Robert Pattinson “is trying to slowly move on,” still feels “humiliated” by Kristen

As we discussed yesterday, both Us Weekly and Hollywood Life are in agreement about the state of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Basically, there is no “state”. He broke up with her and she really, really wants to get back with him, to the point where her people are beginning to claim that Kristen and Rob really are “unbroken”. While I doubt the situation is as cut-and-dry as “they’re together” or “they’re totally over,” I do think the “over” situation is probably closer to what Rob feels in his heart of darkness. I got the chance to read Us Weekly’s full Robsten story, and there are some other interesting details too. Some highlights:

*Rob “is leaning toward not taking her back,” says an insider. “I think he’s done with her now.”

*Rob is also thinking seriously about moving back to London after he sells his Los Feliz home (which he used to share with Kristen).

*Kristen “is really ashamed of what happened” and she’s spent all of this time “groveling” and nearly had Rob swayed.

*But! Although Rob still loves her and wants to forgive her, “He just can’t do it. He’s so humiliated by what she did.”

*And Rob is worried about how the Twihards would react if he got back with Kristen. The insider says: “Rob knows that getting back together with Kristen would totally destroy his image.”

*Rob is feeling a lot better these days, and many people saw him laughing and looking happy at the VMAs. The insider says, “He is trying to slowly move on.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

So, Rob is thinking about his “image” and he still cares for Kristen but at the end of the day… IT’S SO OVER. Still, I think we should prepare ourselves for lots of BS about their “on-again” relationship for the next two months. His people will say one thing (or nothing at all) while Kristen’s team keeps feeding on her delusions, and then mix that in with the studio’s PR campaign… it’s going to be a mess.

Beyond all of that… I have something Twihardy to admit. If Rob really did “forgive” Kristen and they got back together and he confirmed it and everything… I really would be disappointed. I would be mad at him. I would consider him very foolish.

PS… I still want to know what happened to Kristen’s beloved middle finger.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I’d say she flipped someone off that she shouldn’t, but God knows we’d have all heard more stories of Kristin the victim by now if that were the case.

    I’d be disappointing in Rob. More so since her PR team seems to really be trying to make it seem like they’re getting back together. That must be frustrating.

    • jennyq says:

      Geez. Hollywood Life is now a reputable source?? Really?? Gawd people, wake up. This is all a publicity stunt. Did Rupert and Liberty get divorced? No. Is her walking the cat walk headline news now? Yes. Was Cosmopolis number one specialty box office? Yes. Did On the Road get all kinds of buzz at TIFF? Yes. Is she now so admired because of how she handled herself? Yes. Is she still wearing Rob’s clothes and the jewelry he gave her? Yes. Because this was all a stunt and they never broke up to begin with. What she “did” with Rupert is tamer than what I did with my junior high school boyfriend. People, you are being played big time.

  2. Beth says:

    She likely punched a wall in a fit of anger at herself, because she’s SO HARDCORE.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks “enough already?”

  4. Brown says:

    Stay strong, Rob! Don’t let her lure you back with her promises of unkempt hair and unwashed armpits, as enticing as they may be!! Believe in yourself, you CAN be with someone that will only Mini-Cooper YOU! You DO deserve someone that has no moral and ethical opposition to soap!! SingleRob 2012!!!!

    And of course if you need comforting or maybe just a rebound bone in the meantime, I am sitting riiiiiiiiiiiight here…….. happy to take one for the team, do the right thing, be the bigger person and put my own needs aside to help you. kthankscallme

  5. Launicaangelina says:

    Here’s my opinion – when she said “We’re fine”, I just figured that was it, they’re fine. It doesn’t mean they’re back together, they’re apart or anything. When I don’t want to talk about anything or I’m caught off guard, I’ll say “I’m fine” too. Personally, I feel they won’t get back together but who knows?

  6. marie says:

    well Kristen should be ashamed, she humiliated him (whether the relationship was real or not-I don’t really care anymore) I do wonder though, if she’s ashamed she cheated or ashamed that she got caught..

    Regardless, I had no plans to see BD2 before the “scandal” and I have no plans to see it now.. The promotional tour could be fun to watch though (yeah, they’ll act professional but I think the pictures could be all kinds of awkward)

  7. Yay says:

    I think you want so much for them to break up that you believe US Weekly. I would go with Lainey on this (and everything else).
    Besides, people forgive things like this all the time. They are just not famous.

