Matthew McConaughey drops 30 lbs, “he’s at his absolute lowest weight”

Last month I wrote a post called “Can we stop concern-trolling Matthew McConaughey’s weight loss?” So consider this Part Deux. These are new pics of Matthew as he caught a flight from LAX to NOLA, where he’s going to being filming The Dallas Buyer’s Club tomorrow. You know what he’s playing in that film? A man dying of AIDS. THAT is why Matthew has lost so much weight so dramatically. He’s supposed to look awful. He’s supposed to look sick. He’s supposed to look like he’s dying. That’s the character he’s playing!!!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Matthew will not gain the weight back when he’s done with the movie. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that the Academy won’t take notice of a previously buff pretty boy doing this kind of dramatic physical transformation for a prestigious drama, and that all of Matthew’s suffering will pay off in an Oscar nomination. Still, People Magazine had to speak to a “source” close to Matthew about his weight:

Weight-wise, Matthew McConaughey is at his lowest point.

The actor, 43, was snapped looking shockingly frail Friday as he caught a flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans, where The Dallas Buyer’s Club is set to begin filming Sunday.

McConaughey has lost 30 lbs. – and gained a mustache – for the role. In the movie, he plays a mid-1980s AIDS patient who seeks out experimental HIV drugs to prolong his life.

“Matthew starts shooting this weekend, so he’s at his absolute lowest weight,” a source close to the actor tells PEOPLE. “In a month, he’ll begin to put it back on.”

Around the time he gains the weight back, McConaughey will gain a new family member as well – wife Camila is set to deliver their third child this winter.

[From People]

Exactly! He’ll put the weight back on. You know what this reminds me of? Michael Fassbender’s transformation in his 2008 breakout film Hunger. If you haven’t seen it… it’s not an easy film to watch. And Fassy’s physical transformation is dramatic, and it earned him a lot of acclaim and that’s when a lot of people sat up and took notice.

So… the moral of the story is “don’t concern-troll Matthew, and he’ll be alright in the end.” I imagine that he did the weight loss thing with the help of a dietician and everything is being watched very carefully. And who knows? After this film, he’ll probably have a brand new career trajectory! Matthew McConaughey, Oscar winner?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bluedog says:

    He’s done a whole decade worth of crappy movies, but he actually is a good actor. So, maybe he will turn in an Oscar caliber performance.

    It hurts to look at him right now, though, because he truly looks ill.

  2. The Other Katherine says:

    Reminds me of the way Steve Jobs looked those last few months before he died. Jesus.

    I get why you’re doing it, Matthew, but hurry up and finish filming those scenes so you can eat like a normal human being again! And don’t catch the flu, because you don’t have the body mass to cope with it!

  3. Alexis says:

    He looks fat. He could be new face of Weight Watchers.

  4. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    So now he is forced to diet down to a weight that is PUSHED onto every actress and model and because he is a man we are supposed to be concerned? If you took away the head from the scarf pic, he looks like any model flying through the airport.

    Love those double standards. When Milan Kunis got thin for Black Swan everyone thought she looked great and she’s gotten flack for putting weight back on, yet we are so worried if it is a muscle dude. I’m sure he will be just fine.

  5. truetalk says:

    if he was female he who probably have stopped menstruating because of the extreme weight loss.

  6. carrie says:

    he looks almost “fat” when you see the movie THE MACHINIST or RESCUE DAWN or COURAGE UNDER FIRE or HUNGER

    he looks like Bale in THE FIGHTER

  7. truthful says:

    its dangerous to lose weight like that and put it back on–I hope its worth it.

    it takes a serious toll on the body organs, especially the heart.

    good luck w/that

  8. Ms Kay says:

    Well that’s what I call starving for an Oscar…

  9. Jayna says:

    I agree that he has been the same person in rom-com movies for years. I lost interest in him until Lincoln Lawyer recently. Good movie and he was great in the role. It made me realize how lazy he has been in choosing roles and that he is capable of more.

  10. A Fan says:

    That’s what actresses look like on a regular basis (starving themselves)…we’re just not used to seeing it on a man.

  11. Az says:

    Chrisian Bale has done this twice. And won an Oscar for one of them. Not that Matty comes even close to Bale as an actor. This isn’t for next year’s Oscars, so it may actually work. Because for next year, between Daniel Day Lewis and Denzel, he doesn’t stand a chance, all that effort would be for naught.

  12. Kim says:

    Weight loss will not win him an Oscar he needs to work on his acting and get rid of that TX accent in every film

  13. Sandra says:

    Wow, honestly I would think he lost a lot more than 30 pounds. He looks more like 40 or 50. I can’t imagine how much mental strength this has taken for him to do this.

  14. Double Standard? says:

    If Matt were a woman, we’d be saying how great he looks & how great all the latest runway fashions would hang from his thin frame.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Not with that big old head. He looks like Ally McBeal and we women were quite critical of her.

      On the flip side Ms. Hathaway who claims to have done the same thing was nowhere near as thin as Matt or Ally McBeal weight as Fatine. She was obese compared to Ally.

    • Trek Girl says:

      @Double Standard: That’s not true, and you know that.

