Scarlett Johansson, newly single, was seen partying with Sam Rockwell: hot?

Scarlett Johansson is a single girl these days. She split with Nate Naylor sometime in the past few weeks – The Mail claimed that Nate moved his stuff out of her place last week or so, and ScarJo’s people confirmed the split to Us Weekly and People Mag on Monday. Personally, I’m excited for ScarJo. She’s a mess! And I mean that affectionately. A Single ScarJo is always a lot of fun, and she tends to be a player for a while before she settles down with someone you never expect. I want to see her with Jeremy Renner – and because that’s what I hope/expect, it’s a sure sign that it will never happen. Others have suggested Russell Crowe, which would be interesting/funny, and maybe a little sexy. Lainey suggested Jude Law… I could see that for a fling, but not a real relationship. And now Page Six is giving us some hope for another series of unions:

Newly single Scarlett Johansson isn’t short of male admirers. Sources tell us she “spent a lot of time” last week with artist Domingo Zapata, a close friend of Lindsay Lohan. The pair were spotted at the Electric Room and also met up while he was at his New York studio. She was also seen partying with Sam Rockwell. Johansson and Nate Naylor, her ad-exec boyfriend of about a year, split last week with sources reportedly saying, “He was pretty upset about it.”

[From Page Six]

First of all, ScarJo needs to step away from any dude who might have ever had sex with Lindsay Lohan. I’m sorry, but that’s a dealbreaker. Domingo Zapata might be famous (in some circles) and rich and all of that, but he still hangs out with the Cracken. As for Sam Rockwell… I NEED THAT. I love Sam. Everyone loves Sam. I assume that Sam and ScarJo have been friends for a while (they’ve worked together before), and last I heard, Sam did have a girlfriend. So it was probably just a friends-thing and we shouldn’t get worked up about it. Although I would kind of love ScarJo and Sam. They would be HOT.

Also: did you see the MoveOn commercial Scarlett did with Eva Longoria? It’s all about Planned Parenthood. I watched last night’s presidential debate, and I still don’t know whether or not Mitt Romney still wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood (like he claimed months ago, and again last week). But I do know he loves binders full of women.

Photos courtesy of W Mag, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Sam Rockwell……hot! Hit it Scarlett! Hit it hard for those of us that will never have a chance. Sigh.

  2. Eve says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Any couple where one of them is Sam Rockwell is hot.

    However, I think they’re just friends partying. I could be wrong, but he’s still dating Leslie Bibb.

  3. HotPockets says:

    “ScarJo needs to step away from any dude who might have ever had sex with Lindsay Lohan”

    La Lohan has had sex with everyone in Hollywood, if not Lohan, Paris Hilton. Hollywood is so incestuous.

  4. sukie says:

    thought sam been dating leslie bibb for years now…think they still together

  5. Haha says:

    didnt see it at first…she loves funny dudes.

  6. Jackie O says:

    im not american, but romney’s response to equal pay was disgraceful.

    binders full of women…wtf??

  7. Jesse says:

    Oh wait, isn’t he dating his Iron Man 2 co-star Leslie Bibb? Then no I can’t support that. But, this makes sense since Scarlett and Sam were also co-stars on Iron Man 2 that they would hang out.

  8. V4Real says:

    She’s young let her have fun. She is obviously not ready to settle down. Unlike her ex husband she’s not going to get engaged or married just because the first few dates went well.

    Sam Rockwell seems wickedly fun.

  9. marie says:

    I think she’ll end up with some pseudo-intellectual, can totally see it..

  10. epiphany says:

    Do you realize we’ve had a ScarJo story everyday since the middle of last week? And most of them have been about her personal life – I suppose because her acting doesn’t illict much of a response beyond “meh.” Enough already.
    BTW, I’ll have to be transported to an alternative universe before I take my political marching orders from celebrities.

    • Chatcat says:

      Thank God for your common sense epiphany! I don’t get the ScarJo fascination by the tabloid media *shoulder shrug*.

      “transported to an alternative universe” sounds a bit too CO$ for me, but I’d say I’d rather chew glass followed by downing a laxative, then to put any credence into listening to the opinion of some celeb mouthpiece.

    • j.eyre says:

      I was interested in this too. Why are we being inundated with ScarJo stories?

      Can we just send all the people who take political advice from celebrities (including the politicians who do) to the alternate universe instead?

    • Cazzie says:

      “BTW, I’ll have to be transported to an alternative universe before I take my political marching orders from celebrities.”

      Indeed! We are talking about persons who, for their JOB, put on pancake makeup, dress up in costumes, and then recite lines written by somebody else. What, exactly, qualifies them to make any sort of pronouncement about something besides hair and makeup? Do they really think they are better informed than the rest of the human race?

      I guess that’s what surrounding yourself with yes-men will do to a person.

  11. Mia 4S says:

    Just to really tease you Kaiser, Rockwell is buddies with Jeremy Renner.

  12. bns says:

    Ugh no! You can do better, Sam.

  13. keats says:

    Sam Rockwell was my favorite part of Galaxy Quest, which is a movie not short on wonderful things.

  14. ernie says:

    If Sparkles was smart, he’d be all over that instead of playing the ridiculous high school PR game with that brat.