    • Liv says:

      In the end we don’t really know what is the truth right now, but I wouldn’t believe Lainey either. Plus Lainey herself stated that it was communicated to her, that they are back together – obviously she wanted to point out that Kristen’s publicist told her so – and how reliable is that??

    • honeybee says:

      “I think you want so much for them to break up that you believe US Weekly. I would go with Lainey on this (and everything else).
      Besides, people forgive things like this all the time. They are just not famous. ”

      I guess the same reason applies for you. You want to believe they are working towards a reconciliation that’s you would rather take Lainey’s words.

      If this cheating had happened without it becoming this public scandal and if she had confessed to him in private, I would say he had more chances of forgiving her faster and giving her another chance. Like some regular people. But look at the huge mess this has become, it is not going to be easy at all for Rob to move on with her. It is not just a report of her cheating, he has pictures that are hard to erase.

      One thing made clear during his Cosmopolis promos, was how proud he was and how he just wouldn’t play the victim card at all. He treated this whole thing as a non-issue. I totally believe he isn’t going back to her.
      He may come across as this goofy, funny easy going guy in interviews, but I think irl he is a serious, strong-willed guy.
      He loved(s) enough to forgive her eventually but that doesn’t mean he is getting back with her. At least not so soon. With more time they spend apart from each other there is a good chance he (she too) will be fine being apart.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I would take Lainey with an entire shaker of salt.

  8. Starsky says:

    Maybe they will get back together later in life if its really meant to be but I don’t think its anytime soon, sorry Kristen. I think she needs to quit wearing his gear around town too its kind of sad.

  9. insomniac says:

    They’re totally going to keep this “Are they or aren’t they?” crap going right through the release of the last Twilight movie, aren’t they?

  10. Micki says:

    I have to admit I haven’t bought them as a couple.
    But If I am wrong and he’s been so truly and madly in love with her I don’t see how he can swallow her drama. If that was a “casual” love affair then he may take in consideration how it affects his future.Then the chances are 50/50 that they’ll be a couple again.

  11. Blupp says:

    in the last pic he looks like a very cheesy pop singer.

    if you are already tired from Robsten gossip, i have bad news for you, it will go on until a little after the premieres.

  12. Jayna says:

    Selling the home so quickly kind of says it all. He needs to go back to London. A broken heart takes time.

    • Michele says:

      Where’s the proof that he’s selling the Los Feliz house? If that were true, it would have been listed as it’s public info. That house listing would have been all over the internet by now. I doubt he’s headed back to London to live for good. He recently stated he loves LA and considers it his home now. He even said his family and friends love LA too. He certainly gets lots of visits from them. Again, not buying that claim.

      The gossip tabloids need sales and hits on their sites so they invent drama because we all know drama sells especially salacious break up drama. Rob’s “real” friends have never spoken to the tabloids in the past and I doubt they have started now. I’m convinced the “sources” that Hollywood Lies and radaronline and the rest of them use as proof for their stories are made up or fake tips from fake insiders. Remember the cheating Rob story Jezebel ran citing a “source”? Yeah, that source was a very mentally disturbed individual who has been making up lies about Rob and Kristen for years all over the internet. Nuff said.

      So I’m not buying anything unless it comes directly from Rob or Kristen’s own mouth.

      • LeeLoo says:

        I don’t know where you’ve been Michele but it is was all over the web a couple weeks ago that he put the house in Los Feliz up for sale. He’s asking for $3.2 mil for it or is it 6.8? I forget that part. The media has the exact address so if everyone says he put it up for sale, I’ll believe it. Especially since there are multiple sources saying so such as Us Weekly and Life and Touch. So many celebs selling homes and unless you have the exact address you’ll be hard pressed to find the public info yourself. While I will agree that Hollywood Life and Radar can be taken with a grain of salt, usually when multiple tabs are running the same story it can be believed.

        Besides, in times of crisis, people tend to re-prioritize. Is it so hard to believe that Rob wants to live near his family in London after his relationship fell apart?

        You must be a hardcore twihard who is going to hang on every word that Rob said six months to two years ago.

      • Michele says:

        Honestly, I haven’t seen anything about the house being listed on the market. I would think that would make headline news, if accurate, from every news outlet worldwide? The moving van pap pics turned out to be fake. Those pics were staged by the paps who took them. They hired a moving van and parked it in the driveway. Very sneaky and devious. There has been literally no activity at the house since the scandal broke.

