Kristen Stewart on Sparkles: ‘We’re going to be fine… We’re totally fine’

Last week felt super-Twihardy, right? I guess it was because we had lots of new photos of Kristen Stewart, plus Kristen and Robert Pattinson were very busy doing things thousands of miles apart. Kristen was in Toronto last week to promote On the Road, and these are some photos of Kristen at the Toronto airport on Sunday, leaving for…? Unknown. I don’t really get her “casual” styling these days. This outfit is pretty gross from top to bottom – dirty Chucks (gross), ill-fitting pants (those are hideous), a white tank over a black bra (maybe she’s airing out her pits of seduction) and Robert Pattinson’s stupid baseball hat which she keeps wearing. WTF is up with her? FameFlynet even notes:

“Actress Kristen Stewart in a grumpy mood as she catches a flight out for Toronto after attending the 2012 Toronto Film … Kristen told her bodyguard, ‘Don’t F–king Touch Me Dude’ when he tried to help her through the crowd. Kristen who is still in denial after her break up with Robert Pattinson is seen wearing his sweaty Baltimore Orioles hat at the airport.”

[Via FameFlynet]

YIKES. Harsh. Meanwhile, Kristen did the press conference for On the Road, and some of the journalists managed to slip in some “How are you doing with everything that’s been going on?” questions in there.

She has not spoken about her personal or professional relationship with estranged boyfriend Robert Pattinson since she was photographed cheating on him with married director Rupert Sanders. But Kristen Stewart alluded to her one-time Twilight beau at a press conference for the first time today since the scandal broke six weeks ago.

‘We’re going to be fine,’ Kristen said when asked about the potentially awkward public appearances the twosome will have to make in November while promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. ‘We’re totally fine,’ she added, as an afterthought.

Kristen said at the press conference that she never considered skipping the festival. ‘We have been waiting for this thing to be unleashed for so long. It was sort of one of those situations where you just have to put yourself in your body and go appreciate the moment.’

She admitted however, that she had been nervous about attending the premiere, but had been blown away by the response from the waiting fans.

‘I was a little nervous, obviously. I’m always nervous before a red carpet,’ said Kristen. ‘To be honest, I was just kind of telling myself, like, just don’t black out. Be there, don’t just figuratively put your head down and barrel though it. Be there, appreciate it. Luckily, very, very much I was able to do that. You expect a lot of people at a Twilight premiere, but showing up at an On the Road Toronto film festival screening and seeing that amount of people is absolutely, disarmingly amazing. It felt pretty cool.’

Kristen stars as Marylou, the first wife of Beat Generation free spirit Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), who joins him and narrator Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) on some of their crazed cross-country adventures in the adaptation of Jack Keroac’s book.

‘Marylou and Dean are the type of people that I was inspired by. Initially, at 15 reading the book, going, “God, these are the sort of people I’ve got to find. The mad ones,”‘ said Kristen. ‘And I am so not one of them, but maybe I could be…

‘The great thing about On the Road is that it really can crack open your shell, and I definitely realised things about myself that I didn’t realise before. That I can let my face hang out and not be too aware of it, and stop questioning myself and not be afraid of strangers, and stop being judgmental.’

[From The Mail]

We could parse “We’re going to be fine…We’re totally fine,” for a long, long time. Part of me thinks that she was just trying to say something noncommittal about the situation, but part of me thought, “Oh, poor delusional K-Stew.” Of course, I did have a moment of “Maybe she and Robert Pattinson really are fine, in a sense, because they’re still talking and she believes they’ll get back together.” One way or the other, I’m now really looking forward to the Breaking Dawn publicity tour. It’s going to be the most epic awkwardness ever.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Belly says:

    Oooh, is he going to take her back?
    I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.
    I can’t wait to see what happens, the Twihards are going to be beside themselves!!

    • T.C. says:

      Sparkles has a couple interviews saying he hates cheaters. He already moved out of the house they were sharing together. Don’t think he will ever take her back. He has better options. Think she meant they will be fine doing press together for Twilight Breaking Dawn part 500.

      • honeybee says:

        I agree. He isn’t taking her back. He has always been pretty vehement about cheating. He is a smart guy and I believe that he will be able to move on without her. His projects are all lined up for next year and most of them are being shot outside US. With more time spent apart it will be that much easier for him to extricate himself from whatever is left over emotionally between them.

      • Brown says:

        Lainey is reporting that they were told at TIFF that Robsten is indeed unbroken. He has apparently taken her back and they are keeping it quiet because of the potential backlash to his career.

        Gotta admit, I am surprised. And a little disappointed. The whole once a cheater always a cheater, yada yada. Oh well, hopefully this time around she will appreciate what she’s got: gorgeous, rich, famous, self-depricating, and apparently doesn’t mind that she has a really inexplicable aversion to soap.

      • ORLY says:

        Brown – Don’t be surprised. He’ll likely take her back (if he hasn’t already) then realise a few months into things that he can’t trust her, then he’ll run for the hills. Maybe.

      • Brown says:

        @ORLY… I know the pattern well. When I was cheated on (by someone I was absolutely in love with) he begged and begged to be forgiven afterward. The pain was so terrible that I tried to take him back and forgive him just to get that pain to stop, or at least ease up. When I realized it wasn’t going away, I found the courage to kick him to the curb for good.

        Hopefully that’s what will happen here. I hate to see anyone take back a cheater, especially someone who by all accounts is a really incredible person but has very low self-esteem. I do not believe she has low self-esteem, but I do believe that Rob has serious confidence issues. I think she used that to her advantage through their relationship (which always looked like a very lopsided situation as far as the power-dynamic was concerned.) I think she’s probably still using it to her advantage. I know for him, taking her back is the easy thing, but unfortunately it’s usually the hardest thing and the right thing that are the same thing.

    • Jenni says:

      I think the quote, in response to that question, was just her saying that things will be fine with the promotions and that they will be professional. The question wasn’t about if they are getting back together. It is sad that she keeps wearing his stuff. She shouldn’t be so rude to her bodyguard.

    • Rice says:

      This whole thing reminds me of Kissing a Fool by George Michael.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with Brown. I also know what it’s like to get back together with the person who broke your heart. It’s a bittersweet roller coaster ride and it takes a strong person to get through it.

      I had a feeling he would take her back because he seems so lost without her. She really is his world. I hope she matures enough to appreciate what she has but she is young and this is only her second relationship (well, beside Rupert) so somewhere down the road she might get that itch again. I hope not for Rob’s sake. He seems like a wonderful human being – kind, funny, compassionate, humble. I wish them both well.

      Side note: it would be interesting to know what his mom and sisters think. Rob might forgive her but they never will.

  2. Jade says:

    This poor thing needs a shower STAT!

    • Jessie says:

      Yes, she looks like she stinks.

