UK tabloid: Rob Pattinson ‘has totally forgiven’ Kristen, they’re back together

Well, I guess we should cover this. For whatever reason, the past week has been full of nonsensical speculation about whether Robert Pattinson has taken Kristen Stewart back. For the record, I do think it’s probably true that Kristen’s people have been telling gossip bloggers and media outlets that Kristen and Rob are talking, and Kristen’s people might even be saying that they’re back together. But wishing doesn’t make it so, and despite the wishful thinking, I’m not really seeing any evidence to suggest anything more or less than “Rob dumped Kristen for cheating, and while he’s not out to destroy her life, he doesn’t want to get back together.” Still, let’s listen to The Sun try to explain how Robsten IS Unbroken.

TWILIGHT hunk Robert Pattinson and love cheat co-star Kristen Stewart have become an item again — just months after he walked out on her. R-Patz, 26, was last night revealed to have had a heart-to-heart with the tearful Hollywood beauty, 22, and forgiven her “stupid mistake”.

A source told how the smitten Brit had set up home with the brunette once more — adding: “They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other. Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake.”

Betrayed R-Patz quit their Hollywood home in June over snaps of Kristen cheating on him with another Brit — married film director Rupert Sanders, 41. Heartbroken R-Patz went to stay at Reese Witherspoon’s California ranch, where Kristen’s dad John begged him to patch things up with his daughter.

R-Patz — already shaken by Twilight fans’ online vitriol against her — finally relented. Just days ago, Kristen — who wore one of her ex’s tops to fly to Toronto, Canada, to plug her new movie On The Road — jetted back to join him at the ranch.

The source confirmed: “Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they’ve worked it out. Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other.”

The pair have now moved into a secluded pad in the same Los Angeles compound where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a place. Kristen and R-Patz are due to appear on the red carpet together in November for the final Twilight film Breaking Dawn — Part 2. The source said: “For now they are focusing on themselves.”

[From The Sun]

“The same LA compound” as Brangelina would be Los Feliz, correct? And Kristen just bought a home in Malibu, while Rob is said to be selling his LA home. What’s interesting is that I’m pretty sure that Kristen traveled from LA to Toronto and then to NYC, where Rob was in LA for the VMAs, and I think he might be in London now, or he might still be in LA. Whatever happened, it didn’t happen while they were in the same city, that’s what I’m saying. Still, keep hope alive, Twihards. They are Unbroken. The Breaking Dawn II publicity tour will “prove” it, I’m sure. I’m sure there will be lots and lots of body language and intense looks to analyze and while you’re analyzing, you can wait in line for tickets to the film. See how that works?

Meanwhile, Kristen gave an interview to MTV about her role in On the Road. I’ve read some of the spoiler-filled reviews of the film, and I have to think that it kind of sucks for Kristen (a little bit) to have to promote such a “raunchy” or “sexy” film right after The Mini-Coopering Scandal. Apparently, Kristen is playing a pretty sexed-up, no-holds-barred character, and while that will earn the respect of many critics and Hollywood types, it’s got to be kind of awkward for Awkward Kristen and Her Twitches of Discomfort. But Kristen says no, it’s not awkward:

Director Walter Salles’ adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel “On the Road” features no small amount of risk-taking. Kristen Stewart is very much involved in said risks, appearing topless at points in the film. But to hear the “Twilight” star say it, there wasn’t as much fear involved with her on-screen nudity as one might expect, largely because of the environment her director created on set.

“It didn’t bother me,” Stewart told MTV News as the Toronto International Film Festival. “You can do no wrong with [Salles]. He puts so much inside of you. In the four-week rehearsal process, it was okay to ask any question, to bring up any story, to really overanalyze everything and intellectualize everything. Once we got on set, it was so about just breathing and letting it happen. He put so much trust in us,” she continued. “So it was like, ‘OK, so I have to take my clothes off?’ It’s so not a big [deal].”

[From MTV]

Maybe she’s a better actress than we’ve given her credit for. Maybe she still has a lot of room to grow and mature and maybe she’ll end up surprising all of us in the long run. Why not? It could actually happen.