        I did see an old listing of the house on some celeb real estate blog when Rob initially bought the property. I haven’t seen anything lately. I could have missed it but like I said earlier, an actual listing for the house would have made headlines from every news media known to mankind!

      • LeeLoo says:

        Unless you are Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Tom Cruise, selling a house isn’t going to be headline news around the world. Patterson is a high end B-movie actor on a good day in the world of headlines in the United States so he won’t be getting a lot of CNN coverage, especially since he is hellbent on keeping his private life private.

        Hate to break it to you, Rob Patterson is not a big name actor outside of the gossip media. His other movies outside of Twilight haven’t done very well. He’s not an A-list actor. Part of the reason for him moving back to the UK is that he isn’t a Hollywood big hitter.

      • Anname says:

        I agree with you Michele. The house is not on the market, the references to the real estate posting are from a year ago, and US Weekly ran with that. Rob is cheap, there is no way he is turning around and selling it a year after he bought it, especially on an emotional quicksnap decision.
        Also, re the A-list thing, Rob’s name can get a movie financed, isn’t that the definition of A-list? Or course he isn’t George Clooney level, but his name recognition and international fanbase puts him in the A-list category.

      • connie says:

        I’m frightened that you would think that “every major news outlet worldwide” would cover Rob putting his house up for sale… I enjoy celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but that is nowhere near headline news…
        Please do yourself a favor and consider the things going on in the world when discussing notable headline worthy news

  13. jamie says:

    It’s good to forgive her. He should. But that’s not the same as resuming a romantic relationship with her. Kristen cheated on Michael Angarano with Rob. There were reports that they broke up or almost broke up several times over it. But he continued to take her back. And you see where that got him. Rob should remember his own history. Kristen’s afraid to be alone, but she’s obviously not ready to be in a committed relationship either. She’s going to be scouting for her next prospect, and the minute she feels she has a good back up in place, bye bye Rob.

    Lainey obviously gets info straight from Kristen’s team. It’s only a question of whether or not they’d go out on a limb like this if it wasn’t true. Could they be THAT confident that Rob wouldn’t refute the reunion story? Or could Rob possibly have given them permission to say what they want until BD2 opens, so long as he doesn’t have to perpetuate any of it?

    Bottomline, I don’t think we’ll know anything for sure until December.

    • ladybert62 says:

      Hi Jamie: that is interesting info that you posted – I did not know that she cheated with rob on her prior boyfriend – so rob, best remember, once a cheater, always a cheater!

      • Michele says:

        Careful if you are going to accuse Kristen of cheating on her old boyfriend with Rob. That makes Rob an accomplice and makes him out as condoning the act of cheating too. Remember Rob was the one proclaiming his love and devotion in a very public manner to Kristen since the early days of Twilight when she was in a serious and long term relationship with someone else. He admitted to proposing to Kristen, dreaming about her, saying she was marriage material, etc. Once when he was reminded in an interview that Kristen already had a boyfriend, Rob publicly rebuked it by making a dismissive gesture with his hand.

        There is no real proof when the relationship between Rob and Kristen actually began.

    • Annie says:

      The thing about them though is that you are never going to get a straight answer: “we’re together.” because they want things to be private. So you are not going to get a “we’re back together” either. So Lainey can claim whatever she wants. It will all still be a question mark. And Rob will not adress this because he was embarrassed. Especially because they broke up over infidelity with someone married. Bad bad bad. This is also why this is a crisis for Rob. Goodbye private life, everyone is talking about your life because there’s photographic evidence of one time she cheated on you with her director (that we know of).

      Funny how Kristen proclaimed her private life was sacred and us peasants never deserved a straight answer because she respected her relationship that much and talking to us would “cheapen” it. That. that right there. Her high horse collapsing, her lies exposed.
      You don’t think she ever told Rob “I would never betray you. We can trust each other. Only you and I know what this has been like.”

      He’s questioning everything, just like us, only 1000x worse. They are not back together. Way too soon, if ever.

    • Annie says:

      Come on, guys. It’s totally obvious Rob and Michael overlapped. Even Catherine Hardwicke confirmed it. Michael was left broken hearted for Rob. And Rob did steal someone’s girl. Karma. And remember it comes back worse. It’s worse in this case because it was a more adult relationship, living together, the third party was a married guy.
      Rob is no saint, but he wasn’t messing around. He was lost in love with her. We all saw that.

