Christina Aguilera ‘lives off of champagne and pasta’, thinks she’s healthy

Over the weekend, I covered these photos of Christina Aguilera drunkenly slow-walking her way out of Spago in Beverly Hills. Christina looked like a damn mess, which has been happening a lot over the course of the past few years. Is it even newsworthy when Christina looks like a drunk mess anymore? Eh. Well, Star Mag has another story about just how bad it’s gotten behind-the-scenes with Christina’s drinking.

Christina Aguilera is still a boozing mess! Sources tell Star that on Sept. 28 during a dinner at Spago, Christina drank so much win and champagne that she couldn’t even walk to her car. Her boyfriend of two years, Matt Rutler, once again had to act as caretaker to his bingeing girlfriend.

“Christina loves to drink and has a problem with knowing when enough is enough,” explains an insider. “Matt has told Christina that she should slow down on the alcohol when they are at dinners, but she gets mad and tells him she’ll do what she wants.”

Once thin and fit, Christina’s carb-heavy diet has clearly taken its toll.

“It’s obvious Christina has put on a lot of weight – she lives off champagne and pasta. But she still believes she is healthy and doesn’t think that she needs to work out.”

Christina doesn’t seem concerned with her expanding size, but those around her don’t share her flippant attitude: “She’s putting her health, career and relationship in jeopardy. Matt can only do so much for her, and she’s going to lose a big portion of her fan base if she doesn’t get herself together.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Part of me thinks this story is kind of tame, mostly because I remember the tabloid stories last year of Christina being so trashed she would go to parties and end up passed out in Jeremy Renner’s bed. And remember the time her mother called her a drunk and Christina told her mom to STFU, right before Christina called her brother’s girlfriend a “whore”? Good times. If anything, this Star Mag story shows Christina as relatively capable of “maintaining”. Yes, she’s an alcoholic. But at least she’s not drunkenly telling her mother to go f—k herself.

And a champagne and pasta diet? That sounds so gross to me. I love pasta and everything, but the combination just seems like a random way to live.

Photos courtesy of PCN, WENN.

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41 Responses to “Christina Aguilera ‘lives off of champagne and pasta’, thinks she’s healthy”

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Poor Chris, she is in a truly terrible place right now.

  2. brin says:

    She’s the picture of health! *eyeroll*

  3. Dawning Red says:

    She’s a genie in a champagne bottle.

  4. Dany says:

    Apparently Matt has got his hands full with his Lady – maybe that’s why he is clenching his fists. To me he looks angry and frustrated.

    “A clenched fist may seem like a violent reaction but the action could be enough to deal with anything from pain to temptation, scientists say.”

    Wondering what she’s paying him to stay. :-(

  5. Allie May says:

    Nothing to worry about.
    After Matt leaves her in six months, Christina will discover healthy eating and exercising -lose 30 pounds, and then be featured on People magazine as a good example for all to follow.

  6. SunKist says:

    When I was in college, I had a steady boyfriend and two majors so I hardly went out to party but that also meant I had to play the caretaker role/DD every weekend for my roommates. It got REALLY OLD after a while and yet I couldnt not do it because two of my roommates were full blown alcoholics who would bring home sketchy people they would meet on the drunk bus if I didnt pick them up or check on them to kick the sketchy people out at the door.

    I feel for that Matt guy. Taking care of drunks sucks and unapologetic ones are the absolute worst. Christina needs a stay in rehab in Arizona or something to dry out.

  7. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I feel so bad for her little boy. She can’t be much of a mother in her state.

    She can be so pretty when she’s in shape. Those extensions look horrible on her and she just looks bloated and ridiculous lately in all her tight dresses.

    If she really cared about her child she’d check herself into rehab and clean herself up. I think her ex-husband was a good person …since she left him she’s been a mess.

  8. Dee Cee says:

    She’ll get sick and then.. things will change..

