Katie Holmes is worried that Tom Cruise & CoS will kidnap Suri

These are some of the first photos of Katie Holmes since she filed for divorce last week. Look at her. Look at our girl, y’all!! I’m so proud of her. I think she LOOKS like a changed woman too. No more of the ragged, dazed, Kate-bot. She seems self-assured and calm. She’s wearing makeup. Her hair is pulled back in a sleek pony. She’s not wearing her wedding ring, but she is wearing some simple jewelry. She looks younger and wiser. She made up her mind about all of this a while ago, don’t you think? It was just a matter of timing and angling and preparedness. And Katie prepared! Here are some of the many, many Katie stories floating around:

*Katie fired every Friend of Xenu on her staff. TMZ reports that Katie purged her old security team (for being too close to Tom), her driver, her lawyer, and according to Lainey, Katie is also going back to her old management team from her pre-Cruise days. Katie has now hired a new security detail consisting of five to six bodyguards. And they’ve got their work cut out for them because…

*The NY Post reported yesterday that Katie is worried that the Church of Scientology will try some “heavy- handed intimidation attempt.” Likely involving those beefy dudes who were following her around all of last week. According to the Post, Katie spent the weekend “holed up in her Chelsea pad — terrified that soon-to-be-ex-hubby Tom Cruise might kidnap their little girl, law-enforcement sources said. Holmes told another building resident of her abduction fear — and that neighbor called police on Friday, sources said.” Long story short, the police couldn’t take action because Katie didn’t directly file any kind of report. But it’s good to get that kind of story into the press in the first week, especially because everyone believes Xenu Warriors are capable of anything.

*As for that white Escalade (with Tennessee plates) full of burly men – the Post reports that cops pulled over the SUV on Sunday. The cops investigated complaints of “suspicious activity” and the Post also says TWO of the dudes in the SUV were armed. For real.

*The Daily Beast spoke the Page Six’s editor. It’s an interesting video:

*Katie’s prenup reportedly includes a deal for $3 million for each year she and Tom were married (five years at $15 million), plus a mansion in Santa Barbara. SOLD! I would take that. But really, it’s not about the money for Katie. She wants Suri. Full-time, sole custody. Oh, and Katie’s net worth before the divorce and any potential settlement is about $25 million. Not bad, Katie. TMZ’s sources claim that Katie’s pre-nup is much more hardcore – as in, she’ll barely get anything from Tom. Which, as I said, would be okay because I don’t think she gives a crap about the money at this point.

*These photos of Katie? She was going to a taping of Project Runway, where she was guest-judging. People Magazine’s source said that she did “great” during the taping. And does anyone else think it’s kind of funny that all of the major outlets keep saying that Tom is “devastated” and “broken-hearted”. Those are the words being used repeatedly, and you know that’s the angle Team Cruise is trying: “Poor Tom, his wife abandoned him, she’s such a C-U-Next-Tuesday to do that.” Except no one really feels bad for him, right?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and PCN.

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  1. backwards says:

    If I was her, I would be petrified of the same thing. Those scientologists sound like absolute nut jobs.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes but if anything happened to Suri (or Katie for that matter) they’d be the first suspects. Too risky, don’t you think?

    • Amelia says:

      The same scenario crossed my mind too. You hear about abductions of kids by a parent in semi-regular divorces quite often, so I wouldn’t dare to imagine what someone with the backing of Co$ is capable of.

    • Lucy says:

      You know what she has played a blinder with this divorce. She’s quietly gone about filing it perfectly by doing it while he was out of the country, firing all the creeps he hired to keep an eye on her and hiring her old team, calmly moving out if the appartment, and then the kicker making everyone aware that the creeps are watching her every move, hell they may not be the ones in the suv but by making the whole world aware they are even stupider than I thought there’s no way in hell they will touch her no way!
      On the other hand she’s fooled us all hell I thought she was the pillock by marrying him I applaud her

      • Amelia says:

        It seems I can’t edit my previous comment but I thought you lovely CB’ers would like to know – Katie’s security are called the Blue Steel Crew.
        No joke. They have a picture of Ben Stiller on their card and everything.

    • Raven says:

      I believe this. I also think she looked sad a lot lately because she was working to put all this together. She doesn’t seem like a duplicitous person, so it stressed her out to sneak around and lie, possibly to her daughter, to avoid any accidental disclosure. But with her own money and no blackmail material from Co$, Tom isn’t going to have a lot to bargain with.

  2. kay says:

    I’d be worried too.

    I do feel for people who live within this kind of scrutiny. I could not bear it, all those people so close and calling my name. No way.

    edited to add: he’s so heartbroken, yet he has yet to see his daughter? he hasn’t flown home to make sure Suri is cared for, is ok? What a louse. If he was so upset, why is he not trying to go see Katie to find out if things can be changed, reconcile?

  3. Luise says:

    Katie is so empowered now. She is awesome and I hope she succeeds in keeping her little girl from The Freak.

  4. Launicaangelina says:

    I’m so glad so much is being leaked. The whole mess about people tailing her needs to be publicized. I think it’s wonderful that so many eyes are on her because the chances of she and Suri staying out of CO$ clutches are greater. I have to give it to Katie, she is much smarter (in this situation) than I would have ever guessed.

  5. cmc says:

    Katie is brilliant. Tom already lost the public support in the divorce and she hasn’t even had to say a single direct word about it. She just gave our imaginations a shovel and let us dig his grave ourselves.

    Go get ‘em, Katie. Hope Suri never has to be ‘audited’ in her entire life.

  6. nettie says:

    It’s not a bad idea calling attention to the dudes in the white SUV. I wonder if she consulted with people who help cult members escape? I wouldn’t be surprised. Hope she can keep Suri away from those creepy people…

  7. Esmom says:

    She definitely seems like someone who’s celebrating the end of an obligation vs. someone who’s mourning the end of a once great love. Not exactly a typical divorce. But I guess theirs was never a typical marriage, lol.

    • Kimbob says:

      Absolutely Esmom! She really does seem like she’s celebrating, and the look on her face says it all to me…………..F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!! Seriously, she looks so relieved since she’s filed for this divorce.

      I must say, I never thought in a million years I’d be reading these headlines. I mean, remember how she used to be referred to…even on this site? Kate-bot/Katebot, or something like that?

      I’m seriously surprised, and really proud of Katie. We really ought to watch this all unfold together, as I’m thinking Katie might be THE WOMAN who singlehandedly brings down co$…imagine!

      She’s really playing her cards RIGHT. The leaks about her fears/concerns, and co$’s now issuing “answers” to the press. Really, I’ve never seen co$ straight-up BACKED AGAINST A WALL…and I’M LOVING IT!!!

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I believe she was madly in love in the beginning. Lovebombed and swept of her feet by her childhood idol – who would not fall for that? But I also believe she figured out she was played by Tom and his scieno buddies, and probably figured that out a few years ago.

      I agree she does look relieved. She must have been planning this very carefully, get all her ducks in a row, get a new place to stay sorted etc, and then… wham.

      • Layale says:

        I agree with you. Some people say she knew what she was getting into. But I’m not so sure she *really* knew. I think she was indeed blinded by love and excitement (Tom Cruise, her girlhood crush!), at first. Who doesn’t want to believe the best about the people we love/admire. Just like they say the spouse is always the last to know about infidelity, I believe Katie didn’t really *get* it until after the wedding. I think TC and CO$ hid the crazies from her and chalked it all up to “Media Hype” or such, and she fell for it.

