Did Vanessa Paradis call Amber Heard “a man-stealing, two-bit nobody”?

We have new photos of both Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard this morning. The photos of VP are from her latest film premiere at the Paris Cinema Festival last night. The photos of Amber are from her trip to the Western Costume Co. in Burbank with a friend yesterday. Amber has been getting photographed by the paparazzi more often lately – and it’s all because of the Johnny Depp situation. Some of you think Amber (and Johnny, to a certain extent) are playing the media, and getting more attention with the “Amber and Johnny had a torrid affair” storyline, and that the whole thing might be false. Some of you think Amber and Johnny were and are boning, and he’s been boning other women along the way too. Whatever is going on, I still don’t know. I tend to believe that Johnny was screwing Amber (and others) behind Vanessa’s back. The tabloids claim that’s how Vanessa feels about it too – and a British tabloid even goes so far as to claim that VP has labeled Amber a “man-stealing nobody”. Damn, ladies.

She’s had a difficult few weeks after claims that she’s the reason for Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ split. So it’s no surprise that Amber Heard struggled to raise a smile as she stepped out in Burbank, California, yesterday. The 26-year-old actress looked downcast in a white linen shirt and black maxi skirt as she was spotted leaving the Western Costume Co alongside a female friend.

However, Amber’s sombre mood is perhaps understandable considering claims that Vanessa has labelled her a ‘man-stealing nobody’ following her reported relationship with Depp.

Vanessa is said to have told friends she is determined that Amber, who was first linked to Depp when the pair starred together in movie The Rum Diary, will not bond with the pair’s children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

A source told Now magazine: ‘Vanessa’s devastated that Johnny’s dumped her. She blames Amber and calls her a man-stealing, two-bit nobody and has vowed to not let her anywhere near their children.’

Vanessa and Depp announced their split last month following a 14-year relationship, causing reports of a romance between the actor and Amber to heat up.

According to reports, Amber, 26, has been a ‘regular visitor’ to the New Mexico set of The Lone Ranger where Depp has been shooting the movie. A source claims Depp is smitten by the Hitchcock blonde, and reportedly said:’ When I first saw Amber, it was like seeing an old-time movie star like Lauren Bacall.’

Whereas Amber described her role as his love interest in the film, The Rum Diary, as ‘the best experience of my life.’

Speaking about Depp she told Dazed magazine: ‘He’s such a wonderful presence; he is enigmatic and compelling and a true artist, seriously intelligent and incredibly sensitive. Everybody on set respects and likes him, which says a lot about an actor. It’s a grueling job at times and the stress level that everybody feels in the industry is intense – but it doesn’t affect Johnny. It seems like he has time to look everybody in the eye and I like that, it was wonderful to see.’

And following the claims, a source told Us Weekly magazine that the pair are ’100 per cent dating’, adding: ‘He treats her really well.’

Meanwhile, Vanessa was seen making her first post-split red carpet appearance at the premiere of her film Je me Suis Fait Tout Petit in Paris on Monday night. The actress flashed photographers a smile as she posed with her co-stars at the event, and looked groomed and effortlessly chic in jeans and heels with a black T-shirt, silk blazer and layered gold necklaces.

[From The Mail]

Eh. I dislike how Team Depp is trying to paint Vanessa into a French harpie-shrew, of course, but I also hate the fake-sympathy that Vanessa is getting from some tabloids, like they’re expecting her to become the French Jennifer Aniston or something. I don’t really think Vanessa “blames” Amber for “man-stealing”. I think Vanessa blames Johnny for being a drunk a—hole in the midst of a mid-life crisis. But… it wouldn’t surprise me if VP was trying to ensure that her kids didn’t have contact with Johnny’s piece-of-the-moment, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanessa did think that Amber is a “two-bit nobody”. She would be right – it’s not like Amber has some great body of work to fall back on. Right now everyone knows who she is because she’s allegedly the “other woman”.

