Johnny Depp’s team wants you to know that it was all Vanessa Paradis’s fault

LaineyGossip has a great exclusive on Us Weekly’s cover story this week, all about what “really” went down in Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s marriage. I didn’t realize that Johnny was BFFs with the publisher of Us Weekly, Jann Wenner, until Lainey pointed it out. People Magazine, Star, the Enquirer, In Touch and Radar have all been doing “exclusives” revealing Johnny’s womanizing propensities and full-blown mid-life crisis, and now – with Us Weekly – we have the sanctioned Team Depp response. Although I’m not sure how this makes Johnny into the sympathetic one, since they’re pretty much saying Depp did in fact screw around with various women when he was still with Vanessa. Some highlights, via Lainey:

*Vanessa was so horrible and Johnny was so miserable that Johnny started drinking and he strayed with other women including “allegedly, an extra on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean” (the last one). He also maybe fooled around with Eva Green, Amber Heard, his publicist and God knows who else (this is Depp’s official version, remember).

*Vanessa wanted to break up 2 years ago because she was unhappy – Vanessa “complained all the time about their low key lifestyle. She didn’t want to stay on a private island and quietly raise their babies. She was bored and restless. V was the one who wanted to move to LA and that’s when it all unravelled.”

*Vanessa “was the one who insisted that he make big budget Disney movies because she loved the money. Johnny wasn’t interested but only did them for her.” Then, when Johnny became the biggest movie star in the world, Vanessa resented his success.

*A source says, :“Nothing Johnny did was ever good enough for Vanessa. When he was working, she wasn’t happy. And when he wasn’t working, he was called a slob for not doing enough for the kids and her family.”

[Via LaineyGossip]

It’s pretty typical blame-the-woman stuff, and I find the most appalling part is that Vanessa is blamed for Depp’s career trajectory away from smaller, artsy films to big blockbusters. Please. HE was the one who liked the money – that’s always been clear. He loves the money, he loves all the toys he can buy, and he loves being on his own. I understand the need to get “his side” out there, but surely Team Depp knows that blaming Vanessa for everything won’t win them any fans? Or maybe it will.

Anyway, Radar/Star is still claiming that Johnny and Amber Heard have been involved for quite a while. A source told Star, “Johnny’s been smitten with Amber for a long time… [when they started filming together in 2009,] with both of them having wild, bohemian streaks, their chemistry was off the charts!” Meanwhile, Johnny is said to be spending a lot of time with English actress Ruth Wilson, on and off the set of The Lone Ranger. You know who Ruth Wilson is, right? She’s a very talented stage, television and film actress who is currently dating Jude Law. Jude Law versus Johnny Depp: bitch-fight? Another source tells Radar/Star that Ruth is “an unconventional beauty who’s just Johnny’s type. They’ve discreetly been spending as much time together as possible — on and off the set.”

Ruth Wilson:

Johnny and Amber:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Am embarrass for him, since his punk ass has no shame

    • Agnes says:

      it is rather embarrassing, to trash the mother of your children (not uncommon though, of course). too bad that, despite the “cool” persona he always tries to project, he’s everything but classy.

      • jesstar says:

        He is coming across as a total loser.

      • Terry says:

        If Vanessa already agreed to a settlement then if this is Depp’s PR at work. She is already aware this cover would happen. Vanessa is getting paid off enough to keep quiet. She is no Jennifer Aniston and is no one’s victim. Vanessa likely has her own lover so they both are moving on.

        Lainey is going full circles though. Before she decided she was no longer a fan of Depp. She defended him and denied majority of rumors that came about. He could do no wrong. She said that Depp didn’t hook up with an extra on the Pirates set. Stating it wasn’t part of his game like Gerard Butler. Now she says something else.

        The moment Ryan Gosling disappoints her, you will see her do the same to him as Depp. Maybe she will finally bring up how and why Gosling/McAdams broke up. Which would not put Ryan in a nice light.

      • blasted1 says:

        Terri, you’re 100% about Lainey. If a celebrity doesn’t conform to her “moral code” they get dissed big-time. I think it takes 2 people to make or break a relationship. Sorry for injecting some reality in here. Us Magazine is a rag. However, I hope Johnny doesn’t take up with that ugly English actress. Vanessa was way ugly enough.

    • corny says:

      no shame and no class, just a phony accent left

    • Carolyn says:

      PR fail. I’m suprised Depp is presenting this PR spin. It’s 2012 and the divorce rate is increasing…one party doesn’t have to be publicly blamed. 10 years ago I might have been more interested in him…now? Meh.

    • don't judge says:

      geez people how do you KNOW this article was Depp’s work? it makes him come across MUCH MUCH worse than Vanessa,WHY would he do that?
      just because he knew one of the co-owners of the US weekly throught HST doesn’t mean they’re gonna ask for his permission to publish juicy stories.

  2. Tiffany27 says:

    Wait, so Amber Heard is not a lesbian? I am confused by this and I’m also very disappointed in the way Johnny Depp is behaving. That’s the mother of your children dude, show some respect.

  3. Tanguerita says:

    oh my, another douchebag is showing his colours…

  4. CG says:

    Didn’t he say when the first Pirates came out that he did it for his kids, who were both young then? He thought he should do a movie that they could actually see, so he signed on for that? Could have been BS, but I bought it at the time.

  5. Carrie says:

    Depp’s RP team would be more clever if they said or wrote nothing.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Right?! What is it with all the slip ups in the PR world today? First the dumb as f*ck “not our fault” statement of the Disney people, now the Depp idiocy… come on, people! Those are high paying jobs, don’t any of you want to keep ‘em…?

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Doesn´t surprise me. He shares the same publicist with Ryan Gosling and considering how Robin Baum handles the GoslingMendes stories, she doesn´t seem to know what she´s supposed to be doing.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Well, I’m thinking that we are about to hear A LOT about JD’s philandering. I suppose his team is scrambling to offer some kind of excuse/explanation before the sh!t really hits the fan.

      • Terry says:

        Sean Penn is vile but he still makes movies and wins oscars. He is a well known cheater and it doesn’t hurt his career. No one in Hollywood cares about that. Only the tabloid enjoys to milk a scandal out of it.

        I don’t see how US is favorable to Depp. It accuses him of cheating and being a drunk. His so called friend is selling him out to get sales. The other tabloids have his story at the corner of the front page. US Weekly makes him front cover news. Friendships don’t last in HW.

    • Miral says:

      Actually, I doubt Depp’s PR Team said nothing to them…I’ve read the article and they even name Robin Baum (his publicist) as one of his alleged conquests!!

      How is that possible if his PR Team are behind this?

  6. Sillyone says:

    Please don’t make me hate you Johnny..Shut your woman pleaser.

  7. bns says:

    Idiot. Is anyone else surprised by how ugly this is getting? I foolishly thought he’d be super stealth and private about it like he is about his boozing/midlife crisis. Oh, well…

    • Katie says:

      I thought they’d be civil and relatively mum as well. I am pretty surprised at how much “information” is flying about.

    • Paul says:

      Really? This is suck BS,and surprizes me how many for you people actually think its true!! Fact is Depp said “he wanted to make a kids movie for his kids” This is the same mag. that claimed teen moms Catelynn was pregnant!

      We she isnt,you trolls must buy everything you read has true! Leave depp and vanessia alone!! Half of the break up was i bet 90% the press! The same press that MUREDERED DIANA!!

      Its not true unless UNLESS Depp or Vanessa said it,its not true. And they have been silent. its 100% bullsh%t!!

      One more thing there arent not married so stop saying there where!

  8. mwa says:

    That Ruth person is ugly. Johnny is one sexy man.

  9. lisa2 says:

    I think it is WTF that they are just saying he an Amber had an affair. I think that would affect her career more so then Johnny. And who is to say that Johnny is approving these stories. US and other tabloids have posted stories about other celebs for years that are not true by any stretch of the imagination.

    • jamie says:

      You obviously have no idea how PR works. when stories like this are sent out, someone’s team is behind it to “get their side of the story”. Us Weekly and People are the top two celeb magazines, they get the goods from the star’s teams. People, the mag that broke the news of johnny and vanessa split in january acknowledged the rumors that he’s been sleeping with his publicist. That probably alienated johnny’s team sending the goods to their friends at US weekly. the publisher of us weekly happens to be bffs with johnny and the article bashes vanessa. coincidence? no.

