy with “Im so cute” shenanagans. The cake thing was beyond the beyond and the public outcry prooves that. Shes her own worst enemy. The PR people either need to be fired or replaced or somehow get her on a FKing short leash.
      Fking on a cake with two small cake children looking on is somehow fine with you (UgH) but to the rest of us are scratching our heads at the creep factor. I think the Adams family has more healthy family values than she does.

    • nomorerimes says:

      No, smut is not on our minds–the safety of kids is the subject. There is so much in the news–ala Jerry Sandusky–that we have been told what signs to look for. And if we ignore signs, then that is a shame!
      What LR has been doing is smutty–the bedtop cake–the “kids play” pic–see through blouse around kids. So don’t go accusing us of having smut on OUR minds!

    • why? says:

      Did you count the number of media outlets that called Leann’s cake CREEPY or INAPPROPRIATE? Now think about it. Why did those media outlets call her cake CREEPY or INAPPROPRIATE? If this is what she would put on a cake, then can you image what she is doing behind closed doors? What also hurts your argument is the popscicle twitpic and the staged park photos that Leann set up the next day with the boys. Leann knew what people were saying about the cake, so why would she then go dressed to that park and doing those all inappropriate things while there?

      The problem is LEANN RIMES and those ADULTS who stand by and do nothing as she continues to get worse and cross boundaries and those adults who make excuses for Leann’s behavior.

      Let’s think about this way, if this had been a man instead off Leann Rimes, would you still be making that same argument? Once again with as many kids that have gone missing this summer alone, you can’t fault anyone for being on high alert.

      • someone says:

        The figures on the cake weren’t having sex. They weren’t even facing each other. They were two people laying in a bed. Tacky, yes. But not porno. If you want to read porno into it that is your choice. But to take the leap from that to pedophilia is crazy.

      • why? says:

        Either you are very naive or you are just playing dumb. Here’s the problem with your logic. If it was just two people laying in a bed and Leann had no intentions of it being sexual in anyway whatsoever, then why did LEANN make the statement on Tues about how she thought her mother was a prude? Don’t you think that was a strange thing for Leann to say if the figures were just laying there like you claimed?

        Leann tweeted a photo of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles and called it “kid’s play” the very next day. Did you see the photos of Leann’s behavior at the park on GG and The Superficial? So you can’t keep arguing that people are wrong or being tacky. If it was a man who had designed the cake and tweeted the photo, would you still be saying the same thing and making excuses? No.

        If you want to talk about sleazy outfits, then let’s start with how Leann attended a child’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses wearing a SHEER dress with NO BRA. Attended a carnival with the boys wearing a SHEER shirt with NO BRA. Attended a play with the boys once again wearing a SHEER shirt with NO BRA. I can understand not wanting to wear a bra, but what I don’t understand is putting on sheer material which makes it obvious that she isn’t wearing a bra while in the presence of children.Leann has a history of being sexually inappropriate. Her twitpics and the staged photo-ops that she set up is proof of that.

        BTW, Leann could have put her and Eddie together on the cake doing mutiple things, why would she pick a topping of them in bed together? Because she was making a statement about their sex life. That Eddie isn’t cheating on her because she sexually satisfies him.

      • why? says:

        Did you notice that Eonline didn’t even bother to write a fluffpiece about the cake? Keep in mind that Eonline wrote a fluffpiece about how Leann was scanned during one of her staged photo-ops at the airport, so for them not to write a fluffpiece on the cake, speaks volumes.

        JJ didn’t even post the photos of the cake, but did post Leann’s comment. In the staged photo-ops from Leann’s party or the park, I didn’t see GG post photos of the cake. x17 posted the photos of the cake but they did it towards the end of the week, thinking that the backlash would be less by then. People mag didn’t even address the issue yet. Did ROL or Celebuzz post photos of the cake?

        These are all media outlets who didn’t think twice about writing fluffpieces about Leann dying her hair, and yet when she posted the photos of the cake, they steered clear. Why? If the cake was as innocent as just two people laying in a bed and had no sexual theme attached to it, then those media outlets would have responded with their usual fluff in regards to the cake.

    • ria says:

      When you’re seeing kids subjected to a woman, whose mental health is rapidly deteriorating in full public view then one would be inclined to feel concern for those boys. That cake was inappropriate, creepy and can you really blame people for thinking the Pedo route? It wasn’t a joke but something more sinister, abnormal. It’s not just the cake, she has displayed numerous inappropriateness when with those boys, when posing for the paparazzi on the beach. Nobody would concern themselves with leann if it weren’t for those boys. People really don’t care about her as far as her and Eddie. Just to be clear, I really hope they last because they deserve each other, both are disgusting. People’s main concern is for those poor kids. Brandi’s is not required by law to be near Eddie, but those kids are. 50% of their time with Eddie, which is 50% of their time being around a raging sociopath. God only knows what goes on in the privacy of their own home. It can’t be healthy, or good.