Hey, French-speakers – can someone translate this for me: “Bitch, did I stutter?”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. kc says:

    OMG — I am dying to hear the “bitch, did I stutter?” translation!

  2. BRE says:

    This is horrible to say but I’ve always thought that Vanessa looked like a Meth addict. I don’t think she is, it’s the way her mouth/cheeks are but if you were to dress her down in dirty old clothes and mess up her hair she most certainly would look like one of those mug shots.

  3. smith says:

    SALOPE ai-je bégaiement? (maybe? lol)

    Team …um …hmmm …ahhh …eh, whatever man. I can’t get it up for either side here. I’m out.

  4. Ainsley says:

    I thought Amber was a lesbian? Was that just something she said for attention or is she bisexual? I really don’t know. Anyway, I hate when people get mad at the third party when a relationship ends. Be mad at the person who cheated on you and lied to you, not the person you don’t even know. If Vanessa’s angry at anyone it should be Johnny. I’m sure he’s given her a lot to be angry about over the years. I don’t think his carousing and cheating is a recent development.

    • Hautie says:

      “Be mad at the person who cheated on you and lied to you, not the person you don’t even know. If Vanessa’s angry at anyone it should be Johnny….”

      Exactly! The only person who needs to take the blame and the hateful comments… is the person who was sleeping in your bed.

      I never get all the hate being sent to anyone, but the person who cheated on you.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        If it happened, you really can’t see how it would be easier to transfer the negativity to a stranger who means nothing to you than have to deal with the fact that the person with whom you’ve had two children and fourteen years? What a blow to think that the person to whom you gave all of yourself just stopping caring and traded you and all of your history together in for a younger model who whose major qualification is that she’s not you. Women aren’t so removed from reality that they believe the breakdown is 100 per cent the attribution of the other woman, but it’s easier to think that a foul temptress disabled your mate’s free will in a moment of his weakness and preyed upon it for kicks or advancement. It’s not like she can exactly cut him out her life and go forward tabula rasa, so you do what you have to do to cope.

        I don’t know, I hear people go on and on about the relative lack of responsibility that sits on the shoulders of the ‘lurer’, but I also remember the feeding frenzy that took place over the deeds of our proud adultery-abetter named Karen. Something doesn’t square up.

        In general, rather than have to repeat over and over again that it’s not the other woman’s fault and point out the unfairness of the wronged party’s mourning process, we should just try to avoid knowingly getting overly-friendly with someone one else’s mate. Is it a fair or fully reasonable thing to do, to assume some small degree of stewardship by proxy over the relationships of people who aren’t you? No. But being ‘somewhat less wrong’ doesn’t exactly avail you of all culpability when you’re engaging in behaviour that could have a deleterious effect on a union.

        And to toss in the obligatory ‘doth protest too much’, after a while, it almost starts to sound like an implicit acceptance of the behaviour and I know we’re better than that. Flea dips with syph sticks? Naw, we can do and deserve to get things far better than unlawful residual affection.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        I don’t really think Vanessa “blames” Amber for “man-stealing”. I think Vanessa blames Johnny for being a drunk a—hole in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

        I agree with this as well as blame the guy who does the cheating. Women can’t “steal” a man if he doesn’t want to cheat.

        If JD was having affairs with anyone, it’s because he chose to do so. If he had chosen to be faithful and happy with his family and VP, and if that was the most important thing to him then he would not have risked it all for some fling. I don’t care if a woman walks into the room naked, if a man is happy with what he has and values that, he will say “Thanks, but no thanks” and be fine with it.

        I like VP and her look. I think she’s quite striking and refreshing in her style. Her face is quite youthful but not in a babyface way. Maybe I’m just tired of all the botoxed big-boobed artifical looking women that seem so common these days.

