Duchess Kate given £300,000 (to donate to charity) as a ‘thank you’ from the Queen

We got a special request for even more Duchess Kate coverage! You know I love to talk about Kate, even if these stories are somewhat intensive, dry and insider-y. Still, I’ll do my best. These stories all come from The Telegraph, a newspaper I respect a great deal, although I know many British people refer to it as “The Torygraph” – as in, the newspaper does tend to be the newspaper of choice for those with conservative politics, or Tories. The Telegraph also has a history of being rather sympathetic towards the royal family – mostly to The Queen, but in total, it’s a very royalist paper. What I’m basically saying is that I believe all of these stories. Here we go:

*First off, it seems that Buckingham Palace “gave” Duchess Kate £300,000 “to donate to charity as a thank-you for lending her wedding dress to Buckingham Palace.” Kate temporarily donated her wedding gown to the Palace shortly after the wedding, and Kate and the Queen had a nice little photo-op together too – except for the Queen calling the exhibit “creepy”. Which was a highlight of the year, honestly. To be fair to the Queen, it WAS creepy. The exhibit featured Kate’s wedding gown surrounded by inky blackness, with the “Halo” tiara and veil suspended eerily above the gown. It was like “the ghost bride exhibit”. Creepy or not, nearly 191,000 people came to see Kate’s dress, and the Palace scored £10 million in ticket sales – an increase of £3.5 million from the year before. So Kate and her dress brought in millions of pounds, so they “gifted” her a percentage and they sincerely hope she’ll use it for charity. And before you say “But it wasn’t even Kate’s dress to lend out” – you’re wrong. The Middletons paid for Kate’s dress. It’s privately owned, and Kate can lend it out to whoever she wants.

*Second story: Kate is costing the royal protection service a great deal of extra money. The Telegraph has an extensive report (here) on how there’s a movement to cut the royal protection details of the “non-working” members of the royal family, and of the so-called “minor” royals. Apparently, the UK has a £128 million annual bill for royal and VIP protection, and there’s a major movement within the government to begin “editing” who gets protection. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been “downgraded” from their annual cost of £500,000 a year. Princess Alexandra, the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are all going to be downgraded too. Which is especially interesting because The Telegraph says the royal protection costs have skyrocketed since Kate joined The Firm. Additional protection measures have added more than £1 million a year – JUST to secure Will and Kate’s Anglesey home. So… while Kate is bringing in money to The Firm, she’s also one of the most costly members (alongside William).

*Meanwhile, Kate and William are being sent out to earn their keep during the Olympics. William, Kate and Harry will be highly visible throughout the Olympics, cheering on Team Great Britain. Kate has been assigned several events – hockey, tennis, and some of the horsey competitions. All of the royal family will be on display during the lead-up to the Opening Ceremony, and then at the Opening Ceremony. But… hilariously, Prince Charles and Camilla are taking off! They’re leaving it to the young ones to handle. Charles and Camilla are going on vacation in Scotland as of next week. Which is kind of tone-deaf, I think. The London Games are going to be a huge boon for the UK economy (they hope), and Charles and Camilla can’t even hang out for two weeks and cheer on Team GB? Weird.

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  1. beyonce's bump says:

    This coffee cannot course through my veins quick enough! OT: Are people really requesting for more duchess kate news? Yawn.

    Looking forward to the olympics though.

  2. supalolly says:

    Kinda strange – why can’t ‘the firm’ just donate the 300,000 to charity without Waity acting as the middle man?

    Where will all of the other millions of pounds go? OK, some of it is to cover security and all the other stuff that goes on to support the showing of the dress itself, but there’s still a lot of money floating around there.

    Couldn’t these funds be used to pay (at least partially) for the massive security bill the royals are racking up?

    • SofiaR says:

      I guess she needs the good will coming from personally being behind the donations, they are sprucing up her image since she has been portrayed as vain and lazy. 300K coming from her hand will give far better pr for both her and the royal family than 300k donated behind the scenes or funneled into paying for other things,

      • Chicagogurl17 says:

        Funny how this cancels put her wardrobe spending for the year. Do you think prince Charles is doing this stuff intentionally to show disinterest in the throne? Sometimes I get the feeling he’ll forfeit and pass directly to will.

      • SofiaR says:

        Hadn’t thought of it but it makes sense. Also a young king would be better then an old one to appeal to the younger crowd

      • Divorcee says:

        I guess her being Jewish wasn’t enough. People wanted and expected more from her. I don’t know why since she did nothing but party, shop, and pretend to work.

      • NYCGAL says:

        DIVORCEE- what does your comment mean: “I guess her being Jewish wasn’t enough” ?

