Amber Heard & her girlfriend are over, Amber & Johnny Depp are “100% dating”

Ever since the tabloids began claiming that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were in the midst of some kind of torrid affair, naysayers have fallen back on the “But she’s a lesbian!” argument. Except, as I’ve noted before, Amber doesn’t self-identify as gay. She’s said before that she’s had relationships with men and women, which makes her a bisexual in my book (I keep a book on these matters). The naysayers also claimed that Amber could not be boning Johnny because she was involved with a woman, Tasya van Ree, for several years spanning Amber’s friendship with Johnny. Well… here’s one question answered. In Touch (via Starpulse) claims that Amber and Tasya are over. And they’ve been over for a while.

Actress Amber Heard has split from her girlfriend, according to a report. The blonde beauty started dating artist Tasya van Ree in 2008, when she ‘came out’ as a lesbian at gay rights advocate GLAAD’s 25th anniversary bash.

Nevertheless, Heard and van Ree reportedly went their separate ways earlier this year. A source tells In Touch magazine, “They are no longer in a relationship.”

The split fuels rumors linking Heard to her The Rum Diary co-star Johnny Depp, who confirmed earlier this month that he and longtime partner Vanessa Paradis had broken up after 14 years.

[Via Starpulse]

So… Amber and Tayse were done earlier this year. I always thought the Depp-and-Heard stories had some merit, and this helps solidify it in my mind. I’m not saying that Johnny left Vanessa Paradis for Amber, or that Amber left Tayse for Johnny. Quite the contrary – I think Johnny has been fooling around with lots of women, and lord knows who Amber’s been hitting up. But I do think they had something. And maybe they still do. In addition to that, E! News confirmed a story that originated in the British tabloids – Johnny bought Amber a horse! E! News has a source who claims that Johnny bought Amber a horse so “Heard can join him on the trails” in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado where he’s filming The Lone Ranger. Hm.

Plus, I got the chance to read Us Weekly’s full cover story on the Depp-Paradis situation – we discussed parts of it yesterday. Us Weekly’s sources really do come out and verify that Depp fooled around with “an extra” on POTC: On Stranger Tides named Antoinette Kalaj, although her rep denies it. A source claims that Johnny “would fly her on his jet to meet him.” Eh. Us Weekly also says Amber was one of his conquests. A source says Amber and Johnny have been hooking up for months and “he’s smitten by her.” The claim is that Johnny and Amber didn’t sleep together until the publicity tour for The Rum Diary began last year, and that they’re still seeing each other now with a source confirming, “They are 100 percent dating. He treats her really well.” Johnny has also been hitting the booze. Hard.

Johnny and Vanessa’s bickering led to vicious wars. “They’d have blazing fights,” says a friend. “Vanessa would take her frustrations out on him.” Depp, in turn, reached for the bottle. “He started to drink heavily,” says the friend. The booze only ratcheted up the screaming matches. Says a source, “Vanessa wanted him to change and stop drinking.”

Meanwhile, Johnny was only concerned with shielding his children from his pain. “Rather than be in a dark and brooding mood around his kids, he would disappear to London and NYC. He wouldn’t contact Vanessa because he knew she’d give him hell. It broke Johnny’s heart that the family he loves so much was becoming fractured. For a time, he hoped they’d work it out.”

[Via Us Weekly, print edition]

There’s a lot of pity-poor Johnny stuff in there, but I did find one detail interesting. The entire gist is that it was VANESSA and not Johnny who wanted out, and that Vanessa was pushing the whole split, ever since 2010 basically. Allegedly, Vanessa told Johnny in 2010 that she wanted out for good, but they “agreed the kids’ lives shouldn’t be affected. That’s why they didn’t announce it.”

Photos of Johnny and Amber, and Amber and Tayse, courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. gee says:

    So is she bisexual or did she just take advantage of something (and someone) to make herself more ‘interesting?’ Everyone is coming out of this story stinking.

  2. Cherry says:

    I still don’t buy it. She’s too hot for him, he likes his ladies skinny and waify. BTW: her ex-girlfriend is even hotter than she is! OMG. Reminds me of Rosario Dawson somehow, with a hint of young Salma Hayek.

  3. marie says:

    Gross Amber, you could do so much better than Johnny Douche..

    “And JD is only concerned with shielding his children from the pain”.. yeah right, if that were true you never would signed off on the crap article blaming everything on their mother..

  4. Mjolnir says:

    Messy, messy, messy! -_-

  5. Jules says:

    Depp has entered douche land. What a shame. Heard reminds me of Ann Heche, trying the gay thing for publicity. Plus she is young enough to be his daughter. Yuk.

  6. Alice says:

    So over him now, ugh.
    Oh well, still have Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy. They better not ruin my fantasy :/ I had a threesome with them last night.
    In my dreams of course but oh how real it felt, alright tmi

    • SmokeyBlues says:

      Alice we have the EXACT same taste in actors. What are the chances lol. Seriously those are my top three. Yes I am still holding on to the JD love. Can’t help it. My mom has been yelling at me over it too haha.

      • Alice says:

        LOL You have great taste in men, seriously. :D

        As for Johnny…I was holding on when he compared being papped to being raped ( he later apologized )and then I was barely holding on when he defended Polanski and now with this whole putting down the mother of his children and hooking up with various women like Heard (even if it’s not true, he could control it by making a very public statement where he declares it’s all lies) so yeah, I’ve finally let go. Man, I’ve had a crush on him since the late 90s lol He was my “go to” crush who never disappointed. And number one on my top 3 but no more, sigh. Like someone said “Johnny Depp ruined Johnny Depp for me”.

      • hannah says:

        Christian bale? Do you not remember those audio clips? How is he not a douche?

    • Alice says:

      *la la la* I can’t hear you

      joke aside, yes it was a douche-y thing to do but not enough to make me dislike him forever plus i love the rant remix AND he did apologize and admitted he was a douche. 2 strikes left or something like that ;P

      • mary simon says:

        I like Christian Bale, too. He won me over in the Fighter and I’ve liked him ever since. The rant doesn’t really bother me, and I don’t think he needs to over-apologize for it.

        It’s actually kind of funny, and it’s not sick and scary, like Mel Gibson when he goes off. I also think the guy he was yelling at triggered it in the first place – moving around and distracting the actors in the scene – and if you listen – Christian mentions that this was a repeat problem with the guy. Christian was calling him out – even if the rant was way over the top and went on too long.

    • Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

      Yes I love Bale too but not in the same you women do. It’s a man love thing. You need to throw Matt Damon into the mix too. Both of them are great actors and good people. As for Depp he’s always been full of BS. He was happy to launch his career with 21 Jump Street then tried to distance himself from it when he went through his discerning, holier than thou, serious actor phase just before selling out and jumping on the Pirates’ bandwagon. Now he falls for the oldest cliché in the book: the rich old guy who has a midlife crisis and hooks up with a young social climber. And a generic blonde at that! Ugh! You suck Depp. You’ve always sucked!!!!