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  1. Amelia says:

    The Sun?
    Taken with a large vodka and a hefty pinch of salt and this could maybe be classed as genuine.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    And the pre-last-Twilight-movie drama build-up begins… [or actually, continues].

  3. marie says:

    so… he has a house that they lived in together but instead of moving back there, they move into a whole new house? riiiight, from reading interviews, I’ve always gotten the feeling that he’s cheap. They might be back together but this story is complete rubbish..

  4. Em says:

    She probably shouldn’t talk about a director putting so much inside her!

  5. mila says:

    Yea, right. Until november. After that last sequel is over they will be over.
    Common, this is so boring. Who cares..

  6. Jane says:

    Because it’s completely natural to “forgive” public cheating and humiliation after just 2 months and right before the promotion of their film starts./sarcasm

    It’s nothing but publicity stunt. The last BD film made less money than Eclipse and the public isn’t interested in the sparkly vampires but this scandal has brought interest back.

    Also The Sun is reporting Lainey’s idiotic article from couple of days and that was most certainly a plant from Stewart’s publicist. Lainey has been busy the past 2 months with whitewashing Stewart’s homewrecker image and the only way to do it is to push Pattinson as her saviour.

  7. mia girl says:

    The Sun, shining artificial light into Twihards’ 8 weeks of darkness.

  8. mln76 says:

    I’m convinced they are contractually obligated to be ‘unbroken’ til the DVD comes out.

  9. Blupp says:

    “He puts so much inside of you.” if only she had said that about rupert sanders during promo.

  10. FreeSpiritedGirl says:


  11. Lord says:

    You shouldn’t get your info from shipper sites.
    He was in London pre Tiff and arrived in LA on the same day she left for Toronto. There’s no reconciliation, just planted stories to save Kstew’s career and the last Twilight film.

  12. cookie says:

    It’s not awkward, but you know, it’s…awkward. (and it makes me twitch and it makes me bite my lip and hardly be able to get the words out fast enough, but…no.)

  13. Eve says:

    Maybe she’s a better actress than we’ve given her credit for.


  14. andy says:

    Robsten is back together? If so, I hope they take a romantic vacation to the Bermuda Triangle.

  15. Micki says:

    The two actors on the promo photo look kind of awkward around her.

  16. Ranunculus says:

    I read somewhere that her cheating on him was just a stunt to get some publicity.

  17. Would Vincet Cassel Wear This? says:

    Wow. This has really taken the unwanted spotlight from Tom Cruise.

  18. Anname says:

    Based on his comments for the past 3 years, I think Rob would hate that people think he is using his personal life for the promotion of a movie. My guess is that he will not make any decisions about his relationship until after November. Get through promotion and then deal with it in private. But if Kristen and her team are truly playing games with the media, I hope Rob stays far away from it.

  19. Chatcat says:

    “and I have to think that it kind of sucks for Kristen (a little bit) to have to promote such a “raunchy” or “sexy” film right after The Mini-Coopering Scandal.” Karma Kaiser, it’s all about Karma! :)

  20. Eleonor says:

    Of course they aren’t but they have to look in good relationship for the promotion, or maybe this is the way the SUN is trying to avoid a royal lawsuit, for the publication of Harry’s photos: the are changing subject to make people forget those photos.

  21. pretty says:

    Robert Pattinson is such a gentleman.
    And i am disgusted by Kristen constantly wearing Rob’s clothes.
    She plays that Hollywood game so right in front of your face, You just want to smack her. All that “i’m not like those fake hollywood biaches” talk look so pathetic and laughable when you see read that now.. ew ew ew i hope she disappears.

  22. nate says:

    “He puts so much inside of you” -_- *facepalm*

  23. Annie says:

    All signs point to a break up. Look at Kristen’s emaciated frame. That’s not a girl who never lost her man or got him back. That is a bad break up weight loss. Her face is sad a d tired too. The media is going to exploit this “are they or aren’t they” again because 1) we will never get a straight answer from them, 2) people are drawn to this game so it sells mags and gives hits to sites.

