Lindsay Lohan is smoking two packs a day to calm herself on ‘Liz & Dick’ set

Here are more Cracken photos from the set of Liz & Dick: The Cracken Attacks from last week. A lot of you acted “shocked” to see Lindsay Lohan looking so rough in photos – um, really? She can’t keep it together long enough to have a no-drama Lifetime TV movie shoot – of course she looks like hell. She’s been partying non-stop to celebrate her “comeback”. Speaking of her incessant partying, there’s some evidence to suggest that Lindsay actually was is a bad state after working “85 hours in 4 days” and “passing out from exhaustion” two Fridays ago. TMZ got their hands on the 911 call made about the state of the Cracken, and it didn’t sound good:

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before paramedics rushed to Lindsay Lohan’s side last week at a Ritz-Carlton in L.A. — and according to the caller, the emergency was life-threatening. The caller — a male nurse who works for the production company behind Lindsay’s new movie — called the situation a “Code 3″ … which is emergency lingo for “life-threat response.”

Ambulance protocol for a Code 3 is lights and sirens. Translation: the nurse thought Lindsay was in serious trouble when he made the call.

TMZ broke the story … Lindsay informed someone from the “Liz & Dick” production team she wasn’t feeling well Friday morning — and producers dispatched a doctor to the hotel. Before arriving, the doctor called the hotel and asked someone to check on Lindsay.

Someone from the hotel went to Lindsay’s door, checked on her, and determined she was “unresponsive.” That’s when the 911 call was placed.
Paramedics eventually arrived and decided nothing was wrong. They left without transporting Lindsay to the hospital.

[From TMZ]

To play devil’s advocate, it sounds like the 911 call was placed before they had even entered the hotel room, correct? Which means that everyone involved with this incident merely ASSUMED that Lindsay was passed out cold from drugging, drinking, etc. TMZ also reports that Lifetime producers are really, really worried about Lindsay, There are “five big concerns”: that the film could lose its insurance because of LL, that Lohan’s probation could be violated, that she could be prosecuted for lying the police, that she’ll get into another car accident, and that she’s always clubbing. I know, SHOCKING. You know what’s shocking to me? That Lifetime’s producers weren’t concerned about any of that BEFORE THEY HIRED HER. They knew who she was and what kind of crackie she is.

Meanwhile, the Cracken is still smoking. Like crazy.

When the director yells cut, Lindsay Lohan takes a puff! Lohan, 25, has been hard at work on her new Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, and the stress may be getting to her. A source tell Us Weekly the actress is smoking two packs of cigarettes a day on the set.

“Literally every time she finishes a scene she lights up another cigarette,” the source explains. “You can hear the crew saying, ‘That’s cut — get a cigarette for Lindsay.’ ”

Lohan is channeling Elizabeth Taylor opposite Grant Bowler (Richard Burton) for the role, which is her first lead role since 2009′s Labor Pains.

“In between takes she would sit on the director’s chair puffing on her cigarettes,” the source tells Us. “Lindsay has been working hard, but without the nicotine she probably could not make it through as she appears stressed at times and they do seem to calm her down.”

[From Us Weekly]

For all that Lindsay does wrong, for all of her crackie activities and drama and shenanigans, I kind of think being a chain-smoker is the least crackie thing she does. I’m not claiming that it’s healthy or good or anything, but it’s not like she’s hitting the pipe in between takes. Smoking cigs probably does calm her.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. kristin says:

    Hey, if it keeps her from driving…. Lol

    • beyonce's bump says:

      I honestly think this will be the last time I rag on her….at this point, it is just incredibly sad.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Cosign that, and kudos to you BB. However disgusting, pathetic, and repellent her behavior is, what does anyone expect when we’re watching the death throes of a formerly promising child star’s career, and very likely the death throes of LL herself? I’ve stopped my part in the feeding frenzy too–and when a sarcastic beeotch like me decides it’s time to cool it, things must be bad. When her body is found in the Chateau Marmont or some sleazy Motel Six, those who want to can dance on her grave while cable news goes berserk 24/7: “Lindsay Lohan Dead: where Did the Dream Go Wrong? Michael can pimp her death to every scandal sheet and Mama can write the inevitable tell-all book to wring one last payday from her daughter’s flabby, prematurely old carcass. Meanwhile, some young girl of 9 or 10 will be smiling a shy and eager smile at a casting call, hoping against hope she’ll be picked, her cheesy mother prompting and prodding her from the wings, and it will only be a matter of time before all the sharks are watching eagerly for her next misstep…

  2. Mar says:

    She is disgusting in every way-but to look at even more so

  3. ahoyhoy says:

    She already sounds like a 50-year old Lot Lizard! 2 Packs a day? I bet she STINKS of it through her pores!

