Is Robert Pattinson acting like a single guy, hitting up the ladies in LA & NY?

There’s a grainy photo floating around of Robert Pattinson chatting up a “mystery blonde” – go here to see it. Some people say that the girl is Sienna Miller. Some say she’s still a mystery. I say the blonde looks sort of like LeAnn Rimes. Right? Wouldn’t that be weird? Anyway, here’s the “official” back-story on the photo:

Did Kristen Stewart get a taste of her own medicine over the weekend? Robert Pattinson was photographed chatting up a pretty blonde woman in a blurry new snapshot taken in the wee hours of Saturday Oct. 6 at NYC’s Electric Room Bar, inside the celeb-beloved Dream Hotel.

Naturally, fans quickly speculated that the 26-year-old is reconsidering his reconciliation with Stewart (who cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders in July) — but multiple sources explain to Us Weekly that the British star’s night out was an innocent one.

“He stayed at Electric Room late,” one insider says, noting he and the as-yet-unidentified blonde chatted “in a friendly way, nothing more. He kept to himself mostly.”

“He was hanging out with some friends,” adds a second observer, noting that the Breaking Dawn star wore his “winter hat” and “was chatting with a table of people drinking beers . . . there were girls and guys there.”

Some of his pals on hand included BFF Tom Sturridge, his fiancee (and new mom) Sienna Miller — plus Gossip Girl’s Michelle Trachtenberg, to whom he was briefly reintroduced.

“Rob was in his own world with his friends,” the first source says. “He also looked scared of the world. He seemed a bit timid.”

Earlier in the night, Pattinson and Sturridge, 26, hit the IFC Film Dinner at the Time Warner Center, where the pair “had a few beers,” according to a third eyewitness. “He was in a good mood,” the witness says.

Pattinson’s on-again love Stewart, meanwhile, stayed behind in Los Angeles. On Sunday, the 22-year-old was spotted at the Florence + The Machines show at the Hollywood Bowl with her dad, John.

Why haven’t Stewart and Pattinson — now living together again — been spotted out and about together?

“They’re afraid of backlash, so they’re keeping things on the down-low,” a pal explains.

[From Us Weekly]

There was, like, no point to that backstory. Sparkles was at a club with some friends, and some people claimed he was looking and acting timid, and some said he was just fine. Here’s what I do know/think – that Kristen and her team are acting in coordination with Summit to keep a tight rein on the story. I think all of the stories about Robsten’s reconciliation are coming from Kristen and Summit, and I think Sparkles is just letting it happen to go along and get along. He’s basically closing his eyes and thinking of England, so to speak. But maybe he’s out there, seeing what his other options are too? The UK tabloids claim Rob is kind of acting like a single guy too:

Just when we thought things were back on track between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the actor’s been spotted swapping numbers with a new woman, according to reports. The British hotty was reportedly seen talking to Afghan actress Azita Ghanizada and the pair even swapped numbers during a recent night out at LA’s Soho House.

It seems that Rob isn’t quite ready to forgive Kristen for cheating on him with married father-of-two, Rupert Sanders, as he was also seen to be trying to impress the Afghan beauty.

According to Now magazine, the source said that the pair both attended Jimmy Kimmel’s recent Emmy party at the celebrity haunt and an eye-witness saw that Rob was hooked, and chatted for over an hour.

“She was wearing a figure-hugging dress and caught Rob’s eye immediately,” the insider told the magazine. “They spoke for well over an hour, to the exclusion of everyone else at the party. Judging by the effort Rob was making to impress her, there’s no doubt he was interested in seeing her again. He wouldn’t have asked for her number if he wasn’t.”

[From Yahoo UK]

I don’t know. I mean, I hope Rob is seeing other women, just because I think it’s a wonderful kamikaze move that completely torpedoes Summit’s efforts to keep a lid on all things Broken Robsten. I don’t consider this to be Rob “throwing it back in Kristen’s face” – we don’t know what’s really going on, we’re just interpreting this stuff from the cheap seats. I just keep getting the feeling that all of those reports about Rob and Kristen being so happy and so back together are mostly wishful thinking on her part. We’ll see.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Brown says:

    It doesn’t really look like Sienna Miller to me, but then again, who can really tell since the pics look like they were taken with a potato

    • Ann says:

      It’s really hard to tell anything from the pictures, which really just show him talking to a blond woman. Pretty mild stuff, really, yet the tabs and gossip sites are wetting themselves over this.

      You can see from one picture floating out there that Tom Sturridge is sitting on the other side of the blond woman, and a few people have said Sienna was part of the group, so that is partly why so many people think it’s Sienna. It looks a bit like her in one pic, but the others are impossible to tell.

      In any event, well done Rob. Love the fact that he’s living his life and having fun. He deserves it after the last couple of months.

    • Liv says:

      It doesn’t even look like Robert Pattinson, so much for that ;-)

    • Eve says:

      “…who can really tell since the pics look like they were taken with a potato”


      I can’t even recognize HIM in the picture, let alone some random woman.

    • MW says:

      Funny. All the “insider” reports on how he was “feeling” that night, yet they can’t get a half-decent photo? And no one can say for sure who the girl really is, or isn’t? I do not think he and KS are “unbroken” at all, and for his sake, I hope so. Also, that report in People is worded in such a way that in reality they are “together” — but ONLY for promotional purposes.

  2. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I agree with Kaiser, Rob is not throwing it back at Kristen. I think he might be having a little chit-chat with that mystery woman. I mean, come on, don’t we go to discs with our friends and meet some other cute looking people(lol) and start a conversation? :D

  3. Mirella says:

    I hope he is seeing other people.

  4. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Umm… Looking at the pic, it doesn’t look like it’s Rob.

    • Me says:

      Are you saying this? It’s Rob and this girl is not Sienna. Is annoying how everything is manipulated. Rob-Sten never was a couple and Rob is free to do all what he wants. He is in NY living HIS life. He is single and free. This article in People is bs. They are not together and is Rob in those pics and she is not Sienna. C’mon, open your eyes!! What people need to see the reality? Rob in a bar with a blonde. OPEN YOUR EYES. Stop to manipulating everything!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    That girl does not look like Sienna. Everyone will see these as they want to but seems to me like Rob is making a statement and that statement is that he is single.

    • mia girl says:

      These Seurat inspired photos have been out for almost a day. If it was Sienna, I imagine that someone in one one their camps would have verified it to be her.

      In fact, that oddly-timed People “super-official back together according to sources” piece makes more sense now in the context of these photos being released. LaStew and Summitt had to get it out there first.

      Because while these grainy photos are hardly scandalous, they are photo proof of what Rob’s been doing for the past month. Hanging with friends and being a single guy. Good for him.