    I hate shippers who say they never broke up. Look at Kristen, look at her. Pretty clothes shouldn’t distract you so much from the fact that girl lost so much weight. That’s worrysome.

  24. Janet says:

    The Sun? GMAB, they’re less reliable than a stopped watch. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. I’ll believe this when it’s reported in People magazine.

  25. Annie says:

    Also, people, if the relationship and break up were a stunt because they needed publicity they would’ve announced an engagement. Not such an embarrassing scandal. Who agrees to make herself look this bad? Stunts are always positive things because they want to get attention and look good while doing it (because it’s PR): adoptions, engagements, new relationships, etc.

    Do you know how crazy twihards would go if they had announced an engagement? The good attention, the money, the interest in them again because omg they admitted it and they’re getting married!!

    So no, this is not PR stunt. It’s a PR nightmare.

    • another nina says:

      No, stunts aren’t always positive – think ’bout megan fox’s multiple break-ups with BAG.
      I also tend to think that this break-up was scripted but something went wrong – either with players or timing.

      • Annie says:

        Lol and how do you know that’s a publicity stunt and not their actual private life? What jobs or magazine covers did they get from it? They’re having a kid together, in case you didn’t know. It is a real relationship with ups and downs. I fail to see why you think their break ups were PR. And even if they were, doesn’t look like it worked so well, did it? Both are still D listers lmao.

        Again, PR campaigns to generate money and a good image are always positive (unless one camp wants the other camp to look bad). A good image PR campaign makes the celebrity look good, not bad. Like Sandra Bullock adopting a black baby after it was discovered that her ex was a neo-Nazi sympathizer (you don’t think she knew?).

      • Annette says:

        Is cheating *really* so ineffective as a public stunt though? IMO it all depends of what type of image you are trying to create for yourself. What if KS actually wants a bad girl image? Cheating sure seemed to help boost both Bradgelina and Leann Rimes /Eddie’s public profiles. Then there are the gay rumours about both Rob and Kristen, this whole thing convincingly cements them both as hetero in the public eye. Perhaps they both wanted out of the showmance but didn’t want gay rumors circulating.

      • Anname says:

        These accusations that the cheating was a PR stunt are so bizarre to me. I guess it must be way more interesting to concoct an elaborate story rather than to accept the more obvious explanation of a cheating girlfriend and a married man.

      • MissA says:

        I can’t believe that non-shippers actually think that this is a PR stunt to.promote BD2. Crazy shippers think that this is a huge PR stunt because they are stil stuck in denial phase and cannot accept that their beloved Kristen cheated.If Summit wanted to set up a PR stunt then they would have ensured that it was something postive and focused on R/K being similar to E/B.Do you honestly think.that they wanted their Bella to be a cheating skank?

      • MissA says:

        I can’t believe that non-shippers actually think that this is a PR stunt to.promote BD2. Crazy shippers think that this is a huge PR stunt because they are stil stuck in denial phase and cannot accept that their beloved Kristen cheated.If Summit wanted to set up a PR stunt then they would have ensured that it was something postive and focused on R/K being similar to E/B.Do you honestly think.that they wanted their Bella to be a cheating ska?

      • MissA says:

        I’m sure R/K did all the crying and stuff in front of the “source” *eyeroll* I hope Rob is smart enough to know that taking her back would be disastrous because she is very impulsive,immature and pretentious .I honestly believe that she thinks she is entitled to do whatever she wants because she is somehow better than everyone else and thats why she thought it was ok to cheat.

      • another nina says:

        Well, I find it bizarre that stans take actors’ interviews at face value. People, interview is a part of a PR campaign, it’s not a confession…They lie, they play, they joke ’cause they don’t anticipate you taking it all so seriously – they just want you to spend $11! I’ll never get what moves you, stans…

  26. Dee Cee says:

    The duped uh.. wife seemed wily and willing enough to openly parade, publicity benefit, while she was stricken with great sorrow and grief.. for sure..