    • LadyJane says:

      It looks like she is wearing all of Rob’s clothes. Those are totally his trousers.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      And a strapless bra; I’ve never gotten her appeal

      • Really? says:

        For me, that’s what makes her appealing, that she’s not just gulped down and digested by any and all of the star gazers and gossip mongers (myself included.) She’s not fast food famous, she’s an acquired taste. I like her, because unlike, say, Lady Gaga, her quirkiness comes across as natural, whereas Gaga is just a walking fabrication of neuroses and megalomania. Lady Gaga is like “look at me! Look at me!” And Kristen is like “look away, look away…” And i find myself doing the opposite with both of them.

        Keep it up Kristen, and don’t be so hard on yourself, maybe there’s a reason you strayed from Sparkles, it usually takes two to muck up a relationship. Also, a relationship is as strong as what it takes to break it.

        Can’t help it. I like her. Sue me.

      • torino says:

        @Really you stans are really something blaming the victims.

      • Janet says:

        @Really: To each his/her own, I suppose. I can’t stomach an unwashed, uncombed, unkempt, foul-mouthed skank with bad manners and a lousy attitude. And that tank top she’s wearing must smell like the inside of a garbage truck.

        Maybe to you this is edgy or refreshing or cool or whatever; to me, it’s emblematic of someone with no self-respect and no consideration for anyone around her.

      • Emma says:

        I’m still surprised people don’t realize how fake she is and that her unaffected persona is completely affected. Her entire life is putting on a show of being different and real but she’s actually just selling herself to awkward teens who want to see rebellion. It’s a fake image. She’s selling this persona.

      • Anname says:

        To Really – I agree with you that having her own personal style is great, but sometimes she crosses over into inappropriate. Showing that much bra in an airport is a bit ridiculous to me.

        And if there was some reason that Kristen wanted to stray, she should have done the decent thing and talked to Rob about it. The fault is in the cheating, not in her dissatisfaction (or whatever she was feeling).

      • honeybee says:

        To Really? – If she were dissatisfied with her relationship with Rob, why the Vogue confession of “Ooooh,I love my BF and how he smells! I want to have his babies…. Oooooh!!” Ridiculous. Thats what she is. Including her fake apology, thats twice she has confessed her love for Rob publicly and in the process embarrassing him. Yeah she wanted Rob as her BF alright all the while wanting her biscuit munched by a grossed out third rate director for kicks. She has no qualms about lying, cheating, manipulating her fans into thinking differently about her.
        How wonderful for her that her fans are willing to look the other way or blame others so that they can live in denial that their idol has a moral compass missing.

  3. pop! says:

    looks like he has taken her back!

  4. Beth says:

    She does look like she’s lost a little weight. I’ve heard people saying that, I guess it’s true.

    I hope they don’t get back together, but if he’s going to end up with another idiot like Katie Perry, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    I liked the site’s prediction of Rob and Jennifer Lawrence. That would be cute.

  5. Rory says:

    Can someone tell me why, if this relationship was a publicity stunt (as some are saying), Pattinson hasn’t issued a statement along the lines of, “While Rob appreciates the support and concern his fans have shown for him in the recent situation he would prefer that this be treated as a private matter. He would be grateful if people would stop hounding and insulting Ms. Stewart.” If he wasn’t hurt by what she did, why not help her out and see if he could alleviate some of her suffering? Of course if the relationship was real I can see why he wouldn’t do this. Also if the relationship is real and he’s taking her back a statement like this could help to stem the flow of hate she’s getting.

    • Anname says:

      Rob has never made statements about his personal life. He has been very consistent about this, for the past 4 years.

      • Rory says:

        Yes, but if she’s just a friend who didn’t hurt him wouldn’t he want to help her out? And if they are getting back together wouldn’t he want people to stop trashing the woman he loves? I’m not saying he has to do anything, I just think that if you care for someone you naturally want to protect them.

      • Anname says:

        Rory – she has always been faced with some hate simply for being his girlfriend, it’s just louder now that she actually did something to deserve the derision. Any statement he would make would simply add fuel to the gossip-fire. It has nothing to do with “protecting” her – from what? Nasty comments? She has to face up to those on her own. Nothing he could say would stop those.

        Whether or not they get back together or break up, don’t expect any statements from him. Rob has been very clear that he doesn’t sell his personal life. (Which is one of the reasons why this PR relationship theory is so ridiculous).

    • Emma says:

      Because Rob has never issued any statement about anything to do with his private life. He hardly issues statement about things to do with his career. I can’t see anything making him issue a statement about something to do with his private life. Dude is obsessively private.

      • Rory says:

        Emma, I just think that if the Twihards are right, and it’s true love, he would put her safety and well being before his privacy. Ditto if they were only friends because in that case some of what she’s being put through is undeserved. As for his privacy, isn’t it a moot point at this stage?

      • Emma says:

        Just because Kristen insists on airing his dirty laundry in public doesn’t mean he has to change his values and morals and stances. He’s private and it’s going to remain that way despite whatever is happening around him.

        As for if he loved her – well she was caught servicing an old married director on the side of the road. That’s enough to kill love for a certain period of time, if not forever. I think he ended the relationship and feels no responsibility for her at the moment. She’s not his wife. She’s his ex-girlfriend. She has a try hard PR team. They can solve her issues.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Well, his position is kind of particular in this situation. Maybe he did have some inital thought of helping Kristen out a bit and put out some “I do not care about the cheating” statement, but consider that pretty much every single person who is conseling these two right now has the bigger picture in mind.
      Whether the “cheating” was PR too or not, at this point they need to manage it to their advantage, which means:
      a- the Twi-producers want big attention and huge media turn out for the last installment (milk it to the very end);
      b- Kristen at this point wants to be seen as a potentially sexy, grown up, dangerous, controversial young actress capable of portraying “dark” characters and delivering drama;
      c- Rob needs to NOT come out of this as the kind who would eagerly do a fake PR couple move. People already question his sexuality, so he needs to be careful on every front.

      There are probably many, many more variables in there, but these are the main ones, for me.
      So, it goes against Rob’s best interest to appear too forgiving, right now.
      This is sooo friggin’ interesting to me on a pubblicity and media point of view. And it’s damn entarteining, too! :D

    • Ann says:

      Rory, I think you answered your own questions. He didn’t “defend” her because a) the relationship wasn’t a publicity stunt and b) he was hurt by what she did.

      I honestly don’t understand the people who seem to want him to defend her. I’ve never in my life heard people say the victim of cheating should defend the cheater. Why on earth would you?

      She was wrong. She hurt him. She can defend herself for her own actions.

      • serena says:

        I agree. Seems like playing the poor victim payed her off.

        It makes me angry reading of people defending her, cheating is cheating there is no excuse for it. You have to own it and face the consequences, that’s it.

      • gg says:

        Because a true gentleman would throw her a bone to stave off the blood hungry preteens that want to rip her apart out of jealousy. But maybe he’s still too hurt and doesn’t care what happens to her, which doesn’t look very good on him.