  8. Tillie says:

    She looks so good. Free at last!

  9. Shruti says:

    You’re right , Kaiser – Katie does look really different. Almost like her pre – Cruise days.

  10. helvetica says:

    Didn’t the Scientology follower kidnap several people who tried to get out ?
    Some of them even died, it’s really creepy. They have received a lot of lawsuit in their hands.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    As well she should be! It’s not like these $CI-CO$ mess around when it comes to people leaving their “church.” Good on the PD for pulling over that vehicle, and seriously? Two well-armed dudes? Unless they are her body guards, there is NO reason for that!

    Tiny Tom needs to STOP with his bid for public sympathy. It’s NOT going to happen. He’s NOT devastated; he’s NOT blindsided; he’s pissed because Katie took his Rook and didn’t follow the playbook.

    OT, I am so-o-o-o tired right now. Toddles has been up since 3 (please don’t ask me why – I do not know).

  12. lower-case deb says:

    i sort of feel bad for tom cruise today of all days. he’s having his big five-oh, and this is how he’s “celebrating” it. i don’t envy his position at all right now.
    poor guy. but then again, hey, c’est la vie. maybe it’ll be a day of introspection.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      As some others are fond of saying (s)he made his bed; (s)he can lie in it. ;) Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as Mum always said.

    • EnuffSaid says:

      I don’t feel bad for him at all…who cares…he’s had 50 years of ‘I did it my way’…He didn’t consider ‘KATE’ in his celebrating so to hell with him…let him celebrate alone…selfish arse!!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I posted downthread that I have sympathy for Tom Cruise, but probably for different reasons. Katie and Tom are both adults-both can make decisions for themselves, however both are victims of a powerful and manipulative cult. I think it’s kind of unfair to cast Tom as villain and Katie as victim, when the REAL villain (in my opinion) is Scientology. If Tom has an epiphany and suddenly sees how manipualtive this cult is and tries to break free, will we still despise him or will he be vindicated in the public eye?
      Personally, I extend my sympathy to Cruise as well. This cult clearly preys upon a sheep-like/lost soul mentality and I have no doubt they actively sought out Cruise in a mission to manipulate, control and exploit his celebrity to further their agenda. True, they created a monster but at the end of the day, Scientology is still responsible. Cruise may have turned out normal if it wasn’t for this cult.

      • Esmom says:

        This is exactly what I have thought about Tom for a while. He was vulnerable and insecure underneath his macho action/movie star image, and they preyed on him. I do think he’s a victim, too, even if he doesn’t even realize it at this point. Maybe he can be saved. Not that their marriage will survive but still at least he’d have his mind and his dignity back.

      • MJ says:


        I still have greater sympathy for Katie and Suri, and Tom’s not just any innocent victim, but he’s been brainwashed. From those infamous interviews 5-6 years ago, one can tell he’s not playing with a full deck.

      • Az says:

        Thank you! I’ve been thinking that too. Keep in mind that Mimi Rogers introduced Tom to Co$. When he was about 25. Pretty much the same age Katie was when he married her.

      • Dany says:

        I agree – I know Tom’s a big moviestar with more money than anyone can imagine, but he’s still a victim. A victim of a cult that got to him when he was still v. young. We would be feeling sorry for someone who was poor and bereaved and under the influence of a cult, so why not for him? I wish he could break out, but I don’t see that happening. It’s ruining his life though. Maybe not his career yet, but his private life. It’s sad that he doesn’t see that and probably never will.

  13. Amy says:

    Take away all the glitz that comes with stardom and she is just like a lot of the people I deal with professionally.

    I run a program for people whose spouse/partner was the primary breadwinner and either leaves/gets left/becomes disabled/loses job.

    For those who are in abusive situations, it’s a rough go. Katie was in an abusive situation. It takes a lot to make the move she did. That she has boatloads of money is helpful, but money solves money problems and much of what lies ahead for her is going to call for attributes that money can’t buy.

    What she does have that a lot of women (and men – I’ve known a few in reverse situations – rarer but out there) don’t is a solid support system. I want to hug her parents for keeping their feelings enough under wraps to not drive her away during the dizzying courtship and marriage so she felt safe in reaching out to them for help to get out. And then, for helping her figure out – and assist as needed – a plan that would work.

    LOVE to Mom & Dad Holmes.
    Strength to Katie, her family and support system as she moves forward.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Amy – Beautifully stated. As the “regulars” on CB know, I was in an abusive situation in the past. No amount of money can mitigate that. But money can (and does) make a difference when it comes to the escape.

      It’s not cheap to go “off grid.” It takes brains, cash, a GREAT support network (one willing to do ANYTHING to keep you and kiddo safe), and the total and complete desire to do whatever you have to do to keep kiddo safe from whatever threat is posed.

      And it is TOTALLY worth it!

      • Amy says:

        Coming from you, this means a lot. And one of the reasons I’m good at what I do is because I’ve been there, too. (Minus the money, but damn, did I have a support system*. And damn, did it save my ass on so many occasions!)

        Hope the kid lets you get some sleep later.

        *Not my family, unfortunately. But the best group of assorted friends a woman ever had. And still does, 20+ years after the fact.

      • Becky says:

        Hey bellaluna, they did it, they fucked up my io9, I’m guessing jezzie too… How do u feel about that new system?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Amy, I believe whole-heartedly that our experiences help when trying to help others out of those same situations. (And thank you.) I didn’t have money either, but my parents and friends were SOOO supportive. Even my landlady!

        Becky – Yeah, they screwed up Jezzie, too. Don’t like it. Not one little bit! :(

    • Stormy says:

      So spot on about her parents not pushing her away during her marriage.Kudos to them!(and Katie)

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Completely agree with you.

      Interestingly enough, a lot of people praise Katie’s parents for their stance, while simultaneously blasting Nicole Kidman for ‘not fighting for her kids’.

      NK is doing the same – staying as neutral about $cientology as she can, trying to maintain a line of communication with her children, so that if they ever start having doubts or want help to leave, they know they can come to her.

      • Amy says:

        Two things. You’re spot-on. One is that there is nothing easier than telling other people how to live their lives or thinking that you know what’s going on in a situation if you’re not inside of it. Nicole Kidman knows – as I did – that whatever the ex does or tries to do, nothing will ever change the fact that she is their mother. She’s taken the long and loving view. I hope it works out as well for her as it did for me.

    • erika says:

      Thank you for that, brilliant post= SMART

      I really do pray for the best for Holmes and her family. GOOD vS. EVIL!

  14. OrangeBlohan says:

    As Whoopie told Demi in Ghost, “You in danger girl” I watched an interview about Scientology a few years ago with John Travolta and Kirstie Alley and it was freaky. I think she has good reason to fear anything from those freaks, but sounds like she’s doing things smart. Team Katie!!!

  15. gee says:

    How can they legally carry guns in NYC? It’s basically impossible for anyone who isn’t law enforcement to have a carry permit in NYC.

    • Amelia says:

      I’m in the UK so I don’t really know the law on your side of the pond, so what happens now? Do they get arrested for carrying a weapon, get it confiscated, etc?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Different states have different laws (I offer up FL,TX and AZ as examples of “whatever – anything goes” and MA and CA as “you can’t get a permit to carry a concealed UNLESS…”) but I’d imagine the dudes were licensed.

