Johnny Depp & Amber Heard were seen looking “flirty” together in LA

Over the summer, I became enchanted by the too-simple narrative that Johnny Depp had engaged in some kind of torrid affair with Amber Heard, then left his partner Vanessa Paradis, then started up a real relationship-thing with Amber, all while she was going back and forth from her on-again, off-again lesbian lover. Okay, so maybe that narrative wasn’t so simple. As we increasingly observed, it was even more complicated than that too – Johnny was possibly screwing around with multiple women, one of whom might have even been his publicist (and she still is his publicist). Also, Amber seemed to distance herself from Johnny in a hurry when it looked like she was going to be labeled a “homewrecker”. Whatever happened between Amber and Johnny, it seemed to be “over” in July. Maybe they just needed some distance, some time, some breathing room. And maybe after they got that, they still wanted to bone. Page Six reported yesterday that Johnny and Amber were spotted together in LA:

Co-stars and rumored lovers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still on. “The Rum Diary” duo were spotted getting cozy at AV Nightclub in LA on Monday. Spies told us that Heard, who sported a short, brown hairstyle, and Depp sat on a patio that was blocked off just for them.

The actors looked “flirty” and “sat close, conversing the whole time” for a few hours. Depp, 49, broke up with Vanessa Paradis earlier this year, and was linked to bisexual Heard after she split with girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

[From Page Six]

As we saw from photos of Tasya van Ree, she could easily pass for Johnny Depp in a dark nightclub. I’m just sayin’. Amber has a type, and it’s beautiful/androgynous dark-haired artist-poet types who wear too many scarves and jewelry. So just keep that in mind… it seriously could have been Tasya. Or it could have been Johnny Depp. Because why not? I’ll believe anything about him these days.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Shelley says:

    How much of a low self esteem must one have to willingly be part of the dysfunctional midlife crisis of a man….Depp or no Depp????
    He will be wanting to be back with Vaness in no time

  2. Ms Kay says:

    More importantly there are still no photos proving this so called “romance” or “fling” since the day these rumors started so I call another BS on this one.

  3. Mema says:

    She just doesn’t look like his type. Or, his old type. He seemed to like unique beauties, and as much as everyone raves about her (and while I agree she’s gorg) you can throw a rock a hit someone that resembles her in Hollywood.

    Maybe the MLC has changed his tastes. Eh.

  4. marie says:

    all I can think of when I see him now is “I bet he smells bad”.. I used to think he was attractive.

  5. athina says:

    he didn’t cheat on vanessa!!she recently said that everything that has been printed about the cause of the split is far from reality and that nobody but them knows what really happened.and she also said that they had problems from the begining of their relationship.even if he is in a relationship with amber heard now it doesn’t mean that he left vanessa for her.the break up was a year or more ago.why are you people so desperate to hate on someone or lose respect for him without knowing what really happened?you act like you are his friends or something.and for god’s sake if you are SO SURE about it show some pictures!!

    • says:

      He CHEATED, last year he and vanessa were looking really happy until october before the rum diary promo started, they were seen in their yatch kissing and he joined her to her concerts and all far to split then in november she removed the ring she always worn since they are dating, what a lovely coincidence lol, and the rum diary was shot in 2009 in 2009 he and Vanessa where not seen together only once! so many coincidences, and of course she will say that she is protecting her children she will never say “yeah she cheated on me”

      • athina says:

        i am aware too about all the things you said(them kissind etc)but you cant tell for sure that he cheated because you dont know him can speculate like me but you cant be sure.and of course she will never say ”he cheated on me”even if its true because of the children. i agree. but she hinted that there were problems from the begining.why would she tell that if it’s false since theres no reason at all to tell something like that?i think they split because they grew apart over the years.if you read carefully one of vanessa’s new interviews you can understand why they broke up.and i doubt that they will have been in good terms if he really cheated on her.close friends of them said that they remain friends.

      • Mercurygirl says:

        I read in “Life & Style” that the pictures at the yacht, and other gestures from him to Vanessa, were part a desperate and last attempt to try to save their relationship!

