Shia LaBeouf on his break-up w/ Carey Mulligan: “She was chasing marriage”

Shia LaBeouf Carey Mulligan

For whatever reason, Shia LaBeouf has run out of gross topics to discuss while promoting Lawless. Maybe his long-suffering girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, told him it was time to stop talking about having sex and dropping acid and, you know, having sex. So now Shia has turned to exploiting his past relationships, and he’s talking about why he and Carey Mulligan broke up, which I am sure she’s thrilled to hear come down the media pipe.

Carey and Shia met on the set of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, and they dated for about fourteen months. For her part, Carey seemed totally into Shia and gushed about him during magazine interviews, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Five months after Carey and Shia’s breakup, Carey started dating musician Marcus Mumford, with whom she became engaged after (another) five months of dating and then married in late April. Now her ex-boyfriend is promoting his new movie and talking about why they broke up. Strange, right? That’s Shia for you:

Shia LaBeouf Carey Mulligan

Shia LaBeouf has revealed he split from Carey Mulligan because of their incompatible “lifestyles.” He also suggested there was friction in the relationship because Mulligan was more interested in getting married and settling down and having children than he was.

The 26-year-old actor dated his Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps co-star for just over a year until they split in October 2010. The actor admitted that he didn’t think their relationship would have lasted because they were such different people.

He said: “Carey is not just an actress, she is a great human being, a sweet girl and super intelligent. Our thing came down to not having compatible work/lifestyles. We were always travelling, and had sensibility differences that weren’t conducive to living with one another.

“I’m harder on myself and my surroundings than she is, and we had a culture shock in terms of meeting her parents and vice versa. Sensibilities, cultures, histories. There were differences, that’s all.”

Mulligan swiftly moved on from LaBeouf and earlier this year married singer Marcus Mumford. The actor, who stars in the prohibition drama Lawless, said he couldn’t be happier for his ex. He told the Sunday Times magazine: “She’s happy as hell right now, and we wouldn’t have been able to make it like that. She was chasing marriage, family, kids more than I was.”

Shia, who is currently dating fashion designer Karolyn Pho, plans to marry himself one day, but said there is no rush to settle down. “I’m not opposed to marriage. I just think I’m quite young. I come from divorce. I’m only doing marriage once. It’s not a game for me. I’m not a religious person, but I have ethics.”

[From Daily Mail]

Okay, so what Shia said here isn’t nearly as offensive as much of what comes out of his mouth. Shia actually says some nice things about Carey here, but he also hints that she was just looking to get hitched up in short order and then ended up quickly marrying the next guy who came along after Shia. I hope he didn’t mean it that way because Carey and Marcus seem like they’re the real deal. Also, they really are a cute little hipster couple, and I don’t even like hipsters all that much. What’s Shia’s problem here, and why is he suddenly talking about Carey again?

Shia LaBeouf Carey Mulligan

Shia LaBeouf Carey Mulligan

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    They probably asked him about her. Reporters do that all the time, to get actors and actresses talking about other people in the business.

    It doesn’t sound like he says bad things about her, just that they wanted things that are so different they could never make it work (and he hints to the fact that he did not want to “try and see how it goes”, he wants to feel completely sure).
    It sounds like he understands that it was better to part ways, for everyone.

  2. brin says:

    The douche runs deep in this one.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    The more he opens his mouth, the less likable he becomes.

    I’m telling you, someone really needs to invent a liquid or powder form of STFU and liberally dose the water supply in H-Wood.

  4. atlantapug says:

    This guy just gets douchier and douchier as the days go by.
    He’s fast approaching irrelevancy if he doesn’t just stop.

  5. katie says:

    sounds like a bitter @ssholes way of making her husband feel like she married him bc she just wanted to get married… like she wanted to marry him first. lame.

    • T.C. says:


      He makes her sound like a desparate woman out only for marriage. To anyone. Sit down and STFU Shia LaBeef.

