Kristen Stewart said, ‘Don’t kiss me’ to Robert Pattinson in front of witnesses

I’m not going to get all worked up about the now-asinine plot line involving Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. They’re trying to roll back the past three months of infidelity and recriminations, and now they want to get back to that too-cute-by-half BS of “We’re not going to talk about our personal lives! WINK!” What I do want to discuss are the increasing reports and eyewitness accounts about the body language between Kristen and Rob. More than a week ago, People Mag’s sources claimed that on Halloween, “They were holding hands, and at one point, he put his arm around her. She [wasn’t] as affectionate towards him…Rob was all over Kristen, while she seemed a bit more reserved.” Interesting, huh? And now the NYDN has this fascinating story about their body language:

All eyes the other night were on Robert Pattinson, who couldn’t keep his hands off his little trampire. Stewart, however, was so noticeably self-conscious about the PDA that it became dinner theater.

“Maybe she’s just not that into you R-Pattz.” one onlooker joked to his table mates as they all marveled over Stewart’s evasiveness. The few diners there agreed that Stewart who famously cheated on her boyfriend of roughly four years last summer didn’t reciprocate.

“Move on!” said one spy, who suggested Pattinson should be more like Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s well known for loving and leaving lingerie models.

Joined by Sienna Miller, nightlife impresario Nur Khan and Lindsay Lohan’s BFF Gavin Doyle, the star crossed couple arrived separately to a dinner party at Graydon Carter’s Beatrice Inn.

R-Pattz popped in around 10 p.m. He was nursing a beer and chatting with pals when a casually dressed Stewart, who’d stopped off to change out of the A.L.C. leather dress she’d worn to a midtown screening of “On the Road,” arrived half an hour later.

Immediately, diners at a nearby table felt a chill in the air. “She just took his hand off her butt!” exclaimed one nearby diner as Stewart held Pattinson’s paw, seemingly to stop it from roaming.

Later, Stewart sheepishly turned her head when he moved in for a smooch. According to a spy, Stewart said: “Don’t kiss me.”

Despite their chemistry — or lack thereof — Stewart and Pattinson headed uptown to Khan’s club The Electric Room after finishing dinner around 1 a.m. On Wednesday, Stewart appeared on “Today” to promote “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” in which she stars with Pattinson.

When host Savannah Guthrie asked Stewart about their relationship, the elusive actress said: “I’m going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are … keep ’em guessing, I always say.”

[From NYDN]

The #1 Rule of Girls Who Cheat on Their Boyfriends and Publicly Grovel Until the Dude Takes Them Back is “act like you want to be there.” You know? Put your back into it. Make the effort. This actually makes me question A) how much “convincing” Kristen had to do to win Robert back (I bet “not much”) and B) just how spineless Robert is. I mean, we’ve all seen these relationships, and I’m sure some of you have even been in these relationships. Where the dude is really, really into a girl and she barely gives a sh-t. Where the dude is just horrible at reading the signals, and he has no clue that the girl just doesn’t want to be around him, doesn’t want him to touch her, doesn’t want any of it. Robert Pattinson = Jessica Biel.

I kept hoping that Rob would end up dumping Kristen after the promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is over, but I think we need to entertain the possibility that Kristen might do the dumping. I think she screwed around with Rupert Sanders because she was (subconsciously or consciously) looking for a way out with Rob. Poor Rob. Poor Kristen too – if she’s THIS over it, she just needs to end it.

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  1. Alexis says:

    How about licking her armpits?

  2. crtb says:

    I so can’t wait until their last movie is out and over so they can “officially” break up and we never have to hear about them again.

    • Me Too says:

      From your words to all the gossip sites consumed with two of the most boring actors around. All I have to do is see his name on a movie and it’s finished for me. Loved the book “Water for Elephants” but haven’t seen the movie. RP and Reese W were wrong for the main characters and I can’t imagine any chemistry between these two in the least.

      Kristin plays Kristin in every movie I’ve seen with her. Won’t be seeing On the Road for that reason.

      • Jan says:

        You should watch was very good and Rob was so good looking in it. He and Reese were good together. I can’t understand why people want to comment if they find someone boring..why even come on the site and comment at all? Because you are just like the rest of us..facinated by Rob and Kristen.

      • kate says:

        I, too , believe, Kristen plays HERSELF in every movie. Is this common knowledge, because I haven’t read anybody’s critique mentioning that. It’s bad acting all around, but even more sad that the directors allow it and I guess, agree to it. She may be a good a person to her friends, but to the public, she’s gnarly THEN we have to see it on the screen, too.

  3. launicaangelina says:

    I don’t have anything snarky to say… This is just sad.

    Kaiser, you are right. We have all either known a couple like this or have been there. People want to call Rob spineless but the way I see it, they both are. If it’s over, just pull the plug.

    • Melissa says:

      Agreed. I thought them getting back together was the beginning of the end.

    • T.C. says:

      Before mini-cooper gate he always seemed more into her than she into him. He took her back after she humiliated him in public. After she started wearing all his shit and the public apology to People magazine anyone who isn’t blinded by love could figure out she only cared about getting good PR. She didn’t want the Twihards, Summit/Lionsgate, the press to hate her so she pulled all the stops to getting him back. Like Kaiser said it wasn’t too hard. I’m sure he believes her lies that she didn’t have sex with Rupert Sanders. LMAO. After the Twilight film comes out she won’t need to stay with him anymore. I give it 3 months before she leaves him.

      Her next boyfriend will be whoever is her costar cause KSTEW is a starlet cliche who has sex with her director and costars.

      • Gretchen says:

        Yeah, she’ll leave once she has a jump-off boyfriend. Has she even been single since she was 14? Her relationships seems to (*ahem) overlap, hell maybe she wanted gross rupert to be the jump-off and he turned her down because he suddenly “remembered” his marital and parental status. She thinks she’s hardcore but really it seems she cannot be single and by herself…with such a glowing personality, I wonder why…

    • Liv says:

      Can his friends please step in? Unbelievable. She’s ruining his image completely.

      • Michele says:

        Rob’s close friends don’t seem to mind him forgiving and reuniting with Kristen. Marcus Foster and Sam Bradley hung out with them in LA recently. Hell, Marcus even hung out with Kristen’s friends in LA when both Rob and Kristen had to leave LA to promote BD Pt 2 overseas. Bobby Long and Tom Sturridge hung out with Rob and Kristen just a few days ago in NYC.

        While I’m sure Rob’s friends were disappointed with Kristen’s actions, they don’t seem to be dwelling on it like some of the fans. Let’s face it, they definitely know Kristen better than all of us including the media with their biased (and sensationalized) stories like this one. The Daily News with their usual dubious
        “sources” and “eyewitnesses” …’nuff said.

      • A says:

        @Liv. Or his friends don’t really care because they know “Robsten” was never some rainbows and puppies type of true love relationship…that they were either bffs who put on a show for PR, or in an open relationship. I’m pretty sure she was photographed hanging out with one of his friends at Katy Perry’s party. I don’t really get hanging out mano on mano with someone if you hate them. If they truly are some monogamous couple, it could be that his friends might not like his choice but they respect that it is his choice.

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      Oh my Lord… why does Robert insist on spinning his wheels with this chick? She is soooo not into him. She cheated on him, humiliated him, in full view of the world. He needs to grow a pair and walk away. He’s young – he’ll find that person who rocks his socks off AND thinks he’s all that. It’s not gonna happen if he insists on staying with Kristen.

      • honeybee says:

        + 1

        Sad to see him being this way with her.
        I always had the impression he is a pretty strong on the inside but I guess he is weak weak person where she is concerned.

        Leave alone her, HE is truly pathetic if he can’t see her for the manipulator she is.

  4. Dap says:

    Another theory could be that they were never in a relationship to begin with and that all this Robsten crap is just a publicity stunt set by the studios. That would make a lot more sense IMHO

    • Saphana says:

      then why wouldnt she just suck it up and play nice with him in public?

      i wouldnt rule it out that they were PR but in this particular story it doesnt make sense.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I agree with Dap.
        I guess there are various reasons why she doesn’t play her part better:
        1-ever tried to kiss someone you are not actually attracted to (and maybe even find a bit off-putting) on the lips? It is REVOLTING, even if you maybe like said person as a friend. I guess it must take all of her (not exactly ecceptional) acting skills to focus on not vomiting a little every time it happens.
        2-she probably tries her best on red carpets and so, but when there are no photographers she might feel she doesn’t need to act like the doting GF.
        3-this is just a petty rumour, probably, but some speculate on K sexuality, saying she might be a lesbian. Imagine just how much you’d hate to be kissed by the wrong gender-ed person. Your skin would crawl all over.