      • Paul says:

        No you dont have a clue to how P/R works. Anyone can sell a “story” and claim there “best buddies” so they can sell there mag. I call BS!

      • Terry says:

        If Robin Baum had been working with People from the beginning then they wouldn’t have named her as one of the other women he has supposedly been seeing. You think she approved of that?

        She released the breakup statement to ET tonight not People like celeb’s PR usually does.

      • don't judge says:

        wow and you think if Depp had the authority to pulish what he wanted in US-weekly THIS was what he would have come up with? that he is a cheater and has substance abuse problems? I don’t think so!
        US weekly wants to sell ,they don’t care who they’re tarshing in their process and Depp and the publisher are not BFFs ,they had a mutual friend,HST.

      • Djinn says:

        Used to work for a tabloid mag in Australia and while yes we did get lots of stories from PR teams we also made stuff up, completely and totally invented it, throwing in the “a source close to” line. The phrase “don’t believe everything you read” was invented for celeb magazines. Ive always believed that the majority of readers are well aware they’re reading fiction (or informed guesswork) or straight PR. People don’t buy them for knowledge, insight or integrity, they buy them for a fluffy brain time waster and shiny pictures. Maybe I’m wrong and there’s a large number of people who can’t see the obvious bullshit but if that’s true then I’m not sure I want to live in this world anymore.

  10. valleymiss says:

    Way to throw Vanessa under the bus, }ohnny. Well, I didn’t like Depp before, so this just solidifies that feeling. And btw, blaming Vanessa for him doing those crappy pirate movies is just LOW.

  11. mwa says:

    He has aged better than brad Pitt. Brad’s eyes scare me now.

  12. Riana says:

    Since he was blaming her for so much he should have blamed her for his clothing choices too, because that’s really what’s gone off the rails lately.

  13. marie says:

    I just don’t believe the Amber Heard crap, what I do believe is that he screwed around with his publicist. His publicist is putting this crap out there and ole’ Johnny is ok’ing it.

    This makes me like him even less, show some respect-she is the mother of your children, ya douche..

  14. Blackbird says:

    I’ve gone right off Johnny Depp.

  15. Chatcat says:

    God this is soooo last week. Trashing the mother of your children is so…VULGAR (among so many other things).

    So Deppsh*t you need to STFU and move along and quit wasting our time. There are so many more deserving celebs’ lives for us to contemplate and disscect.

  16. Gigi says:

    It doesn’t have to be anyone’s ‘FAULT’

    People separate every day. As long as he takes care of his children and also respects Vanessa as mother of his children everything is fine.

    J.D. FAN FOREVER ! :)

  17. Heather says:

    This is just pathetic. I have loved JD since 21 Jump Street, but he is quickly sinking low in my eyes. I think I speak for tons of women out there. We thought you had more class than to trash the mother of your two children, with whom you spent 14 years!

  18. The Original Mia says:

    Oh, Johnnny! Should have been a man & said nothing. Shame on you for blaming Vanessa because you sold out & people have finally tired of seeing you in Burton films in heavy makeup.

    Mid-life crisis in full bloom. I don’t even have a strong opinion about Vanessa, but girl…take him for everything you can.

  19. Liz says:

    Ruth Wilson is an amazing actress, when she played Alice in Luther she was chilling!

  20. ZigZagZoey says:

    Walk the plank you douche!
    And PUHLEASE, he didn’t do the POTC movies for the money? LMFAO, okay Johnny…..

  21. Ainsley says:

    Man, this is bs. I get annoyed with people like Johnny who love and adore money but try to act like they’re above it. They never seem to give it away, do they? Nope, they keep chasing the dollar. That’s fine, just don’t be a hypocrite about it.

    Vanessa is better off free of this man-child. His mid-life crisis is only going to get worse and more embarassing.

  22. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Johnny Depp would be right at home at the Renaissance Fair! He should ask John Mayer for fashion and d–khead tips as they seem quite simpatico now.

  23. QoFE says:

    I want to know how long it takes him to put on all those necklaces before he leaves the house.

  24. Leah says:

    Slime ball. Low class. Shame on you, Johnny.

  25. Jenny says:

    So, the male friend of Depp’s and publisher of US is making sure that the mother of Depp’s children is the “bitch” causing all this adult man’s apparent transgressions, including him making films for the “stupid” money and blaming the lack of intellect of movie goers in the United States for not understanding his failed film and “making” him cheat?

    Wow, kind of sad. It would have been better to just say they drifted apart and leave it at that.

  26. Lucy2 says:

    I seriously hope his camp isn’t behind the Vanessa trashing, because that’s just low. Whatever happened, play nice publicly for the sake of the kids.

    • valleymiss says:

      Of course Johnny’s camp is behind it. Considering his friendship with Jann Wenner (who owns many mags including Rolling Stone and US Weekly), nothing would get printed in Us Weekly without JD’s approval. They would NOT do a story like this without at the least consent, and at the most, *encouragement* from JD’s team. Johnny is scum. He totally approved that cover story.

      • Gabrielle says:

        Are we totally positive that he’s “friends” with Jann Wenner?

        The last Rolling Stone article on him, made him seem like a drunk mess, who not only used the word rape in an inappropraite context, but worse, passed out in a public bathroom at the conclusion of his interview.

        Now this. Maybe they’re not such good friends.

        I’m still fan, I still think he’s so hot. Ugh, I hope Amber Heard is just a rebound fling.

      • Bubulle says:

        Depp and Wenner wrote a book about Hunter S. Thompson, they probably have a lot in common.

      • don't judge says:

        why would they encourage this? the article makes him look TERRIBLE,there’s no way he approved of this.
        and those 2 wrote a book about HST among many others because they were friends with HST,not with each other.

  27. dorothy says:

    Blabbing about your breakup is tacky. Shut up, get divorced and move on.

  28. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ugh. He is just upping the douche factor. Has Vanessa said anything yet or is she just sitting back and watching this dude dig his own PR grave?

  29. Genevieve says:

    But, OF COURSE it’s all VP’s fault!!!

    It’s always the “bitch” stereotype that these guys grab ahold of when their infidelities crater their relationships. It was all HER fault. Can’t any of these middle-aged wankers come up with something more original? Or hire more creative publicists?

    Despite Johnny Depp’s alleged generosity in giving VP half of his 300 mill fortune (fully DESERVED on VP’s part), it’s disappointing that he comes across like a whiny little girl.

    B*tch, please. Let that be the only “Vanessa was evil” story that comes out of your camp.

  30. Gary says:

    From Lainey’s Toronto Soiree!

    *Johnny Depp/Amber Heard – had a threesome in Colorado.
    *Angelina/Brad – not rushing to the altar. Lainey doesn’t think Ang does drugs, because the U.N. drug tests. Lainey thinks Ang has anorexia or “illness.”
    *Beyonce – had baby, no surrogate
    *Kim Kardashian – bargains for 30 percent off at Harrod’s
    *Alexander Skarsgard – Bisexual
    *Biohazard Blind (actress pulls out tampon tosses it on the ground and expects P.A. to pick it up) — Paz de la Huerta
    *Michael Fassbender – He has friends in high places??
    *Justin Beiber – did not get that girl pregnant
    *Prince Harry – was with Chelsy and was also sleeping with another girl
    *Chris Hemsworth – called his ex girlfriend the night before he was married
    *Paul Rudd – douchey
    *Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck – won’t break up anytime soon. Being married is good for his career.
    *Ben Affleck – slept with Blake and also maybe a Bond Girl
    *Cory/Lea Michele – are the real deal.
    *Three Weeks Blind (method actor sleeps with actress on set of movie, actress gets very distraught when he breaks it off) – Anne Hatheway/Christian Bale
    *Cuba blind (actor has male lover in Cuba) – no answer, the actor was in Oceans 11 (guessed to be Matt Damon)
    *Chocolate blind (actor hit on black male security and has a weakness for black men) – no answer, the actor was in Oceans 11 (pretty much revealed to be Clooney)
    *Sacred Straight Blind (cute actor breaks up with dramatic actor, dramatic actor has a breakdown – Michael Pitt (drama), Joseph Gordon Levitt (dimples)
    *Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds read her blog.
    *Twi actors aware of blog.
    *Jessica Biel pulled the plug on the interview because she knows about Lainey’s blog

    • Bubulle says:

      “Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds read her blog / *Twi actors aware of blog/Jessica Biel pulled the plug on the interview because she knows about Lainey’s blog”

      Lainey is in love with herself isn’t she ?.