      • Mary says:

        Damn if he does and damn if he doesn’t. This is a chapter in his life that he desperately wants to move away from , why look back. For me, what he has to say is only relevant to Kristen, privately. Why would he say something? For the enjoyment of all of us?

      • Rory says:

        @Ann, I never said I thought he should defend her if he was really hurt by what happened. I asked if it was a PR relationship and he didn’t get hurt why doesn’t he help out his friend. I also said that if they get back together it would seem like a good idea for him to defend her if she really is the woman he loves. Please read my posts before responding to them in the future.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I have a feeling they had some sort of arrangement to maybe had someone on the side from time to time. The only problem is that she got caught very publicly and Rob had to distance himself from her for PR sake. Also, I think she lied to Rob about times when she was seeing Rupert — and that’s why he hasn’t totally forgiven her yet.

  7. Bellabumbum says:

    Treat the body guard like dirt then expect him to keep loonies away from you? Nice plan K-Stew. Well played, GF.

  8. Sway says:

    I’ve never seen someone SO OFTEN go out in public with such a greasy hair. Just… oily. Gross.

  9. WTF says:

    She was asked about the promo for BD2 and how the cast will handle it not about her and Pattinson but her fans and the media love to spin it the other way.

    She looks disgusting.

  10. Eve says:

    I interpreted that as there’s no feud and they will try to mantain an amicable relationship, not that they’ll (eventually) get back together.

  11. ciel says:

    WTF is with her hair! i don’t understand people who say her hair is great, they must have never seen healthy natural hair. That hat is so dirty omg. she’s dressing no better than miley cyrus rn. I’m tired of her attitude. please somebody, make her disappear.

  12. Camille says:

    She is a cheap whore. She deserves everything she gets.

  13. Bellabumbum says:

    Her armpits have to be the most inhospitable place on Earth…sorry Rob P fans, it’s really too bad he’s a pit licker.

  14. Rachel says:

    As a Baltimoron, er, Baltimorian, I wish she’d stop cursing the Orioles by wearing that hat. The O’s are finally showing signs of life after 3 decades of playing like bored high schoolers. Don’t jinx it with your greasy hair, K-Stew!

  15. samira25 says:

    The “we’re fine” statement was referring to publicity appearances not their personal lives. I think they are broken up. Unless Robert gave her those clothes I feel like she’s rubbing his face in it. She was also wearing his clothes during the affair so I don’t know why people act like it’s a signal that Kristen still loves him.

  16. emmieapricot says:

    She always seems miserable, has a crappy attitude and often comes across as a total brat. And I don’t think that is just her public persona — so what did Rob see in her? He seems like such a nice guy.

  17. ORLY says:

    Well, what else was she going to say? Go else could she have answered that question? Of course she’ll say they’re going to be fine during the breaking dawn promos. It’s not like she can say it’s going to be difficult and awkward.

  18. Maritza says:

    Eww, not only her hair looks dirty her cap has sweat stains all over.

  19. Blupp says:

    on the other hand, what else should she have said?

    i guess people see it as a statement that they are fine because they want robert to dump her.
    but if you take this statement in the context of PR speech its the opposite. how often have you read “our marriage is fine, we are madly in love” a week later: “after long thought we decided to end our marriage bla bla….”

  20. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    She shouted at her bodyguard? Umm… I think one should better not be so rude to their bodyguards.
    The cap! Umm… I wanna confess something. After seeing so many pics of them wearing that baseball cap, I am getting tempted to buy one for myself. *sheepish smile* But then I drop the idea thinking why should I buy a cap, I better wait for my boyfriend. I want his T shirt and cap!

    • ORLY says:

      Yeah, I’m sure she’ll read this message from you.

    • Shitler says:

      I am in no way, shape or form a twihard or robsten or other such nonsense. In fact I think she’s a very flat & one dimensional actress. However the public humiliation & never ending insults hurled @ this girl to me is just hindus. So your attempt at an insult fell very short. You ORLY on the other hand are pathetic & sad. I suggest you get a new, healthier hobby. Hating on a girl barely outta her teens is definately nothing to be proud of. Bitterness is seriously aging. Focus & your own life so you can stop being so useless. Hag

      • yolo says:

        ..uumm, but aren’t you doing the same thing by name calling?? Practice what you preach. We are on Celebitchy to bitch about celebs…right? Why are you so personally offended???

      • ORLY says:

        Awww- No, I refuse. I will not have a life, I say. And you can’t make me!
        I prefer to make fun of Kristen’s life for an accumulation of 30 minutes a day than actually living my own life. What do you think about that? Huh? HA!!!
        Are you sure you’re not one of those labels? You sure are passionate about foolishness.

        Simmer down, Shitler. All that anger is seriously aging. You should focus on your own life instead of worry about my comments. Hag.
        See how that works?

        Oh, and, thanks for proving my point. Such FUN.

        For future reference, if you’d life to call me an insulting name, I suggest heifer. That would be more apropos for someone my age. HAHAHA

      • Rice says:

        Um, Shitler, calm down just a smidge. It’s all in good fun. Just the other day ORLY told me to “calm my tits” because I was ranting about something. Don’t let these celebrities and their shenanigans take over your life.

        To ORLY, I warned you about the wrath thing. LOL!

      • ORLY says:

        You DID warn me, but did I listen Noooooo.

        HAHA – Rice, I told you to calm your tits, didn’t? I’d forgotten about that. I *heart* you.
        It’s hard for some people to acclimatize to Celebitchy, especially if they’re overly sensitive or take all this shit like it’s the most important thing in their day. I don’t know why they put themselves through that.

        I’m here for the fun (and my multiple typos today) and when I stop laughing at all this, I will take a break. It is what it is.

  21. serena says:


    LOL the cap is dirty, I bet she doesn’t want to wash it because Rob wore it the last time? LOLOLOL She’s really, using her beloved word fuc-ing, hilarious. I’m almost pity her, but no she’s an idiot.

  22. Anname says:

    Are those men’s pants with the waist rolled over?

    I hate the bra showing so much, it’s super trashy. What is she thinking – I do not get it.

  23. The Original Mia says:

    Potty mouth. Don’t be mad at the bodyguard for doing his job. Be mad at yourself for screwing your director. Miserable twat.

  24. Geekychic says:

    This is becoming pretty tired, Kaiser. It’s all over The blogs, but just about everyone is pointing out that The question was: how is breaking Down promotion going to be? It was work-related answer, and That’s easy to check. I don’t find anything particularly offensive in her clothing-she’s in an airport, traveling. I’d dress hundred times Worse If I ‘d feel more comfortable.

    • ORLY says:

      I’m sure she’ll be super comfortable in first class no matter what she wears.

      • geekychick says:

        oh, Orly, I don’t care which class I travel (and I traveled first class EU-USA and economic class EU-USA-8 hours)- and I always dress super-comfy, because all the traveling, check-in, be on time makes me uncomfortable and grumpy. Who cares about style when on a flight? Except Victoria Beckham? :)
        Besides, I can’t hate on her looks when 90% 20-somethings in my country dress the same.