        Robsten was very likely the typical fake romance, it had all the ingredients: a franchise, hoards of dumb and gullible teenagers (and curiously, middle aged women) worshipping the characters and identifying them with the actors, millions of dollars in merchandise… It just had to- had to- be done. Executives and PR teams all over the world probably fought hard for the privilege to set this up.
        I’m still convinced the Twi-break-up and make-up was a PR scheme too. But I’m a cyinical at heart. Sigh.

      • CC says:

        She simply doesn’t seem to like him all that much. It’s not just guys that can get bored once they reeled them in, girls can too.

        there’s something about kissing that’s very personal. Now I’m not making comparisons or saying she is one (she’s not, so don’t even start on that), but most prostitudes explicitely forbid kissing on the lips. In her case she seems mostly resigned to kiss him “on the job” since her job actually requires it sometimes.

    • Cb says:

      That’s exactly what I believe. They were never real. But the rouse is working!

    • Liv says:

      Doesn’t make sense. Why would he touch her when they are at a restaurant?? They would probably be affectionate in public and stage photo ops, but they wouldn’t go on with that while having dinner.

      • Kimlee says:

        Yes it dose make senseHow did you know he touch her while at dinner? because it was reported and sold to the media.

        Their fan eat this stuff up and it make the “relationship” real so yes this dose seem like PR.

      • Liv says:

        So if you would have a fake relationship just for PR you would probably be together for public sightings and you would call the paps to stage “dates” or stuff like that. But I don’t think you would be together 24 hours a day. And you definitely wouldn’t stage a rejection like that without photo evidence and just rely on people who eventually tell the press. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • Dap says:

        Maybe he was aware they were watched at that peculiar moment and she wasn’t. Maybe he is a better professional and/or actor as she is.

    • Kloops says:


      I believe that it could have started as a real relationship way back during filming of the first movie, but this has been a contractual obligation and friendship for a long, long time. Maybe RP has some interest in her, but I don’t think she does in him. This “relationship” will be over as soon as the studios have milked the last cash cow.

    • Annie says:

      @DAP – I’ve never EVER been able to buy them as a couple, that’s why the whole ‘cheating scandal’ was of absolutely no interest to me.

      @RocketMerry – what you said. Exactly.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I’m not a massive Pattinson fan but that last picture of him is very cute.

  6. Victoria says:

    I was just reading the JLM-AJ post and those two were HOT for each other. They were the poster child(ren?)for a sexy young couple. They were edgy and walking sex, god i miss the 90s.
    These 2 are as sexy as my socks, this is why this generation of kids (Tweens-teens) are so bland. Look at who their role models are, an armpit licking sparkly metrosexual vampire and an unconvincing “straight” mumbling woman. I still think its publicity and Rob is just the better actor in the said stunt.
    Also they are annoying as hell and I try to skip these posts but I’m bitchy today because my coffee was lousy.

  7. Po says:

    But don’t we all already know that she’s not into it. She was with another man in a public place.

  8. Amelia says:

    An imagined conversation … *dream sequence music*

    Rob – Babe, what was with you at dinner? We’re supposed to look like we love each other!
    Kristen – …
    R – We do, right?
    K – …..
    R – Right?
    K – *lights a cigarette* Yeah. Whatever, dude. I’ll keep you posted.
    R – Come on, can we at least give this a shot, for Bear’s sake?
    K – *eyeroll* Tch … What d’you think we’re f*cking doing? I let you f*cking look at me, don’t I? I mean, you’re so f*cking fake, signing onto that Bin Laden project that it’s a wonder I let you in the same room with my genuinely genuine *real* artistry. I mean, like … tch. F*ck that.
    R – We’re still on for our armpit sesh tonight, yeah?
    K – … Whatever dude. You remembered to hand in your man card last week, didn’t you?
    R – I gave it to you to shred when you were writing your name on my sparkle stick with that sharpie.
    K – … Oh yeah. God, you’re so f*cking fake I have to do everything for you.
    R – I know. You’re the best.

    The link pretty much sums up their entire ‘relationship’.

  9. Mica says:

    Sigh. I just feel like Rob deserves a better partner. It’s always heartbreaking to see one side being so enthusiastic about the relationship but the other is all “meh”.

  10. Lauren says:

    The signs were always there before the proven cheating. Now she’s continuing the domination and disrespect because she is completely about PR. That’s essentially been her main desire from this relationship, the public attention and, now, to blunt reaction to her cheating. She uses him and he’s still stuck on stupid and thinking he owes her for Twilight and the opportunities so that gives her a lifetime to destroy his personal life. She’s really a nasty person.

  11. lisa2 says:


    I said before that if they were going to be the “couple” they needed to be the couple out in public. Not just behind closed doors. Mainly because of the pictures of her and the director were very intimate. She was very open to affection with the director. but with Rob is has always been different. I used Emma and Andrew as examples of a private couple that are still affectionate.

    I think he bores her. I she thinks she is suppose to be with him because he is a nice guy and the world think he is “perfect”. She was more open and easy with Taylor in an interview I saw. She and Robert always seem so awkward with each other. Like they are on a never ending first date.

    I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. He took her back and has to accept all the crap that come with that decision. So if she talks to him like that (if this is true and not sure it is) then he doesn’t care. Because if he had laid down some ground rules then maybe things would be different. She still seem to be doing exactly what she did before the cheating thing. She doesn’t seem remorseful or contrite or anything. so this is what he wants and this is what he get. Robert is not a child. He is 26 and we hold women way younger then he is to a more harsh standard regarding their choices.

  12. Vee says:

    I love Rob. He seems to be such a nice guy. So I must say, “man up and dump her!”

  13. Deidra says:

    C’mon, guys! She’s one of the skanks he f*cks. He gets drunk and touchy-feely, and she’s busy with keeping her image. There’s nothing about love.

  14. Kasey says:

    OR he is being unbearable and they could have had a disagreement before this event. Bear with me here, I knew a couple where it was discovered that the husband cheated within a month of her bearing their firstborn (which HE wanted for years but she was happy without) they were both immigrants to the US and b/c it was a coworker and their specific job he and the cheaters lost their jobs. The wife had to deal with being a new mum and the agony of the betrayal and separation. They worked things out and moved back to their country together (neither of them had a job) which was especially hard for the wife b/c she had wanted to live in the US.

    In their country she was unable to find a job in her field of medicine, which she loved and had to be a teacher’s assistant, which she hated. The thing is because she took him back she made a LOT of demands from him to keep her happy (understandable, but not necessarily reasonable). He couldn’t keep up with the demands and pulled away. After so much going through the motions and counselling she felt like he should be going more and he felt like he wanted to be a bachelor again and they divorced.

    All that to say, when cheating is involved and that person is taken back sometimes the offended party is still so hurt and untrusting that they make life miserable for the cheater. Sometimes the cheater sucks it up and deals because they think its their “due” and sometimes they push back. Just a theory.

    • another nina says:

      Yup, agree with this theory in general. Although with this particular “couple” – you never know…

    • MrsBPitt says:

      If someone takes a cheater back, then that cheater SHOULD do everything in their power to make the person cheated on feel safe…and OF COURSE, the person who has been cheated on is not going to be all sunshine and lollipops to person who lied to and hurt them…it sounds like you are blaming the wife for the break-up of this marriage! Did the husband think she should just take him back and act like it never happened…HE WAS SCREWING AROUND ON HER WHILE SHE WAS HAVING THEIR CHILD…blame the asshole who cheated and wrecked the relationship!

      • Riana says:

        She isn’t blaming the wife, she’s laying out a reasonable argument.

        Cheating more than anything else is a huge betrayer of trust. For some people when they take the cheater back for whatever reason the trust is so damaged they go above and beyond to try to control the person without confronting the pain.

        It sounds like the woman ultimately would have been happier if she left him, but she wanted the relationship to work and stayed with him. She couldn’t trust him again and made demands of him he couldn’t fulfill and ultimately they both ended up miserable and damaged. At the same time he failed on quite a few levels.

  15. aims says:

    Rob deserves a women who will cherish him. Someone who will look past the hype, and see him as a man. Someone who will enjoy his affection, instead of running away from it. I feel badly for him, he’s a faithful, smart, sexy charming man. Who deserves to be loved, and I don’t think he’ll get that from Kristen.

