LeAnn Rimes managed to go on vacation & stay low-key: how did that happen?

In these sultry summer days in the midst of one of America’s worst heat waves and droughts in history, it’s sometimes nice to check in with one of our favorite people, even if she’s not doing much. I should note this: I’m only covering LeAnn Rimes because we got a request and because it’s so mind-numbingly slow today, not because LeAnn has been doing anything particularly insane or psycho. If anything, LeAnn has been surprisingly low-key over the past week. She’s on vacation, and she’s only been tweeting, like, a half-dozen times a day. She’s been tweeting photos (like the header), but she’s managed to actually go a week without calling the paparazzi to photograph her in a skimpy bikini. SHOCK. Of course, LeAnn still wants her fans to know what’s up:

This is the most relaxed I’ve been in a while. The lake is for sure my vacation spot. I sit on the end of the dock all day. The boys are in heaven….big ones and little ones. Love it when everyone’s at peace with nothing but smiles on their faces.

[Via LeAnn’s Twitter]

Translation: “It’s too cold to strut around in only a bikini and the paps refused to come when I called because they’re all staking out Katie Holmes’s apartment in NYC.”

Now, you may ask yourself, “When is LeAnn NOT on vacation?” Well, she had a particular reason – she finished recording her newest album. She even gave her Twitter followers a little preview, writing, “One more tiny share…… Cannot wait for you all to hear the rest!!!!”

Blah. I wonder if this album will sell as poorly as her last one? Probably. Remember when we made fun of Jessica Simpson for singing at a chili cook-off? That’s where LeAnn’s career is right now. She’s looking to diversify, perhaps get herself a reality show judging gig. Which honestly wouldn’t be the worst idea, you know? People will tune in just to see how insane she is.

Meanwhile, LeAnn was doing some work with the NO H8 campaign last week – because you know she’s bullied FOR REAL, y’all. It’s not that people are like, “OMG, LeAnn is insane” when she does something insane. It’s that she’s being BULLIED.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.


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  1. brin says:

    Haven’t you heard that old saying “Let sleeping hos lie”?!

  2. Natalina says:

    She’s prepping for her Month-long vacation in August…we’ll be seeing more of her

  3. Natalina says:

    she still has 1 boob exposed, thats why she publically posted that pics…

  4. Birdie says:

    Can’t stand this woman. I almost forgot about her. Why, oh why would someone request a story about this woman?

  5. The thing that kills me about this woman is the fact that she brings her phone (whether it is a camera or not)everywhere. Even at night on the dock when she refered to Eddie and Brandie’s child as “Our lil one.” If you have to stop and tweet a dozen times while proclaiming how happy you and YOUR family (puke) are, then you obviously can’t be that happy.

  6. dahlianoir says:

    her connection or her cellphone went down, that’s why.

  7. Quinn Parker says:

    If she would just put that towel over her head completely…

  8. eileen says:

    Notice she’s covering her mouth? She must be still waiting to let her new lip injections settle some. I can’t wait to see this b!tch’s trout pout. Scary. lol

  9. One more thing…Brandi is on vacation too and has over a hundred followers on Twitter but she has only tweeted once to promote her Vegas gig. Since Leann loves to copy Brandi, she should try to stay off Twitter for at least one day. She is too narcasist to do it though. People say if you dont like her then why do care?..the reason is because it is too fascinating to watch someone who is so clearly insecure and crazy and no-one in her circle cares enough to stop her cray cray ways.

  10. claire says:

    Thought it was interesting that that “truthlieshere” account that tweets nonstop about people bullying Leann also took a vacation off twitter on the same days. Things that make you go “hmmmm….”

  11. Who is taking these pics of her? I could totally understand it if Eddie took the picture and then posted it on his Twitter and has some caption like “Here is my wife on the boat,” but for her to post a pic like that of herself???!!!! That is so crazy! She is missing a humility chip. Like Natalina said, she is going to be on high bikini alert in August prepping for her 30th birthday.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    If a famewhore takes a vacation and no paps are there to document it, does it exist? ;) Or maybe it was one of those plastic-surgery-induced vacations.