      • ORLY says:

        I don’t have a problem with Kristen dressing comfortably for a flight. I have no issues with sweats/sneakers/tank/tshirt whatever. This particular outfit is a bit gross, to me.
        I have travelled first and business class as well, but you can’t compare your or my travelling to Kristen’s or any other celeb’s, unless you have assistants handling your luggage, bodyguards clearing the way and such.

        The most Kristen has to do is show up, passport at the ready and (maybe) get in line to get through security.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ geekychick…

        You are from Croatia, correct? *sigh* What a beautiful country!

    • Geekychic says:

      Hey Gen! Yes, yes I am!:) it really is beautiful! I see you’re not a regular on these posts, I miss your comments! Have you grown tired of it or don’t Like the bashing atmosphere? I try to avoid Stewart posts these days-I don’t Like the tone. ;)

  25. Bellabumbum says:

    I’m irritated she hasn’t matured from this drama. Being a prick to the bodyguard does it for me. I’m going to boycott her. She is an insufferable person. I was willing to chock it up to youth, but she hasn’t learned anything from her time away from the press and public. “Don’t f@cking touch me.” This to a man paid to protect her and trying to lead her through throngs of press. The ingrate. I’m done with the little twit. She is a miserable miserable person who has not one gracious bone in her body.

  26. pretty says:

    “Don’t F_cking Touch Me Dude”
    Oohh. what a badass. I just wet myself.

  27. ToastedSkin says:

    i must admit i really like her pants, ill-fitting or not.
    she was clearly talking about the promotional tour though not ‘Robsten’.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    I’m sharing what I said on another site:

    I would not assume her wearing his gear and his gifts are signs of a reconciliation. In fact what she’s wearing looks too similiar to what she wore during the Mini-Cooper Makeout and the railing ride with Rupert. When she says they’re going to be “fine” I take it as they are going to keep things civil for Breaking Dawn 2 promos. I think they’re done but they will not be a break-up announcement before the premiere. The reason for keeping quiet is not for privacy but for economics. If they announce there’s a risk the Twi-hards would not be able to handle it and BD2′s box office would take a hit. Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner inked a deal where they get 1.25% each of the box office take for BD2 plus salary, the same deal for BD1. BD1′s box office domestic and foreign was over 705 million. By my calculations the trio got 8.8+ million each on top of the 12.5 million flat salary they got individually. For that kind of money I can see being quiet about the breakup. I can also see why Lautner is “disappointed” with Stewart as previously reported. Her antics could impact his income, and he has no part in this scandal. I think “furious” would be a more accurate description of his feelings towards her under the circumstances. Throw this in along with the rest of the cast having to avoid awkward questions on a situation they were not involved in and you can see Stewart’s “momentary indiscretion” has caused collateral damage.

    • Rory says:

      This is great. I was wondering how her cast mates felt about the potential hit to their wallets. If Summit loses out as well things could get rough for her jobs wise.

    • Rice says:

      Actually, I think this has done more good than harm to BD2. Hear me out. A lot of people were getting more and more sick about this series. People couldn’t wait for it to be over. Cut to this “affair”. Now people can’t wait to see what happens in November, whether they’ll show up together on the red carpet, how will the cast treat her and will there be heckling. I bet that the Summit people a rubbing their greedy little hands while laughing “mwahahahahaha!” KStew will no longer get “nice girl” roles, RPattz will get tougher roles and the others, if they play their cards right, might get an extra 15 minutes of fame because everyone wants to know what they think. Winning all around.

      • aquarius64 says:

        That could be a possibility; however some of these fans are so extreme you don’t know how they’re going to act at promos or the premieres. Remember Stewart has received death threats. It’s not going to be good for her career if someone God forbid acts on it. You saw what happened at Aurora, CO; no one expected that to happened. Summit better has security super tight for their events.

  29. Emma says:

    @serena.. thats nice but the ‘consequences’ are for the people involved, not the entire world to dish out. how would you feel if you cheated and you got verbally abused by strangers every day?

  30. Michele says:

    It was an annoying autograph hound who tweeted Kristen shouted at the bodyguard. He has a history of badmouthing her in the past on his twitter for not signing stuff for him and berating her terribly afterwards. Funny how the paps were following her throughout the airport yet not one pic of her supposedly shouting at the bodyguard. Sorry, I don’t buy this claim at all. With the paps hot on her trail, the money shot would have been her freaking out on the bodyguard…yet all we get is boring, nonreactive walking-through-the-airport shots.

    There was also a fake story saying that Kristen and James Franco were hanging out at TIFF. It went even further and said that an eyewitness caught Kristen flirting with James and following him to the “private” third floor at Soho House, etc. Well, the truth came out. Kristen and James never had any contact with eachother at TIFF. The whole story was a lie.

    I agree, it’s time she retire that hat. She once said that she has certain pieces of favorite clothing that she loves wearing. She feels comfortable in them and wearing them makes tense situations more bearable for her…almost like a security blanket. Maybe this hat has the same effect on her?

  31. Adeli says:

    Please, everybody’s freaking out about her statement like it’s some big deal. She was responding to a question about the Twilight promo tour in general, with the whole cast. The interviewer did not ask her specifically about Rob.

    • Ann says:

      When I read the original interview that line popped up in (we’re totally fine), I noticed at the time that the “answer” was posted but not the question. The author never stated what question he posed to Kristen. So she may well have just been asked how BD promo was going to go, would it be awkward, and gave a generic “we’re fine” answer. The problem is, every other site picked up the line and used it out of context. It’s really a nonstory, unless the original interviewer says (or produces video) that he asked specifically about Rob. Which he obviously did not.

  32. Honeychild says:

    You can tell one’s true character by how they treat “the help”. She’s an arrogant bitch.

  33. renata says:

    I can totally understand a guy looking at the sweat marks on her baseball cap and then going into la la land daydreaming about her tasty armpits. (ahem)

    The other day I mentioned in a post that she appears to have new bodyguards. For years she’s had one of the same two guys with her all the time — I would venture a guess there’s been threats of some sort following the cheating scandal (if I hear the word “indiscretion” attached to that one more time I’ll puke…), and she’s had to get some additional, new help. It’s not excusable talking to her staff like that, especially the people that are there to protect her, but in fairness I would imagine it’s difficult to get in sync with these guards given how hectic these events must be, and how close in proximity she needs to be with these oversized men. She’s quite petite, I imagine it must get to feel threatening at times.

    The ‘we’ll be fine’ thing??? Obviously morphed by PR into something the twihards can hold on to. It’s scary. Go by G-Cop and look at some of the posts by these delusional kids. They’re so unhinged with all of this crap, I want to drag them all to a therapist. Most of them are right away like, ‘see, I knew they would get back together’! I really wish someone would do a legit study about the delusional nature of twihard fandom. The ability of these fans to see whatever they want to see in these minor remarks is just not to be believed.

