Brad Pitt is a control-freak groomzilla & Angelina Jolie “just rolls her eyes”

Have you missed the weekly Brangelina news the past few weeks? The tabloids still have the odd Brangelina story, of course, but in the scope of the Depp-Paradis and the Cruise-Holmes splits, the tabloids have had their hands full playing catch-up on two of the under-reported troubled unions. Meanwhile, Brad and Angelina have never seemed more solid, right? And to think, many held up Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis as the kind of couple Brangelina should strive to be.

Perhaps a new day is dawning in the tabloid coverage of Brangelina, because this Enquirer story actually makes Brad seem like an anal-retentive, control-freak nutjob, and Angelina sounds like the easy-going one. The Enquirer claims Brad has turned into a “groomzilla” as he “obsesses” over every detail of his wedding to Angelina. Meanwhile, Angelina is working in London and she’s all “Meh, tell me where to show up and which bridal sack dress to wear.”

Brad Pitt has turned into a groomzilla! Pitt is driving his wife-to-be crazy by obsessing over “every last detail” of their wedding, say sources. “Brad is determined to throw a party no one will ever forget,” revealed one insider. “He could leave the heavy lifting to a wedding planner, but he’s too detail oriented.”

The plan is to throw a large wedding party on August 11 at their $70 million French estate, Chateau Miraval, in front of hundreds of guests. In preparation for the big day, Brad has been making frequent trips between London (where Angie is filming her new movie) and their French home. He’s met with local farmers about supplying produce for the menu and has also conducted taste tests with most of Europe’s top chefs, even asking about where the mushrooms for a particular beef sauce are grown.

Brad is orchestrating everything from the wine list to the wedding outfits for their six kids to the logistics of flying in guests like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood, added the source. Brad already has the kids going through dry runs of the ceremony.

“Angie just rolls her eyes,” noted the insider. “She doesn’t want any part of it. She told him, ‘Just tell me what time to show up.’”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Will they actually get married on August 11th? Ugh. Maybe it’s just the heatwave that my state is currently experiencing, but the last thing I would want to do is plan for a wedding in the dead middle of summer. Besides, I’ve always thought of Angelina as more of an autumn or winter bride. Something at the Chateau, obviously… but instead of everything summery, perhaps a “winter wonderland” theme? I’m seeing snow, a long-sleeved sack and some kind of magnificent wedding coat.

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  1. Sue says:

    Laughing at this story…. Hard to compete with the Tom/Katie thing……

  2. tonina says:

    Well. If they’re still getting married in the UK, i heard it’s a cold wet summer in London.
    She can probably wear a lightweight kag sack.

  3. beyonce's bump says:

    The Enquirer….that’s all that needs to be said about this really. Of all the things to think of about Brad, a Groomzilla and a control freak??? lol um no.

    • Rhea says:

      But it’s fun to imagine rather than the usual “Brad-crying-his-eyes-out-running-out-from-the-room-in-his-bike” routine. ;)

      • LAK says:

        ah, but Rhea you underestimate how that could be written into the article.

        eg Brad wants to know where the mushrooms for the beef sauce are grown. Angie rolls her eyes and tells him to chill, brad bursts into tears and runs out of the room crying. Huzzah!

      • Rhea says:

        LMAO. LAK, I could always count on you to make a funnier “Brad-crying-his-eyes-out” routine. :D

      • LAK says:

        Thank you :) it’s my favourite thing to write on these Branglina/Jen Aniston threads.

      • Red Granny says:

        Maybe also Brad´s mother can cry a little? Like about brad marrying a bisexual woman? This will leave a huge gap for Jennifer to find a place within the story…

      • LAK says:

        @Red Granny – jen Aniston will hold a secret meeting with Jane Pitt at which they can talk about that bisexual witch Jolie. Jolie will find out about it because Jane was supposed to be baby sitting the kids so will call her up to to get her back to the mansion stat which will leave jen Aniston in a state of collapse and tears when she returns to Justin. Justin will be pissed because once again, Jen is having Pitt drama and will storm off to text/email heidi to meet up at a secret hipster bar. Jen will call Brad for consolation who will be caught in the act by Jolie resulting in an explosive fight that will leave Brad shaken and crying in his room. Huzzah!!!

  4. amoi says:

    this couple is so yawn to me now. 5 yrs ago it was interesting but now?…over it.

  5. TQB says:

    Agree on the winter wedding coat. Why swelter if you aren’t a tan-inclined person?

    But enough of all this, have you seen the letter Brad’s mom wrote to the local paper? There was always all that “Brad’s Mom misses Jen, hates Angie” stuff. Suddenly it all makes sense. Angie has my full sympathy.