      “Cuba blind (actor has male lover in Cuba) – no answer, the actor was in Oceans 11 (guessed to be Matt Damon)
      *Chocolate blind (actor hit on black male security and has a weakness for black men) – no answer, the actor was in Oceans 11 (pretty much revealed to be Clooney)”

      She said before it was Matt Damon/ George Clooney why so coy now ?

      “Sacred Straight Blind (cute actor breaks up with dramatic actor, dramatic actor has a breakdown – Michael Pitt (drama), Joseph Gordon Levitt (dimples)”

      He can do better Tom Hardy maybe ?

      “Alexander Skarsgard – Bisexual”

      Ted Casablancas has been saying that for years now he also said Jake G is gay but Lainey vehemently disagree.

      • marie says:

        I read her blog a lot of the time, but she annoys me. Like with the Twilight, she calls out the fans and in the next breath fan-girls all over Stewart.. The only people she really calls out are the people she could care less about, she still has to keep her day job.. Alot of this stuff, we already know. She has a few favorites and she will deny with every breath negative things said about them..

        The blinds are entertaining but I never get them right..

      • Agnes says:

        i agree. i used to read lainey, but she has totally turned me off. she’s way too full of herself, way too much of a fan girl when it comes to some people (like the british royal family) and way too judgmental, even for a gossip blog.

      • Bubulle says:

        Not gonna lie I can’t help but reading her but she can be extremely annoying at times. She’s biased to say the least calling out all the time celebs she can’t stand, and giving a free a pass to her favorites, her sources are also very dubious(Jake G being straight is a good example it feels like she has been paid to say that), that being said I will give her to be very good to analyse certain situation, I think her today’s rant about JD is spot on, didn’t know he was BFF with that Us weekly guy.

      • cr says:

        ““Alexander Skarsgard – Bisexual”

        Ted Casablancas has been saying that for years now he also said Jake G is gay but Lainey vehemently disagree. ”

        The Nelly Fang crap? Ted C’s been so much over the map with that one, I doubt Nelly actually exists.

      • HotPockets says:

        I hate She is off on a lot of things and I don’t think she has the best insider insight and it SHOWS. To be honest, celebitchy, dlisted and TMZ are the only gossip sites I visit, mainly because they’re not as biased as the other ones and seem more accurate, plus I love the commentary on this site and the threads that form. Michael on Dlisted cracks me up. He HATES everybody, except the silver fox.

    • Hautie says:


      I love seeing some of her twisted word…blind items… were answered.

    • NM6804 says:

      Smut: Love this!

      Anyway, this article: AW HELL NO! Johnnypoo, get it together!

      Everybody knows he’s making the money because he wants too. In one interview he even said he did it “for the children”. With his money he’ll easily provide for five generations. Greedy ass!

      Paradis makes her own money and it’s clear she does it with integrity (meaning not selling out for money).

      How long can one of the best actors and previously most interesting A-list quirky stars fall?!

    • Bad Irene says:

      Thank you so much for posting this!

    • littlestar says:

      Wow, thanks Gary! I would have loved to have been at Lainey’s Smut Soiree! They sound like so much fun. Holy, did you ever get some juicy gossip.

    • Sassenach says:

      I know exactly where you copied and pasted this from and I hoped you are found out and kicked out. What happens there stays there. It’s not to be posted on blogs like this where the commenters have a serious hate fest for Lainey. There are also other people with inside info where you lifted this who could get in serious trouble if you steal there info and post it here or anywhere else. Please don’t.

    • A says:

      I’m kind of puzzled at the whole hate on Lainey thing. You don’t have to like her or agree with her, but you do realize that she actually interviews various celebrities and works in the industry? She goes to Cannes, TIFF, etc. Now I love Celebitchy and sometimes read Dlisted, but they essentially recycle stories from In Touch, Star, US, etc. They say it right on their websites. They don’t interview celebrities or go to film festivals…they don’t attend after parties, etc…. I mean, Bedhead is apparently based in Tulsa. How on earth do you peg Celebitchy or Dlisted for being more accurate then?

      • cr says:

        I don’t hate Lainey. And yes, this site, and Dlisted, and most of the others do recycle/reprint, etc.
        But Lainey’s the professional, and as a professional she’s not that accurate either. And yet, it’s literally her job. Is she going to be correct all the time? Of course not, but a lot of her ‘info’ doesn’t seem to be so much inside info as her personal feelings, whatever those feelings may be at that moment.
        I enjoy her writing about the game of gossip, those are interesting reads. But even those, how accurate are those? Are those also influenced by how she’s feeling at the moment?

      • littlestar says:

        I agree with you, A. Even before Lainey started working for eTalk, she had still gained reliable sources within Hollywood. I really can’t think of anything that I’ve read on her site that I’ve questioned/didn’t believe. Yes, I have noticed that lately she’s been pretty full of herself, but I still love her insightful gossip.

        Also, who the hell are you trying to kid – and I am talking to the poster who said what happens in the Smut Soiree stays in the smut soiree. Are you for real? Supposedly 800 people went to it. Do you really believe ALL of those people are going to keep the gossip they learned there secret? Like come on. And why shouldn’t us gossips who weren’t able to go to the soiree learn about this stuff?

      • marie says:

        A.. I don’t hate Lainey at all. I enjoy some of her posts, that’s why I continue reading. Yes, she does annoy me for the reasons I listed above but the reason I prefer this site or D-Listed is because I can comment, see opposing views and have a discussion. And ok, sometimes I just like being a bitch.. But I don’t believe one site over the other..It is after all just gossip.

      • A says:

        Ha. Okay ladies, while some of you have different opinions…it all makes way more sense than what I first thought you all meant. I thought you were inferring that Lainey was less reliable than Dlisted, Celebitchy, Star, US Weekly. I do buy the story of Jann Wenner covering Johnny’s ass. I’ve read a few articles on Wenner where it’s been mentioned that Johnny is a very close friend. Wenner’s not going to fuck with his more legit magazines, like Rolling Stone, but he would use one of his more trash mags (like US Weekly) to fight Johnny’s battles.

    • Terry says:

      I remember a long time ago when pattinson and stewart “go together” she made hints it was all a PR stunt. But suddenly she changed her tuned and those past blogs she erased it.

      Lainey has been proven wrong on many of her “sources”. Didn’t she just state Amber Heard was a lesbian and no way possible involved with Depp. Now it is that they had a threeway together.

      Johnny needs to fix his issues but Lainey is a joke honestly.

  31. Andrea says:

    I don’t know why they says the publisher of “US weekly” is BFFs with Johnny?…for what I know the only relation on this is that the “US Weekly” editor was a some point the editor of “RollingStone” and Hunter S. Thompson worked there…but is a bit strech to assume just because this, they’re BFFs when actually Johnny never has gave to them (US Weekly) an interview a difference to “Vanity Fair” were the editor effectively was BFFs with Hunter S. Thompson and is been friend now with Johnny and he has gave to them several interviewa the last couple of years

  32. Jayna says:

    What a crock. Plus he didn’t leak this story. Admitting to cheating over and over? How does that make him look good? And they are rarely at his island because he’s off making movies all over the world. US has put out many bogus stories before. They aren’t People Mag caliber. This is just a made-up story not coming from Johnny.

  33. Bubulle says:

    That’s just so low, I read his kids are both on twitter , what if they read this, but I guess him and his PR team don’t care.

  34. Julie says:

    im still in doubt about the amber heard part.
    personally i think his publicist is just trying to get the attention away from herself.

    also: an extra not telling the press about having sex with johnny depp???

  35. Ida says:

    In an interview for the Guardian JD said they moved to LA in order for him to avoid paying tax in France as well as in the US. Apparently the French had noticed the man had been spending a great deal of time in their fair land and wanted the guy to actually start paying some income tax. It pissed me off at the time. Anyway, what I was getting at is that I seriously doubt VP had very much to do with the move other than agreeing to it. VP doesn’t strike me as someone who would really desire a Hollywood kind of life.

  36. hummm says:

    Vanessa began being with Johnny when she was 26 and he was 39. And one day she woke up (=matured) and asked herself: what am I doing with this scarecrow Christmas tree wanna be? I want my own light!

  37. Happy21 says:

    I find it appalling when celeb couples split and they start bashing each other in the media. It pisses me off. ESPECIALLY when there are children involved.

    Not happy with JD right now…

  38. kaydee says:

    So since they’ve broken up now and it was Vanessa that wanted to live in LA, is he gonna move back to Europe?

