Matthew McConaughey’s drastic weight loss: too method or not that bad?

Matthew McConaughey

Here’s some photos of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves at the New York City screening of Matthew’s latest (indie) film, Killer Joe. As an avid McConaughey fan, I realized something was amiss, and I noticed the same thing at the London premiere for Magic Mike, but now the issue has progressed somewhat. He looks very, very skinny here, right?

There’s a good reason for Matthew’s emaciated state — he’s preparing to play an HIV patient in a movie called The Dallas Buyer’s Club. According to the movie’s IMDb page, Matthew’s character develops full-blown AIDS in 1986 and is instructed to “go home and die” but doesn’t take his diagnosis lying down. Needless to say, it sounds like very heavy stuff, and Matthew’s getting into the role by losing a total of thirty pounds before filming even begins. Of course, I’ve never really thought of Matthew as a method actor — unless one counts playing bongos naked and smoking doobies — but it’s good that McConaughey is getting back into some meaty acting instead of devolving back into a romcom dude. Here’s some more info about his weight loss:

Matthew McConaughey

While his new wife Camila is gaining weight due to her pregnancy, it appears Matthew McConaughey is going in the opposite direction. The actor appeared noticeably thinner as he arrived with his wife at the New York screening of his new film Killer Joe last night.

The normally beefy Texan has lost over 15lbs already and is planning to lose another 15 to play an HIV patient in his new film.

Wearing a blue suit last night, the 42-year-old’s face was thinner and he had lost his usual muscley frame. His slim physique was a far cry from the rippled muscles he sported on his latest release Magic Mike, in which he plays a stripper.

Matthew is due to film The Dallas Buyer’s Club in September so has another six weeks to reach his goal weight for his portrayal of an HIV patient.

He said recently: “I’m losing some weight. I’ve got a role coming up in the middle of September. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I’ve gotta lose about 15 more. I am drinking a lot of tea. It takes a while for your body to understand that it has to feed off of itself and that you’re not going to give it something else from the outside.”

Meanwhile, his expectant wife Camila, 30, looked incredible as she posed alongside her leading man in a daring bandage dress

[From Daily Mail]

Yes, about Camila’s dress … check out her bump from the side as opposed to a full-on front view. I know it’s one of those dreadful Herve Ledger bandage dresses, but there’s also an optical illusion going on that makes her bump seem nonexistent from the front, right? Much like her recent London premiere dress as well.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew has also revealed that his kids, Levi and Vida, are both excited and started dancing and singing when they learned a new baby was on the way. Too cute. Here’s a few daddy pr0n shots of McConaughey and family in NYC a few days ago. I know it’s not as good as Chris Hemworth’s giant arms and a tiny baby, but it will have to do for now.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. cmc says:

    Wow, that is definitely drastic. I think it wouldn’t look as bad if his clothes fit properly, though. He looks kind of hot in the white t-shirt (even though the jeans are obviously too big).

    I guess celebrities aren’t exactly going to go out and buy whole new wardrobes for temporary weight changes. I never really thought about that.

  2. brin says:

    They are giving the Afflecks some cuteness competition!
    His weight loss makes sense now…glad he’s healthy and doing well.

  3. Kaboom says:

    He looks like a vulture in a suit in that third picture. A shave might help.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Cute kids.
    He doesn’t look good that thin, but if it’s for a role, what can you do?
    I don’t think he’s looked good in general for a while though, one of those guys who’s looks didn’t translate well with age.

  5. RocketMerry says:

    Camila is gorgeous! Cute family.

  6. INeedANap says:

    I love the one with the lil’ bubba on his shoulders. The kid looks like he climbed his daddy and daddy was too tired to fight it.

  7. Rux says:

    I love Camille’s white dress. She looks amazing preggo…bitch!

  8. MK yarwood says:

    The method thing, it works.

  9. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    The boy kind of looks like like Salma Hayaks child with that super rich dude.

  10. Chordy says:

    I don’t think that losing the weight is method on Matthew’s part. If I was directing a film about someone dying of AIDS, I probably wouldn’t want him to look like a glimmering golden god with abs you could scrub your lingerie out on (clearly, I’m also a McConaughey fan). Also, regardless of the extreme weight loss, these pics still make me say Thor Schmor. I just think this little family of hippies is too adorable. I love Camilla’s cute white maternity dress.

  11. Happy21 says:

    Lord! What a beautiful family!!

    I never thought of him as much of a method actor either and am quite interested to see him in this role.

  12. RHONYC says:

    love the McConaugheys!

    they’re so very ‘love, peace & hairgrease’ lol.

    especially love lil’ Levi’s open arms!
    it’s like “hey y’all…wanna come & play some bongos with us?” :-)

  13. hoya_chick says:

    “As an avid McConaughey fan”…these exists? I find him so cheesy and a bad actor. I haven’t liked him in anything he has been in and his t-rex arms scare me. Lol, different strokes I guess. She looks great pregnant but I don’t think their kids are cute, is that mean? I’m sorry.

  14. buckley says:

    I don’t think all kids are cute so I guess I dont consider that mean, but I sooo disagree. Levi is just so adorable.

  15. Palefire says:

    I usually don’t say this but they make a really really nice couple :)

  16. sup says:

    looks bad of course but i respect anyone taking the method route