  27. carly says:

    still with the malibu house?? she had that house since last year, is not recent, Rob still in LA not in NY or LO, he came back two days before she had to go to TIFF, why would she still be wearing his stuff if they’re not even talking??

    You people accuse Kristen and her team of spreading lies, then how come Rob’s team is not saying anything?? why dont they deny it?? why is it that every single rumor of him hooking up with other girls gets debunked almost inmediately, if he is single why not? why deny those rumors? why let her team get away with lies if that’s what they are?

    lainey still saying they’re together, she doesn’t work for Kristen, she calls is as she sees it.

    Truth is, nobdy knows anything, because neither one of them is talking

    • Annie says:

      Because Rob doesn’t have a publicist aka someone who plants stories to make stars look good. He truly is a private person, not a poser, like his ex who sure knows how to play the game. Lainey, who “calls it like she sees it” has alluded to a coke and rage problem to Rob. Want to keep believing her?

    • Carrie says:

      Carly, I agree with you. The haters do not use logic, they just want them to be apart. I hope them to get back together to infuriate the haters.

      • kiki says:

        I am not usually a gleefully spiteful person but I am gonna laugh my ass off if this story is true. All the condescending, sanctimonious people on some of these sites will sputter and backpedal and state how they knew Rob was a pansy all along. And that they will NEVER EVER EVER watch any film these two are in again. They will villify Rob Pattinson who has never ever done anything to deserve any of this invasive crap into his personal life. They have mocked and belittled Kristen Stewart with anything but an objective view point of her appearance, talent and humanity. I really admire Pattinson but I am not a particularly great fan fan of Stewart. She is a good actress when cast in the right part but so is Rob Pattinson. Both are attractive. Have eyes in my head and am not stupid. Neither one have deserved the stupidity and fanaticism surrounding this situation. Wish the best to both of them. Time to move on and crucify the next guy.

    • Emma says:

      “how come Rob’s team is not saying anything??”

      Tell me something, when has Rob’s people EVER said anything? In the 4 years that he’s been a part of Twilight when has Rob ever responded to anything like this? Gossip Cop has always seemed much closer to Summit and KStew’s PR team. Rob’s team definitely answers work related questions. They’ll answer if he was somewhere or not but a blatant question like if he and Kristen are together is not something Rob would have answered in the past and it certainly isn’t something he’s about to talk about now. I think he’s actually sending the message that you all need to mind your own business and it’s none of your concern. The moment he starts responding to relationship questions then he’s opening up everything. Who cares if articles spread for 1 day or 2 that they’re back together? It won’t make it true and the media won’t force his hand to start talking to them. I think that’s what the media is doing. They’re trying to force him to respond. Eff ‘em.

  28. Grace says:

    Lol at Rob ever being seen as a “leading man” anymore now that Kristen has taken his manhood and stored it in her purse.I feel sorry for him. He is going to have to worry about Kristen cheating on him every day from now on. She’ll cheat, he’ll forgive. Pathetic.

    • ORLY says:

      HAHAHA. When you put it that way…poor sparkles.
      Like Kaiser, I’m not buying this reconciliation though.

    • JS says:

      That’s a bit harsh. He’s an actor, which means he can play parts that have no relationship to who he is in real life. Also, to be honest, when did forgiveness become wimpish? It is a gift that shows generosity of spirit and it doesn’t imply that the person dispensing it is a gullible fool. Nobody with any morals is defending Kristen. We know there was no excuse for what she did. It was self-indulgent, heartless and wrong at every level. But if Rob believes she is really sorry (and personally I think she’s been scared so shitless that “sorry” doesn’t even begin to describe how she feels) then, given the reaction he knows he will get from some quarters, forgiveness is very brave and only confirms the basic decency of the guy. If she does it again, I don’t think there’ll be a third chance and I suspect she knows that.

      • Anname says:

        I don’t know that he will take her back, but I agree with everything else you said. It does not make him weak to forgive her.

      • honeybee says:

        He might forgive her in time but a reconciliation? I don’t think so and definitely not so soon.