        I’m not saying HOW they obtained said license; but I’m saying I bet they were. Xenu only knows how far the CO$ reaches, and to what extents they’ll go to obtain their “goals.”

    • amurph says:

      You’re right – NYC has really (VERY) strict laws about civilians carrying weapons. You can get a license to carry but it’s a difficult process.

    • Janet says:

      Private detectives and bodyguards can carry guns in NYC. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to do it legally but it can be done.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Dang. In MA (unless it’s changed) you have to be law-enforcement (local/state) or have truly exceptional reason(s) as to why you need a “concealed carry” permit. Same with CA.

        It’s a colossal pain in the ass to get a license to carry a concealed weapon in CA. IF they even decide to grant said permit. It takes money, time, training, etc…and they can still say “NO.”

      • JD says:

        Bellaluna, we live in CA and hubby found it fairly easy to get a concealed weapon permit.

        He did have to pay for and pass a shooting course, have it approved by the instructor, and pay for the paperwork the county required.

        It cost about $300 in all.

  16. Serenity now says:

    I hope this divorce lifts the lid off co$. In some countries this god-forsaken organization is considered a cult. Didn’t Tommygirl have issues when he was in Germany filming Valkyrie? I believe Germany classifies co$ as a cult. I know in Australia a couple of years back a senator by the name of Nick Xenophon (no relation to Xenu!) was trying to get a parliamentary review on co$. Federal laws allow tax exemptions fot religious organizations. He recieved a lot of complaints from former members about abuse and other criminal activities. Unfortunately he has so far been unsuccessful In trying to not only get co$ classified as a cult (and not a religion for at least for tax purposes) and have criminal charges brought forward. Hopefully the public laundry of one it’s head honchos. As well as prolific figures like Murdoch bring attention to this evil organisation will make our political leaders do something more. Team Katie!

    • lafairy says:

      France too classifies CoS as a cult, and furthermore, they are listed on the “dangerous” cults government list, they have a really hard time around here, since they lost a lot of trials and they are on a very strict watch (as all the cults on the “dangerous cults” list)

      • Anait says:

        Even in Italy Scientology is considered a dangerous sect by the government, but I’m not sure that the law against “dangerous cults” has been approved yet… unfortunately.

      • Jaxx says:

        Then why was my govt (US) stupid enough to give them tax shelters as a “church?” How many people do they have to destroy before the US wises up?

      • Sassy says:

        RE: US tolerance of C of S – do you think that some is lining the pockets of powerful politicians with lots of money? That always seems to work.

      • Jaxx says:

        Sassy, I’m sure that’s how it was accomplished. That must have been tried in Italy and France too, but it didn’t work. I guess US politicians are just greedier and more willing to look the other way when this cult damages US citizens.

      • Emily says:

        @Jaxx: It’s even scarier than that. In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that Scientology couldn’t have tax-exempt status (and essentially, wasn’t a religion), but then in ’93 the IRS did a complete 180 shift and started allowing them tax-exempt status anyways. It’s wild. Google the case if you like–it’s Hernandez v. Commissioner (1989)–and other information about it. People say that some Co$ members essentially blackmailed higher-ups in the IRS, etc., to make it happen…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jaxx – We’re governed by greedy, money-grubbing idiots with no standards. Welcome to the Idiocracy. *grimace*

      • Jaxx says:

        Let me get this straight–the gov says they are not a church, but the IRS–who usually isn’t scared of anyone–gave them tax free status anyway? That is downright terrifying. I hope Katie knows what she is doing. I am very afraid for her. Surely if anything happened to her it would open a can of worms that could never be closed again.

    • TG says:

      Your comment about Xenophon not being related to xenu just gave me the laugh of the day. I have tears in my eyes.

  17. Serenity now says:

    I hope this divorce lifts the lid off co$. In some countries this so-called religion is considered a cult. Didn’t Tommygirl have issues when he was in Germany filming Valkyrie? I believe Germany classifies co$ as a cult. I know in Australia a couple of years back a senator by the name of Nick Xenophon (no relation to Xenu!) was trying to get a parliamentary review on co$. Federal laws allow tax exemptions for religious organizations. He recieved a lot of complaints from former members about abuse and other criminal activities. Unfortunately he has so far been unsuccessful In trying to not only get co$ classified as a cult (and not a religion for at least for tax purposes) and have criminal charges brought forward. Hopefully the public laundry of one it’s head honchos. As well as prolific figures like Murdoch bringing attention to this evil organisation will make our political leaders do something more.

  18. mel2 says:

    I dont know much about Scientology but are women not allow to wear make-up and/or do they have to dress a certain way? Just curious cause if Jada and Will are true Scientologist they’ve broken so many of the rules.

    • LAK says:

      There is a blind item that says she was doing that to piss him off because he required her to be perfectly groomed and dressed as reflection of his image. Apparently he had his goons looking at the tabs to make sure she was perfectly dressed and wearing her wedding ring.

      I guess once she moved to NYC and started planning her escape that was her way of giving him the proverbial finger.

      • gg says:

        I was thinking about that this morning. She’s been (I think intentionally) wearing her hair out wet, with dark circles, looking tired. I think that in addition to figuratively giving Rumplemintz the finger on his little grooming rules, this was also a cry for help to the public. Well, in addition to actually being wrung-out, tired, and not giving a crap for reals.

      • Jovia says:

        You can also chart Katie’s wearing flats in the beginning with Tom (not to mention trying to appear shorter in their wedding photograph)and then later, embracing heels and her true height. She looks amazing LOL in these new pics, like her old self! I’ll never feel sorry for Tom and the jokes about his height because he does seem to have a problem with owning it and he’s responsible for that, imo. He’s responsible and accountable for his place in all of this, and I do not feel sorry for him nor do I view him as a victim of $cientology. He strikes me as being in collusion with $cientology. (A victim of his own delusions and ego perhaps, because he seems to have a problem with the truth *cough cough*)

        When there are outrageously sexy actors and other public figures with less than average height(Peter Dinklage comes to mind), I cannot get behind a man who wears lifts and is behaviorally so insecure in his actions and controlling behaviors.

        I LOVE seeing how fantastic Katie looks this past week.

    • hunter says:

      I know a lot (!!) about Scientology and no, there is no rule, requirement or recommendation that women dress modestly or wear no makeup.

      However in the SeaOrg where they are kinda labor camps they do have uniforms (khaki/polo) and probably don’t have time to put on makeup but that’s not really relevant to your question.

    • jwoolman says:

      Agree again, Flan. Also let’s drop all the “short” insults, please.

  19. Julie says:

    she is in public and most people know about scientology. it would be a huge backlash if they abduct her. those people are crazy but they arent stupid, that would certainly be their downfall if they did this.
    its easy to be abducted when you dont have any friends out of Co$ but not when you were married to an a lister and being photographed every day.

    though that doesnt rule out a crazy person in the cult who wants “revenge” or impress their mighty leaders.