  39. alissastoner says:

    Can’t believe how low he has sunk, Who would’ve thought a couple of years ago that Russell Brand’s divorce would more dignified and classy than Johnny Depp’s.

    Team Vanessa all the way, I’ve always loved her.

  40. Lisa says:

    Wow, Ruth Wilson getting to choose between Johnny Depp and Jude Law. I mean, she’s a good actress (Loved her in Jane Eyre), but that surprises me.

  41. Yeipi says:

    Fair is fair…despite the hate on Johnny here or from Lainey (yeah! she hates him) all media has been destroying him for this breakup, pointing him as “guilty” even after a fair trial…

    So now we have another vission, not very kind with Vanessa (but not kind to Johnny too (other womans, booze)) and we assume is his PR team behind them?

    Doesn’t matter how much we hate Johnny right now, but we don’t know Vanessa (we know she is a singer, and she’s french and in their relationship Johnny explode in the middle of the mega-blockbusters world) so assume she is a SAINT and he a DEVIL it’s just being prejudice…

    All the stories have two sides…if we don’t want to know the other side, we better don’t read this stories

  42. alissastoner says:

    and…wasn’t it his decision to move to LA because he didn’t want to pay taxes in two countries and Vanessa was the one who wanted to stay in Europe.

    • Aboveall says:

      According to Lainey, Vanessa wants to move to LA because she doesn’t wants that Lily grow up as a nomad and stablished them in US gave to her a regular life, foundations, school, friends, etc

      • stop the madness says:

        No, she wanted a stable home for her. He didn’t want to be a resident and pay the French tax and the US tax, so they moved back to LA.

      • Terry says:

        They have always been based in LA. Their kids from the beginning attend that french school in LA. The whole living in France full time was never true. During the summer sure, but I don’t see how Vanessa would live full time in Paris when the kids are enrolled at school in LA.

        Lainey should know that. I’m sure any of her great sources would have told her that.

  43. Johnny: why would you feel that you had to give any explanation to the public about your personal business and especially play the blame game with a woman you were with for so long and who is the mother of your children. When are celebrities going to learn to tone down that sh*t. If you ignore it, it won’t exist. Since people no longer know how to be discreet, they should learn to just be quiet when required or asked to trash a former lover or co-worker.

  44. Christian says:

    Sad that Amber Heard’s PR team will jump at any chance to shove her back in the closet. She’s gay. Get over it.

    • valleymiss says:

      Wait, can’t Amber be bi? Wow, Cynthia Nixon was right…bisexuality doesn’t get any respect! :-D

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @Christian – If Amber Heard herself has described herself as having relationships with both men and women (someone up-thread has a quote), then you shouldn’t be labelling her orientation for her.

      Isn’t that just trying to put her in a different closet?

    • Lafairy says:

      Totally agree! but it speaks volume about her, she chose staying in a semi-closet!

      To the other 2 posters! I totally respect bisexuality, whe indeed the person is a bisexual.
      Amber Heard came out as a lesbian, just a lesbian out and proud at that time, she was really clear and open about it defining herself as a lesbian

      she changed her tune just recently for career reasons, an the “I don’t like labels, I like both men and women” is a very new tune in order to comply with her blooming career.

      So it is saad that she has chosen a semi-closet for barbie roles

  45. Rory says:

    I didn’t think they were married, officially, I mean.

  46. mia girl says:

    I can totally relate to Vanessa. I was once in love with Depp, but he has been boring the shit out of me for years too.

  47. Cassandra says:

    I love how presumptuous and feminist this article is. Of course Vanessa can’t be blamed! How awful of him to say anything against her. Of what I can see, HE, personally, didn’t utter a word. It’s all the press’s manufactured “lettering”. What I can say is that I don’t find the things being said here as unbelievable. The truth is, Vanessa is a no-one, and she would have remained just another one of Lenny Kravitz’s groupies had it not been for Johnny who dragged her into the spotlight (she enjoyed every minute of it). Rarely, when a relationship unravels, is it only one of the partner’s fault. Usually they both have some sort of part to play in the disaster. Let’s not put this plain French girl on a pedestal. Johnny may very well be all the things said in this lewd text – a womanizer, a drunk etc. But he is a legend, and she’s just a small-scale wannabe artist.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Vanessa has had a career of her own since she was 14 years old, and has made a lot of good music and movies over the years. She doesn’t seem the fame whoring type and she will be just fine without Johnny.

      Oh and the so called “legend” Johnny Depp defends child rapist Roman Polanski but compares having his photo taken to promote a movie to being raped, he is clearly a jackass and she is better off without him.

    • Bubulle says:

      Wow I can tell you’re an offended fan, I bet if it was someone else than JD you wouldn’t have said a word, probably even follow the general consensus, also sorry to break it to you but Johnny Depp is not a legend, he has a couple of good performances but nothing to write home about.

    • Ida says:

      Of course it’s presumptuous! It’s a gossip site!! And since when, pray tell, is the adjective ‘feminist’ a swear word? ‘Cause it ain’t in my book.

      • anon33 says:

        THANK YOU!!!

        Jesus Christ if I hear ONE MORE idiotic woman saying, “I’m not a feminist,” her a88 better: be married; unemployed; and let her husband 100% control everything. Otherwise, you are a feminist. You may not be a LIBERAL feminist, but you are a feminist nonetheless.

        All “feminism” refers to is the belief that men and woman are equal. THAT’S IT. If you are saying you’re “not a feminist” then what you are actually saying is that you don’t believe men and women are equal. And all I can say to that is, god help you.

      • Cassandra says:

        Being a feminist doesn’t mean being a crazy man-hater. As for me being his fan…no, actually I’m just an ordinary woman who happens to like some of his movies, and his stage-persona. All I’m saying is that every story has two sides to it. I think that the people who start bashing him and hating him because of his less than perfect behavior need a reality check. He is a human being and he is entitled to a midlife crisis. He doesn’t have to live up to anyone’s fantasies of perfection. As for Vanessa being so famous and having such a stellar career…please, you make me laugh! You have to be blinded with hate to say that she comes close to Johnny’s popularity, and talent. At the end of the day, he’ll be the one who people will remember. She’ll just be the “girlfriend”. You can talk all you want and hate on him, but it’s the truth. I’m just confident and unprejudiced enough to admit that. And no, I’m not a brainwashed housewife, or a groupie. Hard to swallow? I’m sorry.

      • Ida says:

        Sweetheart, you seem to be the only one here who thinks being a feminist means being a man-hater, which is why we corrected you.

        Vanessa is certainly not as famous or as rich as JD, however, what on earth makes you think she wants to be? Because of course all of us must want inordinate wealth, fame, adoration and immortality? The answer is no. Vanessa was with JD for ages, she could’ve exploited his connections, as well as her own, which are not insignificant, to forge a big-ass Hollywood career and she didn’t. Get off her case. Of course there are two sides to every story, no one thinks Vanessa is a saint. It’s just that JD is making a complete ass of himself.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I’m older than most of you – 43 – so I remember when I was a little girl feminist meant a supporter of equal rights for women. However, that changed by the time I was a teen. I refused to be seen as a “feminist” since then.

        The word “feminist” has been bastardized to mean “unshaven man-hating lesbian” thanks to a few loons in the 80s who said things like consensual sex between a man and a woman is rape and a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

        Now to be a total NON-feminist – then again have you SEEN Andrea Dworkin?

        For the record I feel the same way about the word “Christian” which is equivalent with Evangelical Nut-Job instead of a follower of Christ.

    • ella says:

      Vanessa was definitely not a “no one” even if the American audience didn’t know her that well. She was famous way before she met Depp.

      I personally am glad Vanessa is rid of this pretentious a-hole. I hope she returns to France and continues her career.

      (And as for her “enjoying the spotlight” – she really hasn’t taken advantage of all the opportunities that might come with being Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. You really don’t see her in many magazines, Hollywood movies etc. Quite the opposite, she’s been very low-key the whole time.)

      • Angel says:


        Only here in America is Vanessa seen as “just Johnny’s girlfriend”. She was HUGE in France before he ever met her. She dated Lenny Kravitz back in the day, did Chanel ads, she’s loved by Karl Lagerfeld, she had her own career in music and film. I’ve never been a Vanessa fan, but I can’t deny she’s made her own mark in the world. She does have her own money BTW. Sure, not nearly as much as JD. But she’s well connected and will be fine after the dust settles. Just makes me laugh sometimes, if someone or something isn’t huge in the US, it doesn’t count as much. Or at all. I love my country, wouldn’t trade it for the world. But us Americans, we sure can be snobs sometimes.