    • erin says:

      This is better than fan fiction. The truth is they probably just grew apart and decided to go their separate ways. The “sources” used are ridiculous. (By the way, one of the “sources” needs to get up to date. Johnny is now in Utah for the filming and will be there through August…just so they can get their lies straight). They both look content, now, and they have not paid attention to tabloids. Vanessa has made it clear that she thinks they are good only for the trash. And Johnny has never paid attention to them. Every girl Johnny has been with, over the years, he has treated with respect, before and after their relationship. Even when Kate and Winona got in trouble, he defended them. He would never not respect the mother of his kids. Leave him alone.

      • blasted1 says:

        What are you doing?! How dare you make perfect sense?!? Well, I’m with you. If VP was stupid enough to call Amber Heard a “nobody”, well, here’s a little wake-up call: If she hadn’t been Johnny Depp’s girlfriend “nobdy” in this hemisphere would have known she had been alive…except Lenny Kravitz, I guess.

      • lafairy says:

        You do realize that United states and Europe are in te same hemisphere right?

        and besides being a “nobody” is not related to being famous or not it is used regarding on what you have achieved or not in your life/field
        of action, we all know plenty of “stars” in our jobs/ life/ group of friends… and plenty of “nobodies.

        And regarding that Amber Heard is a total nobody, the only 2 things she had achieved are:

        a) pretending to be a lesbian to rise herself above all the other generic blondes wanabees where she was just another random number with looks but no talent

        b) snatching Johnny Depp

        while on the other hand Vanessa Paradis has a whole succesful career in both movies and music under her belt, multiple awards and a strong 25 years revered career in music.

        YOU maybe not know her for anything but JD ex-partner but she is huge not just in Europe but also in Asia (Japan and China have big big fan bases) and to top that she is the face of Chanel internationally for 17 years now (the longest contract ever made by Chanel witha spokeperson)

    • magslivs says:

      yeah…i thought she was in a committed relationship with a woman when filming “the rum diary”…what gives?

  5. Catherine Paris says:

    I think Vanessa is very beautiful looking. She is unique and that is what makes her stand out.

  6. Beatrix says:

    chienne, ai-je bégayait?

    or something close… :)

  7. Madpoe says:

    Awww look at the Yorkie, he’s cuteness is a pleasant distraction :)

  8. RocketMerry says:

    Sounds like a plant from Depp camp, to make Vanessa seem insecure, bitter and mean. Not working. Who’s doing Depp’s PR, again?

    • Rhea says:

      I think both side actually laying low at the moment. This sounds like a made up story by the tabloid. Both side probably feeling grateful since Tom and Katie’s divorce now distract most media attention from their own split, and using this time to reach an agreement quietly.

  9. notdeppbabymama says:

    You know what they say; “what goes around, comes back around” and “Karma is Bitch!”

  10. ladybert62 says:

    Well my two cents is that Amber Heard is a man-stealing nobody and that Depp is a drunken a-hole looking to screw anything with two legs after he has his hits of alcohol and drugs.

  11. Cam S says:

    Doesn’t Amber have a girlfriend? I just saw them in the tabloids

  12. Bubulle says:

    “Tu m’as bien comprise connasse”

  13. Mottled says:

    Now magazine is an incredibly dodgy source. If they printed it, you can almost be assured it did not happen. I think Team Depp is playing the media in the US, but Now seems perfectly capable of making crap up on its own.

  14. Kim1 says:

    NOW magazine is less reliable than Globe

  15. Jaime says:

    Right… I’m sure Vanessa said that.

    Anyway, I don’t know about Johnny and Amber. I thought she was straight up gay, so I have no opinion on this. And Johnny lost any and all appeal for me that he once had a long time ago. I just can’t anymore with the Tim Burton cartoon characters. Not sexy.

  16. Eleonor says:

    “Two bit nobody” is great!

  17. Vanessa says:

    In context: “Garce. Oh, ça m’a échappé”.

