Gisele Bundchen is treating her pregnant body like a garbage disposal, shock

Back in 2011, Gisele had just given birth and her body snapped back really quickly. So, obviously, she did a Vogue Magazine pictorial and interview to show off and discuss her post-baby body. It was in that interview that some believed Gisele sneeringly and condescendingly slammed pregnant women who gained more weight than she did. During a larger conversation about her body and how she lost her pregnancy weight so quickly, Gisele said: “I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.” Maybe she was just describing her own experience and that comment was laden with judgment and condescension. Maybe. All I know is that the Vogue quote was the first thing I thought about when I read this in Page Six this morning:

Pregnant supermodel Gisele Bundchen has a killer body and a killer sweet tooth. The Brazilian stunner, who’s expecting her second child with husband Tom Brady, capped off a poolside lunch with two orders of tiramisu with ice cream along with cannoli and coconut sorbet Friday at Bianca restaurant at the Delano Hotel in South Beach. The next day, the beauty and Brady, who joined her in Miami as the Patriots had a bye week, enjoyed a hearty meal at Prime 112 steakhouse.

[From Page Six]

Hm, two orders of tiramisu WITH ice cream and a cannoli and coconut sorbet?!? It’s almost like she’s treating her body like a garbage disposal! It’s almost like she feels like she should just give her pregnant body what it craves. It’s almost like we shouldn’t judge her for what she’s eating because no one should get on their high horse and act all snide and bitchy to pregnant women. Too bad, Gisele.

Of course, this could be some “tip” that was given to Page Six by Gisele’s publicist after everyone was like, “Damn, she’s 7 months pregnant and she’s still wearing skinny jeans?” They want to convince us that Gisele is actually eating during this pregnancy.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. LAK says:

    Without judgement, but I think she’s bigger in the tummy area this time round. Last time she looked like she’d swallowed a small melon. She barely looked pregnant.

  2. francesca1 says:

    She looks awesome. No matter how much I dislike her!

  3. Victoria says:

    Her meals and snacks sound delicious, I want some and I’m not incubating another life.

  4. Jessica says:

    And I like the fact that she isnt walking around in 5 ft heels like every other celebrity does.. lol

  5. Esmom says:

    That shot of her looking intently at the inside of her hat cracked me up.

  6. Ellie66 says:

    Damn she looks good and she totally gets on my nerves! I do love she wears flats no 6 in heels. She does have a bigger stomach this time but you just know she will get a tummy tuck.

  7. Angi says:

    I’m more concerned with her laying in the sun while pregnant. I was told to keep out of the sun when I was with child.

    • Lucy says:

      I used to think that way also but I was wondering if women who were raised in topical climates have to worry about the sun as much….aren’t their bodies more adapted to the sun?

    • Cazzie says:

      Really? Why?

      If the doctor said, “Avoid getting sunburned,” that makes sense because sunburn is a shock to the body. But staying out of the sun completely…just seems odd. I mean Vitamin D is useful.

      Did your doctor give a reason for avoiding sunshine? I am curious because it seems like there is a never-ending list of things that pregnant women aren’t supposed to do (like drinking a cup of coffee or getting highlights in their hair) that are actually just fine. People love controlling pregnant women.

      • chaser says:

        I agree. I have actually been laying out (not in bikinis or anything but with skin showing) just to ensure that I do get enough Vit D considering I was in early pregnancy during winter and I often get SADs.

        Also now being 8 months along my internal generator is smashing along and any sun makes me glow like I’m burnt. So she might not actually be burnt, so could just be hot and bothered.

  8. says:

    What’s with the fascination of her being able to wear skinny jeans?! You know, they make maternity skinny jeans and every pregnant woman can wear them.

    • TQB says:

      Right? My most comfortable pair of maternity pants were stretchy skinny jeans.

      I think people need to be more specific – as in, she is still wearing skinny jeans AND her butt doesn’t look like it needs its own area code. It’s the butt in the jeans that gets me, not the pants!

      • Marigold says:

        I’m 7 months pregnant and have nowhere near the height that Gisele has but I can tell you the first thing to happen to me upon getting pregnant was that my ass disappeared. It was never big to begin with but all the fat in it must have migrated to my stomach. I guess that just happens to some people.

  9. bea says:

    Doesn’t look like she’s wearing sun screen based on how red her face is.

