Lindsay Lohan is drinking a bottle & a half of vodka a day, says Michael Lohan

As we discussed yesterday, there was a boatload of Lohan drama over the weekend. The whole mess began on Friday, when Michael Lohan and some people showed up at Lindsay’s Beverly Hills home (?) to do an “intervention”. Lindsay wouldn’t let them in and she called the police on Michael, and it was just a typical Lohan mess. Lindsay let TMZ know that her dad is awful and Dina chimed in as well (using her own name, not “Steve Honig”). Well, there are some new developments, and they’re just as crackie as everything else. First, Michael tells TMZ that the intervention WAS sanctioned by the Cracken’s team of enablers, because Lindsay’s partying is so out of control, it’s even starting to bother them:

Michael Lohan was NOT ALONE in orchestrating an emergency intervention on Lindsay Friday — and TMZ has seen emails proving that her ENTIRE team, including her lawyers and her manager … were 100% on board.

The emails are between Michael, Evan Hainey (LiLo’s manager) Dave Feldman (entertainment lawyer) and Shawn Holley (criminal defense lawyer). The emails were sent between Sept. 23rd and Oct. 18th (the day before Michael’s intervention).

Michael emailed Evan and Shawn on Sept. 23rd, claiming he had been informed by several people Lindsay was “drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day” adding, “I have seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau.”

Michael continues, “She is AGAIN, taking pills to keep her up and to sleep (adderall)!! I even know that she is and was drinking during work as far back as Liz and Dick!”

Michael then pleads, “I am asking you to PLEASE PLEASE find a way to get her to LA toward the end of the first week of October or the beginning of the second so we can do an intervention and FINALLY end this madness!”

LiLo’s manager Evan responds the same day to Michael and Shawn, “I am hearing the same things.” Evan continues, Lindsay will fly back to L.A. Oct 15th — and they should plan an intervention for that week. Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn responds unequivocally, “Let’s do it.”

On Oct. 12th Michael and LiLo’s entertainment lawyer, Dave, sent multiple emails to each other — planning a conference call with a well-known interventionist, named Earl Hightower. Then on Oct. 18th (the day before the intervention) Michael sent an email to Evan … revealing a plan to confront LiLo at her Bev Hills home.

According to text messages from Oct 19th, which we have also seen, the group decided Michael would confront LiLo FIRST … and everyone else would show up afterwards. TMZ broke the story … the emergency intervention floundered — Michael showed up to Lindsay’s pad, but she turned him away and called the cops … which put a kabosh on the whole thing.

[From TMZ]

Does anyone have any doubt that Lindsay is consuming that much alcohol? Does anyone have any doubt that she’s also popping pills, doing lines and probably a lot more? I’m here to tell you – none of this is anything new. And if you believe she’s a Crack Monster, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe Michael Lohan. Also: where was Steve Honig on this email chain? Oh, right.

Now, TMZ also spoke to Lindsay’s siblings, including ALI! Ali has been “missing” for months. Allegedly, she went to South Korea to model, and this is the first time we’ve heard anything about her since then. Ali spoke to her father directly through her statement to TMZ: “Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don’t need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years.” Michael Jr. said, “I think it’s unfortunate that the public had to be unwittingly invited into the lives of my family members due to my father’s lies” and Cody says, “I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, he needs to leave my family alone.” TMZ points out that none of them actually contradicts what Michael Lohan has said about Lindsay.

So, what’s the next step in this crack drama? Allegedly, Michael is going to go to court and try to get Lindsay put in some kind of conservatorship, like Britney Spears has. Except the Cracken is totally f—king broke (if not millions of dollars in debt), and there really isn’t much to “protect” or “conserve” you know? Unless you’re trying to “conserve” Lindsay’s health, in which case HAHAHAHA. Yeah. She will never submit to it, and the California court system has already given up on her. Blah. Another day, another crack drama.

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  1. lower-case deb says:

    stop airing your family’s dirty laundry to make you look more sympathetic.

    this family… just… well.