      • LAK says:

        ….But there are people like that. People who just want to be married or can’t be alone or just want babies.They never consider if they are with the right partner, only that goal.Look at Lilly Allen and her rush for babies with every single partner she’s had, and I don’t think she’s 25 yet, ditto Aaron Johnson. I don’t think he is saying something negative about her. I did think she rushed into her marriage, just as I think the same of Lilly Allen and Aaron Johnson,but again I think that is who they are, it doesn’t invalidate their current situations. The fact he is a child of divorce shows he has thought about marriage and what it means. He isn’t going to marry the first person who comes along just because they are on the marriage track when he isn’t. Divorce is horrible and at the very least he is self aware enough to know he isn’t ready for marriage.What is objectionable about this interview is his discussion of something private in public.

  6. Danielle says:

    Makes it sound like she just married the next guy that came along. Carey and Marcus were friends/childhood pen pals long before Shia. Carey has never looked happier, while he continues to look miserable. I think the reason he continues to talk about her is because she’s the one girl that wouldn’t put up with his shit and dumped him. His ego can’t take it…still.

  7. Isa says:

    Maybe he was asked? Lots of people break up because they aren’t heading in the same direction. I know he says lots of douchey things but I don’t think this is one of them. I think people are just so used to having him say stupid stuff that they look for hidden stupidity in all his comments.

    • lw says:

      I agree. Shia calls it it like he sees it with no Hollywood placating. I kinda respect it even if I don’t agree with everything he says.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I know right? I am confused by the comments above. I think people just read the header and commented without reading the actual article. And Mulligan is my GIRL so I would come down hard on him if he was talking sh*t. BUT he just complimented her the whole time and then said she was more into marriage than he was.

        “Carey is not just an actress, she is a great human being, a sweet girl and super intelligent..”

        *GASP* How dare he call her that! What a douche!

        I seriously don’t get what the problem is here…he is DEFINITELY like the male K-stew in the sense that people really just love to hate this guy…..hell, even complimenting his ex-GF incites screams of “DOUCHE!” LOL!

      • Erinn says:


        How dare he call her intelligent! How dare he say she’s happy and he could never have provided that kind of life for her! Where are the angry villagers and pitchforks when you need them?!

        But in all serious, I thought he came off as really sweet in this interview. People just love to hate on the guy.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Erinn-he was really diplomatic and kind when discussing their differences-I think he kept it pretty broad and didn’t reveal anything too personal. I don’t know…I am genuinely miffed at the hate.

      • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

        Kitten, If you think THAT was a compliment you have low standards!
        So he wrapped his douchiness in a few nice words, and? I like how you casually ignore the parts where he says she was chasing marriage and kids making her seem desperate and her husband like a second to best which she married because Shia here wouldn’t.
        I also like how you bring Kstew into everything lol

      • Erinn says:

        There’s such a thing as being hypercritical. You can’t tell his tone in the interview. I’m personally thinking the best of it… he picked his words poorly, perhaps. But I did not get the feeling that he meant that she settled for 2nd place. He said how she was chasing marriage, kids, etc MORE than he was.
        I don’t know what more you want from him. He’s wished her well. He said she was an amazing human being, he’s glad she’s happy. There’s not point in being bitchy for bitchy’s sake.

      • Dee says:

        Oy! Who DOESN’T “call it like they see it” in Hollywood these days? That’s the cause of our massive inundation with douche-bags. Life would be intolerable if everyone went around saying exactly what was on their mind all the time and grown-ups in the non-performing professions filter themselves accordingly. This guy benefits from this behavior whenever anyone interacts with him and doesn’t tell him he’s an insufferable twit although I imagine he probably still hears it on a daily basis. And I don’t care if he was asked about her. A gentleman simply says “She’s a great girl. I’m glad she’s happy.” and doesn’t elaborate. A lady does the same thing.

    • Devyn says:

      Yeah, it seems like mostly a knee jerk reaction in this case.