  18. FANNY says:

    the right translation for bitch did i stutter is
    salope est ce que j’ai begayé?
    fanny fromparis xoxo

  19. Dandilion says:

    Ce deux bits Liz floozy n’est pas belle la superstar Jolie .. Je suis offensé. Pour Jolie oui peut-être pas trop bouleversé .. mais j’ai entendu, je crache sur son ombre gênante ..

    This two-bit Liz Floozy is no beautiful superstar Jolie.. I am offended. For Jolie yes perhaps not too upset.. but Heard, I spit on her irksome shadow..

  20. LucyOriginal says:

    Johnny must be very upset that Tom Cruise settled his divorce to Katie Holmes so fast…hahaha

  21. Nessa says:

    Amber Heard is just another pretty blonde to me. There isn’t anything about her that stands out. She is another one of the interchangeable blondes in Hollywood. Whatevs.

    • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

      I agree. She could be switched with a bunch of others and you would hardly know the different. No unique presence at all, imo.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I think that’s part of why the whole bisexual aspect was so played up in the press–because it helped someone who normally is pretty but boring suddenly become ‘interesting.’ I have a suspicion that she’s bisexual like Anne heche is bisexual–because it helps her career.

      • Cazzee says:

        Hmmm, maybe I should be bisexual like that – it would totally help my career.

        I just lost out on a job promotion to someone who is gay, because of “diversity” dontcha know. This person had less qualifications and experience than me, but she added to their diversity so she got the job!

        Sigh. How do they check up on sexual identity, anyways? Maybe I should just join my company’s LGBT support group and start claiming I’m gay….it would seriously help my career.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Is it legal to ask an applicant about sexual orientation?

  22. Jenna says:

    I’m sorry – but to be a ‘man stealing bitch’ there first has to be a MAN to go and steal. At best… AH dognapped. Don’t get me wrong, I still get a flutter watching Benny & Joon but come on. He’s many many things – but a man isn’t one of them. Be pissed with the mid life crisis having boy who couldn’t keep it in his pants. Don’t go after the woman – yeah, she IS a bitch to go for a man with kids and a relationship, but I doubt she pulled a gun on Johnny and MADE him cheat! Johnny is the idiot in this piece.

  23. Kitty says:

    Very well said, Suzy!

    Actually this is the first time I read someone saying something reasonable bout this situation.



  24. Kitty says:

    P.S.: Where are the pictures showing JD has really been seeing AH?
    So far bunch of lies.

    I’m shocked with the way the press has been seeing Vanessa as a witch that turned JD’s life into hell.

    When on earth is it that men end a relationship? It’s so obvious she dumped him any woman with a bit of experience can tell that!

  25. Holden says:

    I’m confused, I thought Amber Heard played for the other team?

  26. ann h says:

    At least she didn’t go running to Oprah’s couch or getting a friend like Chelsea Handler doing her dirty work for her. Go Vanessa!

  27. Sarah says:

    tbh I think she’s better off away from his. He’s turned into a drunken douche in the past few years.

  28. ernie says:

    I think that’s Amber’s sister Alison with her and the dog. This whole scenario is making Amber look like a big star. If she didn’t cheat with Johnny and didn’t break up with Tasya, all she has to do is deny it. She looks like she calls the paps on herself, and her rep is probably encouraging her to milk it for all it’s worth. By the way, this thread that media are saying Johnny and Vanessa have been broken up for 2 years is horse****. Vanessa and Johnny were photographed last summer (August 2011) on their boat, hugging and kissing after his filming of the Rum Diary. I have no sympathy or respect for Amber and poor little ole abused Johnny.

  29. Andrea says:

    “I also hate the fake-sympathy that Vanessa is getting from some tabloids, like they’re expecting her to become the French Jennifer Aniston or something.”