        Please explain as I don’t understand the meaning of this.

      • bluhare says:

        NYGal: I’m not divorcee, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Jewish comment is a result of her mother’s maiden name of Goldsmith.

      • flower says:

        Yes, Carol is Jewish though she seems to be a ‘non-practicing Jew’( whatever that may mean), but William also has Jewish heritage, because Diana’s mother Frances , had Jewish ancestry from her American side of the family. If rumour is true Diana’s father may have actually been Sir James Goldsmith not Earl Spencer ( even more Hebrew Genes in the mix) Diana’s mother was known to have had an affair with Goldsmith around the time of Diana’s conception. At that point in time Earl Spencer had no male heir, ( his only son had died) which means the Earldom would have become extinct, so Earl Spencer may have looked the other way regarding the expected child’s origins, he was bitterly disappointed when the baby turned out to be a girl (Diana).

      • Divorcee says:

        NYCGAL, I was refering to the Royal Family PR going all out on Kate being Jewish. Kate Middleton is a descendant of poor Jewish immigrants who moved to the U.K. . Kate and her family lived in Israel. Of course Diana had Jewish blood, I read that she considered herself a Merovingian.

    • CC says:

      I guess they think they need to improve her image. But why would they disclose it? Now it only looks dumb. Would have looked better if they kept their mouths shut and she “spontaneously” gave it to charity.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        this kate we are talking about . even when she raises a finger ,we are told how amazing and charitable she is . this is why i don’t believe that she do any charity work behind the scenes because her pr uses absolutely everything to promote her and there is no way that they are not reporting on her secret charity work .

      • crtb says:

        That’s what I don’t understand. So the gift isn’t really comming from her but her in-laws. It is like going to church and your mom gives you money to put in the plate rather than you taking money from your allowence or babysitting money.

      • Reece says:

        @crtb I was just about to say that same thing!
        My aunt used to give me $5 before (had to be before) we got to church to put in the tray. She said it herself, she didn’t people(church gossips) saying her niece wasn’t charitable. Which just sends the entirely wrong message to a kid.

    • Hope says:

      The extra money is going to maintain the paintings at various royal palaces: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/8829231/Duchess-of-Cambridges-wedding-dress-is-worth-1million-to-charity.html

      Those old, historic oil paintings cost a pretty penny to protect, I’m sure. Not unlike Kate herself. But then again, Kate is the one bringing the spotlight back on the monarchy in a GOOD way (I know many of you will strongly disagree, but you can’t deny that the spin doctors are doing a good job of whitewashing everyone, including Kate.) So I don’t think anyone in the family is going to grumble and moan about having to shell out to protect her.

      On a side note, I think it’s odd that the palace last year said the donation would be around a million pounds, and they’ve given less than a third of that. Hmm. Unless they gave 700,000 pounds to William. But that hasn’t been reported and it seems unlikely they would give the gift separately. Unless Kate pocketed 700,000 pounds! Ooooh! Scandal!

    • lucy2 says:

      I would guess that by having her “donate” it, they will get a photo-op and good PR story out of it, which they wouldn’t if it was just directly from the palace.

  3. backwards says:

    Yes to coverage on royal families, no to only news about waity.

  4. alek says:

    pffff… as if!! i’m only saying -as if- …..

  5. Elizabeth says:

    The Oympics may be an event that is too unscripted to allow Charles (and Camilla) to roam free. Perhaps they are being shipped off to Scotland to avoid PR gaffs from those two. Just a thought.

  6. pink giraffe says:

    I love the cute guy staring at Kate in the last picture.

  7. DanaG says:

    Kate’s looking a little rounder and filled out more then usual. Could we have another little Prince or Princess soon? It was good of the Queen to give Kate the money and she has a few charities she could help out with it. Prince Andrew tried everything to keep Beatrice and Eugenies guards it was a complete waste of taxpayers money and should have been stopped years ago. No one cares about those two girls. Neither one will be a working Royal so they are not value for money. Charles and Camilla wonder why they aren’t so well liked? This is why everyone loves the Queen she is reliable Charles and Cam seem to love their holidays and I think when your 85 year old mother is matching your workload you need to step it up a little.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      what are you talking about? charles has taken on many f hm’s duties . he is past retirement age and is increasing his work load rather then decreasing it . just because all the media outlets do not frown over his work that doesn’t mean that he is not working .he has been coming out for all most every week in this year. it william ,kate ,harry who need to do more because all the other senior royals are already doing more then what they are supposed to do .