    • Brown says:

      I know, right? I mean, I can’t deny that he is *overall* douchey. But this interview is definitely nothing to get upset over. I thought he was actually super nice when talking about Carey. I’m sure most of my exes would NOT be as nice if they were dishing on me…

      Anyway, I’m also more apt to forgive him for his douchiness since he will forever hold a place in my heart as Louis Stevens. He has great comedic timing, but is also able to bring drama and emotion to his characters. The word vomit doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a great actor.

      Also, Lawless was awesome! Go see it!!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Brown-I was trying to see Lawless last weekend. Might try for this weekend instead-I’m hearing great things about it!

      • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

        I think the douchness (sp?) is in the “She was chasing marriage and children” bit which makes her seem desperate and her current husband like a sloppy second.
        As for “I’m sure my exes wouldn’t be as nice”, well, that says more about you, doesn’t it? I really do think your boyfriend/husband/friends reflect the kind of person you are.
        It says a lot about someone who’d pick a not so nice person for a relationship.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Fudge you I’m going to Guam- “It says a lot about someone who’d pick a not so nice person for a relationship”

        Not every relationship ends well and to assume such is simplistic and idealistic. People are complicated and if there are hurt feelings involved or if someone feels like they were burned-they might not have the nicest things to say-that doesn’t mean they’re awful people.

        As far as “chasing marriage” making Mulligan seem “desperate” well that’s just your interpretation, isn’t it? I interpreted it as her being a romantic and maybe wanting what so many women consider the ultimate fantasy-husband, kids, white picket fence etc. What’s so wrong with that??? I’ve known women who “chased marriage”, who had their wedding ring picked out before they were even in a solid relationship etc. It’s their thing-nothing wrong with it and nothing desperate about it. C. Mulligan DID just get married (engaged after 5 months) you know? Maybe his comment wasn’t that off-base.

        I think Shia said something fairly innocuous and people like YOU are reading their personal interpretations into it.*shrugs*

      • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

        I disagree with you.
        I definitely think who you choose to be friends with and get involved in a relationship says a lot about you.
        We are not helpless victims to “love”, we have a choice.
        (If you’re not in a cycle of abuse because I know that can be hard!)

        There is nothing wrong with wanting marriage and kids but the way he WORDED it with the CHASING marriage part, made her seem desperate and yes that is my interpretation and I’m positive Carey doesn’t see that as a compliment either.
        There is nothing classy about airing something so private to the world.
        He could have easily declined to comment when asked, but he didn’t.

      • Isa says:

        He also said, “shes happy as hell right now and we wouldn’t Have been able to make it like that.” I don’t think he’s implying that her husband is sloppy seconds. Rather that he was able to give her what she wanted whereas he wasn’t ready to be married and have kids.
        Also I didnt read that and assume she was desperate. Lots of people want to get married and have a family.
        As for exes trash talking well of a few of mine were really nice while we were dating. Then they turned into bitter exes after we broke up. It’s not always so black and white.
        As for original kitten bringing up kstew, we had a conversation on that thread yesterday.

      • Brown says:

        Yikes @Guam, to assume that because I have had some relationships sour in my past must mean that I am a bad person/lack character/whatever…. that’s a pretty big assumption on your part, no? I mean, we just met and all. And it is the internet.

        What I meant was, it would have been just as easy for him to say something not so nice about her. Instead, he (to me) took a pretty nice approach and said that she is a good person, intelligent, whatever.

        Yeah, some of my exes might not be as gracious. That doesn’t mean that they were/are bad people, or that I am lacking for anything because I dated them. Things just go bad sometimes. Your comment was pretty rude, though.

      • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

        That was rude of me and I’m sorry. Hope you accept my apology.

      • Brown says:

        Forgiven! People are always quick to say things on the internet that they would never actually say in real life, sometimes pretty rude things, and I’m guilty of doing it, too. It’s easy when you don’t know the other people and they don’t know you. Don’t worry about it. :)

      • LAK says:

        @Originalkitten – i said something similar before scrolling down. You’ve put it more eloquently.

