Angelina Jolie makes UNHCR special envoy trips to Lebanon and Turkey

Angelina Jolie has been traveling around the Middle East all week, spending time with Syrian refugees in UNHCR camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. We covered some of the photos of Angelina in Jordan earlier this week – go here to see. After Jordan, she traveled to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, and then she was in Turkey yesterday. I should point out that Angelina is no longer merely a “goodwill ambassador” (or “special goodwill ambassador”) for the UNHCR – her rank was elevated earlier this year to “Special Envoy” – a title change that puts her in the same league with former presidents and prime ministers and secretaries of state.

While in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Angelina told media outlets, “I was moved to meet Syrian families in homes where they are welcomed and protected.” WENN reports, “[Jolie] spoke of meeting three women living alone with their children, leaving their husbands behind for fear they would be killed if they attempted escape. One of the women tearfully described their sudden four hour trek to Lebanon leaving their father behind. Worried for their lives if they remained, the mother told them they were visiting relatives in neighboring Lebanon.”

While in Turkey, Angelina visited the Oncupinar camp which houses approximately 12,000 Syrian refugees in the city of Kilis. After that stop, Angelina was in Ankara where she met with the Turkish Interior Minister, and Angelina released another statement: “I’m very grateful to Turkey and all of the countries receiving the refugees.” She also spoke about the fast-approaching winter, saying she hoped “no one freezes to death in this very frightening time.” She also wore a really weird, shiny black muummu – you can see photos here.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Ugh. I don’t mean to be cruel towards Jolie. She clearly is trying her best to do something good.

    Still, these trips are perfectly pointless and she appears to know very little about the issues she speaks of. I’m still in love with her hilarious, little, moving speech on “Arab Spring” from some time ago; one of the most clueless things I heard in some time.

    • Amelia says:

      I tend to agree with you, RocketMerry. She means well and she’s done a boatload of charity work, which is always admirable but … I fail to see just how much good visiting refugees with a chockload of security is actually doing. Raising morale, certainly, but not a great deal else.
      Still, I suppose raising awareness is never a bad thing.

    • Tina says:

      Agreed. I think she means well, but saying she hopes “no one freezes to death in this very frightening time.” seems a bit off to me. It just seems like such a strange way to say something so serious.

      And “a title change that puts her in the same league with former presidents and prime ministers and secretaries of state.”

      Please. She’s a movie star, not a politician, I don’t think anyone sees her as much more than an attractive figurehead, or is going to confuse her with a former president.

      • thyphoid mary says:

        Well, it certainly beats acting like the rest of hollyweirdos: sitting on their ass all day and wasting money in drugs, alcohol and orgies.
        Why self destruct and try to medicate the emptiness of selfishness when most have the time and the money to help and try to make a difference! Cough, Amanda Bynes…instead of drugs and endangering people’s lives, why not try to actually help others? That ‘s the best therapy and counseling i’ve ever had, it’s fulfilling, rewarding and opens your eyes to not focus on me, me, me,me, me,meeeee! Besides, you don ‘t even have to leave the US to help, they’d be surprised how many people in fheir community could use a hand during bad times, riches come and go, but the people and friendships you make are priceless. Besides, you never know when you’ll need help yourself…cough Lindsay Lohan…cough again…Miley Cyrus…cough

      • diana says:

        It is surprising how women typecast other women.
        UNHCR is basically a thankless organization, their work does not solve wars or magically create peace in nations. Their work is mostly about refugees who the world ignores and hides like a shameful secret. Jolie does a great job bringing focus to such an organization. Now people start talking and Govts sit up and take notice eg. German contribution, UK warcrimes office and my own govt officials worked their asses off in refugee settlement areas before her visit so as to make my country appear in favourable light in the global community.
        She’s the best thing that happened to UNHCR in my opinion. And US citizens do not believe in UN, sad but true. She really has guts to support UN inspite of its negative perception by many.
        And she herself says she is not political. Her greatest asset is that she can visit many countries on different sides of the conflict as a neutral observer. And she has to straddle a very fine thin diplomatic line. For eg, she may not like the Libyan killing, but she can never comment on it if she wants an open hearted invitation to Arab countries. In my personal opinion, she does a great job and is really a smart, intelligent and wellread person.

      • Freya says:

        Excellent post, diana! I agree with everything you said.

        The UNHCR is the UN agency for refugees! Nothing to do with war and peace.