  16. Izzy says:

    You know, I was actually starting to feel a little sorry for KStew because of all the nastiness directed at her for such an extended period of time. I say a “little sorry” because she is equally responsible for the cheating part, and for the cheating with a married man part.

    However, my sympathy has just dried up. She seems like a total a-hole. And though I though Sparkles was handling the scandal in a very classy manner, I just lost a little respect for him, for putting up with her crap. He should want better for himself.

    • sheri says:

      It’s weird because I feel the opposite. I get the feeling she is beyond over him and wants out but due to the demands of the studio and fans she is kind of forced to be with him. I know that’s weird, but maybe she thought by doing something so public with the director the demands would be off. I don’t know, this makes me feel for her. She’s not feeling it, but has to, for whatever reason.

      I think the whole “KStew is begging to be taken back” wasn’t really true. I guess I feel this way because I just watched The Girl on HBO. :)

      • Izzy says:

        It’s entirely possible she wants out, and if that is her situation, it’s unfortunate. But, that is no excuse for her behaving like a total a-hole, nor is it any kind of reason for screwing around with a married man. Both of which she’s done. She’s just proven herself low-class and mean.

  17. Black Pearl says:

    This is just sad. I’m beginning to think Rob is not a nice, charming guy, he’s just plain stupid. Does he not know how this will affect his career? I for one will find it hard to believe him as a powerful leading man when he just come across as a weakling who let some trampire treat him like crap. There is nothing sexy about a man who acts like a wuss. Man up Rob & get rid of her.

  18. Bowers says:

    –never read the stuff nor saw the movies–it’s for 20 somethings, right?

    • chimchimsmom says:

      I thought so too, until I saw Pattinson (and Taylor Lautner) on Ellen… some of the women in the audience went completely batshit. One middle-aged woman was crying hysterically. To their credit, neither of them were cocky about it, they were polite. They seemed like nice young guys… maybe kinda bland.

      • Michele says:

        Generally speaking, Twihards and most of Rob’s fanbase is much older than tweens and teens. Just look at the fans who come to see the cast at their personal appearances. These are grown women, not little teenyboppers, waiting for autographs and pictures. That is the biggest misconception about Twihards.

  19. Morgan says:

    Rob doesn’t trust her. I think she will chafe under him and he won’t be able to get over being paranoid. They’ll be broken up next year. He’s going to Australia for The Rover. If she goes maybe they really can salvage their relationship. They need to get away from the US and the stigma of all this press for BD.

  20. Rita says:

    The seeds of the next seedy were planted when Justin Beiber was seen with his hands on K-Stew’s butt. So prepare yourself for Just-Stew….not to be confused with The Soup. (Entirely different show)

  21. bns says:

    She’s just such a horrible person, and whenever I think she can’t get any worse she does.

  22. SusieQ2 says:

    So, she was caught publicly cheating on him. Then she BEGGED for him to take her back, which he did. And now she’s being hostile to him?

    They only got back together (probably after severe arm-twisting by the studio)for the sake of the movie. He’s the better actor because he’s good at pretending.

  23. Freya Magritt says:

    Robert makes an impression of an intelligent and discerning man. I just don’t buy the rumors of him being manipulated/mistreated/exploited. If he was a wuss and a lovesick fool, he wouldn’t get along with such gritty guy like Cronenberg, who praised him much for his personality.
    I’m inclined to think that the Twilight/Robsten hoopla is mostly made-up and out of control. And I really believe that Rob will be the winner eventually, not KStew.

    • Sunshine says:

      +1 Totally agree. It seems like complete fabrication and is actually kind of insulting to our intelligence.

    • T.C. says:

      I don’t think you are familiar with David Cronenberg the man. All his actors say he is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He makes twisted films but he is not like that in real life. More the opposite. He lives a quiet life with his wife of many years.

      Robert Pattinson is too a nice guy. He has said he went to the Twilight audition for the chance to work with Kstew who he got a crush on from seeing Into the Wild. During publicity for the first Twilight film he was heavily filirting with Kstew although she had a boyfriend. When they finally got together he kept looking at her like he is the luckiest guy in the world to have landed her. So he is a combo Kstew fanboy and crazy in love. You sometimes have one person in a relationship who is more into it than the other. One person who is nice while the other is a total jerk.

      • Freya Magritt says:

        I believe they had some kind of relationship at first – it’s just natural in their case. But I think passion faded away soon (as it often happens in young couples, esp. under complicated circumstances like fame etc.). The last 2 years their “love” was mostly for selling the movies.
        And that famous “the look of love” he allegedly has/had for her – if you took the trouble analyzing red carpets and interviews with his other female co-stars – you would notice that he has “the look” for all of them – Reese, Emily, Sarah Gadon. It’s just the way he looks at ladies, it’s a part of his charming personality.

    • Lauren says:

      People don’t always think clearly when it comes to love. Rob is still stuck on the Twilight audition and glosses over the harshness of Kristen’s character and the bad behavior. She knows he had an infatuation with her from the start, is grateful to her. She treats him like this because she needs to be in control and she knows how to toy with him. It is foolishness on his part, always has been ambitious PR on her part.

  24. jess says:

    There was a tweet posted on the Gossip Cop board from someone who was there too and said the complete opposite. She said that he had his arm across her lap and she had was rubbing his neck and there were a few kisses. I think the media is just trying to make something out of nothing because its more interesting.

    • AJ says:

      Rergarding the PDA, not everyone goes for that and if she doesn’t want to be groped, she shouldn’t allow it. EXCEPT she had no problem with PDA OUTSIDE in public with Rupert. But I digress.

      Not saying that I believe the NY Daily News story as 100% truth, but I also wouldn’t believe ANYTHING posted by the commenters at Gossip Cop. That is Robsten-loving central.

      According to some of those same folk, Kristen never cheated at all. The entire scandal was perpetrated upon Kristen by Rupert and Liberty so they could make names for themselves. Now these same people conveniently forget that Kristen went and picked Rupert up in HER own car, but why should the facts get in the way of them excusing their queen for backing her ass up onto married peen?

      Of anything, I believe the People comment that Kaiser also posted. Because I believe that the “source” for that story was the same “source” for all the other Robsten stories in People mag: Kristen’s PR team.

      What I believe they’re now doing, since they’ve controlled all other aspects of this farce, is painting the picture of Rob as suffocating, pathetic, needy man who is stifling poor Kristen’s burgeoning womanhood.

      And for their PR narrative, that’s why she cheated in the first place, ya know? It can’t be that she’s just not woman enough to end relationships properly. No, someone else is always to blame for her f*ck-ups.

      Rob may be all of those things BUT he also did his part in saving her public image. You’d think she could at least put on a thankful front through the end of the year but clearly that won’t be the case, because she’s already back to mocking Rob (in one of the interviews from last week, she mocked his posture and demeanor).

      Kristen and her PR team are the lowest of the low desperate-for-fame-and-relevance scumbags. Kristen has SO much bad karma coming back her way that I almost feel sorry for her. Except she’s so smug and insufferable that I don’t.

      For Rob, all I can say is I hope somebody gets him counseling WHEN she dumps him because he’s going to be a freaking emotional mess when she tosses him aside for good. He made his choice when he took her back, so I have no sympathy for him. But I don’t think this is playing out like he thought it would.

      He clearly doesn’t understand the depths the love of his life is willing to go to for all she really cares about: fame.

    • Kim says:

      NYDN is as reliable as Star magazine

      • Freya Magritt says:

        Considering Rob’s composure and his passive-aggressive behavior during the promo he definitely knows what he’s doing and he won’t be the one to be defeated in the end. I’m surprised how people picture him as a fool – btw, he’s rich, young, handsome, witty, with a bunch of interesting projects in the work and a possible 3-year Dior-deal. It’s just ridiculous, so many people think he needs sympathy.

      • Michele says:

        It’s funny how certain people believe stories like this one straightaway yet completely dismiss others that paint Rob and Kristen as happy and affectionate. Pap pics, like the recent ones taken at their new house showing them all lovey-dovey, are fake and staged for PR purposes even though they looked like they were taken with a long range lens without their knowledge. Sorry, I never thought those paps pics were staged.

        This is not the 1940s or 1950s when movie studios controlled the lives of their actors. At the end of the first Twilight, Rob cut all of his Edward hair off, a move the
        studio wasn’t thrilled with but Rob did it anyway. Same with Kristen. When she was filming The Runaways, she cut her hair into that very unflattering Joan Jett mullet.