        Sad, but it’s said he- because the children- even been with Amber, still was trying to look for a last hope to the relationship with Vanessa Paradis

        I think they tried…but maybe they tried too hard and it could be better if they had “divorced” before!

    • Bad Irene says:

      Personally I didn’t lose respect for him over the break-up, but I did the minute he defended known rapist Roman Polanski.

    • Dap says:

      She also denied the break-up both on French TV and on French radio – exactly at the time it was happening, so I wouldn’t put to much trust on what she says on such matters.

  6. T.C. says:

    If they blocked off the patio just for them that screams high end celebrity being shady so I’m going to go with Johnny Depp instead of amber Heard’s girlfriend. I think Amber wants some of his ride but doesn’t want the home wrecker bad PR.

  7. Amy C says:

    If they want to be let them be. I particulary don’t think they should go with it and come out .She is twice younger than his age and has a girlfriend? and all the drama that will follow . I mean will they be a serious relationship and has serious feelings? or is this just…
    His PR is working hard obviously for all things.

  8. M-la says:

    I think it’s true he is with Amber. I saw pictures of Amber wearing Johnny’s clothes! (a very intimate gesture)

    And also, no doubt that it was Johnny at the club. There are clips when they were coming out that night. And it’s his security team. But also the same security team did block entirely the vision so you can’t see none of them!

  9. MJsinAustin says:

    he looks ridiculous. I hate ‘im.

  10. laura says:

    Amber Heard and Vanessa Paradis have nothing in common! One is tall, curvy, blonde,beautiful in a classic way…the other one is short,skinny with no curves. I never imagine Johnny Depp with someone like Amber Heard…

    • Martian says:

      But you’re just considering the way she looks.
      Maybe in the “inside” she isn’t as different to others of his girlfriend

      I know for a fact that she is crazy about literature (that’s why she obtained her role in “Rum Diary” over Scarleth Johanson..she is a big Hunter S. Thompson fan and also has a tatto with a Neruda poem, etc, etc) so that’s might be a great connection with Johnny

  11. Nymeria says:

    It’s only hard to believe because Amber Heard actually has hips.

  12. Paige says:

    Amber is really pretty and Johnny is still hot. Hey they are both single right now. Why not? Lucky girl.

  13. M.L29 says:

    Athina, don’t tell lies please… I also read the interview you’re talking about and Vanessa never said that everything that has been printed about the cause of the split is far from reality (prove it otherwise linking the site where you read this) she just said that she didn’t want to talk about him and that the reason why they split it’s just their business. She never stated that all that has been written is false. On the contrary she almost confirmed that something bad happened because she said that it was sad for her to see how media made a business of her psychological pain. If the story about Amber wasn’t true, Vanessa wouldn’t have said that tablois or media made a business of her pain because at the time tabloids were just talking about the fact that they split because he cheated on her with Amber….. to be honest I never liked Vanessa Paradis. I think she’s always been overrated in France. Sorry, but she’s never been that beautiful thing because she’s a bad singer, a modest actress and her skinny and shapless body, her horrible teeth and her face with no makeup are anything but attractive.

  14. trpat says:

    I don’t understand why Amber resents the homewrecker label. What does she expect? Johnny and Vanessa had not announced a split. What else would people think? He’s old enough to be her father. This makes him look like a dirty old man and a Hollywood sellout. Part of his attraction was being the anti-Hollywood. Now he just looks old and nasty. I think they are hiding it because the lesbian/bisexual community is not happy with her Depp relationship, and that is where a majority of her fan base lies. The whole thing would be less sensational and die down if they just went public. Maybe they are trying to generate press. I hear she’s a free thinker. Maybe this will work out for both of them if they are both free to do as they please throughout the relationship.

  15. Amy says:

    I read the article, and I’m most interested in seeing Amber Heard with a “short, brown hairstyle”!

  16. Lizzy says:

    It´s been confirmed that it was them in the club together.
    I think it´s part of their PR strategy to make this sellable to the public.

  17. connie says:

    Please she could be his daughter….Vanessa she is wonderfull…

  18. connie says:

    Please she could be his daughter Vanessa she is wonderfull