    • flower says:

      I don’t have a problem with Beatrice’s guards, after all until Kate and Wills have a child or until Harry gets married and has kids she will be next in line. After all they are both Helicopter pilots, not the safest of jobs especially for Harry who flies a war machine, if anything happens to them before the heirs arrive it means there will be a Queen Bea on the British throne. Also don’t forget that there was a kidnap attempt on Princess Anne in the 70′s which resulted in her body guard being shot three times. With all the nutters in the world not to mention terrorists a kidnapping is a real threat, even more so now than in the 70′s

  8. Cathy says:

    Gawd I hate that dress, the color is nice, but the cut is awful.

  9. mst says:

    Sorry Im not interested in hearing about the royal lee… I mean family. Royalty belongs in the 17th century not the 21st.

  10. Jacq says:

    Maybe they’re exiting stage left to kind of “hand the torch” to the younger royals? I don’t know, that seems exceedingly stupid to leave town when the Olympics are planned years in advance. What’s more important that that?!

  11. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    Her extensions are starting to bug me. She’s got so much hair she is starting to look like a Kardashian.
    The new Kim look proves what her normal hair looks like compared to what we always see and Kate’s hair went from normal to doll size thickness.
    It’s too much hair.
    End rant. :)

  12. LAK says:

    Yea. She helped a charity….

  13. karen says:

    The Midds paid for a wedding dress. Kate wore two. I know the Midds have money, but her first dress was over $250K I doubt they had that to drop. I think they bought the plain one to be honest. But BP giving her a 10% comission is hilarious. The girl doesn’t have a dime of her own so they’re gifting her some so she can actually give more than a photo op to charities.

    • LAK says:

      It raises the question of whether the other royal brides received [and continue to receive] commissions when their dresses are exhibited every summer.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:


        i don’t think they did . other brides were working from the very beginning of their marriages , so rf did not need to show or portray them as an asset with these stunts.every one is asking whether this kept woman child is relevant or not and bm is desperate to show her as an asset .i still can’t believe that she wasted the golden opportunity of media white wash after the wedding and all the good will created from it so soon. if this how things stay, i think she will end up as the most dis liked royal in modern history. nothing about her seems genuine to me , everything about her is a pr move to make her look good. she is all image and no substance.after queen dies i am turning into a republican because there is no way i will have this lazy woman as my state head.

      • karen says:

        I only know about Dianas dress. It’s owned by the Spencers. The proceeds from the exhibit go to the late Princess charity.

      • LAK says:

        @Angelic – i know that, but if they are being public about Kate’s ‘commission’ in the continued attempts to white wash her image when previously the money from this exhibition has been earmarked for palace upkeep, it does make one wonder….

        @Karen – Wasn’t Diana’s charity wound up or folded into Princes william/Harry’s charity now renamed once again as ‘Royal Foundation’??

        I also thought that Diana’s dress proceeds are now part of the Althorp exhibition ie for Althorp’s upkeep.

      • karen says:

        LAK – I think the tour proceeds went to the Diana memorial fund, and it was on loan from Althorp, who also give a portion to charity from the proceeds. Although I read it ages ago and could be wrong.

      • karen says:

        LAK, I think the tour proceeds went to the Diana memorial fund, and it was on loan from Althorp, who also give a portion to charity from the proceeds. Although I read it ages ago and could be wrong.

      • LAK says:

        @Karen – That’s the name. I’d forgotten and couldn’t be bothered to google it.

        Definitely would up some time ago with all proceeds going to various charities.

        The William/Harry charity was a continuation in a different capacity of Diana’s work as favoured by her sons.

        That’s now been renamed The Royal Foundation incorporating Waity.

    • IamAcylon says:

      How can anyone spend over $250K for a wedding dress? Iam all for ‘my money and I spend it the way I want’ but this is just disgusting.

      Sorry, LAK I actuallt wanted to reply to Karen

    • arlie says:

      Don’t forget that there were two wedding dresses made, in case the first was stolen or damaged by arson or a tsunami or whatever. There were probably two made of that evening reception dress too. I was so achingly bored and underwhelmed by both dresses. Both boring, copycat, and unoriginal, and both with weird-shaped lumpy padded bra cups in the busts. I did like the white angora sweater though.

      Yes, this response was supposed to be for Karen too.

  14. JulieM says:

    Sorry, this sounds like the palace trying to turn around Waity’s bad press, which has been growing at a very rapid rate. I’m surprised that it’s happening so fast. Maybe a baby will change that. I think that’s what the PR flacks are hoping. The Queen has to give her money to give to her charities?

    • LAK says:

      I am trying very hard NOT to be cynical about this donation. Doesn’t help when we all have the same thoughts.

      Perhaps this is also why she was suddenly praised as the ‘Queen of Charities’ last week and her name added to the legal paperwork of the renamed ‘Royal Foundation’.