      • T.C. says:

        So there was overlap between her ex Michael and Sparkles? That could explain why she thought she could do it to Sparkles. When you get away with cheating once you think it ‘s no big deal. I don’t believe Launey’s side on this. That’s the Kstew PR team speaking knowing Sparkles ain’t going to say anything against her. There were bigger media outlets than Lainey at TIFF but only Lainey got the exclusive? Please, that’s such BS.

      • Michele says:

        Catherine Hardwick didn’t confirm overlap. Quite the opposite, actually. She knew Rob had a massive crush on Kristen when they were filming
        Twilight and even warned him to stay away from her because Kristen was underage (17 at the time) and had a steady boyfriend (whom CH was very close to.) She went on the record as saying that Rob and Kristen didn’t hook up during Twilight at all. There was definitely a big attraction between the two but I don’t think they acted on it at that point.

        During Twilight promo, Kristen’s boyfriend accompanied her to alot of the premieres and other promo events. Rob was seen going out to bars alot during that time. There were lots of pap pics of Rob partying in LA, even some with Nikki Reed, who he may or may not have had a FWB thing going on at the time. Kristen was underaged and couldn’t get into the bars back then.

        By the time New Moon started filming in Vancouver, Kristen was seen going out alot with the cast including Rob. The drinking age in Canada is 18. Kristen was 18 and legally able to go to bars then. If there was overlap, it was most likely at the very end of her relationship with Michael. She was with him since age 15. Most teenage romances don’t last. After 3 years, the relationship probably ran its course like most do at that age.

        Was Rob the real cause of her break up? We’ll never know for sure. Her very young age could have also been a factor in her eventual break up. We also don’t know the dynamics of her relationship with Michael prior to the break up. Too many unknowns that will never be addressed at this point. Nor do they need to be.

      • Annie says:

        No, Catherine said nothing happened in Twilight, that’s it, but Angarano was still seen on the set of New Moon and then mysteriously vanished right around the time Nikki stopped hanging out with Rob too. This relationship started when New Moon was filming, at least officially. This was spring. By november we got those hand holding pics.

        And Catherine did say Kristen left Michael for Rob and she felt bad for him because Michael is her friend but Kristen felt she needed to give arob a chance.

      • Annie says:

        No, Catherine said nothing happened in Twilight, that’s it, but Angarano was still seen on the set of New Moon and then mysteriously vanished right around the time Nikki stopped hanging out with Rob too. This relationship started when New Moon was filming, at least officially. This was spring. By november we got those hand holding pics.

        And Catherine did say Kristen left Michael for Rob and she felt bad for him because Michael is her friend but Kristen felt she needed to give Rob a chance. They overlapped for sure.

      • ORLY says:

        The legal drinking age in Vancouver (BC) is 19, not 18.
        Except for Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec, where it’s 18, the legal drinking age across Canada is 19.
        Not that it matters as far as overlap and cheating goes.

  14. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    You go Rob! There are a lot of women, you can find another. But please don’t get back with Kristen. That would be very disappointing.
    I believe Team Kristen would probably spread rumors of them getting back together until the release of BD 2.

  15. geekychick says:

    +1 on everything you said. Lainey sometimes gets on my nerves(like with Blake Lively), but she is always honest in her bias, and I like the fact that she has the “modern woman” point of view, unlike most of the blogs.
    But yes, I agree-I’d believe Lainey over any of the tabloid, just because she usually doesn’t sell lies or doesn’t confirm if she’s not sure.
    We’ll see.
    And Kaiser, I’m sorry, but yes, you’re right: now you’re officially in Twihard territory.

  16. ernie says:

    Yes, but as a Lainey reader you should also know her track record of bashing cheaters and reminding her readers over and over again of the home wrecking situation if there is one. She doesn’t let you forget. Just search her archives for Claire Danes and the repetition of Karma Face posts. And she likes Claire. She analyzed Claire face post scandal to the smallest tinkle in her eye to illustrate her point.

    So it really is a signal of sorts when she blatantly chooses to ignore certain angles of a story. Her, the observer of human behavior through gossip, as she likes to point out.

  17. dlc says:

    Honestly, if they get back together, that would confirm in my mind that they had an open relationship. I just think, at their age, you don’t take someone back who cheated. Yeah, maybe if you’ve been with someone for 20 years, and they cheated, and they you had couples therapy or something….otherwise, no.