    • Rav says:

      I was the same. I was soooo disappointed when he defended Polanski, especially when he has a daughter. His coolness level dropped significantly.

  7. embertine says:

    Ew, she is definitely out of my top five now.

  8. lafairy says:

    of course he is smitten with her!!! she can be his daughter!

    so he went there, he jumped on the old pervs bandwagon!

    I start to really loathe this guy, he is disgusting in every aspect!

    Shame on you for solding out! shame on you for being the caricatural cliché of what an ageing actor is! You are just a sad pervy old man!

    and I liked her too, I found her authentic for being brave inoff to come out in the limelight, now she is proving she is just another HW barbie doll, pretty but vacuous and fame hungry!

    She is totally going the ScarJo route,mimiking the exact same situation with an old fart and ending having all her hotness sucked out and being loathed by the public!Mark my words.

    • Really? says:

      I get and pretty much agree with all you’re saying, however, since when did being “fame hungry” in Hollywood become a terrible thing? Everyone knows the deal,it’s all about the recognition and the money and props that follow! The few who are following their “art” and doing it for the love of all things thespian, they don’t attract our attention (if i may speak on behalf of the celebitchy community), they don’t put themselves on the chopping block. They get their satisfaction on stage. The others, like Heard here, she’s no revelation, but if i were her, with her looks and connections, i’d go for it, too. Even if it included Depp. Hell, she lucked out as I’m sure there are a lot worse and grosser moguls scumming up the casting couch.

  9. NeNe says:

    Boo hoo hoo. By baby Johnny. Cry us a river!!! He’s such a hottie, but what a douchebag he turned out to be.

    • Liv says:


      Plus I hate it when PR teams think they can make up ridiculous storys and we buy them then!

      • Martian says:

        Actually, Did you read the article?

        Well, I’ve read it and I totally doubt that his PR is behind it…

        He is portrayed almost as an inept man that unable to save his relationship with the woman who loves (Vanessa) He dedicates himself to getting drunk

        And it even go further, mentioning his Publicist (Robin Baum) as one of his alleged conquests

        Sorry, but the Lainey’s theory about the Johnny’s PR behind the story, has no basis …

      • Liv says:

        Well, they are definitely feeding a tabloid – don’t know if it’s US Weekly though ;-)

        It was super suspicious when People claimed they broke up and Depp/Paradis denied it then.

  10. Gwen says:

    I think it’s totally believable that this mess started with him falling of the wagon leading to Vanessa wanting a split. Poor kids either way.

  11. Eleonor says:

    Shielding his children then,while now it’s fair to let his pr team throw shit on their mother.
    If you check midlife crisis on the dictionary you’ll find a Johnny Depp picture.

  12. Mel says:

    Every single pic of this woman, all I see is ScarJo. They look so similar – does anyone else see a resemblance or is it just me?

  13. AnneOriginal says:

    Hmm… all of these actresses who claim to be interested in women always end up in relationships with men. Seems like a tired attempt to get attention. They have a token relationship with a woman and then it is only men after that.

  14. Tiffany27 says:

    Lainey is going to sh*t a brick over this. She went on a crazy tirade about this the other day.

    • pamela says:

      I am LMAO at Lainey’s tirades. She is a Francophile, and is p*ssed that one of her “girls” got cheated on, especially after she held up JD and VP as THE ultimate couple. Guillaume Canet had better not cheat on MC, or Lainey will totally lose it. LOL. She might have forgiven JD if he had gotten involved with her other french favourite Eva Green.

    • T.C. says:

      You are surprised that Lainey is wrong? LOL. She’s usually wrong about these things. She was trying to push the Amber Heard story off to the corner by saying Johnny hooked up with his PR woman not Amber Heard. Bitch please.

      I always believed the Amber Heard hook up. She never called herself gay just that she has dated men and women. plus she looks at Johnny with a young girl’s hero worship eyes. You just knew he would be all over that not some hired PR woman.

  15. lisa2 says:

    Wow the girlfriend or ex-girlfriend looks like a female version of Johnny.. especially in that red jacket.

    still not convinced they are a couple.

  16. Jaime says:

    I actually believed Amber when she said she was gay. I thought she had made that distinction, and that she wasn’t into dudes at all. I guess not.

    • Alia says:

      She like the rest of HW is opportunistosexual(yeah, I made that up). I doubt she’s even into Johnny but being tied to him will give her career a boost or at least more media attention.

      • Susan says:

        +1. You hit the nail on the head,

      • BeeBee says:

        100% agree. She’ll only be able to take so much of his douchiness though, before she goes running back to her ex, if these two really are an item. Personally I think she’s way too articulate, clean-cut and sociable for him.

      • jk says:

        JD and Vanessa have been having probolems for a long long time, and neither one of then like to bathe or brush their theeth which is not uncommon in France. People when a relationship is over you move on and I am sure Deppn took damn good care of Vanessa as far as money goes and she kicked him out months ago because of his drinkng maybe it is better for the kids if heisnt arpund while boozing itnup as he likes to trash hotelos and such byt he is still a good actor and as far as the new girlfriend? Depp is nnot stupid he knows what is going on and he will dump her when he is done. 4e haws a rightnto move on and so does Vanessa and you yourlsef nhavge the right to move on when somne relationship is over so dont put on nthe I am so perfect bullshit and bhowb you would stay in a crappy relationship kids or no kids.

    • Rachel says:

      +1, did she even say she’s into both? Seeing that everybody is just taking this so seriously… The only thing I heard was that she was a lesbian, not bisexual!

  17. Bad Irene says:

    Ok just to get this straight, he wanted to shield his children and did not want the family to fracture so he left them and went to NYC or London and wouldn’t tell his partner where he was or that he was ok/alive. Its certainly a novel approach to protecting his children and making them feel secure.

  18. Julie says:

    did she say she is lesbian for the good pr or is she lesbian and hooks up with johnny for fame?

    im also leaning that there is something going on but i do not think he would date her, especially because now it would look like he cheated on vanessa with her. they have a fling.

  19. NM6804 says:

    Well, I’m calling it, Depp is the new Pitt only Pitt actually got a free pass for ditching his partner for somebody younger because he got “bored”. The only difference is: Depp has children and the woman isn’t A-list (but neither was Paradis, in America that is).

    • lafairy says:

      I think VP¨is the one who did the dumping.

      Yeah and also Brad Pitt didn’t ditch his then wife to run away with someone he could have possibly fathered… Wich is a major gross factor in JD’s case!yuk!