  34. Janet says:

    This was all over the fansites yesterday. The question referred to how the cast will deal with the promos, not about their relationship. Even the most crazed Twihards are no longer talking about him taking her back; now they are all blaming him for not being “man enough” to forgive her. He’s probably damn glad he’s out of that mess. As for her being such a bitch to her bodyguard, what else would you expect?

    • lindyuk says:

      Who in their right mind would take it back….I mean look at it…I am so sick and tired of this tiresome grubby little brat. Rob should be looking at her and thinking he’s had a bloody narrow escape. As for him not being ‘man enough’ for her what a joke. He’s been classy and discreet about the whole scandal and not bad-mouthing her in public which would have been understandable. I really hope he does not fall for her wiles again and goes on to find someone who appreciates him and loves him back. This idiot never knew she had it so good. I will be sorely disappointed in Robert if he does give her a second chance.

  35. Christina says:

    She is quite possibly one of the most overrated actresses out there. She looks like a homeless crackhead. It is one thing to dress comfortably, it is another thing to purposely dress like a filthy hobo slut to get attention. No one needs to see her training bra. She acts like she hates the public eye and the paps, but everything she does is contrived. She is a phony poser, pretending to be so jaded and hip. She is sickening.

    • bicoastal says:

      Yeah exactly. She hates public attention? Right. That’s why she’s been on the cover of +30 magazines in a year, signed up for a $200M budget summer blockbuster, signed up to be the face of a major fashion label, goes to be photographed at the Met Ball every year, employs an army of PR people… Haha. Actions speak louder than words and her actions say: This girl is full of shit.

  36. Madhubala says:

    She’s as pleasant as ever I see. What a brat. And what exactly does she have against showers?

  37. HME says:

    ‘we’re totally fine’ has become the new twihard robsten mantra, it hilarious. It was interesting to watch it unfold on tumblr over the weekend.

    Does anyone know about all this jewelery that is supposedly from Rob that the Robsteners are freaking out about her still wearing? ‘omg she’s wearing the ring, the necklace, the bracelet!!!! OMG Robsten is unbroken!!!’ is that stuff actually from Rob or are they just assuming ANY piece of jewelery she wears more than once MUST be a gift from him?

    • Ann says:

      It’s all speculation of course, but here goes:
      The gold ring and the necklace she’s been wearing are both assumed to be birthday gifts from Rob. She was first seen wearing the necklace not long after her birthday this year, and wears it most of the time you see her, even sometimes on a red carpet. The ring she’s been seen wearing since her birthday two years ago (she was photographed in Europe with Rob the time of her birthday). She never confirmed who gave them to her. An interviewer asked her about her rings not long ago, she gave the history on others and when pressed about the gold band said something to the effect of “everyone knows who it’s from”.

      Even if they are from Rob – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are – I don’t know why everyone is so excited that she is still wearing them. She wore them while minicoopering RS, too. I think she likes carrying on the charade the she and Rob are still together. My guess is that he’s done.

  38. Ailine says:

    I like chucks. And I like her tomboy style. It keeps her from being a red soles, spiked heeled, platform robot.

  39. KelBear says:

    I was just at an Orioles game. Maybe I should send the hat I got to Rob so he has a nice new one. Not one that she put her yucky hands on.

  40. Jenny says:

    I think every one has over-analyzed everything regarding Robsten (I hate these smashed up names). In my opinion Rob was a geeky guy who had never really had a girlfriend. He is gorgeous but if you’ve seen his earlier interviews you know that he was shy, nerdy and had absolutely no confidence in himself. Then he meets Kristen and she sees something in him that no one else has ever seen.

    As for Rob – he fell in love with her the minute he met her. Listen to his early interviews when he talks about how amazing she is and how he asked her to marry him the first month they worked together. They became a couple. He was way more invested in the relationship than she was. I think she liked the fact that she had the guy a million girls desired. I think he adored everything about her: her awkwardness, her humor, her “fierceness” (his words), her understanding of his world…..

    I think she became bored with him and took him for granted. When she hooked up with Sanders she was probably doing it for the thrill since she had just stated that her life was so boring and she couldn’t wait till someone f**ked her over. And no that was no a momentary thing. Please.

    This was no PR stunt. None of it. He is 110% in love with her. Adores her. Worships her. I’m sure right now he wishes he was with her. But because “those” photos have been seen by every freaking person in the universe and because his humiliation was so public any reconciliation is going to be difficult.

    To tell the truth I can see why he loves her. I have listened to some of her interviews and if you can get past the nervous ticks and the constant hair twirling she is interesting and funny. I also think she is beautiful despite looking a bit grungy on occasion.

    I feel for Rob – I know his heart is broken. Don’t know if he will ever get over her.

    As for Kristen – she needs to be single for a while and live that wild life she so desires. And she needs to stop hurting the people she claims to love.

    • Rice says:

      As a total neutral, I really appreciate your take. This explanation might be the most sensible, given that we personally do not know any of these people. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me whether they get back together or not. But I will say that I can’t wait for this Twilight thing to be over. Jeez, November can’t come fast enough.

      • geekychick says:

        I’m not totally neutral, but to me this seems like…the most probable version of events. That, or open relationship. But judging by her looks and the way this is all handled- I’ll go with your version. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, not for all the money in the world. But I can’t wait for all this to go away, it’s all just…sources, sources….secret messages with clothes, make-up, “she broke her middle finger-ahahahahaha, karma!” and so on…my high-school gossiping was more interesting and mature than the media stories in the last few weeks.

    • ORLY says:

      “In my opinion Rob was a geeky guy who had never really had a girlfriend”.
      Rob dated Nina Schubert for years before Twilight. There are pics of them all over the internet. Google is your friend.

      • Aria says:

        He has a type: ugly girls. He also dated Nikki Something…. the bleech vampire from Twilight.

      • geekychick says:

        I mean, most of the guys aged 20+ have had a girlfriend at some point, but I agree-he does strike me as the geeky, dorky guy. I’ll be the first to admit that his quirks and awkwardness is charming, but the first time I really thought about why his mannerisms ring a bell in my head-I figured it was because my dorkiest friend has the dame mannerisms!

      • lola says:

        nah, I don’t think he’s a dork. I think he’s a guy whose mastered the art of Hugh-Grantish charm that gets you laid a lot. You get a good looking guy like that who make fun of himself and voila—the guys gonna charm the pants off of ladies left and right. I don’t buy the dork persona for a minute.

      • MSL says:

        Yep, you’re right on the money on this one.

      • Jenny says:

        I have seen the photos of Rob and Nina. Check out the body language. He was into her about as much as I’m into Pee Wee Herman (no offense to Nina). I don’t know what kind of relationship they had but there wasn’t much passion there. Google can be your friend also. Look at those photos again. And listen to his early interviews (Ellen Show in particular) when he speaks about never having had a relationship.