        That man refused to do certain scenes or say certain lines in TWI movies because he called them “pussy parts”. Says he himself would never do it a certain way so Edward (the way he plays him)wouldn’t either. He has been so vocal about his stand on cheating, I believe he is pretty strong about that.
        I don’t see how his love for KS is so special and unique that it will be enough to overcome the lack of trust their renewed relationship will have.

        A couple digs he had at her expense during his Cosmopolis promos tells me he is not averse to throwing some shade at her.
        - He said cat lovers are sociopaths
        - The dogging story about people having sex in cars in parking lots; so relevant to her mini-coopering. Come on that guy has moved on and is making jokes at her expense in his very subtle tongue-in-cheek way. His obvious indifference is very sexy to me.

        KSkank’s team will be busy planting reconciliation stories and there will be a lot of body language analyses till BD2 crap fest is over. Rob will prove by action that he is done with her.

        He will be out of the country for a good part of next year. I am thinking Kskank’s team will be working overtime to redeem her image and book her movies asap if at all she wants a career. She is not going to put her career on hold while she tags along with Rob all over the world next year while he is shooting his movies…

        We need a little reasoning to believe they are so done. Cannot blindly believe lainey, Sun, Mail or any tabloid.

      • geekychick says:

        +1. And I wouldn’t want people judging my relationship and actions in it, so I won’t judge theirs. it crossed the point of fun speculation, to people being *sure* what’s going on, talking about it like they’ve been a fly on the wall last few weeks.
        wait, I’ll give it a try:
        NOOOOOOOO, Rob, don’t do it! She’ll cheat again! You must be a whimp! You can have any girl you want! I’ll be disappointed!!

      • another nina says:

        And how do y’all know they weren’t in the open relationships?. Plus there are completely different “ethic” rules in the bohemian circles such as HW…They are paid differently, and judged differently…
        And I really hope Pattz did not hint on anything in his interviews…I’d like to think that he took a high road

  29. jenna says:

    Annie, I do think they broke at some point, they both lost weight, and Kristen also had to deal with everyone hating her and judging her, but she looked okay at TIFF, I do no think she would be wearing his ring, his necklace, and his shirts if they weren’t at least talking and trying to see if it works out, people dont use logic and just want to hate.

    when you break up with someone, the last thing you want to see is his stuff,Kristen is not that crazy.

    A four year relationship doesn’t end that quickly, even more when they also are co-workers, maybe after bd they’ll go apart, but I do seem them trying to work things out now, and why not? what’s the problem if he wants to give her a 2nd chance, how does that affect anybody here??

    Those pics to me dont tell the whole picture, only 50 pics of this huge “affair” but we have hundreds of pics & videos of her at the airport???

    • Annie says:

      There is a reason why you’ve only seen 50 shots of the affair pics: these are expensive pictures because it’s a scandal. They cost more, they’re worth more than boring airport pictures that reveal nothing and are easy to take. No exclusive here, many papz are there. They are worth less. You can buy them all and not spend too much money. Of course there are way more mini cooper puctures, but it’s more of the same and they are all equalky expensive! Why pony up big bucks if we got the point already? The important shots were bought. Only two outlets can have these exclusives, otherwise the big bucks they spent wasn’t worth it because it stops being an exclusive. Do you get how paparazzi shots work and their whole point? This is it. Big money and exclusives.

      See the topless Kate Middleton pics? Count them. How many did the paparazzo took, probably? 2000? How many have been in tabloids? 50? Why? Because they’re expensive, exclusive, scandalous pictures. Get the point?

      You guys need to think long and hard if you want to play detective.

      • Ali says:

        Actually you are incorrect. The editor of Closer didn’t publish all the shots because they were intimate or whatever. And of course not all photos are usable (ie Kate wasn’t in the frame completly, covered etc)

      • CTgirl says:

        Oh darling, you too need to think long and hard. The photographer was hired by a Us Weekly to get the photos. Once the photos were taken they belonged to US Weekly. US Weekly picked a representative number to print as there is no reason to print all the photos. US Weekly owns all the photos and may print them all in the future or never print them again at their discretion.