    She must have felt like she was being ignored. It’s not like she could tear the paps (or our attention) away from the CO$ Divorce Debacle.

  13. beclove says:

    Perhaps Ed told her to stfu he will walk. Next guess is that she hired a decent publicist and they told her the same thing. Guess she’s looking hard for that next label to sign with… po thang.

  14. jazzmin says:

    This is one chick who will deserve and earn all the heartbreak that is coming her way. It will be a joy to witness.

  15. lassie says:

    If it is cold enough to wear a hoodie, it is too cold to wear a bikini.

    Also, the boob looks weird.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Exactly! Why does her boob look like that? And is it hot or cold?! I’m confused. Also, when known famewhores go into self induced hiding I tend to believe they’ve had plastic surgery and are laying low. Which proves my other point that if she didn’t want to be photographed with Brandi’s kids she wouldn’t be. Obviously the paps are not camped out at her house and they don’t stalk her like she claims. It’s obvious she calls them.

  16. Blue says:

    Looking at the last picture, I realize she kind of looks like Eddie…… with bit of Curious George.

  17. Jezi says:

    Its because she has an album to sell. If this album tanks, she will have nothing left to be able to afford to keep her gigolo happy. And I would never want to watch her on any show. Even though the crazy is entertaining, I would not support anything this bitch ever does. I won’t give her a dime of my money.

  18. paola says:

    Those nostrils remind me of my little pony.

  19. Cathy says:

    I can’t bring myself to listen to the preview of her latest recorded crap. I’m having a good day and listening to her sing would ruin it.

  20. Rita says:

    That right boob trying to hide under the jacket in the boat pic looks twice the size of the wonky-runners she put out just a month ago.

  21. Rita says:

    OMG!!! If you zoom in on the reflection in LeAnn’s sunglasses you will see Brandi’s twitter page on LeAnn’s iphone screen sitting in her lap. Vay-Cay Stalker!!!!

  22. nomorerimes says:

    LR is a pathetic JOKE!

  23. thetruthhurts says:

    I hate to toot my own horn, but I will. A few LeAnn posts back, I had asked why the hell does she tweet so much and go on twitter when it brings her so much misery and hatred from people & suggested that she actually gets off on all the attention whether it be bad or good cuz it was like a drug to her. Any normal or sane person would have drifted away from twitter more by this point.

    Anyway, I think she reads any stories about her on this blog and probably saw that and it may have woken her up a bit so she has backed off with the tweeting and bikini twitpics because she realized what a psycho she looks like.

    I know, I know, I’m probably giving her (and my post) way too much credit. LOL. whatever works I say!

    • Jezi says:

      You would think that our constant comments would have made a difference right? Unfortunately, Leann won’t even listen to her closest friends and family let alone strangers on the web. I wrote above what I believe is the reasoning behind it.

      • nomorerimes says:

        I really don’t think her closest friends or family are telling her anything but what she wants to hear–you don’t bite the hand that feeds (or pays) you.
        Hi to you Jezi!

      • Jezi says:

        From what I’ve heard, people have told her to stfu, but she doesn’t want to hear it. So they stop because there is 1. no point, and 2. yes, because they are afraid of losing their meal ticket.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Yes Jezi, I suppose you are right! Common sense did not prevail with her. I don’t care how long she stops having her personal paparazzi on call with her bikini shots, the damage is done, no new fans will be gained to buy her new “This is why it’s ok that I’m a homewrecker” record. Everyone is sick of her. Yuck.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. About a week ago I was actually thinking that she has limited her tweets to about 2 a day until I realized that I had the “replies” button off which hides her replies….any there she was tweeting up a storm on the lake with her i-phone while gazing up at the stars with HER family. I do agree though she has limited her tweets recently.