  2. HotPockets says:

    maybe she is thirsty? When you’re a busy actress you can have a tendency to become very dehydrated throughout the day. Cut the girl a break.

  3. embertine says:

    Yeah, if you mean the PR guy, he writes for the Huffington Post among others and is pretty well known in Lalaland. Fairly certain he’s not fictional.

  4. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Bottle and a half of vodka a day? I’m sure she calls that a “light breakfast”

  5. Evelyn says:

    I don’t think she needs an intervention. I think she needs to be dropped in a third world and left to her own devices. Shell either come back humble, or not at all! Win win

  6. Erinn says:

    I have to laugh at all this Steve Honig stuff.

    Personally… I doubted his existence for a while. I checked out his company website… which looks very similar to the basic website templates the company I work for offers, as well as the simply stock images. When I clicked the link at the bottom where it says who designed it- the designer doesn’t even have a live website. Just a placeholder site, saying their site is coming soon. I just find it funny that with such big clients that they list on their clients list, that they would have such a budget website.

    BUT, I honestly don’t think that Dina et al, have the brains to think up creating a fake company. And as others have said, he’s apparently a columnist on other sites.

  7. salamanca says:

    I know people, addicted, who can drink 24/7, even 2 bottles a day, and take pills the same day-to get some sleep, when they’re out of vodka, but that’s way to much for a girl. And cocain? Jeeez.
    She’ll be either in hospital or cemetery in no day.

    • Judy says:

      At one point in my life I was drinking a bottle of vodka a day (quart? 750 ml?-is that what we’re talking about?).

      I was a mess! All I did was sleep and then wake up shaking.(I was unemployed.)It was horrible. I had to go to the hospital and they gave me pills to sober up and I never drank vodka again.

      How do people drink that much? Really–I want to know.

  8. ConnieNobody says:

    This whole mess is such…well, a mess. It makes me sick to say it, because Daddy Lohan is clearly a giant tool, but, well… at least he’s doing SOMETHING. I know he doesn’t have a great history in the drug or domestic violence department, but hell, if I had been married to, and procreated with, Dina Lohan, I may need some drugs to cope, too. I know defending Michael will probably make me unpopular, but he seems to be somewhat sincere in his efforts to help? And as far as his recent troubles with the law, the dude is engaged (?) to freakin’ KATE MAJOR. She seems pretty wacked out, herself. Who’s to say what really goes on with that family behind closed doors? Michael may not be a whole lot better than Dina, but I can’t imagine him being much worse. At least he seems to be trying.

  9. Jennika says:

    And TMZ just reported that she’s off the hook in the hit and run from Sept. What a crock of shit! I really don’t think she will EVER be held accountable for anything. Someone here awhile back said that she and Dina had blackmail about really high up people. Well here is another example of that! I’m so sick of this skank’s antics

  10. lucy2 says:

    Odd that all the other kids are telling him to stay out of their lives, but Lindsay is the one calling him up to whine about her mother.
    They’re all so messed up, I can’t even fathom. And I’m pretty sure she’s been drinking during work going back further than Liz and Dick, I’m thinking the Herbie era!

  11. fabgrrl says:

    Okay, an intervention sounds good and necessary. But why would they send Michael Lohan, of all people, to be the initiator? Of course that is going to fail! They should have sent someone who Lindsay would at least let in the front door! This makes the “intervention” just sound like more, made-up crap to bring drama, instead of an actual attempt to help a loved one.

  12. Riana says:

    There is still one sad thing about this and it’s only to watch someone so young take every step to kill herself.

    As an addict who’s gotten quite a few free passes I don’t really see her ever getting the motivation to turn her life around, as such I only see this ending in one way.

    Her Dad has his issues but I do believe he cares more than Dina and Ali…Lord they f*clef up their kids but good.

  13. Sam says:

    Does this mean Lindsay will have to fire her whole team, since Michael Lohan’s emails pretty clearly show that they all supported his attempts at an intervention? If she does fire all of them, she’ll be dependent on Dina and other enablers for everything. Which basically just means its a matter of time before she’s dead.