    • ORLY says:

      “when you break up with someone, the last thing you want to see is his stuff,Kristen is not that crazy.”

      That’s debatable ;)

  30. Shitler says:

    I hope they’re back together even if it’s to spite the haters

  31. mel says:

    I just wish they would confirm or deny the status of their relationship…their fans deserve clarity after all the years they’ve stayed loyal to these two – my gut feeling is if they string their fans along once again of “are they or aren’t they” its going to backfire and no one is going to care about these two at all period.

  32. It'sjustblanche says:

    I’m of two minds on this situation: 1) They were never really a couple or 2) She’s wild in bed and just crazy enough out of it that guys find her very appealing. I’m sort of leaning toward the latter. In all of her pictures with the men she’s with, they always seem more into her than she is into them.

    Either way, I don’t think they’re back together.

  33. Van says:

    Hahaha who wishes these two got back together just to “spite the haters”? Hey, Rob! Take Kristen back to a less happy and trusting relationship so I can prove Internet strangers that I’m right! I need this validation more than you need to respect yourself!

    You are willing to wish Rob went through a bad decision after so much heartbreak than just admit that perhaps this wasn’t a happy relationship, let alone perfect and it’s time to
    move on.

  34. Aria says:

    Twihards are really inspired this morning.

  35. Anon says:

    Does Stewart have Huvane for a publicist, by any chance? this reeks of him.

  36. Janet says:

    GossipCop hasn’t even reported this one to bust it. They must have gotten tired (finally) of feeding the trolls. Nobody else is saying anything about it either.

    Looks like the Sun laid another egg. Poor Twihards are running out of straws to grasp at.

    • honeybee says:

      I am thinking GC is not going to debunk any reconciliation news out there. Till BD2 is over they will keep mum. Summit would have seen to that. It is better for the studios if rumors persist that R/K are back together instead of GC jumping in to say no they are still split.

      • Jess says:

        Bingo. There will be no public confirmation of a split anytime before BDII premieres. No way. And Kristen’s team will still play the card that she’s pining away and not letting go. They will keep the hope alive for fans, even if it’s not. Rob was apparently out this weekend jamming with Dermot Mulroney and others, and Kristen was nowhere in sight. I think he’s moved on, and Kristen is just doing what she has to do to save face with her fans.

      • Janet says:

        But what if they were back together, wouldn’t Summit want that confirmed?

        That’s why I’m saying this report is bullsh-t. If they were back together, GC and every other gossip site out there would be all over it.

  37. Carrie says:

    A different PR angle from ZeitgeistyReport:

    “Glory be, all is right with the world, as Twi-tards R-patz and Twitchy Stewart have apparently put their painful recent past aside, mended their shattered amour and gotten back together – at least according to that paragon of periodical integrity – the UK Sun. Their inside ‘sources’ claim that Pattinson has forgiven his beloved’s whore-ish ways after having an intense heart-to-heart (cough…negotiation…cough) and they’ve moved back in with each other in the same Los Angeles compound where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a place. What’s more they will be walking the red carpet together for the latest Twi-crud installment.

    “Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake,” stated the ‘source’. “After a lot of long tearful talks, they’ve worked it out and Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her.”

    “They really do love each other,” added the informant.

    Personally, I don’t see this as a plus for Lip-bitey McGee. She’s done pretty well for herself post-Twilight, with that crap-tastic, yet unfathomably successful Snow White flick. Moreover, she’s getting decent reviews for her turn in the new movie On The Road. Pattinson on the other hand hasn’t done nearly as well, with a string of stinkeroos that have badly tarnished his reputation as box-office gold. My opinion is, if indeed he has taken his wayward dandelion back, it’s solely a calculated PR move. In other words, he needs her more than she needs him.

    Besides, I don’t really see why so much animus has been hurled at Hunchy Mc Scrunchy, So she dallied with her director…so what? In Babylonian Hollywood, a brief diddle, followed by a tearful public apology is downright quaint. I can only imagine what most of these actors are doing in their private times. Probably some De Sade-ian fever dream, thickly coated in blow, lube, and Lindsay Lohan’s menstrual blood.”

