Minka Kelly & Chris Evans grabbed sushi last night, got pap’d: cute & low-key?

It was back in August when we heard that Chris Evans and Minka Kelly were probably back together. They dated years ago, before Minka ever got with Derek Jeter (God, that WAS a long time ago), and somehow they found their way back to each other. So… for their second time around, they’ve managed to be together for more than three months (probably closer to four or five months) and they’ve rarely been pap’d together. But last night they must have been tired. Or they’ve decided to make it “official”. I don’t know. But these are photos of Chris and Minka together after they had dinner at Sushi Stop in Los Feliz.

Should we even bother analyzing these photos? Why not? I loathe Minka’s outfit! I like her as a person, and I guess I think her body is a lot better than most of you think (her ass is magic). But this outfit says “LeAnn Rimes” to me. Wedge lace-up booties, skinny jeans and WTF is that bag?! I do like her chunky sweater though. I would wear that. I would wear the hell out of it. Chris looks pretty low-key too – I like a man who commits to flannel. But I’m more of ‘90s girl anyway, and flannel was so big then.

So, why should I dislike Minka and Chris together again? Granted, Minka’s career isn’t at the same level as Chris’s, and she’s B-list (or even C) to his A-list. But she’s pretty and she seems like a cool girl in interviews. She seems low-key and pragmatic, especially compared to the epic, neurotic mess that is Chris Evans. I think they make a nice couple.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ms Kay says:

    Well highly dislike because for a neurotic mess like him not liking the paps and claiming for privacy, dating a relatively well known social climber like Minka (who said they can’t be cool and pretend to be low-key anyway..) isn’t exactly a neurotic bright move is it? He has been pap’d in 3 months more than he’s been pap’d for a year whilst single… from all the joints in the world he “walked” into her? Ummm… OK!

    • drama says:

      It’s a summer fling that is fizzling fast. I think that hooking up with her was a calculated move on chris’ part more so than hers. They hooked up 3 months before his ex Biels’ wedding. I mean Come on who are you fooling chris? He just wanted new photos of himself with a ‘hot’ woman on the internet. He got tired of google searching himself and seeing photos of him and biel from many years ago.

      • v4real says:

        I doubt that’s true; first because Minka is not that hot.; second it was Minka who contacted him to get back together. It was stated long before they hooked up again that she wanted him back. After Jeter it was Jake G, then Wilmer V and then she went for Chris

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That bag-purse makes it look like she’s running away from home! And she put everything she needed in that huge purse.

    But I feel for her – it’s hard to pick a bag-purse that’s good for all events and it sucks to switch things from purse to purse. I just toss everything in my briefcase and go back and forth from work with that. So she’s way ahead of me style-wise!

  3. Nessa says:

    Is Chris Evans A-list? Really? Interesting…

  4. Gine says:

    I don’t care about them one way or another, but they’re one of those couples that I kind of hope at least stays together long enough to have a kid just because it would be SO pretty.

  5. Micki says:

    I don’t get the hate about her outfit. Seems well put together everyday stuff.

  6. Dani says:

    I never and still don’t consider Chris A-List. I consider them to be at the same level of B-List and irrelevance. But, she’s gorgeous.

  7. Ally says:

    I don’t get the Chris Evans thing, he’s so blah, his features are small and unattractive – all in all he has a forgetable face. Minka’s far too pretty for him.

    • V4Real says:

      Chris is beautiful inside and out but he’s not the sharpest tack in the box for getting back with this attention seeking famewhore. Ms. Kay got it right in saying that he has been papped more in the last three months then he has in the last year, all to Minka’s doing I’m sure.

      Minka in no way shape or form is too pretty for Chris. I’m sure if he wanted he could get girls 10 times hotter. She’s cute but the girl has had some work done to her face (mouth and nose). Nothing wrong with fixing what you think needs fixing but at least Chris’s looks are natural.

      I love him no matter how neurotic he may be, but he doesn’t date people to up his status. Though some people may not consider him A-List at least he is building his career on his own merit and not depending on someone else to make him relevant like Minka does. If Chris status had not elevated during the last year and a half Minka would have never gotten back with him. Just think about it would you be hearing anything about Minka in the media if she wasn’t with Chris?

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    I really like Chris and I think he’s a hotty but Minka really rubs me up the wrong way, Eve if you’re reading this you can keep him!

  9. lana says:

    I don´t mind about her outfit, it is pretty low key. I HATE that huge bag, though. Oh, and I also think they make a cute B list couple.

  10. Kimlee says:

    Minka Kelly is no we’re near a B list celebrity, girl only started acting in 2003 she more like a very low C/D list celebrity.

  11. katy says:

    she is always walking in front of him…. someone has the paps on speed dial.
    And Cb thank you for not showing cankles pictures this time!

  12. Jenna says:

    I love me some Captain Sexy, and now that I have full ownership of him (Thank you, Eve), I’m rolling my eyes at this. And is he really A list? Really? I give him a solid B compared to her C-.

  13. Gossip PHD says:

    You know its an unplanned shot because you can see both of her bald spots.

  14. ella says:

    Well the problem I have with Minka is I just can’t get past the fact that she voluntarily dated Wilmer Valderrama. The company you keep etc…

  15. Jordan says:

    I hope he is with her because they actually have chemistry and not because he’s like “OMG, it’s Minka Kelly”. She’s a bit overrated in my eyes, but that’s me.

    • blackgirl says:

      NO it’s not just you. I know. I hope he’s not a fool like that. Her legs ARE terrible. I’m sick of those men’s sites that call her ‘hot’. I just don’t get it.