  20. EnuffSaid says:

    Maybe I’m deluded but my gut feeling says Katie will get Suri and whatever else she wants within reason unless Tom is through with his career. In the beginning there was speculation as to whether or not Suri was biologically his…if push comes to shove a paternity test may surface…not that that would have much leverage BUT it would be OUT that Suri is not his biological child…hee, hee. I think he will suffer a serious backlash with his career otherwise. I would seriously boycott his films as I think other women would be inclined to do, as well as, some dads. I also think the media will tear him apart. We only see photos of Katie & Suri period…he’s been out of the picture for a while. That poor child would be traumatized if he were to gain sole custody…Katie & Suri are ’2 peas in a pod’. I’m wondering if Katie was also worried about being Kelly Preston #2…with ‘closeted’ allegations coming out about Tom and she wants to ‘get’ while the ‘gettin’ is good!! I’m so glad she has wised up & matured…go Katie!!! She looks like a weight has been lifted…like that little ‘Monkey’ on her back is going!! Also, Bella seems to be straying which may be a little more than rebellion…she’s probably wising up and lashing out at Tommi…poor children…all of them…what a sad legacy!

  21. Eleonor says:

    She is wearing heels!!
    I think Katie is much more taugh than people (me included) thought.

  22. lucy2 says:

    Letting all this info be known is the best thing she can do for their safety – EVERYONE is watching, it would be pretty hard for COS to pull something now.

    It’s amazing how much better she looks. Cleaning house too and going back to old management, good idea. It’s like she’s woken out of a coma!

  23. cupidityrox! says:

    Katie Holmes is judging Project Runway? Ironic, no?

  24. bea says:

    I never imagined she would have the intestinal fortitude to take on the CoS!

    I hope she doesn’t have a “suspicious accident” in the near future, that she gets custody of her kid and that her career takes off. The world is her oyster!

    Maybe the CoS is finally going to fall?

  25. eileen says:

    The people in the SUV were armed?? That is very alarming. She is being very smart leaking all this to the press. What a bunch of nutjobs! Katie Girl, you in danger!

  26. Sue says:

    With practically the whole world reading about this spilt, I think it would be a little hard to kidnap Suri and get away with it. Hoping so anyways…….

  27. dahlianoir says:

    I’m totally using “CU next Tuesday ” as my favorite slur LOL
    Katie has more guts than we thought, proud of her and wish her safety and happiness.

  28. Aria says:

    Looks really pretty here! Divorce suits her and TC not so much. I’m so freaking proud of Katie.

  29. Jackson says:

    I’d be afraid of that cult, too. Love how she is handling this – so smart to get some of these stories out there. Go Kaaaa-tie! Go Kaaaa-tie!!
    And poor Tom Cruise – so in love, so blindsided, so devastated. Yeah right. Happy birthday, you creepy freak. Don’t worry, Tommy, by this time next year Miscavige will have found a new little ‘bot for you to control.

  30. TheOriginalKitten says:

    *slowly raises hand*
    I actually feel bad for Tom, but not because Katie is finally getting her shit together and is dumping his ass.
    I feel bad for him because I think he’s as much of a victim of Scientology as she is. I just think you have to be somewhat of a lost soul to be pulled into this cult to begin with. Tom was in his late-twenties when he got sucked in. So, if I empathize with Katie for being manipulated by Scientology, then I have to be fair and empathize with Tom as well.
    I just hope this situation helps to shed more light on the evils of cults.

    • Chatcat says:

      Hi Kitten!

      How are you? I am at the shore on vaca and it is great and hot hot hot hot but loving it!

      I have no sorrow for Tommygirl. I understand that cults are terrible things but really, Tom has more exposure to the greater world and he is where he wants to be. The body bags behind him (Mimi, Nic, now Katie) tell a tale that doesn’t garner any of my sympathy. Those ladies may have sold their soul’s for the wrong reason, but little tiny Tom has no soul at all IMHO.

      Cheers :)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        The cult is going down!

        Yay for being on vacation. We drove to Maine yesterday, gorgeous! We NEVER get three days in a row off like this! And hubs gets paid for both Canada day and the fourth.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Chat! I was wondering about you yesterday and figured you were probably beach-side. Lucky duck! :)

        Tiff-that’s awesome! I love Maine. What part were you guys in? A bunch of us are driving up to Portsmouth, NH (right across from Kittery, ME) tonight to see the fireworks. Looking forward to getting out of the city for a little bit :)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Sorry OT (not operating thetan, ha), we drove through NH, then on to York, kenebunkport, and Portland. So pretty!
        We are getting out of Boston tomorrow to go boating on a lake at a friends house. Nice to have a network worldwide!
        Started the weekend taking my girl to see Norah jones and then back at home we listened to roger waters do the wall in Fenway. Great weekend so far. Ours starts on Sunday nights:) plus we watched our show AGAIN from backstage.

        Who needs Magic Mike when I get the full version backstage at cirque😲?

        Hope you all have a safe holiday. Get out of the cities and enjoy! OK, we are going to try to catch the Boston Pops concert tonight.
        Be happy we are all free to celebrate because the poor scios can’t!

    • Esmom says:

      I just posted upthread that I’ve thought the same thing. He was definitely preyed upon and manipulated. And now he is a huge laughingstock. It is sad. I said if he somehow manages to get out sometime, he may not get his marriage back but maybe he can regain some dignity.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly. If you read enough about Scientology, you see how much the religion formed it’s image around celeb endorsements-it really was a crucial element for them to further their money-making agenda and raise the profile of the cult. If you read the NYer article about Paul Haggis they cite sources who claim that higher-ups plied Tom with gifts-things he never asked for-and basically built a fortress around him, with the intent to isolate him but under the guise of “protection”.
        So I look at him the way I look at all other Scientologists and victims of any cult-they are sad souls that were sold a faulty bill of goods because they lacked the fortitude, conviction, and love of friends and family that one requires to resist such manipulation.

      • Az says:

        He has been in that cult for pretty much half his life. Getting out would take some serious deprogramming.

      • Esmom says:

        @TOK…”they lacked the fortitude, conviction, and love of friends and family that one requires to resist such manipulation.”

        I agree with everything you’ve said but this one piece doesn’t quite fit. I thought he was close to his mom and sister(s?). Are they members, too?

      • Kitten says:

        @esmom-posting from my phone so hopefully replying in right spot! I should have phrased that differently. I don’t know about TC’s family life-you could be right. And I’m sure there are plenty of scios that have close family members. I guess I just meant that there had to be SOME weakness there-something that propels them into the arms of a cult. And conversely there must be something missing in themselves/their lives that the cult provides for them-a sense of family/belonging, security/protection, wealth/power/status or all of the above. I don’t think it was ever about money/status for Cruise-his star was on the rise before he joined Sci. My personal theory is that the cult provided him with a sense of security in the very precarious world of Hwood. It gave him instant friends and an instant network. Now this is just my opinion….

      • gg says:

        I don’t feel sorry for the Tom Robot at ALL. He attacks everybody. Brooke Shields, Matt Lauer – he’s so full of himself he’d never accept that the Cult is a sham because that would mean he was ::gasp!:: mistaken!

    • Chatcat says:

      Ladies! Have fun in your travels and Happy 4th!!!!

  31. serena says:

    Oh my god, this situation is scary. I hope she and Suri will be safe and far away from those armed freaks.

  32. Bobbie says:

    I have to admit I really disliked katie Holmes. She bugged me with her stupid ugly fashion line and the way she acted so superior. Within the span of one divorce filing, I am completely, 100% on her side. I suddenly think she’s beautiful and awesome. And I’m laughing at how all of the sudden all the pictures of her on this site are flattering. Go CB!