  18. Adeli says:

    I agree that Hollywood Life has zero credibility (they’re a joke, tbh). But I wouldn’t be so quick to take Lainey’s word as gospel in this case. It’s pretty well known that she gets fed by publicists. In this case, this little reconciliation tale was communicated to her by Kristen’s publicist. No one else at TIFF got that memo. So, just because Lainey put out what Kristen’s publicist wanted her to, doesn’t make it true. It makes it PR spin.

    The contradictory tone of Lainey’s report actually had me rolling my eyes. It was “communicated to people”, while simultaneously wanting to keep it a secret? And then of course the sly dig at Rob, suggesting that he may or may not be a cheater himself, but that his fans would rather forgive him that than taking Kristen back. And bonus, a dig at the fans, “you people should be ashamed for thinking this way, hypothetically speaking”. PR spin is rather fascinating to behold, albeit a little nauseating.

    • Anname says:

      The thing that doesn’t make sense is that Kristen and Rob hate Lainey because of her alliance with Nikki Reed and all those stories she wrote back in 2009. Lainey couldn’t get an interview with them since the first Twilight. Why would she be the only one getting this message about their reconciliation now?

    • HME says:

      Yeah it was the ‘its been communicated but it’s a secret’ line from Lainey’s tip that really flagged it as being PR straight from Kstew’s people for me too. Then I started looking back over her Kstew posts over the last few weeks and yup it’s pretty blatant that she has some kind arrangement with Kstew’s team. It’s worth noting that Lainey isn’t JUST a gossip blogger, she is also an entertainment reporter for etalk and her blog is affiliated with etalk to a certain extent (most of her items for etalk come straight from her blog) so its not unreasonable to assume that her etalk bosses do have some influence on her blog as well.

      This at the end of her Kate and Will post yesterday made me raise my eyebrow:
      “The lesson from this is that kids can ask anything and get an answer. You can’t not answer a kid. We should have put a kid on the red carpet at TIFF for Kristen Stewart firing questions, one after the other:

      -Have you talked to Rob?
      -Do you still love him?
      -Will you get married?
      -Will you have his baby?”

      If Kristen and Rob are back together (but its a secret *eyeroll*) then surely they’ve talked right???

    • ORLY says:

      Lainey’s blog is not affiliated with Etalk, not even loosely.
      She has been blogging since 2003 and has been with Etalk since 2006, I believe. She also does some work for The Globe and Mail. Regardless, Lainey needs access to celebs and she does her fair share of ass kissing and story dropping, like that Robsten is Unbroken business.

  19. LeeLoo says:

    Good for Rob! IF the story is true.

    Kristen needs to deal with the consequences of her actions. She strikes me as someone who is not used to having to live with the consequences and has been too spoiled by her Hollywood producing parents. It seems to have left her feeling like she could do whatever she wanted and could get away with it or like she could emo schtick her way through it.

  20. Benj says:

    It’ll prove sparkle dont want to get back with tht thrampie if he did sell the house but so far with US weekly sorce only talk about it (why not People??…gahhh) and GC didn’t deny this story.I think it’s a gooooood sign.

    Btw,Kaiser.I wish he’s not foolish :p

  21. Annie says:

    It’s only been a month. One month. Do people think a heart recovers from shock and anger and sadness and betrayal in one month? You gotta live more, then.
    This was a horrible thing to happen and more crap will come out, I assure you. Just like that lusty interview with Vogue (in which she clearly was not talking about him, because she sounded all dickmatized like you are at first with someone new, when the affair is new. And even if it was meant to be about Rob, if you really were crazy about your man you would NOT have eyes for anybody else), and that gross SWATH commentary and Sanders own quotes in Vogue Rob is connecting the dots and shaking his head.
    NOTHING feels worse to a man than being lied to, humiliated, made a fool of. That’s what she did. Rob can have anyone. Girls who treat men right are out there. He needs to move on amd hild his head high.

    The fact that she’s still wearing his clothes publicly shows she knows she’s in deep shit and she’s getting desperate. Stop torturing yourself, girl. You knew it was over when you had eyes for someone else. Move on.

    I wish Kristen the best. Her weight loss is scary and I’m worried.