        I think @Guam has a serious case of hate on for Shia and will therefore interprete his words in a negative light, no matter what he says.

        There are women who chase marriage and kids etc. It isn’t a negative, but because Shia has said it, it is automatically an insult. Let’s just ignore the part where he says HE couldn’t provide it. let’s also ignore that fact that he says she is happy now and no way implies that she settled for second best.

        I also think he makes a very strong statement about divorce because it implies that had he married her, that’s where they would be. And we would all be discussing the fallacy of hollywood rush marriages etc

    • Polk8dot says:

      @Isa ‘people are just so used to having him say stupid stuff that they look for hidden stupidity in all his comments’
      There is really no that much HIDDEN enything in his comments, be it stupidity or self-importance, or grandiosity. That’s the only good thing about this schmuck. You do not have to look for hidden meaning. His comments are transparent and spell everything out, without any need for us to have to look for something to take out of context and hold it agains him.
      He has a congenital case of foot-in-mouth disease, and each single little backhanded complement, every faux-friendly and pseudo-respectful comment proves that it is an incurable case.

      • Isa says:

        I do think that’s what happened here though. That people thought he was givin a backhanded compliment and I dont think he was.
        And he would be better liked as a celebrity if he learned to keep more things hidden! But like you said its probably in curable .

      • jaye says:

        I’ve read some interviews he’s done in the past and (to me, at least) whenever he has unflattering things to say about people, he just comes out and says them. He has never seemed the type to deliver backhanded compliments…he just sort of calls it like HE sees it, right or wrong. I didn’t read his comments as particularly douchey, he just explained why his relationship with Carey didn’t work out. Nothing about what he said read as bitter, to me.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @kitten, ” I’ve known women who “chased marriage”, who had their wedding ring picked out before they were even in a solid relationship”

        OMG! You didn’t tell me you knew J Love?!

    • Ranunculus says:

      Pretty un-classy to talk about private issues like that. Pretty shitty, whether he was asked or not.

  8. Brown says:

    Yes, he is a douche, but I saw Lawless over the Labor Day weekend and loved it!! He and Tom Hardy were both great and the movie was really well done I thought.

    ……except Shia’s accent. Literally my only qualm about the whole thing. I get it, you’re supposed to have a southern accent, but there’s really no reason to lay it on THAT thick. It was slightly over the top. All in all, it was a good movie!

  9. Bellabumbum says:

    I had warmer, cozier feelings for La Douche when he was with Carey. He should count himself fortunate she spent any time with him at all.

  10. Ri says:

    This jerk is implying that that Marcus was a consolation prize because His Royal Douchness didn’t want to marry her. He’s just bitter she moved on really fast.

  11. Lady Lupton says:

    Douche. He should be so lucky. Carey dodged a bullet there.

  12. DanaG says:

    Maybe Shia had nothing else to talk about. And his ex girlfriend is way more interesting then the girl he lives with. And how many times can he talk about getting naked? He is such a loser don’t like him as an actor and liking him even less as a man.

  13. I can’t help but think that they were really cute together. I know Shia’s a douce but they seemed happy. Oh well, hopefully Carey is evn happier with her new husband :)

  14. Loulou says:

    It’s so sad when a guy this young has such backwards notions. He sounds like an Archie Bunker-type by using the phrase “chasing marriage”. What young, seemingly sensitive guy makes the kind of remark that’s reductive towards someone he was involved with and who’s obviously moved on successfully? It’s gratuitous and cheap of him.

  15. MoxyLady007 says:

    I was ready to hate him for this but the quotes really aren’t that bad. He says she was chasing marriage more than he was, which is sort of fair. And he talks about how happy she is. And how great.
    He is a total douche but this isn’t a truly hate on him moment for me.

  16. ernie says:

    This guy must be exhausting to be around.