        If Summit couldn’t even keep Rob or Kristen from
        chopping off their hair for film continuity reasons, do you honestly think they were able to make them put their personal lives on hold for 4 years to fake a romantic relationship? Like any 18 year old girl and 21 year old guy are going to agree to do that during the height of their sexuality!

      • geekychick says:

        Freya, I agree with you. His passive-agressivness and dry humor makes me think he IS NOT a poor, innocent fool. He knows what he’s doing and what he wants, and the bashful, shy, awkward is part of is public image.
        FFS, the guy is 26, and when you remember the first TW movies and press, when he talked about flirting, and showed his phone messages-he didn’t strike me as a love-sick puppy. He seemed like a charming, flirty, super funny, if a little arrogant guy. One of the womanizing types you can find in young guys all over Europe (and that is the type I used to fall all over during my teen years-great for summer or two, but nothing beyond that, they always think of themselves first).
        Mad Max Zoolander ain’t a fool.

    • AJ says:

      Michele, I agree that it’s not Summit PR. However, it IS Kristen’s personal PR.

      I also agree that the house pics weren’t staged. Rob bringing Kristen a drink and a towel after the way she publicly humiliated him was the most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. No PR people could have forced him to do that. That was the behavior of a lovesick person.

      Where you and I differ however, is about whether there is a mutual love. I have no doubt that he loves her. But, I think that Kristen’s love for him is in the past tense and has been since she cheated with Rupert (and probably before). That’s why her public PR “I love him I love him” campaign is so unpalatable and disgusting.

  25. DJ says:

    I can not for the life of me figure out what any man could find attractive about this twit. I mean he could do sooo much better than her. i just don’t get it.

  26. Elceibeno08 says:

    Rob is too vanilla ice cream for Kristen. She wants a man who is going to tear her dress off her body and possess her. They have been together too long. Poor Rob, he is such sweet decent guy and doesn’t deserve what he’s getting. He should move on.

  27. LucyOriginal says:

    Me thinks:

    1- Just media creating something out of thin air.

    2- This is the set up for their “breakup” after the promotion.

    Either way, I am incredibly happy this twilight saga is about to be over!!!! :)

  28. crizomar says:


  29. A says:

    I can believe People Magazine (that’s she’s not affectionate in public), but not this one. After all the trouble of making sure to hold hands in front of photographers, lay her head on his shoulder, etc. she’s going to say “don’t kiss me” so loudly that a bunch of people around them can hear? A few days before the movie premieres? BS. Granted, I also think they were never in a monogamous relationship either.

    Although, Another Nina and Kasey have made a decent point. I know a few people that have worked through “cheating” (although I don’t even think he and KStew were in a monogamous relationship in the first place). One of the couples that got back together…they were both so goddamn miserable in the end. I think that is pretty common among couples who “work it out.” She would accuse him of cheating on her with everyone under the sun (in front of people too), and he would basically call friends up crying about how he was such a horrible person. Then he would lash out at her, she would lash out at him…it was a vicious, vicious cycle. She was stuck in a circle of eternal self pity (once you take someone back, you kind of have to quit the self pity) and he was stuck in a circle of self-hatred and anger. They finally broke the hell up….So yeah, I can see IF they are truly together and IF this story is true, both of them being one of those couples.

  30. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    :-/ ugh! Oh Rob! WHY??? Can’t you see she’s not into you anymore?

  31. Zorbitor says:

    Not tonight, I have a headache

  32. Grace says:

    I am now officially embarrassed for Rob. He’s simple and slow. This girl is openly mocking him. If he’s not really gay then she’s plain abusing him.

    Where is this boy’s family?

    Kirsten is an aries. She will never be able to tolerate simple and dull. She has to have fiery men. Rob is a taurus and is too slow for her. She loves the fawning and attention but doesn’t really want him for passion.

    He needs a Jessica Simpson dull-witted type. Kirsten just needs to whore around until she hits 30 and realizes that she isn’t as pretty as she thinks she is.

  33. Becky says:

    What is Lindsay s old buddy Gavin doing there? How are we not talking about THAT?

  34. deb says:

    How desperate or stupid do you have to be to get back into a PR showmance with your costar of a shitty film franchise? Let’s ask PussyPatz how that’s working out for him. Not too well I’d say.

  35. tig says:

    Did anyone read her comments in the LA Times? It is hard to fathom anyone being this clueless-she truly has no insight at all, does she?

    Robsten 2.0 looks like the eviseration of Rob- I so hope he is out of town like a shot once the “premier” is over, and w/o her.

  36. Riana says:

    My opinion? WARNING: no conspiracy theory and soap opera plot lines.

    He likes her. She does not like him.

    Maybe she liked him once, when they first started dating, but she quickly grew disinterested. She likely felt pressure because of the franchise and from the studio without any contracts or anything explicitly said and tried to deal with him.

    But as any of us has ever felt when you just don’t like the guy, you just don’t like him.

    She cheated because Rupert made her feel something and was happy because now she could have the passion and not dump Rob. Cake and eating it too, not damage her career and finally feel some heat. The cheating broke and suddenly her world was upside down. She was probably terrified for her career, for Twilight, for her safety, hell maybe she was even sorry for Rob.

    I know I’ve been in the position (never cheating) where I start to be sympathetic for a guy and think: Why can’t I be with him and like him, he’s a nice guy, just suck it up and try. She went to EXTREMES to try and get her pre-scandal life back and as such weaseled her way back with Rob.

    Now: He likes her. She STILL doesn’t like him. She’s back with Sparkles, she’s probably still bored with him. She’s realizing the whole franchise is suffocating and she isn’t going to magically fall in (back?) in love with Rob. Its coming to an end and she’s likely going to look for another film that will give her some stability for her career that was damaged as a result of SWATH. Once she feels like she could command another franchise and have some power in the industry she’s likely going to re-evaluate how much she wants Rob.

    So honestly…they’re right back where they started. They probably will break up soon, and SHE probably will dump him. Its sad, but Rob should have held her to a higher standard because it seems she doesn’t respect him. Now in the end he’s likely going to feel confused and angry because he forgave her and in the end still got screwed.

    • AJ says:

      I think this is an accurate assessment based on what we’ve seen.

      I would just add that Kristen and her PR henchfolk, in their efforts to wipe her dirty slate clean, went too far and now Rob and Liberty are somehow the bad guys and Kristen is praised for her *strength* during the *difficult time* that she and Rupert created.

      I just still can’t get past the pre-scandal interview where Kristen said her life is too easy and she wanted something to f*ck her over. Only other people got scr*wed in the process. That is beyond messed up, but then again, so is she.

      • Beth says:

        Dont backtrack megsie, your first posts months ago were filled with “i know liberty let me explain”. You tried to correct me when i said liberty grew up in la. Did you see her latest interview where she comfirmed i was right? You knew all ab the malibu trailer, her siblings her old boyfriend. Little late to act like you dont jnow the dirty details on rupert. You are protecting him and going only after kristen. You are a good friend to liberty

    • megsie says:

      Riana, I believe that’s as close to the truth as we’re likely to get.

      Bottom line is Rob is a nice guy. Kristen is at that stage in life (made worse by profession and lifestyle) where she doesn’t yet appreciate the nice guy. Most of us have been there, right? She wants something dangerous, hyperemotional, on the edge. Something naughty. And she’s young and foolish enough to believe that means ‘real.’

      If the girl who claims to abhor anything false and fake had only been honest with herself she might have spared a few innocent people a great deal of heartache.

      • Beth says:

        Hiya megsie, friend of liberty! So you know not only liberty, her family and rupert but rob and kristen as well! I do find it interesting that there is only one bad guy in this whole situation according to you and your peeps, the kristen stewart. Waiting patiently for you to offer up your thoughts on rupert! ;)

      • megsie says:

        I have never met Kristen, Beth. :) Just my opinion.

        I don’t think Kristen is ‘the bad guy’ though she (and Rupert) did commit the crime, so to speak. Neither of the four are black or white imo, but various shades of gray. Same as most of us.

        What would you like me to say about Rupert?

      • Beth says:

        Oh megsie, love how you always gotta throw the dig at kristen and not rupert. If only kristen had done this or that and pointing out all her many flaws. Again i ask you, what about rupert. Certainly if you have this much insight on kristen, you can find some time to share your insider insight on rupert. Or is that not part of the “deal”. ;)

      • Beth says:

        What do i want you to say about rupert? Funny, you dont need any direction when it comes to saying something about kristen but you are scratching your head about rupert! Come on now, you psychoanalyze kristen and robert and you dont know them, you offer up explanantions for liberty when people are cruel and with rupert you are drawing a blank? Come on, why would he cheat on liberty and with kristen? Its just crazy.