      • Adeli says:

        And LOL at some people who still don’t believe this is PR driven. Sure, there are many BS tabloid stories, but THIS? People’s “official reconciliation” story, US immediately debunking the possible flirting with a mystery blonde, not to mention Lainey’s numerous updates of “it’s legit, y’all” is so transparent. I’ve never been into PR conspiracy theories, like I’ve never believed they were a PR couple, there was too much evidence that it was real. But this is so obvious, it’s hitting everyone in the face, but some are too deluded to see it for what it really is.

      • Reece says:

        “Seurat inspired” hahaha I kinda love you right now! Just needed to say that.

      • honeybee says:

        Adeli – YES!
        It is so obvious and its pathetic that it is so obvious.

        The moment I saw those grainy pics, I KNEW there would be some magazine coming along to debunk the “single guy Rob flirting in a bar” story; then Us Mag comes along with their predictable story! What a circus.

        My thinking on this “reunion” is the same as Kaiser’s.
        Lets see what happens after 2013.

      • Huh? says:

        Um, don’t he and Stewart live in the same home? LOL So what’s this, “Rob’s been doing what he’s doing for a month now living like a single guy.” I don’t think single guys live with girls. Also, wasn’t it just last week Ryan Seacrest confirmed Rob and Kristen at Soho House holding hands and laughing, having a great ol’ time?? Seems like haters be losin’ minds. Oh, and that picture taken with a potato thing is apt. That pic might as well BE mashed potatoes smeared on paper. lol

      • tara says:

        Only one saying they’re living together is Us Weekly. They haven’t been papped together, haven’t even been papped coming and going from the same house.

        And Seacrest just reads gossip. He also talked this week about how they’re getting married and using their Edward and Bella rings. You gonna believe that too?

  6. marie says:

    I think the whole thing is stupid. I don’t think it’s Sienna in the picture, but the pictures look completely innocent (not that you can make out much in the pics, horrible) so what if he’s talking to a chick, it’s not like he was caught munching biscuits.

    This crap will keep on until after the movie promotions over and then Kristen’s camp will say that Rob couldn’t forgive her, or try to make him out to be seeing women behind her back and then it will all just fade away..

    • Me says:

      I see Rob enjoying the night and flirting. He puts his arm on her shoulders and he approaches to her mouth. That’s flirting and I’m glad that these photos was posted.

      • jess says:

        How can you tell he has his arm around her? It looks more like he has his arm on the back of the sofa. It also looks like hes looking at something in his hand maybe a cellphone(?). The other photos you can see Tom sitting on the other side of her. I think it might be Sienna or her sister.

    • The Original Genevieve says:

      I read in another outlet that the mystery girl was most likely Savannah Miller, Sienna’s sister.

      Which brings me to another point about Sienna. A few people here seem to remember Sienna’s part in breaking up Balthazar Getty’s marriage. But absolutely no one seems to remember that what pushed her into the international spotlight was her affair w/ the then VERY married Jude Law (to Sadie Frost). Sienna, in her day, was a serial home wrecker.

      Flash forward 10 years and here she is again all shiny and new and clean. With a brand new film she’s promoting for HBO. That’s great and all. However, we’ve been hearing for months that Sienna and Tom Sturridge are Rob’s go-to source for relationship counseling, and they DEF don’t want him getting back together with KStew. Errr, how is Sienna qualified to act all judgey towards any other cheating ‘ho under ANY circumstances?

      Is it just me, or does anyone else find Sienna Miller as couples counselor a wee bit, ummm…HYPOCRITICAL? :0

      • marie says:

        you know “do as I say, not as I do” I have no clue how Sienna has the right to judge anybody. If anything she should sympathize/empathize (always get them confused) with Stewart. I had completely forgot about her screwing over Sadie..

        @ honeybee.. it’s the only way Kristen can save face and keep fans. she has to act like she tried and he was a cold fish.

      • tara says:

        Jude wasn’t married when he and Sienna hooked up. He was long divorced. He cheated on Sienna, she took him back, relationship still fell apart. So Rob would be smart to learn from her actually and get out now and not waste more of his life on this brat.

    • honeybee says:

      marie said, “This crap will keep on until after the movie promotions over and then Kristen’s camp will say that Rob couldn’t forgive her, or try to make him out to be seeing women behind her back and then it will all just fade away.. ”

      I think Lainey already set the ground work for that possibility in yesterday’s post.
      Something about how consistent you have to be in forgiving the cheating partner and she believes she can’t do it and neither can actors given the way their world works.
      That’s how it slowly starts and after their shitty movie is done, it will be Rob’s fault it didn’t work because he has ‘trusting issues’ – *eyeroll*

      • Adeli says:

        And still people don’t see it. The mind boggles. I literally laughed out loud at the article on Lainey’s site about how Kristen is now rising above it and getting back to business, because she’s a BUSINESS now you know. A BRAND. Yeah, she’s shilling a fragrance, not actually doing any acting work. Oh but of course, us minions just don’t understand that being the spokesperson for a fragrance is a creative endeavor. Unlike say a make-up campaign, cause that just sucks your soul, man. Never mind that fragrance and make-up are both part of the beauty industry. It’s just different and edgy okay? Kstew, keeping it real in mini coopers since 2012.

  7. Anname says:

    I said the same thing yesterday, but the photos are so open to interpretation, that each side will use them as proof of what they already think is going on. If you believe he is single, then he is definitely hitting on a blonde. If you believe he is with Kristen, it must be Savannah or Sienna Miller or just a friend…

    I think his relationship with Kristen is undetermined, and that he doesn’t know what he wants to do yet. So I am going to interpret those photos as a guy enjoying a night out with friends. Close talking in a loud bar – eh, ok.
    I don’t think we will know the actual state of their relationship until well after promo ends. And I definitely don’t think Rob is sending signals to fans, let the guy live his life without reaading into every little thing.

    • Me says:

      I find it quite pathetic to say that he’s with his friends when he’s with only with her and it’s more pathetic say that’s Sienna or Savannah when it becomes clear that they are not. EXCUSES AND MORE EXCUSES. Pics are clear.

    • Annie says:

      This doesn’t look like a man trying to work things out and going to couple’s therapy. He was never seen with a woman like this while being with her. He’s free and hanging out.

      Why would he be undecided? Who forgives a humiliation like this in two months? It’s all flr the movie and he’s talking through his actions. Not one sighting of R/K is supported by evidence, only PR approved outlets are reporting on it. Strange, huh?

      • Anname says:

        Why would he be undecided? Because he loved her deeply. How could he forgive her in 2 months? He hasn’t, hence the indecision. I don’t know what he actually thinks, that is my guess.