  17. mln76 says:

    I can’t stand Shia but I think what he said wasn’t all that bad he says she’s happier now then he would have been with her…..I’d rather hear him dish a bit about Carey then hear about him planning to f%$^k on film EEEEWWWW.

  18. Theuth says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t read this piece as a “douche” thing: he comes from a difficult house/childhood, and I think that even if they were really in love (as he hints), it is still a big crash between two different lifes.
    Carey probably is ready to settle down, he isn’t; they have different view of marriage and family.
    He’s an ass, but this time he’s been honest and definitely not an idiot.

  19. lem says:

    I don’t think what he said was douchey at all. He gushed about her the entire time, but simply stated they were at different points in their lives and they were never going to make each other completely happy. They both seem to achieved said happiness post-split. I get the hate for him generally (although I don’t see the big deal about his antics), but not for this statement.

  20. Lizzy says:

    LOL 9 out of 10 comments contain the word “douche”, he really should look into that.

    TBH, part of his problem is the way he words things. “She was chasing marriage” makes Carey sound like a desperate woman who will marry the first moron she can trick into proposing. If he’d simply said “We were in different places, she was ready for marriage and kids, and I wasn’t”, none of this would be a big deal. But, since he’s a douche, he says stuff in a douchy way.


    • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

      That’s what I’m saying….it’s all in the wrapping.
      Some ppl here seem to think the guy is prince charming because he called her intelligent etc um…he also said she was chasing marriage like she was desperate for a proposal from him and quickly moved on and got hitched with the first guy who asked.
      Sorry, but my standards are higher than that. And any guy who talks about his exes is a douche.
      He could have kindly declined, but he had to go there.
      It’s easy to say “I don’t want to talk about it”. That would be the classy thing to do.

      • Erinn says:

        So Fudge, since you have no problem judging others, what are your exes like? Would they not dare say ANYTHING about you if asked? Would they decline comment?

        Nobody said he was prince charming. People are just saying it’s nice to hear something positive about an ex. You can’t expect to censor everyone you’ve had a relationship with that has ended. If they’re saying nice things, good!

        But your standards are incredibly high, as you have noted, so I suppose you’ve only had relationships with people that are perfect.

        To say that people have low standards to find him calling her an amazing human being, and intelligent has some seriously weird logic to it, don’t you think?

        If he had declined comment people would have just as quickly turned it to him being bitter as well.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree – “chasing marriage” makes her sound desparate and this Mumford guy sound like a consolation prize. Clearly Shia wasn’t mature enough for her. She was ready for something more and he wasn’t. Diplomatic statements are not his strong point. He sounds whiney when he refers to an ex this way. “She was chasing marriage. I didn’t do anything wrong. The break up wasn’t my fault. There’s nothing wrong with me”. Blah, blah, blah.

      • LAK says:

        HOnestly, isn’t it a case of he generally says things we find offensive, so the one time he says something complimentary it is automatically assumed that he has said something offensive again. There is nothing wrong with saying she was chasing marriage. I don’t see that as her being desparate. That is what she wanted out of the relationship, he didn’t. There are people like that. who want marriage, kids and to settle down immediately rather than spend years dating or being serial monogamist. It’s funny that the unattached single girl used to be an insult and now being the marrying kind is seen as desperate and insulting.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @LAK-I honestly don’t know what he could have said to make everyone happy.

        Yeah he could have said nothing-but I think that would have seemed more douche-y than using the opportunity to compliment her. *shrugs*

        Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the people who are pissed off about what he said would be pissed off no matter WHAT he said ya know? Again, I think people just love to hate this kid.

  21. EmmaStoneWannabe says: if you marry more than once you dont have ethics? Damn..he needs to not comment on relationships or marriage anymore

    • atlantapug says:

      Good catch!

      Not to defend him, because he’s slimy, but I think he meant that he “respects” marriage too much to rush into it. He wants to make sure his wife is “the one”.
      That’s how I read it.