      • megsie says:

        Beth, we’re all psychoanalyzing. It’s a gossip site.

        I spoke mainly of Kristen because the story we’re commenting on concerns her.

        fwiw I don’t currently think highly of Rupert, but I don’t believe he’s the devil incarnate any more than I do Kristen. He’s not the first man I’ve seen succumb to a nasty mix of mid life crisis, stress, ego, and a pretty face. But he treated his family, and also Kristen tbh, with a level of disregard and disrepect I haven’t seen in a good long time.

      • Beth says:

        But megsie, you KNOW liberty and rupert so this goes beyond gossipy psychoanalysing. Oh amd trust me, you find a way to bring kristen up on liberty posts, just not rupert. Want to play a little tit for tat? You tell me why rupert would want to step out on liberty with someonelike kristen and i will tell you why kristen stepped out on rob with someonelike rupert

      • megsie says:

        I never said I knew Liberty, Beth.

        I don’t believe either of us could discuss with any certainy precisely what caused Rupert and Kristen to cheat. I’d guess they don’t fully understand. I could make a few general remarks about Rupert’s situation but that’s all. What’s maybe most important here, to me anyway, is that tossing about such labels as “trampire” and “pervert” is unfair. It makes for good copy and fun gossip but it just isn’t accurate.

    • Source says:

      “Now: He likes her. She STILL doesn’t like him. She’s back with Sparkles, she’s probably still bored with him.”

      Wow. I could NOT agree with you more, Riana. That’s exactly the way I see it.

      As for the married couple someone knew where the injured party made life difficult for the cheater, that would hold water if SHE was the one trying to be affectionate and HE was the one pulling away.

      As for if she’d say not to kiss her real loud like that, there was footage a while back where papps followed R/K from a restaurant and back to their hotel. Rob is trying to be conciliatory and talk to her, and she has just a full-on pissed-off look and says they should wait until they get upstairs to talk about it. Not in a “Hey, the papps are here, let’s wait before we talk” but she said it in the way you’d talk to a child who’d done something wrong.

    • geekychick says:

      You may be right!
      I have another theory, and also: WARNING, it’s not a conspiracy theory.
      They had a fight. That’s the same way I’d react if my bf tried to get me “over it” in public-you know, when they’re all lovey-dovey, three drinks too many, “oh, come on, you’re still not over that?”. IDK, it just reminded me of these kind of situations.
      It’s just a theory, though. ;)
      Eh, I really think we’ll know the truth a year from BD2, all these stories are just fueling the hype and making profit of it-from media and producers.

    • Delilah says:

      Uh hmmm. Being screwed by Kstew being a bad thing 4 Rob?

  37. Mi says:

    I found this on Robsessed,this is what Kristen said about Robert in November 2011:”He has many desirable qualities.He’s very intelligent and capable for one thing,has strong will power,an exellent reasoning ability and common sense.One of his great qualities is that he has an ability to see his own faults and makes a determined effort to change.He is not stubborn and I guess these are the qualities that any girl would want to see in her partner.”Hmmm.

    • megsie says:

      Trying very hard to convince herself there, isn’t she? They ARE qualities any mature, stable, confident woman would appreciate in a life partner. Maybe not quite what Kristen, who speaks endlessly of taking risks and following her ‘gut’, is looking for.

      • Beth says:

        Hiya megsie, friend of liberty! So are you implying any women who doesnt want to robert isnt mature, stable and confident? Thats just silly!

        Liberty looked great the other day shopping with simon. Tell them along with jason that i loved loved their halloween costumes. Glad to see liberty got good use out of her catsuit! ;)

      • megsie says:

        Greetings Beth, friend of Kristen!

        No, love, you misunderstand. Kristen is 22, let’s remember. And she’s a young 22. Worldy, for certain. But emotionally … well, she’s a HW actress. No university, no ‘real’ job, etc. Not much contact with what we like to call the real world. Not her fault and I expect she’ll catch up eventually.

        And just between you and me, Beth ;) I don’t find Robert attractive either. Nice boy, no doubt, but I’d have been bored to tears at 22 too.

    • Delilah says:

      Being screwed by K being a bad thing 4 Rob?

  38. tig says:

    What I am hoping happens is that he wakes up and realizes there is more to life than “drama central”- which is his life at present. I do agree with you posters that he is way more in to her than vice versa- but, thankfully, no photos of him being all gooey-eyed have yet to show up. If that happens from the premiere- then I think someone needs to stage an intervention-LOL!

  39. TheTruthHurts says:

    Ewww! She is a bitch/whore & he is a pussy. Sad that he doesn’t realize this will affect his future career and appeal to moviegoers. No woman likes a wimp.

  40. kikiher says:

    I don’t understand all the Kristen Stewart hate and never have, although I don’t understand most judgement in general, but I PROMISE you, writing you can’t stand someone (celebrity) you might be shocked to learn you actually liked them when you met them. Actresses like Stewart were plucked- the kind of actors who don’t set out to be actors but are “discovered” are rare but usually among the best- they are really different from a lot of the straight out sociopaths and narcissists out there who are smart and talented, and if I told you what I knew, people would be shocked. I am not about betrayal though, so sorry for not dishing, but half the things I read I know are true (stuff bound to get out) and half the things are creations- by the PR reps and the mags. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE THIS SITE, the intelligent commenters (some impress me tremendously and some just hurt my feelings) and the writers are terrific, but it still hurts me to read the judge-y comments especially when I know “gosh, if only she knew her, and about him, and what happened with the other hers”, you would retract your comments. Why would someone who is clearly not fame hungry (in this case) be complicit in a PR-stunt? HW is full of them, but every once in a while someone comes along who doesn’t want to follow the game, has little tolerance for pretension bc life is too short and too painful, and doesn’t buy into “celebrity” because they are simply not the self-important type. It’s rare for actors but it exists- and it must suck to have to read about what everyone else thinks of you. I am a sweet person, I love people, but I don’t know how I would tolerate people making up bs and then commenting on my character based on the stuff they read. This is the longest post and I would skim over such a long one, but I just want to suggest thinking twice about putting negativity out there that you aren’t even sure is deserving. I don’t tell anyone what to do, but I couldn’t keep quiet- Kristen is not the hate-able person many people want her to be. Her mannerisms may be annoying, but she is still SO YOUNG and she is just trying to be honest and true to herself in the topsy-turvy world in which she grew up. Watching how most actors/directors/producers operate, what they get away with, I hope one day much of it will be exposed after they have passed. It’s just not what you think, people. There is plenty of truth out there in today’s age, but more half-truths, and most of all, straight up secrets about how sick (mentally) many of these industry peeps are. I am no twilight saga fangirl, but I finally gave in and had to post something. I can’t believe how big twilight got. You guys will see, she IS phenomenally talented and she will be around for a long time. I kind of can’t wait for her to get her confidence and surprise everyone- all her critics- she will. This is a very CATTYYYY business. I wouldn’t trade places with any celebrity, and most of you probably wouldn’t either.

    • megsie says:

      I appreciate you long post, kikiher. :)

      I wouldn’t trade places with any of them either. My husband’s profession brought me in close contact with that world and it is rarely a pretty one. Sick and twisted? Oh yes. Much more so than most would care to know.

      I don’t hate Kristen. In my book she is a confused, emmotionally immature for her years young girl with far too much weight on her shoulders and not the best people in her corner whispering in her ear. His downfall though it was, I can see very well why Rupert felt so sympathetic to her plight. None of this excuses her actions. The piper will be paid for that selfish, ego driven blunder, one way or the other. Here is where we part ways – Kristen wants fame as much as anyone who has tasted it. It’s a drug. They want it, they fear it, they hate it, they would do anything for it.

      • Beth says:

        Perhaps rupert has the bad people whispering in his ear and kristen had sympathy for him? Maybe rupert is emotionally immature? Maube rupert will ALSO pay for this mistake. Oh thats right, only kristen sten fits the bill! I love how people give a 22 year old girl so much power over rupert and robert, like rupert was dupped Into Cheating and robert was dupped into taking kristen back.

    • geekychick says:

      No matter if I agree with you or not (I actually like Stewart as an actress), this is a terrific post, and the points you made should ring in all of our heads while we’re reading gossip.