  10. Shelley says:

    Gisele is a goddess, and spoke the truth about women who use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat. Most of you would not have been offended if the comment had come from a non attractive person.

  11. emmie_a says:

    Oh my goodness – she had some dessert. Call the cops. How does a rumor about what she ate one afternoon lead to her treating her body like a garbage disposal? It’s one meal (or snack – whatever).

    And let’s say she is eating a lot of crap and gaining weight, who cares??? Isn’t she allowed to change her mind or philosophy about pregnancy and weight gain?

  12. pinkg says:

    She’s lacking in the boob department for someone so preggo.

  13. BooBooLaRue says:

    Maybe she should be more concerned about skin cancer with her fair skin?

  14. fabgrrl says:

    Sweet tooth = having a girl.

  15. lizzi says:

    ugh. THIS BITCH. She needs to just stfu and look pretty. Isn’t that what she’s there for?

  16. bebe kerr says:

    She commented that she “only gained 30 pounds” while pregnant the first time. That doesn’t sound like a small amount to me, that sounds like the average pregnancy weight gain. So, why is she saying most pregnant women treat their bodies like garbage disposals when she, herself, gained the average amount of weight that pregnant women gain. In my opinion, she wasn’t doing anything that any other pregnant woman doesn’t do while pregnant (yoga, walking, etc). However, she happens to be very very tall for the average woman and the weight shows up differently on her body. Oh yes, her atypical height is also the reason she is a model, all the lucky fortunate gift of genetics, nothing that she, herself, had any control over. Perhaps she should stop judging others and acting as if she is better than everyone else because she is fortunate.

  17. Kim says:

    Looking great can’t tell she’s pregnant front back shot in bikini. I’ll give her three weeks to lose baby weight. Freak of nature

  18. Hello daaahling says:

    1) Someone asked Gisele for her opinion, and as shown below, EVERYONE has one. Which is fine. I happen to agree with her opinion.

    2) I wish I looked as amazing as her during my pregnancy.

    3) I can’t stand Jessica Simpson, but if a pregnant mother wants to eat unhealthy, that is her prerogative. Cravings are a mofo, and I for one am not GOOP material.

    4) Guilty of bad diet habits during my pregnancy. I did lose my pregnancy weight after I ate healthy. I actually lost more than what my prenatal weight was. Amazing, the power of eating right.

    5) Lastly, to all the parents and non-parents here. Our mantra should be “whatever works for you, rock n roll” and support each other. Stop cutting on Gisele who obviously can afford to eat desserts. Does she have a doctorate in anything? Moms rock, stop letting these celebrities get to you. Eat some tiramisu ;)

  19. Memphis says:

    Like most other celebrities she’s slightly annoying but seems harmless.

    A lot of woman show earlier and bigger with the second pregnancy, but I think she looks good.

    That burning chest picture makes me cringe though..but I’m pretty much Casper, so the sun in general is scary to me.

  20. Relli says:

    Different baby, different cravings.

    Personal anecdote: My whole life i hated pancakes. But for some reason when i got pregnant i became obsessed with them, like i wanted to make the all the time and different kinds… I even made maple butter for them. I thought it was just a weird pregnancy craving but around the time my kid turned 1, guess what he want to eat all the time and still does… PANCAKES!

  21. Lamont says:

    Ohh if its a girl, she’ll probably have to battle for supremacy for Quenn Bee with Kate Moss’ daughter.
    Context – Kate and Gisele are widely considered the last of the supermodels and when they were doing a joint Versace campaing 5 years ago they BOTH stipulated they did not wnat to be put in the same shot. I guess both know they are the big ‘kahuna’ and there’s only room for 1.

  22. B says:

    Why bother wearing a hat? Hats with such open weave offer virtually no protection from UVA and UVB. So why bother? If you need proof of their lack of protection, just look at her face and chest in the second picture.

    Sorry-sun protective nut, here. It just irks when me I see these damn loose weave straw hats that people always wear while on vacation. Get yourselves some UPF rated hats, people! The higher the better!

  23. Jay says:

    She’s overrated as all hell. Guess that’s why she’s married to Tom Brady – like attracts like?

  24. MollyB says:

    She gained thirty pounds?! I only gained 9 my last pregnancy. What a hog!

  25. CAKat says:

    I would guess the whole story is false anyways. As hungry as pregnant women can be, when you’re that far along…in MOST cases, eating a lot is just not possible. If in fact she did order that all and eat it all…eh, who cares.