  38. Adeli says:

    Meanwhile, Summit are booking a private jet for Rob for the BD promo tour, while Kristen will have separate flying arrangements. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like these two are even on speaking terms much less reconciled.

  39. nina says:

    I don’t think there’s any evidence at all about anything other than she cheated. They could be together, they could be apart, it’s all up for grabs cause we really don’t know what their relationship’s like I guess. Either way, some fanfaction will shit bricks so it’s best they keep it vague. lol

  40. Really? says:

    Maybe she’s a better actress than we’ve given her credit for. Maybe she still has a lot of room to grow and mature and maybe she’ll end up surprising all of us in the long run. Why not? It could actually happen.



  41. Michele says:

    Say what you will, Kristen is a very beautiful girl. She looks gorgeous in that MTV interview video.

  42. Maritza says:

    These two will get back together just in time to promote their movie. I believe Rob is silly putty in her hands.

  43. Just me says:

    I wish Ted Casablanca would come back with his own blog or something. I stopped reading Awful Truth because of the Twihards. Now that he’s gone, they’re infiltrating everywhere else like rabid cockroaches. Every day there seems to be a new one coming out of the woodwork here. I have tremendously enjoyed reading Celebitchy, even though I rarely comment. I just really, really hope this doesn’t become Twihard central. I don’t have anything against the Twi kids…but I cannot stand their stans. They break everything they touch.

    • another nina says:

      Well, some of stew’s stans’re stubborn and sorta stupid in a very bland way, just like their hero – those make me cringe. But then she has also some delicious emotionally over-invested stans – they’re a sheer joy to deal with, their excitement never stops amusing me…

    • Janet says:

      GossipCop has become the new Twihard Central. They used to post every single BS rumor from other websites (they have a real hard-on for Hollywood Life) just for the purpose of debunking them, because they knew every new post on KStew/RPatz would generate a bajillion hits. Sometimes they would post three or four KStew threads a day. The mayhem got to be too much even for GC, so they stopped posting most of the rumors, evidently hoping the Twihards would decamp and infest some other web site. So the Twihards are hanging around the old GC threads like flies on poop, arguing back and forth about are they/aren’t they. The last thread was posted three days ago and it’s generated something like 11,500 comments. These people are scary. I’d hate to meet one in real life.

  44. Hmmm says:

    Gah! This sounds so much like amazingly crass PR, manipulating Twihard sentiment.

    Why, it’s just like Edward and Bella!!!!! They just can’t live with each other!!!

  45. Kosmos says:

    I so hope this isn’t true, and that they aren’t back together, gasp! If she so loved and respected him (can’t live without him), why oh why fool around on him? This was not a “stupid” mistake, it was intentional.

  46. Barbara says:

    Well…I have actually done the same as she when I was young. I was really in love with my fella, but I met a man who I had an immediate sexual lust for. I had no intention staying with the man, but that itch had to be scratched…so to speak. I had no paps following me so it went undiscovered…still glad I followed my urge.. :-)

  47. Katherine says:

    LOL! Such melodrama.

    If the story is true then I get to say TOLD JA.

    I guess I am so old I have seen this scenario before and not just once either. These are very young people and they make stupid mistakes. Or not so stupid mistakes. I have seen men cheated on before and it totally woke them up to the state of their relationships. They were broken hearted for a while but then reconciled and made a commitment – THE commitment – and ended up married. Soooo you never know.

    I’m just not into condemning Stewart since I have no idea what their relationship was like. These things happen. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean someone is the evil witch and the other is the innocent buttercup.

  48. aquarius64 says:

    I think this reconciliation is PR for Breaking Dawn 2. Summit is still afraid the final movie is going to take a hit at the box office. I checked Wikipedia, a non-gossip site. In Kristin’s box, the section “Personal Life” has her admission of cheating. There’s no notation that they’ve reconciled. So I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

  49. A-nee says:

    She says the director for on the road “puts so much in side of you” bahaha, guess he has a lot in common with rupert sanders.