      • honeybee says:

        “Anname says:
        October 11, 2012 at 10:44 am

        “Why would he be undecided? Because he loved her deeply. How could he forgive her in 2 months? He hasn’t, hence the indecision. I don’t know what he actually thinks, that is my guess.”

        How do you know he loved her deeply?
        He is decent enough to never publicly put her down given that they were a couple, but who is to say he LOVED her DEEPLY? They were young when they hooked up, in a unique situation of being in this love story movies for 5 years, being thrust in that sudden limelight and having had their lives change drastically. So yeah they had a connection there but I wouldn’t call it anything else beyond that. Very much possible he saw her flaws like any other couple in a relationship.

        He even commented on her sudden fashion interest and how he didn’t see it coming? People think he will blindly take her back without over-analyzing so many things. He has said he is very analytical about many things.

        IMO after the cheating and public humiliation of him it will be a hard line for him to cross and try again with her.

        Even assuming he loved her deeply, sometimes that intense love can never bounce back from this kind of betrayal.
        So in a way even to assume he would get back together with a cheater who hurt innocent kids in a marriage , particularly within 6 weeks of that act is a slight on him.

        I don’t see him as indecisive at all.
        He openly called her a sociopath which is true. Very casually talked about the dogging story knowing full well it is about sex in cars in parking lots. LOL.

        My take is he is truly disgusted with her. He has decided and moved on. If not for BD2 this circus wont be happening at all.

        He is professional enough to keep quiet about the current circus so BD2 is a success for all involved.

  8. haha says:

    Its just sparkle, tryna shine…

  9. CAM says:

    Didn’t Rob say once in an interview that he didn’t have a publicist? So the fact that all these reports are coming from Summit and Kristen is pretty accurate. Specially since reports of them being back together only benefits those two sources.

    • Anname says:

      I don’t totally buy that these stories are coming from Kristen/Summit. Robsten stories sell, so tabloids are going to make up articles even if they don’t have legitimate sources. And then you get the random attention-seekers who are happy to act as a source – ie, the extra from Breaking Dawn who felt so qualified to judge their relationship.

      • Me says:

        Obviously, everything comes from Kristen and Summit. Is she who buys clothes like him and talking about him every time. She needs Rob to be in gossip sites. Their relationship? Their PR? Because they have a circus, not a relationship.

      • tara says:

        Kristen and Summit are the only ones who benefit from these stories. Rob went from having the world on his side to having everyone think he’s a doormat. It doesn’t take Einstein to see that he’s been thrown to the wolves to save Kristen and Breaking Dawn. My guess is he agreed to stay quiet but probably didn’t imagine that Kristen’s team and Summit would take things this far and start giving the press daily updates on their “relationship”.

      • Adeli says:

        Anname, I disagree with you about this not being Kristen’s PR/Summit. In the original story, the onlookers said he and the woman looked like they were having fun chatting, and she was making Rob laugh. The pics are open to interpretation, yes, but you can clearly see Rob smiling, looking happy, perhaps even flirting. Then immediately US releases a story with sources saying that he looked “scared of the world and timid” Wow. So their source at the bar could see into his soul and innermost thoughts? When clearly the pics show something completely different. It’s so transparent, come on! Do you really think that’s not damage control by Kristen’s PR/Summit? I think it’s entirely plausible that they got into bed with US after they first broke the scandal, in order to control the story.

        The PR narrative from Kristen’s team is vile. “He looked scared of the world and timid” Really? They couldn’t find a way to get their message across without making him seem like a pussy?

        What I see in the pics is a man having fun out with friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

        Maybe you want to hold onto some vestige of good feeling for Kristen, but I think that ship has sailed. She has clearly shown herself to be not at all what she professed to be, repeatedly, not even counting mini cooper-gate. She’s in major damage control mode, and to be honest I can’t even fault her for playing the game with her career at stake. I just wish she wasn’t dragging Rob’s reputation through the mud with her. As a fan of Rob’s, I find that offensive in the extreme.

    • Anname says:

      Ok Adeli, I can appreciate your viewpoint, I just disagree. I see no connection between Kristen and some random unnamed source calling him timid.

      And I do agree with you that the pictures show him out having fun with friends, nothing more or less.

  10. debs says:

    That Us Weekly story is a joke. He looked “timid” and “scared of the world”? icu trying to emasculate him, KStew’s PR team.

    He looks like a typical guy flirting with a girl. And no, only desperate shippers think that girl is Sienna.

    As for if they’re “innocent”? He managed to go three years without pics like this with other girls ever getting out. Something has changed that he doesn’t seem to care about this image of him being out there. These are awfully similar to quite a few Robsten pics that were used as proof of epic love. To me, this looks like a guy who considers himself single and has nothing to hide and no need to censor his behavior in public.

  11. rtms says:

    Honestly it looks like Dakota Fanning to me. They have the same hair style and build and face. Now that would be a fist in Kristen’s face.

  12. T.C. says:

    He is acting single because he is single. This contrived ‘Robsten is unbroken’ PR game by Summitt and Kstew to make it seem like they are back together is falling apart. Rob keeps going out on the town with his boys and no Kstew. Now he is all the way in NY while she is in LA.

    Enough with the Kstew team making him look like a guy without balls: he looked timid talking to a new girl, he is scared of backlash going out with Kstew in public, he is worried about his career if he takes her back. If she really cared about him she wouldn’t be letting her team make him out as a spineless pu$$y.

    • Anname says:

      Since I think Kristen does actually care about him (even if she is not in love with him anymore, I don’t think she would want to hurt him any further), I don’t think she is letting her team “make him out to be a spineless p*ssy”. Just as you said.

      • pretty says:

        Kristen does NOT care for Rob.
        Wearing his clothes to save HER image, telling rob to SHUT THE FUCK UP at comic con where everybody can hear, letting her PR team to do whatever they can to make rob look like a whimp.
        ugh, this girl is seriously the worst kind.

      • Anname says:

        Well Pretty, I disagree. I don’t think Rob would spend 3+ yrs of his life with someone that cold. I don’t particularly like her and think she flipped out this year, but I don’t think she hates him enough to continue hurting him. I know I am in the minority here, but I just don’t think Kristen is driving the reconciliation stories. I think neither Rob or Kristen are talking to any media, and these stories are being spun from very little info, because it sells.

      • Adeli says:

        Anname, I don’t understand your insistent belief that Kristen is not driving the reconciliation stories. Have you forgotten that her team leaked the supposed reconciliation to Lainey when she was at TIFF? That came straight from them, and it started the frenzy. Then there were all the follow ups from Lainey, how they were supposedly desperate for each other since reconciling. How do you not see this? She may care about Rob, but she cares about her career as much, if not more.