      • someone says:

        You claim Leann’s “mental health is rapidly deteriorating”. Really? And you can back that up how? With your so called armchair psychology degree? It’s one thing to say Leann’s behavior is tacky and trashy. Those are subjective pronouncements. But it’s pretty wild to go around claiming she has a mental illness and saying Brandi needs to be worried. It just makes you look like you are a little obsessed with her. Which, by the way, is a mental illness in it’s own right.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        The figures on the cake were absolutely facing each other. It wasn’t just tacky; it was inappropriate. It’s one thing to serve that as a quiet joke between the two of you; it’s another to serve it to guests at a birthday party. As for Leann’s mental health, I don’t follow her that closely (CB is my favorite site, and a good source for her and CB uses sources where you can just click on links) but anyone can see that someone obsessively on Twitter who needs to tweet everything in her life and who acts as though two small children are hers to do with as she pleases (would you really want someone endlessly posting pictures and tweets about your kids, much less having people take pictures of them for public consumption?); someone who tells endless lies and looks for endless validation; and certainly someone who has bullied, stalked and harassed a woman whose life she blew apart and has her entourage do the same and then has her stepsons around those same people and has them talk to the boys about personal issues is not someone I’d want around my own kids nor someone who is mentally well. Her need for attention and her tweeting her own life nonstop allows people a window into what’s going on and since it doesn’t seem healthy, she’s inviting judgment and criticism. Beyond that, I never comment on her physical appearance except to say that I think she’s gone from a healthy, toned girl to an anorexic looking one with boltons and she was more attractive before.

      • Sal says:

        Oh come on, ‘someone’! Is the Pope Catholic? Its obvious to all and sundry that Rimes is a very sick, unhinged person. In fact, its infamous, so not sure why you think its even in question. She has Histrionic/NPD as evidenced by those who posted the signs and who have documented with images as evidence. Her mental illness is infamous in itself, you are only making a fool of yourself by attempting to deny it. Rimes is a deeply unhinged, sadistic, psychotic and sociopathic person. She is very very ill, as has been noted by many reporters, writers, news people and lay commentators. If people close to her cared about her, they’d get her help. She is a very sick and unstable woman and she needs help. She needs someone to care enough about HER as a person, and not for her wallet, to get her some help.

    • ria says:

      SOMEONE. I don’t need a psychology degree to question that leann rimes mental state is in serious decline. Actions speak louder than words and when applied to leann, it couldn’t ring any more truer or louder. I’m not the first to say this and I won’t be the last. This behavior is more serious than being just tacky. Stalking Eddie when he broke it off, then stalking his ex when she got him. Does this sound like a normal person to you? Her passive aggressive nature is clear for all to see, not normal. Her driven need in trying to replace the mother in those kids lives, THAT CAKE and her sexual inappropriateness in front of the kids at times, not normal. Most pictures of her and Eddie, it suggests that they drink a lot, not normal. Her obsession with her husband and controlling every aspect of his life. Not giving him space to breathe on his own, cancelling concerts because of illness “cough cough Eddie,home alone” yet tweets about how much she TRUSTS her husband, contradicting herself, not normal. It looks to be that she is trying to morph into his ex and failing miserably. Again, that’s NOT NORMAL. Befriending people that bash the ex and encouraging bullying with sly winks and smiles, not normal. Need I saw more. I do “think” leann is a sociopath among many other things, maybe she isn’t, but her actions mimic that of a malignant narcissist, Histrionic, sociopathic person. Many people including myself “feel” this way

    • lori says:

      Give it up Leann. Get help.

  61. Vesper says:

    For anyone who has followed LeAnn over the last 17 years, this “makeover” didn’t happen over the last three years, it has been happening thru out her career. The tabloids are so quick to publish pics of LeAnn taken before she matured (under the age of 21), and they are using that as a guide to say she looks drastically different now that she is almost 30. Like any other woman, LeAnn has over time experimented with styles of hair, makeup, clothing, and has developed a look which is more grown up, flattering, sophisticated and modern. Criticizing her for maturing beyond a chunky, demure, unsophisticated teenager who was obviously not skilled at hair, makeup, or putting together an outfit and trying to say she did all of this to look like Brandi is beyond ridiculous.