      But he’s still LaDouche!

    • Brown says:

      I think maybe he was trying to get at the fact that since he was raised in a split home, he doesn’t want that for himself. There is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of people today (and ESPECIALLY plenty in Hollywood) that take marriage and, subsequently, divorce much more lightly than they should. He just meant that when he does marry, he wants it to be forever, and that is an important value to him. Probably wasn’t trying to imply that if you married more than once, you have no ethics, considering that could be applied to his own parents.

      • LAK says:

        That was my interpretation too.

        growing up in a split home is no picnic even if your parents are fabulous. It makes a person either desperate to settle down to craete the perfect family that will never divorce or gun shy because the pain of it is still very raw.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        No, I completely agree with you. I understand it’s not smart to rush into marriage and to have complete respect for it. I agree with that stance. I just think it was worded poorly to say married only once = having ethics. Thats all.

    • jaye says:

      C’mon…you know he didn’t mean it like that. He was speaking as someone who watched his parents get divorced and he wants to carefully consider marriage before entering into it because he wants his marriage to be forever. Don’t most people go into marriage thinking the same thing? I think some of you ladies are just picking apart his comments looking for things to hate him for. And really, he’s provided so much ammunition what with the nude video and the real sex on camera and the “method” drug use, you really don’t have to reach for his more douchey moments.

  22. normades says:

    She was too good for him. The only time I liked him was when he was with her…now I’ve gone back to not liking him.

  23. Amylu says:

    This is hardly worth holding against him. He said nothing but lovely things about her, and it’s highly probable that he was asked about her and their relationship. Sure, he could’ve said, “No comment.” But in responding, he remained respectful and (most likely) truthful.

  24. Liberty says:

    This part is the gold nugget to me:

    …. plans to marry himself one day….

    Extracted for fun, But, yeah, sounds about right.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Ha ha! That IS pretty funny though :)

    • Hotpockets says:

      Hey Liberty, I was going to post the same thing, you copy cat! I was confused by the wording, he plans to marry himself one day, like pull a Dennis Rodman? What? He really is full of it.

      I had to re-read that sentence a couple times, until I realized that he, too, would like to marry one day.

      I don’t like Shia, not based off of this interview, but all of his interviews, he doesn’t come across well. Some people like his honesty, but I feel like if this were a female actress, cough* megan fox*cough* Katheryn Hiegel* cough* He would have no supporters.

  25. francesca1 says:

    Never paid too much attention to her, but watched “Never Let Me Go” last week and it was haunting.

  26. ladybert62 says:

    What does any woman see in him? It is beyond my understanding.

    • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

      I have no idea.
      He looks like a wet rat to me.

    • sunshine says:

      I’m guessing it’s his money because it’s certainly not his face, his sparkling personality or his hygiene (if the blind items are to be believed). I personally find him vile and completely undeserving of ANY of his success. How did he get to be in an Indiana Jones movie, FFS? Or be the lead in the Transformers movie, or anything else, for that matter?

      Ugh…I probably know the answer, actually and now I feel sick :(

      • Marianne says:

        I used to think he was really cute. Back around 2007/2008 when he came off the success of Transformers, Disturbia, Indiana Jones etc. And I do think he’s really talented. However, he has grown douche-y, and he looks like a dirty hobo most of the time.

        Kind of like James Franco (not that he looks like a dirty hobo) but he’s gone really douchey. You just want to tell them…shut up and make some movies.

      • Minty says:

        Shia did say some gracious things about Carey, but he is consistently charmless with a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease.

        His career blew up because Steven Spielberg opened doors for him, as he did for Gwyneth Paltrow. I remember seeing Spielberg say on some interview (during the Indiana Jones sequel) that Shia reminded him of himself when he was a young man. Umm, okaayyy then.

