Is Katy Perry “playing hard to get” with John Mayer to try and “change him”?

Katy Perry John Mayer

This Katy Perry and John Mayer on-off romance has been dragging on for what seems like forever, right? They keep breaking up and getting back together, and if you’re still vaguely curious about the timeline, go here for a recap that includes John feeding Katy in public before they piled on the PDA. Ick.

Now this week has been pretty hot and heavy (relatively speaking) for the couple, who have been in New York City together nearly every day. In these photos (from Tuesday), John and Katy are seen together having lunch on his 35th birthday (Happy Doucheday!). While Katy has no interest in engaging with the paps, just check out at his smug face.

Katy Perry John Mayer

And here they are that evening heading out for a birthday dinner as well. Isn’t it amusing that he’s recently gotten a haircut while she’s gone back in for hair extensions? CB has noted that whenever John Mayer cleans up and loses some weight, it’s almost a precursor for him to go into “full douche” mode. I agree — look at that dreadful bow tie.

Katy Perry John Mayer

Katy Perry John Mayer

This week’s issue of Us Weekly explains how Katy has managed to keep John’s attention for more than a few months. She is apparently playing “hard to get” because she “believes she can change him.” This sounds awfully familiar:

Can Katy Perry boldly go where no woman has gone before? The pop star, 28, who’s casually dating John Mayer, 35, “Believes she can change him,” a source tells Hot Stuff. “She doesn’t want to be just another one of his conquests.” (His exes include Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift.) Part of Perry’s plan? Play hard to get. Explaisn the source, “She recently told John she was open to see other people.” And her plot has paid off. Adds a second insider, “Once Katy turned her back on him, he started chasing her again!” Indeed, he caught up with Perry in NYC October 13 at the Dolls’ Hotel Chantelle bash, where they “kissed throughout the night,” says a witness. The next day, he watched her NetJets concert, then took her on a double date at Perla. “He was really animated at dinner,” says an observer. “He smiled at her a lot.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition, October 29, 2012]

Sigh. I can totally believe that Katy thinks she can tame John just like she thought she could tame Russell, and we saw how successfully that worked out, right? This will not work out well, but that’s for Katy to worry about since I’m sure plenty of people have warned her about both men. Katy just seems to think she’s such a special snowflake that a guy really would want to change for her.

After their dual-doucheday feast, Katy and John spent the night together at his Soho apartment. Here they are the next morning while exiting the premises, and Katy is wearing no makeup at all. This is a very unusual move for her, and maybe she really does believe she can change another bad boy, but this certainly isn’t a “hard to get” set of behaviors. Two meals out in one day plus overnight sex and showing a bare face the next day? These two are totally comfy together. At least, that’s the case for now.

Katy Perry John Mayer

Katy Perry John Mayer

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News

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  1. Jessica says:

    Do you notice how when she is with him, she doesnt dress all flashy and “look at me, look at me”?

  2. judyjudy says:

    They are so gross and perfect for each other.

  3. lizzi says:

    WTF kind of outfit is she wearing in those top pictures? Seriously!

  4. V4Real says:

    She probably just don’t want to get p-ssed on.

  5. I'm going to Guam! says:

    He has such a rat face, uueegh *shudders*
    What do women see in this ugly douchebag!?

  6. goodquestion says:

    I swear, this guy must have a massive unit.

  7. mln76 says:

    Common denominator for Mayer’s women he likes em dumb and superficial…Ugh

  8. Dani says:

    Her body is sickening, she looks hot in the picture with jeans and a white tee.

    I don’t get the hate for her on Celebitchy. They praise so many girls that are just like her or even worse yet Katy gets mocked relentlessly, AND they praise Russell. He’s a drug addicted asshole who uses his ‘sober’ image to make himself look like the better half.

    • mln76 says:

      In terms of the divorce Russell came off infinitely better because when given the opportunity to bleed her dry he didn’t take a penny…she was the one who used her divorce as a plot point in her film in order to cash in on the breakup. I think Russell is troubled and a womanizer yes but I do believe he is sober just my opinion….between Mayer and Brand Mayer is the bigger jerk.