    • Sal says:

      Yep, to be honest, I can picture Aniston being a bigot like Jane Pitt. All whitebread and everything in its place. Angelina is not like that, thankfully. As to Aniston, the fact that she is friends with and encourages Chelsea Handler to make racist bigoted remarks is partly why I can see Aniston getting along well with Brad’s mom. I can buy that they’re both racist bigots well, at least Aniston is for sure.

  6. samira677 says:

    Didn’t the Enquire say that Angelina was a bridezilla bitch just last week? Also I don’t believe this story because they Brad and Angelina are low key. When have they ever thrown big huge parties. More than likely it will be small and probably not until next year at the earliest.

  7. lisa2 says:

    I guess for some Brad and Angie are boring because of all the lies the tabloids have printed for almost 8 years that have been shown to be just that lies. They seem happy and solid. I guess that is boring compared to all the made up drama.

    I’m a fan so I will enjoy reading about them. Just not in the tabloids. I actually think being happy and in love.. raising your family and living a good life is very interesting.

    • amoi says:

      they’re boring because neither one of them is really a dynamite personality. but yes with all the lies printed, the truth is far too dull to handle. they’re just overexposed.

      • floretta50 says:

        The haters always comes out under disguise. Angie and Brad boring? But still the top sellers of all tabloids and magazines. Certainly more interesting than square waist and bubble head whose screen writing sucks and movies bombs! Big fan can’t wait to see their wedding and those kids especially the twins, it’s going down as the biggest wedding of the century,everybody knows it, that is why some people try to knock them down, jealousy, can’t beat them then join them.

      • Joyce says:

        And you are here commenting will further expose them and making them more interesting.

    • Tiegs says:

      I don’t get why people keep rounding up how long they’ve been together. I see fans constantly saying they’ve been together for ‘almost 8 years’, but he hasn’t even been divorced for 7 years until Oct…

      • lisa2 says:

        I wasn’t just talking about the time they were together. And my comment didn’t say they were together for almost 8 years. Stories were printed before they got together too. Which is almost 8 years.

      • Paige says:

        If brad and angelina started dating in april or june 2005 yes they have been together for 7 years. Shiloh is six and it takes another nine months to give birth. Even if brad wasn’t legally divorced until october brad had gone on with angie and jen had gone on with vince. I see maybe a fall or winter wedding. They’re both very busy making movies right now.

  8. anon says:

    Love that the JP’s are boring now. This will be a short thread. Glad they are getting a break. I love to see the children. I like this family very much; I hope for the sake of the ’6′ children that the relationship lasts awhile :-)
    ETA I am a fan, enjoy the quiet time JP family :-)

  9. Kaiser says:

    Stop trying to bring up Jane Pitt’s letter in this post. I will be writing about it in a moment, just chill out and comment on the subject at hand.

  10. marie says:

    Even if this were true it wouldnt bother me, I don’t see why it would be a big deal..

    Oh wait, does Brad cry when Angie rolls her eyes. I call BS unless I have a confirmation on a cry..

  11. alison8701 says:

    So.. Brad is looking his age, isn’t he? I guess that explains the sunglasses in all the other photos. I’m going to do that when I get older! Sunglasses everyday! Probably should anyway, actually.

    • anon says:

      The only time I don’t wear (prescription)
      sunglasses is when its raining. I am 60+ yes it works especially for regular oldies like me who have no cosmetic help. Aging is not that pretty, but better than an early demise.

      • Katherine says:

        LOL! Me, too. I wear them all the time. Even when it IS raining and getting dark. I can barely see without them and if I start out with them I need to wear them til I get home.

        People can think what they want – I do admit that it is more glamorous to wear shades than to trip all over my feet and bump into things.

  12. Dinah says:

    “she’s all “Meh, tell me where to show up and which bridal sack dress to wear.” ”

    I am currently dabbing coffee off my keys and screen. Thanks, darling. ;)

  13. Aria says:

    And suddenly they became boring people.

  14. Aria says:

    And suddenly they became boring people.

  15. Lulu says:

    Will they be inviting any refugees to this gala?

  16. stop the madness says:

    he might be busy planning, but i don’t believe he’s being a groomzilla. not at all.



  18. Jill says:

    She is beautiful but she is looking emaciated. She needs to get back to her Mr. and Mrs. Smith weight. I know she’s a busy mom but I am seeing a problem here.