        And no way is she the one that wanted to move to LA. Give me a break! She loves France, it’s her home. He said he loved it too, he could be anonymous and live his life. Mid-life crisis changed all that. He needs to be in LA for the chicks, the drugs and his creepy friends. Seriously, hanging out with Marilyn Manson? Two middle aged dudes, wearing too much makeup, trolling for girls half their age…that’s a deal breaker right there. I think Vanessa just said “F this, I’m out!”

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I thought he moved back to LA when she kicked him out.

        I heard he’s been buying up real estate in “hipster” areas (you know people half his age – lol) and not living in his mansion in West Hollywood.

    • Anna says:

      Cassandra, don’t be a crazy fangirl. It’s just ridiculous.

      The truth is, Vanessa is a no-one, and a wannabe actress.

      You need to travel a lot. In Europe, Vanessa Paradis is a recognizable name SINCE she’s 14 years old and maybe one of the top ten famous female stars right now in France alongside Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani and Marion Cotillard -No doubt about that-. She won the Cesar award -The french Oscars- at the age of 17 years. And finally is one of the oldest spokerwomen of Channel since 1991. You need to check facts before saying these kind of statements.

      Johnny Depp is a legend…

      HAHAHAHA, maybe 15 years ago, when he was an interesting actor which make risk roles yes, but now, Johnny Depp at 48 is a cartoonish old version of the young Depp and the whore of Disney. Since Sweeney Todd he didn’t make any interesting or demanding role. Even in PE -His supposed ticket to the Oscar- he was overshadowed by Crudup and Cotillard performances. Dark Shadows was a box office BOMB.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      He’s a legend?

      He’s a wanna-be rock star whose career is unraveling and that has nothing to do with Vanessa.

      • Adrien says:

        So true about the wannabee rockstar. Vanessa at least made decent music and was respected by highly regarded musicians, something Depp can’t seem to achieve. He tried to live like one (remember the 90s where he trashed a hotel like he’s some Woodstock rocker) and he tried to look like one (Adam Ant, Jack White, Jarvis Cocker). He even compiled an album with contributions from well-known artists with PotC director Gore Verbinski. Meanwhile, Vanessa performed with classical musicians.

  48. sup says:

    i’ve never even been a fan of vanessa but johhny’s so full of sh-t about this one. we all have witnessed his decline into a messy midlife crisis. i remember back in the nineties he always obsessed about youth too. it seemed his life with vanessa had helped him become more grounded and cool for a while, and i was happy to see that because he is one of my fav actors. but now trying to get back to the past and spin this around to the woman who gave you her years as well as three children is petty and low. even for a celeb.

  49. storyteller says:

    I’m surprised at the Depp camp. Why would they need to do this? Do they imagine this is a Brad/Angelina situation where we are all just dying to hear the details of every move they make? I for one don’t really care they’re getting divorced. It happens. But it’s a shame it is going down this route. With kids involved, it would have been wise to keep this as civil as possible. But clearly wisdom is NOT in abundance in this scenario.

  50. hooooho says:

    French media are blaming her saying that she has an affair with his longtime collaborator Mathieu Chedid…

    So I think we need to stop thinking that any PR of one of them are moving stories…is just that all tabloids needs to create an “scandalous” story to sell their magazines!!

    When they talk…when Vanessa says something or Johnny, then we could blame them for their declarations…until that this madness it’s just SPECULATION and RUMORS!!

  51. valleymiss says:

    This Johnny-approved pr attack on Vanessa (and don’t get it twisted – this is fully signed off on by Johnny) is gonna backfire on him, bigtime. Vanessa, just play it cool and don’t say a word. You’ll come out smelling like a rose, while ol’ Johnny digs his own pr grave.

  52. Alice says:

    another crush ruined….cillian murphy better not f*ck up

  53. Meanchick says:

    Mybe JD didn’t “approve” the bash article, but a real man who cares about his kids and the mother of his children would issue an “I never said any of that, VP was and is a wonderful person, blah-blah-blah statement.” Trashing your ex after you turn into a mid-life jackass is old and typical, but it takes an extra special dickhead to blame the spouse for his cheating. I call her his spouse because hey were together for 14 years and had two kids. If he did give her half of his money, he didn’t do it willingly and maybe that’s why he {may have} ok’d such a douchey article. Men become extra selfish during a midlife crisis, he wouldn’t have wanted to be fair to her, I mean he was cheating on her! He passed ‘fair’ about 6 years ago.

    • telesma says:

      Exactly this. If he didn’t sign off on it, why hasn’t he issued a correction? Why would a good man tolerate the slandering of the mother of his children, even if he is no longer with her? Far more likely that he’s signed off and his PR team is spinning this so hard for him that their wheels are smoking.

      And they are failing. I’m no fan of Vanessa Paradis, but every time I see something like this I think what a douchebag he is for airing his dirty laundry in public and trying to make her look like the bad guy when as far as I’ve seen she hasn’t said a word.

      • don't judge says:

        there have been multiple stories that trashed him and he didn’t make a statemanet. maybe he just doesn’t want to fuel the stupid tabloids?
        there is no direct quote from him in the article so why would he issue a statement? to give this all more attention?
        the article doesn’t make him look good,no way in hell he approved of it.

    • ggg says:

      totally, if he doesn’t say anything or defends her, then i don’t have any other option than believe it, i am sorry johnny but you lost all my respect, and this story doesn’t make him look better looks like he is still bashing her for his behavior that’s so low johnny, so low

  54. Bohomot says:

    This journalist from bohomot writes for “US WEEKLY” and she’s been blaming Vanessa for months…so doesn’t surprise the “focus” on the new story!

    You could read what she says since the beginnin of the rumors

    She claims that she has an affair

    About the official split

    In this she talks about what she reports for US Weekly

    And more details

    • NM6804 says:

      Bohomoth is full of shit and biased at that too. If she (Jenny Paul) just wrote a blog like CB (commenting on the reports instead of making up her own) I wouldn’t be offended by her writings but she always pretends she has inside info and it’s clear she’s just eurotrash. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that. It’s a vile blog with dense writers (that Shiny person is ridiculous).

      • Nahi says:

        So she’s just as annoying as Lainey…extremely biased and who pretends to know the entire truth about everything

        They aren’t differents! just one has better connections (that Bohowhat? works for medias, Lainey just work for his blogger shippers)

    • Meh says:

      Actually, I don’t think she’s very good with Johnny neither

      She portrays him as very weak man (on his mind) with several issues, with autoagresion, who doesn’t cope with his own fame, who hates hollywood but can’t stop to work…depressive, very dependent on Vanessa and very selfdestructive…

      That isn’t a good image of him…actually it’s very sad indeed

  55. lisa2 says:

    It is amazing that people are still under the assumption that everyone reads the tabloids or frequent gossip sites. I have a friend that is a big depp fan. Tried to get me on the bandwagon for year. I mentioned the breakup and she didn’t know. She doesn’t read rags and doesn’t go to gossip sites. She goes to his movies. So for years everyone thinks the world is influenced by what people like us are saying..

    nope we are not that relevant outside the land of internet gossip. Especially when you consider that many of the posters here frequent other sites and post on them. Makes the gossip world a whole lot smaller when see it that way.

    • ernie says:

      I can hear the conversation for US Weekly’s cover design: “Let’s pick the photo of Johnny where he looks the most innocent.”
      Regarding Vanessa, she has been collaborating with M (Matthieu Chedid)for many years, they are very close friends and artists together. Just google them. She would only move to L.A. for her children’s sake, she’s a big star in France, just won a best actress award for ‘Cafe de Flore’ film with the French/Canadian director. They have both said in countless interviews that the most important thing to them is their children. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I think US is just spinning some tales to keep the real issues at bay….

  56. mar says:

    sorry but from day one I think he was into Amber. I am good at picking up on things, and they have been doing it for a while.

    Look at her, I would go bi for her too.