      • Skizzel says:

        That’s funny. I just read an article from a man who was in Afghanistan over the winter while he talked to the Taliban.

        It got so cold at night his beard would gather ice and his eyes would freeze shut. It gets cold in the desert at night, but hey, let’s mock someone who knows this.

    • NM6804 says:


      I’ve learnt more from posters here who studied politics or are more intelligent on political and religious matters than I am and Jolie for that matter. I love reading their comments on a political Jolie-thread.

      I actually followed her Blood&Honey promo tour and she rarely had someting new to say. It’s all very…rehearsed. And defensive when somebody challenges her. I mentioned it here and if you listen to all her candid political interviews, she’s not very eloquent (e.g. her views on the elections).

      She might study political issues daily but her day job is still movie star. That, travelling and six children can never allow one person to leave enough time to really read pages and pages of information to keep you up-to-date. Never. Unless she doesn’t sleep. It’s not the same as somebody who works full-time for organistations who deal with human rights etc. The travel, office and paperwork they put in and the work Jolie puts in is just incomparable and unfair. Not enough to promote her to the higher echelons of a political organisation in my opinion, if work is the standard they (should) go by. Obviously, it’s not.

      It’s great she travels there and brings attention to these causes, it’s not that. It’s putting her in the same position as those who studied years and worked their butt off through networking, internships and the whole lot and probably will never reach that level as some famous moviestar does.

      On a lighter note: what does she write on that goddamn notepad? It’s always there, everywhere! Forget the leg, that notepad deserves its own meme :)

      • spinner says:

        Jolie is basically a Fundraiser for the UN. No real in-depth knowledge is needed.
        Her bottom-line job is to get people to reach into their pockets & donate.

      • SaskiaR. says:

        I see spinner is an expert to what is Angelina’s role in UN, beside being expert on “everything gushing” on Aniston/Theroux threads. Lol!

        NM6804 – I see you are back!We missed you since you long essays on the engagement threads! Nice to see your objective postings as well!

        People are so transparent – you see from mile away whom they despise and who can’t do wrong for them.

      • Lizi says:

        You live in a dreamworld.Do you really think there aren’t politicians in the UN who perhaps do less than her? Do you really think that corruption doesn’t even hit the UN? Funds,food,etc.; some amounts misteriously “get lost”. Check out what happens in Namibia for example. Sometimes half of the food doesn’t even arrive in the refugee camps. I’m not saying that in this case it’s the UN’s fault,but the system does not work effectively. No system does. We live in a fucked up world. Corruption is everywhere around you. And bear in mind,if a person like Jolie spoke “the truth”, which would be very inconvenient for many people in high places, do you think they would be happy to let her enter their countries as an UN ambassator or whatever? Furthermore, people working for the UN have to chose their words VERY WISELY and avoid conflict, otherwise they won’t be able to do shit in some countries, they’d be basically putting a bounty on their freaking heads. They can not speak their minds, they can not reveal anything, they can not accuse anyone, they can not make politically charged statements that would endanger their work. My guess is that he HAS to play the non-eloquent what so ever person, and it makes sense to any person who is aware of political situations in those kind of countries. You really have to be neutral and not refer a lot of stuff.

      • gennline says:

        What an idiot you are.Anonymous people come on the internet and tell you they have this or that degree,or know this or that about politics and you believe them,while dissing someone who has been working with refugees for 12 years and no doubt is in daily contact with others also working daily with refugees.You know nothing about anything and until you do I suggest you keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself

    • d b says:

      Much as I really do like her, I have to agree with you. It’s bizarre to think that someone’s mere status as a star is enough to establish their bonafides to pontificate on these issues over anyone else. When I see pictures of Jolie with people whose lives are shattered by violence, I doubt they even know who she is. It’s just so odd.
      On the other hand I really think she is sincere.

      • Emma says:

        Why does it matter if they know who she is? She’s not there as actress Angelina to sign autographs. She’s there as special envoy to the UNHCR Angelina.

      • db says:

        @Emma – She’s a UN rep because of her celebrity. I just think it a bizarre idea, not just because it is AJ.
        Imagine you’ve managed live through some horror and found your way to a refugee camp, and seemingly out of nowhere a “special” person appears followed by cameras and retainers and she starts posing. It’s all photo-op. I think it’s great that she can help this one get a house, or that one some healthcare — but nevertheless it has that random quality of a lot of celebrity charitable pursuits overseas.

