Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb are engaged! Coke & hookers for everybody!

Back in May, Sofia Vergara dumped her boyfriend of two years, Nick Loeb. The tabloids were going back and forth on who dumped who and why, but my take was (at the time and still to this day) that Sofia did the dumping because she’s a fiery free spirit, uninterested in being tied down and definitely not interested in being some wannabe politico’s wife (Nick Loeb has political aspirations). Of course, as The Enquirer claimed one month later, Nick Loeb might have issues beyond “being dumped by Sofia Vergara” – hooker and hooker-adjacent sources claimed that Loeb was/is a cokehead sex addict who pays for hooker services on the regular. Loeb denied that, of course, and he made some noise about suing… but I don’t think he has filed any lawsuits. Which makes me wonder.

All of that was just backstory for this – Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara are back together. And he proposed to her on her 40th birthday (yesterday). And she said yes!

Sofia Vergara has more than just the big 4-0 to celebrate.

The Modern Family actress — who is currently enjoying a birthday extravaganza at a Mexico resort alongside 90 loved ones — is now engaged to her on-again love Nick Loeb, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

Wonderwall first broke the news of Vergara’s happy news and pointed out that on Monday night, Vergara showed off a tell-tale diamond sparkler in a photo posted on her friend Fernando Fiore’s Twitter.

The marriage will be the Three Stooges star’s second; the actress wed Joe Gonzalez as a teen, with whom she has a son, 20-year-old Manolo. (She and Gonzalez divorced in 1993).

Vergara first met the politically active Loeb (who considered a 2010 run for Florida’s state senate) at a Golden Globes party in 2010; the pair split ways after “fighting for a long time” in early May, though they reunited just a few weeks later.

“They have a crazy relationship,” an insider explained of the duo’s roller-coaster romance. “They break up and make up. They fight and make up hard!”

[From Us Weekly]

Hm… damage control on Nick’s part? Or did Sofia just play him because this was the endgame she wanted (“the ring”)? Or did Sofia just say “yes” because A) she was feeling a bit vulnerable on her 40th birthday or B) it will be easier to say “no” in a month? Of course, there’s another option. That they’re in love and they want to be married to each other. But I feel like so much sketchiness has gone down over the past few months, this “engagement” serves many different purposes. It’s very weird.

PS… Just think… Tom Cruise and Sofia dated before he even met Katie Holmes. Isn’t that so f—king weird?

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  1. Aussie girl says:

    What a catch! A cokehead sex addict! His bachelor party is going to be just a quite night in playing cards with the guys… 😜

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Considering the giant bullet she dodged with Tom Cruise, this guy seems like a saint now! I hope it all works out for them. But I have to say if tabloid posted a story like that about me and it was not true I would absolutely sue them, not just threaten.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      When it comes to libel, I think a lot of celebs are advised to threaten suit but not to actually file suit. From what I understand, it would be a huge waste of time because it’s almost impossible to prove that the source knew he/she was making false claims in an effort to damage the reputation of the celeb/politico. My father was a politician and adversaries used to claim all kinds of horrible things in print. He could never sue, because he couldn’t prove they were NOT true and when he could, he couldn’t prove that things were said with malice.

  3. beyonce's bump says:

    Hmmmm…*scratches chin* I have theories as to why they would want to get married…but…nvm

  4. Loveme6715 says:

    Anyone knows the blue pants brand? Have been wanting them!!! Sofia is making a big mistake, at 42 not 40, she should know better, I can believe she will ignore the hooker and drugs stories to finally be a wife the 2nd time around. It is rumored she dated a couple Colombians drugs Lords in her younger days. this man looks vile and dominating. She sells her clothes at Kmart but I never see her wearing it!!

  5. Cam S says:

    End well, this will not. She must have a thing for bad boys- I did too (when I was 16 yrs old)! Then you grow up, and realize all that drama isn’t worth it- find a nice guys who calls when he says he’ll call. End of.

    I’m not saying she looks old (she isn’t), but am I the only one who thinks he looks like her son when they are together? How old is this dude?

  6. Talie says:

    Julie Bowen does always say that Sofia really doesn’t have time for anyone unless they can fly her private. She’s pragmatic…and I can totally see how she would entertain the idea of being Mrs. Tom Cruise.