      • ORLY says:

        Actually Jenny – I have seen his interviews and he has talked about having girlfriends and always getting dumped.
        There have been interviews with Nina after all the Robsten nonsense started and it’s clear Nina and Rob had been a couple.
        Since I’m not a body language expert, I won’t purport to read into their relationship based on a few pictures on the internet.
        Please link to the Ellen interview where he said he had NEVER had a girlfriend/relationship. I have seen his Ellen interviews (they’re some of his funniest) and recall no such thing.

  41. TXCinderella says:

    This chick wouldn’t know class if it bit her in the ass. She’s just gross.

  42. Reece says:

    All I’m saying is if I had a security firm I would not have my people working with this chick.

  43. stephanie says:

    i am starting to think the whole thing is a ruse to make the BD publicity tour the most epic thing ever.

  44. Francesca says:

    Can she not dress in rags?

  45. Grace says:

    Poor Kristen. She knows nothing about Taurus men. Once betrayed there can be no going back. Even if he takes her back today he will never trust her again.

  46. Andrea says:

    I honestly think they should get back together. Not because of the movies or whatnot, but they are still young and I do think cheating can be forgiven the FIRST time. After that though, he should kick her ass firmly to the curb.

  47. boredsuburbanhousewife says:

    If there even had been a realistic chance he would take her back, the recent Vogue pit-licker quote from KS killed it.

    In addition to the humiliation, he is now being ridiculed for this too and I’ll bet it REALLY BURNS cause I’m thinking HE KNOWS HE WASN’T THE PIT LICKER!!!

    Kaiser, Michael K, the Vogue interviewer and many other commenters have persuasively suggested KS was talking in code about Rupert. It was within weeks of the mini coopering which as fans will recall was a post-workout at the gym sweatathon.

    And if she had been as wildly infatuated with Rob as that comment would indicate, she would have been truly repelled by the touch of another man.

    No, she has now publicly burned and humiliated Rob two times over. Only issue is whether he or a “source” will find a way to suggest that KS was NOT talking about him in the interview, but he’s probably too much of a gentleman.

    • Rice says:

      Not that it will change the price of oil, but I think the arm pit licking, which I deliberately chose not to read, was an off-record, failed attempt at a joke. It’s just like when Sparkles said he was homeless and living under an arch or some such nonsense.

    • lola says:

      she would have been truly repelled by another man’s touch? Are you kidding? She’s college aged, it’s a time when you act like an idiot and do contradictory things like make out with some dork when you have a good man waiting for you at home.

      I don’t buy she was talking about Rupert either. The vogue interviewer of course has to link her old material to the timely subject at hand. Of course the interviewer doesn’t have an agenda or anything….lol

  48. Jany says:

    According to Lainey’s latest post they’re supposedly back together. Don’t know how she knows this, but I sure hope she’s got it wrong. But maybe Pattinson really is not that smart. Well, who knows? Good luck with trying to rescue that relationship…

    • Janet says:

      Read, people, READ!!

      Lainey quoted the same thing Kaiser did (“We’re going to be fine”) and took it out of context just like the Twihards did. For the umpteenth time, the question was not about KStew’s relationship with Pattinson, it was about how the cast was going to get through the promos for BD2.

      However, I imagine a bajillion little Twihards’ heads are going to explode with insane joy over this — just hope they don’t commit hari-kari if it turns out to be a hoax after all.

      I’d believe they were back together if I heard if from him. Coming from her, I wouldn’t believe anything.

      • Brown says:


        Lainey did reference the “We are fine” quote, but she also said (separately) that it was communicated to the press at TIFF that they are back together. Not just because of the quote.

      • Michelle says:

        Lainey was repeating what they were told by publicists at TIFF (she’s Canadian so she was there in person, covering it for E-Talk), what she said was “Yes. It was communicated to people during TIFF that they are but they’re worried about how it might affect his career, like whether or not there will be some kind of crazy backlash or something.” Which I think is crazy–honestly, I think all the hate levelled at Kristen has been ridiculous.

      • Jany says:

        Yes Janet, I agree with Brown there. I DID read it and Lainey answered the question with: ‘Yes. They are back together.’ And then cont. with speculating whether that would affect Rob’s career. And his people being worried about it.

        I am not that surprised. I’ve been fearing this all along. Boy’s a fool for her. If it’s true, it will affect his career. Quite sure about that.

      • marie says:

        I do have a question though, why would a publicist say that they are back together when they used to covet their privacy? I don’t really care, just wonder what’s up with the 180? Why would they openly talk about it now?

        wow, the twihards must have had a twigasm over this.. one of the only days I wish I were on twitter..

      • Brown says:


        I have a feeling this new “phase” or whatever of their “relationship” (using quotations because it’s not really confirmed or anything) will be VERY different than it was previously.

        I don’t think there’s any going back to the reclusive and angsty KStew of the past. If they are back together, I think they will be much more open about it and she will probably make an effort to seem much more into it than she was previously, much more appreciative of him, etc.

        Of course, this all could just be a ploy for BD2. It could be that they say they are back together until after the premier in order to protect ticket sales (and maybe even increase them), and then afterward, head straight to Splitsville. All just speculation, of course.

  49. Janet says:

    @Brown: Communicated by whom? Who said what, exactly? If that were the case, don’t you think it would have been all over the news three days ago? I can’t believe Lainey got an exclusive on this.

    • Jany says:

      I agree it IS vague, but it’s not about reading here. And I DO find it hard to believe that Lainey got an exclusive too and the rest of all the media outlets is keeping quiet, but still. You never know.

      I guess Robsten could after all be that gigantic PR hoax as some people always said it was. And so then they will reunite until BD2 promo is over and it will die a slow death afterwards. Poor Robstens though.

      • mainland says:

        I agree….. If rob is back with kristen then I am convinced this is all one pr stunt. I wasn’t leaning that way before but if this is true, I am now.

      • Janet says:

        Why in the world would the media outlets keep quiet about it? If it was really true, KStew’s PR team would have announced it to the four corners of the globe already.

        I’ve always thought that romance was more a showmance than anything else. The people who insist Pattinson was madly in love with her never quote any evidence to back it up except what some tabloid says he said, and we all know how tabloids make shit up. I think so many people who saw the movies and read the books wanted so hard for fantasy to become reality that they confused the characters with the actors and made the actors become the characters.

      • Janet says:

        I have a rather large problem with it all being a PR stunt: who benefits in this case?

        KStew looks like a cheap slut; Pattinson looks like a humiliated cuckold, Sanders looks like a homewrecking POS, and Liberty is hurt worse than all of them. Who in the world would agree to participate in this kind of horrible PR?

        It just doesn’t make sense any way you cut it.

      • nina says:

        I tend tot hink they were/are a couple that benefitted from their union. and I think her ass got caught doing something she shouldn’t either cuase her relationship is monogamous or else it’s open but she was suppossed to be more discreet. If it’s the former, and he takes her back, it’s not the first time. If it’s the latter, then they would have simply had to have pretend to go through the motions of a monogamous relationship in turmoil, then “make up” at an appropriate time.