    • AJ says:

      You make interesting points about how shady the business of Hollywood is, kikiher.

      However, your post makes it seem like people are being *mean* to Kristen Stewart for no reason at all. That simply is not the case.

      The primary reason for the tone of the comments against her is her hypocrisy based on things she’s said in interviews. Top that off with her cavorting with a married man and you get these reactions.

      In real life, if you cheat there will be repercussions for both parties involved. In this case, thanks to Kristen’s aggressive PR campaign, she’s viewed as a victim of something she willingly participated in. Rupert has suffered no repercussions either. Yet, the people who got cheated on, Rob and Liberty, have been painted as the villains by Kristen’s PR and her fans, just so Kristen can look good.

      I don’t care how shady Hollywood in general is, Kristen and Rupert should not benefit from what they did. But they are, and that’s what’s disgusting.

      • G says:

        I agree with the general proposition that a young person who stars in a HW blockbuster franchise might not know what they are in for. But you get paid for your work and you gotta learn to negotiate this path with some professional grace. While I wouldn’t berate her with negative judgements, I also don’t think she needs to keep feeling sorry for herself or expect the public to.

        Being in HW does not exempt you from a lesson we all have to learn: Actions have consequences.

    • JS says:

      So what are you saying here? That she is not a heartless bitch from hell who’s about to throw Rob under a bus just as soon as BD2 is over? Next you’ll be telling us she actually cares about him and he’s not the pu$$y-whipped delusional clown (almost) everyone here thinks he is. How gullible do you think we are?

    • Adeli says:

      Kikiher, this is a very interesting perspective, and this: “gosh if only you knew her, and about him, and what happened with the other hers”‘ is a very loaded statement. I don’t believe that their relationship is a PR stunt, but I do believe that their reconciliation is being used to keep the fans onside, in service of BD2, or just to rehab Kristen’s image. I also don’t believe 99% of what is printed by the tabloids. I think most commenters on here have some modicum of intelligence to also not believe it. So what we are left with then, are the words that come out of Kristen’s and Rob’s mouths. And therein lies the problem, and the reason for the “judgy comments” Take Kristen for instance (I”ll get to Rob in a minute, lest anyone accuse me of only gunning for her) – She put her personal life on blast with her ill-judged public make-out session with a married man, her public apology in People mag, she has gone on record with personal details about her relationship: my boyfriend likes to lick my armpits, I wanna have his babies. And now, having been spared any personal questions about her summer of shame for months, she finally is asked a simple question, and she responds with sneering disdain and claims that we know even less about her relationship now. Conveniently forgetting that we actually do know some juicy details that she herself provided. Let’s not forget her repeated claims that she is an honest person, and never mind that she did something that is the epitome of dishonesty. Or does she believe that fooling around with a married man while in a long-term relationship herself was an honest expression of her desires that she simply had to follow through on for the sake of her precious authenticity? And what about her derogatory remarks about her peers in the industry who are just so fake and contrived because they appear to be witty and engaging in public appearances while she herself cannot do it. Because authenticity! These are the many reasons why Kristen Stewart is so disliked. She comes across as arrogant and immature. And while she may very well be lovely and sweet in private, why does she project this other persona into the world? This is what most people see. Can so many be wrong? Are we just unable to see beneath the sneer and disdain?

      As for Rob, charming though he is, his passive aggressive deflections are becoming tiresome and pointless. He has willingly participated in at least one staged photo op – the pics taken outside the bar in Los Feliz were obviously staged, it was clear from the body language that they knew they were being papped. And now he’ s back to taking digs at the media, as if the last three months hadn’t happened. I don’t expect either of them to divulge anything about their personal life, but giving ridiculous answers just fuels the speculation and does neither of them any good as it just makes the media even more rabid to catch them out. If you’re going to play the PR game even a little bit, don’t get pissy if they ask you an innocuous question such as if you’ve reconciled with your girlfriend, even if it’s obvious that you have.

      • JS says:

        Re your comments on Rob, just let me point out here that knowing you are being photographed is quite different from staging it. You have no evidence at all that the scene outside the bar was staged. If it was staged to show that R&K were together, it was pretty incompetently done, because he was first filmed with his arm around another girl, to the dismay of many shippers and then (ironically) accused of being cold and standoffish to Kristen. Why do you think they left such negative footage in, if they were in control of the production? The accusation that they have been involved in staged photo-ops is nothing more than speculation, generally on the part of people who choose to ignore inconvenient details like the above. To assume that such accusations are true, without proof and then go on to condemn the guy on that basis is verging on lynch-mob mentality.

      • Adeli says:

        I didn’t make a distinction between staging a photo op and knowing that you are being photographed because to me the intent is still the same – a PR show to display evidence of their reconciliation. Really, how is that any better than it being staged? Since when have you seen these two lingering outside a public place when they know the paps are around? If it wasn’t a deliberate show, they would have jumped into a nearby dumpster or hightailed it out of there as they have done many times in the past. You know this. Their body language was awkward, most likely due to the discomfort they felt at having to be on display. Hence the negative footage. And by the way, the negative footage was not included in ET’s exclusive. The whole video was leaked on the internet, and has since disappeared. Like I said, I don’t believe anything else was staged; I’m not a conspiracy nut where these two are concerned. I’ve always taken their relationship at face value. But that incident was so obviously a deliberate show, even if they seemed reluctant to do it. Rob’s stint as a cabana boy and all subsequent outings are all very real. I don’t know whether it’s sad or funny at this point.

      • JS says:

        With all due respect, there is a very clear distinction. In the first case you notice or are informed that you are being filmed by an intruder you have not invited. In the second you have set up the entire shoot in advance. In the second case one might expect that everything would be properly managed by the PR people to get maximum impact; in the first you are just going to be uncomfortable and want to get away. In the second case, you are indeed responsible for PR-whoring your relationship; in the first you are not.You are assuming the worst and then condemning them on that basis, with no proof at all. I mean, come on, think this through before jumping to conclusions! They’re actors who play lovers in a major franchise. Surely they could pretend to be happy together for a two minute PR movie and send out an unambiguous message instead of what we got here!

    • Miss Bennett says:

      I appreciate what you are saying, however the reason people dislike Miss Stewart is because SHE gives them so much ammunition for their disgust. As for your tired old argument that Kristen is young, there are many young actresses in Hollywood who don’t behave with such rudeness and disregard for others. What we all need to ask ourselves is, are we willing to hold Miss Stewart to a lower set of standards than we do her peers? Should we condone her rudeness, selfishness and ingratitude on the basis that she is being honest? The purpose of good manners is not to feed the vanity of the person using them, their purpose is to protect the feelings of those around us who might be hurt by our rudeness. As long as Miss Stewart continues to see her selfish and rude behavior as necessary to her so called “honesty” she will be seen as having the mentality of a spoiled child. As for her being “plucked” from obscurity because she’s somehow a special snowflake, it’s that sort of thinking in Hollywood that creates these egotistical brats. By feeding in to this aspect of celebrity culture, you do Miss Stewart no favors. No one on this earth ever got to be a better person by hearing only constant praise of themselves. The proof that this ass kissing is especially detrimental to child actors is daily before us. Please, take some time to think through what is expected of all adults in our society and apply those same expectations to Miss Stewart. You will see that giving her a pass on her responsibilities does her no favors. I’m sorry that you feel she is being treated unfairly, however she must bear her 50% of the blame in the affair with Rupert Sanders. Both parties did something out of pure selfishness that has hurt several innocent people. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but this will pass and reasonable people will give her another chance. Please bear in mind that the comment sections of gossip blogs are not representative of majority thinking. They are places of opinion only. Many of the people who post here are intelligent, thoughtful people who try to have a balanced perspective. Others are trolls just trying to get a rise out of people. Don’t let them bait you.

  41. EmmaCohen says:

    Robert Pattsion is too old to PDA and public kissing. Too little to late. he DIDN’T CLAIM Kristen as his girlfriend all thsse years and suddenly in a mood for kissing? Drunk perhaps or guilty? If he didn’t feel guilty of neglecting her emotinal needs(not to mention others) he would have never been back with her. He has abondoned her . She lost her hear for him long time ago. Her body just followed. taken for garnted, plain Jane, Rob was shock that the diector, a man married to a Vouge model found her attractive. The was a void in thier relationship. An affair is just a symptom. Kristen would be out of that sad unon by teh end of the year anyway. It is not easy to cinvince yourself that a man coveted by half of female population with workig overiees(and 90% of women who stopped ovulating) is not good for you. She has treid to hint here and there that her boyfriend might just be boring dream boat Pattison, by the Englich boyfriend never gave her permission to name him out loud. He was saving himself fo Blake Lovely look alike and was cought in a net. Pattsion had no plan for their future together. She lived in his house and knew it better than you.