  9. Miss Beca says:

    What a shame that her real problems are buried under cries of “she’s fat!” Who cares if she works out? If the problem is she is getting blitzed out of her mind on every occasion, hitting the gym and shedding some weight is going to help exactly none. I know thin alcoholics, too, and I wouldn’t hold them up as examples of healthy living.

  10. lw says:

    Beyond the bloat, I think she’s a lot closer to her natural weight now than her much thinner days. She is slowly morphing into her mom, who is not a tiny woman.

  11. Patricia says:

    This headline made me laugh out loud – that never happens.
    Poor xtina I do feel bad for her now. Hopefully she can pull it together soon.
    Currently I’m living on frozen veggies and ice cream, so I can’t judge too much – no booze though. For me (very unfortunately) alcohol is the devil. Apparently it is for this dear, aimless child too.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    Well, I subsist on Twinkies and vodka, and I’m healthy….just kidding….anyway, I HATE her hair like that. I think she needs to be out of the spotlight for awhile and recollect herself.

  13. Shelly says:

    I could totally live off of champagne and pasta. Or in my case I’d prefer champagne and potato chips. If it wouldn’t make me fat and give me chronic hangovers I’d do it!

    • Christian says:

      LOL I have to agree. Maybe I’ll have some champagne and pasta this weekend in honor of Xtina. But in all seriousness she needs to get her sh*t together for the sake of her child. She is talented and can be quite pretty when not slathered in makeup and extensions. Get it together, girl!

  14. Melly Bee says:

    My word, she’s a mess! Remember when they first hooked up? He was all gleeful and happy, and his face looked like he thought that he really hit the jackpot. Fast forward to two years later; He looks so depressed and disgusted with himself and her. This can only get worse, I fear.

  15. anon says:

    Did anyone else notice that her boyfriend looks like Sheldon Cooper from TBBT? Ahahaha. Then again, Christina has a history of dating very geeky looking guys.

  16. Fancy says:

    Her poor boyfriend looks so sad.

  17. dcypher1 says:

    I luv pasta part of being half italian but u cant eat that everyday and expect to stay thin eating all those carbs believe me I know. And alcohol on top of that ur asking for a fat ass which she should she admit she is now instead of denying it embrace her drunken fatass. She shouldnt call her self thin too everyone will just make fun of her like all of us lol. She looks like a drunken clown in that pic gross. She was last seen skinny in burlesque which was like 4 years ago maybe if she had another project like that she would have to go on a diet for sure. Maybe thats what she needs to motivate her is another movie.

  18. Kimlee says:

    Her boyfriend in the picture reminds me of her ex- husband at the end. With him looking ether mad or over it carrying her drunk ass home from some club or party.

  19. stephanie says:

    I would happily live off champagne and pasta, but not if it meant looking like xtina does now.

  20. Theminimalist says:

    I feel sorry for Xtina though. Im a big fan of her “Lady Marmalade” days. I hope she recollects herself pretty soon. I hope hits gym and sobers up again. XX

  21. Ella says:

    I hate this trend for female popstars being physically supported by two men. If your shoes are so high you can’t walk in them, you are not a feminist.

  22. Annie says:

    Is she wearing butt padding? I know she’s gained a lot, but that’s got to be fake.

  23. Darth says:

    She needs to cut out the drinking, immediately. Not only has it taken a toll on her looks, her reputation, and her career, but I worry that if she continues it may end up ruining her gift of a voice as well, and then what would she have left? Alcohol causes heartburn & acid reflex (as well as vomiting in some people) and the stomach acids that enter the esophagus & throat from all those conditions can and will damage her vocal chords.
    She is so damn lucky to be blessed with that voice, as well as the life she gets to live. She is being so shamefully irresponsible with all that she has that even though I’m a huge fan of her work I’d love to slap her hard across the face.
    Of course, there’s her young son to consider too, but other people have already commented on that.
    Knock it off, Xtina, just knock it off, & give us back the fierce, talented, & flawless diva we had just 2 or 3 years ago.