  24. Memphis says:

    Trust me if she could have gotten the paps away from Katie she would have been on a pap picture frenzy… Bikini’s and liquor for all!

  25. Rita says:

    I also want to bring to everyone’s attention that a recent Twitter Poll of approximately 322,000 (not sure of the exact number) voted LeAnn as Hollywood’s Homeliest Homewreck.

    I think that was the title. Anyway, she got 97% of the votes and the results were certified by the mega accounting firm of Toilet and Douche….I mean Deloitte and Touche.

    Sorry about that but I subliminally associate certain words and phrases with LeAnn and Ediot.

  26. Macey says:

    she’s definitely hiding some lip work or PS under that towel. No way would she not have used her laughing hyena pose.
    I have a feeling they’re going to be deliciously hideous.
    I know Brandi does her lips so it was just a matter of time before LR did hers too but Im sure the results arent the same, just like the copied boob job back fired on her.

  27. ria says:

    She has had surgery. I don’t understand her need to keep undergoing the knife only to look much worse. She is doing a fine job of speeding up the aging process.

  28. ria says:

    Suzanne, Truthlies is Delicate ie Angie. the evidence is overwhelming.

    • ria says:

      If you go far back on delicatebl you see she tweeted about Brandi fans harassing pregnant women and more recently on truthlies almost the same thing about brandi fans harassing pregnant women. I took screen shots of her tweets from truthlies and delicate for comparision. Almost the same tweets. Even tweeting some of the same people.

  29. Watch this video of Leann and Eddie. She won’t even let him win one question. Me Me Me, its all about me, I want and NEED attention at all times. You better not have a celebrity crush Eddie! She is like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  30. Jennifer12 says:

    Oh, please- she’s covering her lips, but manages to have a breast hanging out? I believe she was told to cool down on calling the paps and tweeting and that she is pushing her career in the toilet; I really think management got tough with her. And she’s still going on about her stepsons. Circling the drain and almost gone…. too little, too late. Should have stopped the stalking, bullying and endless papping/tweeting while she had the chance. Bye, Leann.

  31. Jennifer12 says:

    Another thought- more plastic surgery means not wanting the paps to photograph THAT. Covering her lips= likely more surgery= not wanting that part of her life out there.

  32. dorothy says:

    Recording an album. Really? Who’s left to buy it but her, Eddie and her family?

  33. liteNOTSObrite says:

    She looks like Falcore on The Neverending story. That last pic is TUUUUUURRIBLE!

  34. Cam S says:

    I dunno why everyone is always picking on this little fella? We should support him and his boobs look pretty alright for not having any natural breast tissue to work with.

    Cute lil guy, even tho he’s got a bad case of monkey face! Once he completes his transgender reassignment, I’m sure they’ll give him womanly features. Maybe hips too!

  35. skuddles says:

    The towel over the face is a nice touch LeAnn. May I suggest a niqab?

  36. why? says:

    When one of Leann’s fans asked what she was doing in the twitpic that she posted of herself in the boat covering her face, Leann tweeted this:

    “…there were tons of paparazzi outside and I was just being silly”

    Leann’s tweet about the paps being outside appeared on her timeline for a brief time(she posted it just minutes after she posted the twitpic) and then it just disappeared. So did she delete it?

    So Leann did indeed call the paps to document them vacationing at the lake. It’s not that Leann is being lowkey, it’s that right now Katie and Tom are dominating all of the media’s attention, including Leann’s mouthpieces. The more the media and Leann’s mouthpieces ignore her, the worse Leann becomes. Which is why she kept posting tweet after tweet about how they were on the dock and posting twitpics to show exactly where and when they could be found for the day. Don’t worry, Leann will definately make sure everyone sees just how “her family” had a “peaceful” time at the lake, even if she has to wait 3-4 days after her initial tweet about the paps being at the lake for media outlets to post the staged photo-op.

    Of course Leann and Eddie “posed” for NoH8, how else is Leann going to justify her affair with Eddie and her album about her affair with him or convince everyone that Eddie isn’t cheating on her?