        And while she is charismatic, this doesn’t quite obscure..something. There’s something off about her. Did you see the black muu-muu she wore in Turkey? That shows the whole suggestive outline of her body, even while supposedly being respecting cultural norms? And always her face is exposed just so, why? Because it is a photo-op, that is her job.

        Bottom line, I feel like being envoy is an acting job for her. She’s very bright and she’s found a way to satisfy her need for adulation without too much criticism, because she’s doing “such good work.”

        People in her position–rich, famous–who go into charitable work can be extremely helpful, even game changers. And often too there is a desire to give back, which is so laudable!

        But they are also targeted by organizations, ngo’s, whatever because the underlying assumption is that Americans are so silly and superficial that the BEST way to reach their empty heads and full wallets is by dangling a celebrity in front of them.

        But I digress.

      • Emma says:

        She was ambassador because she’s a celebrity. She was made special envoy and a member of the cfr because of her commitment and knowledge.

        Dude there are photos of all the UN ambassadors and UN missions on the UNHCR site. You don’t see them because they aren’t cross posted all over the internet like Angelina. It’s not a freaking photo op. This is a cause she’s been working and fighting for for over 10 years. She’s not doing it to receive praise. If she were so shallow she’d just write a check and hold a stupid telethon like George Clooney and Sean Penn who everyone acts like are the second coming of Christ. Angelina is flying to Iraq and Libya because she cares. Your attitude is grossly cynical.

        Regarding her wardrobe (why that matters? idk I guess because she’s a woman) she wears a head covering when she’s with the refugees because they are from Syria. She doesn’t when talking to the officials because they are officials of a secular country.

    • Emma says:

      I feel like people wh say this don’t understand that visiting refugee camps is not only what she does. The UN is a serious organization who hire celebrity ambassadors to garner attention for issues but they aren’t an organization who would make a celebrity a special envoy for attention. Her promotion clearly shows that she has a deep understanding and knowledge of refugee issues. Her job isn’t pointless at all. She deals directly with the government on developing long lasting solutions. She has a real title and responsibility.

      • Liberty says:

        I tend to agree with Emma. She may not be doing this 24/7 but she seems to take it seriously and probably turns in her notes so various projects can make use of them as part of a study. Someone I used to work with went on to UN field work and said they were always grateful for any high profile person willing to shed a light on something and keep an issue in the public’s mind — and of course for fundraising help, why not. I would think that would be the good part of fame — being in more of a position to say, “hey look! Help!” in some way.

      • MW says:

        I agree with you 100%, Emma. AJ, just being involved, could cause people to stop and read an article, (or maybe at least the first paragraph) whereas they probably would have skipped right over it otherwise. That is how I initially became aware of what was going on, and why; from her involvement and skipping on to other links on the subject, and more. She is in an extremely dangerous area right now, due to the rioting prompted allegedly by the movie that insulted Allah, and “surrounded by security” or not, she is not safe by any stretch. Look at the American ambassador. I don’t see her hauling butt back home. She is finishing what she started, i.e., raising awareness, which in turn hopefully will get people to donate, and I admire her.

  2. Anahata says:

    I wish her personal relationship ethics matched those of her goodwill missions. Very commendable what shes doing overseas though.

  3. LeslieM says:

    I am so inspired by what she is doing. It seems like another world from when her father went on tv and said she was having problems and there needed to be an intervention. I don’t know what that was all about. Does anyone?

    I think people should alway be judged for the people they are today and not for any mistakes they’ve made in the past.

    It’s great that she has been chosen as a recognized ambassador for all of the work she has done. I would never have known about these refugees if I had not read about it here. It makes me want to go on a mission trip.

    She’s also the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. Beautiful inside and out!

    • Allie May says:

      I agree with you, LeslieM, I also think Angie is beautiful inside and out! I think she is truly trying to do good and help the world. And my heart goes out to her as she is the mother of 6 children. I may not have cared for her in the past, but her attempts to lead an exemplary life is admirable.
      Also, I suspect she suffered from drug issues and probably depression in the past and that is why her father spoke out. Maybe cutting? Seems she has been living healthier.

  4. Winky42 says:

    On a tangential note, whatever happened to Angie’s throbbing facial veins? Did she have something done? Or did she gain some weight? ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW

  5. Bradley says:

    Hide your children y’all! Angie is coming.

  6. Qatar 2 says:

    Just a note, the “muu muu” to which you are referring is an abaya, a traditional dress for many women in Muslim countries. It is intended to mask the shape of the body. It was very respectful of her to wear this.