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    He’s a wanna be architect, so I can totally see it. They are very detail oriented! My ex is an architect; I’m glad Angelina is more easy going than I was.
    They let the date be known? 100′s of guests? That definitely does not sound like Angie. I could see her and Brad and the kids going to the French equivalent of the Little Chapel in Vegas and tying the knot on a Saturday night, then going out for ice cream and a movie.

  20. tracking says:

    Supposedly he planned all the details of his huge wedding with Aniston so there could be a germ of truth here. He does seem more of the ott big party type than Jolie for sure.

  21. Lulu says:

    Love how the loons post comments that make it seem they really know these famewhores. Brangelina is smoke and mirrors,

  22. Green_Eyes says:

    When the wedding is planned.. I seriously doubt ANY details will be leaked.. Just as the engagement ring. As far as controlling. This is Brad and Ang.. Not Tom and Tom!

  23. Lem says:

    Goodness. True or not I love the idea of him going all granola and finding out from local farmers what will be in season and where the mushrooms were grown.
    Also, I like her as a winter bride I think. Unless they are waiting for the press and everyone else to be distracted by Olympic fever

    • pwal says:

      Although it’s an Enquirer story, I think it would be sweet if Brad was somewhat obsessive about planning the wedding. After all, he did spend all that time getting Angelina’s ring ready. And I always pictured the wedding as being more of an expression of his feelings for Angelina and the kids, which is very romantic.

  24. LoL says:

    IF THAT WAS A PICTURE OF TOMKAT Y’ALL WOULD BE SCREAMING ABOUT THE GRIP HE HAS ON HER WRIST… But since it’s Angelina , no way is he controlling. -rolling my eyes-

    Anyway, he is too old for blonde hair. It highlights his wrinkles and bad skin.

    • lisa2 says:

      He was born with Blond hair. How can you be too old for what you were born with. And he is not gripping her hand. The video of this event shows that he is moving his had to hers…and gave it a squeeze because he is about to release her hand so that she can take solo pictures.

      Now what is your next wrong assumption.

  25. julie says:

    Personally I think that Brad is one of the dumbest celebrities out there. Every time he opens his mouth, something unintelligent and stupid comes out. As far as Angelina is concerned, I think she still partakes in heroin/methadone and they say she is strung out alot of the time. Dr. Drew has said that they keep doing things to weld themselves together which will eventually lead to an epic explosion. I believe it. I think they’re both idiots.

    • Sal says:

      Anyone who believes anything that fake Dr and phoney attention seeker ‘Dr’ Drew says, is a complete idiot and moron themselves. Apart from the fact that Angelina couldn’t function now on drugs AND do her own stunts (for which she has to pass medicals) AND do her UN work (subject to random drug-testing of officers). But don’t let FACTS get in the way of your airheaded tabloid conspiracy theories. You clearly, are a fool. And by the idiocy you spew, you make Angelina and Brad look even better and more well-respected than they already are.

    • Kim1 says:

      Has that quack Dr Drew been arrested yet for accepting bribes or kickbacks from drug company yet?

    • lisa2 says:

      YOU might want to pick another Doctor with ethics. Dr. Drew is hardly that after his endorsement of drugs for money. LOL.

    • zut alors! says:

      There’s a celebrity couple going through an epic explosion right now and it ain’t the Jolie-Pitts. If you were a betting woman, you backed the wrong horse. Not to say that won’t happen down the road, but maybe Dr. Drew was paying attention to the wrong couple.

  26. Francesca says:

    He’s looking like Benicio Del Torres; maybe time to lay off the hemp Brad…

  27. Emma says:

    I know this is all lies but I would believe it. Angelina seems very easy going and not about fuss. Brad seems like the meticulous one. Someone who wants a huge party while Angie just wants to go to the courthouse.

  28. MrsBPitt says:

    I can totally hear angie saying, “just tell me where and when and I’ll be there”…I think Brad is the one who wants to get married…I think angie is happy with or without the license…

  29. Jaxx says:

    Sometimes I see new photos of her and I am just slapped in the face with how beautiful she is. Rather you like her or not, she does have one gorgeous face.

    • lisa2 says:

      It’s funny that the people that don’t like her call her ugly. I have never heard anyone that has ever seen her in person say she is ugly. Far from it. They all say how stunning she is. How floored they are when they see her. Saying she is even more beautiful in person. You see it when people meet her or work with her. They all say how overpowering her beauty is. And that she is such a nice person.

      Not one person that has met her has said anything negative. Yet the none fans will brush that off to believer tabloid lies. SMH.. But the truth is she is well respected by the people that know and work with her. Which is why she has working associations that have lasted many many years. film to film.