  14. ronnie says:

    Everyone is awful in this situation but maybe at this point hopefully the people left on team Lohan will realize they have to do SOMETHING in order to quit making Michael Lohan look like the sane one. At least he admits there are issues. Denial is not the answer.

  15. Mia 4S says:

    Her father thinks the court will give him a conservatorship?! Him?! Not saying she doesn’t need it but come on man!

    It’s very sad because with the enabler-mother she has in her life (and seems to have on a pedestal) I doubt she would have been open to the influence of surrogate parent figures and mentors. I’ve known people whose lives were changed and saved by surrogate mothers and fathers…but they had either cut off the “bad” parents or had the fortitude to follow the right influences.

  16. Happy21 says:

    What an effing mess!! The whole situation, the whole family, the whole everything. It reeks and stinks but most of all Lindsay isn’t getting help and she will not get help. I don’t think the intervention would even have worked because she is such a liar that she truly believes her own BS.

  17. Bess says:

    At least Michael Lohan is realistic enough to know that neither he nor White Oprah should be conservators. I just hope a judge wouldn’t appoint someone like Michael Lohan Jr. who is clearly part of the family payroll and under White Oprah’s thumb.

    • Madisyn says:

      Angel, we’ve been through this bs before, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! She’s an adult (age-wise anyway) and according to UCLA, she’s not mental (IDIOT DOCTORS, If they can be fooled by this SLAG, who can’t act her way out of a paper bag, good on her).

      A. Nada to conserve. B. Who’s stepping up to the plate? Before you say Shawn, she’s way too busy with a lucrative law practice to be bothered. Can you imagine the 4am phone calls in the middle of the night to beg for money for her next fix EVERY NIGHT?

  18. Green_Eyes says:

    The whole lot need to be given an intervention on Fame Whoring. You would know it worked if you never heard the outcome…. Never happen

  19. Talie says:

    The only way a conservatorship would work is if her lawyer approached the judge and made it clear that she needed it. Although, really, Dina, Michael and Lindsay all need help.

  20. lori says:

    harvey levin should be her conservator. i honestly think he’s the only one left that gives 2 sh!ts about what happens to that girl, and he uses her less for press then her family does. SAD!

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, but what SIZE bottles? The airplane size? The smaller-normal size? The standard size? The BIG size?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    (I’m going with the BIG size.)

  22. skuddles says:

    Hard to believe these people didn’t anticipate that Lilo would do exactly what she did – refuse her father entrance and call the cops. They need to lure her out of her crack lair to have any hopes of success.

  23. Jackson says:

    I’m with everyone who said why send ML. Maybe she’d listen to someone like Shawn Holley. But, yeah, probably not.

  24. Ginger says:

    Obviously rehab has not worked for her time and again…they all need to let her bottom out on her own

  25. Cathy says:

    I hope the crackenmonster remembers to recycle the bottles when she’s done. There are recycling laws most everywhere now.

  26. Mich says:

    What a cracktastic family! Not a single sliver of saving grace in the lot.

    I’m always wondering how LL manages to keep the whites of her eyes so white. Surely we should be seeing signs of liver damage by now?

  27. serena says:

    Cody, poor boy, his statement made me sad.

    So Ali’s back? LOL

  28. boo says:

    This is so sad in so many ways. I think Michael Lohan is vile too, but I do think he is at least trying to do something, albeit not very successfully, for Lindsey. The problem here is Lindsey, when she sees fit, she calls her father for help, he in turn records the conversation and sells it to TMZ, I am not sure that happened but how did the conversation get on TMZ? This in turn makes Lindsey not trust her father and yet he shows up to do an intervention, of course she refused it, what was he thinking? She obviously does not trust him and she shouldn’t but her mother is another matter. I believe Lilo is very close to her mother and I think WO manipulates her and her other children to hate on ML (which they probably should have done for themselves). It’s never a good idea to speak ill of an ex-spouse, the children will find out for themselves. I think Dina and Michael obviously had a toxic relationship and they acted out in front of the children. Add to the mix, Lilo and her fame and money when she was a child and you would have to have a really stable family to just get through that. I feel for Lilo because I know that she is in a hole, and cannot see what is happening. If she is drinking and using then she is in denial, and you add all the sycophants that are around her for the good booze and drugs and you have a disaster waiting to happen. I got sober at 27 so I hope she still has a chance, although I was broke and alone in a one bedroom apartment, that’s the problem, her money will be gone soon and if she makes it alive, she might reach bottom one day, but she has to want it, not anybody else. It’s a truly sad situation.