    • Toot says:

      What “free pass” are you talking about? Tabs have been talking shit about Brad and Angelina for the past 7 years.

      I’m glad the tabs finally have a new target, but feel bad for Johnny’s kids.

    • mln76 says:

      OH PUL-EEZE there is nothing similar about the situation 5 year marriage with no kids isn’t the same as a 14 year relationship with 2 kids. The fact that you are still harping on that breakup even when it doesn’t apply shows just how little Pitt got away with.

      • Hipocrisy says:

        Depp had mistresses during the whole time he wasd with her and left a woman-woman and children to go back to an immature, juvenile care free without any responsabilities type of relationship : sex, drug and rock & roll. He wants to live his youth again.

        Pitt had no mistresses during his time with Aniston, no child and left a child woman unable to grow and have the mature perspective he wanted in life, The Coxes daily entourage, drug and tequilla to enter a more mature relationship he craved for with a woman who already had a child and was passionate about saving the world instead of hair andfd diet. He wanted to grow and have responsabilities as a family man.

        Theroux left a younger, fresher more beautiful woman yet less accomplished professionally to enter a relationship that could unable him to not care about financial problems anymore and that could up his visibility professionally at a time where he realised that art 40, being an anti conformist rebel would not speed his career path. He wants the good life and needs a sugar mama to make it a reality.

      • lafairy says:

        woaaaw I can’t believe people are using this gossip to revive the unfamous triange!
        Chill out people there are other celebrities than them and it was 7 years ago!! 7 years move on people, I am pretty sure that the characters of this horrendous triange have had!

    • Janet says:

      The difference between Pitt and Depp is that Pitt kept his mouth shut.

    • pamela says:

      You couldn’t resist could you? Let me see, you had Ryan Phillipe (sp)you could draw comparison to, but you just had to bring Brad into this.

      BTW, Brad was silent for more than six years about his marriage ending, NEVER said a word against his ex. It’s a pity she didn’t do the same.

    • Mira says:

      I resisted saying this but you did it. Yes, the only difference is Depp has children.

    • Sal says:

      Um, you must be talking about a completely different Brad Pitt than most people know of, as there hasn’t been a celeb in living memory that had more scorn and abuse for ‘leaving’ a partner (though he never left her, they divorced after Aniston filed, after a separation) than Brad Pitt. In fact, its infamous. Not even Tiger Woods (who did actually cheat) got as much heat and abuse. Not even Jesse James. Of all the celebs, Pitt is the only one who has never been given a pass let alone a free pass. You must be on another planet or talking about a totally different Pitt.

    • NM6804 says:

      Uhm sorry but on every Aniston thread there are people mentioning the break-up (in defense of Pitt or Jolie) so why can’t I when I feel there are strong similarities? Gossip like that will never die so suck it ;) .

      - JD publically disses VP indirectly with these magazine covers and sources spilling the beans in his defense and him being mum about it vs. Pitt dissing Aniston with promoting MAMS with the concept of a fake married life with a bunch of children with him being mum about it (besides saying the separation wasn’t because JA didn’t want children)

      - VP dumping JD because he checked out of the relationship (boozing, womanizing & his greedy weird self destructing nature) vs. Aniston having to file for divorce because Pitt was cheating and not being there for her (he emotionally checked out just like JD).

      - Both of them hooking up on set/through filming with a co-star and both denying it vehemently until the seperation is announced.

      - Both of the men hooking up with a woman that seems sexually more interesting and younger

      - Children: JD (& VP) not wanting to make it official to protect their children (being a mother makes Paradis human and connectable although the media isn’t pulling that card) vs. Pitt and Aniston media scrutiny over their need to add children (something that is used to blame Aniston and protect Pitt giving him a free pass for going to a woman that does give him children one side and the other). If Aniston would have children, the situation would be almost the same (the fact that Depp proabably cheated with other women makes it different plus VP and him weren’t married).

      - Both JD and BP are serial monogamists with several engagements in the past and 1 ex-wife. Their image is just completely the opposite (quirky artist )vs. all American man) albeit they are considered to be trustworthy men.

      - Both men were bored with their life (including partners) and use that to garner sympathy only JD managed to stick it out longer than Pitt but JD was a bigger douche in the end.

      - Both women can garner sympathy for saving the man out of the clutches of boring, less attractive (I find VP gorgeous but the remarks she gets?!)women

      There’s more but that was my main train of thought.

      I THINK Pitt and Depp are more a like then people like to admit.

      Let’s see how JD handles the rest of the separation.

      Oh and Phillipe doesn’t count because he is known to be a cheater for instance and he went for B++ list to B- or even C after his marriage to RW failed. She was the one giving him status while both JD and BP were the A-listers who dumped their lesser famous partners.

      Lastly, I wasn’t going apeshit. I was merely remarking their similarities and you guys jump on it like vultures on a carcass.

      EDIT: The public is also getting tired of Pitt and Jolie as proved by Jolie’s less than stellar directing endeavour and the lukewarm reaction to their engagement as opposed to years ago when the public put them on a pedestal for them being so gorgeous, rich & famous and having such a beautiful family. The media might have ripped them for cheating BUT they SOLD magazines and were loved by the public. After Pitt’s remarks about his marriage however, the shift in public opinion was obvious and I don’t think the Brange expected that backlash.

      @Mira: It didn’t occur to me but as soon as JD allegedly found VP boring and a reason to not be a respectful responsible partner anymore and people huffing and puffing over it, I made that connection because on every Aniston thread they STILL use it to defend poor ole’ bored childless Pitt. Of course he and Jolie belonged together, it’s justified :)

      • Mira says:

        @NM6804 – This is everything I’ve always wanted to say. I made the connection to Pitt as soon as I read the post on Depp being “bored senseless” with VP. I made that argument on another post when Maguita started the thread on why some of us feel the need to defend JA on CB. Everything Pitt has done has been rationalized to defend him. I’m not a fan of either of the three, but it bugs me how JA is trashed because, among other things (vapid, shallow ect), she had no maternal feelings and how VP is backed because she’s the “mother of” Johnny’s children.

      • Kim1 says:

        Angie $20m salary for Maleficent Brad two Oscar noms What backlash? Engagement covered by every talk ,, entertaiment, morning show, every gossip site, covered throughout the world far from lukewarm.

      • pamela says:

        You are really obsessed with Brad and Angie aren’t you? Why do you feel it necessary to mention them in this, and why are you still incensed that Angie’s directorial debut in your mind was not criticized enough? I remember how upset you were about the lack of media criticism. You need to let it go. And if their engagement which generated world wide news articles, and speculations about their wedding date, Angie’s dress, and their wedding guests, had a lukewarm reception (according to you), I would hate to think what would have happened if they were still on “their pedastal”, (again according to you).

        Honey, give it a rest.