    • AJ says:

      Let’s say all of that is true. Then why make the public “I love him, I love him” declaration?

      Seems to me that once the affair was discovered, that would have been the perfect out of the relationship. But she’s the one who made the public apology and wore his clothes and jewelry all over the place until she got him back.

      So what gives?

    • JS says:

      Are you trying to defend her here? If so, may I just point out that you’ve forgotten to explain the bit about how cheating with a married father of two kids is justifiable. Also the bit about the correct protocol, if bored with your boyfriend, involving telling him it’s over BEFORE taking up with somebody else, especially when you publicly portray yourself as a non-fake badass who values honesty above all else! Oh and the extended public and private grovelling to get him back is just a little embarrassing to your case as well.

  42. Amy C says:

    Odds are they are back only to promote for the movie. I don’t think the relationship last after the dvd sales of the movie. But you can’t really tell.
    Truth is robert look good when with her(perfume ad deal, carrier wise and fame wise better) Same with her too she looks better when with him. But more him. I don’t blame her for holding out on being affectionate and talk love. She doesn’t need to act now. They just back together and this is a promotion period and the relatioship is not yet decided where it gonna go after from here meaning after the promotion time jmo.
    Anyone who wants to see affection, go see the movie. I am sure they will have some lol. Again the relationship can not be measured now while they are in promotion but later after the promotion ends so acting to lovey dovy is not that necessary after just getting back together jmo. But He seems so cheesy talking about he will marry her some day via x17 etc and all smily and cheesy. He seems happy to the way how things turn out finally. He must felt the relief. I am not blaming him but just don’t over do it.
    If they are not gonna work out don’t slip to anotehr cheating scandle or anything just say it is over like ADULT and bare yourselves another round of heart ace, though personally, I think they should stay togeter.

  43. mia girl says:

    Ruh-Roh!!! This is NOT the kind of story they need 2 days before the premiere!

    Hurry Stew, assume your Robsten4eva position. Should it be an affectionate touch at the airport…maybe a casual sushi dinner in LA where you lean into his shoulder? Whose got a show in LA tonight? Maybe you should head there. Does a car need to be involved (because we’ve noticed that’s where you seem to be the most animated)?

    On a related note, Twilight was on Telemundo last night. My daughter and I stopped to watch it dubbed and the woman speaking Stewart’s part in Spanish actually was trying to mimick her mumbled, slow,awkward delivery. It was one of the funniest things EVER.

    • A says:

      See, that is why I don’t buy this…Is she really going to pull that shit TWO days before the film, after they have gone to all the trouble of putting on a show.

      • mia girl says:

        Well, it was KStew who said just this week she “likes to keep ‘em guessing”…

      • A says:

        @miagirl….True, but I thought that was more a statement about telling people about their relationship….which is getting so fucking old. Seriously, there isn’t a good way to answer now but his juvenile joking and her guessing quip was just annoying. At least I get it when both give some variation of “people are going to believe whatever they want to believe, no matter what I say” because at least they acknowledge it’s a legitimate question and are not trying to pretend like they hardly know one another. Both of them in some small way enjoy the notoriety, because if they just said “we are fine, thank you, and that is all I’m going to say about my relationshop” it would stop a lot of the speculation.

      • mia girl says:

        An hour after she acted all bothered about being asked about their relationship on the Today show, she was on Live with Kelly proudly showing a picture of her new dog, pictured along side Rob’s dog. So, she prefers passive aggressive suggestions of their relationship vs. a straight on acknowledgement. Whatever, her call, her reasoning… but yeah, it’s pretty immature at this point.

  44. Free Bear says:

    KHo probably told RPutz not to kiss her because they are supposedly (per press articles) saving that for the red carpet at the BD2 premier in LA.

  45. Free Rpatz says:

    Never has so much press been written about two less talented actors. RPatz’s fame is well ahead of his acting skills and KStew appears to have the emotional range of a pebble.

  46. chalkdustgirl says:

    The only thing that even keeps this chick remotely in the spotlight is her bitchiness, so it doesn’t surprise me that she keeps it well-alive in the public eye. She can’t act to save her life, so raking this poor slob over the coals is the sole thing that keeps her googled on a daily basis (again, it’s not her “work” that keeps her in the news).

    Go away, Kristen Stewart (eye roll) Please!

  47. FLR says:

    Makes perfect sense to me (human inter-personal dynamics PS don’t care about movie or this particular “couple”). Rob doesn’t want the cheating girlfriend back, but she wanted him (formerly). Movie execs wanted them back, at least publicly, and offer both $$$ to put on appearances so the Movie rakes in more $$$. Rob puts on the act in public as directed, however, now rebuffed cheater is “angry” and she’ll show her old boyfriend her womanly affections can not be bought for money (forgetting she previously has already to an older married guy and now again to the Studio). When ticket sales dwindle Rob will stop taking a bullet for the Studio and dump this sk@nk!

    • EmmaCohen says:

      Kristen wants Rob back? You are kidding! She had enough of him.Waity kaity- he treated her like a dirt, not presend, hidden misterss. She is out of his broom clset now. She has her own house and is happy. What kills soem of haters is the very fact that a brilliant man(did you see his Halo 3 or sears commercials) found Kristen attractive in her sweat pants and diryt sneakers. It went agaisn the hopes and nature- it was supposed to be Kristen crying in the corner and dumped by Pattsion, not the otehr way around. She has outsmarted him. His is a lausy boyfriend and indifferent. If that continues his next gf will cheat on him too. With his gardner!!

      • aquarius64 says:

        She will forever be labeled a “trampire” because of this and women are going to be leery about leaving their boyfriends and husbands with her. If she does this again the next woman may not react like Liberty and take a more violent tact.

    • too late for that says:

      ROB CAN NEVER DUMP Kristen!! Too late for that scenario!! She did it first. In her heart, Her body just followed! He would have to get really back togetehr, wait some time convinced people he let her go by calling press.!!

    • Amy C says:

      I am not in to these two much but he just said he will marry her.. He is the one who is also acting very cheesy. Btw this kind of story is not gonna help the movie. They better put their act together at the last minute. People like you are not helping.

  48. maria says:

    Maybe the romance is created I mean L.B. Mayer ‘created’ unions with many of his signed actors to keep down rumors of being Gay or what have you. Or she must have some skills in the bed and he is too dumb to figure out that is not intrinsic to her. She is a mean person she looks like a mean person she always says sh**y things in interviews, honestly I would rather watch Ji Carrey marathons than any Twighlight film and that has nothing to do with who she is as a person just that her ‘body of work’ is not all that impressive. It is mass produced dribble and pre packaged anyone could have fit the part . Maybe it is my age showing(36)

  49. emmie_a says:

    Why poor Kristen? She’s a self-proclaimed miserable bitch and has the personality of a turnip. She should count her blessings every chance she gets but of course people like her never do.

  50. bluhare says:

    For the love of all that is holy, KS needs to fire her eye makeup applier.

  51. kay says:

    If this story is true, and it were me, I would not want my ass “patted” in public.

    also, don’t kiss me. I don’t like PDA.

    I don’t care about these 2.

  52. Betty b says:

    WOW !!! ….2013 …more WOW!!!!

  53. Sane Stranger says:

    To Robert Pattinson,

    You asked “who’s asking?”

    I am.

    If you’re in love and you are being loved the way you should be, then stay.

    If not, take your heart, truth and self-respect and go discover a world of joyous new beginnings that waits. How will you find it if you don’t try?

    For the record: True love can never hurt or humiliate, it doesn’t know how.

  54. loop says:

    Reading waaaaay too much into it. they love each other, trying to make another go at it – she just doesn’t like to show PDA.

    • AJ says:

      Fixed this:

      Rob loves Kristen, trying to make another go at it – she just doesn’t like Rob.

      • Scarlett says:

        She didn’t mind PDA with either her ex-boyfriend or Rupert. She’s always been repulsed by Sparkles.

        But this is a fake relationship anyway.