        As for Rob’s judgement about the kind of person she is, when you’re in love with someone, you typically don’t see their flaws. I bet he’s seeing a whole other side to Kristen now.

      • Annie says:

        Yes, he would be with someone that cold for 3 years. We know he’s an insecure guy and Kristen is cold. Did you not see the way she treated him at Comic Con?
        Let’s not pretend to know what’s inside his mind and heart. We don’t know him. All we know is that he was with her, and she’s very cold so yeah, he would. All this evidence is not enough for you? We have no idea what that relationship is like. For all we know he was always her doormat.

        She’s crazy. Any sane human being would let him be after hurting him so much. But she needs her good PR and for that she needs his good grace. She’s manipulative and selfish, as evidenced by her affair.

        Why would she be a good human being if she doesn’t care about meddling with a married man with little kids? A wife and children she knew well? She didn’t give a crap then, she doesn’t give a crap down. That marriage is over thanks in part to her and she’s still strutting in Paris with a big smile, LA with booty shorts (papped when no celebrity gets papped going to a concert) and sending press releases about how everything is fine with Rob, while a woman left her husband. Nobody leaves the father of their children for a few kisses. She has no shame or regret. Horrible human being.
        Move on and move up Rob.

      • Anname says:

        Annie, Rob is not insecure. I hate the way you make him sound weak and manipulated. Your narrative above doesn’t work unless Rob is a spineless idiot, which I don’t believe him to be.

    • Annie says:

      Yup! A guy who is supposedly working things out with his girlfriend and going to couple’s therapy is not out with friends every weekend away from her. Notice how nothing backs up these alleged sightings with her. Nothing but tweets created by shippers. If he’s out, we see him.
      And Kristen tries to show she’s fine by hanging out with her dad? Hilarious because she doesn’t have friends. Dozens lf cebrities go to concerts but she’s the only one getting papped on her way in. Selling your life much?

      Gaaaaaah I was her fan! Fellow fans open your eyes! She’s a turd!!!!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – the whole reconciliation thing screams PR move for the film to me. Once that is done, I’m willing to bet they “split” again.

      • Anname says:

        Jeez, I am getting killed today! I realize everyone disagrees with me, but I just don’t think she is pure evil. She acted horribly and is definitely crude, but that doesn’t make her evil.I just find it hard to believe she would be out to hurt him any further.

      • ORLY says:

        Anname – I’ve been reading your comments for several weeks now, some opinions I agree with, most I don’t. You mentioned above that you don’t particularly like Kristen, I’m curious as to why you spend so much time defending her.
        I get that you have a different opinion than most on this board, and I get that you don’t have to like someone to defend them. You just seem really passionate about all this, so I’m curious as to your motivation.
        I’m really not trying to be rude, just wondering.

      • Anname says:

        This stupid board is my delaying tactic when I don’t want to do the actual work I am supposed to be doing in real life, so there’s that first off. :)

        I don’t really see it as defending Kristen, it’s more about defending Rob. I keep repeating myself, but to paint Kristen the way that most here are doing makes Rob out to be a complete fool, which I don’t believe he is. I believe they legitimately loved each other for 3+ years, how is that possible if she is as completely bad as everyone is saying? She messed up royally this year, both professionally and personally imo, but I don’t think that makes her the-worst-person-ever.

      • JS says:

        Anname, Well, I agree with you. I don’t think she is evil either. And in case I get accused of being a fan, I can proudly say I have never watched even one of her movies! But, come on, she is a confused, insecure, inappropriately-behaved 22 yo, not a diabolical mastermind. And her PR team screw up as often as they get it right, whatever brown-nosing crap Lainey might write about them being some sort of A-list superheroes. This Trampire-gate episode really hurt KS at all levels, including personally. Yes it was self-inflicted but she’s a human being and I still feel sorry for her. It’s not surprising her PR team are trying to reboot her image and no doubt they think Rob would be helpful to that end. But I do not believe she is trying to damage him because that does not make any sense. And, more importantly, he can bring her whole house of cards crashing down any time he chooses, so she is not going to piss him off at this stage. She needs him on-side for this to work for her, right? Totally contrary to the sentiment on this board, I think RP has all the power here if he chooses to use it. He can walk away at any time and just watch the edifice behind him collapse into ruins. And when you have all the power, sometimes the thing to do is just sit back for a while and see how the show develops.

      • Anname says:

        Yay JS, someone agrees with me, phew! Interesting take on Rob holding the power.

      • ORLY says:

        Thanks, Anname – I get where you’re coming from about putting off work. Ha. I do the same.
        Regarding the portrayal of Kristen reflecting on Rob as being an idiot, I disagree to an extent.
        I think a person can stay 3+ years with someone others consider vile. Oft times people don’t recognise or acknowledge the faults of their partner whilst they’re still involved (the whole love is blind thing). We don’t even know that they’ve been together 3+ years, that’s all speculation. Regardless, there are a lot of horrible people who have been married for many, many years, to people who can’t seem to see their flaws.
        Not saying Kristen is a horrible person.

  13. normades says:

    I’m going to be a judgy judy here but I don’t think it’s cool that Sienna prefers going out to a club than being at home with her little baby.

    • Anname says:

      Yes, once you have a baby you should never leave the house again.

    • Ann says:

      Seriously? Moms aren’t allowed a night out of the house, to have an adult conversation? Not to mention, at the time she’d be in a club, the baby would be sound asleep, so it’s not like she’s missing playtime. She had a caregiver travelling with them, what’s wrong with leaving a sleeping baby in her care while Sienna enjoys a night out?

    • Annie says:

      When you have a newborn at home, no, you should not go out at all. Newborns are fragile. Newborns can legit die in their sleep or choke on milk if you even put them down to sleep in the wrong position. Newborns up to 3 months need the mom’s constant attention. I can’t remember the name of the cause of death, but this is why new parents are terrified. Newborns can die. And besides, no mom ever wants to leave her newborn’s side anyway.

      It’s not Sienna. Us Desperate would’ve said so to shut mouths up.

      • Steph says:

        Wow….guess what, Moms are people too, we someitmes like to have a little adult interaction and yes, gasp, leave the house once and a while…and I dont think you really know as much about SIDS as you think

      • Janet says:

        It’s called “crib death” and nobody knows how it happens or why. A lot of doctors will tell you it happens when babies are put on their stomachs to sleep and then suffocate so they should only sleep on their backs. An equal number of doctors will tell you babies should never sleep on their backs in case they spit up and then choke.