      • NM6804 says:

        @Mira: Yep, exactly my thought just summarized properly :) .

        Kim1 and Pamela: Umh, the public reaction was very lukewarm to say the least. The Brange doesn’t sell that good as say four years ago. You can check the magazine sales. Also, the engagement didn’t generate that much COVERS. Reports, articles? Yes. Covers? No. They are not in the top.

        People are over them whoring out their relationship (how many people here were excited to hear yet another Oscar baiting wedding quote from Pitt?!). How many here were just happy they got engaged?

        You can try and deny it but people weren’t going “congrats” more like “why now?”. Their last serious peak was with the birth of the twins and that’s it. The engagement didn’t even trend on Yahoo

        Also Jolie has become the butt of the joke more than once (The Tourist anyone), the Leg didn’t do her any good (people gossiping about her weight too) and the bomb that was B&H. I guess it’s fine to talk about it when you think it’s going to be a hit (premature positive expectations just because she’s Jolie) but shame on me for pointing out AFTERWARDS to say it was rightfully so a bomb? People called Aniston’s film a bomb all over Jolie’s thread yet I can’t mention her own bomb (didn’t even break a million, please!) on a Jolie thread? Get over it. When a film perfoms well, people cover it and when it doesn’t they do too so it was surprising that Jolie bombing so hard was seemingly protected from any criticism yet any other superstar would have been ripped to shreds.

        Pamela, it takes one to know one. Obsession has different forms and you’re not better than me so don’t honey me. I’ve also been absent for months without commenting on any gossip site and certainly not JP gossip so make of me whatever you want.

        Saying I’m obsessed and making it personal doesn’t diminish my comment at all and makes you look more obsessed than I am. Stick with the gossip and we cool but don’t patronize me because I don’t I don’t sit in you ‘we love Brangelina’ circle and praise them until eternity.

      • @nm6804 says:

        @nm6804 wow girl you wrote a freakin dissertation its really not that serious..also a few things, when the engagement was announced it was trending worldwide on twitter and was trending on yahoo within the first hour..mags arent writing about it because they hate to see Brad and Angelina happy and only negative stories sell because people like you eat it up.. since you are going by trends to judge popularity as soon as those Maleficent pictures were shown twitter EXPLODED and Angelina was trending worldwide and all over tumblir for hours..if Brad lost popularity after the parade interview how come moneyball made 19mil OW and is the second most successful baseball movie of all time.. j edgar, rum diary, rock of ages, all starring big time bankable actors did much worse than MB, was there a public backlash against these men as well. The tourist which you call a joke, joked its way to $273mil WW..if anybody is losing popularity its jennifer aniston whose last movie that she STARRED in with her boyfriend has only made 21mil and is flopping on DVD sales, ITLOBH was a FOREIGN film with no name actors and it garnered Angelina many prestigious awards, not too shabby. i guess the public has always hated Charlize whose movie sleepwalkers which she produced and STARRED in made less than ITLOBH, trespass starring Nicole Kidman did even worse, i could go on with examples

  20. Monkey Jim says:

    I don’t buy they’re dating at ALL. I do reckon he hooked up with her though (plus others).

    This is a convenient distraction from real issue which, in my opinion, is more to do with booze and class As – and Amber gets her name out there, so its all good.

    I used to think him & Vanessa were adorable – but now it’s kinda obvious with that much money & that much latent crazy he was always going to go bananas eventually. Grow UP! Tsk.

  21. normades says:

    I kinda don’t believe this. What happened to all those stories during the filming of the Rum Diaries that Amber didn’t hang out with Johnny and get her drink on with the rest of the gang?

  22. truthSF says:

    Her ex is hot. And Johnny, please get help. Midlife crises is not a joke.

  23. Cathy says:

    Whatever, Johnny is a butt wipe. I just hope that Vanessa keeps her head held high and doesn’t stoop to his level of douchery.

  24. Jen says:

    Aw, they’ve broken up?? But Tasya is so pretty! And has such amazing style! I was looking forward to Heard bringing her as a date on the red carpet – they were such a pretty couple.

    I think Amber should hook up with Tilda Swinton now. And go as her date to premieres. Now THAT would be hot.

  25. Jill says:

    “I keep a book on these matters”

    Don’t know why, but that was the funniest thing I’ve read this week. Is there anything better than sarcasm?

  26. mln76 says:

    Eh it’s proven that sexuality in women is more fluid then sexuality in men…So yeah I totally buy that she’d be easily drawn in by him. If you believe some sources they’ve been on again off again since the Rum Diaries shoot.
    He’s been showing the signs of progressive mid-life crisis, alcoholism and/or drug use, and narcism for a good while now. Just about the time of Rum Diaries. I’d guess Amber and all the other women he’s been screwing are the symptom not the actual problem.

    • Camille (The original) says:


      I also have to laugh because back when he did The Tourist with Jolie her ‘haters’ were saying she would break up JD and VP. Well boy didn’t they get that wrong lol.
      I guess the tabs are going to try and create a new tabloid villaness now aren’t they, VP or AH. About time we had some new blood lol. Jolie might now get a break. Although I have to say that this story still doesn’t make me dislike AH. JD though, well he is officially an a**hole now.

  27. Riana says:

    Johnny’s wearing more accessories than her in all the pics of them together. Guess she wanted a fancier girlfriend.

    As for Johnny…man you’re just flailing in your depth and soulfulness and 50 rings aren’t you? Someone toss this man a bedazzled life preserver so he can save himself!

  28. really says:

    She looks more like his daughter than his girlfriend. And she looks like a wax figure, which is also kind of creepy.

  29. Palefire says:

    Ewwwwwww just ewww he looks creepy next to her. I’m all sorts of a ex JD fan now.

  30. mimi says:

    She is not as pretty as his previous ladies used to be and she doesn’t look like is type but more of the regular L.A. manufactured girl with bleach blong, fake tan and plastic look.

    Perhaps a hint of plastic surgery. This is also emphasizing how old he is (is he 50 years old?)

  31. julie says:

    SO if Amber likes both women and men who cares? Personally I think that Johnny would be much happier if he got his brown teeth fixed. EWWWWW

    • Rachel says:

      Haha you’re right about Johnny! But no one cares if she’s into both. I just thought that she came out, very straight forward, as a lesbian. Not bisexual. Those are two very different things so… It was just a bit confusing.

  32. ladybert62 says:

    The ex girlfriend could be a female johnny depp with long hair and no mustache!

    I believe he drinks and is probably an alcoholic and loves drugs as well – the women are secondary to that first love.

  33. BeeBee says:

    This story could be to divert attention away from Robin.

  34. Madhubala says:

    I believe this. The timing of the split with her girlfriend is quite suspicious. She probably really is bisexual but she can’t blame people for being cynical. Does it suit her NOW to be bisexual, when it didn’t earlier? Anyway, it’ll be an interesting few months gossip-wise with these two.