  4. Jazzmin says:

    I’ve seen crack, it comes in packs of two rocks so yeah that seems about right.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Depends on the size and weight of the rocks/bag. (Don’t judge me because I know this stuff, please. I learnt a hard lesson a lifetime ago, courtesy of an ex.)

      • Jazzmin says:

        No judgies here girl..I know this stuff because of my brother. I saw him smoking it once. Although, I think Lindsay is not a crack head her drug of choice is alcohol and pills. The cracky name tag everyone has given her is because she acts just like a crack head. Lies, steals uses others, is unreliable, never takes responsibility etc…

      • Lady D says:

        I too have too much knowledge about drugs thanks to an ex. (who finally succeeded in killing himself at Xmas).

      • Annie says:

        I reckon Lindsay’s drug of choice is actually crack (or meth or other stims) however she sticks to booze and pills when she knows she’s being monitored closely.

      • Ruby Red Lips says:

        I think heroin is also one of her drugs of choice which is really bad news

        2 packs a day – then lung cancer or emphasymia (sorry about spelling) is her calling if the drugs and alcohol don’t get her first.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        ….I dont know if Lindseys still on it but her drug of choice was Meth.

      • Hakura says:

        @Bellaluna – No one who’s had to watch someone else destroy themselves would ever judge your knowledge, or make assumptions & think badly of you.

        My oldest cousin (about 7yrs older) pretty much did it all, including an eating disorder. She’s been clean for a few years, but her body still shows the damage.

        It’s really amazing to see just how badly someone can destroy themselves, makes everyone else feel helpless. Yet I just can’t see Dina actually seeing it for what it is. (I’d prefer to think she’s in denial, rather than that she just plain doesn’t care.)

      • Annie says:

        I notice as soon as she thinks she’s being watched (by either law enforcment, probation peoples or Lifetime producers etc) she gains some weight, then as soon as she thinks she’s “all clear” she loses it again. Deffo suggests some sort of illegal stimulant use in my mind.

        It’s pretty hard to keep smoking a pipe hidden on the job but vodka can be hidden in a water bottle and pills can be put in pockets and taken on the sly between takes. Cigarettes too are semi- social acceptable so that’s prolly why she’s going all out with the nicoteine.

      • Hakura says:

        @Annie – What she really needs is court appointed Rehab/detox, & major therapy. They should’ve made that a mandatory part of her parole. (Throwing her ass in jail when she shows up to therapy late (or not at all, because we know it’d be inevitable) for violating parole.

        As to the eating disorder, that does make sense. It seems like there’s just no ‘middle ground’ when it comes to her weight fluctuations. One minute she’s skeletal, the next all bloated with a double chin. I’d think something like that alone would act as some sort of deterrent.

      • Vesper says:

        Lady D: I had a very similar experience. My b/f attempted suicide over Xmas, and he died a week after Easter.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yeah, well, cigarettes or anything else that calms the “hitch” till sunset… then it’s anybody’s guess what she does and does not do, really. I’m willing to bet it’s not cuddling with unicorns and feeding teddy bears, though.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        ” I kind of think being a chain-smoker is the least crackie thing she does. ”

        I think 2 packs of Newports a day IS pretty crackie. My sister-in-law seriously upped her cigarette intake when she started taking adderall. Then she moved onto crack (because the adderall alone wasn’t doing it for her anymore) and when she wasn’t munching on adderall, hitting the pipe (or having a drink to intensify the effects of the uppers) she was puffin’ on a Newport. Tangentially, menthol Newports also seem to be the crackie cigarette of choice. Most of the addicts I know smoke Newports.

  5. sister says:

    Her body is thin but her face is so swollen . Is she on prednisone?
    If this movie sees the light of day I’ll be shocked.

    • deep says:

      Yes, her face is VERY bloated. I am assuming that is caused from massive amounts of alcohol. I still can’t get over how old she looks for her age. She is only 25. She just doesn’t look healthy. I’d bet her ankles and hands are swollen as well.

    • deep says:

      Her stomach looks bloated as well. And, look at her arms…those aren’t the arms of a 25 year old. They are the arms of a middle aged woman. She is destroying her body.

    • Susan says:

      I wonder if she’s suffering from bulimia. The vomiting can cause swollen glands that puff up her face.

      • deep says:

        I don’t know. But, lMO I don’t think so. I think it is alcohol/drug bloat. I think she is toxic and needs to detox. She really does look like she needs to get off the party train and drink lots of water and eat fruit and veggies. A good cleaning out is what she needs. If she was healthy, what ever the problem is, she wouldn’t look so old. And, it’s really sad. Look at her arms..she has zero muscle tone. 25 year olds arms don’t look like that. IMO she truly needs to eat her fruits and veggies and drink lots of water. If she did..her skin tone would even look better.