    As for her weight, this is certainly not the only time that LeAnn has been thin. Her weight has fluctuated greatly over the years. She has never been a naturally thin, tall, lanky girl, but that doesn’t mean she is now starving herself. Her weight has finally stoped fluctuating, and she is at a healthy weight, not bony, as some suggest. Take a good look at her arms, torso, and particularly her legs, She has very well defined muscles, perhaps too much so as she is starting to get “Madonna-type” muscles. There are plenty of other examples in Hollywood of woman who are bony, and have no defined muscle – Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, even Brandi, but LeAnn is not one of them.

    The constant negative comments about her physical appearance are petty.

    • why? says:

      People are not criticizing Leann for “maturing”, they are criticizing her for drastically changing her body, face, hair, and fashion style to please a man who called her a speedbump. Leann is constantly bragging about how Eddie loves her and tells her that she is beautiful, so why then has she gone through all these transformations since she met Eddie? Seeing as how there are several documented cases of Leann copying Brandi, we know that Leann’s drastic change in appearance is because of Brandi. And any woman her husband is pining for at the moment.

      Leann’s weight depends on the woman Eddie is pining over. For a long time Leann had to be skinny because in her mind she felt like she had to compete with Brandi for Eddie’s love. When Eddie was filming for TPC, Leann then had to compete with the bunnies, so she stayed as skinny as possible. Now that TPC is over and she has become BFFs with Kim K, notice how she working hard to look “toned”?

      If Leann doesn’t like the negative comments about her appearance, then she needs to stop the staged photo-ops and stop messing with her face and body just to please a man who sells out his own kids for alcohol, cars, watches, and women.

    • Cam S says:

      @ Vespar:
      I have to disagree. Any idiot can she she is morphing into the FIRST WIFE on purpose. It is VERY OBVIOUS and the style stalking HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED (VERY entertaining read on twitter btw). She does it to taunt the ex. Nice try though.

      As for the comments about her looks- yes the derogatory comments are petty- but she puts herself out there for gossip. She is a big girl and apparently our opinion doesn’t matter to her, so I shall continue to comment as long as she continues to pap herself out.

      Sorry but she is a 3 at best and bless her heart thinks she is a ten cause she bought herself a husband/family. She thinks cause she got Eddie (by default) she must be in the same league as the FIRST WIFE. She is wrong if she thinks she can compete with Brandi’s looks. Heck, I don’t know ANYONE that could compete with Brandi, so good luck with that one wewe. Leann is tacky, passive aggressive, and her horrible personality lowers her potential for beauty.

      Perhaps you could help us shed some light on the ‘weweinlove’ and other fake twitter accounts she set up to bully the FIRST WIFE?

    • Sal says:

      Vesper, the photos of her that people/celeb sites have been putting up have been of when she was with Dean, around one year, two years before they split, which wasn’t eveh as far back as age 21, let alone before. ONE YEAR prior to her getting with Eddie, she was so COMPLETELY different, she looked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like she does now. The transformation happened in the last 3 years, and was very rapid. The evidence proves it, so give it up.

  62. why? says:


    We know that Leann’s mental health is rapidly deteriorating because of LEANN RIMES, who documents every detail of her life 24/7 with staged photo-ops, twitpics, tweets, and interviews. As a result of Leann sharing every detail of her life 24/7, you can see the progression. How many Father’s Days and birthday’s has Leann celebrated with Eddie? Notice how Leann didn’t tweet photos like this last year? Last year she just posted a photo and a blog, but this year she released two staged photo-ops of her and Eddie engaging in pda and several twitpics.

    Leann tweeted the photo of the cake, so commenting on the things that LEANN RIMES releases to the public, isn’t obsessing over Leann. Leann wanted people to pay attention to her seeing as how she posted the cake to her twitter page, set up a staged photo-op with GSI of herself feeding the cake to Eddie, and tweeted up a storm about it. Now that the pr stunt has failed, Leann wants to call people obsessed or blame others for not thinking that this stunt was funny?

    It’s not pretty wild to say that Leann has a mental illness and that Brandi should be concerned. Once again look at all the articles in response to Leann’s cake. I saw at least 5 articles that said that Brandi should be concerned. I only saw 1 media outlet(x17) agreeing with the cake and Leann. Several of Leann’s mouthpieces(People mag, Eonline) refused to even post fluffpieces about the cake because even they had to agree that Leann crossed the line. People mag posted an interview with Rielle H, so you know that Leann’s cake had to be pretty bad if even they refused to write a fluffpiece about it.