  35. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Yeah I completely believe this. I don’t necessarily think Amber Heard lied about being bisexual. Bisexuality is just that-you fall in love with who you fall in love with, gender is irrelevant.
    Still, this story probably bothers me more than it should. I guess mainly because it reminds me that (seemingly) EVERY guy cheats. I know only two people know EXACTLY what went down (VP and JD) but it still disgusts me.

  36. Hipocrisy says:

    I am waiting for the string of mistesses he had during all the time he was with Vanessa to come out publicly.

    They could sell their stories to tabloids and create a club with Tiger Woods former harem.

    Since he seems to like them being half his age, i won’t be surprised if he father some of them in the next 5 years.

    Pathetic man child who can’t deal with a real mature woman and mature responsabilities but instead would rather date anyone very young to give him the illusion that he still has his youth….

    He probably would be chasing Miley herself if she wasn’t taken already….Toyally this old perv’s type after her weight loss.

  37. Kathryn says:

    Wowza…talk about how the tide has turned. Is it just me or why does he always have to be with somebody? In all fairness though..Amber Heard is GORGEOUS and who wouldn’t give a relationship with her a “go”. Congrats to Johnny and I wish them both all the best.

  38. Suzie says:

    He’s gross-looking and he sounds like an a$$. Vanessa was right to run.

  39. Mayday says:

    I’m not sticking up for Depp’s crazy behavior, there’s something about vanessa paradis that strikes me as a kind of take no bullshit type lady, meaning if Johnny was being an ass (which lets face it he kinda has been) I could totally see her wanting out ages ago.

    We tend to forget that, in france, she is a BIG deal. She and her people are probably just as concerned about her image and how she comes off looking throughout all this etc.

    Obviously, I’m speculating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just as tired of him and he seems to have got with married life etc.

    Break ups happen, let’s face it, and it’s rarely, if ever, ONE person’s fault. There’s 2 people and 2 sides.

    • Dredz says:

      I read somewhere that she actually has a bad temper

      • Pam21UK says:

        You saw this on gossip rags? Hum
        No, I’m not buying.
        Depp has said repeatedly that it is difficult. Bad temper, bad mood, depression. In Vanity Fair December 2011 he said “are the others who have to deal with me”.

      • Kimlee says:

        @ Pam

        Has Vannessa ever said what her falts are?

        In not then she could very will have a bad temper not saying the gossip rags are right just that we don’t know crap about the real Vannessa.

      • ernie says:

        Someone mentioned JD’s “demons” and I think that’s the main cause of the breakup. Coming back from the idyllic family life in France into the mouth of the Dragon (hollywood), I feel Johnny got caught and couldn’t maintain the life he left. Vanessa, by the way, is totally A++ in France and is probably the stronger of the two. Neither of them wanted marriage, even though they both love the kids. If Amber & he are dating, it’s probably short-lived, good for publicity for both of them. Yes, Tasya is a stunner–she’s Hawaiian, a photographer and a real exotic beauty. It’s all smoke and mirrors though, we are just getting his PR spin on the real issues.

      • Anna says:

        Maybe I sound like a Vanessa’s lawyer or PR agent, but I don’t care ;)

        I know, she’s not perfect as all of us, but according with a few of her exes, she was a mature and great woman compromise in the relation. Even Lenny Kravitz, who dated with her when she was in her early 20s, said she was an special woman and regrets for he break up. Maybe Lenny has another chance or maybe Vanessa prefers an European man…

        Again, I don’t say she’s a saint -Maybe she has bad temper after all-, but she has a good record with her exes, so that means something

  40. Mayday says:

    On another note, I also think playing hunter s thompson in fear and loathing + being friends with him up until he died (depp paid for his funeral) kinda messed him up. Bill Murray (who also played Hunter in where the buffalo roam) called depp before he did the movie and told him that it would change him forever and honestly, I think it did.

    He even dresses like Hunter S Thompson.

  41. bns says:

    Downgrade for both of them if this is true.

    And just so we’re clear guys, Vanessa >>>>>>>>>>>> Amber

  42. notcaptainjack says:

    OMG! Are you people serious? Who the hell on here even knows Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis or Amber Heard personally? The only people who know what really went on between Johnny Depp and his children’s mother are the two of them! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! You all sure as hell wouldnt like it if someone else, a complete stranger nonetheless, was judging, assuming and commenting on “your relationship” and you knew it was none of their damned business! Yes, ufortunately it is something they all have to deal with being famous but, like I already mentioned, no one knows what happened in their relationship accept for the people actually in that relationship!

  43. Gabrielle says:

    I read that someone overheard them arguing in 2010 and Vanessa said, “If i see her, I will drown her.” Maybe she was talking about Angelina Jolie. We’ll never know.

    I still love JD.

  44. SAra says:

    I just have a real hang up when people date people that are old enough to be there father or mother. he is 20 plus years older than her! It’s just gross imo.

  45. the original bellaluna says:

    2010 until “earlier this year” is a L-O-O-O-O-O-N-G time to be living with someone you know has been cheating on you when you want OUT! (I speak from experience.)

    It takes an emotional, psychological, and physical toll. No wonder poor Vanessa looks tired these days.

    And “protect the children from his pain”?!? Are you f’ing kidding me? Kids aren’t stupid; they are perceptive little emotion sponges, picking up on every little vibe and change in their environment. Does he honestly think abandoning them and their mother “protected” them from “his pain”?

    What about THEIR pain, asshole?

    • original lucy says:

      Yes!!! Totally agree!!!! I’ve been there too, bella! I weighted 90 pounds, couldn’t think, cried and felt sick all the time…and it was bad enough how it made me feel, but my two kids…and the jerk didn’t care…only cared how he felt…so do I sympathise with Vanessa and her kids…hell ya!

  46. Dredz says:

    Now I actually believe that Johnny was never faithful during his whole time with Vanessa. I read a French magazine years ago that he fooled around with French models. It’s just that he knew how to keep it discreet. I think Vanessa got fed up and did the dumping also the cover story on People is intentionally released to force her hand sooner.

    P.S: I also found it weird that he got engaged to 2-3 women (Fenn, Ryder and Moss) before and yet never gave a ring the mother of 2 his children?. Anyone, what’s your take on this?

    • Gabrielle says:

      Since she got pregnant within 2 months of meeting him, maybe he felt he didn’t need to buy the cow. I know everyone is blaming him, and I’m sure he has his faults, but I’ve always felt that it was shady that she got pregnant so fast. It’s hard for anyone to make a relationship work that starts out that way. Just sayin’

      • MA|DV says:

        Does it really matter when THEY got pregnant? If he didn’t want to be with her he didn’t have to. Why did he make another baby with her 3 years later?
        I wish people would stop with that argument.