    • Brown says:


      I believe it says that it was communicated by a publicist.

    • Ann says:

      Very curious as to Lainey’s source, especially since noone else is reporting the same. Was it one of Kristen’s people (most likely)? Summit? A random industry type?

      With Kristen wearing Rob’s clothes and jewelry items,she clearly wants people to believe they are together. Plus, her “we’re fine” statement. I wouldn’t believe it based on her people alone, that’s for sure.

      I do agree Rob has the most to lose here, but not from his current fans. Most of them will accept it. The crazy obsessed ones are a small if loud contingent. The real problem is new and potential fans.

      The skeptics will see this as PR, hurting his credibility. People that believe they were together but who don’t like her may be turned off of him.

      If they are legitimately getting back together, he’d have been smarter to have insisted it be kept totally quiet and private. Work out their issues behind the scenes, and hold off on any acknowlegement on being together until both a) they are confident they’ve worked things out and b) after BD2 promo. Let everyone wonder what’s up until then. That way, you avoid the PR argument.

      • Janet says:

        See below. Trying to type on an android. Argh!

      • Janet says:

        Ann: I agree. It seems very weird that nobody but Lainey has reported this, and despite Lainey’s exalted opinion of herself, it doesn’t seem likely that she alone would get an exclusive on this. I also agree with you that going back to her might help BD2 but it could be the kiss of death for his post-Twilight career.

      • mia girl says:

        @Ann & @Janet
        @Aria said above that Lainey may be a secret Twihard… I think secret Krisbian is much more apt.

        Her post today reeked of pr planted/slanted. If you read her, you know her preference of Stewart. But today she tops preference and moves into something more…deliberate.

        She manages to ever so subtly land a dig at Jen Lawrence with the “shoes off, feet hanging over the chair” while poor Kristen sits there so uncomfortable. Then she slams Pattinson’s fans as the problem/barrier to their reconciliation. For good measure she back slams Pattinson with cheating insinuations. And finally, compliments Stewart’s travel pants!

        Hand to God, I thought I was reading one of those Krisbians’ deluded posts on Gossip Cop.

        If any of what she said is true, she just outed them and unleashed the very damage she is purporting they are trying to avoid. Personally, I don’t think it’s true and this is more passing of the blame stuff.

      • Brown says:

        @mia girl,

        I realize it is late and no one will probably ever read this, but I just wanted to let you know I totally agree with you about Lainey. It’s getting to the point where I almost want to stop reading her site.

        Even before the scandal, she was an unabashed KStew fan. She admitted to fangirling/girlcrushing on KStew. After the scandal, every article written has been pro-KStew, and trying to convince readers that what she did wasn’t really all that bad and she should be forgiven. She is a definite Kristen apologist.

        Today’s post was very obviously pro-KStew, but honestly, it was her review of her appearance at TIFF that took the cake for me. Talking about how strong she was, like some sort of martyr. Talking about how endearing it was that she was nervous to talk to the press. Seriously?! I was thinking to myself “WTF am I reading right now?”

        Girlfriend cheated on her dude with a MARRIED father of two. She does not deserve respect. I don’t believe her career should be over for this (I believe it should be over because she’s a horrible actress) but I DO believe she should have to deal with every consequence from the situation, no matter how unpleasant they may be.

        Anyway, the point of this was to tell you that I agree about Lainey. :) Sorry for the ramble.

      • lola says:

        Her take on her at TIFF was not dogmatic at all. Her point was that she attended not just to her fans, but the media, and she was obviously nervous but still did it. She always makes this point about kristen too. Kristen isn’t brave or anything for what she did, she simply did more than most stars would in her position. There is perspective there, in terms of tempering her praise.

  50. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    I bet during the publicity tour the press will told that Rob and Kristen won’t be answering any questions about their relationship at the press conferences, so don’t bother asking.

  51. Madison says:

    She’s dresses like a 16 year old tomboy whose part of a gang. Time will tell if what lainey says is true, if Rob really is dumb enough to take back a cheater or it’s all PR bullshit by summit who are afraid what all the negative publicity will do for the promotion of breaking down part 100.

  52. AnnieGrey says:

    Those are work pants. I recognize them.

  53. Carla says:

    Jenny bravo!!! best post here, he loved here from the start, that is not going to go away that quickly

    If what Lainey says is true, good for them, why should he care about is psycho fans, if he wants to try again let him, its his life, but I know that this time around he will have the upper hand, Kristen will be out on a leash and she better be in her best, if he wants a baby she better be ready lol

  54. carrie says:

    “Kristen will be out on a leash and she better be in her best, if he wants a baby she better be ready lol”

    I like this. LOL. If he wants a baby, it means marriage and family. Kristen, you are a lucky girl. Where can I find a guy like him?

  55. aquarius64 says:

    Personally I still think they’re done. But if Rob has taken her back as Lainey said, it’s a pretty slick move-for Rob. One, while people wonder are they or aren’t they Rob will be in complete control. By keeping Kristen on the down low Rob has free reign to keep company with another woman openly and she’s in no position to gripe. It will be viewed as Rob’s weighing his options and it would be understood given how Kristen has globally humiliated him. Two, it buys him some time, because if any evidence surfaces that Kristen DID have sex with Rupert or another guy on Rob’s watch (you know the tabloids are hunting for that plot of dirt even as we speak) Rob doesn’t look like a fool for taking her back. Can you imagine – someone hacks into Rupert’s cell phone and finds nude pics of Kristen, or stumbles across a Rupsten sex tape, and sell them to the higher bidder? How about putting those intimate momemts on the internet? It would be Summit’s and Universal’s nightmare , the final nail in Kristen’s career coffin, and Rob would be buried with her; all because Kristen and Rupert would have lied to the public. So yeah I can see Rob’s concern for backlash.

    • mainland says:

      I wish they would hold lainey responsible instead of blaming it on twilight obsessed fans. It wasn’t just the psychos clinging to anything this time, Lainey made it clear that they were told by a pr rep that rob and kristen are back together, but rob’s people are concerned with how this will make rob look. I am all for laughing at obsessed twilight fans when warranted, but most people took her statement of “we are totally fine” to do with BD2 press tour and NOT rob and kris’s relationship. It was lainey’s blog that changed people’s perception. I just hate when these articles don’t call out the appropriate people.

  56. Shy says:

    I liked: “Kristen who is still in denial” thing. That was hilarious. Kristen is new Demi Moore :)

    But it does look like she is in denial with all those stuff of Pattinson that she wears in OUR FACES. Why Kristen? What do you want to tell us? WHY do you want to tell us this? Are you as stupid as in that youtube video where your impersonator said jokingly: “Rob, I’m, putting this video on YouTube so that only you could see it…”

    Dear Kristen if you want to tell Robert that you still love him because duh – you are wearing his stuff – go and tell it to him by yourself. Or send picture. Don’t you understand that you publicly humiliate him even more?