      • lilly says:

        I suffered from bulimia as a teenager and my cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk, so yeah she could be bulimic

      • Hakura says:

        @Lilly – I know she looks thin (with NO muscle tone), but I would’ve thought she’d look way skinnier (outside of the bloating areas) if she was bulimic? She still appears to have a *little* weight (outside of the bloating areas, I mean).

    • lilly says:

      @Hakura I think its though lack of exercise, when I was bulimic I worked out for hours I used to walk a 2 mile to school, and back then go to the gym for an hour and half so I had quite a toned/defined figure

      • Hakura says:

        @Lilly – She definitely strikes me more as the sort of Bulimic that focuses on drugs/alcohol/binging & purging, but not the symptom like OCD exercise. At least she doesn’t look as though she’s been working out.

        Though to be fair, Lilo ‘simply doesn’t have the time‘ to deal with such trifling matters like ‘working out’. She’s just SO ‘in demand’ these days, so nothing she did or didn’t do is actually “her fault“. *sarcasm*

        Although she did have that one short period awhile back where she had completely wasted away. I could see that being the result of exercising thrown into not eating enough (or keeping it down).

        Either extreme, she isn’t winning any beauty contests.

  6. anonymoose says:

    Is that a prosthetic double chin?

  7. hatsumomo says:

    thats truly disgusting.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    ALLLLLLLLLLLRIGHT! Sunday morning crackmosas, anyone? :D

    I don’t feel one iota of sympathy for Lifetime – they made their crack-flea-ridden bed, and they can lie in it. But I DO feel bad for the rest of the cast and crew whose forced to work with SCREEEE! on the regular.

    She is SO selfish and delusional. I think if I had to work with her, I’d give a good bitch-slapping or three!

  9. Dany says:

    Is that some kind of double-chin fatsuit thing she’s wearing? What is going on with her upper arms? And why are her boobs hanging almost above her belly button?? She looks so old and stale… yuck! :(

  10. Lisa says:

    I cannot get over how bloated her face is!

  11. Hautie says:

    Who do I feel sorry for… that poor man, Grant Bowler. (aka: Richard Burton)

    Who has to sit close to her.

    Who has to smell those cigarette fumes that follow her around.

    Can you image that poor man having to do those kissing scenes with her! Ackkkkk….

    I bet he flinches every time she comes near him.

    I really do want to hear Bowler’s insights to this crack-tragedy.

    I am beginning to wonder who he lost a bet to… that required him taking on this unfortunate role.

  12. yuck says:

    If the shooting schedule’s only 20 days, isn’t this fiasco close to closing down? I can’t bear to look at the pix of her trying to ape Liz Taylor. What a travesty.

  13. Genevieve says:

    Sad, sad. Wish I could still root for her, but she is a Kracken train wreck guaranteed to happen…I think we left “waiting to happen” awhile ago.

    She’ll probably end up with emphysema, just like Christy Turlington. Is there such a thing as CRACKYSEMA? Although, she won’t have to suffer with it for very long. I think her cracked-out future is very dim and will be very attenuated. I know the haters will jump all over my boney a$$ for saying this, but she”s still #1 on my dead pool list.

  14. DailyNightly says:

    That’s no prosthetic double chin. She has gained weight and has gotten rather jowly.

  15. serena says:

    Gosh her double chin is killing me.

  16. Smokey blues says:

    I think they tried really hard to disguise the jowls with contour makeup under her chin, and it has the exact opposite effect!
    So sad. And it’s always dangerous to give an addict money – whatever money she makes from this will only cause her more harm as she will use it to get more crap to abuse herself with.
    I just keep thinking about how she is the breadwinner for her whole family. They should all be ashamed.

  17. e.non says:

    she’s done for…
    if she can’t handle work on a low-budget teevee movie, there’s no way in hell any studio is going to offer her anything.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I think the only reason she’s working on this movie is because they were the only ones A) willing to take a chance on her, and B) willing to insure her.

      Big-Budget studios cut her out YEARS ago, after her crackie messes on the sets of Herbie and Georgia Rule. I think that’s why she did that low-budget IKWKM and then that straight-to-Disney-channel Labor Pains.

      • bluhare says:

        I think your (b) comment is what’s going to derail her “comeback”. (Did she ever leave?)

        Will a 3 week low budget soft porn flick have the same requirements?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Honestly, bluhare, the San Fernando Valley (K-Fed-X lives there) is THE porn hot-spot in SoCali, maybe all of the state/country, so I’m thinking maybe the Renter’s Insurance will cover her insurance. Maybe they can even write into her contract that she resides in the place until filming is complete. IF it even happens now.

        I’d love to some of those eggs. ;)

      • Hakura says:

        @Bellaluna – Pretty bad when they need to start adding clauses in your contract forcing you to (essentially) live on the set, just so they can be sure you actually show up for work (on time or at all).

        I ask again, why the hell does anyone put up with this bullshit?