      • Depp Decadence says:

        Amber is beautiful on the outside, and very ugly on the inside.She’s only using Johnny Depp to get herself more fame.

      • lisa2 says:

        It is one thing for a man to degrade a woman. But when women do it. So because they were not married his relationship to her is somehow less. She is a Cow that he used for his needs. She is less because they were not married. Wow.

        and she didn’t get pregnant by herself. That phrase is very dated and is nasty.

      • lafairy says:

        Vanessa paradis never wanted to get married, even before meeting Depp she stated repeatedly that she doesn’t believe that a paper will make a bigger commitment than the one made by the heart.

        Even JD once said the moment she would like to marry he will do it instantly in a hearteat (because she didn’t want to)

        Plus this is very much in our culture, for French marrying is not a big deal, there are a lot of couples who never marry (few of my friends parents never got married, my aunt and uncle never got married even if I have 2 cousins who are 27 and 29 out of their union ,our current president never got married… even if he was with his ex for 30 years and had 4 kids together, Marion Cotillard and guillaume Canet are not married, the list can go on and on…).

        It’s cultural, not getting married is not a big deal (we are a country where atheism flies high as most people are atheist or agnostics that could explain it a little bit) it’s a choice some people like the ceremonial of getting married and some don’t but in any case to us it’s still a great commitment.

        French see living together and building a life together, and more important having kids as an as big commitment than being married.

        So the “cow” comment besides being very vulgar seems very backward and very last century

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        @lafairy – I read an interview with Johnny back around 2007, and he stated he would “never marry” Vanessa. So I don’t know that she was the only one who was anti-marriage.

      • lafairy says:


        He said she one day she wants to marry he will do it instantly in a heartbeat on Letterman and on oprah (both clips are available on youtube or dailymotion), maybe he adjusted his speach later to the fact that it would never happen, she was never interested in marriage.

        she always have kept the same tune from when she was 17 to now: no marriage, she was never engaged and she never wanted to get married (again many many many clips on youtube of her speaking about marriage and how she thinks it’s a jinx…while he on the other hand was always very eager to get engaged to whomever he dated… so actions for both speak way louder than speaches!

        and as I said, for French people married or not married is not a big deal at all!

    • Thomas says:

      Paradis and Depp were engaged in 2006. Depp gets engaged but never marries his girlfriends.

  47. Chicoulina says:

    Their chemistry on the Rum Diaires movie was sizzling!She is breath taking,so beautiful.Photos don’t do her justice.I’m glad Johnny is dating a hot bomb shell.I never understood what he found in Vanessa.New hot couple alert!!Yay!!

  48. valleymiss says:

    This thread is troublesome. I’m reading some thinly veiled homophobia…the stuff about Amber “pretending” to be into girls, and then “pretending” to be bisexual to help her career. I know the Anne Heche Incident ruined bisexuals in a lot of ppl’s minds in Hollywood (ie, dated whoever could help her career the most at the time), but let’s not put Amber in that category just yet.

    Johnny and the publicist he is/was boning are the scumbags here. They’re putting out these crappy “Vanessa was mean to Johnny so he was FORCED to sleep around” stories to stave off the women and stories that are coming out of the woodwork. It’s like if Tiger Woods started saying right before the golfclub incident that Elin was making him miserable…to justify all the cheating that was about to come out. Johnny should have kept it in his pants and needs to stop throwing the mother of his kids under the bus.

    • Christian says:

      Agreed about the thinly veiled homophobia. Still believe she’s gay, her speech at GLAAD wasn’t obtuse. Many people are involved with people of the opposite gender prior to coming out of the closet. Hollywood loves to keep people in the closet for whatever reason so I’m sure her PR is loving this story. Show me photos of her arm and arm with Depp (or any man) and we’ll talk.

      • Kimlee says:

        Aren’t you putting her in another closet by labeling her as just gay when she has clearly stated that she bi.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        I have no idea whether Amber Heard is or is not gay, or whether she is or is not bisexual. On the one hand, go ahead and speculate – we’re all gossips, after all, and that’s what we do.

        However, if she comes out and states an orientation, then I’m inclined to accept her at her word. And I’m not that interested in her, so I haven’t been following her career, and I don’t actually know what her statements are on the issue (not that she even has to make an official statement if she wants to keep it private).

        I just think you really shouldn’t be second-guessing other people’s sexuality. :-/

  49. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Well, Amber certainly has a type, doesn’t she? Her ex looks like a female version of Depp. WEIRD!

  50. Bird says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Amber Heard attractive? She looks like ScarJo crossed with Hillary Duff. She is totally boring to look at, which is the opposite of Vanessa. Her ex girlfriend is hot, though!

    This whole thing is so depressing and sad.

  51. Orange Cone says:

    but in another, earlier report, they said Johnny boy was miserable and wanted out of the relationship?

    either way, it is sad, and I can relate :(

  52. Guest says:

    Why is everyone so obsessed with this chick but hate Blake Lively? Her PR game is exactly the same except Amber’s is a tad more desperate.

    She attaches herself to A-listers, is papped daily, her name is in the run for major roles even though she has no chance, can’t act and she shows up to 30 events a week.

  53. Thomas says:

    Amber Heard is nothing special. To me she is a generic looking blonde and she has no talent whatsoever. I believe this to be a hook up for JD much like the extra who played a mermaid she isn’t someone he will date seriously. But being linked to him is doing all kinds of wonders for her career am sure. She will be a household name by the end of this.

    • valleymiss says:

      Household name? Eh, tell that to Abbie Cornish. ;-)

      This is a fling for Johnny. He’s not gonna stay with Amber. She’ll get a bit of publicity, but this is a rebound fling.

      • Anna says:

        At least Abbie Cornish have a great performance in “Bright Star”, but the point stands.

        Amber Heard, for outside, is beutiful but plain and inside is ugly. She’s a talentless bimbo with not charisma and a famewhore -When someone said you’re compete with Léa Michele for media atention are BIG words-

  54. iseepinkelefants says:

    In the second picture she looks like a blonde version of Tim Burton’s ex (Lisa Marie).

  55. sukienow says:

    i dont know if am sold on this amber breakup story just yet: this is intounch mag remember

    btw amber and her gf where pictured together last month
    lainey and cdan had those pics on their website

    and also in the people mag article about him, when the magazine mentioned the private plan flight amber too with him from vegas they also said her gf was on the flight as well.

    • LizEJ says:

      Yeah, I saw this too. The pics were just taken last month so it looks like Amber is still with her girlfriend. I think Amber’s not denying it ’cause even though the JD rumours may not be true I think she’s liking the publicity…

      • kaydee says:

        Maybe AH and her ex were able to remain friends after their split? Because weren’t there also reports that AH visited JD several times on the set of the TLR and what’s up with the horse? I don’t know its all a really muddy situation!!!