    • fabgrrl says:

      Me too! She is suddenly smart and interesting and crafty, in a good way. She has been playing her cards close to the vest, enduring public mockery for years, just biding her time before executing what is shaping up to be a perfect coup. Even if her father has been doing all the groundwork, Katie has proved herself smart and discrete enough to use her resources.

    • Bodhi says:

      I still can’t stand her. Neither her fashion nor her acting skills have improved since filing for divorce, but I am glad that she is getting away from Co$ & I very much hope that she gets full custody of their daughter.

      Edit: Many people are saying things like “Oh she must be a better actress than we all thought”, but I completely disagree with that. Her emotions have always been written all over her face. She has been looking happier lately because she knew that she was getting out soon

  33. Toot says:

    I feel bad for Tom and I’m not even a fan of his.

    Tom is a very public figure and I can’t see how he would even be able to get away with kidnapping Suri. If Katie was being spied on and followed as much as claimed how was she able to make all these moves she has? We all know Scientology is a weird/strange “religion”, but Tom has always seemed like a good father and his older kids seem fine and appear to love him. My point is that Katie seems to being trying to put Tom in the worst light where he may not even be able to see Suri which is very sad.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I agree to a point. I do think that Tom Cruise is a loving father and wants to be a part of his child’s life. I don’t think he should be denied that. But that should be TOM himself, in her life, not XENU.

    • gg says:

      Oh, the Court will see to it Rumplemintz gets to see his spawn. He’ll get visitation. He’ll probably even get joint custody, which will burn my ass if that happens. he’s got PLENTY of power goin on with the Cult and their lawyers.

      Don’t feel sorry for him, he has beaucoups $$$ and power on his side and will slam his fist down on her hard. Believe me, you won’t be feeling very sorry for him after court starts and reports go out. Katie will not get full custody without having him any rights. That hardly ever happens.

      Don’t forget, he DID take Bella and Connor away from their MOTHER. How can you feel sorry after knowing that?

    • Jamie says:

      No sympathy for Tom Cruise whatsoever. Katie is NOT trying to paint him in a bad light, he did that all by himself years ago. Mama Bear is protecting her child from this dangerous cult and making sure what happened to Nicole Kidman doesn’t happen to her. TEAM KATIE all the way.

  34. fabgrrl says:

    If I were her, I don’t think I would let Suri out of my sight for one minute! Unless she was with my parents.

  35. Becky says:

    Is that 25 million pre marriage?
    From Dawson’s, movies and modeling contracts?
    Is most of that from royalties? It seems like such a high figure

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Seems like an odd number to me considering she was living in an apartment when she met him.

      I hope she has it though, she’ll need all the resources she can get.

      As michaelK would say, get that money bitch!

    • LAK says:

      It isn’t unimaginable when you think that Dawson’s Creek run for 6 seasons, was and is still in syndication world wide. Her salary would have increased exponentially by the end. Plus i read somewhere that entire cast lived quite simply during season shoot in whatever state they filmed it in so given how smart her father is, they may have made really good investments on her behalf.

      She was in many films leading up to Mrs Tom Cruise as well as the TV show. i think her salary had reached $1M per film range. And if you add endorsements, it isn’t a far-fetched sum.

      She was never flashy with her money like other Hollywood actors, and she wasn’t a party girl.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Ive never seen Dawson’s creek so I had no idea.

        The more she’s got the better and safer she will be.

      • LAK says:

        @Originaltiffany – i was thinking about that without knowing how much she is/was potentially worth pre-TC.

        She is rumoured to have had $125K monthly allowance which is $1.5M untaxed cash annually. She stopped wearing, at least in public, high Fashion about 2-3 years into the marriage. You’d have to be a serious shopaholic to spend that amount of money at mid-low range. I read she mostly shopped in Barney’s which to me is like Harvey Nicks rather than Harrods with regards prices.

        if she made like Jackie O, she would be sitting on something like $7.5M [for the 5yrs] just from saving her clothing allowance.

        Can you imagine what her entire allowance must have been if clothing was that high? If we are to believe the blinds, that she wanted out at 2-3years, i hope that she was smart about that allowance and is now sitting on a pretty substantial nest egg even if she gets nothing from pre-nup.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Good for her! Agree on her clothing. I would have socked every penny in a hidden account. When married to crazy stock up for a rainy day.

        That’s a lot of cash for an allowance. Waity must be green with envy:)

        LAK, do you guys ever dry out? They tarped up Wimbledon at top speed yesterday, rain in the forecast most of the week. My poor friend who went back to school after staying with us in Cali.

      • LAK says:

        @Originaltiffany – we have delusions of Summer every year. They forecast strong summer weather, but it is always a damb squib.

        The rate we are going this week, it’ll be the olympics before they get to centre court which has a roof.

        i have been following your posts about your brushes with co$ – unbelieveable. I can’t begin to comprehend what your family went through. Is there any recovery? I imagine that even with the best therapists in the world one would still be shaken up.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        @LAK I don’t know. I worry about it. My grandfather had to move half a country away and never speaks to any of us. So, maybe not. I don’t really consider him to be a grandfather to me anyway now.

        As for my family that still is in the big blue prison, I doubt it. They were raised in there. They have no idea about how to live normally, socialize (they are weird and very robotic) no college, multiple marriages, divorces, abortions. They have been subjected to horrors. I kind of doubt you come out of that unschathed.

  36. Jenny says:

    The whole “Tom was blindsided” story really rings hollow. How can one person be so miserable that they want a divorce (not separation, but get me out of here divorce), remove the ring and show off and the other person be clueless. That means these two people don’t communicate at all.

    If he did not know or more likely acknowledge she was unhappy, then that is reason enough to get the hell out and fast. That would mean they were living totally separate lives. Good on her for doing what was best for her and her child and that she is lucky enough to have a supportive and strong family to help her do this. It has to be hard to fight a multimillion dollar cult and its biggest star and she is doing it.

    • Priscilla says:

      I’m sure Co$ handlers/spies were reporting Katie’s treachery as it unfolded. I wonder how she snuck away to rent another apartment? I’m just glad she did.

      This has to be rocking the so-called church; they have no way to counter the backlash. If they were good at PR — and not just thugs — they’d be talking about their good works (do they work with prisoners or homeless for example, helping them get on their feet?). As it is, Co$ is just plain scary. I’m actually nervous typing this!

      • Anne de Vries says:

        The only ‘good works’ they do is converting people to scientology.

        Seriously, they have all sorts of ‘help’ programs – disaster relief, drugs and alcohol rehab, fuck knows what else. The problem is that the only way they know how to help somebody is to convert them. It’s really preying on the vulnerable and nothing to do with improving people’s lives. Especially because once they’ve sucked in those vulnerable people they start sucking ‘em dry, right down to the ‘let us help you apply for extra credit/overdraft/mortgage’.

        Those ‘help’ organisations are often carefully disconnected (in name) from scientology, by the way. Co$ is not mentioned at all – they seem neutral and once you’re in they bring on the Dianetics.

      • LAK says:

        What good works?? the only thing they know is ‘help themselves’

      • gg says:

        Katie’s “treachery”???? Come ON. She’s escaping the demons. And they only formed these “help” (gag) organizations to prey on weak people and dump them into the Cult. They are despicable.

        You sound like a troll.