    • Bess says:

      Most people would be mortified if they went from co-staring with Meryl Streep & Jane Fonda to working with a porn star. Talk about a huge step down.

      Deep down the Cracken knows she screwed up, but her enablers are allowing her to keep up the act.U

  18. Becky says:

    You know what else causes chain smoking? Adderall, ESP when u kepp taking more and more throughout the day, you know, to get high.

  19. Marybel says:

    Somewhere down deep in those layers of delusion, she knows she’s in over her head. She just needs money to keep herself in drugs and the spotlight. She’s not cut out for actual work.

    • Lady D says:

      “She’s not cut out for actual work. ”
      Well neither am I but for some strange reason I’ve had to do it for 35+ years.

      • deep says:

        @Lady D…well said!! We all have to work. And, for crying out loud she is only 25 so she’s just now getting started. I have zero sympathy for her. Oh she’s tired..she has to get up and go to work. Welcome to the real world Linds!! And, she should stop taking for granted that she actually has a job! A lot of people don’t even have one anymore and are having to struggle. So, she needs to get over herself. Cry me a river!!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Not only that, Lady D, but she’s been to Cannes and lots of places we peons may NEVER see! She’s been flown first class to fabulous hotel suites on someone else’s dime, the likes of which you or I may never experience!

        And yet she still…STILL!…is such an ungrateful snot who thinks everyone is “out to get her” or a pay-out from her or “just jealous.”

        Yeah, Linnocent; that’s it. If any one of us behaved like she does/did on the job, we’d be summarily (and justifiably) FIRED.

      • OhMyMy says:

        Yup. I’ve seen co-workers that were good at their job had to quit because we got outsourced to another company and they had a DUI on their record that would show up on the new company’s background check. Not Lilo though.

      • Hakura says:

        THIS is what baffles me, looking at how things work in the ‘real’ world, then looking at how Lilo moves through life, without any concept of what real work/wages/responsibilities actually work.

        For a while, I felt sorry for her, seeing how she’s torn herself apart, & I do think there’s all kind of shit under the surface causing some of her behavior. (I’d be shocked if, as a former child star, there wasn’t). But that’s only an ‘excuse’ when you’re a child, once you become an adult, it’s just a ‘reason’, not an excuse.

        It’s time to grow up & be thankful for what you do have, for how much you’ve had the opportunity to make in a business that chews-up & spits-out 99% of the people who dedicate their lives to ‘making it’.

  20. Jazzmin says:

    I think the movie on Lifetime will have it’s biggest ratings ever. People will tune in to watch the train wreck that is Lindsay (I know I will). Lindsay and her mother will claim it’s successful because of Lindsay and her comeback (her sixth) is a success. O_o

    • deep says:

      Read somewhere yesterday that said this is the most talked about Lifetime movie to date. And, they are predicting it will be the most watched show that has ever aired on Lifetime. All for the reason that you stated..not because Lindsay is making some kind of comeback. I’ve said I wouldn’t watch..didn’t want to give LILO the satisfaction. But, I am rethinking. Maybe I won’t watch the premier. I’ll just wait and catch it when it’s on another run. But, I’ve gotta see this. She’s just a mess.

  21. The Original Denise says:

    To quote Oscar Wilde, “youth is wasted on the young”. It’s a damn shame that a 25 y/o looks this bad.

    • Jovia says:

      It really is. Her skin seems to have lost its elasticity and/or has turned to flab (upper arm area). Does anyone remember when Lindsay went to the gym once or twice?

      “Get Miss Lohan a cigarette!” Are you kidding me? This girl needs to start walking (after being stripped of her license). But one needs to learn to crawl, before one can learn to walk. All of the enabling will never allow that to happen.

  22. lower-case deb says:

    the poor boys of australia.
    Some goes the path of Hugh Jackman, hot, older guy, goes to the top of Hollywood.
    Some goes the path of the Hemsworth brothers. hot, young guys, up and coming Hollywood.

    Some, unfortunately, goes the path of Grant Bowler. unwittingly led down the rabbit hole and has to be confronted by, not the red Queen, but by Lindsay Lohan.

    it’s enough to drive any actor to drink.

    i still maintain he doesn’t fully know what he’d signed up for. he needs better handlers. and maybe a minor knighthood after all of this mess.

    • OhMyMy says:

      Yeah….I’m not buying the he didn’t know what he was signing up for bit. They were both actors on Ugly Betty. There was only one episode where they were both on it. They didn’t have any scenes together in it. But it was her last episode and the first in his story arc so you’re not going to convince me he didn’t hear all the horror stories about why they had to cut her story arc short.