      You hear/see people commenting on how actresses need to gain weight pretty frequently. “Eat a sandwich”, “She looks like a little boy”, “She’s anorexic” – all of these comments are common when a skinny actress is posted on celebrity blogs, even when it is clear that the actress is just naturally skinny.

      Why are so many of you acting this doesn’t happen – like so many of you weren’t just asking why Anne Hathaway was so skinny and cut her hair?

  15. wanderlust says:

    I watched Killer Joe the other day. Matthew was fantastic! New found respect for him.

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree and thought that there was a slight resemblance as soon as I saw the photos.

      Freddie Mercury was an incredible performer and seemed like a gentle soul. It breaks my heart to think of the awful way he passed. AIDS is such a nasty, nasty disease and my heart goes out to anyone living with it (or HIV) as well as their loved ones since I cannot imagine how horrifying it would be to have to watch your loved one slowly waste away.

      I pray there is a cure someday for HIV/AIDS.

  16. keats says:

    He looks like he’s gearing up for a General Custer biopic.

  17. jani says:

    I’m enjoying stories about men’s weight for a change. I’ll add this one. Adrian Brody lost 30 lbs. for his role in, “The Pianist”, and he was thinner, (160 lbs.) and slightly taller than MM to begin with. Brody also learned to play Chopin at near concert pianist level.

    Now I’ll start my off the top of my head list of male actors/comics/ musicians who have or had successful careers, sans weight criticism despite being too fat, having paunches/big bellies, having bloated faces and having bags under their eyes.

    Russell Crowe, Danny Devito, Jimmy Kimmel, Sam Kinison, Chris Farley, Jonah Hill, older Marlon Brando, Edward G. Robinson, Jonah Hill, David Crosby, Jason Alexander, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Orson Welles, middle aged+ Jack Nicholson… Gotta go now but I’ll be back cause this is fun. Please offer up your own choices

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Russell Crowe’s lost quite a bit of weight (in a good way). I don’t think he was getting work when he got to Jonah Hill levels. He’s not a comedian nor a character actor. Leading men while not subjected to the same prejudices as leading ladies are still expected to not look too lumpy in a suit.

      Was Jack Nicholson ever NOT middle aged? I’ve seen Easy Rider; he was already middle aged even though Peter Fonda and the late Dennis Hopper who I think are/were the same age were still young men.

  18. JM says:

    Must really want the oscar . . . besides the weight loss, he’s STOPPED TANNING!

  19. Amy C says:

    Oscar baby good luck hope it worth it. He looks scary like he is about to faint or something too exterim for me what they do for glory in the name of art sometimes.( I am not trying to be harsh). What was he eating or nothing eating? He can’t be avoiding food all together I mean he can’t concentrate and work properly..
    Anyways, those movies with no shirt on are a kind of stopped working for him. There comes younger guys who look better without shirt on. It is Good he is trying to change and take some other movies. Weren’t he used to say he wasn’t a marrying type. Wasn’t he also a guy who always in the beach and gets half naked all the time and talks about seting up trailer homes everywhere etc? At least he is smart to wake up. I got to give him that.

  20. ZenB!tch says:

    He’s obviously planning to gain it back. He is wearing his old clothes. If he was planning to stay that way, he would get clothes that fit.

    He looks more hideous than most because he has a big head in proportion to his body.

    PS: Can we have a post about a man without bringing up Fassbender?

    The best known examples of this are Christian Bale and in reverse Robert DeNiro.

  21. VanillaFrosting says:

    I don’t think there is anything that odd about people being more put off or “concerned” about his weight loss than say, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway. They are slim ladies who got skinny, he was a muscular man who got skinny. And yes, he looks no different from a skinny runway model, but skinny is the “ideal” in the case of models and hollywood actresses, and sadly even “regular” women sometimes. For men the ideal is what he WAS. This transformation is in a way more like Charlize Theron getting fatter for Monster. She went from “ideal” to shockingly unattractive, same thing happened here.

  22. andy says:

    He looks like James Franco in some of these pics.

  23. Shy says:

    Oh Matthew. Sorry but every time I look at him I don’t think of Oscar. I think of 50 Cent! Remember how he dropped all this weight for s similar role and was posting his pictures when he was so thin. And some people thought: “Oh look, he lost so much weight. Who knows, this might be Oscar role. Because critics get crazy when celebrity get ugly, puts fake nose, fat face or loses weight. They automatically give Oscar nomination for it. It worked for Charlize and Nicole. I will work for anybody”…. And then we never heard of this movie again. I don’t think it was even released in theaters. Probably went straight to DVD.

    Or how Christian Bale lost all that weight for The Machinist. I bet he hoped for Oscar nomination that year. And then movie was completely ignored by public and critics. And all his suffers were for nothing.

    Sorry Mathew. But no matter how much weight you will lose – it will not make you a better actor. You are descent actor. No more. You can’t jump over you head just because you lost weight.

  24. real says:

    They couldn’t just get DJ Qualls to play the role. This is gross.

  25. Maritza says:

    So much sacrifice for a role, I hope at least he gets an Oscar for it.