    The funny part is how she tweeted that she wore NoH8 on her face ALL DAY long. Which was just another attempt to validate her marriage to Eddie. In other words she wanted people to ask about what was on her face so she could brag about the “sexy” poses she did with her hubby during the photoshoot.

    • She was not commenting on the boat picture. I clicked on the picture and it was one of her acting goofy a few years ago. The person asked her what she was doing in the picture. That would be too crazy even for her to have the paps there at the lake.

    • claire says:

      Nah. I saw that tweet. Someone was asking her about that photo where she’s acting all jazz-hands-like, hee-hawing outside of a store. It’s an old photo.
      Had nothing to do with the lake. Don’t know why it’s not showing now. Not one of the usuals that she deletes – twitter is probably just acting up.

  37. why? says:


    But the comment about how she was acting silly because of the paps being outside came DIRECTLY AFTER she tweeted the photo of herself in the boat. Don’t you think the timing of that comment in relation to the photo of her on the boat is odd?

    Why would it be too crazy that Leann would invite the paps to the lake? She invited the paps to get candid photos of “her family” when they were vacationing in Aspen, Hawaii, Cabo, and Mammoth. If Leann would invite the paps to her stepsons graduation, then you know that she would invite the paps to the lake.

    It can’t be that twitter is acting up because you can still see the @ that other posters sent to others. For Leann’s account she is sending @ to other posters, but it’s not showing up on her timeline or it shows up briefly and disappears. Leann made a lot of tweets, but some of them are not showing up so much so that it gave the impression that she was being lowkey.

    Besides, I wasn’t the only who thought that her tweet about the paps being outside was in regards to the lake.

    • claire says:

      I’m not going to get into all of the conspiracy theories, I just can tell you that her tweet about paps had nothing to do with lake picture. She was answering someone who asked what she was doing in a totally unrelated old photo. I’d post the link, to the photo, but it seems my comments always get stuck in moderation forever when I post links on this site. Does it not like certain links? Or gets stuck in review? Who knows. But it’s the one where she’s coming out of a coffee shop, in a button down shirt and jeans. It’s from 2009 or something.

      As for timing, I tend to think of simpler answer, which is: she was on twitter for a block of time, and answering tweets. That tweet came in while on. It doesn’t matter that others understood. They are also wrong. ;) I was looking at twitter at the time. Earlier, twitter wasn’t showing me tweets any earlier than 22h ago, so, yeah, I think it’s acting up today.

      With all that said, I would guess either paps don’t care about her right now, or it’s a remote spot to get into. Not that that’s stopped her before, but if pap shots existed, they’d probably be out by now. Maybe she just got a new publicist who told her the whole world thinks she’s a nutjob. :)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        claire – comments with links take a little longer, I think, due to making sure it’s pertinent to the story and doesn’t leave CB open to liability. Do you have a straight-up site?

      • why? says:


        Why are you always pushing the “conspiracy theory” angle, even when there is ample proof to back up what is being said? If other people thought that Leann was talking about the lake because she posted the comment immediately AFTER posting the twitpic of herself in the boat, then it does matter. It doesn’t make people wrong. It just means that Leann’s manipulation served it’s purpose. Leann could have answered the tweet about the photo ANYTIME, seeing as how she was on twitter the entire time(not just a block of time) sending comments to people. Her tweet might not have had anything to directly do with the lake, but she wanted people to think that it did.

        You can look at her tweets and tell that she was desperate. You said it yourself, the paps don’t care about Leann, so in her mind she probably thought that she could peak the interest of the media by posting about how there were other “buyers” interested in her vacation(even though it was in reference to a photo-op from 2009).