    • Zooyork says:

      I agree with you lower-case deb… I feel bad for Grant.
      That Lyndsey is being mean to him is disgusting.
      Sadly for Grant, I don’t think he’ll have a career after this, because he’ll be too stigmatized with being connected to her/ this mess of a movie.
      That’s so mean of her to not care about anyone else and their hard work.
      You’re post was really funny too- when you said he should get a “minor knighthood.” lol love it.

    • Snowpea says:

      I know Grant. He’s a really nice guy. Loves his kids. And completely down to earth.

      It’s a cliche, but most Australians are.

      He’s never gonna be A list like Hugh, but he’s hardworking and decent.

      He would most likely be MORTIFIED by this whole caper.

    • Pippa says:

      I don’t know why people act as if Grant has such a great career. He may be famous in australia but to the rest of the world he is pretty much unknown. As far as i know he is also sidelining as a tv presenter. The man is in his mid 40s and plays bit parts on tv shows. This will be his first leading man role in hollywood and he will get more exposure than he ever had before. If the stories from the set are anything to go by i predict he will run away with the movie and look the better actor. this is a win win for his career.

  23. dallasite40 says:

    MAYBE she has a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder when looking in the mirror???
    She sees herself as young looking and fresh as a daisy. Not the puffy, bloated mess she is!
    We can call it Facial Crackmorphic Disorder OR Lohan Syndrome.

    Lohan Syndrome: dad thinks he’s a sexy stud, mom thinks she’s a hot MILF and poor, unfortunate Ali has been made to think she’s a European “model”. And Lindsay? Well…

    • deep says:

      Spot on!! But, what I want to know is how can she not see that she is a swollen mess when she looks in the mirror? I can look at myself and tell if I’m tired or maybe drank a little too much the night before or if I don’t feel well. So, I guess you are right..all of the Lohan’s are delusional. Man, they should have made her put ice cold water on her face or something. It’s really puffy. Who knows..maybe they did. Sad..truly sad

      Ali…European model…LMAO!!

      • Annie says:

        I’m laughing so hard – so true – the whole Lohan family seems to think they look like the hot shit when in fact they all look terrible. It must be some sort of genetic reverse BDD.

        If I woke up to a face like Lilo’s I’d freak the hell out and cart my ass off to rehab.

    • deep says:

      @Annie LMAO!! I’d fill a bowl up with ice and water STAT (after a major freak out from looking in mirror) and put it on my face. Then I’d start drinking water and eating loads of fruits and veggies. Girlfriend is down right TOXIC!! She needs a detox badly!! That bloat for sure isn’t a sign of good health. Her tummy is bloated as well. Remember the pix of her in the swimsuit a while back? She has a very swollen tummy. That’s the build up of toxins. LILO is toxic!! Maybe they were telling the truth when they said she was dehydrated. LMAO! Get that young/ole lady some water. Ha! I wouldn’t leave the house looking like that. Let alone let them film me! I think not!! Ha!

      Reverse BDD! LAUGHING
      Ail…European model…LMFAO!!

    • dallasite40 says:

      By the way, I just started reading this blog and it’s awesome. And everyone’s comments are great! I can’t stop coming back for more! Thank you all!

    • Hakura says:

      @Dallasite40 – Aww, & here *I* was hoping it’d be called ‘Cracken Syndrome’. xD Her picture would be right next to it in the dictionary.

      I’ve heard it’s prevalent among former child stars… So far there’s no known cure, only treatments like therapy or the removal of parents from one’s life.

  24. Blue says:

    In the 2nd and 3rd pics she kinda of looks like Carmen Electra. The thought of what she smells like after 2 packs a day makes me want to puke. My poor daughter spent a few hours with her dad and he was outside waiting with her when I came home. Poor thing smelled like cigs do badly I wanted to strangle him. Not to mention he was waiting with her around 2 guys who were smoking (they moved away from her but still) I had to throw her clothes in a bag and give her a bath ASAP. Sooo gross.

  25. bettyrose says:

    Why are before & after photos of her not posted in every high school in the western hemisphere to discourage drug use?

    • deep says:

      @betty rose…I’ve asked that same question. you would think that they would use her. I know if I had kids in school I would positively show them before and afters of Lindsay and tell them this is why you don’t do drugs!! It has destroyed her mind, body and soul. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. My wish is that someone would help her. But, that whole family is in denial and doesn’t look like they are capable of helping her. Come to think of it…I think they may be part of LILO’s problem. Sad…

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Nothing worse than a person who smells like an ashtray.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Except kissing one. :P

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I can only imagine the smell of her, if you include taste, I may get sick.
        You know that alcohol is leaching through her pores as well.

        My husband smoked when I met him, he sure did have to brush his teeth a lot because I would not kiss him after a cig. Blah. He quit as soon as we had kids-thank God. When he would play in clubs, the smell of the clothes…on me too. Disgusting.