        However it happens, it’s a tragedy and mom is in no way to blame. Often it happens in the middle of the night while the parents are asleep. How could the parents prevent it? They have to sleep, too.

        I’m betting you have no children of your own to say something as ridiculous as the mother should never go out of the house before the baby is three months old.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Thats kids dad is out in the bar partying too, and nobody has anything to say about that? Guess only moms should be judged huh.

    • normades says:

      I’ll give Sienna the benefit of the doubt. New reports say she is in the Hamptons…so in that case makes you wonder why Sturrige doesn’t prefer to be with his newborn.

      Of course you can have kids and go out and have a life but when they are so small do you really want to? Before my baby was 6mos I didn’t want to leave her side. They are so tiny and fragile and I wouldn’t even leave her with my own mother for more than a 1/2 hour.

      I didn’t say she doesn’t have the right to go out…I’m saying why would you want to??? You have your whole life to party, but this time never again.

      • Adeli says:

        Stop judging others based on your narrow minded views on what mothers of newborns ought to do. That is so distasteful. Just because YOU chose not to leave your baby with a caretaker for even a few hours does not make you mother of the year, and just because others choose to take a break even for a few measly hours mean does not make them a bad mother. And what about mothers who have to go back to work when their babies are still young? Do you judge them too for leaving their babies’ side? Some would say that it’s even healthy for a new mom to have some time out in adult company. Geez, she’s not skipping out the door, glad to be rid of the baby to go partying. Get some perspective please. She’s a normal mom! Have you seen the lovely pics of her out and about with her baby in NYC? She looks like a doting mom.

        Go ahead, be offended by my rant, but if there’s one thing I absolutely detest, it’s mothers being judgemental of other mothers. Come on man, there is no “right way” of handling the first months of a baby’s life. Your way does not make it the right way. Back off other mothers!

      • Annie says:

        So what if she’s at the Hamptons? She can take her baby with her. And yeah she’s been at premieres and work related things, but bars? I doubt it. Again, moms of newborns don’t leave their side. And they shouldn’t, newborns need their mommies, not nannies.
        Just drop it. It’s not Sienna.

      • normades says:

        @Adeli: Absolutey no offense taken. I knew I was asking for it!

        I am a working mother. I would never cut on working moms. Ever.

        There is no “right” way as you say, but I still believe that NEWBORNS should be with their mommies as much as possible, not the Nanny. That is my opinion and I have the right to express it.

        Motherhood is about making sacrifices, not sacrificing your life. Not going out to stay at home with a NEWBORN is a small sacrifice to make. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have a social life later.

        We’ll see what kind of mother Sienna turns out to be but I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes the Kate Moss route. Just sayin’.

  14. deb says:

    This whole showmance has been a fake from day one, dreamed up by Summit to sell this crappy movie franchise to teenage girls and nutty women. Kstew’s affair pulled the rug out from under the plan and her team and Summit have been scrambling to save their last shot at the twitards wallets. Epic fail. Rob isn’t playing ball with them. He finally got out from having to prop up the talentless Stewart and have a life. You go Rob.

    • Annie says:

      It was never fake. Summit never wanted them together to avoid a mess in the first place having more movies to shoot or promote with them not getting along. Their faces say everything. Rob looked sad at first, Kristen dropped a ton of weight. It was not PR. This idiotic reconciliation is PR because it’s being reported in the media every week. Who needs to reassure people so much right before a movie comes out?

    • Chelley says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying for the longest time. I’m sure their good friends but I never thought they were really together. Once Twilight is over, they’ll fake break-up and they’ll be able to hook up with whoever they want publically. Sure some fans will be heartbroken but really, who cares? It’s truly pathetic to obsess over a couple you don’t know and feel “devastated” when they’re no longer together.

  15. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    1. Kaisers analysis seems spot on.

    2. K Skank’s Florabotamica ad turned my stomach. I thought there was a strong hint of Beetlejuice Winona in her dress and styling. There is no way I believe that a dirty greasy unpleasant little brat like her bothers to wear this or any other fragrance.

    3. The Lainey /Maria post yesterday made me retch on the floor. Is Maria a pseudonym for K’s publicist? I’ve lost respect. I fart in their general direction.

    That’s all.

  16. Lulu says:

    It looks like Sienna to me. But then who in the world goes out clubbing with a 3 month old at home? Yeah. Sienna.

    • JS says:

      It is Sienna. She isn’t “clubbing”. She’s out for a drink with her partner and her friends. What’s wrong with that? Even a mother needs a break sometimes. I’m sure the baby is in very good hands.

    • Annie says:

      It’s not Sienna. Why would she party with a newborn baby at home? And there are no pap pics of him with Sienna. If it was Sienna Us Weekly/Kristen’s PR would’ve been all IT’S SIENNA!! They have no clue who she is.

      • JS says:

        US Weekly did actually confirm Sienna was in the group. You’re right that it didn’t say the woman in the photos was her but I think it is. That’s not to say that RP has taken KS back at all (frankly I don’t know and don’t much care), but I do think the woman here is Sienna Miller.

      • Ann says:

        Why would she “party”? Is having a drink in a bar “partying?” Some of you have a pretty tame idea of what partying really is.

        A 30 year old woman has every right to leave her sleeping child safely in the care of a nanny or sitter, and enjoy a night out with her partner. She’s probably 5 minutes away from her hotel room in the event that she was needed.

        And btw, why didn’t anyone say how dare TomStu go out and leave his baby at home? Why only Sienna?

    • Adeli says:

      It’s not Sienna. The woman in the pics looks top heavy. Sienna is smaller than that. If it was her, they would have said so to shut everybody up.

      • Just Me says:

        If it was Sienna, why wouldn’t the damage control article from US WEEKLY say so? Come on. You guys are reaching. Also, seriously? There’s nothing wrong with a mother going out every once in a while. It’s called a mental health break. Everything in moderation, grasshoppers. Come talk to me when Sienna is in bed with the Lohans.

      • mainland says:

        As if proving this is sienna miller would change anything. If it is her (and I REALLY don’t think it is) all it proves is that tom needs to have a little one on one talk with rob about boundaries. Those photos look intimate and cozy, and if I ever caught my boyfriend close to another woman that way, then we have a problem. Especially if our relationship was already in a crisis of mistrust and infidelity.

        I still expect to see some pics of rob and kristen soon, if anything to prove these photos with the blond are no big deal. The game of PR in hollywood, its a dirty dirty business.

    • normades says:

      See my comment above. Of course she has “every right” to go out…but why would you want to? I guess she’s just taking it all in stride and has a very good nanny, and perhaps I was overly protective of my newborn. To each their own, but personaly I didn’t want “a break” because I would have been looking at the clock every second had I gone out. I invited friends over and had those drinks at home.