    • Disbelieving says:

      Except she was in cosmopolitan cities where most women don’t dress in this fashion. Look at the dress of those around her. Plus, she is not Muslim. Ask yourself this question: does Hillary Clinton dress like this when she visits other countries?

      • Mira says:

        No. Hillary Clinton will not dress like AJ did because of government protocol. She may wear a head scarf if she visits a mosque but any government official on an overseas trip has to be dressed in the official dress of their country, with the exception of some countries like Iran where it is mandatory for all women including those who visit the country to wear head scarfs until their departure.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Angelina is great, but it’s time to start a petition to stop her sackddressing. That blu thing what was that? A courtain? A sheet???

  8. Disbelieving says:

    Attack me all you like but her outfits here are missteps. Both countries are secular, modern states with cosmopolitan cities. She looks foolish in her baggy, pseudo-religious clothing. Look at the clothes of the people escorting her, she is, badly, out of sync with her surroundings.

  9. GoodCapon says:

    I think there were recent pictures where she was in all black? I think she looked great in it.

  10. taxi says:

    Her escorts aren’t the refugees she’s visiting. In Muslim communities, it’s always better to err on the side of conservatism. Completely different on US soil. I know Saudi, Serb, Lebanese, & Iranian women who dress completely differently when out of their home countries. I met a 15 year old Saudi girl wearing a tube top & very short shorts in the US. Her mother told me that at home in SA the girl would be arrested & possibly executed if she dressed like that. I think Angie is prudent to avoid the possibility of irritating the most conservative people in the areas she visits.
    If Libyans get so upset by a YouTube clip that they murder Americans & Turks riot over the same clip, it’s smart to play it very safe.

  11. Nur says:

    As someone living in Turkey Istanbul all her life, pls let me clarify. We are (still) free to dress as we please. So unless you go into the dodgy low-income parts of Istanbul, u can walk around in shorts and tank tops and show deep cleavage. Im sure Angie was briefed about the relax dress codes in Turkey but she went to an area in Turkeythat is known for conservatism. So although it would have been perfectly ok for her to go around without headscarves and showing modest skin, she chose a more cautious approach, probably not to offend anyone. I think thats the most sensible thing to do.
    Btw i think she is not wearing a headscarf in pictures from Turkey.

  12. lisa2 says:

    Such a shame and so ridiculous that the focus is on what she is wearing. If this was a male nobody would care. And if this was a male there would not be that much criticism on what they were doing. Ben A in the Congo, George or Matt. High praise for them bringing awareness.. But if Angie is doing her UN work well here we go. This woman has built Clinics and Schools all over the world. She finances them. She doesn’t ask anyone to donate or give a penny. She and Brad and their foundation fund these and so many other causes that don’t get a mention. This visit like all those she does are associated with the UNHCR. They film and have the photographs taken. They use this on their website to get donations. And yes it must be working because when she goes to these camps it makes international news. Fair or not that is the fact. Was there a mention of this on this site before she went?

    Gosh women love to whine about how the focus is always on how they look, but that is what they whine about regarding other women.

    She is there. She cares. She is trying. Where is the crime in that? I didn’t see any of that when celebs were doing the Stand up for Cancer. They had their pictures taken. They were on TV asking for donations. I don’t recall anyone asking how much money those celebs gave out of their pocket. I saw them wearing T-shirts to stand up. Did that help the cause in some way? So what is the difference?

  13. claire says:

    I have no idea the levels of conservatism that were amongst the refugees she was visiting, but, from my own work experience meeting with people of Middle Eastern countries, if out of 10 people, 1 is very conservative, then I am advised to to dress to please the 1. It’s that denominator that dictates the caution taken. Could be the rule of thinking that the UN uses, could not be. Who knows. None of us do. I just know that I super admire her work and dedication for the UN’s causes.

    • Disbelieving says:

      Just continuing in the interest of discussion not to fight. I’m not sure conservatism is the issue. I think AJ, usually, dresses conservatively, at least since becoming a mother. I am not even sure you would call the black abaya conservative given the neckline. I just think she made a misstep with the attempt to copy Muslim style dress. Abayas and head scarves are demonstrations of faith that she does not possess. Nor is such dress universally worn/required in the countries she was visiting. That is why I called it a false note.

      • Janet says:

        I don’t think she’s demonstrating any faith. She’s simply respecting the cultural norms of the country she’s in.