    • andrea says:

      Being a dumbass for taking back a cheater is one thing. But I also can get past how he manages to be okay with Kristen’s team throwing him under the bus like this. Lainey hates him and disses him all the time, and THAT’S who her team chooses to leak this info to? He wants to keep it quiet, but she’s “communicating” to people at TIFF? This doesn’t sound like a girl who’s in a tentative reconciliation and is honoring her boyfriend’s wishes. Sounds like a girl who’s already written him off and is trying to save her own ass.

      Here’s hoping Pattinson has someone on his side willing to point out how coldly she’s playing this game right now.

      • Jess says:

        Yeah, seriously, of ALL the people Kristen’s peeps decided to communicate with, it was the one gossip that truly has it out for Rob? Tea poring hands, mothering hips, a coke problem, anger issues… these are all Lainey’s contributions to Rob. She doesn’t like him, never has, and has always been a complete ass to him while building up Kristen. For a while, she only referred to him as Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend, like he didn’t even deserve to be called by his name. That’s why I think her team is shady, scummy, and doing whatever they can to prop up Kristen. If that means pinning the ultimate breakup on Rob because he chose his career over her, I don’t put that past them, and they’ll have trusty Lainey on standby to make it somehow about how Rob’s a loser, and Kristen doesn’t need him.

      • Jany says:

        I think Kristen never really loved Rob and that she was more in love with the idea of someone like him loving her. The popular boy – the IT-boy of the moment, the heartthrob. I think she couldn’t believe he fell for her and rolled with it. And her team (and herself) has always thrown him under the bus. She was always dissing him (‘playfully’) and her team has always been tight with Lainey. Kristen is about Kristen. She hasn’t found out what love is, maybe one day she will.

      • honeybee says:

        “Here’s hoping Pattinson has someone on his side willing to point out how coldly she’s playing this game right now. ”

        ITA with your whole comment.
        Yes I hope he has someone in his team or family who is looking at how ruthless KS is while still playing the injured innocence card.

        I feel bad for him for having fallen for this person. One can only hope he realizes that he has dodged a bullet and has already written this off.

        But yeah there will be more drama coming along till BD2 is over :(

      • mainland says:

        Yes…… From that ridiculous public apology, to the rupert was the predator who was obsessed with her, to the there was no sex, to wearing robs clothes and ring he bought her, it all doesn’t look to me like she’s interested in saving her relationship with rob, it looks like she’s trying to save her reputation, career, and public image. I think it would surprise me more if kristen even wants rob back. The way she’s handled this entire mess from the very beginning doesn’t make me think rob is her priority at all.

      • Mary says:

        Robert had been unfairly hurt and humiliated but at the end of the day, his greatest revenge was his indifference. He will never ever comment on this nor show any emotion towards this issue because for him this is over. It’s not his problem anymore that others could not do the same.Wearing his stuff is probably her way of taunting him. to get a reaction from him. But we have seen him out and about. He doesn’t look different from what he was before the scandal. He is not looking back. He has metaphorically burned his bridges.

      • Brown says:

        This this this x10000…… seriously, everything about this comment thread is spot on.

        I can’t really explain why I’m so enthralled with this situation… maybe it’s because I used to actually like Kristen (never her acting, but I have enjoyed some of her interviews) and even found her awkwardness and her whole “out of place in Hollywood thing” endearing. Now, obviously, I know that was all just a ruse and she is a total cliche.

        It could also be that I think Rob is a genuinely good person in a sea of weirdos and freaks. That industry is made up mostly of people like Kristen, looking out for numero uno, playing people, manipulating, and all for the bottom line: her own image. I feel bad for Rob because he seems to be a genuine person that enjoys acting but doesn’t really care for the lifestyle. He is relatable and reminds me a lot of people I hang out with.

        Seems like a good, normal person got tangled up with a bad, manipulative liar and got his heart broken. It’s happened to so many of us that it’s hard not to be on his side, especially after you see that she is STILL playing the game with no regard to him. He is a pawn.

      • Emma says:

        Rob Pattinson’s best revenge has always been being Rob Pattinson. He’s mostly smiley, engaging, charming and witty and he seems very intelligent. I think it’s always irked Kristen that public things were so easy to him. She often tries to belittle it. The last interview they gave together in Canada where he was being positive and pointing out how articulate she became she was her usual nasty self and pointed out that he’s now less so. She has always been jealous of him.