  57. lower-case deb says:

    goodness. think of the kids :( i’m really sad for the kids now. to read about their parents on the media (see the covers etc), or to hear it from their playmates?

    my cousin was 10 or 11 when my aunt divorced her husband. both of them were justifying themselves up and down to anyone who wanted to hear (this was pre-internet, and they’re nobody famous).

    but you know what, stories travel anyway, and somehow the kids at school found out about it. this was the day when divorces were a HUGE taboo in my country (like shacking up before getting married is also a taboo; now all are still taboo but less so).

    those little sh!ts just ripped my cousins to bit verbally. teasing about all the little details they “heard” from the parents. there are some symphathetic ones, of course, actually children from broken marriages too (but managed to stay under the radar because their parents just go about it quietly; there’s this girl that nobody knew her parents were actually divorced, the parents made a united front on parents days and whatnot, pretending for the sake of the kids).

    what i learnt from it is, that some people just can’t help but mudsling here and there and forget there are KIDS in the family. that if you really, really really MUST air dirty laundry, please air it when your kids have more defenses, more grown up, whatever.

    my cousin still bear the emotional scars until now. :(

    edit to add: this being said, i know they’re celebrities and these tabloid stories may just be fabrications of the Fanfiction Department of certain tabloids. but even if they fabricate these stories, must they be so… vicious? don’t they have kids?

  58. BB says:

    Apparently Amber Head splits from her girlfriend, perhaps because of these rumours, I think I wouldn’t be able to handle with

  59. skuddles says:

    So not nice for the kids to have to hear that Dad was screwing around on Mom….

  60. Anon says:

    Slate PR has slimy, dirty publicists that are over-invested in their clients’ lives. I always wonder how much money they are really milking from their clients’ lives to lie, spin, try to destroy others, plant and deny, erase messes, etc. and put their own selves in the spotlight. Big turn off, stars, you should fire them.

    • Terry says:

      yes, but they are better at hiding the most scandalous stories and giving their clients strong publicity. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz had an affair during the making of their movie but Baum snuffed it out for them. Now they are married and have a clean PR. Tabloids could have caused a scandal but they didn’t.

  61. Mira says:

    Is this the new triangle then? Only this one comes with a horse.

  62. Mary says:

    Maybe Johnny’s team prefer people to think that he was the one putting it about because in actual fact it was Vanessa who found somebody else and dumped Johnny. Maybe they fear Johnny’s sexiest man alive who can get any girl he wants reputation will be tarnished, you know what I mean. Maybe they think Johnny Depp the Cuckold doesn’t sound very good. Mark my words, she will step out with a new beau soon enough. I think she tired of Johnny, of having to be HIS slave, living in that boring island. I do believe she hated living there, I mean she’s European, and Europeans love to be in places with cafes, buzzing restaurants etc and not a boring island. I think when she started to make more films, she found the people she worked with far more interesting than Johnny and his possee, and eventually she had a fling, and that led to more and then she fell for someone. Could it be Benjamin Biolay or Matthieu Chedid? Or someone else from her latest film? Like I said, we will soon find out. Give it a couple of months imo.

  63. Mary says:

    I have to say that Johnny looks much happier now than he did a few years back, he was all bloated, getting fat….the kind of look all depressed people have. As for Johnny’s films, when on earth is he going to make The People’s Act of Love? It’s a brilliant story and he bought the rights, so why not forget about those puerile films he has planned (please, can’t believe he’s signed up for more Pirates already), and concentrate on new interesting roles where his face and not his makeup will do the acting.

  64. Jovia says:

    You know who has maintained the hotness from Johnny’s 21 Jump Street days? Dustin Nguyen! (Saw him in an episode of Push Girls this week.)

  65. benny says:

    The vibe I get from them is that it was over a couple years ago, but they stuck together for the sake of the kids. That almost never works.

    When you hang around for the kids but no longer want your partner, you’re gonna start to stray, emotionally, physically, . . . and I think they both did . . . until the kids aren’t enough anymore. And in the meantime, you look like an ass in the eyes of the public. Sometimes dragging it out is worse than a quick break.

  66. Prim says:

    Amber Heard calls the paparazzi and will do anything for her career. Don’t doubt she woild go Depp’s way. She’s loving the rumors and will not shut them down. I thought Johnny Depp was private though. I lose all respect for him if he is with that girl.

  67. LeeLoo says:

    To me, this PR team is trying to begin justifying themselves for when the big shoe of Johnny doing a f**k ton of drugs comes out. I can already see the headlines: “He did all of those drugs because Vanessa made him so miserable!” This also says to me that Johnny was not the one who instigated the breakup and that Vanessa was the one who did because she was tired of putting up with his bullsh** and now Johnny is bitter.

    I hope Vanessa ignores him and moves the kids back to France. It’s only going to get worse. I totally think Johnny is using his PR team to illicit a reaction out of Vanessa.

    • Meh says:

      For what I’ve know the kids are with him right now…and Vanessa is in France…

      So to me, the U$150 million compensation to her looks more U$150 million to let the children stay with him…

      • Pond_Lillian says:

        Are you suggesting that Vanessa sold her kids to Johnny for 150 m? I do not think so.

      • Pond_Lillian says:

        Are you suggesting that Vanessa sold her kids to Johnny for 150 m? I do not think so. It was more likely to buy her silence because she has some stories to tell.

      • Meh says:

        NO!! not that she sold them…just that she accords with Johnny that the kids would be near him…

        Vanessa hates USA and in the middle of the rumors about crisis between them, she spent several weeks back and forth to France…so If I were her now, I return to France with my children and Johnny can visits them there…

        But no…the kids are permanently in LA, even after the breakup was officialized they were in USA…

        And Vanessa was seen looking for a new house for her in LA…so to me the accord is for the children remain near (or with) their father…

        About “to buy her silence”…I don’t think so…Vanessa is a LADY, I can’t imagine her talking about the father of her children in a bad way (with money or no money)

        The same with Johnny…if he would ever talk about this, I can’t see him saying something bad about her…look what he has said about the “crazy” Winona and “wild” Kate Moss, only good things!

      • Pond_Lillian says:

        Gosh, poor Vanessa if this is true! Once again the sacrifice is hers, she hates LA yet is forced to move here because thats where precious JD wishes to reside. Remember how he was bashing LA, US and whatnot? So kids have to be near him while he parties at Manson’s? Poor, poor Vanessa…my heart goes to her.

      • Martian says:

        Poor Vanessa? with U$150 million on her bag…poor nothing

        And by the way Lainey says that it was her who wants to established in USA first because their daughter

      • Lafairy says:

        @Meh:”vanessa hates the us” from where are you assuming that???

        Vanessa Paradis loves the us, she left France at 17 to live in NYC, that’s how she met Lenny Kravitz, she was back in France only when she was 26 and is living in LA for 7 years now (when lily rose turned 6 they were back in LA for scool reasons sake!)

        And she stated many many times in the press in France that she loves the US because she is not known there and that she can have a life and normal friends that even don’t know her at work at all, that she has rediscovered the pleasure of just being just a person not a famous one!

        Don’t make up stuff ok!

  68. Meh says:

    mmmm a good friend of johnny? but he is saying he was a cheater… nobody knows what really happened between them so I dont understand why everybody is blaming him.

    This relationship was weird, they met and 2 months later she was already pregnant (aparently he wanted to get back with Kate Moss and stayed because of the baby) Im not saying it is true but but you are all acting like Vanessa is a saint. Lets be real we DONT know what happened

    And the mags I have a feeling this isn’t from Johnny or his “people”. They’re just making up stuff to have a story because they certainly aren’t getting anything from V and very doubtfully J.

    Where the media lacks sources, they invent them.

    • kaydee says:

      Does it really matter when THEY got pregnant? If he didn’t want to be with her he didn’t have to. If he was so tricked, why did he make another baby with her 3 years later? JD comes from a broken home (he was a couple years older than his daughter when his parents split up) so it makes sense that he is repeating the cycle,
      Whether he wants the relationship to be over is his choice and is totally fine, but I hate when people say someone was trapped. Thats another way of calling a child a mistake! It’s not cool!!

    • Martian says:

      Yeah! The only thing I’m getting out of this is that two people that once loved each other very much realized they wanted different things in life. I think gossip outlets are desperately trying to find some dirt (no suprise here).

    • Lafairy says:

      You are truly a Vanessa Paradis hater aren’t you?

      This is the second time I catch you spreading lies on this thread!

      Johnny Depp never planned to go back to Kate Moss at all, he was actually runing away from her, nad for the madness of their relationship, at that time they were keeping breaking up and breaking up, she even checked at a psychological clinic in England to deal with the break up, and when she learned that he met someone else (without any pregnancy yet) she tried to killed herself y crashing her car on a tree.