      Also, 3 months is not the same as 9 months.

  17. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    The only thing interesting about this fauxmance is the occasional gorgeous dress Kristin wears on the red carpet. Like that blue one in that picture of them together. When is this damn franchise over already?

  18. mia girl says:

    “closing his eyes and thinking of England”

    Kaiser, I found that so funny that I did a spit take, and I didn’t even have liquid in my mouth!

  19. Micki says:

    If his parting is oh so innocent why the constant explanations that it is INDEED so?
    I wish he stops with this “private” stick,sets the record straight so that their fans can move on.Hopefully.

    • tara says:

      I don’t think that’s necessary. You can’t really blame him for staying quiet now. He, his fellow cast and crew, all have a lot riding on this film. If all they ask of him is to just not confirm a break up and bring on a round of bad press right now, I can see why he’d agree to it. I think post Twilight, he’ll give everyone the answer they want when he’s never seen with Kristen again and we spot him out with other girls.

      All of the above is me giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he’s papped out with Kristen on his downtime before the film opens, that’s gone and I’ll feel fine writing him off as either a sell-out or a doormat.

      • Micki says:

        I don’t “blame” him per se.
        I know many commenters give him extra points for being “private” but I think that intentionally or not his need of extreme privacy made Twilight extra special for extra long. Just think about other “vampire” pairs:young and not so that gave a short confirmation :”yes, we are”-there’s no crazy about them and the life goes on.
        But no, for him it has to be utter silence for years.
        If I make a deal concerning BD2 I most definitely will put the condition that the other side will keep her mouth shut!
        Instead he’ll have to deal with a heap cheap PR manure for months to come.
        I guess I expected more from him.

  20. Saphana says:

    whoever that is he is only talking to her. i would wish for a kissing pic because im interested how they would spin it. would they try to make Kstew the victim then?

    whatever the status of their relationship is i dont think we will have any proof until the promo is over.

  21. Annie says:

    I hate that Rob is a slave to this situation. He was beaming at Cannes and everything changed in the summer for the worse. Let’s put up a front so that KStain’s reputation is not completely ruined. Let’s put up a front so that we don’t close Twilight under a bitter tone. Whatever, Rob. Just shhhh and nod along.
    I don’t care how carefree Kristen is acting – she’s worried. 10,000 comments of pure vitriol on Gossip Cop, not to mention other gossip sites? Losing her three projects for 2013? (Dropped out herself or not, she wouldn’t have done it, nor would SWATH would’ve been tossed aside had this situation not happened)

    Amazing how quick her stupid team was, debunking this immediately like Rob didn’t have his arm around that girl who is NOT Sienna. Like Rob wasn’t smiling and having a great time far away from KFart. No, they have to emasculate him and throw him under a bus “He’s afraid of the world”. He doesn’t need you, Kstain. You need him. The very fact that your team is pathetically trying to cckblock his efforts to move on, forcing him to be with you, acting like he would be okay with the biggest public humiliation and betrayal of his life after only TWO months and the endless stories where you’re trying to convince people that you’re back (while cutting his balls) is proof that you’re nothing without him. Your union gave you a higher status and approval from a fan base who never liked your attitude, not to mention interest from the media. All of a sudden every Twihard likes you because you’re dating the man of their dreams. But you know you had to make them like you because you had 4 years of this ahead and you had already called them retarded once.

    So transparent. So sad. And desperare! I wish Rob had the nerve to make out with someone in public already, but he probably knows they would turn the tables on him like THAT. “Kristen betrayed!! Shocked and in tears! Is this why she found comfort in another man’s arms? Because Rob was always a shthead?”

    Oh, Rob. I wish you the best. You have amazing things lined up for you in 2013, while Kstain has nothing. Cash your last multimillion dollar check and don’t look back. You’re being used and abused. I hope you’re finally seeing this tramp’s true colors. Many FORMER fans are.

    • Anname says:

      For a Rob fan, you sure make him sound like an idiot. He let Kristen manipulate him for that long? He couldn’t see it? You make him sound weaker than any tabloid article does – and you are supposed to be a fan!

      Since I don’t believe Rob is weak and/or foolish, then there must be more to the story than just “Kristen is a total b_tch”.

      • pretty says:

        Annie@ I LOVE your comment. I whole-heartedly agree with you.
        @Anname Kristen and Kristen’s PR team are bad guys. End Of Story.
        You don’t think Kristen and her team is driving these bullshits? why?
        Kristen’s pr team have morgage to pay and bills to pay. If their client is getting good feedback from general public, they are going to be paid well. so they are trying(and miserably failing^_^) to push these nonsenses.
        You are obviously Kristen Skank’s fan even though you HAD TO state above that you “particularly don’t like her”.
        yeah, you don’t like her. You WORSHIP HER.

      • Annie says:

        People get manipulated by their significant others ALL the time. That’s why love and reason don’t get along. Doesn’t make the person dumb but in love, though some people argue that love makes you stupid. Never heard of that concept?
        You’re so deadset on making everything fit I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a shipper or a PR in disguise or just a brave Krisbian. Let people think for themselves. It’s Sienna! Rob would never date a horrible person!! Uhm. Hi, Kristen is horrible and he dated her. Sht happens.
        And I don’t think he’s an idiot (though maybe not particularly bright either) but maybe he’s just playing along because there is a movie to promote in 5 continents. Press tours in America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia. etc. The only place they’re not going is the artic.

        What other story is there other than Kristen is a bitch? She’s letting her team describe Rob as a wuss after humiliating him publicly and meddling with a married man. A woman just left the father of her mids over what she helped happen. You don’t leave the father of your kids for nothing. I’m missing the part where Kristen is supposed to be a good person? What evidence do we have lately to support this?

        People out there are smart to put two and two together. Only shippers and krisbians are in denial because their fantasy is over now.

      • Anname says:

        Ok Pretty, really? The leap from “she’s not pure evil” to “worshiping her” is rather LARGE. I am not a fan of hers, I am a fan of Rob’s. He was with her for 3+ years, and I assumed he saw something in her that was good. So don’t make ridiculous assumptions on my behalf. I have no interest in Kristen Stewart beyond her interactions with Rob.

        And Annie, I am SO tired of the finger pointing at shippers and robsessed and Krisbians… it is so stupid. Should I scream “NONSTEN” at you? All sides of the fandom have extremists and idiots. Everyone claiming to be the BEST FANS, it’s ridiculous. Because I don’t blame Kristen for the fall of civilization I am a bad Rob fan?