        I think he should continue to be classy and above it all and not play her games. He doesn’t mention her name and it’s like she doesn’t exist. She’s doing all the media spin, she’s doing all the public communicating. I think Kristen has been throwing Rob under the bus for years. Lainey is the most obvious. Why would someone that’s obviously on Kristen’s team trash Rob so much? It never made sense. This must have been something done with Kristen’s approval. It was a really nasty thing to do.

    • Jess says:

      IA. He gave up his privacy and some of the best years of his life to be with her, and she humiliated him in the worst possible way. Rob seems like such a genuine and caring boyfriend, and the real deal, and she did this to him? How can anyone truly like her anymore or relate to her? She seems like a cold hearted user.

    • Ashley says:

      Have you all seen Closer? Remember when Clive Owen drills Julia Roberts about her affair? I bet Rob has done that. I also imagine he’s going to listen to the SWATH dvd. No matter how much it hurts him, he will want to know exactly what Rupert said.

  22. v says:

    I’d go with Lainey too.She doesn’t hide her preferences even if it pisses off many readers.And if he’s concerned about his image,he has broken up with her and her team is spreading lies why there’s no denial from his part?I mean…get it over with.

  23. Reece says:

    Honestly, I would be too. Still would like him but be disappointed.
    At some point during your life you need to erase the drama in order to grow. She is nothing but self-perpetuating drama. Drama like that infests and affects everything around it. He doesn’t need it.

  24. Mary says:

    I am loving the INDIFFERENCE of Robert Pattinson towards all these. It is scary to see Kristen dropped so much weight though. Her face appears longer and her arms are actually thinner. I agree with Kaiser. This is a wishful thinking on her part. I am guessing, she would rather that he lashed out on her than him not caring publicly about all these. That must hurt the most.

  25. pinchofsalt says:

    Talk about generating interest in the new movie. Got to take your hat off to the spin doctors who are now milking this story for all it is worth. Has it only been a month? With the press this is getting, it seems more like a year!!!

  26. Anna says:

    I think this was a planned publicity move. kstew and sparkles agreed to end it, they are just playing their parts for the hollywood publicity machine.

    • honeybee says:

      If R/K are doing it for publicity, care to explain how 2 innocent kids got tangled in this mess? I don’t know about KSkank and I don’t trust her an inch after her rotten behavior but Rob is a kind, decent guy and would be the last person to do such a cold-hearted thing to an innocent family to get some weird benefit out of it.

      It is not that complicated at all.
      R/K had a real relationship. It is common as they are humans. One wasn’t that committed as the other. Her ego got big and she believed her own hype, had an affair and felt she could get away with it. Again all human. She got caught. Too bad for her. Again it happens.
      Not everything has to be a concocted story by PR.

  27. Kosmos says:

    EXACTLY, Jamie: If they had not been caught, she and old Rupert might still be at it, meeting up in secret, while Rob and Rupert’s wife were essentially being cheated on. And then Kristen humiliates all in a very public statement, eeww, but hey, I’m so happy at least that the pap had been following them and their little thing came to an end.

  28. oi vey says:

    Honestly, I think it’s the potential audience that isn’t Twihards he should be concerned about. Twihards would wet themselves if they were back together/still together/getting back together. They whip themselves into a frenzy. The rest will just see him as a cuckold young man.

    • honeybee says:

      That’s why I don’t think he will get back together with her. He may love her and forgive her eventually but will not reconcile. He is a proud man and he has always been pretty vehement on cheating and how that is something he cannot tolerate.

      I have enjoyed my share of the Twi movies. But I am not a TwiHard. I will be disappointed if he takes her back only cuz I believe he deserves better than this trash. But I will still be his fan.

      But you are right about the rest of the world that have never followed him, they will be judging him harshly.
      He has to make his decision based on how it will affect his image and career too, no doubt. Unfortunately for him, since the whole world is privy to what happened thanks to Kskank, he doesn’t have the luxury of taking her back without the world commenting on his choice.

  29. Ann Emmess says:

    I’m surprised that “he knows it would hurt his image to take her back” is even in the quote mix, there. Sounds cold. But it’s true, and it’s so obviously true that I’m constantly perplexed that Camp Kristen has made “want you back sooo bad, baby” their core strategy. It’s either delusional, or a cynical ploy to turn Rob into the cold-hearted snake.