      • Disbelieving says:

        @janet. My point is that those aren’t the norms of the countries she is visiting UNLESS you choose to dress that way as an expression of faith.

      • Janet says:

        @Disbelieving: Faith and culture aren’t necessarily synonymous. She plays it safe and if I were visiting a foreign country, I would too. You simply don’t like her, and you have a right to your opinion, but drop the pretense that you’re offended by her religious dishonesty or whatever it is you’re complaining about. You’d snark on her no matter what she put on.

      • Disbelieving says:

        @Janet. How dare you presume to know my feelings about anything. I don’t have any feelings at all about an individual celebrity. I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and I am weary of the misunderstanding between people in this world and the misplaced hero worship. I admire the woman in the jeans/pants and t-shirt sitting on the ground who day by day works with those refugees. go back to your mindless hero worship for a woman that you know absolutely nothing about except the image she projects. It would be nice if she could get that right but she didn’t.

      • Janet says:

        @Disbelieving: My comment was in response to yours. Your PhD in cultural anthropology hasn’t been effective in hiding your irrational dislike toward someone you never met and never will. Angelina is showing respect to the people of the country she is visiting. What do you expect her to do, walk around in a miniskirt and a tank top? That attitude of “I’ll wear whatever I want” is the reason so many American traveling overseas get a bad rap. If you can’t respect the customs of the place you’re visiting, stay home.

      • Lookwhosthere says:

        Lol, you are so worked up about it and you are judging also. Read first on UNHCR page what Angelina did (in jeans, T-shirts and dresses) over the years, and then judge, even though you will always find something wrong with her, whatever she do, because you just plainly don’t like her.

      • diana says:

        Wow. A Ph D. Standing ovation. You are obviously better than rest of us. And you are definitely better than Angelina Jolie, because she is just a Hollywood actress who should have been admired for beauty alone. What a crime for her to encroach into topics only you Ph Ds can understand.
        Fyi, I have a friend in MSF (but she’s only a medical doctor, pitiful when compared to a PhD like you) who told me of many contributions made by this hollywood bimbo which has made the lives of doctors easier serving in the remotest areas of Africa.
        There were many examples where her visit made life of refugees better. I do remember seeing a ‘photoop’ with a Bosnian old lady who got a house to live in.
        But what do I know, I’m not a Phd. I’m just an ordinary woman who likes to make another woman with a large heart and turned her life around as my role model. Yeah, she should have gotten a PhD first though.
        Please enlighten us more with your great academic credentials spewing intolerance against others in a gossip blog.
        And if you do possess minimal reading comprehension skills, pls read the comments made by the posters from Middle East on this thread. But ofcourse, you’ve already got a PhD, so you have nothing more to learn from anyone in life.

      • Emmav1 says:


        It’s sad you say you have a degree in cultural relations, as you are an extremely biased individual and very cynical as well – plus to me, personally, you seem very narcissistic.

        One would think someone who makes it an educational goal to study other cultures would be open minded in general, but that’s obviously not the case with you.

        Your comments (yes, yes, freedom of speech, internet forum, blah blah, etc.) are pretty pointless from a debate perspective as you are extremely biased and making thinly veiled (if veiled at all) ad hominem attacks on Angelina and her motivations.

        Again, if it makes you feel better attacking her and acting condescending from god knows where, judging her and others, then good for you, but don’t try to use your “PhD” to try to bring more “credibility” to your arguments and opinions, because it only evidences the unfortunate fact that education does not breed class and in some people creates this false sense of superiority.

        I mean, you take that very high minded, egoistic approach when you talk about misplaced hero worship. As long as people aren’t attacking you for not hero worshipping who they choose to, then you should really shut up about those things. YOU can be the one to hero worship people who dedicate their entire lives to poverty, living amongst those who need help, and yes they are very admirable individuals, but just because they exist doesn’t mean Angelina’s efforts aren’t praiseworthy.

      • Emma says:

        So ignorant. She’s visiting SYRIAN refugees from SYRIA.

      • claire says:

        It’s not universally required, no, but as I clearly stated, often it’s advisable to dress to please those that do, while not required, follow the most conservative rule.

      • flan says:

        For someone with any degree in cultural anthropology, you seem terribly biased. You should have been able to realize that scarves are sometimes as related to culture (if not more) as to religion.

        You should also have been able to know that people in other countries mostly appreciate it when you show you respect their culture or religion.