      • Annie says:

        Yes, you do have interest in her and in making her seem great. Not everybody falls for people because they are good. Sometimes you fall for the imaginary idea you have of them, or for what you want them to be. Some men like to be treated like crap. Find the book Why Men Love Bitches. There are men like that. Not all relationships are healthy ad happy either. Let’s not pretend we don’t know this either.

        We don’t know what kind of relationship this was, but judging by the way she keeps betraying him and using him it was not a very good one.

        Again, someone who helps ruin a marriage and cheats on the man who supposedly she loves and respects a lot is selfish. Her lack of shame with this whole circus shows she regrets nothing. She’s such a rebel, you guise… You can’t tame a wild heart.

      • Anname says:

        Make her seem great? I in NO WAY have ever said that.I said Rob saw something in her, and I assume he knows something I don’t. There is a lot of room between best-girlfriend-ever and total-evil-b_tch. You all have painted her at the extreme. I just don’t go that far, because I don’t think Rob is that type of guy. She is not who she claimed to be, but I don’t make the leap to sociopathic.

      • Just Me says:

        Good God, Anname. WHY do you care? Let it go, already.

      • Anname says:

        Just Me, when my words are mischaracterized, I will respond. Sorry to bother you with my different opinion…

      • Just Me says:

        Look Dude, opinions are like @ssholes. Everyone has one. Personally, I don’t care either way, but I do get irritated when the snarkiness that I come here for gets interrupted by people getting all serious and butt hurt over something that’s supposed to be light hearted and fun. These celebs could give 2 rats @sses about any of us, save for how thickly we line their pockets. Don’t take it so seriously. That’s what RL is for, right? I swear. My favorite blog & form of escapism is turning into Ted Casablanca 2.0 with people trying to defend Kristen Stewart & Robsten’s honor. It’s just really NOT that important.

      • Anname says:

        Ok Dude, I will try to add more snark so you are entertained…

    • The Original Victoria says:

      All of this +345934597345983458.

      No one is making Rob out to be an idiot but the truth is that when you love someone a lot who does you wrong and in such a public way, with so much on the table career-wise and what not, who knows what he has to go along with until Twilizzle is over?

      Personally, I think Rob is insecure. To get with K-Blows, you’d have to be. Flove him, but I’m jus saying. Dude could do way better. And they would encourage him to take baths and shit.

  22. aims says:

    I think maybe at onbe time they were a couple, now the aren’t. The reason there’s stories of a reconciliation is because there’s a movie coming out. I think Kristen and summit are calling people,extis tryingra, and telling the world that they’ve patched things up, is because there’s a movie to sell. I think Robert is a gentleman, who has chosen to keep quiet because he’s private. I also think Kristin is really trying to win him back, but he’s not feeling it. As soon as the movies out, the will be “broken up “. Kristen being the skank she is, will be hooking up inappropriate men and rob will be either going back to the UK, or back to California. But I really don’t think they’re back together. He’s enduring until the movie is out. I’m hoping anyways.

    • Annie says:

      Honestly I wouldn’t have done that. I would’ve said they’re being friendly and civil without throwing Rob in a cacoon of PR. In the end they’re doing this because kristen did suffer a hit to her reputation for this. Lost roles and she had another movie to promote as well as a perfume. This is all for her benefit, Summit benefits from the couple once more and no one cares about Rob.

  23. Dani says:

    I had no idea who Azita Ghanizada was until I googled her. Dear GOD I hope he swapped numbers with her. UPGRADE!

  24. smiley says:

    i would really love to see Rob with a lovely exotic /model /actress /rocket scientist :P ,someone classy ,now that would be a sight for sore eyes,he really has that personality i believe :)

  25. Isabel says:

    Don’t think there is actually a real statement about them actually being together, so don’t get the fuss.

  26. dooliloo says:

    *sigh*… The dude is single. Why are they trying to shove down our throats that they’re “back on”?

  27. Mary says:

    No matter how the tabloid or PR would spin this, the point of the story is not the ‘mystery blonde’ but of Robert doing exactly what he should be doing, living his life. They can emasculate him all they like but at the end of the day all truths come out. they are not back together. Anybody who has heard the commentary of Eclipse would know that he could not get past cheating. The Twihards know that. Why they’re burying their heads in the sand, I can’t understand. Robert’s opinion on fame has n’t changed at all. It is still an impostor as he said during the Cosmopolis promo. Kristen on the other hand has been greatly affected by all these attention. Who can blame her. Living in the shadow of Robert cannot be easy. Because let’s face it, with this gender-biased society,he was always the bigger star. Sadly, with all these things she has been saying in her interview, it’s like listening to a song of a bird who has come to love it’s cage.

  28. eileen says:

    Thorwing it back at Kristen? lol IF its him, maybe…I don’t know…he’s moving on with his life?

  29. Nanna B says:

    Will someone clarify for me why RPatz is referred 2 as sparkles? I missed that one a long time ago.’

    I understand WO & CO$ etc, but am stumped on this one.

    Thx 1,000,000 to all you good CB folks…luv your wit! NannaB

  30. Francesca says:

    I hope it is true but sadly I doubt it. KS has some kind of hold on him, at least for now.

  31. Ann says:

    I’m grateful to Rob for getting photographed with blondie. Even though it looks perfectly innocent, and not one clubgoer was tweeting anything scandalous about this very public encounter. The tabloids just made up a narrative to match the pictures after the fact.

    I’m grateful because this is fun again. The constant stories about them reconciling were getting old and boring. New speculation that it may not be so is much more entertaining.

  32. Get a clue says:

    I think I hear Kstew weeping…

  33. LL says:

    You’d also spend 3 years of your life with someone if you were contractually obligated to. Just sayin. I still don’t consider them hitting up Brit Pack shows on the regular with her publicist and everyone they know, her showing up on sets while she’s passing through to go to other obligations, and them acting like drunken idiots at after parties during promos, where they need to sell some movie, a relationship. And someone said it earlier- Robsten sells and it’s helped them sell more than Twilight. She’s always needed him to make her look good but he’s never needed her other than what the crazy shippers bring to all their box office numbers. He can quit that now and move on because she’s toxic for him. She’s always treated him like crap and used him and I absolutely believe her team releases stories to drag him through the mud- they’ve been doing it for years. So if he’s found someone nice to chat up in a bar, I say you go, man. I hope he finds someone lovely and genuine who won’t publicly humiliate him in front of the whole world.