  37. lira says:

    What she is doing is great, good for her, but she still is dressing like c*rap.
    Awful dress and shoes, and she is a fashion judge???

  38. Shelly says:

    She and Tom are too high-profile for her daughter to ever be kidnapped by the CO$ or by Tom himself. Not to mention, I highly doubt Tom would kidnap a child, even his own.

  39. dorothy says:

    The entire world is watching Scientologists!

  40. Amy says:

    How could Tom have been blindsided if there were blinds a couple of months ago that everyone else guessed at? Who leaked those blind items?

    • LAK says:

      You are assuming the entire world reads Blind items and or believes them. or think that every hollyood relationship is exactly as it is presented.

      ‘Blindsided’ is how his team are going to play for sympathy because a 3rd divorce, whether co$ is involved or not, is a career killer for him.

  41. Carolyn says:

    This anti-Scientology PR is fabulous. She’s got a great team around her. Katie’s going to bring them down single-handedly. Don’t let them get Suri!!

  42. Rory says:

    Just think, Katie, heels!! You can wear heels now!! :D And go back to your old name – Katie. The Midget was the only one who called you Kate, right?

    • Jackson says:

      TC calling Katie “Kate” was cringe-inducing. I remember way back when, the first time I heard him say it, I thought “ooh oh, bad sign.”
      Haha, all I can think now is Katie grabbing TC by the (figurative) cojones screaming “What’s my name, biotch??!! Say my name!! It’s Katie!! KATIE!!!”

    • jwoolman says:

      Lots of couples have special versions of the other person’s name. My uncle was the only person in the entire world who ever called my aunt Kitty. Did cause some confusion (the cat would think he meant her… really!), but it certainly wasn’t meant to be controlling. Gosh, I’ve had friends who can’t seem to manage more than one syllable of my own name. Just a friendly quirk, I live with it. So calling Katie “Kate” is not something I’ll assume is a sign of darkness and dread and foreboding on Tom’s part.

  43. Momfirsthumansecond says:

    CB newbie here (hi, all! I love reading all of your comments).

    Been thinking on this … I’m naturally concerned for Katie and Suri’s safety, but I’m actually more worried about the safety of Katie’s family, who aren’t as visible. Because her family is her support system and her greatest strength throughout this heap of crazy (and since they are the only people she knows she can truly trust), I would think it would be easier for the Co$ to harm a sibling or niece/nephew of Katie’s and make it look like an accident, something people may suspect was a Co$ hit but could not prove. If a sibling’s child died because of Katie’s involvement with Tom’s loonies, I would think that would devastate her family and cause a chink in the armor of her support system. And it would serve up some straight-up cold Co$ revenge – Katie loses a family member, then possibly some of her family’s support – and she would suffer from the guilt for the rest of her life (just a “before-I’ve-had-my-morning-coffee” theory. And, maybe a bit of a stretch, but when you’re dealing with crazy, you have to think like crazy might think).

  44. Nicolette says:

    Good for her, and more power to her. She’s doing what any mother would do, and protecting her child. You can see she’s coming back to life, and that Stepford wife blank stare is disappearing.

  45. Izzy says:

    You all might think I’m a little crazy (not Co$ crazy), but I think there are several villains in this, and one of them is the IRS. No, I’m not one of those “no taxation at all” folks. It’s just that Co$ had lost their tax-exempt status, then regained it. That doesn’t happen with many cults, yet the IRS decided to cave because the Co$ kept litigating it. Our government chose not to fight to enforce valid tax laws, instead of getting final declaratory judgments and then going after C0$ to reimburse the taxpayers (us). Just saying, there are times when you fight because you’re on the right side, you know? So much more harm has been done because the C0$ now has “legitimacy” with tax-exempt status.

    • valleymiss says:

      I believe that the IRS was either blackmailed (“Hey Mr. IRS agent, how about we tell your wife about the affair you’re having?”) Or bribed (“Hey Ms. Government Employee, how about we send you on an all expenses paid Hawaii vacation?”) Or flatout harrassed…threatening phone calls, tailed by cars, bugs on the phone. If you research online, Sci goons will and have used insane tactics on anyone who tries to take them down. Remember, they consdier enemies “fair game.”

      • Izzy says:

        There are tons of rumors that Co$ has infiltrated various government agencies, and that’s how they got their exempt status reinstated. Who knows? I wouldn’t put it past these nutballs. Whether it’s true or not, it is public record that they did harass the IRS for YEARS with litigation, and the IRS apparently finally “decided” it wasn’t worth wasting any more taxpayer money. Like I said, win the caes, file for expenses, get a lien on their tons of property when they refuse to pay up. It’s how all these crazy groups should be dealt with.

    • LeeLoo says:

      If the government does that then the blames falls on them in what could potentially wind up as another Jonestown or Waco out in Hemet. The government must tread with care and not piss off Co$ too badly to the point where they retreat further and do something drastic.

      The fact of the matter is, there are about 100,000 Scientology followers. The potential for massive casualties is extremely high. Even if only 10% of its members were rabid enough to do whatever Miscavige said that could still be enough of a threat. It’s not only a threat against lives this still poses a national security threat. Co$ has more members than Al Qaeda.

      The only way the government could potentially infiltrate the Co$ is with the assistance of the CIA who is trained against mind control tactics. I’m not even sure they could send in a regular undercover FBI agent for this.

  46. RHONYC says:

    she took off 10 years by leaving that dude! gorgeous.

    if i were Katie, i’d start wearin’ a big ol’ crucifix around my neck and sharpen the bottom to steak any creepy Sciengoons!

    get some holy water for good measure! lol ;-)

  47. Guesto says:

    @cmc –

    “She just gave our imaginations a shovel and let us dig his grave ourselves.”

    What a fabulous line! I will be stealing this! :)

  48. Mich says:

    I don’t get all of the people who feel sympathy for Tom as a ‘victim’ of CO$. There are MANY stories out there that indicate he is a victimizer… happy to use slave labor to meet his whims, parental alienation, controlling behavior re his spouses (ranging from spying to changing KatIE’s f-ing name!), etc. There is NO way I think he is in the dark about how his ‘church’ treats its members, often for his personal benefit.

    Thank you to whoever posted that fascinating article about how CO$ ended up choosing KatIE as his wife (“Mrs Tom Cruise Mark III” – brilliant!). The part about how a young CO$ member was briefly in the running but then ended up scrubbing bathroom floors with a toothbrush when she questioned what was going on…wow.

  49. eb says:

    There was a post about Katie getting a new place because the old place was bugged.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if They had a hit piece on her anyway. People vent in their homes all the time. Imagine if any of us had each of our upsets strung together for the world to see in a little youtube clip.

    I hope that she did likewise on TC and Them.

    Even if she was smart enough to not do the “auditing” or else lied during her “audit” she still is vulnerable if they had her wire-tapped. Especially in the beginning when she probably thought that it wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying and had her guard down.

  50. Carolyn says:

    Ha! Checkmate Tom.. now go sit in a dark audit corner with your glib handlers and sis to sniffle/whine; you’re damned if you do or do not bother her. Suri is free..

  51. eb says:

    The stuff coming out is unbelievable.

    Katie and daughter walked in on Tom Cruise and David Beckham.


    Katie tried to leave earlier and couldn’t.


    Chris Klien

    I worry that this will reach media saturation and that people will start ignoring it. No way are they anywhere near a settlement. It will probably be a looong time before this is settled. And frankly, the only help she is getting right now is the paps watching the cultists.