    • Ennie says:

      Many timethe first displaced are the people Who live in rural areas. Sometimes peope fromthese areas are more conservative than those in the city. Due to the current situation with the country she comes from, and since it is not a personal visit, she probably played it safe. But again she has been dressing like this for a while, mixing with other type of outfits.
      And yes, she has been looking beautiful lately too.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Emmav1 says:

        “It’s sad you say you have a degree in cultural relations”…

        Actually, what is sadder is that u think cultural “relations” is even close to cultural anthropology. LOL.

        Why doesn’t everybody just lay off @ Disbelieving. She mentioned her degree to give u reference as to why her opinion is what it is. Not once in this thread was she condescending. Nor did she insist that she was right. Just because u don’t agree with her, doesn’t mean u need to make personal attacks because she mentioned her educational background. It makes u look defensive.

        People are allowed their opinion, even those with PHDs.

      • flan says:

        @Vesper, she mentioned that and then proceeded to accuse Janet of ‘mindless hero worship’. So it seemed to me in that context that she not only said it to explain her pov, but also as a way to be condescending to ‘mindless’ people.

        She’s not innocent in this argument.

      • Janet says:

        @Vesper: She brought it on herself. She came on here making silly, ridiculous statements about someone whom she is plainly biased against. I suspect that degree she claims to have may be as authentic as the proverbial three-dollar bill.

  14. Janet says:

    This is the best I’ve seen her looking since she was pregnant with the twins. Hmmm… ??

  15. manly says:

    the jealousy of the haters.AMAZING.!!!

  16. mik says:

    I think it’s great that she does so much to help out.

  17. Grace says:

    It’s weird for people to say that Angie is there only for a photo op and that it does no good while being on a gossip site where all people do is judge people on how they look. Of course people are going to assess a stranger’s clothes no matter what she does or where she’s from.
    Americans aren’t special just because they like to flash boob and crotch shots whenever possible.
    The rest of the world is probably hoping a lot of American women start putting their clothes back on for a change.
    If people don’t like what Angie is doing all they have to do is find a way to go there and speak for themselves. Otherwise the actors will continue to speak for them with their clothing choices.

  18. samira25 says:

    The haters are ridiculous. It’s amusing that world leaders haven’t been able to accomplish anything for years but Angelina is useless because she hasn’t been able to bring world peace. I also don’t get how George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, etc can make these type of trips and get called wonderful but Angelina get called every horrible name in the book.

  19. Zigggy says:

    Oh my god- the comments on this story are practically a story in themselves! Fascinating.

  20. pz says:

    It looks like she’s saying “pull my finger” in the top photo.

  21. Vicky Haf says:

    70 million dollar chateau, just one of the houses, and she is worried about starving refugees. Can you say “hypocrite”? NO ONE needs a 70 million dollar chateau, with how many millions in renovations? There is no sin in living large if you have it, but this is living like a fat pig. Way to go, half the cost of that house would have saved thousands from starving. A 35 million dollar house won’t do?

  22. Bobbie says:

    And while I admire what shes trying to do internationally, I would love see her help us the same.

    • Ennie says:

      I think you mean the US, right? Well, she is workinr for the refugees under a UN agency, that means their main priority is international, she does not get to dictate who to visit. They aer e very aware of international problems, which around the world in impoverished zones, problems magnify: no water, no roof, no food, no schoold, no safeness, you could be raped or murdered even at a camp because sometimes there are too many people and few guards… Uncomparable to first world situations even for people in need. In those countries in crisis there are no options, no welfare, no hospitals.
      Even then, they pay taxes and create jobs in the USA, and they donate there, for cancer hospitals (missouri), to Children’s charities (SOS villages in the USA), To create houses (NO,Louisiana), Tornado relief in Missouri too, Etc.
      But remember that they arebfree to help where they see fit. Jolie and Pitt are no superheroes that have obligations around the world… What about others, do you rag on celebs who ONLY donate in the USA? Why not to go global? A lot of the money they make come from overseas anyway, not only Americans watch their movies, or see their tv programs, why not help elsewhere?

    • Emma says:

      Ugh. Americans are the worst and I say this as one. America is not a country that needs help. She is helping third world countries where there is blood shed war going on killing innocent civilians, child soldiers, etc.

      And she does help the US. She donated a great deal of money to Katrina, Mississippi tornadoes, etc. She sponsors numerous children in SOS Villages, created homes in New Orleans and helped children go back to school, donates to St. Jude, has visited troops in Walter Reed, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • Thalia says:

      America is the richest country in the world and doesn’t need help. You have no idea what poverty is.