        So surprise, the Cracken smells as bad as she looks and sounds.
        I’m getting a bottle of champagne for crackmosas, they are throwing a big ol BBQ tonight.
        Note to self-bring the ground up sea jasper to line the rims of my glasses.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff, Yeah, that’s just too much for me to imagine! I was never so grateful as when restaurants, clubs, and bars went “smoke free.” The smell permeates EVERYTHING, and I’d have to shower at 3 or 4 (or whenever I rolled in) to keep my sheets and pillows from smelling.

        Hubs smoked too when we first met. He quit too (for awhile) and then started again. He just bought himself an electronic cigarette – we’ll see how that works.

        Have fun at the BBQ tonight – wish I could be there!

      • deep says:

        You guys are right..It really does stink. Someone can walk into a room and if they smoke and you get close to them they really do smell bad. And, if you are in a room that people are smoking in, it does get in your hair and clothes. It’s not a pleasant smell and that’s for sure.

  27. deep says:

    They better have some good lighting on that set. Because if they don’t, by looking at these pictures, it going to be Liz the late years! Still don’t see how they pull this off unless the have a great editing team that takes her scenes frame by frame and photo shops them. And, I don’t think they have the time or money to do that. Very bad choice if they wanted to make a half way decent movie. But, they are just going for the ratings..they don’t care why people are watching..they just want um to watch. And, this is total train wreck. Prove us wrong Lindsey.

    Imagine this movie in HD!! Just thought of that. Lord help us..there is no escaping when filmed in HD!! You can see everything.

  28. Sugar says:

    the makers of this movie must have a back up plan for her voice alone. Had she been doing Bette Davis (my personal fav of all time) screeeeee away LILO. Not able to wrap my brain around her naturally & enhanced by…raspy scratchy voice sounding soft &
    pretty. Maybe a voice over from an actual
    Elizabeth sounding someone that will have to narrate us through the entire mess.

  29. ellie66 says:

    Lindsey needs a “LifeStyle Lift”. Blah she looks like a 48 year old housewife from the 50s a drunk one.

    • deep says:

      LMAO!! A lifestyle lift at 25. And, when the bloat goes down, it could look worse. Gosh I sorta feel sorry for her. She is such a mess. And, who in this world thinks she looks good for this part is so beyond me. They have to know it’s a joke. I mean even the title of the movie is a joke. Liz and Dick. Come on..they knew people weren’t going to take this movie seriously just by the title. This just may turn out to be must see tv.

  30. Shannon says:

    PLEASE don’t watch this movie!!! I’m sure it will re-air, but please, please don’t watch it. Of course Lifetime is counting on huge rating because of how curious people will be, but please remember, it can be the biggest bomb ever but if there are tons of viewers it will be a success. I’m sure there will be enough clips all over the media for us to watch in horror without having to tune in to this. As long as its a success – doesn’t matter why – it will encourage others to use her in their films. I’m sure she doesn’t care people are watching to see her butcher an entire film, she just cares that we care enough to keep tuning in. And clearly that’s how production companies feel as well. Money is money, and as someone once said, even bad publicity is good publicity.

    • OhMyMy says:

      ^^ +1. Except in her case it’s not publicity it’s dramalicity.

    • deep says:

      I agree…oh I plan on seeing it..but, I don’t plan on watching the premier. That’s where they will get their ratings from. It will be aired a million times. No first run for me. But, later on, I have to admit it will be a guilty pleasure to watch. I won’t be able to help myself. But, people really shouldn’t watch the premier of the movie. Don’t give her the satisfaction. People aren’t watching because they think she is a great actress..and we surely don’t want her to think she is. Because she was a cute child actress..that’s all. The end

    • Jay says:

      Unless you’re a Nielson family, it really doesn’t matter if you watch or not. You won’t be counted in the total for official ratings.

  31. RN says:

    OT rant: I wish that people would stop writing “male nurse”. The person is a nurse, period. We don’t say “female accountant” or “male professor”, so why are people still identifying gender in the nursing profession? **End rant**

    Isn’t Lindsay an asthmatic? Two packs a day on top of a compromised respiratory system will buy her trouble right quick. I’d swear that she was on Prednisone, due to her significant “moon face”. But I know better.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I believe her asthma, along with the obligatory “exhaustion” and “dehydration” were cited as reasons for her hospitalisations on the sets of both Herbie AND Georgia Rule.

      At least she’s consistent, right?

      • deep says:

        I cannot get that 2nd picture out of my head. Celebitchy posed it yesterday and it’s sad but I laughed. She is only 25 and that picture scares me. She already has lines on the sides of her lips. WTH?? She has fast tracked the aging process like I have never seen before. She is way to young to look so old. Imagine what she will look like at 40 if she looks 50 at 25. It really is sad.

      • bubbles says:

        Asthma + Chainsmoking = disaster
        Lindsay + drugs = disaster
        liefetime + logic = disaster

        I somehow see the common denominator..