    I hope people don’t burn out. I think she really needs everyone’s interest for as long as possible.

  52. Kim says:

    I never post, but I had to say that I’m so happy for Katie. She’s looked really sad/lost/terrible for awhile.

    It’s sad to remember how happy she was in the beginning with Cruise, esp their wedding pic. This was clearly someone who adored and loved her husband.

    The fact that 5 years later she fears for herself and her daughter is beyond tragic.

  53. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if CO$ went for her dad, since he is one of her biggest assets right now and probably guiding her through the entire thing. I wouldn’t put it past them to harm him or anyone close to her.

  54. sarahtonin says:

    I’d be terrified of either Suri getting kidnapped or me getting into a bad ‘accident.’ I’d be out of the country, hiding somewhere… and not available to guest judge reality tv shows.

    In any other circumstance I’d think that was completely paranoid. But we are talking about CO$ and their golden child, so Katie would have to be ‘fair game.’

  55. bagladey says:

    It’s crazy how much better Katie looks already. I feel sorry for whatever she must have been going through and I’m rooting for her.

  56. Lindy says:

    Just for fun, have any of y’all seen the bizarre letter that Leah Remini sent out as a fundraising/recruiting campaign on behalf of scientology? It’s filled with a lot of the odd CO$ vocabulary, but it reminds me of TC’s whacko video shilling for the CO$ several years ago. It has the same earnest, true-believer tone, with the slightly bullying, ominous subtext (“why the hell aren’t you lower-level CO$ peeps shelling out mad cash to get to the next level, you KNOW you want to!” etc.).


    • valleymiss says:

      I posted in a Katie thread yesterday about how I inadvertently went on 1 date with a Sci, and lemme tell ya, the way he spoke was exactly like that letter from Remini. He kept using acronyms and phrases assuming that I would know exactly what they meant, and I kept interrrupting him to ask him to clarify, “What does that mean?” He was so zealous and had a glazed over look on his face. It was creepy. It’s mentally exhausting to listen to the schpiel, and I can totally see how someone who’s weakminded and lost could fall for it. Not that I’m so mentally strong…but if we were having the convo in an auditing session instead of on a Starbucks patio (lol), it might have turned out differently.

      • Lindy says:

        I saw your post about that, valleymiss! Defnitely creepy!

        I’m actually a religion scholar, and have done a little bit of research on New Religious Movements (NRMs), which outside of the academic ivory tower most people call cults.

        The use of jargon and NRM-specific language and idiomatic phrasing is actually considered by NRM scholars to be one of the identifying signs of an honest-to-goodness cult.

        If you think about it, it’s a great way of getting someone to feel like s/he belongs, that s/he’s part of an inner circle of people in the know, people who are privy to the secret religious knowledge that gives a person power and a sense of being part of something special that the outside world doesn’t understand.

        It helps isolate participants from the outside world, according to scholars. Plus gives them a stronger sense of identification with the NRM–the only people who can understand you are others who are in the know about these terms and phrases.

  57. Jaxx says:

    I keep hearing about this Shelly Miscavige, not seen since 2006. Why haven’t the police done anything about this? Have they investigated her disappearance? Are these people just allowed to get away with murder in LA?

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      My guess is, someone like a relative (not a stranger) would have to report her as missing. However, since scientology encourages their members to cut out non-scientologists from their lives, who would report her missing?

      Besides, did you hear about the “suicide” of Shelly’s mother a couple of years after Shelly married David? The petite woman somehow managed to commit “suicide” by shooting herself in the chest THREE TIMES before she shot herself in the head, with a long rifle. She was very petite, only about 5’2″, but she managed to shoot herself four times with a rifle.

      It’s no wonder anyone who knew Shelly (if there are any who are still around/alive at this point) isn’t talking.

      • Jaxx says:

        Yeah, that “suicide” was very suspicious. But his wife has been in the headlines as missing. She could be considered a public figure. So would the police actually need a family member to report her missing to investigate her well being? If they’ve just written her off that’s very sad. This cult really scares me. With so much information public knowledge I can’t believe they can still recruit people. I wouldn’t go near a one of them.

  58. Green Is Good says:

    I said this on D-listed, and I’ll say it here: I have no doubt Tommy-Girl would stage the kidnapping of Suri, and make it look like a “mysterious stranger” abduction.

  59. Lea says:

    I’m just glad that Katie is getting a divorce. I hope she, her daughter and family can stay safe too. I think I’ll be on the edge of my seat until the divorce is finalized. I can’t imagine the stress she must have been under!

  60. Mira says:

    How will Tom get away from even attempting to kidnap Suri? Why exactly would he do that? The media is blowing this up into some kind of psycho-drama/thriller. With all the excessive reporting on Tom’s crazy and CO$ rightly being put in the spotlight, it’s in Tom’s interest to settle the divorce without turning it into a public slugfest. He does not have the option to bully Katie, not with the gossip machine going into an overdrive. Moreover, the studios are already backing him, which means he has a lot of $$$ riding on his back. We shouldn’t be surprised if the divorce is settled minus all the drama we are expecting out of it.

  61. Sam x says:

    Good point about the cult targeting Katie’s family, it must be very worrying for her. I pray her entire family stays safe from that evil cult and yeah, Katie’s dad has been her biggest asset, her rock and I hope nothing happens to him. His advice has helped her to muster up the courage to end it all and handle this divorce by playing her cards right. Just read on Radaronline that her dad advised her not to over share during her auditing sessions so they don’t have any ammo to use against her in the press. Say what you want, Daddy Holmes sure has trained his daughter well. My prayers and support going out to Katie, Suri & her family! :) xx

  62. Green Is Good says:

    “She just gave our imaginations a shovel and let us dig his grave ourselves.”


  63. Sarah says:

    Coming from any other celebrity I’d think that was a bit histrionic. Definitely not in this case though, I wouldn’t put anything past CO$.

  64. skuddles says:

    I can see CO$ resorting to a lot of scary, strongarm tactics but I find it hard to believe they’d go so far as to nab Suri. I think Tom knows a move like that would probably destroy what’s left of his career and popularity – he’d never recover. And the backlash against CO$ would be epic.

  65. Kim says:

    Pleeeeaaaaase she is so in the public eye this could never happen. Will Tom try and persuade Suri towards Scientology over the next 10 years and promise her money etc to remain in scientology probably but he isnt going to kidnap her.

  66. Elle says:

    I do not understand why everyone is Team Katie. She knew from the beginning that Tom was a Scientologist and would want to bring his children up in the religion. If parents are allowed to bring their children up Muslim or Catholic, then why should Tom be prevented from raising his children to be Scientologists? Personally I do not think parents should push their religion off on their children.

    • Jamie says:

      Troll, don’t even try to compare LEGITIMATE religions to a cult. If you leave the Muslim or Catholic faiths (or any other true religion), nobody cuts you off from your family never to see your children again. You’re not stalked by ‘agents of the church’ and made to live in fear. People don’t mysteriously disappear (i.e. Shelly Miscavige since 2006). Please, Tom Cruise is NOT a victim. Yes, Katie knew what she was getting into to AN EXTENT. But, a) she was blinded by her childhood fantasy and b) even now, with all the reports coming out form former members and high ranking officials over the past several years, people still don’t know the FULL EXTENT of this cult. So, how could she? Spare me the whole ‘Boo hoo, poor Tom Cruise.’ He’s a manipulative, controlling, egotistical nutjob who’s been brainwashed by this dangerous cult for decades. Katie is not forcing her beliefs on Suri at all, she is doing what any normal mother would do, protecting her child from this whackadoodle, dangerous cult. There is absolutely no reason to feel sorry for Tom WHATSOEVER.