  23. skuddles says:

    I really admire Angelinia’s commitment to these causes. I don’t give a sh*t what she wears when she’s doing it or that she is not the most politically savvy person on the planet – it’s the fact she cares enough to keep giving of herself, year after year. She sets a fine example and raises awareness to very worthwhile causes – a true humanitarian. How many others can say the same?

  24. A Fan says:

    I really don’t get how anybody could find fault in what she’s doing.

  25. F5 says:

    LOL@ the first pic.. looks like a witch poking a child to see if she’s ready to be eaten.
    A gorgeous witch though :D

  26. Susan says:

    Agreed she means well. But – her trip to help out “the Arab Spring” – um they are now killing Americans. The truth is that these countries need to sort out their problems on their own – without help from the US. I have no problem with Angie asking for support and money from India, China, Africa, Iran, etc. But leave the US out of it. They have helped enough and all they get for it is attacks and hate.

    Second her bringing awarenss only works if the press writes about her. They are not doing this much anymore. Hardly anyone knows that Angie is visiting these camps. With the Americans being killed, the Kate topless photos – Angie is hardly mentioned except on a few celebrity blogs.

    I say quit asking the US for money. The US knows all about the problems in the “Arab Spring” and if they want to give they will. Enough already.

  27. Eyes opened says:

    My eyes have followed Angie to the issues and countries that she has shined the light on. Without her attention, I would probably have been too busy to look into at issues. She definitely does not have to do this… she could just live a happily ever after life with Brad and their children, making movies, leisurely traveling, etc., but she is much deeper than that. She is smarter than that. What’s nice is that I’m sure one or more of her children will follow in her footsteps… and that is what we’re here for… to make this world a better place, a safer place.

    • Susan says:

      That is so sad. You mean to say that without Angie going to Turkey you never would have known that Syria is at war the its citizens are trying to leave the county? Perhaps you should look at google news more. Are you aware that an American has just been killed in Lybia? Are you aware that the “Arab Spring” is not working and while the States sends billions of dollars to help these countries they turn around and murder Americans trying to help them. Unfortunately Angie’s visits are hardely noticed on the world scale. Hardly anyone even knows she has been taking these trips. If her goal is to bring awareness it is not working any more.

      • Thalia says:

        I wish the haters would stick to the one story. First its “she does it for press” now its “hardly anyone knows she goes there”. rme

      • Eyes opened says:

        I know of the issues you mentioned, but I don’t pour over those articles in depth like I should. We, in our busy lives, tend to overlook the people element of these stories. We are distanced from it. I’m just saying, she helps put more attention there, where people need help. I’m sorry, I’m not as aware as you. I feel guilty that I am ignorant to important issues in this world. I admire you for that, I truly do.

  28. Sakyiwaa says:

    She has a beautiful soul. Truly, nobody is perfect…. But this lady is darn close to it :-)

    Go Angie… Keep doing u no matter naysayers…

  29. Lizi says:

    Disbelieving…for someone who has a PhD you “read” very,very illogical,irreflected and ignorant. My point, studies and graduations don’t really mean anything =) and yes, I was brought up in an academic elitist environment,I received a really good education, but I USE MY BRAIN to think,you know? Please,anyone who uses their degrees or whatever to support their opinions is just making a fool out of themselves.

  30. Sakyiwaa says:

    My point exactly… The US is not te only rich country in the world. They may be the richest… But they are not the only ones :-)