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “Tom Cruise and Sofia dated before he even met Katie Holmes. Isn’t that so f—king weird?”

    SAY WHAT?????

    • Loveme6715 says:

      Yeah there are pics of them on one or two dates, rumor has it her family and minders told her not to change her religion for him. She is also rumored to have dated a couple of middle eastern men loaded with $$$$ she learned quite young to make $$$ out of her sex appeal, I hope she made wise investments!!!! She is going to ruin her good life and luck marrying this guy, he is no where near Salma’s Henry $$$

  8. serena says:

    WHAT! She dated Cruise? I frigging didn’t know that!!! Oh god..

  9. Leticia says:

    Physically, I think he is attractive.

  10. SalmaNella says:

    Sofia doesn’t even seem like Tom’s type. She is much too fiery donchayathink? Can you imagine her getting audited? *snorts*
    This current bf is trouble. Hookers and blow kind of trouble.

    • Loveme6715 says:

      I think he was wife shopping at the time and she was in the upcoming no where near as famous as she is now but thankfully she listened to her family and it didn’t grow from one or two dates. For what was published in the Hispanic magazine she was very flattered and fame hungry to go out with him. He obviously was shopping around and then found Katie, definitely more his type.

  11. G says:

    If I remember right it was Tom who tracked her down as one of his next contract “beard” conquests. She has said publically that he was very strange and his affiliation with CO$ “creeped her out” right off the bat. He then ended up with Katie just a few months later.

  12. Jessica says:

    This headline has made my day!!! LOL – Coke and Hookers for Everybody!! LMAO!!

  13. DreamyK says:

    I’m surprised at this engagement. People Mag did an article on them when they broke up 2 months ago. They sounded like a pair of drama addicts breaking up, getting back together over and over. Let’s hope they get some kind of counseling to address why that was/is.

    “One source close to Vergara’s inner circle, who tells PEOPLE the couple have broken up and gotten back together “over a million times,” calls their recent split, “a relief.”

    “It was never a good match,” the insider says. “She is fiery and free-spirited and wants to enjoy life to the fullest by traveling and going to parties and events. He’s very concerned with his businesses, political aspirations and ultimately settling down.”,,20594822,00.html

  14. Loveme6715 says:

    I think she is taken by this guy and if it’s true he has monie$ yes she will be and stay there! In the Hispanic media she is portrayed as a beauty but that she has not been able to nail down a stable relationship. Her nickname for a while with the Mexican media was the “unconditional” because she will run to this Mexican singer whenever he summoned her and he has a song named “the unconditional” how fitting!! Sophia is hungry for fame and monies, it looks like she got it!!!

  15. Kim1 says:

    Eva and Tony Parker broke up right b4 getting engaged too

  16. Kim1 says:

    Eva and Tony Parker broke up right before getting engaged too

  17. hoya_chick says:

    Lol at this title! This has disaster written all over it. I wonder if she just turns a blind eye to his alleged coke filled hooker orgies (gross) or she really believes him that the stories really aren’t true? I do remember he dated her, and Penny Cruz can’t remember the order but he definitely went out with her after his split with Nicole.

  18. Kosmos says:

    Hmmm, given their track record together so far, I wonder if they’ll stay married for long. It does sound like kind of a tumultuous relationship. If he was into hookers and coke, I say she would definitely be better off waiting for someone else in the long run, but who does the smart thing? They probably like the edginess of their relationship and are addicted to turmoil.

  19. Kim says:

    Fighting hard and making up hard is a very bad relationship pattern. These are 2 adults who need to stop acting like teenagers.

  20. Dana M says:

    I thought I read somewhere that she denied the engagement….Seems like they are back on regardless. Maybe she knows and takes part in the drugging and hooking…

  21. Julie says:

    how could he prove this in court? if he was alone it will seem even more unbelievable. the lawsuit would attract more attention. (streisand effect)

    it would be their story against his and no one could really know who says the truth, gossip magazines lie, politicians lie.

    this is really a bad situation. he cant sue them because of everything i mentioned above and if he doesnt sue people will also believe he did it. no win scenario.