  56. littlestar says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing how Johnny Depp has a broken soul, how he’s so tormented by demons blah blah blah. WTF ever! What demons? Seriously? He’s 50 years old, has 2 kids, so get your sheet together already Johnny. You look like a loser now. I feel the whole tormented by demons things is just an excuse for him to be able to act like an immature idiotic 20 year old again.

    Amber Heard looks like a REALLY HOT version of Scarlet Johansson. But, doesn’t she think of what this scandal will do to her career and public image?

  57. skuddles says:

    Johnny Johnny Johnny… shakes head in disgust. I find it depressing that yet another seemingly solid and devoted long-term relationship has been torpedoed by cheating. Is there such a thing as a faithful celeb relationship???

  58. Reece says:

    If this is true then downgrade Amber. I (used to) love me some JD but that is a downgrade.

    I didn’t say this yesterday because that was a big post, but why didn’t he just leave it alone.

  59. Thomas says:

    By the way guys this same story that CB is taking all this infe from also says that Vanessa is the one who wanted out ,as far back as 2010. These women including Heard are not the reason. I believe the real story is his drinking and partying. If JD disappeared for days on end and Vanessa couldn’t reach him. This sounds like the behavior of someone with major issues ( drinking or depression or both). That is not compatible with having a family.

  60. Prim says:

    Ofcourse.She’ll do anything for her career. She calls the paparazzi. I have lost all respect for Johnny Depp. Like all men trading in for a younger model. That’s disgusting. She’s nothing but a poor man’s Charlize Theron/Scarlett Johansson anyway. Except she had to call paparazzi, they didn’t.

  61. Diana says:

    What a jerk. And on a purely aesthetic level, it’s such a shame about his looks. He used to be so hot, but now he looks like an aging, bloated hipster. :(

  62. Aubra says:

    Let this woman be great! People in Hollywood (and in porn) have been “gay for pay” since FOREVER! Let her flip so she can get some real coin of her own!


  63. Agathyou says:

    Can’t believe he dumped the mother of his children for that…anyway…

  64. kaydee says:

    Who knows what really happened between JD and V, but their timeline surely is confusing! I mean if they’ve been separated for 2 years, then why were they making out on the yacht last fall and even a couple of months ago she was supposedly spotted backstage with JD when he performed with Manson. That’s why it’s hard for me to believe those who say V was the one who found new love and ended it.
    Plus, not trying to be mean, but her appearance doesn’t resemble that of a woman newly in love! She looked more stressed than in love.
    And then there was his comment at the premiere about it being no where close to being over! Why would he say that if he’s been poking AH all that time? Maybe they gave it 1 last try and couldn’t make it! Still sad either way.

    • Melman says:

      Apparently, they were “trying”

      I don’t know about this, but in some place I read that the relationship between Johnny and Vanessa was very “physical”…you know?

      He has a “soft spot” for her (physically)

      So Amber…TAKE CARE!!

  65. Hipocrisy says:

    Frankly after years of smashing hotel rooms, the whole Viper’s Room drug circulation tragedy ending with its epic conclusion : the death of River Phoenix and the disappearane of a whitness who till this day was never found to further the investigations about the Viper’s romm, JD for me is and will always be one of the shadiest Hollywood actor along the type of Mel Gibson who for some weird reasons has benefitted for years some kind of a new virginity and tolerance despite all his bordeline criminal past skeletons.

    He was and still is gross to me with his massive ego and some serious questionable holes in his past. His PR campaign to manage the breakup is juvenile and pittbull like and reminds me how shady, irresponsible, agressive and douche he was and never stopped being.

    He just succeeded in putting this side of him undercovered all these years with Vanessa but his natural juvenile agressive and destructive self is coming back in full force.

    • unoposklin says:

      The mysterious disappearance of Anthony Fox (socio Viper Room) who disappeared without a trace around Christmas 2001. Johnny Depp joined Anthony Fox to form The Viper Room.

      “Anthony was in the process of suing 5 people over money problems revolving around his business, The Viper Room, located in W. Hollywood. At the time of his disappearance, a .38 Caliber handgun was missing from his briefcase as well as his truck. On 1-6-02, Fox’s truck was found parked at a Santa Clara structure (Chestnut/Santa Clara) unattended. Fox has not been seen or heard from since.” :(

  66. A says:

    This is so strange. As other comments pointed out above, there have been legit newspapers and sources (The Telegraph, The Advocate, People) that have stated that Amber was gay. Now, People runs everything by a star’s publicist. People would not have called her gay in the past unless her publicist gave it the okay. I’ve never heard a bisexual person call themselves gay before. Now she is saying that she doesn’t label herself? I buy that she is gay and she’s trying to reinvent herself as bi because selling herself as an openly gay woman in Hollywood is much harder than selling herself as bi-sexual. Besides, the source is In Touch.

    Amber doesn’t have much of a career. She was in a couple of shitty films that did nothing at the box office or went straight to DVD. That Playboy show got cancelled after a few episodes. She probably thought the Rum Diary was going to be her big break, but it came and went with little fanfare. For actresses, their physical appearance always plays a part (sometimes a small part, but still) in which roles they can get. Amber is a curvy blonde. Problem is, Jennifer Lawrence is is a curvy blonde and a much better actress. Blake Lively is a curvy blonde and a better actress. Then you’ve got Abbie whatsherface, that just got cast in the new Robocop film…Point is, there are a handful of curvy blondes who are way ahead of her in the fame game. Lastly, there were photos of her with her girlfriend just last month. If she’s been fucking Johnny all this time, why is she out getting papped with her girlfriend in late May? I think she’s using this whole Johnny thing to get some PR and make people think she’s bi. Lastly, I totally agree with what a few people have said before. Johnny’s PR woman Robin Baum is letting all this cheating shit out in the open to hide the worst stuff…the fact that a lot of people think he is using.

  67. Michaela says:

    I actually kind of like them together? Something is working…the manner in which they ended up together is scummy though.

  68. Penguin says:

    Vanessa could do so much better.

  69. Mina says:

    So, Herp and Derpp are dating, now…

  70. ginger says:

    This chick looks like Scarlett Johansson if you put ScarJo on a medieval rack and stretched her.

  71. hummm says:

    Time passes for him, but not for his lovers; they are always freshly young so he can believe he is still 26.

    Some people use botox; he uses younger partners.

  72. Melman says:

    On French mags they said that she is dating someone now

    The both of them looks better now than before (when the bomb explode (about their split)) so apparently it was for better!!

    And that’s what the people here are forgotten…if the two of them are fine with the breakup, then this was the BEST decission!!