      So check your informations before stating very inaccurate things as the Truth.

      And you know in France abortions are not that a big deal( there is no moral pressure as in the US) so if they wouldn’t had wanted to keep their baby they would have gone that way…

      • Mary says:

        I actually think YOU are wrong and should check YOUR facts. Oh and yes it is important that Vanessa got pregnant after only 2 months. None of his exes, who he had been longer with did, but she did. Says alot about her, about how shady she is. She KNEW he would stick around because he loves kids, and before Lily Rose was old enough for pre-school she got pregnant again….to keep him home with her…but it seems like she couldn’t get pregnant anymore after that, and THAT’S why he’s finally left imo. There is a youtube video interview with her where she says she would love to have more babies with Johnny, and when asked how many, she said however many, we’ll have them one at a time, one after another. This was when Jack was still in nappies. I get the feeling he was ‘itching’ to get away from her, and she finally realised he wasn’t that into her and finally accepted it and moved on. As for Kate Moss, I do believe they were still together when he started shooting The Ninth Gate or on a ‘break’, that’s all. I’ve researched it. Also, Vanessa was with Stanislas Merher, living with him. So maybe both Vanessa and Johnny deserved eachother really.

      • Mary says:

        Vanessa not shady? She seemed incredibly manipulative and jealous, back in the day, so I wouldn’t put it pass her ANYTHING. Erm, this old interview from 2000 is very revealing:

  69. Dany says:

    Their kids are the spitting image of Johnny and at least his daughter is old enough to feel the pain by seeing all those headlines… maybe he (and his team) should spare one or two thoughts about these children. Boo, Johnny.

  70. Martian says:

    Aside from the gossip rags spinning their “turn” of events on what happened to break up this relationship, I have heard NOTHING from Depp or Vanessa, or their publicists.

    So take it with a grain of salt, it’s gossip. We have no idea why they split, what the reason, or if he really cheated, or if she was a complaining bitch.

    Until I hear/read something from either of them it’s GOSSIP.

  71. Meg says:

    I’m french and I can tell you one thing, Vanessa is a super star here with or without Johnny. We’ve known her since she was 14 and i don’t know anyone in france who dislikes her (and as you know, french people are quite difficult and (I’m so sorry for that) we find it very difficult to treat someone as good as we treat V) She always seems to me like a discreet , down to earth woman. We never see her in the french tabloids (except when she is promoting her new movie, or her new album) she never gave interviews for nothing. She is the perfect contrary to Leann Rimes, Kim Kardashian or even Goop. Years can go by without hearing from her or about her. So, it’s a pity that Johnny’s people organize that big “Vanessa is a money hungry famewhore” campaign.

    • Pond_Lillian says:

      The public is not stupid, and we all remember quite well how JD was babbling about how precious Vanessa was to him, how he loved her and how she saved him, etc. Lies, lies, a lot of his fans lost all illusions and respect for him over this. Some ppl suggested that this is all gossip, why wouldn’t he issue a brief statement then saying that all rumors not true, they separated willingly, on good terms and he respects her as much as ever. Exactly! This is your proof that this crap is coming from his camp, pre-approved and calculated. He is lucky the Lone Ranger will come out next summer, it would have flopped now, his soccer mom fans hate him now, big time! Much respect for Vanessa, although I can only imagine how tough life will be for her now, trying to commute b/w LA and France.

    • Paul says:

      =) but unlike kardashian all of vanessa’s parts are real!

  72. Terry says:

    Depp has plenty of crazy issues, but I can’t see Baum approving of this cover since it mentions him seeing other women and drinking problems. It backtracks a bit but is not a favorable story for Depp. So I can’t see him liking this.

    Also, I still believe everything is covering up the Robin Baum rumors. People Magazine was not working with Baum for their first cover since they now name her as one of the other women. He maybe friends with the US weekly owner but they still want to sell magazines.

    US weekly leaves out Vanessa seeing other people as well already. So they both moved on for some time. Robin is trying to make a scandal involving her go away. So she has lost a prime position and is in damage control mode.

    But honestly, soon people will forget and move on to a new scandal. Public’s attention is fickle.

  73. Alexandra says:

    Oh God, where do I start? First off, Wenner and Depp aren’t BFFs – they just had a very close friend in common (Hunter S. Thompson), but this doesn’t automatically make them super-duper friends. Most of my friends aren’t befriended either. Besides, US Weekly was never really too kind with Johnny, to say that they are favoring him. I can actually recall the magazine trashing Johnny quite a lot.

    I don’t know why would you assume that “Team Depp” is behind this, since the article isn’t flattering him AT ALL. I’ve been following the man for years and never once did he say anything bad about his former flames. As a matter of fact, every time he spoke about them he said it was his fault and that he wasn’t good enough for them. Now why would he talk smack about the mother of his children now? It doesn’t make any sense. If he didn’t do it in his early days when he wasn’t so focused, he will do it even less now.

    I am absolutely sure that if he will ever decide to talk about Vanessa, he won’t say ANYTHING negative about her. We will probably never get an official reason of their separation either – both Johnny and Vanessa are too classy and too low-key for this crap.

    Concerning his kids, he recently said that he is of course aware of the things they are exposed to and makes sure they know that the truth about their parents is what they hear from their own mouths and not what they read in the press. Judging by how proud Lily-Rose looked of his daddy a few days ago at the MTV Awards, they must love him a lot. I am sure he does his best as a father.

    For a weird reason, it seems like I am in minority here, but Johnny is too much of a gentleman to talk openly about his relationships. Even in the PR release, they ask for privacy, which obviously is not happening. Johnny tried as much as he could to keep his life private – you wouldn’t see him selling pics with his children to magazines or stuff like that. He is probably disgusted by what’s happening in the media right now – or better yet, indifferent, being more focused on his job instead. He probably thinks he has better things to do than to deny the zillion claims they make about his love life. Those who know him need no further explanations.

    As for his cheating, there isn’t a single evidence of his infidelity and he never was the type. He MIGHT have had one-night stands, but not affairs per se.

    And you are all commenting on his style as if it was something new. He almost always dresses like that – most of his glasses, scarfs, hats and boots are old as hell and many of the necklaces he wears are in fact gifts from his fans. I know this because various fans told me they saw him wearing the gifts they gave to him. You will notice though that he is better dressed when he has to go to important events, like Cannes (Check the pics from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides photocall), Venice Film Festival (2007 – probably my favorite look) or the Golden Globes.

    It’s crap to say that he did Pirates for the money, since at that time, he was pretty convinced that the movie won’t be a success. I think we all remember the stories about the Disney executives scared of what he was doing with the character. There was just something there which caught his attention and he just accepted the part. As for the sequels, he loves the character just too damn much. Now I am not saying that he didn’t think of the money – of course he did, we all do. Nobody wants to do something without receiving anything in return, but sometimes money is not the ONLY motivation. It is a pretty good one, but not the only one. And no man so committed, so enthusiastic and so talented deserves to be called a sellout. He did it for the kiddies, he said it repeatedly. It just does not make any sense to change the version of the story now. Johnny’s hand is not in this. Nobody becomes a jerk overnight and especially not someone like Johnny.

    He is currently working in Creede on The Lone Ranger, having a strict diet based on teas and not a single ounce of alcohol. I have no idea why you insist on making him an alcoholic – he obviously wouldn’t be fit to make so many movies if he would find himself in hangovers all the time. When he was shooting The Tourist, his character was SUPPOSED to be chubby.

    There was a period when he might have been drinking too much, probably because he was already trying to deal with the separation, but he looks clean and healthy now.

    I wish you guys would cover more heartwarming news, instead of trashy gossip. For example, no one mentioned here that 2-3 days ago, Johnny Depp spent 3 hours signing and taking pictures with fans after finishing the filming for the day, even though his security tried to keep it at one hour. Johnny said that if they can wait hours for him, he can stay hours with him as well. Read some of the stories here:

    The same happened when I was in line – he signed for more than 2 hours and made everyone feel special. Instead of ONE OF MANY – for him, you are THE ONE. Not to mention that he sent two incredibly touching letters this week to two fan groups who raised money for charity and donated in his name, on his birthday. He also donated to the same causes on their behalf. It puzzles me that there are so many good things you could say about him and which are actual FACTS, but you focus on rumors instead.