  26. Really? says:

    i would so hate her if it were even remotely pleasurable, but it’s not, it’s like i need to take celebitchy viagra, i can’t even get it up to take a jab at her.


    who else is out there? my last bitch fest was lana del rey.

    over it, so over it, i can’t even be bothered to hit the caps.

  27. tru tru says:

    uhhh, her face is 10 miles of bad road, she is no beauty in my eyes.

    Giselle is arrogant and nds to keep her mouth shut when it comes to sports, and most topics–she wants to be smart but she is no where near it.

    that’s all I got.

  28. Em says:

    She’s carrying a girl! I’m surprised I’m the first person to say it too. When I was pregnant, and I didn’t know what I was carrying, my stomach looked exactly like that and EVERYONE would come up to me on the street and tell me it was a girl. And sure enough I was carrying nearly 9 pounds of girl. I’d bet she’s got a big girl in there too.

  29. kimcheee says:

    I’m surprised that she’s so flat chested! It seems like she’d have boobs by now…..

  30. Aurelia says:

    Yes defo, carrying a girl baby. Remember she said she cried when she found out she was having a boy. Me too. I had my scan and it said a boy and I went to work and cried at my desk. People thought I was mental. Ha, wouldn’t trade my lil man for anything. Boys are sweeter than girls.

  31. Louise says:

    That’s nothing. If anyone treated their body like a junk disposal Jessica Simpson did and probably still does. That poor baby had to try and be healthy on a river of serious chemical crap. But stupid is as stupid does.

  32. melissa says:

    i think ANYONE who gets judgemental twords another person shouldnt stand next to windows, since, when you throw stones at others, you leave yourself open to getting them thrown back. so preggers or not, model or not, thin or not, why not try that age old saying *if you cant say anything nice, stfu.*
    and btw jessica simpson is not the only preggers woman to gain a lot of weight when having a baby. shes just a very visable famous one. considering more women are sizes 10-14 then 0-6 id say every single person whos commented on this saying JS was fat, stupid ect, last time i checked, none of yall were rich, famous, or getting awards for your brains/beauty/skill/talent so how bout you give the hating a rest.

  33. lydia says:

    the following comment is totally fueled by pregnancy hormones:

    I know a lot of people don’t like Gisele and think she’s very holier-than-thou because of the comments she’s made about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. but I have got to say, re: this article, give me a break.

    first of all, since when do we believe everything that gossip papers write about celebrities and their activities? just cause it’s in Page Six doesn’t mean it’s true. secondly, having a day of indulgence doesn’t negate what she said before about pregnancy weight gain.

    I’m 5’7, my due date is in three weeks and I’ve gained 30-35 pounds (I was told 25-30 was normal). I still wear my regular jeans (low-rise) with an elastic through the button loop to give the belly a little extra breathing room. and I don’t, by any means, starve myself. I’ve always been a generally healthy eater, though I definitely indulge from time to time. since I’ve been pregnant I’ve continued to eat pretty normally, with extra calories coming mostly from healthy foods — junk food will make you fat if you eat it every day, whether you’re pregnant or not. plus the point of eating more is to consume enough nutrients to nourish you AND your baby, not just calories for the sake of calories.

    frankly, it pisses me the fuck off when people tell me that I “need” to eat cheesecake because I’m pregnant, or that I “should” be getting a side of fries with my sandwich instead of veggies. best is being told I haven’t gained enough weight. if you talked to my midwife you’d know that my belly is measuring just the right size, thanks.

    everyone gains weight differently, and as metabolism slows with age it may be well nigh impossible for some women to not gain a bit more weight during pregnancy than they’d like, and in other places besides their boobs and bellies. but the women I know who’ve had trouble with lots of weight gain during pregnancy (and losing it after) have, in fact, eaten as though their bodies were garbage disposals. they make comments to me like, “when I was that far along I was twice your size!” and my mental response is, “yeah, you were also eating a burger and a shake for lunch almost every day, so it’s not that surprising!” does that make me sound judgmental and holier-than-thou? sorry, but I’m not sorry. it’s the truth, and I’m tired of hearing women moan and groan about pregnancy weight gain when their pregnancy eating habits would have made any nutritionist shudder. if people get offended by the statement that eating junk makes you gain weight, then said people need a serious reality check.