  50. Debra Johnson says:

    Good for them. I wish them the best. as I have stated before, it is interesting how people will advise other people to do what they themselves would not do. They care very deeply for each other. it is a blessing to find true love. Especially in today,s world where hate reigns supreme.

  51. aquarius64 says:

    I posted this an hour ago. Celebitchy is knocking out comments now?

    What I said is Wikipedia has noted Kristen’s cheating scandal and her confession in her bio, and they posted SWATH-gate immediately, but there is no mention of a reconciliation there. Wikipedia is not a gossip site. I think Kristen’s team is putting this out to save her career.

    • Michele says:

      Anyone can add stuff to a wiki page. That’s why they aren’t reliable and most teachers/professors usually won’t allow their students to use them as sources when writing papers. I’m sure some Kristen hater(s) added it. No big surprise. *eyeroll*

      • aquarius64 says:

        And things can be removed when they are proved false. The cheating notation has not been removed. Face it, your idol needs Rob’s “forgiveness” to save her career, and it’s sad that she needs others to prop her up and gloss over her faults and downright meaness to pass her off as a good person. Call me a hater all you want – the fallback defense for all Kristen shippers – too much negative but true documentation is out there for you to expect everyone to fall in love with her. You like her, fine; others find her wanting or just plain despicable and you just going to have to accept it.

      • Michele says:

        Anything can be added or removed by anyone on wiki pages…not just things that are not proven or deemed false. I didn’t call YOU a hater, I called the person(s) who felt this burning need to add the cheating scandal to Kristen’s wiki page a hater. Unless you were the one who added it? Hmmm. Only haters want to keep the cheating story front and center everywhere. It’s a real shame when Rob, Kristen, Rupert and even Liberty have all moved on except some people who were never directly involved with any of the four in the first place. I don’t like what Kristen did but since I don’t personally know her and she didn’t cheat on me, I refuse to dwell on it and constantly remind others of what she did. Just because some of us have decided to move on doesn’t mean we are trying to cover up for her or defend her. I don’t defend the cheating, but I will defend this excessive need to slam her whenever her name is mentioned in the press.

    • MissA says:

      The Sun is as good as National Enquirer when it comes to reporting facts which means that its full of stinky BS.

  52. hmm says:

    If the facts are as we the public have been led to believe, this guy would have to have absolutely NO self-respect whatsoever to get back together with her.

  53. aquarius64 says:

    @michele – so you’re trying to accuse me of putting the cheating notation in Kristen’s bio? Sorry, dear, had nothing to do with it. You forget your goddess ADMITTED TO CHEATING. She didn’t deny it (she had no choice really.) Fans like you who make snide and inane statements just like that is why this mess stays a debate. Accept the fact not everyone is eager to drink Kristen’s bathwater like you are. And you have to accept this scandal will stay with her for the rest of her life. It will never go away.

    • another nina says:

      One of the fond memories of mine is the day when Michelle accused me of being Nikky reed. No joke. She also stated that I had no friends and that my parents should be ashamed of me. Bottom line, Michelle is a local treasure!

      Surprisingly, despite “I love, I love him”, stans are still in the state of denial. At least they dropped this “poor harmless Kristen” song.

  54. vvy says:

    Blind Gossip called this one months ago! They said they were a faux relationship from the start, and of course they’d fake get back together for the sake of the franchise. They will fake break up again soon after its over.

    • JS says:

      I don’t believe that, not because it isn’t possible but because it doesn’t correspond to the facts. Kristen Stewart has been through hell: her world crashing down around her, her personal and professional reputation trashed, her image tarnished, the subject of astonishing hate and death threats. It shows in how she was at TIFF: emaciated, distracted, scared…functioning, but only just. Rob could have taken the heat off her easily, if he’d been functioning and unhurt himself. Sure, she embarrassed him with that public apology but he could still have supported her (and looked good for doing so) if his emotions were otherwise unscathed. If this was a real relationship I totally get why he couldn’t come to her rescue: he was too badly wounded himself. If, however it was faux and given that her pain was obviously very real, why would he leave her to twist in the wind?