      • Elle says:

        Legitimate is a subjective term. Religions are all very similar and there are crazy members in each religion. Google Jim Jones or Waco. My parents brought me up without any knowledge of their religious beliefs and I feel that is best. However, if people are allowed to push their religion onto their children it should not matter what that religion may be. If Tom Cruise wants to raise his child to be a Scientologist it should not inhibit him from having custody of his child.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Dear Troll,

      Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims don’t threaten people with violence. They don’t have leaders that become physically violent on members. These factions realize that it is okay for memebers to leave. They don’t threaten with violence and they don’t murder. Sure, ALL religions have extremists and sects that turn into cults but none of the major religions are entirely built upon lies and violence.

      K. Thanx. Bye.


      • Divorcee says:

        No, the Catholic Church just molest kids and push it under the rug. And how is praying to a statue legitimate when the Buddha religion is very expensive charging struggling actors $10,000. I’m a Christian, but even I know Christianity has a Jewish pagan religion concept. The prophet Muhammed was illiterate. God did not make religion people did. Jesus didn’t write the bible and many things was added to fit what the new church leaders wanted.

      • Elle says:

        I am just trying to point out that it is unfair to degrade Tom Cruise for wanting to raise his child to be a Scientologist when no one seems to care what religion other parents push on their children. There are plenty of negative aspects in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc… There are plenty of horribly violent Christian cults, for example Fundamentalist Mormonism! It is wrong to act like one’s own religion is superior. It is ethnocentric and rude.

    • jwoolman says:

      Actually, he told her she could be both Scientologist and Catholic, making it seem like just a harmless self-help system. Asking parents to not pass on their true religious beliefs is like telling them to not pass on their beliefs about right and wrong or their cultural traditions. Parents teach their children how to tie their shoes, why would parents not teach them about religious frameworks?

      But Co$ is not a true religion – it is a secretive and manipulative organization that collects a lot more than a tithe from people with few resources. I know a lot of formal religions but not a single one that hides its beliefs until you’ve advanced in the ranks, for instance. And auditing – good grief. The Catholic Church has a long tradition of Confession, now called the sacrament of Reconciliation. But they don’t grill you with a list of questions while you’re hooked up to a machine: you decide what you think needs confessing and forgiving and when; nowadays they can even do it silently in a group so the priest doesn’t even have to pretend to listen before doing the absolution ritual! The emphasis has always been on forgiveness, not building up a database to use for blackmail. Instead, the priest is bound by strict confidentiality. What happens in the Confessional, stays in the Confessional (often arranged so the priest can’t even recognize the person).

      The Co$ does have a lot in common with state religions through the ages without actually having an official state connection. State religions tend to quickly degenerate and cause problems because political power is corrupting, and the religion improves greatly once they lose that status. The Co$ skipped the usual steps of real faith and skipped straight to the corruption and totalitarianism stages of a state religion, however- it only has a thin veneer of religion and was devised from the beginning to simply make a few people gobs of money. It’s baffling that they have tax-exempt status in the US, they are so obviously not the kind of religious organization that status was designed to help. Other countries seem to have realized this.

  67. KG says:

    She has to be careful. Did you guys see the ONTD article about how one of the guys outside her apt in those SUVs was the same private eye hired to follow the Panorama crew around by the Scientologists when they were doing their specials on Scientology.

  68. AussieExPat says:

    Cruise is in it up to his eyeballs, including the mystery of David Miscavige and his wife Shelly. Tom and Katie hosted a party where Miscavige and his new lady openly cavorted. Methinks Shelly Miscavige did something against C0$ and was/is being punished for it. No-one has seen her since 2007 and that was at the funeral for her father – to which she was escorted by two burly bodyguards.
    Its not NOW that Katie has to worry. Its when all this media hyperbole calms down, in about a year. And I agree if they can’t threaten Katie, they will try and “get” to her another way. I hope her entire group of family and friends have been warned to be careful. Co$ is like a cornered animal at the moment, I think its in freefall, but they won’t go down without a big fight.

  69. Synamin says:

    How can Tom kidnap his own child? Until there is a custody order, he has right of access to his daughter. I’m sure Katie and her lawyers are aware of this. They are certainly pulling out the big guns to destroy Tom in the public eye. It’s going to get messy.

  70. v says:

    can someone tell me, what’s the story about miscaviage’s wife disappearing in 2006?

  71. Divorcee says:

    I was wrong Kate’s paranoid and Tom is crazy they are perfect for eachother! And it’s even funnier that Kate hired stalkers are from Tennesse. Isn’t that where Nicole lives? So who hired the pretend stalkers? Was it Katie lol. Oh no wait, it was Nicole secretly helping Katie! She’s really trying to pimp this I’m afraid of Scientology thing cause if she gains custody of Tom child support is coming her way big time. Scientology is not stupid, there’s no way Scientology would kidnap Kate or Suri esp. since they are both high profiles. I wonder if all that time spent with Suri was Katie way of making sure she gets custody of Suri and child support checks. Alot of times she wasn’t even with Tom when she looked miserable, she received work and still looked a hot mess. She doesn’t look more youthful and her eyes still look funny to me.

  72. Issa says:

    She looks great and YOUNG. She does have a tense look on her face and looks worried The more I read the more I respect her. She is much stronger than she appears. Takes some will-power to fire COS trolls. As bad as CO$ is, don’t think they would nab Suri. She’s too high profile. Seems like they do things in the dark and people quietly disappear. Kidnapping from within, while the people are still serving them. Have they ever publicly kidnapped anyone?

  73. mayamae says:

    What’s the thought on marriage #4? More kids? I can’t figure that one out. It’s been so rumored that Suri is someone else’s, I feel he won’t be able to resist “siring” another.

  74. erika says:

    Where did you guys get so much info on Scientology? Does anyone know any good Internet sites?

    This COs ^@%@&!! is creeping me out! I knew it was a funky ‘religion’ but this sounds like a bunch of zombie mind control?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      erika – If you scroll up, there’s a “Tom Cruise” and/or “Scientology” link at the bottom of the story. Any previous TC story (this one included) will have links, either in the story or the comments.

      You can also Google “David Miscavige” or “Tom Cruise” or “former Scientology members” – stuff like that.

    • gg says:

      @ erika – here you go, sweetheart. There is a lot of reading on here but it’s the best site probably out there. Warn everybody about this group, it’s nothing to play around with. It’s run exactly like The Mob.


  75. Mary says:

    Alright so even though Katie is going through such a high profile divorce, she told someone in her building that she was afraid that Tom would kidnap Suri? Was this person a friend? Because if not, I can’t imagine that she would just walk up to one of her new neighbors and be like “Hey, I think Tom is going to kidnap Suri”.
    For the people that said that she knew Tom was a Scientologist before she married him, yeah she did but I don’t think that she knew the full extent of the craziness until after. From what Ive read, the cult is pretty careful about who knows what and I don’t think they would have let her know too much until after she married him. That’s just my opinion though.