        Maybe Shia kept most of his douchiness hidden at that time, so Spielberg was fooled. Or maybe Spielberg doesn’t care as long as you do your job. Who knows? LaDouche isn’t a terrible actor, but his personality sure is annoying.

      • flan says:

        I’d rather say: Shut up and don’t make some movies ;)

        He sees like such a spoiled brat that I avoid his movies, no matter how great they might become. Wish other actors would get the chance.

  27. pinchofsalt says:

    So relieved she didn’t marry him.

  28. Van says:

    She’s too good for his alcoholic, addict, abusive ass. Making it sound like HE broke up with her because she wanted to get married? Nobody, unless she hated herself, would ever choise a life with “man” like that. I bet everything she sees him as one of her biggest mistakes. I doubt she wanted marriage with him.

    Plus, must be sad to see her married and happy while you’re still an emotional wreck, getting worse every year, making an ass of yourself on movir sets because you’re ~method.

  29. Dani says:

    The only part that shocks me about this story is that his girlfriend is a fashion designer? Karolyn who?

  30. Talie says:

    He’s full of crap…I remember reading on Lainey that he did not take that breakup well at all.

  31. Puffy Schmuffy says:

    I don’t like Shia’s penchant to kiss and tell on his relationships (see Megan Fox), its crazy tacky but then I don’t see what was wrong with his remarks here.
    I did not interpret it as him saying she settled for Marcus but an honesty that he was not mature enough to give her what she wanted/needed. People in a relationship with different views emotionally or otherwise are best to cut their losses rather than prolong it or railroad into a disaster.
    That’s how I read the remarks.

  32. Mira says:

    Why so much hate for Shia? He’s a revelation with his no-filter mouth and he really hasn’t said anything that’s supremely offending. Even his real-sex act with LVT wasn’t offending. Some of us may agree with it, some may not but there’s nothing more to it. How is he being a douche when he puts it across more clearly than most fake celebrities that his r/s with Carey did not work because of they had different objectives/lifestyles? Shia hate, KStew hate…why so much hate?

    • heylee says:

      I do not have hate for Shia. I used to really like him as an actor and as a guy that didn’t really subscribe to H-Wood BS. But any guy that uses the expression “chasing marriage” in reference to his ex-girlfriend is immediately going to be on my d-bag list and pushed to the sidelines. My d-bag list does not get my energy, it gets my attention from time to time, but there is no hate being actively sent towards guys on the list. In general my ire is fired up by the fact that guys make these types of comments all the time, it is sad. I don’t know what happened in their relationship and I don’t need to because in no context is “chasing marriage” a compliment or a positive portrayal of his ex-girlfriend. He knows what he was doing and who he was talking to, please, he knows very well.

      • Mira says:

        @heylee – Now we are really arguing about semantics here. I didn’t read into “chasing marriage” as anything – positive or negative. I interpreted it for what it is – she wanted marriage and he didn’t, so they decided to call it off. Fair enough. It’s a bit too much to accuse him of being a douche because of our subjective interpretations. What we are really doing is quibbling over semantics. From what I understand of him reading his interviews is that he suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Nothing calculative.

  33. Lady_Luck says:

    Ok, he’s just being honest. He’s an honest douche. lol

    Off topic: LOVE carey’s dark blue dress with the bow. Soo my style.

  34. Marianne says:

    Actually it wasn’t all that bad what was said. He wasn’t putting her down or saying what a crap girlfriend she was. He pretty much said that they broke up because a)They were at different stages in their relationship and b)The long distance was hard. I kind of feel like thats why Katy and Russell broke up.

    As for talking about Carey in the first place? Most likely someone brought it up. It’s like Michelle Williams talking about Heath Ledger. Its not like she opens her mouth and its the first thing that comes out. Reporters want to know because it sells magazines.

  35. Ella says:

    I’d really like to know what it means to be “hard on [your] surroundings.”