    Most non-celeb relationships wouldn’t survive this level of betrayal, just emotionally. Add all the public exposure, and, come on. No genuine relationship could survive, and every experienced person knows this. Which is why many persons, here and elsewhere, would judge Rob VERY harshly if he shrugged everything off and took her back “for love.”

    The percentage of Twihards who saw romance and forgiveness would be dwarfed by everyone else who saw him as a patsy, deluded, or making a cynical show. Plus, there would be bonus extra-ugly public laughingstock hate from every douchebag on talk radio and latenight TV and every men’s magazine who thinks a man who takes back a cheating woman is a wimp. (It’s okay for women because men stray and women forgive, right? But flip the narrative and say that a woman might seek out skanky sex and then go home to her faithful man, and that man will be the new catchphrase for “p-whipped”) That’s not right, but that’s what would happen, because reversing sexual power tropes like that ALWAYS brings a firestorm — and no one would be more burned than Rob.

    He’s a sane adult advised by other sane adults…why would he ever, ever choose to do this?

    • honeybee says:

      ITA with your comment.

      “He’s a sane adult advised by other sane adults…why would he ever, ever choose to do this? ”

      Lets hope he is not too proud to seek advice from his trusted team and family if at all he starts leaning towards the wrong side – lol

      Its a good thing that he is very close to his family and friends.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    Kristen is desperately trying to save her career and she knows the only way that happens is that Rob forgives her, or have people believe he forgave her. Putting out the markers that Rob is a dog if he doesn’t take her back shows how craven she is, in short, a true Hollywood player.

  31. TeacherNan says:

    I can’t believe she would wear that filthy mess of an outfit through the airport in TO wearing that dirty sweat-stained hat backwards. I don’t even think I would wear that to wash my car- I’d be too afraid of the neighbors thinking what a pig I am. Then she wore the same pants( are they his???) that evening with heels & a tank. P U!! Have a teensy bit of class & decorum, girl.

  32. theredgirl says:

    You said everything I’ve been thinking. HL has one of the worst reputations in the world of tabloids. Any writer that uses them as a source in their story has lost all of their credibility. Even Gossip Cop who loves to put themselves on that very high pedestal has written much BS before. Yesterday, I read an article by a real journalist that said, “tabloids believe it’s much better for them if actors vehemently hate each other.” What would they have to gossip about if R&K were together and happy? From all the interviews and “real” articles on Rob, I see him as a very generous and forgiving person and as much as he obviously loves Kristen, I easily see him forgiving her. It may not be a very popular opinion (don’t really care though) but I hope/think they’re together but trying to maintain as much privacy as possible right now, at least til the madness dies down.

    • honeybee says:

      Yep. She f^cked another guy while being “committed” to Rob, issued a fake humiliating apology airing their dirty laundry yet again in the public, then said more embarrassing things about his sexual proclivities in Vogue, parades around in his things letting the world speculate some more about them….it all ok BUT Rob has to be this ‘forgiving’ guy and take her back. So she can turn around after a few years and do it all over again.
      He has been degraded enough.

      If she is rewarded for her bad behavior by getting Rob back, there is no way she will appreciate the enormity of what she has done. She needs to learn from this mess she created and that she can do only if both are away from each other.

  33. Debra Johnson says:

    Life is short. If Rob wants to forgive Kristen and give her another chance, I am behind him 100%. It is personal. If she steps out again, well that is a different matter. But it will remain their business and Rob’s decision. I wish I could peep into the personal lives of all the people offering advice. It’s interesting how we advise other people to do what we ourselves would not do.

  34. Paris Mom says:

    I agree with the first commenter – enough already. The people who write for this gossip column are so biased that they read everything only in one way, and it does not make for enjoyable reading. However, it works, because the comments here show they know who their audience is. I am no longer one of them.

    No one knows what really happens in any couple’s life, and no one should judge what that couple decides to do.

  35. Helvetica says:

    He would be a fool to take her back.

    He will never trust her again.

  36. hmm says:

    Everyone keeps perpetuating this fake relationship LOL

    This was a staged relationship to get people to buy movie tix. $$$

    Clearly, people.

    When the franchise ended, they staged a fake break up.

  37. IDK says:

    I think he’s going to take her back but it will be months until she feels equal in that relationship. Like Lainey said, if they get back together they are getting married or they break up for good.

  38. gg says:

    Daily Mail’s running a story saying they’re back together. Don’t have a conniption, K-haters, it’s not your relationship, get over it.