    I’m totally with you…are we talking about the same woman that media always tried to make look as bad as possible (always choosing the worst photo of her, next to the “Prince” who she did not deserve because the gap on her teeth?) … and now she is the “Mother Teresa”

    I love Vanessa and although I’m sure that she can’t be the only one to be blamed (as “Us Weekly” said)… I’m also sure that SHE ISN’T A VICTIM… she always was the strong one in their relationship and I think SHE HAD VOICE in the final between them … the reasons, only them know (maybe she did not love him more too or maybe she got bored of him and his instability)

    Amber only appeared at the end of this story, when it was clear long ago that they were no longer a “real” couple …

    • ernie says:

      How can you believe that Amber didn’t have her part to play? Amber is playing the media for this one. Appearing the day after Vanessa’s premiere looking oh-so-hurt (she or her rep probably called the paps on her). If heard is dating johnny depp, and the blind items are true, then she told him he had to break it off with vanessa or she’d break it off with him. which is WAY better than being his side-piece in secret, isn’t it? by all accounts, JD stuck his **** in EVERYTHING, so at least someone finally said, hey, maybe break up with your woman first.

    • Kim says:

      Until the ink is dry on the divorce papers a couple is still married period and OBVIOUSLY Vanessa was in the dark/it wasnt 100% mutual.

      Amber couldnt wait until he was officially divorced and Johhny couldnt either? What a role model to his kids =(

    • Kitty says:

      I agree with you, Andrea, about Vanessa being the strong one.
      I don’t think she stopped loving him though, especially after those pictures on their boat from August last year. No one stops loving someone they recently praised so fast, but I think he definitely did something to lead her to say ‘love burns and hurts’. That makes me feel very frustrated. I never thought of Johnny as someone less than reasonable and down to earth. How many times did we hear him say she had changed his perspective on life and what a miraculous understanding of each other they shared. What on earth happened??

      As to Amber Heard, you guys tell me if you can, why on earth doesn’t she take a step to deny all the rumors?
      a) They are not false (I think, or better, hope they are false).
      b) She’s taking advantage of them to promote herself.


      • Aboveall says:

        I’m gonna go with “People Magazine” version (they broke up with the news…so I’m starting to believe in them)…the travel on Johnny’s yacht last year was the “last” (and vain) intent to recover their “relationship”…sadly didn’t work

        By the way, here in France was reported that when Johnny was in Paris for “Rum Diary” promotion and Vanessa was here too for a Chanel event, THEY DIDN’T EVEN STAY AT THE SAME HOTEL!!

        So the things didn’t look well at all since long time ago…

  30. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    Given that Amber is gay and over twenty years younger than Johnny I don’t think this is going to end well for him.

  31. Kate says:

    Do French people say, “two-bit”? Even if they spend a fair amount of time in the States? I can’t imagine a British person doing that.

    That alone makes me doubt this. I mean, I bet she’s not a fan, but I thought the suspicion was that she’d need an Excel spreadsheet if she wanted to remember to hate every girl Johnny’s been holding hands with over these past months.

  32. Kim says:

    Johnny is a loser for cheating and Amber is a loser for going after a married man. Couldnt get your own man? Wait I thought you were gay? Oh wait yeah that was just a publicity stunt.

    Why arent gays calling her out for faking to be gay for publicity? This sickens & outrages me when celebs do this!

  33. Kosmos says:

    LOVE LOVE Vanessa, she’s her own woman and I don’t respect Depp for stepping out on her with Amber…Vanessa is beautiful and very talented. She’ll be okay and will find a better man than Depp, give it time. She’s got a lot going for her. That relationship apparently ran its course. I doubt that Johnny & Amber will be a long lasting thing.

  34. Kitty says:

    A final word from me is that
    he doesn’t look happy at all to me.
    His eyes have been sad for months.
    Besides he’s on a tattoo frenzy which I read as self-punishment.

    I don’t think he’s with Amber at all.
    And I think he feels guilty of something. He knows what he used to call home is gone. My ass his pants are not dirty.