    It’s unfortunate that you are trying to paint him as a villain, when he might as well not screw anyone at the moment. Just let it go. They are both to blame for the split in one way or the other and it’s disgusting how we are pointing fingers as if we were the judges, based only on rumors instead of actual facts. Vanessa isn’t a saint, Johnny isn’t a saint either and just because they don’t deny everything the press writes about them at the moment, it doesn’t mean that they approve it or worse, that they said it. Only they know what happened and only they should know. Sometimes, people aren’t meant to spend the eternity together – love can die for a variety of reasons which don’t necessarily include cheating.

    I can’t wait for this to end, so that we can finally focus on the things that matter, like his work.

    • Pond_Lillian says:

      ^^LOL, die hard fans, idolize JD. Whatever…BTW JD has been never known for excessive charity or any significant causes, apart from some random donations and visiting that hospital in character.

      • Alexandra says:

        I am not idolizing anyone, I am just stating FACTS. Just because he doesn’t go public all the time, like: “OH LOOK AT MEEEE, I DONATED 2392392 MILLION DOLLARS”, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do it. There are many instances where he donated money or visited children at the hospital, for example, but you won’t hear it from his mouth, but rather from the mouths of those who saw him. He just isn’t the type to brag about it. Maybe if you would have bothered to read my long post (yeah, it’s really LONG, sorry about that) in its entirely, you would have noticed that I am not exaggerating with anything and that I am fairly reasonable, basing myself on common knowledge and facts.

    • D1 says:

      If it makes you feel better, I soured on Depp (and several of his celebrity peers) not because of his alleged infidelity but because of his decision to publicly defend rapist Roman Polanski.

      As far as I’m concerned, that’s the most embarrassing & regrettable behavior Depp’s exhibited in recent years, not what’s written in this US Weekly story.

      • Alexandra says:

        In no way am I apologizing Polanski. It was a horrible thing, no matter if the girl pretended to be older, like some claim. But Johnny did have a point though in his defense, if you heard him (It was at the Kustendorf Festival). It’s not that he said Polanski was innocent, but he said that the way they handled the situation was as if Polanski was a predator of sorts, handcuffing him while at a big event and making a media frenzy out of it. I remember Johnny saying: “Why now?” and that’s what I have been asking myself as well. Why now? They had him once in arrest and let him go. But now, that he has a family and is fairly old, he would probably die by the time he should come out of jail…he should have been punished THEN, when they had him, not so many years later when even the victim is trying to get over the events and not have anything to do with the case anymore.

        That’s what always bugged me. Sure, it was cowardly of him to flee, but they could have just kept him there locked in a cell, not giving him the opportunity to run away. Why wait so long to arrest him again and why do it in such a way? That was Johnny’s point.

  74. Darcy P. says:

    Could have sworn that Amber came out as a lesbian awhile ago, and did it by going public with her long term partner? Could be wrong though.

    And also, they were never married to my knowledge? Officially anyways..not cool what he’s doing, but it seems like there’s some huge exaggerations that no one is even bothering to correct.

  75. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I call bullsh-t.

  76. HAPPY says:

    I do agree w/@Paul and @Alexandra. I also agree that we do not know them and this is a crap story. Mr Depp hasn’t said anything bad about his exs. ect. If they were broken up in jan. How can you say he “cheated”? or she is a “bitch”! thats not right! I don’t agree with blaming JD for all we don’t know V isnt a saint either,we may never know. Why don’t we all mind our business. lol

  77. stop the madness says:

    What bothers me most is the untruthfulness and the “How he shielded their kids”. Um, how did he do that exactly? By saying their mother is a money hungry fame-whore, who bores him senseless, fights with him about his substance abuse, and caused him to have relationships with other women?

    I’m using QQ’s line:

    This b NEEDS to shut the ENTIRE F up with this wounded Midlife Crisis tour! Dayum!

  78. HAPPY says:

    How do you know he was “unfaithfull”? Truth is YOU Don’t! For all we know it could have been V cheated on him or it could have been V that said lets end it. Don’t think everything you read is true 9 times out 10 it isn’t. They may have fell out of love happends all the time. I wish Johnny and Vanessa happness,Yes I like & love them both. =)

  79. ZenB!tch says:

    *Vanessa wanted to break up 2 years ago because she was unhappy*

    Then why didn’t she?

    The only thing this does is make him look like a typical asshole male who wants his cake and eat it too. They don’t have the guts to leave the woman they obviously stopped loving but they cheat left and right. If they are that miserable…. LEAVE then date whomever you want.

    This does not make Amber or Eva look any better but it makes him look even worse, IMHO.

    • don't judge says:

      do you know for a fact that he had an affair with those women? no. all these crap about associating him with all these co-stars was started a few months ago after the break-up rumors started. but they weren’t given much weight to,until the breakup was confirmed.
      there has not been one picture or one good proof that Depp was more than just co-stars with them.

  80. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It would be interesting if Johnny Depp and Madonna got together.

  81. Aud says:

    To begin with, they aren’t married. They’re like a common law couple. That’s not relevant, but yeah, just a tiny detail.
    I don’t buy the let’s blame the woman in this scenario.
    What would really make news, and this is me jumping off on a limb here (based on this idiotic headline I read on the cover of an Australian gossip magazine about Angelina having a ‘secret lover’)?
    Depp and Angelina.
    That would be a crack up, but I doubt it – because I don’t really think that he really likes Angelina – going by the subtle reference of Eva Green’s character to Angelina in Dark Shadows.

    I’m more willing to believe that their demise as a couple is more boring and everyday – they grew apart. Kids and a decade or so can do that.

  82. Tara says:

    Johnny is really coming across badly in all this. I know he has a keep quiet and don’t acknowledge the rumors policy but in this case I think he’s going to have to make some kind of statement correcting the truths and the lies because the reputation he’s worked so hard to build is going down the drain now. His PR people are not handling this well at all. I am a fan of Johnny’s and enjoy his work but I have to say that the respect that I have for him is really low at the moment.

    If he doesn’t want to answer the rumors about himself fine but at least he should say something about all the Vanessa bashing going on. No matter how badly things ended between them she is still the mother of his kids and deserves some kind of respect in that regard. He wouldn’t want them reading all these nasty things that are being said about her.

  83. don't judge says:

    why would you people assume this article was supported by Depp? this article is not by means a good PR for him,it’s in fact a TERRIBLE one. there’s no proof of him cheating yet this article throws in some MORE women he’s cheated with? why on earth would he do that?
    and he’s not THAT close with the co-owner of US-weekly,they just knew each other through HST.
    the US-weekly has tried to take on a different take than other tabloids,it ends up trashing both of them,but more so Depp.

    • MB says:

      Umm, you have been RELENTLESS in repeatedly commenting that Johnny would not have endorsed this article. I lost count at how many times you have essentially repeated the same thing in the comments. OK, we get it! You dont have to be psychotic about it, it makes you seem like a whackjob. Lets just keep it light, huh?

  84. hina says:

    Go Team Depp. I had a feeling that Vanessa character was making him miserable, women tend to do that at times, must be the hormones

  85. Madhubala says:

    Soooo, Amber Heard and her girlfriend have apparently split. Interesting timing to say the least.

  86. CC says:

    You could fertiilize a huge field with this amount of manure.

    Geeez…. “poor” Johnny….. the mean, bad, dull Vanessa made him drink and double-time her. Here’s a thought: if he was so miserable, how about leaving first and get into all the other crap after?

  87. Darling Nikii says:

    When JD realizes how painful that story is when it comes back to bite him in the face, IE, with Vanessa and the kids and setting the stage for a loooong cold void with his family, he will start to fire his team / PR people for leading him astray…. put money on it….

  88. ernie says:

    The latest PR spin has Johnny’s team saying they split 2 years ago–more stage setting for a pack of lies. Fact: In August, 2011, Johnny & Vanessa photographed kissing on their boat on a family vacation. Fact: In February 2011 Johnny attending Vanessa concerts in L.A. and New York–giving her a standing ovation, pix of them leaving together. Fact: Rum Diary tour began in October, 2011. Fact: Robin Baum is in control of Johnny’s life and legend, and unless he breaks with her, she’ll do more damage to their family.

  89. penny says:

    Iguess old deppsh%t has been reading all of our posts about how disgusted most of us are by his gross behaivior. He has suddenly gone to France (TODAY)and given Vanessa a locket that says”You are always in my heart” or something close to that, and he wants her back!! OMG Vanessa if you are reading ANYTHING please leave this loser and take the money and run as fast as you can!! He will want out again i asure you. DON”T TRUST IT!