        The problem you are describing on twitter isn’t what we are witnessing though. Leann sent a lot of @ to people on twitter over the weekend, and I STILL don’t see those posts showing up in her timeline even though you can clearly see that others were not experiencing that problem over the weekend because when they @ another poster, the comment showed up in their timeline and is still there today. She sent an @ to DB, but that was within the context of her sentence and not the way she had been posting it over the weekend when responding to her fans. She sent a tweet to another fan thanking them for a great dinner just hours ago, and when you click on her timeline it disappears. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s fact.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Sorry Why? But Claire is 100% right. I saw the photo too. Just clicked on the conversation and it was there. Old, goofy, pre-surgery photo of LR. Oh, and regarding the missing @tweets you talk about, Twitter has this ridiculous new thing where you have to click on ALL on the very top of her tweets to see everything…otherwise it is set to show you only tweets that have No Replies to them. It’s a horrible new feature.

    • claire says:

      While a couple of you misunderstood what photo that tweet was referring to, you were right about paps being there. I thought maybe the fact that photos weren’t immediate, meant no paps for once, but nope. ;) New photos on Daily Mail.

      • why? says:


        This is interesting, ABC News and Just Jared are saying that the photos of Leann in a bikini were taken on Sun 15th. Leann posted the twitpic of herself in the boat and the comment about “tons” of paps being outside on Mon 16th. So like I said, even though Leann may have been responding in reference to the photo from 2009, she placed that comment about there being tons of paps outside after the twitpic of herself in the boat on purpose. Because she placed the comment after the photo of herself on the boat, I thought that Leann was going to release tons of photos of them on a boatride, but she was actually referring to the staged photoshoot she set up the previous day on the dock with Lizzy, Dave, and Eddie.

        She dropped hints about the staged bikini photo-op on Wed too. The comment she posted with the twitpic of Eddie’s son and his friend was another hint. Leann tweeted about how the two boys would be hanging out on the dock when they grow older just like their dads. I was wondering when have Dave and Eddie ever been photographed on that dock hanging out together. And now we know. On Sunday.

        Interesting that Leann said “tons” of paps in her tweet from Monday and look at how many media outlets are covering the bikini change at the lake from Sunday: Popsugar, ABC News, Celebuzz, JJ, and DM.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Hi Why:

        You are probably right. Whatever she meant, I find it interesting that even though it seems her usual paid photog didnt take the pics, she still did the two bikini change. Different outfits, more pics in the tabloids. She probably has been antsy being out of the gossip pages lately and loves the attention, no matter how much BS she spews to her fans about being followed by paparazzi. I bet she is pissed at Liz for stealing her thunder with her spread eagle shots.

      • why? says:


        Lizzy doing spread eagle while Eddie watches and Leann looks upset, now that was what DM, GG, JJ, Popsugar, Celebuzz, ABC News, and Eonline should have written about. I keep hoping that one day one media outlet would be brave enough to address the Eddie-Leann-Lizzy triangle. Eddie looks REALLY happy in those photos with Lizzy.

        I also noticed that she didn’t use the usual pap agency, which could be because she reads the comments on these sites about her relationship with GSI.

  38. Vesper says:

    I don’t know if it is just me, but in the first pic it looks like her implants are bigger.

  39. why? says:

    Leann finally finished the album that she was supposed to release in 2009! And she got to work with her best friend(because not too many artists EVER get to do that), the same best friend who wrote mean and nasty things about her stepson’s mother. What is it about Leann that makes her publicly brag about her friendships with people who publicly attack her stepson’s mother?

    This album is nothing more than a vanity project Leann, just another way for her flaunt her affair with Eddie and brag about how she “won” a man who called her a speedbump and who at one time was so ashamed that people thought he would sleep with her, denied his affair with her even though there were photos and video documenting his affair with Leann.

    Why is Leann SO confident that this album about her affair with Eddie will do so well, so much so that she continues to brag about it even with the knowledge of what happened to Rielle Hunter and her book about her affair with a married man? Did her BFFs Sharon, GR, Rob, the guys from NoH8, and Eriq LaSalle all agree to buy 50 copies each of the album?

