Reese Witherspoon isn’t on a “new mom” diet, eats hot dog in public: awesome?

Reese Witherspoon

Upon first glancing these photos, I was almost mortified on Reese Witherspoon’s behalf because the images were captioned “Reese crushes a hot dog.” Then I realized how awesome these photos really are. As most people who read this site are aware, Reese only gave birth to her third child, the questionably named Tennessee James Toth, about a month ago. Oddly enough, Reese is not preening about in skinny jeans but is merely enjoying true picnic food in a casual setting. I know that, like every other Hollywood player, Reese has her own image in mind and probably has her own “game” too, but she just seems so damn normal and like a regular mom who is probably nursing and hoping to hit the gym at some point but hasn’t gotten there just yet.

While Reese looks really great here, it’s clear that she’s not on a mission to appear in some lame, post-baby bikini photoshoot in record time. Instead, she’s hanging with her family (specifically in this instance, her husband Jim Toth) and taking her time in losing weight, which will allow her more time to enjoy her newest child’s first days on planet Earth. Here, she’s shown at Brentwood School Carnival enjoying her lunch — a hot dog! The horror, the horror.

Reese Witherspoon

I’ve always admired Reese’s attitude to health and fitness. She’s a jogger, but she doesn’t overdo it, and she presumably enjoys eating on a regular basis. I’d love to characterize her figure as “real,” but that would probably earn me some tsk-ing from those few people who are lucky enough to be naturally thin. What I’m saying is this — Reese obviously accepts her body and indulges within moderation. She generally looks pretty fit, but she also accepts that getting back into shape after pregnancy is a slow process for most women, and she’s not willing to starve herself to get there faster. Damn, I’d love a hot dog too, but I haven’t purposely eaten meat for nearly 18 years; the last time I accidentally ate some hidden bacon in a dish, my body literally rejected it. So I envy Reese and this hot dog, and anyone who says she shouldn’t be “crushing” a hot dog can just suck it. Ahem.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Calista Flockhart was also in attendance at the carnival. She was, uhhhh, not eating a hot dog.

Calista Flockhart

Reese Witherspoon

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Joanna says:

    whew, her hubby’s hot!!!!!!!

  2. Astrid says:

    She looks great for just having giving birth recently.

  3. sam1925 says:

    I really don’t know why this is a big deal. Reese wasn’t into fitness and health before pregnancy so going the tofu route was really unlikely. She was never stick thin anyway.

  4. emmie_a says:

    She looks incredible and I wish I had her body shape because she hides her *extra* weight well!

  5. Ranunculus says:

    Ugliest chick with the fakest smile in Hollowood. Her husband looks gorgeous and somehow …. gay.

  6. trina says:

    A hot dog (sans fries) doesn’t really have that many calories anyway (about 300 with bun) and is actually very filling. It’s not like she was scarfing down a hot fudge sundae.

    Actually she’s always had a very good figure–just not skinny and “ripped” which I think looks odd anyway.

  7. lucy2 says:

    She looks great, and I give her credit for not being obsessive about it like some new Hollywood moms.

    Calista looks a lot better than she used to.

  8. marie says:

    no one ever looks good while eating a hotdog, but good for her for enjoying her kids carnival. she seems fairly normal, and I like her. I just wish she’d quit making crappy movies..

  9. CarrieDUK says:

    Love her outfit, I recently threw a similar pair of jeans away and I’m regretting it massively! She looks great :)

  10. Sara says:

    That’s a lot of assumptions made from a picture of a person eating a hot dogP

    • Hannah says:

      Lol I agree… Maybe she is binging and purging? Or is going to cry about her indulgence later? I am kidding, it just seems funny that 1 picture of a hot dog and we know her feelings on her body and how she is planning on getting in shape lol.

    • Me Too says:

      Gotta agree with you! The fact that eating a hotdog is a story and that we re all congratulating someone on eating it would be funny if it weren’t so stupidly sad! I mean people…come on! When did a hotdog become bad? It’s a friggin’ hotdog so what! Like someone else said…maybe300 cals at most?