    • Kimlee says:

      Russell is clean now so why are you bring up his past addiction that happened even before they got together in it. If your trying to make Katy look better its not working.

    • Dani says:

      Agreed about the divorce and the movie 100%. But he’s published so much in his books (which I’ve read) that possibly should have been left out, yet he gets a pass. When others who write a book with details that shouldn’t concern people get judged? I’m just saying that more often than not, we praise people who aren’t worthy of it because they’ve been through something difficult.

      • mln76 says:

        Yeah I recommend Russell’s books they gave me a whole different perspective on him he is totally a good guy.Considering the things he talked about in his memoir I tend to find him so much more credible than Gerry Butler who in no way behaves like a sober man.

        @dani I think most of what he talke about in his books.were either stories that were already public, stories about his family and childhood that helped to comprehend his behavoir or stories in which he’s the biggest ass…oh and talking about what it took for him to be sober.

      • Ella says:

        Dani, you are wrong about Russell. He has never published anything overly revealing (of other people) in his books. He’s mentioned dating a couple famous people (like Kate Moss) because it was a momentous thing in HIS life, and that’s what his books are about … his own story. He didn’t include any intimate details about Kate or the others; it was very tasteful (not to mention complimentary). Say what you will about RB; I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing he’s NOT is disrespectful of his exes. He has consistently been kind and caring when asked about Katy, despite her using their breakup as career fodder.

        As for people questioning whether he is really sober, I know I’m just someone commenting on the internet so you have no obligation to believe me, but yes, he IS sober. This isn’t just someone who vaguely claims “Oh, I don’t drink” but then is seen at clubs looking suspiciously intoxicated. This is someone who dedicates a huge amount of his time and money to helping rehab charities (most notably Focus 12, the facility in the UK where he got clean), and recently made a documentary for the BBC about addiction and the ways to deal with it. He is passionately devoted to maintaining his own sobriety and to helping others fight their addictions. No addict is ever 100% “cured,” but one day at a time, Russell is staying strong with his program.

    • giddy says:

      No, she’s sickening. Her body is voluptuous. But maybe “sickening” is a bit harsh. How about “moronic”. That sums it up nicely.

      Russell has incredible depth. She will regret her stupidity in not making it work with him. She knows it. Which makes it all the more sad for her.

      In terms of John Mayer what she does with him isn’t relevant or particularly interesting. In some ways they are well-suited. Trust me. She knows what she lost.

  9. Sirsnarksalot says:

    He is using her to rehabilitate his image and get back into public celebrity life and she is using him to wash of the pain of her divorce. This will end badly and I will feel bad for neither.

  10. lori says:

    I thought that her and Russell didn’t work out because she liked to party and he wanted her to stop drinking stay home and have babies?? Isn’t that what the dish was at the time?? And why would she want to tame JM….I mean the way he tells it he likes to stay home and masturbate all the time anyway. What’s to tame??

    • Ella says:

      @Lori – Yeah, exactly. When the Russell/Katy story was fresh in everyone’s minds, most people agreed that the breakup was most likely caused by a combination of them never seeing each other, and their basic incompatibility as far as her still wanting to party and him being ready to settle down.

      But now that some months have passed, everyone has kinda forgotten that and reverted back to the old “Russell the womanizer” idea and attributes the breakup to him not being faithful or her not being able to “tame” him or whatever. I guess it makes a better or more convenient story, to paint Katy as the “good girl who picks bad men.”

      I don’t know much about John, but Russell is not a bad guy. I’m sure that whatever caused their divorce was more complex and mutual than a cut and dried case of “she couldn’t tame him.”

  11. writrGal says:

    I love me my celebitchy….. But honestly, this is the only Katy Perry story that should be out there today…..

    I hope I posted that correctly! That performance was last Saturday, I was there and it was AMAZING. There was not a dry eye in the house…. including Jon Stewart. He had to come on stage right after Jody and Katy preformed and he was in tears…. the whole thing was so moving. I liked Katy before – but watching her with that little girl…. well, I LOVE her now.

  12. Maritza says:

    These two will not last, I give them until the Holidays. It’s a big mistake to try to change a person, it doesn’t work.