  31. Barbara says:

    I really admire this lady. She’s amazing. I think taking hours she could spend with her children, resting, or working to visit those places where NOBODY wants to go, to address those people EVERYBODY ignores is just amazing.
    She’s there for those women, those kids, those men. She dresses like that showing her respect and also for them to relate to her somehow. I’m sure the PEOPLE she visits like what she dresses. And let’s be honest, Angie wears sacks all the time, not only when visiting, so it’s sort of her style too.
    I think it won’t make a lot of difference for those women to tell their stories to Angie, but it DOES make some difference. I’ve never been to something even remotely close to what they’ve been through, and even with my much smaller problems, it feels great when someone really wants to listen to what I have to say, to my rant or to my sorrow. So it may not make any difference for us, but I think it’s comforting for them and it’s not because she’s Angelina Jolie (I’m not sure all those people actually know who she is, probably, because they used to have a life just years ago and Angelina’s been there for a while now). They appreciate someone that actually goes there to listen to them, to show understanding, compassion, to show that a few people around the world actually care about their situation. I don’t know, as I said, I thankfully never been in such an extreme condition, but I feel like it’s highly appreciated for people who think the world forgot and REJECTED them. She goes there because of those people she meets, because she shows respect and concern, because she tries to be there for them, for the small things she can actually do. Some of the people criticizing (or even worshiping) could actually think of going or doing something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing like a small donation or a visit. Those people need a lot of things and the little we can do, makes a difference. I can only imagine how comforting it must be to have someone to go out of their way, pay a visit, listen to their story, share their pain even if only remotely and for a couple of minutes. When you feel like the whole world ignores you, when someone does take the time with you, celebrity or not, it must make you feel at least slightly better.
    Those women will still miss and worry about their husbands, they will still have a big challenge raising their kids, but for a moment someone at least heard their story, and tried to offer some comfort or even do something about it. I don’t know how can someone criticize it. The clothes, I get, though I think people got the wrong message, but the visit itself?
    It’s like someone criticizing one who gives clothes or food to the poor and hungry. It makes NO SENSE. But free will and opinion and all. It does sound a bit crazy to my ears though.
    Comparing her to politician and her limited knowledge may be relevant and it may make sense. Except to me it doesn’t seem like she’s there for it. She doesn’t aim those things, she’s not trying to become an expert. She has a fiancé and six kids to take care of. She still has a career, she can’t dedicate more than she does. Actually she makes more than I expect from a working mother of six.

  32. Emma says:

    I can’t believe people are arguing over what she’s wearing. Goes to show that people still think a woman’s worth is based on her looks.

  33. spellman says:

    for those wondering why she doesn’t do more in the USA, why can’t you give her the benefit you give to other celebs who do their work “quietly?” I think what we know of AJ’s charity is just the tip of the iceberg. and a quick check on the internet will reveal all the charities and time she dedicates to US concerns.

    and for those wondering what use are her visits and what could possibly be in her notebook, that is the basis of reports that she will prepare and present to officials in the UN to determine how to help and where to direct resources, and to member nations reps who receive reports too. There is a lot a behind the scenes work, she doesn’t just show up and randomly walk around, it takes tremendous preparation and post visit work. That is not even counting the real human value of her visits.

    and as far as qualifications, AJ has been doing this for 12 years, that is the equivalent of college, masters and PHD work, and it is not just book learning but real life training as well. AJ is probably more qualified than most people in the UN — how many have been to 40 countries, in the field???

    anyone trying to diminish AJ’s experience, preparation, intelligence and effectiveness really needs to check their irrational hate at the door.

  34. Mara says:

    She look stunning no matter what she wears ,the head scarf make her look the most beautiful ,good job Angelina for respecting other people culture and religion .

  35. NinaS says:

    I am in awe of the way in which Angelina uses her celebrity and shame on the rest of Hollywood for not following her example. Here’s some information; and this is nothing new. She’s been doing this work for years and she puts her money where her mouth is, with millions in donations in relief efforts for Haiti, and Doctors without Borders, just to name a few. She and Brad Pitt donated $8 million in 2006. She made $500,000 for the first photos of her visibly pregnant and donated the entire payment to charity, and she did the same thing for the photos of newborn Shiloh, which I understand were worth much more. When celebrities like LeAnn Rimes use charities for photo-ops and brag about “presenting” an already donated wheelchair to a person in need (another photo op), and spend the majority of their time drinking and on vacation., there is no comparison. I have the utmost respect for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

    • teri says:

      Nice post Nina. Even when Brad Pitt helps to rebuild New Orleans they still complained. Nothing is going to change their views on this family. It’s their loss not ours. We have been blessed to be part of Angelina’s good deeds and not being nasty.

  36. Missy says:

    She should quit acting and do this full time, I certainly wouldn’t miss her in films

    • Unsure says:

      Unsure if you are trying to be mean, but I don’t think you would say that to her face… so guess, it was mean spirited and yes, honest. I agree that her latest films have not been her best. I think it is because her heart is not in it… her heart is first with family and then with charity work. But her job pays the bills. Just like musicians write their best music out of sorrow and pain… once that pain is gone, sometimes the urgency of their music is gone as well. So, I agree to an extent, but not to be mean spirited. I still would love to see her in films. However, I would like to see her in a romantic comedy someday. Something light, in contrast to her life.