  32. princesslizabeth says:

    Sure, that’s really a smart way to handle stress. Anyway, what the heck kind of stress does the Cracken have that isn’t of her own doing?


  33. elaine says:

    She looks nothing like La Liz. Nothing.

    And has nothing in common with ET, including acting chops.

    ET was a world-class beauty in her day.

    LL looks a pig in lipstick.

    What a pathetic joke.

  34. jasmine says:

    Oh geez, she looks terrible! its like watching a train wreck in slow motion. she was a such a beautiful sexy girl once. its such a shame

  35. Seagulls says:

    Seriously, does no one else see late Judy Garland in some of La Cracken’s fur hat pictures? The teeth? The eyeliner? The glazed expression?

    Lest anyone accuse me of it, I’ll say right now I am not putting Lindsey in the same talent league with Ms. Garland, just their drug and alcohol affected appearances.

  36. lover says:

    Why Is this news? Everyone knows she is a heavy smoker amphetamines also make u chain smoke like cray. But the way these insignificant facts about this woman are perpetually documented she mite as well be our country’s royalty. No wonder she’s got a big head id feel pretty darn special too.

  37. Chris says:

    I’d laugh if she won an Oscar this role. This forum would go into meltdown if she did. :)

  38. jham says:

    she looks so bad, and its not even meant to be hurtful or mean-spirited. I mean the statement more in the sense that I actually am starting to feel sorry for her and fear for her life. Its not about losing her looks – which she has and then some – but it has now become more about watching someone destroy themselves and that’s not even slightly entertaining or deserving of mockery. People should be praying for her at this point as a fellow human being if nothing more!

    • Zooyork says:

      I think she may be a sociopath… not a fellow human being…
      I only care about those that in turn care about others.

    • Anahata says:

      I don’t think she has looks “and then some”. I think she had looks. They’re gone now, not coming back either.

    • deep says:

      I agree..she’s not healthy right now. It’s easy to get carried away and trust me…I do get carried away. But, I always say that I do truly feel sorry for her. And, I wish she would get it together. And, IMO she was a cute child actress and as most child actors do, she went off the deep end. It didn’t transfer into an adult career. And, that’s move on and make a life for yourself. It’s okay to not be a star. Actually, I wouldn’t want it. No way, no how. The big stars may be very wealthy but most aren’t happy. They change mates like undergarments and they seem to always be searching and never finding true happiness. Me, I very happy with my life and feel very blessed.

  39. Thea says:

    Some of the swelling in her face is also due to sinus issues. Snorting coke, crack and what have you has her sinus passages inflamed, and tissues swollen. Plus I would say definite Prednisone. Said way to live and even sadder when she dies. I would be so embarrassed by all this if I had done it, I would have crawled away. Unfortunately, it is considered ”cool” to have an arrest record and hit the paper everyday. Whatever happened to character?

    • crazycatlady says:

      It isn’t your cheeks and chin that swell when you have sinusitis. It’s around your eyes.

      • deep says:

        agree..she’s just down right bloated from alcohol. She’s a mess. And, wonder why they didn’t tell her to clean her act up before shooting this film. Can’t they see that she looks awful. And, makeup doesn’t seen to make it better.

        On another note..I just saw where someone said what will we say when she nails this movie and does a great job. That’s not verbatim…I’m summing it it’s not word for word. Well, first of all I think I would be very pleasantly surprised. And, second of all I would be proud and say go Lindsay! I really do feel sorry for her and wish her well. I don’t wish any ill will towards Lindsay or anyone else. I want us all to be the best that we can be. So, if she nails it…good for her!!

  40. bitta83 says:

    chin is prosthetic. her pr hack needs to clarify that.

  41. bitta83 says:

    Liz eventually went under the knife the fix her double-chin. only the most superficial and meaningless of details of her life will be highlighted in this pic.

  42. janie says:

    I have a friend who has been addicted to coke and oxycontin for a few years now. It’s getting harder and harder to see her because every time we hang out she’s gotten worse, and there is literally nothing I can do to make her stop. If I talk to her about it, she denies having a problem and says she’s just having fun. My friends and I have just about given up on her. It’s fucking painful.

    I wonder how many friends Lindsay actually has now. She sounds a lot like my friend; both pretend their addiction is normal party behavior while it actually rules their lives.

    Luckily for my friend, a lot of her old dealers don’t talk to her anymore because they know she has a problem and care about her. Lindsay probably has nobody to tell her to stop and her dealers likely would rather keep taking her money than look out for her well-being. This is too sad.

  43. Josie says:

    She should have play Hitchcock not Taylor with the double chin.

  44. jwoolman says:

    Of course she’s stressed. After the crash, they probably wouldn’t let her bring her own water bottle any more. How dreadful – reduced to drinking (audible gasp) real water! Her system couldn’t stand the shock, hence the dehydration.