    Instead of blaming the people who comment on Leann’s actions, why not just make Leann close the twitter account and stop the staged photo-ops? Please don’t tell me that Leann has set up another inappropriate staged “happy family” with the kids photo-op and that is why there is this major attempt shift the blame? Is that it?

  63. holly hobby says:

    Maybe she should stop with the open mouth poses because she does look like a horse!

    She was better looking before the surgeries. Now she looks weird.

  64. Sugar says:

    I have read a lot of the Leann threads & @ one point I had to utube her to remember exactly what made her famous. I have never been a country fan & I have to admit the girl can sing.
    I hope she gets her head on straight so she can revive her career but that’s gonna mean losing Eddie if she truly is that insecure about her marriage. Seems to me in the game of life when she reaches the moment of reckoning she should choose her career over a guy who as people have said only married her because he got kicked to the curb.
    Eddie doesnt seem like the kind of guy to say “babe we gotta talk it just ain’t working between us”. He seems like the kind to do what he was doing with her-cheat on his wife.
    So Leann listen up you are gonna have a ton of material to draw on to write that cheating heart album but you are going to be the one hurting on this one so MAYBE you can empathize with Brandi & Dean cuz it bites to be on that side.

  65. lori says:

    Leann is the first to admit she grew up too fast and wouldn’t put her own child through what she lived. She was a child growing up in the sleazy music business. The same business that produced Michael Jackson. Like Michael, Leann’s parents exploited her. But then they divorced when she was young. She was living with a man at the age of 14, the same age the child on “To Catch a Predator” is supposed to be, that men think they are coming to have sex with and are arrested for, as child predators. Her record company said that when she was a teenager they couldn’t promote her records because her lifestyle was so sexually promiscuous, the audience wouldn’t buy a good girl image. She was sexually active very early in life. She was exploited and treated as a commodity. She married quickly into a family with young kids and immediately started showing images of herself in very little clothing with the kids. Now the paparazzi are more intrusive with the kids and she seems more focused on sex in her twitpics. Most children are sexually abused by someone they know and trust, often a family member or friend, and the abuse is more prevalent among children from divorced homes. Many people at Penn State still do not believe Jerry Sandusky committed child abuse and are still turning a blind eye. Just this week, his neighbor told Anderson Cooper that the coaches at Penn State still shower with young boys and that it a normal occurrence, that Jerry did nothing wrong. This week a Catholic priest in Philadelphia was sentenced for child endangerment for knowingly moving abusive priests from parish to parish to continue to abuse kids, even after he knew of the abuse. One of his victims said he used to put her on his lap and kiss her for a long time, full mouth kissing, in front of her parents. They said nothing. The question is not just whether Leann Rimes is or is not a pedophile. It is why aren’t more people willing to ask the question? And why are you on here trying so hard to shame us for asking it?

  66. skuddles says:

    Okay all you folks and the horse references.. .as a proud horse owner I can’t help but take offense. Can we not just go with a donkey reference from now on?? :)

    • Annie B says:

      I agree, horses are beautiful animals and it feels an insult. BUT, we all say she looks equine, but she IS a human. Humans who LOOK like horses ARE usually ugly, as Leann IS. Horses are a different breed altogether. A horse who looked human would be freaky as hell too!!!!

      I usually compare Leann to a mule though. An infertile result of a donkey screwing a horse. Kinda unnatural to even begin with.

  67. Theskinny says:

    This whole Leann Rimes character makes me really respect someone like Madonna. Madonna kept her scandal on the stage. You never saw her in a park with CHILDREN flashing her labia. If she had a scandalous birthday cake..none of us KNOW about it, because she (despite at one point being one of the most famous women in the world) managed to have a birthday without the paps there.

    If a man was a dawg…Madonna parked them on the curb and moved on. She didn’t try and pretend they were something else and that everyone was just “jealous”.

    Madonna tours for weeks on end spending every concert dancing her butt off and giving people their monies worth. Leann sits on a stool and rambles between songs to the point people have to shout STFU AND SING. She cancels constantly and when she doesn’t cancel her concerts are a mere hour long. (Read her reviews on Ticketmaster)

    Maybe that is why Madonna IS actually a legend and sells out concerts at fifty, and Leann can’t sell out a Casino at 29. Maybe that is why she OWNS HOMES all over the world and LeAnn RENTS homes all over California.

    This chick tries to play herself off as America’s sweetheart and a legend. Um..no..you don’t even know how to play on the level of a legend.