      • Jordan says:

        I get why she’s hot. I’m a woman and I’m not afraid to admit when another woman is good looking. I get why the Minka Kelly today is hot. Her face is pretty (not gorgeous, but pretty) and aside from her unfortunate cankles, she’s got a healthy figure. When she was with Donald Faison a few years ago, eh. She was *very* average. She’s had some work done to her face. It’s obvious.

        I just find her…. bland. Cookie cutter. There’s nothing mind blowing about her.

        Aside from being a bit neurotic, I think Chris is much more interesting, fun and has more personality and talent than her.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m with you blackgirl; she is at most average but not hot. I have no problem complimenting a beautiful woman. I was all gaga over the pics of Jennifer Lawerence in yesterday’s post and VS model Doutzen. I will say that I give Minka props for not giving in to the Hollywood standards of skinny but even with the plastic surgery, her face is still not that pretty.

  16. chubby says:

    I’m a great body language analyzer and I know that when a two people don’t walk side by side than it’s a relationship with many problems. He looks like he doesn’t want to be seen with her. She doesn’t want to hold his hand, she keeps them busy by holding the bag and his hands are in his pockets. Too much distance between these two. It won’t last long.

    • Jordan says:

      I know he is uncomfortable around photogs, but let’s just say they were being bombarded by them, I would expect to see him in front of her, leading the way as a courtesy to her. Instead, he hides in the back like a coward. Or maybe she just pushed him out of the way so she could get most of the attention. She loves being photographed!

      Either way, they both look totally uncomfortable with one another. I mean, it’s no big secret that they are dating. But, they both look miserable. One day he’s kissing her in public and now he looks like a sad puppy who is ashamed.

      • chubby says:

        Yessss finally someone who has their eyes open! I’m sure he’s a nice dude but it doesn’t look like he respects her much. And he’s not stepping up to the plate as a man. He has not protected her from anything, instead he has done a wonderful job of exposing her for what we all know she really is.

      • jinni says:

        Or maybe she knows he’s doesn’t like the paps and is using her body as a shield to protect him. Women can protect their men folk sometimes too.

      • Jordan says:

        Sure, women can protect their “men folk”. She could have just put that massive bag in front of his face. Just kidding… just kidding.

        I don’t know. I just think it’s strange that everywhere Minka goes, the paps go, too. I sorta feel bad for Chris.

      • V4Real says:

        I guess there’s no need to protect her if she’s the one who most likely alerted the paps to their whereabouts. He’s probably like why as of late everywhere I go the paps seems to follow. Do they have Low-Jack on my car?

        If they are in this for the long haul; we’ll have to accept that but like I said sometime ago maybe he is on to her and just going with the flow for now. Afterall she was the one that begged him to take her back.

  17. j.eyre says:

    I like what he is wearing. That shirt would look great on my floor.

    She has gorgeous hair. Given a most unfortunate haircut of late, I am focused on women’s hair currently (that J. Lawrence post almost drove me to drink!)

  18. Nessa says:

    Whoa! I just looked up what this girl looked like before plastic surgery. I didn’t realize… She had a shit ton of work done to her face!!!

  19. Kelly says:

    Those jeans aren’t flattering at all. She really doesn’t know how to dress for her body type.

  20. Nads says:

    Okay, seriously, what genius does their PR? And would this person take me on as an intern? The amount that they get papped is so disproportionate to either of their fame levels it is amazing. I’m not even complaining, I’m honestly impressed at the way they’ve managed to keep showing up on gossip websites despite not really doing anything except buy food sometimes.

    I know Chris is kind of B-list now (yay! I do like him.), but there are a lot of hot B-list actors whom I’ve never seen in a single candid, meanwhile he’s on like every third page of this site? And Minka isn’t working on much at all, and she was all over the place even before she hooked back up with Chris. They share the hardest working publicist in the business, and I need a new job. I’m going to go do some googling.

  21. Angela says:

    I’m sorry to all you girls but what I just found out on his imdb page might break your hearts. Chris relationship with Minka is more serious than what you all thought. On his imdb page,  (Chris & Minka thread) his mom defends her an actually kinda says it’s not her fault she’s beautiful and men want to be with her. LoL. I almost spit my coffee when I read that. It was cute she wrote that & if she did something like that, it means Minka has passed the mother-in-law test with an A+ They also follow each other on twitter. LoL. So let’s not worry about him and let him be happy. Read the thread yourself & draw your own conclusion. As a fan, if he is happy, I’m happy & if his mom approves then there is nothing to worry about & stop hating. She might one day be the mother of his children. 

    • drew says:

      I think it’s sweet that his Mom likes her. But, what else is she going to say about her on an open forum? Everything she said about Minka in that thread (gorgeous, compassionate, etc) is the same stuff she said about Biel when she was with Chris. I don’t think his Mom realizes that Minka is photographed A LOT. Even when she is not in L.A. — which is odd compared to Chris and how much more successful/relevant he is. Also, if two people are seen holding hands, kissing in public and out and about numerous times, then YES, they have made their relationship public. I’m sure Minka is nice. I just don’t think she’s genuine.

  22. sigga says:

    OMG I think it’s hilarious that his mommy is going mad on all the chat boards.
    Captain America is a momma’s boy.. I laught so hard.
    Will never be able to watch Captain America again.

  23. deehunny says:

    wow, no one has said anything about those fugly shoes besides the writer. Those shoes will be in my nightmares tonight