    • Emily says:

      If the whole album really is about her affair with Eddie, it might sell because of trainwreck syndrome. Not a lot, but some. I’m even kind of curious now, and I can’t stand this woman and I’m not a country music fan. If she’s even doing country music any more, idek.

      • brin says:

        Doubtful. We all know her ugly story, who needs to hear her yodel about it.

      • claire says:

        If this album doesn’t sell, she can’t cover up it’s failure by calling it an “art” album, after the fact. lol.

        She does have a fan base though that will buy anything she does, says, sings. They have no issues with her awfulness.

        She wasn’t on a career high, and THEN had the affair and her career plummeted. Her career had stalled out years before. After Blue, her career went really downhill due to her reputation, song choices, constant cover albums and people’s huge dislike of her personality. And then there’s the whole “no one can understand what she mumbles” thing.

        This new album is like trying to dig out of a career grave that she’s been in for over 10 years. I don’t know if writing an album about your affair, and being sooooo smug about it is the key to success. I think if it’s considered a good album, she might get some radioplay, but she’s just so incredibly despised. I really don’t think she can ever get her success back though. It’ll probably sell better than the last one though – mainly because it’s not covers.

  40. Lola B says:

    Ug! That wonky boob is hanging out again. It’s got a mind of it own!

  41. Mikki says:

    It seems like her life is just one perpetual vacation – why is this news?

  42. why? says:

    Leann speads a lot of time trying to convince everyone that her marriage to Eddie is solid. Someone mentioned how Eddie is going to leave Leann when she can’t financically support him and how Leann’s BFFs Lizzy and Elisa are going to drop Leann as their friend when it happens. So what does Leann do? She posts a photo of Eddie’s son sitting on the dock with Lizzy’s son(it doesn’t look like the youngest boy, unless Leann cut his hair again) and says that they will sit on the dock just like their dad’s do when they grow up to be men. It sounds more like she is trying to convince herself that her marriage to Eddie will last that long.

    So Eddie has a major problem with the boys being on RHOBH, and yet he has no problem with his kids faces and names being plastered all over a public forum and for what? So that Leann can validate their marriage, promote her album, and outdo Katie and Tom? Leann expects us to believe that Eddie is being faithful to her when he can’t even be loyal to his own kids as evidenced by the fact that after stating he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure, he allows Leann to do just that.

    The sad part about the photo of the boys is that they look bored, like they have been given the responsibility of keeping their ownselves entertained while the adults go about their business. Leann is too busy bragging about all the support she got for her album(and thus her affair with Eddie) and Eddie must be off somewhere with Lizzy. Instead of taking the photo of the boys and putting them on display like they are accessories, perhaps she could have put down the phone and played a game with them. But then again that would require that all the attention be on someone other than herself. Can you imagine the tantrum she would throw if one of them won the game?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      That’s what bugs me, too. I have yet to see Eddie and Leann do anything other than BRING the kids, physically, to where they are. Being in the same location does not mean they’re spending time with them. Where are the photos of them interacting with the boys they profess to protect (from their MOTHER??) and adore? Not one time when they’re all at the beach, not when they were at the park for Fathers’ Day (unless you count buying them ice cream and pretending to swing a bat for ten seconds), not in hotels or at the lake. Because they don’t really do much with them (leave them sitting in a dentist’s office alone? nice) and now she has been told, clearly, to stop the constant papping of them (let’s see how long she can stop). Eddie, bringing your sons on expensive vacations you don’t pay for is NOT spending time with them. God, he is SUCH a tool. And his psycho wife is worse.

  43. Jill says:

    It wasn’t too hard….she’s ugly.