  29. echolocate says:

    I believe the stories about abuse in the relationship between Michael and Dina, and I think that the dynamic that established is the reason why Dina and the kids circle the wagons and deny problems.

    Dina likely taught them that they can only trust one another. Dina and the kids truly believe they can band together and help themselves, but none of them have expertise in the problems they’re facing. They really, really need outsiders they can trust to help them, and they need to let those outsiders do the job. The “we’re under siege” mentality they have is guaranteeing that things will not end well for most of them. You are not Flowers in the Attic, Lohans!

    Michael probably does really care on some level, but his immaturity and media-whore impulsivity ruin his credibility with the kids and prove Dina’s point. When “Dr.” Phil rakes a drunk Dina over the coals on television, it only serves to bolster the family’s belief that they are targets and need to stick together as they paddle a rowboat with holes on a direct path toward an iceberg. Ugh.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Dina indoctrinated ALL those kids that the only ones they could trust were family. (It was in an article or something I read a few years ago, and I believe the quote came from MiLo Jr. or Ali.)

      Whether it had to do with abuse or not (and I do believe some abuse occurred there, simply based on MiLo’s actions over the past few years), it has been EXTREMELY DAMAGING to those kids (now adults) and how they live their lives.

      • echolocate says:

        Thanks for the details. I suspected as much.

        Until that is undone, somehow, this family will remain a mess. I really hate how Dina seems to press the younger siblings into being Lindsay’s guardians, thereby exposing them to the same horrible influences. I remember that awful reality show, where MiLo Jr. appeared to have a good head on his shoulders, and was getting good grades in college while playing soccer (I think). It’s too bad he didn’t get a normal job rather than trying his luck in Hollywood, because that might have helped somewhat.

        The worst was when Cody was “shadowing” Lindsay over the summer, like his underage sister before him. Way too much to put on an adolescent.

  30. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    This whole thing is starting to stink like a Dr. Phil family set up. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that bellowing charlatan was behind some of this idiocy.

  31. e.non says:

    damn … girl’s got a constitution to rival keith richards…

  32. Kathryn says:

    Someone needs to take her to some detox place in a far away land where there are no paps, and let her disappear for about 6 months, take out her nasty extensions and let her do some hardcore therapy away from her entire crazy ass family. (Not that she isn’t crazy, but she will never ever ever get better unless she goes away for a while.
    I didn’t even know she had a manager! -_- There are way too many aspiring actors who would kill to have gotten even one of the acting jobs she’s gotten. She is a waste, and whatever talent she used to have is long gone.

  33. Madisyn says:

    I’m rather BORED with the ‘blame the parents’ schtick. If you want a ‘bad, rough, or terrible’ childhood, look up the name DUGARD. Kidnapped, molested, and made to live in the backyard in a tent, while birthing 2 of her attackers children for YEARS . . . THAT, my friends, is a rotten childhood. So, please spare me on Blohans ‘bad’ childhood . . ..

  34. Alexa says:

    Mr. Lohan:

    Did it ever occur to you that your actions might be making things WORSE? Don’t $hit where you eat! Find some other family with whom to intervene (or better yet, work a little harder on your own 12-step program).

  35. ViloDeMenus says:

    I think the question is why would Milo think at this point and after so many betrayals that he’d even have a chance in Hell of getting her into rehab? A total stranger off the street would be more successful. He thinks he’s so good at this intervention stuff when he’s as big of an idiot as Lilo is, but when you can’t fix your own life make sure to interfere with others, do as I say not do as I do is the Milo credo.

    Anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a murder suicide on Lilo in the least, his control issues and all his Jesus stuff make him out of control and dangerous to her, but she keeps letting him back in her life so when he snuffs her out she’s the one to blame for her untimely end.

    As for “At least he’s trying” he’s not, if he was doing what real interventionists do when the person won’t get help you cut them off and Milo only has Lilo for a gravy train, no one professional would be going to TMZ with audio and selling it, he’s lost all credibility in his next new profession as an interventionist, he did everything WRONG, but he did get a payday at his daughters expense and disease.

  36. Lulu says:

    She’s an adult and no one can help her when she doesn’t want it and doesn’t admit that she needs it. She’s determined to obliterate herself and anyone who is connected with her (or her mother) in any way, shape or form, is endangered as well.

    The two of them need to be dropped off on an island somewhere with only the barest of survival necessities. Wouldn’t that make a delightful show?

  37. Kathryn says:

    I don’t want to like accuse anyone of anything- but does anyone think it’s possible that Lindsay Lohan was a victim of sexual abuse of some kind when she was a child? Not always, but there are a lot of cases where that kind of trauma can cause people to turn to the path that Lindsay has taken…..

    • Sugar says:

      well it could of happen within the industry-her father apparently according to the twitter statements issued *cough* by her siblings prove he wasn’t around.
      Fair question though. I tend to think that Lindsay started partying @ a young age but unlike say Drew Barrymore (who sought help) she likes it. she LiKES her party life reputation & no way wants to give it up. she probably cannot fathom the second half of her life as a sober person-how utterly boring.
      I feel sad in the fact that a young person has to struggle with that realization if they choose a path of sobriety. Where I work a young recovering heroin addict @23 fights those urges of missing his party life.
      Lindsay has a long way to go to even get to where she cares enough to care.

  38. haha says:

    her dad says even Josh Chunn, wants her to clean up her act..Cant these people CALL BRITNEY’s parents…they no how to drug people in to silence…Mr/ms Spears, pls stand up?(in my marshall matters voice)

  39. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Tell you what Lohan Inc you are goina have to come up with another angle and hook this one is getting old and stale fast besides everybody knows nothing will come of it awayway cause never side can show cause !!
    You know we need to clear something up here….
    Everybody keep calling her stupid she’s not …No Sir Ree ! She is just like her daddy and on Smart Sociopath…She’s know since she was a baby just how to get her way…work one parent against the other and use her cutest and looks to get her way…She been calling the shots in that family ever since then…..and she’s still doing it….
    Here is on Mean assed Evil person…Knows exactly what she is doing and who she doing it to..and for ….HERSELF …
    Every thing she does is for only one reason for the pleasure and satisfation of one Lindsay D. Lohan….
    As for Dina the Drunk and Micheal the Mouth …they are Grifters and Leeches who have spend their whole lives sucking the life out of other people for a living….and are still hart at work doing it.

  40. enya. says:

    Nah, I don’t believe this. I don’t think Lindsay is drug- and alcohol-free–obviously–but I also don’t believe she’s an alcoholic and drug addict. Drinks vodka and does a couple of lines? That’s just a normal night of partying for some people. Seriously: you can snort coke and still have a normal life. I’m not saying it’s something you should do nightly, but once in a while? Come on. America’s drug puritans are as pathetic as they are unworldly.

    I think everyone should just let it go. Lindsay will grow out of this.


    • Pink Elephant says:

      Excuse me, casual user. Please review her track record: multiple trips to rehab, drunk/coked out driving, multiple accounts of ODs/no shows for work, flunking drug tests. When she was evaluated psychologically, they diagnosed her main problem as “an addiction to methamphetamine.” That’s no casual user in the clubs of Europe, doing occasional lines off someone’s soccer mullet.

  41. Jag says:

    Please educate me as to why an intervention expert would sanction having the almost-restraining-ordered father going over to confront the daughter by himself first? It’s well known how much vitriol there is between father and daughter. I thought interventions were more the family/caretakers are already there and the person is brought in to their surprise. So why were they not all in a hotel room or some such place, and then Lindsay brought to them? This story sounds off to me.