      Poor Prince Harry now has to share his Charitable efforts and resultant awards with the slothful Cambridges.

      On the plus side for Kate, she can add this to her list of ‘work’ occasions and she didn’t have to get out of bed to do it.

  15. Boo says:

    I can’t believe Chuck and his hideous wife are ditching the Olympics! The future King cannot be bothered to stick around town to at least look like he cares that the whole world is watching London host this massive event? Doesn’t that seem a tad shortsighted on his part? For a guy who has been waiting his whole (already long) life to climb aboard that throne, he certainly doesn’t seem to want to be what people expect a king to be.

  16. Dena says:

    Charles and Camillia have been visiting various locales in the run-up to the Jubilee and perhaps for the Olympics as well. I don’t believe the younger royals have been doing as much. (Prince Harry got around some but I don’t think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as much as Charles and Camilia.) Perhaps the D&D of Cambridge and Prince Harry will be more visible during the Olympics as the “face of youth,” so to speak.

    I also agree that the money is probably just an attempt to make the Duchess “look” better. In solely being focused on keeping Prince William, I truly believe that Kate squandered what could have been 10 years of excellent PR for herself. I just don’t think it looks good for someone who was highly(?) or at least expensively educated and who might, just might, have the possibility of having to work (or to build a career)in front of them to “sit around” for 10 years waiting–especially when they know the role they are gunning for will be highly public and serving a public that is not as affluent. Not related to a PR stunt but even Diana worked before her marriage to Prince Charles.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    • JulieM says:

      Dena, your 2 cents is gold. Waity had 10 years to do something with her life but chose to pursue Willy at all costs. She could have done anything while chasing Willy and she would have been held in much higher regard. Even in the 15 months since her marriage, she could have turned her negative, lazy reputation around, but still didn’t. And I don’t think she cares. Just wear designer clothes, flip your hair, big cheesy grin and flip off the peasants.

  17. gretta says:

    Okay, I give up. Who requested more coverage of this shallow, self-absorbed, anorectic attention-seeker? Seriously, other than sparking debate about whether her outfits are yeah or meh, what’s the point??

    I can understand the interest Diana attracted when she was alive as she was genuinely interested in people, had charisma, charm and looks. Kate is not in her league by a landslide..

    • Jaded says:

      Totally agree – Kate has all the charisma of a shop mannequin and appears to be as vapid and lifeless as one. Time to step up her game and work for her country, she’s had more than enough time to get trained.

    • iseepinkelefants@hotmail.com says:

      Agreed. Who were the numpties that requested more coverage? The only comments these articles get are “I like her hair”, “her dress is pretty”. You have a few that actually merit some thought on the part of the commenter, but for the most part the comments are just as shallow and vacant as the subject of the post.

      Knowing this waster is someone’s idol, and people are actually requesting more coverage of her makes me dispair for soceity.

  18. ramona says:

    Slightly off-topic, but I can’t wait for the Olympics!! The torch relay goes past my house tomorrow, I promise I’ll wave to you all!

    And if I see Waity, I’ll offer to show her how to apply her eyeliner in a more subtle fashion.

  19. Luise says:

    Are you kidding me? Give me a break. Who is going to buy any of this bull sh*t?

  20. Kim says:

    The above article is incorrect. Just read an article from the telegraph. Charles and Camilla will be at the Olympics for part of the games.


    It states that the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla will attend events in the “opening days” and then will allow the younger royals to take over.

  21. Laura says:

    As Hope wrote, the money was already promissed, was not because was a huge success. Though honestly, I don’t believe that people bought tickets to visit Buckingham last year to see Kate meh dress in that “creppy” exhibit, but rather to see the largest collection of Fabergé eggs in the world and that dress came along with the ticket.

  22. Dredz says:

    Well, since The Queen passes her the money, it’s the QUEEN who actually makes the donation, (bless her), not Kate. The Queen should get all the credits, not her.

  23. XOxoXO says:

    That Bobby is thinking “real, clip-ins, or extensions?”

  24. Merritt says:

    Charles and Camilla are attending Olympic events. Not sure where this article learned that they were not. The official Clarence house twitter says they are going to be at the cycling and Camilla will be going to equestrian events.

  25. XOxoXO says:

    I also was thinking she might be with child. Besides her more filled outedness, there were a few outings awhile back in which she was holding her purse right in front of her stomach. Also there was a wedding a few months back they were at, where William had his hand on her back which is kind of different. Like maybe she had morning sickness and he was trying to be supportive/comforting which is pretty rare b/c he so often seems indifferent to her.