    My grandchildren will know who Madonna is, people already have to google Leann’s name to remember who the heck she is. Take a note WeWe. Your nothing in the grand scheme of things. Except on internet gossip sites that make fun of you and, of course, in your own mind.

  68. nomorerimes says:

    It’s time this sick person is held accountable. And it seems the only way to make her realize that she is doing wrong is to hurt her in the wallet. True, her concerts have low attendance–her CD sales are almost nil–but we can still help her finish the job. Get in touch with concert venues coming up and urge them to cancel–call Curb records and tell them you will not buy her records–any pub mags–you don’t want to see her pics anymore–call country music radio stations and tell them not to play her music as she is a disgrace to country music because of her actions…etc. It’s is time celebrities stop getting away with being unaccountable for their actions in their private lives. She makes EVERYTHING public. So let us as the PUBLIC help her flush her career down the toilet!

  69. ria says:

    Does anybody else get the feeling that the celebrity friends that follow her on twitter are shunning her too? They might not unfollow because that would be too obvious, but especially after that cake fiasco, they are seeing a disturbed woman.
    After reading this comment because she’s a slave to reading all comments good or bad about herself, watch her try to write her celeb friends and have them write her back to prove to us bitter people wrong. She’s an idiot, just dumb as dumb can be.

  70. why? says:

    You would think that with all the backlash she is facing in regards to her inappropriate behavior with the kids that Leann would shut up and stop talking about the boys. But Leann has to validate herself and her marriage, even if it means tossing two innocent kids under a bus. Leann gave another interview about the boys once taunting Brandi. Notice how when does her interviews she keeps bringing up how the boys asked to sing at their school and how she takes them on tour with her and Eddie? Now didn’t Brandi and Eddie have some major disagreements of over those issues? So why make those issues so public as if she is gloating and telling Brandi that she has no say so in what she does to or with her kids? So once again Leann crosses another boundary she has no business crossing and she proves to us all that Eddie doesn’t care about anyone.

    Since she made it a point to talk about how she sung at the kids schools and they were on tour with her, does that mean we will be seeing more staged photo-ops/twitpics of her at the kid’s school and photos of them backstage during Leann’s concerts?

    It’s sad that a grown woman is using two kids to validate herself and her music career. We all know the kids are not asking Leann to sing at their school.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Her singing career is OVER!! All she has now is her twitter and pap/fluff pieces! More and more people are finally figuring out how loony she is. And reading the reviews on google–a lot of disappointed people going to see her but vowing not to go again and telling their friends not to waste their money! Maybe Curb should promote this record as Sleaze’s LAST ONE!!! I know it is for them, but who else would want to sign this psycho! SHE BROUGHT IT ALL ON HERSELF!! (Really the only thing she is good at!)

    • ria says:

      I agree, her career is over. Any label thinking about picking her up would be foolish or desperate. She can sing but her voice does not have the power or range, anymore. She lost that edge, I don’t know what happened to her voice but it’s nothing unique anymore. I can’t understand a single word she sings. It’s like she’s always singing in cursive. I can well believe the reviews about no stage presence, talking about herself, walking on and off stage. People paid good money to see what you could see at your local karaoke bar for free. As a unhappy customer, I would ask for a refund if I were those people. Pay to see a real performer, not a lounge singer.

  71. sylvia says:

    you can’t understand any of her words when she sings, maybe the result of having her finger up her nose so much. the pictures of her on the web picking her nose really turned me off. picking flicking and grinning. they are up at leann rimes nosepicking. yasah. good role model for little kids

    • nomorerimes says:

      Could her veneers affect her singing? How about excessive drinking? Maybe excessive yelling at Eddie? Could it be her mouth being open so wide all the time–ala her pics? All that air has dried up her vocal cords. First off–I wouldn’t go see her if someone paid ME! But people should ask for a refund if they did go and feel they wasted their money!

  72. Kristi says:

    I am what you would call “tardy to the party” and to be honest, don’t know or care who Brandi Glanville is as I loathe “Reality” tv but a friend who really hates her (Leann) sent me a link to the song “Borrowed” by LeAnn Rimes. I did not know what ha gone on and the lyrics made me want to retch. First of all, in the video, LeAnn seemed under the influence of something and the song itself basically gave me the exact idea of why so many find her so repellant. No remorse, no shame, just ego and entitlement. The man she “didn’t want to give back” who was the “best she ever had” (could she be more freaking crass?) was a married man with children. She really is the crazy beotch people say she is. He really is borrowed LeAnn. He is also using you for your money and you will be left a lot poorer and looking like the fool you are when your “borrowed” man leaves you for his next sucker.