  44. Michelle says:

    I have a question about LeAnn’s thought process. Her affair and subsequent non-stop shoving of her new relationship into the face of the public, has done nothing but repulse people and bring negative attention to her. As her career is in the toilet and her last album of covers completely tanked, how could she possibly think that a new album, written as an unapologetic ode to said affair, would entice people to buy? Seriously, her song “Borrowed” is incredibly offensive. Especially to the many people who have had their relationship end due to their partner cheating. Does she think that a “bitchy” (her description) album about going after a married man who had children, is going to win her favor and be a chart topper? Everyone already knows her position. She has said that she wouldn’t change a thing about what went down because she ended up with what she wanted. Can she really be deluded enough to think that the public will want to hear about her entitlement issues and lack of remorse for breaking up a family, in the form of a musical?

  45. nomorerimes says:

    Well, Sleaze should be happy now–not only is Daily Mail covering her “vacation” but JJ is too now! Must be Sleaze finally put out more money to those outlets to get them to cover her! Bye Bye money! Bye Bye Eddie!JJ’s article mentions her gal pals and Eddie along for the vacation! Sure enough her and her hosband can’t go away all by themselves without paps! EC needs his other women with them!

    • brin says:

      The real story is on Popsugar…Lizzie is putting on a show for Ediot. Leann is not amused.

      • Macey says:

        I hate myself for this b/c i dont want to give her pics any attention but I just had to look at the ones on Popsugar.
        a big WTF to whatever Lizzie Lips was doing in some of those pics? who does that shit? kind of funny that JJ and DM did not post the Lizzie Lips pics but just the ones with LR even tho the others were more newsworthy. I really think LL has something going on with Ediot behind LR’s back. I just cant wait for that bubble to burst.

      • brin says:

        It doesn’t even seem to be behind her back…it’s right in front of her.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Gotta get things straight–who is that guy in the pics with Lizzie and LR–is that Lizzie’s boyfriend or husband? Does he approve of Lizzie and EC messing around? Strange world. And you are right! LR does not look happy with the entire situation! LOL!

      • brin says:

        That’s Liz’s husband Dave. They always go away with them. I think Ed & Dave go way back (Scheana days).

      • why? says:

        I agree. The photos of Lizzy putting on a show for Eddie are more newsworthy than these fluffpieces about Leann changing her bikini, which she has done before. The fact that Leann changed her bikini during her staged photo-op, shouldn’t have come as a surprise to any of the media outlets who posted this story.

        It just goes to show that Leann has control over what certain blogs/websites write about her staged photo-ops because if the paps had just showed up at the lake on their own, then they would all have talked about what was going on between Lizzy and Eddie in those photos. But that was all ignored.

        I would just like for one media outlet to address why Eddie looks so happy as he stands over Lizzy during that show she is putting on for him. If you didn’t know any better, you would assume that Eddie was Lizzy hubby by the way he is hovering over Lizzy.

    • why? says:

      Well it’s not surprising that Leann is having just about every media outlet cover the staged bikini dock photos. She even had Eonline, make her bikini photos their hot photo of the day. Leann is trying to make up for all the time she lost on the 4th of July when the media ignored her, notice how she put on a shirt with a flag on it. And of course all the time she lost as a result of the media covering Tom and Katie.

      When Leann kept tweeting over and over about how everyone was at peace and happy, I knew it was because Lizzy was at the lake with Leann and Eddie. Poor Leann, Eddie won’t appear in the staged photo-ops with her or go on vacation with Leann unless Lizzy is present and he has alcohol in his hands.

      There is some major flirting going on between Eddie and Lizzy in those photos of them on the dock. Do you see how happy Eddie looks with Lizzy spreading her legs? And yet instead of writing about this, we get fluffpieces about Leann changing her bikini and how great Leann looks in a bikini like she is trying to take the attention away from the fact that her hubby is cheating on her with Lizzy. Well now we know why Leann is so into tattoos. I thought it had something to do with SMJ, but now I think it has more to do with Lizzy. Most of Leann’s tattoos are in the same places as Lizzy’s.

      Did you notice how Leann is working hard to fuel pregnancy rumors in the staged photo-op too? She is really sticking out her belly and even had Lizzy feeling her belly in one photo to single white female Megan Fox.