    • Ann says:

      He wasn’t contractually obligated to be with her. People seem to forget that she had another boyfriend all through the first movie, including promotion. And that movie did gangbusters, was a huge unexpected success. It was based on a hugely popular series of books that were still on the upswing as the first movie came out. There was a rabid fanbase that would buy anything Twilight thrown their way. There would have been no reason to push these two together well before the second movie even came out. On the contrary, it would have made sense (if you were going to create a PR relationship) to delay it until needed, when the series started to trend down a bit – probably leading into the final movie or two.

      If you were going to create a PR relationship, you’d have also allowed enough time to clean up the old boyfriend issue properly. You’d also have them actually act like a couple in public, instead of hiding out and pretending they didn’t know each other when they were in public for the first year or two.

      Fact is, these two got together on their own, against studio wishes. Studio was deathly afraid of a fallout happening, with 4 movies left to film and promote. What is happening now, basically.

  34. Just Me says:

    I swear to God, the comments on these Twilight threads are better than anything on T.V.

  35. j.eyre says:

    I am so confused by this situation at this point I am going to need a flow chart to get on top of it.

    OK, so how long was Rob sleeping with Jude Law before Azita Ghanizada hit on a married mini-cooper? And why is Sienna’s baby doing PR damage control to promote Cosmopolis?

  36. nikko says:

    I hope he’s moved on from Kristen (I always thought she was gay). He looks so much better now on his own then when he was with Kristen – she dragged him down to her level.

  37. LeslieM says:

    Every time KS appears in an interview she come off as a cold, heartless mental patient. I hope she fades away never to be heard from again. This whole PR mill about them is just annoying. What is it? They’ve got one more movie to come out? Whatever it is, get it over with and let these two fade into oblivion.

  38. Mel says:

    I hope he’s out there having a good time with girls who are NOT kristen stewart. After all the shit Kristen and his camp put him through he deserves it..

  39. Jane says:

    This whole thing makes me angry. Rob doesn’t deserve to be put through this crap. I hate how during Comsmopolis promo he was asked numerous times and had to answer about the scandal, yet KStew has yet to have to answer for what SHE DID. Shame on her/Summit/KStew’s camp for dragging Rob’s name through the mud like this and feeding lies to he media to portray that they are together when it’s so clear they are not. Meanwhile, KStew broke a family/marriage and her sole concern is her career. What a trash act. I would just LOVE for Rob to ruin their plans by confirming he’s single or showing affection with a new girl in public, but of course he’s too classy to do that. I just can’t wait for the stupid movie to be out, promo to end, and for Rob to finally walk away from all this and move on. We will finally see Rob with someone new, or at the very least, not with KStew, and the public/media will FINALLY put to rest that they are indeed done. Everything before this is all lies/PR for trying to save BD.
    I love these pics for they prove that Rob is definitely single. He is living his life and staying far away from the stew. Hold your head high, Rob. You will soon be able to move on from this trainwreck

  40. makeownbuisness says:


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  41. Adeli says:

    Something I find puzzling in all the reconciliation stories is how they’re keeping it on the downlow because they’re afraid of backlash. LOL what? What do they think is happening at the moment? With Rob being trashed all over the Internet for being a “spineless wimp” and Kristen looking worse than ever with her PR shenanigans. They are in the midst of the mother of all backlashes.

  42. baja says:

    believe it or not: ONLY SCOTTISH BOY’S ARE HIS CUP OF TEA!!

  43. Fai says:

    And in other news, The Cracken must have been kicking herself to be partying at The Electric Room on the wrong night!

  44. Rob fan says:

    Anne you are being overly dramatic about this whole situation , you are obviouslynoverinvested in robs love life and seem to think he can’t make his own decisions, second you are underestimating Kristen. First the blonde in the picture has been determined by many other sites as sitting on someone’s lap with their hand around her waist while talking and laughing with rob whose hands are in front of him, the point is he’s out with friends period, and the 10,000 posts on gossip cop are mostly on Kristen’s side so it’s what site you seem to be on. I’m a rob fan to the end but I think people are obsessed with Kristen with a passion weather good or bad but she gets more attention than the queen , saying her carrier is over is also a joke , the revenues from her movies including the swath DVD sales to date and all the AFI tickets people are in line for to see on the road is off the chartsb, so my take is even if rob and Kristen are together they should break up for a couple of years so their lives can calm down, since they got together there was always drama and hate on bith sides, I’m not sure they are strong enough to keep their sanity through all this. Summit didn’t have to say they are back together and living together, they could have done damage control by saying they are friends and because of their Years together are working on their friendship and the movie would still do good , think bout that ?

    • JS says:

      While I agree with most of what you say, the idea of breaking up with somebody for a couple of years suggests viewing the other person as some kind of object to do career-enhancing calculations with. Most people can’t do that with somebody they love. I certainly couldn’t and, if the other party was to suggest it, I’d be saying goodbye to them for good. I think you’re assuming that KS and RP are, admittedly like many Hollywood couples, primarily interested in boosting their careers. If you assume that, their behaviour to date makes no sense, which is why everybody here is so exasperated with RP in particular. He should definitely have cut KS adrift by now and moved on, signalling the fact very clearly (a grainy picture of himself talking to Sienna Miller is not what I mean). Most of his fans, who dislike KS with a passion, would be doing cartwheels in the street! All doubts about his image would be transformed overnight. Don’t tell me Summit could stop him from doing that if he wanted to!

      Now, try assuming something oddball: that they’ve both come to consider their relationship more important than their careers. If you don’t think that’s plausible, fine, just consider it a mental exercise. But, arguing from that assumption, if you were them, what would you do next? Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

  45. B2Dcab says:

    Rob has never discussed his personal life. He’s being professional. Kristen has nothing left to lose but I agree Adeli – If Kristen’s team is feeding this to tabs they are starting to dig a bigger hole.

    Being in a relationship with her doesn’t make him stupid. Going back to her would. Maybe what Rob saw in Kristen was someone who didn’t treat him like the hottest thing on the planet. Maybe he thought she loved the real him – and he thought he knew the real her. Maybe fame and batshit crazy fans brought out the worst in her. I rooted for these two but she showed her true colors in interviews and even her public treatment of him – me me me me. The scandal still surprised me. Never thought she’d get that low.

  46. Patricia says:

    First sorry for my bad english,
    What i think Rob is acting like an single guy and thats because he is.
    All the stories you read everywhere is made up by the tabloids because kristen en rob sells and that means a lot of money.
    Kristen just lives her life and goes to a concert with her dad i wish i could go with my dad….and work

    People shouldnt make more out of this a make it like its a plot .

  47. jessie ong says:

    yes he acts like a single guy because in truth he is… the news about reconciliation between kristen and robert is to sell incoming twilight movie and make kristen look good to everybody after what the scandal and of course for her career survival.

  48. fiesta soho says:

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