      The thing I find a bit off from this “story” other than the fact it isn’t a story is the back handed assumption being made here that by virtue of the fact that Reese is eating, she’s not taking seriously the “need” for her to lose weight. It’s kind of an underhanded dump on her in a way. Not to mention a dumb story. And how cute to juxtapose the hotdog “crushing” Reese with the “anorexic” Calista, who by the way, looks better than she has in a long time.

      Just found this story beneath Celebitchy, at least the way it was written.

  11. dahlianoir says:

    Another post about a woman’s post pregnancy weight…Please stop the body shaming !

  12. Jennifer says:

    Bedhead, find a “digestive health therapist” and they will give you a pee test to analyze what your body is absorbing. Fat, calcium, protein, its like a snapshot of what your eating and more importantly absorbing. Then they will recommend digestive enzymes based on what they see. You need to have enzymes to break down and absorb anything you eat. I tried it and feel so much better. Www. You can stop producing enzymes for lots of reasons. A health shock like traumatic sickness, stress, age, just your genetic luck. Please look it up. Made all the of difference for me. I was always so hungry for sugar. Not just ” I want a cookie” but I could eat a whole bag of cookies and look for more. I was not absorbing my protein efficiently and my body was craving sugar bc that’s instant energy. So when I eat a apple, no enzyme. When I eat any protein (meat, tofu) I take an enzyme. It’s like a switch flipped in my head. Please look it up.

  13. lizzi says:

    I think her body looks fine. She didn’t seem to gain that much with her pregnancy this time, in my opinion. She doesn’t have far to go. Now I’m hungry for a hot dog!! Damn you, reese.

  14. Roxy says:

    I love her! I have never heard a bad word about her either. She has real class and no amount of plastic surgery can buy that. I don’t think there is one fake thing about her. Fake smile?

  15. Truth says:

    Her “husband isn’t faithful”, “isn’t the bio father of this new kid”, “Ava and Deacon were not at this event”, “she is a fake and phony” and if ya’ll believe something different well ya’ll just believe too much of what is written! Call it what you want but this is the truth!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  16. bella says:

    maybe it’s a chicken or vegi dog o _ O

  17. TQB says:

    She is smart, funny and seems real. I love her. I do wish she’d make some better movies – it shouldn’t be hard, Sweet Home Alabama would have been a hot turd if not for her, but with her it’s my ultimate guilty pleasure movie. And I pretty much based my law school career on Elle Woods.

    Everyone talking about her “fake smile” and famewhoring, stuff it: I can say from my own personal experience that it is meaningful to see a beautiful celebrity out and about after having a baby, looking LIKE SHE JUST HAD A BABY. It makes looking at the pics of myself in the same condition so much easier.

  18. Sweet Dee says:

    I saw this on the Mail first and they ripped her apart over the hot dog. Such we expect from the Mail.

    I don’t care about her baby or her fakeness but that is obviously a bratwurst so at least it’s real food and not compressed pig ass. Brats are honestly not that bad for you, and I’ve lost a ton of weight in the past year without giving them up, without giving up beer (no, not in moderation either), and without giving up cookies. I didn’t give up anything at all, I just ate less of it (again, not true for the beer). This all or nothing attitude is bogus and moronic.

  19. suze says:

    Dude. I’d crush her husband.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    I am LOVING Jim’s Ben Affleck circa Pearl Harbor hair!!

  21. Stephanie says:

    Reese is awesome. I just love that lady. She seems so down to earth and I would love to meet her.

  22. ohiogirl says:

    She’s so adorable… and as for the hot dog… some school functions wouldn’t have much more than that. So it doesn’t have to say anything about her general eating habits. AND I don’t care if she schedules her pap sessions. At least she presents a wholesome image and is a good role model.

    I also love her hubby’s haircut!

  23. I agree! For Ferrari branded headphones, they appearance great. I might never within my life pull off that appearance, but I am sure you’ll find people on the market that might.

  24. Milk says:

    I respect that she’s not in a race to jump into a bikini 2 weeks after giving birth or something equally ludicrous. I’m not a huge fan of hers but she seems like a nice down to earth person.