  35. Selena Castle says:

    I wonder whether this isn’t the “blind item” August relationship sprung early. I don’t know but Johnny Depp has always alerted my gay-dar. Am I the only one? I mean I love him to bits and think he’s gorgeous but I have to think twice about him.

  36. ernie says:

    Note that Amber is wearing a tourquise bracelet that looks just like the bracelet Depp had on not too long ago. She flashed it for the paps (which looked like another call to the paps on behalf of her own publicity) when she was with Tasya several weeks ago. I think the blind items are true about JD loving his costars, which means that Tonto may have a new crush. Don’t think this leopard will change his spots, and doubt he’ll marry or stay with anyone unless he’s too old to wander. It’s possible Vanessa knew this about him, his wander-lust, and let it be. Amber threatening to break off their affair unless he left Vanessa
    sounds entirely plausible. Amber needs Depp for her own career. Vanessa doesn’t.

  37. Darling Nikii says:

    I think you are right on Ernie, I noticed the bracelet too, it is the same one, bet dollars to donuts… I think there aren’t any pictures of the two of them together as an official couple because it will not get favorable reactions, it looks bad for his image to immediately have a new girlfriend publicly, makes his image look inconsistent, I also think that if JD and AH were messing around on the down low, AH would 100% put her foot down about pressing JD to leave V or she’d leave him, how else would being with JD be of benefit to AH if the entire world didn’t know about it ? I mean it does reek of opportunist moves, and perhaps there aren’t any photos of the two of them together as a couple out of “respect” to V, I mean how would you explain that one to V if he was lying about how long it was going on with AH behind her back ??

    • ernie says:

      Right after the articles started to come out pointing to Amber, she was mysteriously (?) papped having lunch with a good-looking man at a cafe. She knew she was being photographed, she was actually posing. I think she may also be a big FW a la Kate Bosworth. Then, right after the articles came out quoting what Vanessa called her she again was mysteriously (?) papped walking with her sister, head down, trying to look glum, but she did notice the photographers and will bet $$ she or her rep called them, and she knew they were there. Early on there is a photo of her with Tasya walking together and she has her hand/arm across her heart showing us all the tourquoise bracelet. If there is nothing going on with she and JD and she is just playing the media for her own personal publicity advancement, then she has us (and probably JD) by the royal jewels. Again, JD and Vanessa seemed very much in love and happy last August on their boat trip. The reason I have Vanessa’s vote is that Paradis shuns the paps, and seems genuine in interviews. Amber sounds atypical dumb as a box of blocks when she opens her mouth.

      • Darling Nikii says:

        I thought the pose with Amber’s arm over her heart wearing the turquoise bracelet looked totally staged as well, it stood out to me too, like she was showing something off to some one, maybe a message to JD, that even when she’s with Tasya, JD’s nearest to her heart… this entire situation is one big smoke & mirrors spin fest, it’s totally obvious they are together in some format, dating, f**k buddies, whatever, saw a picture of her in Colorado with him from June while he was on location shooting, it’s too bad that from the beginning the whole situation wasn’t handled with class and having been direct & honest

  38. Darling Nikii says:

    JD-” Vanessa, I’ve moved on with some one else….

    V- ” who ” ?……

    JD- “um, Amber, you know, my co-star… well she became my friend, um… then my confidant when things were bad because of your constant nagging me that I was never good enough or did enough, then… well, we became lovers and I felt, you know, like a man again, we’re in love and she’s my girlfriend now”…..

    yeah that go over really well……

  39. liljesse says:

    I think it’s ironic that Amber is shopping at a western costume store. Did anyone else put it together that she is getting props for johnnys lone ranger film. Oh and i agree with you guys about the stupid turquoise jewelry she is sporting, totally in line with johnnys jewelry.Totally staged. Also, looks to me like amber has gained weight since the rum diarys shoot. She better lose it fast cause Johnny likes his women (or sould i say girl in this case) really, really skinny!It won’t last with amber,johnny will be on to the next one until he has had his fill of new young p#ssy!