  13. GreenTurtle says:

    Methinks Mayer Douche isn’t interested in anyone who would play hard to get. Break-up and make up was his pattern with Jen, remember?

  14. G says:

    Russel Brand tamed himself.

    That’s more than most people can say and obviusly not something that Katy could appreciate.

  15. Andrea says:

    How does John Mayer get all these women? He sn’t a great singer or THAT goodlooking. He must have some serious charisma and/or be an unbelieveable lover.

  16. A says:

    Eh. I feel for Katy Perry, but she’ s the victim of her own bad choices. Plus, she’s in her late 20s and has a starter marriage under her belt. She should have enough life experience by now to realize these type of situations don’t usually work. John Mayer is freaking 35 years old. By that age, most people aren’t going to change their ways. That said, she hangs around with a seriously drugged up crowd so there’s probably very few people to clue her in on that.

    Anyway, here’s a bit of interesting Katy Perry news that I don’t think any of the blogs really covered. Several weeks ago, there was this story all over the local news here in Los Angeles. An ex-Scientolgist who had a small part on Sons of Anarchy killed his landlady, her cat, and then jumped to death off the roof of the house. Turns out he was a major drug addict and Katy Perry’s ex boyfriend from like 2007. Anyway, it was spun like she had no contact with the guy since they broke up. Then, a local news blog had a new angle..Katy Perry’s best friend is some TV star and she was twittering away about the death and went on and on about how much she loved the guy (the murderer), how he was simply sick, how she’ll miss him so much and on and on. Not a single mention of him being an addict or any sympathy or acknowledgement of his crime. It sounded like someone seriously in denial and possibly an addict, because most people would have a) acknowledged the victim and b) acknowledged that the killer was an addict instead of just saying “sick”. She apparently erased the tweets, but the blog screen capped them. Anyway, I highly doubt Katy Perry’s bff would still be so close to this guy if Katy had cut off all contact….So those are the type of people Katy surrounds herself with….plus Rihanna, who also is probably into drugs.

    • giddy says:

      YES! Am so glad you mentioned this story. When that horrible murder happened the media made very light of the fact that Johnny Lewis dated Katy Perry. At the time it seemed odd in that they had lots of mutual and current friends.

      There was also a story around that she drinks to get totally drunk — downing bottles of vodka in an evening — partying with her friends — and then ranting about her X-husband and breaking stuff around her house they had “together”. She’s left with a bunch of scummy friends who booze and drug and party. One day soon she’ll not be so young and pretty. Puffy eyes, bloated, needing new teeth. It’s not sad. It’s pathetic. She chooses this kind of life when she could have something altogether more substantive. At least she’s keeping liquor stores and her dealer in business.

      • A says:

        @giddy. I was so surprised that the connection between Katy and her ex didn’t get more play…If her bff (who came off horribly and like an addict herself) was still so close to him, there’s a damn good chance Katy was close to him too. There was some major spin done by her PR team in that case.

        Katy’s 28…It’s never too late to change, but I think it’s a hell of a lot less likely once you hit your late 20s. While there are always the people who have it together at 21, there are still a lot of people who seem to be figuring their life out during the college years and the first few years out of college. I was never a partier, but some of my friends were…However, once they were 22, 23, 24 they started cutting way back. I think there’s a point in both celebrity and real life when it becomes a little ridiculous to live a certain lifestyle…the kind of lifestyle that Katy still embraces.

        While I think Russell Brand is a douche, he kind of got screwed over by the media in the divorce. He’s pretty clearly devoted to living a clean lifestyle…Since he was so close to Amy Winehouse, I think her death was a sobering reminder to him of the danger of addiction. However, the tabloids like to paint everything in black or white….so they dragged up his drug fueled past and portrayed his kinkiness as bad…While Katy was the all-American girl who tried to tame a bad boy and failed. I kind of think it was the reverse…that Russell thought he could tame Katy, and he couldn’t.

  17. emu says:

    I think it’s pretty funny her jean vest has ripped to accomodate her breasts.

  18. midnightmoon says:

    john & katy, the fashion police have been called. you are gonna be arrested for violating every fashion rule on the books. why oh why do you put that crap on yourselves? oh. my, goddess! awful awful awful.