  36. erica says:

    I’m sure he was asked about the break-up, and didn’t just randomly bring it up himself. Interviewers pull that crap all the time, and then all we hear are the headlines of what the celebrity said about what they were asked about. It wasn’t just something he just decided to talk about on his own, get a clue people. And he said nice things about her!

    • Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

      Look, he could have easily said “I don’t want to talk about it, it’s private”. No one forced him to answer the question.
      The decent thing to do would have been to decline to comment.
      The douchey thing was him talking about it and not keeping it private, he knew that it would make headlines and people all over the world would read about it.
      Even if he said some nice things about her, there was still some things that could be taken as not so nice…
      That’s all I will say about that!
      I personally wouldn’t want someone to air something so private to the public, but that’s just me.

  37. Onyx XV says:

    Sounds like a reporter asked him a question, and he answered it. Barely ranks above a non-story, IMO.

  38. mila says:

    What a Douche. He could have just said> i don’t want to answer that question or no comment. Big mouth Douche.

  39. Francesca says:

    He’s douche-y and she married better than him; now he is bitter and has to comment. Blech

  40. Linda says:

    I am happy for her.Shia LaBeouf is a douche!!!!

  41. Jayna says:

    Timing is everything, Most men aren’t the greatest husbands at 26. They would have just been another statistic if they married so young.

  42. Str8Shooter says:

    Someone needs to kick the shit out of this kid and shut his stupid mouth once and for all. Between bragging about sleeping with Megan Fox and now this, he is nothing but a POS in my book.

    Can’t WAIT til the inevitable day he ends up slumming it next to Leif Garrett on Celebrity Rehab!

  43. Nina says:

    “I’m only doing marriage once. It’s not a game for me… I have ethics.” WTF??? I understand why kids who come from divorce try to avoid it, but you just never know what happens between two people. And, dude, it’s usually not an ‘ethical’ problem…

  44. LucyOriginal says:

    I agree with those who said he meant that he was not ready and she was ready. Therefore, he was not “good” enough for her.They were in different moments in their lives and if he had married her, they would probably be divorced and he doesn’t want this to happen since he comes from a family of divorced parents. He did not choose his words well, but I don’t think he was so douchey in this interview.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    So he said they had “sensibility differences that were not conductive” to them living together?? What the hell does that mean? Is that just a prentious way for him to say he’s an a**hole to be around and she was too sensible to put up with it? What a pompous comment from him. He, K-Stew and James Franco should get together and talk about how special they are and how that is why no one “gets” them!

  46. Ranunculus says:

    I am a big fan of Carey, and I very much look forward to her next collabo with Nic Refn! She was amazing in Shame, Never Let Me Go and Drive. Shia is a meh talent to me always way too self-aware when he is acting. I wish Carey all the best although I think her husband makes some really shitty music.

  47. Mouse says:

    I love Carey! I’m glad she didn’t end up with this guy, she’s always seemed well adjusted and he doesn’t.

  48. Kosmos says:

    That was in very bad form for him to say what he said about Mulligan chasing marriage…scheesh, what a jerk to reveal even if true. I was kind of surprised to see her chasing him anyway because I don’t consider him relationship material, at least not now.

  49. mln89 says:

    carey mulligan is just yuck to me any wa, shape, or form. and i think shia was fairly succinct and pretty nice in describing the reasons behind their breakup. a cultural clash and one person wanting to make a permanant commitment while the other doesn’t? what is so terrible and insulting about stating these facts? and what part of saying that she was sweet, intelligent, and that he was happy for her was offensive? come on!

  50. Bogz says:

    I think you’re reading to far into his comments. He was asked and he answered honestly. The media always wants to know about these celebrity relationships and when someone opens up and is honest you guys act like it’s inapropriate!What do you want?!

  51. Stacia says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to settle down and marrying. He makes it seem like she was desperate. Thats what she wanted and kudos for her for leaving the relationship and finding someone on the same page as her.

  52. ezra says:

    If this is true, then Carey should get down on her knees and thank her lucky stars that she dodged this douche bullet.