    And he really needs to dump her publicly. Because otherwise that will ruing his career. He can never star in movies for men. They won’t respect him. And women hate Kristen for her previous, full of herself behavior so much that they won’t respect Pattinson either if he will be so stupid and take her back.

  57. Kosmos says:

    I just don’t like her anymore, or her little rebellious personna either. I will be deeply disappointed if Rob takes her back. Truth is, she probably needs someone to ‘cling’ to like Rob being there for her because in reality, she cannot stand on her own, even though all she can talk about is how great she has it, and how rebellish she is, and how unimportant all this is to her…what she really is, is just still very immature.

  58. lulu says:

    I never cared about robsten they always were fake, not a real couple just fame and publicity for twillight, this cheating scandal is just cheesy and prefabricated… of course they are going to be fine at the premieres, they were always fake and will fake big smiles at the premiere.

  59. HME says:

    So they are back together but its a secret? Except its NOT because someone is talking to Lainey……so the question is WHY?

    What is gained by leaking this info to a canadian gossip blogger and entertainment reporter?? I mean outside of Canada how significant is Lainey Gossip and etalk?? (and I say that as a canadian)
    Lainey has always seemed weirdly pro-kstew to me, but especially lately. I mean normally Lainey can’t stand cheaters but she’s been on the defense for Kstew. And I have to say I find it VERY interesting that Lainey’s site DIDN’T cover Kstew’s latest Vogue cover, that had the armpit licking details……….as Lainey herself would say Coincidence or Conspiracy??

    • lola says:

      my take on leaking something through Lainey is that lainey has been a pretty positive-to-Kristen site and that’s a good enough reason right there. Sarah who writes for Lainey has direct ties to Kristen as well, having manned her biggest fan twitter for a couple years with like 50,000 followers. She was given information to publicize before anyone else, including information about Rob and Kristen as well as casting news about Kristen’s OTR. She was the one to break that before other outlets. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Lainey would be given the go ahead to unofficially mention they might be back together. Call it a soft rollout so that his psycho fans can get used to the possibility before photos come out of them together at some point.

    • Shy says:

      Yeah. I love Lainey. I read her site every day. And kind of even little proud that she has all that publicity lately. Like she was our little girl/blogger and now everyone on other sites quote her. She is big now people. Specially after her Blind Itimes about John Hamm and Pohler/Arnett were 100% true. Now when she reports this about Pattinson/Stewart people think that it’s true because Lainey has reputation. Our little girl grew up and went to big city :)

      I liked how Laineys epic post about Johnny Depp was quoted basically on every second site. I like her… But her obsession with K-Stew, Blake Lively and Mariah Carey… It’s just too much for me. I don’t care about Mariah. So I just skip those posts.

      And then Lainey writes about Blake Lively every day, how Blake has played everybody, how brilliant strategy is Blake, how she dumped Leo and is all powerful or something. And it’s just stupid because I’m sure that Leo dumped Blake and forgot about her next week with new supermodel. And with all that famewhoring Blake wanted a movie career. She wanted to become moviestar and she failed. She has no movie career and I no one really cares about her or Ryan either. They will report about marriage and then forgot about it next day. I just never open Blakes articles on Lainey. It’s constant worship for no reason. It’s ridiculous and silly.

      And now weird obsession with Kristen Stewart. Lately I open article, read few words and then close it. Because it’s constant praise and how cool and beautiful and strong Kristen is…. I just don’t agree with Laineys opinion on that one.

      Well everybody has an opinion and secret “shame crush”. Just ask Mila Kunis. But Laineys crush on Kristen and Blake are just ridiculous. There you go I’ve said it. But I still love her site and will read it every day. I’ll just skip her worship articles on Blake, Kristen and Mariah.

  60. Joanna says:

    umm, who cares what this girl did or didn’t do in her personal life? as long as it’s not racist or against the law, why do we care? i go to a movie b/c i think a n actor/actress is talented, not b/c they did or did not bang some married guy. who gives a s*it? not me.

  61. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    Why do talentless hacks get so many threads dedicated to them on sites like this, while genuinely talented people barely rate a mention?

  62. Bells says:

    They may be back together, but why would Lainey get the exclusive? (no offense intended). She’s fairly popular now, sure, but I can’t see Lainey getting the scoop over other outlets. Furthermore, Lainey says ‘It was communicated to people during TIFF they are’ back together–communicated by whom? It is a vague tabloid technique. If it comes out down the road that they aren’t, Lainey can say she felt she had a reliable source and was misinformed. It’s also possible that saying they’re back/still together is for the sake of ticket sales, and Summit, etc., will feed her a scoop in return for her to report this (even if it’s not strictly true). Happens all the time.

  63. kingkayski says:

    I remember Lainey being so pissed off at Kristen when this infamous minicoopering broke out,she called her all kinds of colorful words in the book,i believed “dumb f*ck” is one of them colorful words.I thought she will go nonsten on her.Then she realized shes a krisbian through and through when Oprahs chinese bitch whats her name attacked Kristen on twitter,she unleashed her krisbian nature.Lainey never really reports unrealistic shit on her blog,she may tend to obsessed on some celebrities like Taylor\Jhonson but who aren’t obsessed on some good interesting gossip,so i tend to believed her gossip on robsten situation.Afterall after we’ve seen Rob dragged that girl to any wedding ceremony she can dragged her and be so lovey dovey on her in that ceremony wishing probably it were them getting married,you’ve seen their pictures in Montreal and New Jersey wedding ,so don’t tell me this didn’t happen.I guessed what i’m trying to say is, i don’t think Rob will be bitter enough not to take her back just because of a little hugged and kissed here and there.I think he truly loved her enough to get pass this……….and duck…..

  64. Darlene says:

    Lainey says:
    Yes. It was communicated to people during TIFF that they are but they’re worried about how it might affect his career, like whether or not there will be some kind of crazy backlash or something. There’s an anthropological discussion here, you know, if you want to explore it. That for some of his more unhinged following, it would be worse for him to take back a girl who was unfaithful than to be unfaithful himself. Fascinating, isn’t it? And so we’re back to where we’ve always been with these two, and before a movie premiere. Are they? Aren’t they? Are they? Aren’t they? They are.

    I totally believe they are already back together.

  65. morganknows says:

    UGH. So i watched “Snow Whatever” today and I couldn’t even finish it. So friggin boring. And I love Charlize, but this vacant girl on my tv kept talking.
    Really? Who cast her? She is beyond boring. I tried tp think of someone better, and I thought, and I thought. But I couldnt think of anyone. A dashing black haired damsel in destress…and then I thought…Kim! Kum K would be perfect for the role!
    and since I didn’t watch the rest of the movie, I can only assume that the Evil Queen ate her heart out. That being PMK once she realizes KummyKakes is no longer relevant…