  73. EscapedConvent says:

    Wow. Has Amber Heard noticed that Johnny Depp looks like an older version of her former girlfriend?

  74. Ann@ says:

    Wow, Vanessa is so beautiful and fresh in the last 2 pics :)

  75. iheartjacksparrow says:

    Daily Mail has photos of Amber and Tasya shot yesterday and it would appear that they are still together. I guess someone forgot to tell Amber that she’s dating Johnny.

  76. dizzy says:

    I’m disappointed in him. And I never understood all the hoopla about Amber.

  77. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t know about Amber, but, Johnny? That’s the mother of your children. It didn’t work and you loved her and you’re in pain. No need to run her down in the press. You’re close to 50 and feeling it. It’s a shame how you’re acting, but at least stop insulting your ex in the press. No wonder you’re friends with a sleaze like Marilyn Manson.

  78. Issa says:

    Her girlfriend is hotter than Johnny. If they’re dating, she’ll probably dump him and as all mid-life crisis men, he’ll be left looking pathetic.

  79. mary simon says:

    I hope Vanessa got a big chunk of change out of this and that she really is seeing someone who truly cares about her. I wish her and the children the best, and I hope Amber plays Johnny Douche for the fool that he is.

  80. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    He’s looking like a guy who takes him self way too seriously these days. Also, when he said he was bored senseless the other day it sounded to me like he was saying he finds not living a life where he can overindulge his senses boring. Johnny, Bubby, sooner or later you’re going to have let go of the part of your life and grow old gracefully. That fact that you’d abandon your kids rather than accept it is pathetic.

  81. Terry says:

    Lainey is a joke. She claims Baum is behind People and US Magazine and yet both mags name Robin as one of Depp’s other women. So that is proof she is not behind either.

    Now she wants a better source than In Touch weekly that Depp is dating Amber Heard? Did she not read what she considers the bible on Depp’s personal life US weekly that is saying it is Heard or what. Lainey needs to give it up. She really thinks Depp’s team thought it was good PR to have US magazine call him a cheater and a drunk.

  82. thinlizzy says:

    Johnny-lose the blue shades-you look like a jerk. You’re a Keith Richards wanna-be but you’ll never be Keith.
    And what’s with the affected British accent?
    JD likes his women flat, boyish, and dentally challenged. (Moss, Paradis) He dated Juliette Lewis. It seems to me he’s hit that again.

  83. TC says:

    Amber honey? I’m from KY too.. and I think Depp and I are about the same age sooo.. give me a call?

  84. A says:

    Well, this is interesting. Daily Mail has photos of Amber looking happy with her girlfriend taken today. As far as Lainey’s theory, I kind of get it. The story is that People magazine and others ran with a pretty negative Johnny angle and namechecking his publicist even. Maybe another publicist has a grudge against Robin Baum and Johnny, maybe there is enough gossip and proof that People decided to screw Johnny’s rep and just run with the story anyway. Well, Jann Wenner is Johnny’s buddy and owns US and Rolling Stone. It’s going to be way more ridiculous to paint Johnny as this perfect angel (a lot of people can see that he drinks, etc.). There is also the chance one of Johnny’s old hookups will spill to the tabs. So they admit he’s been fing around and drinks a little too much, but they blame it all on “evil” Vanessa and portray Johnny as troubled but a fantastic father.

  85. Peito says:

    Daily Mail has pictures of Amber Heard and her girlfriend Tasya today!!

    So what we have to expect? all of this looks like a bunch of gossip mags trying to make the breakup between Johnny and Vanessa looks as something “scandalous”

    There aren’t proof of cheating (every woman mentioned in US Weekly, has deneid it…Eva, the Mermaid, now Amber appears with her girlfriend)

    The only we know for sure now, is that they did breakup and probably we never will know the real reasons behind it…because I doubt they will speak of it!

  86. pamela says:

    @nm6804 says

    I didn’t see her post until just now and was going to reply, but you did amuch better job. I find it hilarious that she says Brad and Angie are no longer popular, but yet she can’t stop talking about them. I am still trying to understand what Angie’s directorial debut and the engagement had to do with JD and VP breaking up. I am still holding out hope she sees the ridiculousness of her obsession with the JPs.

  87. Cpm says:

    For Amber, Johnny is the closest thing to a big ol’ girl. I’m sure he lets her use the strap-on.

  88. muppet_barbershop says:

    OK, as a 23-years-out bi woman who leans toward women (so hey, not that different from Amber), and as someone who can see (as anyone should) that Amber can have her pick across the board on this planet, I have two things to say. First: Both Amber and Johnny can be pretty danged proud of themselves if this is true. Two: Holy… That Tasya… I dunno if I’d leave her for anyone. I guess maybe only for Johnny. Rock on, beautiful ones.

  89. Darling Nickii says:

    Come on now…. this press is ALL rigged ! Team JD has tons of juice in his ability to control his press, more so than lots of other actors in Hollywood, his peeps had to sign of with the OK for People & US magazine to run anything at all, so Robin being named along all the other women he was with had to be approved by her, otherwise, those stories in those magazines would never have been run at all, I see it as her getting a little stab back at him though, that she is the one controlling all this “damage control” for him, she probably didn’t like getting picked over for AH and had her own agenda to save face for herself, (BTW- she dated her clients before), didn’t sound like team JD had too much love for V for some reason, so revenge was staged & set up with this stupid story, how could JD not anticipate a huge explosion backlash with Vanessa coming at him with no mercy for the,” I had to be a drunk senseless idiot, I was so unhappy with my nagging baby mama and boring life” story which was soooo pathetic , like he didn’t guess for a second that shit would come back around to bite him in the face ?? His children must be feeling so hurt and embarrassed by that, I mean come on… how could he even say he had any desire to protect them when those stories were released that his camp had to sign off on to get printed in the first place ?? And about Amber… it is so obvious, I call it as this, she gets a publicity jump start which is more than likely exactly what she was angling for, then gets dumped because she will turn out to be “bad” for his image, that is already stirring now, she looks like an opportunist and will always be linked to his break up train wreck, not to mention after that awful story throwing Vanessa under the bus, by JD’s peeps, does he think V would let AH be around the children ??? Don’t think so on that one, plus what would the kids think of AH ? they probably aren’t feeling the love for her, they aint dumb, they KNOW…. when JD leaves Amber, she’ll look foolish and cheap, to my recall she did come out first as a lesbian, then backtracked as bi-sexual, hummm… wonder why ?
    my sense is it wasn’t as advantageous to her career to be a lesbian, maybe she did love Tasya, but I think her career would always be loved more, it would be a very well calculated way to deflect poon sniffers in hollywood off of her, seen that one used before, it works pretty well, but the truth always comes out eventually…. it’s just too bad he didn’t handle this with class, respect and dignity…. very disappointing on that account….