  45. crazycatlady says:

    OK. The fat face perplexes me. I’m not convinced of any of the conjectures here. Steroids? For what? Bulimia bloat? She’d be thinner then, right? Alcohol? Isn’t she supposed to not be drinking while working on this tv movie? Even if – I’ve known some true alcoholics, and their faces weren’t bloated. Bloating from NOT drinking? Ehhh. Not buying that either. It is a mystery, indeed.

    What isn’t a mystery but merely sad, sad, sad, is the fact that yes, this girl is 26 and looks at least a decade older.

    • deep says:

      Alcohol does make people puffy. I’ve known alcoholics that were very bloated. Reason being, they drink and they don’t eat. Their bodies aren’t getting the proper nutrition that it needs. And, they really don’t drink enough water. That is unless it is mixed with alcohol. And, the alcohol plus not eating …well they are actually starving themselves. Until she stops drinking and drugging and starts eating proper foods and drinking water she will continue to deteriorate. And, she’s def on a fast track. So she must have started drinking/drugging at a very young age. It really is sad. Look at her arms. She doesn’t even have muscle tone. 25 year olds that aren’t overweight have muscle tone.

      • Sugar says:

        and there in lies the problem we all keep saying she’s only 25 & just look at her. She’s is thinking I’m only 25 (26 in a few weeks) look @ me. She is young (same age as my daughter) LILO believes she is indestuctable yet she must wake up everyday feeling like crap. She is a classic textbook mess in everyway.
        As a mom I loath her mom because she enabled her daughter to become this crackenstein of a monster & yet to this day is as dense to her daughters obvious impending demise. I throw up my hands!!!

      • Jovia says:

        “It really is sad. Look at her arms. She doesn’t even have muscle tone. 25 year olds that aren’t overweight have muscle tone.”

        @deep: This.

      • Jovia says:

        “As a mom I loath her mom because she enabled her daughter to become this crackenstein of a monster & yet to this day is as dense to her daughters obvious impending demise. I throw up my hands!!!”

        @Sugar: I know- As a mom, I loathe her mom too. The denial in the family Lohan is incomprehensible.

    • Kristina says:

      She has the same face as Christina Aguilera.

  46. kitty-bye says:

    What about the actor that has to kiss :P ~~**

    Compare with “Missing” actress.

  47. Poppy says:

    At the moment, my only comment on this is – get the girl a freaking bra already! What is she, allergic to them or something?!

  48. Lady_Luck says:

    I still can’t believe they are allowing her to play Liz! Out of all the actresses out there that they could’ve chosen. Dita Von Teese I think would’ve made an excellent Liz Taylor. Or Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis or Megan Fox (dare I say it). This casting of Cracken is a real travesty to the name of Liz taylor who in her hay-day was the epitome of elegance, glamour and beauty.

  49. erika says:

    god pls help lindsay. guide her in your way


  50. ramona says:

    My cat looks more like Liz than this crack ho does. And he’s a better driver.

  51. shoeaddict says:

    If this was a fake chin and jaw line, they would be shooting all of her fat face scenes nonstop as it would take too much time to keep reapplying her fat face on a daily basis. This is budget, people, it ain’t “Mrs. Doubtfire.” And as for coke/alcohol bloat-while just a tiny bit might be from that- most,if not all, is from injectable fillers in her face. Crackie has been getting injectables whether pharmaceuatical grade or her own body fat transfers for years in varying degrees. See pink fur and/or Ungaro fashion show photos as proof. The only thing different from then to now is that she has been going overboard with them. Of course older women get this done and NOT SOME 25 YEAR OLD. See new photos of Barbara Walters as an example of body fat transfers to the face. She needs to stop with the adderall because Crackie is more delusional than ever. There is absolutely NO WAY that a SOBER woman, especially a vain famewhore such as Crackie,could ever think this face looks good much less walk out in public looking like this. Drugs do make your perception of reality effed up-this is what is happening here. As far as her lack of muscle tone-when you have an addiction to stimulants(because that’s what she has), be it adderall or crack, you have significant fat and muscle tone loss. When she comes down from her stimulant bender she most likely takes a few too many ambien. Which would explain why no one could initially arouse her from her deep sleep last week. This is no longer funny, but sad. Only she can help herself. Since she’s had no discipline or boundaries her entire life, it is most unlikely that she will survive her addictions.

  52. Newtsgal says:

    Dear Gawd,
    She is in her mid 20′s and she already has the ol’ lady chicken flaps under her arms. What the hell is up with that?
    Don’t even get me started on that beer gut!!!

  53. Ruffian9 says:

    How can someone’s face be that bloated/aged at, what, 25? Is it drugs? Alcohol? I have a firmer jawline at 42, and I’m no sculpted world class beauty by a long shot. I don’t get it.