    Though, ScarJo seems to be aiming for older lately. Sam Rockwell, if true, is hot, yes.

  15. Ming says:

    ScarJo trying to domesticate Sam Rockwell, resulting in lot’s of charming “LOL nope ! Nopenopenopenope. All the nopes I have to give ! Free nopes for everyone.” *goes back to secret Clooney cave to give nopes*

    I’M INTO IT.


  16. mercy says:

    I’m glad you posted the video because it gives me the opportunity to mention Kerry Washington. I saw her on Bill Maher last week and was very impressed: bright, sincere, well spoken, and while she obviously takes the issues very seriously, as she should, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. More like her, please.

  17. Rux says:

    I love ScarJooo! Free ScarJo is even better. I want her to keep on playing and then settle down with Renner; that would be so freakin’ hot.

  18. Jessica says:

    He reminds me of Gary Oldman… I still cant believe Sam was that butthead from The Green Mile.. lol – and actually in Green Mile, his character reminds me of Tom Cruise for some odd reason.. LOL

  19. lucy2 says:

    Pretty sure Sam is still with Leslie Bibb and has been for a long time, so no-go for ScarJo.

  20. hoya_chick says:

    How do people jump from relationship to relationship (can you even call a hook up that? lol) like this? Damn, at warp speed. And I am making a comment about men and women, not slut shaming Scarlett. I just find it so unsettling that people can’t seem to be alone. Same goes for her ex who is already married and how long have they been divorced? A year 18 Months? Strange.

  21. Jezi says:

    OMG YES! I totally want her with Jeremy Renner as well. They had some chemistry in the Avengers. I always thought they would make a cute couple.

  22. serena says:

    Oh my god Scarlett, stay away from anyone who’s friend or worse with Linnocent!

  23. mommak918 says:

    Ahhh Sam Rockwell….
    He’s soooo sexy.
    And so quirky…and talented.
    Not really a Scarjo fan…but if I was her I’d be all over him.
    Seriously, now I want to find Moon to watch this weekend.

    (Considering I’m the size of the moon….due w my second son anyday now)
    Thanks for the Sam posts!

  24. Natavalina says:

    I remember what Scarlett looked like before her nose job. the old nose would have never made it big in hollywood

  25. B says:

    *swoons* I’ve had a thing for him ever since I saw him in “Lawn Dogs” with Mischa Barton.

    But yeah, I agree-he could do far better than ScarJo. In fact, I think I would lose a bit of respect for him if he went for her.

  26. dooliloo says:

    Ahhh Sam… His dance moves… Good grief I’m obsessed with him… His dance moves… *SWOON*

    I’m glad he doesn’t have a twitter account, I’d have been blocked and banned!

    *avoiding to comment on the newly single Blonde Widow*

  27. sandra says:

    Sam Rockwell was with Leslie Bibb at the 7 Psychopaths premiere walking in with Jeremy Renner…so (Sam and Leslie) might be still on and if Leslie got wind of her and Sam even flirting with eachother…there might be a ScarJo smackdown.
    I can tell that Leslie won’t take crap from either side.

    I am still saying hell no for Renner to hook up with her.

  28. Nicole says:

    Jeremy Renner! YUM! He’s got a young Daniel Craig vibe and I love it! I can’t really hate on Scarlet btw. She is a girl who lives her life with no apologies. I don’t think of her as malicious or anything like that. As an actress, she’s pretty awful, but as a celebrity I find her fun to keep tabs on. I may be the only one to say this… thanks Kaiser!

  29. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “First of all, ScarJo needs to step away from any dude who might have ever had sex with Lindsay Lohan.”

    Well there goes my suggestion of Gerard Butler out the window.

    But just think of how crazy/fun/toxic that pairing could be.

  30. Mew says:

    For me Sam Rockwell is always Zaphod Beeblebrox. And that’s pretty disturbing too. Anyway, still think he’s pretty awesome, so my first thought was “oh lord, get someone better.”

  31. I sure hope they aren’t going to become a thing. That is just going to be weird. I mean I know Scarlett is extremely sexy but… they just wouldn’t fit together.

  32. LucyOriginal says:

    Jeremy Renner and ScarJo!!!!!!!!!!I guess I need to post this video again:

    ps: Why my comments have been on “awaiting moderation” for 2 weeks? This is so frustrating…

  33. The Original Mia says:

    If I can’t have Renner, then please let it be ScarJo.

  34. Amy says:

    I’ve loved Sam Rockwell since his HBO Lifestories: Families in Crisis episode in the early nineties. And I’ve loathed ScarJo since…well, it’s been a while.

    So I do not approve of this (potential) pairing. He’s been dating Leslie Bibb, and I’m not that keen on her either. Neither of the women is interesting enough for him! Scarlett Johansson seems like such a try-hard intellectual, and Leslie Bibb just seems too vanilla.

  35. DesertPoppy says:

    Whats up with the tattoo on her arm? I know she has had it for a while but what is it supposed to be?

  36. Emma says:

    Romney want to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood. That would mean cutting 75 million dollars from a 1.1 billion dollar company. That is 7% folks, and it won’t in any way shut down PP. It will just make it so tax payers don’t pay for any of it.