    • HME says:

      She always holds her purse in front of her stomach like that. There are literally 1000′s of pictures of her with holding her purses like that. And when she doesn’t have a clutch to hold onto she has her hands clasped together in front of her stomach I bet when she actually IS knocked up she’ll stop holding things in front of her stomach.

      It’s the same thing with William’s hand on her back, he ALWAYS does it. In pics it looks like an intimate thing but I’ve seen some comments saying that when you see them in motion the hand on the back is more about him steering her in the right direction. *shrug*

      So yeah I seriously doubt she’s pregnant right now.

  26. HME says:

    Funny how this news comes on the heels of people freaking out over the cost of that fugly necklace eh?

    Speaking of THAT necklace do we think Kate is going to wearing it lots during the games since it ‘fits with the OlympIc theme’ *eyeroll*? God I hope not, it’s so ugly and too old looking for her.

    But anyway I say yay!!!! to getting to see more of Hot Harry during the games! Forget waity and her boring overpriced jewelry, let’s have more Harry stories please.

  27. JRenee says:

    She will still be damned if she does or doesn’t…

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      how exactly? will you explain what exactly she has done in this ?

      • JRenee says:

        If her parents buy her things, she’s damned. If her in-laws buy her things, she’s damned. If she goes to a million events and does increase her work, she will still be considered “waity”. She seems to be in Diana’s shadow simply because of she is a young Princess, married to the King to be. Princess Diana was a once in a lifetime!!! I don’t think there will ever be another royal as popular so I’m just “meh” about whatever she does. It’s not like she can just go out and get a job to earn her own money at this point and if she dresses or looks dowdy, she’s damned for that too!
        Seems like it’s going to take awhile for her to grow “into her own”. Unfortunately, that will be in the public eye. Personally I think she’s a beautiful lady, she doesn’t need the hair extensions and she did better with her own style before marrying Wills.

  28. pwd says:

    so depressing thinking of this idiot popping up everywhere during the olympics playing dressup, posing for the cameras, total turn off for real sports games

    • maemay says:

      So you give this person all this power to mess up 2 weeks of olympic sport for you? Is it really that serious, because good or bad Kate is more powerful than the olympics if she has the power to destroy it for you?

      • angelic 20 says:


        It will be media frowning over Kate and her clothes that will ruin the olympics .i can tell you in advance that you will read and hear more about her then any athletes and sadly we can’t control on whom media focus their attention, so whether we like it or not media obsession with Kate will ruin olympics for a lot of us in England.

      • maemay says:

        The are a zillion stories on the internet, dont click or comment on the Kate ones….whether you like or hate her, media only counts your click as interest…turn the channel. So basically the OLYMPICS is more dull and boring than Kate.

      • angelic 20 says:

        There are million stories about olympic now but when the games will start she will visible at the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and throughout the games, so there is a big difference between olympic coverage now and the olympic coverage when the games will actually start.i don’t want to argue on this because I would love it if games will not be turned into duchess show but you and I both will see what happens in future .

  29. arlie says:

    Lately, every time I see Waity with her hands fiddling with her hair, I can’t help but think she’s adjusting or scratching her itchy hair extensions. For a long time, I was on the fence about whether she wears extensions. But what else could be the reason for adjusting, touching, fiddling with, and flipping her hair hundreds of times per hour? I no longer buy the “nerves” argument.

    There are thousands and thousands of photos all over the Internet of Waity with her hands in her hair. Doesn’t she feel the slightest bit embarrassed about this?

  30. erika says:


    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Look into it Kate

    Cuz I can’t take the self-fondling, public hand-job that you do on your hair

    • arlie says:

      That’s it, Erika! I wonder why no one has thought of OCD before. Seriously, could that be it? I don’t know much about it — does her incessant hair fondling qualify? I ask this because I’m 100% certain she’s been told over and over and over endlessly that she should stop this ridiculous, annoying, childish, compulsive obsession. Personally, I don’t think she ignores her handlers. I truly believe that she’s so concerned about her appearance and image that if she really could stop stupid habits, she would. But she can’t — so an OCD diagnosis wouldn’t be far amiss, would it? And of course, she’s far too vain to wear it up except on the rarest of occasions. And when it’s up, she can’t fulfill the OCD need.

      The thing is, it wouldn’t bug me so much if she was just pushing it behind her ears once in a while. But she’s constantly fussing with it for no reason expect to touch it. I watched a video where she touched her hair six times in four minutes. That’s about 100 times an hour!

  31. Fue McCormick says:

    Did she borrow the blue frock from her mom’s old flight attendant closet? Poor girl … try as she might … she can just never pull it together. And it’s such a cheap shade of blue …