      The best thing about the staged photo-op on the dock is the absence of the boys, even though Eddie was still photographed with a beer in his hand.

  46. Ho hum says:

    It didn’t make sense why leann would wear a leather jacket over a bikini in the summer knowing she was being photographed but then it hit me brandi posted a pic on twitter on the 17th of her in a bikini with a jacket on …I’m talking about the pics on Daily mail not this photo.

  47. nomorerimes says:

    Daily Mail also mentioned that she wore 2 bikinis in one day??!! Of course–the paps were only going to be there just one day so she had to make sure they got her pic in both! PATHETIC PSYCHO!

    • claire says:

      Yeah, it’s kinda funny how as soon as she notices paps, she changes outfits and does her hair. No one else changed. But, YET, she soooooo hates when she gets papped. ;P

    • why? says:

      Don’t you love how she keeps looking at paps like she is mad that they are taking photos of them to give the impression that she didn’t call them?

      It’s obvious she set this one up. Just look at how she is sticking out her belly and having Lizzy feel on her stomach(because Eddie wouldn’t do it) to fuel pregnancy rumors.

  48. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted to one of her fans, “haha, she was laying there relaxing on the stairs & I said now that would be a great photo for the paps, spread eagle. joking….. Of course they were there. Crazy! I could feel they were there that day and everyone told me I was crazy & paranoid. No way they would find us there. I just knew! Weird feeling to be watched.”

    Why is Leann such a liar? She didn’t “feel” the paps presence. There are at least 7 photos from Sunday where Leann is looking directly at the paps. So if she could “feel” their presence and didn’t actually see them, then how does she explain the fact that there are at least 7 photos from Sunday where she is looking directly at the paps? She is even making faces at them like she is scolding them for taking photos. And she wants us to believe that she didn’t know that they were there? There is no way that Eddie, Lizzy, or Dave would have told Leann that she was being paranoid or crazy for “feeling” that they were being watched, because on Popsugar, there is a photo of Dave looking directly at the paps and 2 photos of Lizzy looking directly at the paps.

    Why does Leann tell lies when there is so much evidence to contradict her?

    There was no way that the paps were supposed to find Leann and Eddie on those private beaches in Cabo either. So just like the paps found her and Eddie on those private beaches in Cabo, the paps “found” them on the lake because Leann told them where and when they were. She didn’t have a feeling that she was being watched, she KNEW that she was being watched because she invited the paps.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      She probably bribed the children with more leggos and gave her camera to one of them to run across the doc and shoot the photos for her so she could leak them to the press. LOL.

      • Ming Lee says:

        this^ i died laughing at the image of this.

      • why? says:

        Sometimes I get the impression that she has a personal pap “entourage” which consists of her friends/mom/bonus dad/DB.

        She sets up these staged photo-ops and then is reduced to doing damage control when they backfire. She had these photos released thinking that people were going to oh and ah over her “sexy” bikini body, only to have it met with people paying more attention to the photos of Lizzy and Eddie. Now that people are paying more attention to the photos of Lizzy and Eddie she is playing the victim.

        She tweeted about how she went to the gym with Eddie and even included a twitpic, so it would be interesting to see if she called GSI for that staged photo-op. Hopefully she won’t even release the staged photo-op at the gym with Eddie. Katie and Tom are still monopolizing the media, so she might do a gym staged photo-op with Eddie, afterall she allowed Eddie to have some fun time with Lizzy.

  49. Jennifer12 says:

    Just my opinion: I think she was told to lay low and she managed to do so for a while. But the thirst for attention always resurfaces and she starts her old tricks. Like she’s such a huge star that paps track her down and follow her on vacation! Must be Eddie’s guest spots on TV. And that woman Liz is just off- perfect friend for Leann.

  50. sapphire says:

    Has anyone here heard anything about whether there is any “buzz” about her new album in the music industry? I swear I haven’t read a word about it other than on the gossip sites or her twitter.