      • EmmaCohen says:

        Robert Pattsion had a girlfriend? No kidding? What release? A penis perhaps? who was his girlfriend? he denied knowing Kristen more than Biblical Thomas or whatever was the name of the Apostle who denied knowing Jesus.
        Say it outloud twihatds mom, say it”Kristen doesn’t want him anymore, she find him cruel and emotional empty”Have him and keep the change”
        He doesn’t need your encouragement to move on – he has no choice but move along.. He will always be a miserable boyfriend, he will never pleasure a woman. He couldn’t make a tomboy girl with a dragon tattoo and one pair of jeans believe that he loved her – how is he going to convince a glam HW girl you all want for him? You know what all women know_-hugs and kisses and hand holding, and making out in a car and posting your boyfriend’s pictures on your profile on Face book. Pattison is too British or too arrogant to notice that. His loss. The sooner promo is over, the sooner Kristen cuts ties with him the better. Have him, share with your mother and your aunt Susan who doesn’t shave her beard.!

      • JS says:

        @EmmaCohen “The sooner promo is over, the sooner Kristen cuts ties with him the better.”

        I could be wrong about this, of course, but I think you, and a number of the other posters here, are in for a big disappointment. You do realise you are making Kristen out to be a lying PR-whore who will say anything and hurt anyone to rehabilitate her image. I think more of her than that, which is why I think you are completely misguided about her feelings for Pattinson!

  55. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Oh god, I will forver be thinking of Jessica Biel when I see him. Pattinson should have fought the industry on this one and not gotten back in this relationship. His image was golden after the scandal, his next movie would have done so much better with all the girls going to see it just to be nice to “poor rob”. Now with his mancard handed in and looking so spineless I don’t know how his image will recover.

  56. Shy says:

    So Pathetic. Congratulations Robert – you are Demi Moore! The one who can’t let go his other side even if other side cheats in your face.

    I really believe this story. If he is this spineless puppy who adores her and worships her every move then no wonder she was bored with him after few years. And run away to much older dude.

    She will dump him eventually.

  57. Starsh says:

    I just cannot believe all you eejits actually believing everything you read online and in the tabloids. Its out of context and rank speculation at best. There could have been any number of reasons she said “Don’t kiss me”, and one of them could be – it didnt happen! And even if she did take his hand off her butt and even if she is distant its probably because she is feeling self-conscious, given their recent drama, and doesnt want to play into the pap’s hands. Makes perfect sense to me.

  58. ray says:

    uh the whole relationship is pr from the bigginning.

    he is forced into reconciliation he knows she doesn’t like him so he is showing pda to put her in a fix she can’t deny because she needs him sh can’t accept because it hurts her ego. player he is.

    • Leigh says:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Maybe there was attraction at the beginning – but I think they were pushed together.. and I’m pretty sure they are only together now for the final film in the franchise, at the studios urging..

      It still shocks me at how many hollywood relationships are sold as “authentic” and how many people buy into it! I thought it was common knowledge that many of them are PR. ?

  59. Just Me says:

    JFC at the dissertations in the comments section here. Seriously? And the “friends of cray cray” up there. For Christ sake! Twilight posts never fail to bring out the more unhinged lurking in the Celebitchy shadows. I swear to God, you can’t make this sh!t up!

  60. Jocelyn says:

    Before someone defends her by saying she just doesn’t like PDA.

    She let a married man go down on her in public, in the daylight, in her car for whoever could see.

    She was cuddling and let him kiss and hold her in public. This was a married man.

    I almost feel bad for Rob but I think he puts her on some kind of pedestal. I think he thinks he can’t live or go through this famous life without her.

    It’s like he needs her more than she needs him.

  61. Andrea says:

    No one would get back with someone if they were that blase about them. Don’t believe the stories!

    • JS says:

      Now you might think that and I might agree with you. But Kristen Stewart is now a one-dimensional cartoon villainess with no saving graces whatsoever, in the eyes of many of the posters here. She is miraculously capable of showing whatever attributes are necessary to appear in the worst light possible in every situation. She is so toxic to her detractors that even a well-liked guy like Rob has to be converted into an equally one-dimensional, despicably weak, cartoon character for his woeful inability to see that she deserves to be cast into outer darkness.

      Contempt for another human being eats the soul and that is enough reason for anyone with any wisdom to avoid it but, as a side effect, it also fosters stupidity. It allows the person possessed with that contempt to believe anything, no matter how absurd, about the dehumanized object of loathing. The latter can be stupid when necessary, or preternaturally intelligent and manipulative if that maintains the hate more effectively. A source declared hideously unreliable when reporting positively about the hated one, is accepted without reservation when the story is negative. Literally anything is believable: see above for a lesbian who can’t stand to kiss a man, yet is photographed making out with her male director; an actress who can’t bear to fake a kiss with a man she has a fairly explicit sexual relationship with in the movies; a relationship that can’t work because tabloid astrology says Aries and Taurus people aren’t compatible; a cunning, manipulative PR whore who can’t resist putting her boyfriend down in public, even as she tries to maintain a carefully crafted illusion of true-love to boost her taking$$$ at a movie that opens in days. Seriously, the Robsten fangirls on Gossip Cop seem lucid by comparison, with their simple belief in true love and their new age-y pendulums!

  62. Lexi says:

    You can kiss me, robert pattison, i love you

  63. Benj says:

    As a former pro-rob i believe he really love her.His action prove it many times,u know he’s not a good actor so it’s not difficult to read.He’s a real man but stupid<oops i said that!

    I agree with your theory,kaiser.Kstew is the diffinitely the trampire who doesn't have to do much to get man's attention.Because in her life everything is soooo easyyyy,,,ugh.

    What annoyed me is the fact that she bought that house near his.What for?? first,I started to feel sorry for her like may be she want him back so bad but now everything slowly turn back to the same position.Same-Cold-Bitch.

    Smiling PRstew is fading little by little.I wish she find the douche who can serve her the wild life.

  64. ooo says:

    woah. is liberty sanders her make up artist or why does she look like a fool?! Her make up artist must hate her

  65. kingkayski says:

    Why is it women always thinks ,relationships are all rainbows and sparkles?That couples always say “hi honey! i miss you”,”I love you”,I wanna kiss you”,i wanna cuddle w you”,” i wanna screw you”"i wanna rock your world,hard!”Really? Couples fights,it’s normal,they always annoy each other,challenge each other,make each other wait just to pissed each one off,again,it’s normal.These two are no different from the others.He could have pissed her off about something(as if that’s so hard to do when it comes to Kstew)and he knows how she’s gonna get even.I think he knows her well better than we do,her moods,bitchiness,cuntiness,emoness & most of all her evilness.If he find happiness through all her nonsense,who the heck are we to get in his way?Belive it or not some men gets off or likes a very challenging women,they don’t like a Jessica Biels kind ,they get bored with them,they just as soon feed their dongs to the dogs rather than be with “yes sir!” kind of girl.

  66. muppet_barbershop says:

    I know it’s cool right now to think that Kstew is like the conniving ice queen of doom, but she has not magically transformed from the awkward young woman she was before all this went down with the creepazoid director who’s probably off downloading “barely legal” pr0n right now because he’s a skeeve and a manipulator, OK? She is still an awkward young woman. Has everyone magically forgotten that she was really unfond of camera-ready PDAs before this stupid “scandal?” If she tells her guy not to kiss her, it is probably because cameras are staring her down. And no, I don’t expect anyone to take pity on a privileged wealthy beautiful white woman; I just don’t think the overheard and overseen stuff here says anything about her feelings for Rpattz. If there were lights and cameras on me every time I tried to go out on a date, I wouldn’t feel like being touched either, honestly.

  67. aquarius64 says:

    I think Kristen’s fate will be sealed when the box office for Breaking Dawn 2 comes out. It has been projected at 140 million. It better make that number or higher because if it doesn’t, Kristen, Rupert and the Mini-Cooper Makeout will be blamed for it. Its competition at the multiplex is the Bond movie Skyfall(which made a surprising 87.8 million in North American box offices this past weekend)and the remake of Red Dawn (with Chris Hemsworth). People who are put off by Twilight (and the Robsten and scandal crap) have strong options at the movies this upciming weekend. People thought Battleship was going to rake it in but they got a rude awakening when the numbers came back.

    • Emma Cohen says:

      You arew wrong , honey. Rob fans alone can not make or break the box office. They didn’t make any difference in Cosmopolis even though Rob was asking them to go and see the film. It wasn’t just played where they live- rural Ohio!! They couldn’t boycot SWATH, masses went to see it, whole families.Is hurricane Sandy blamed on Kristen too? Will haters give her credit when BD2 make more than any other film? They will not. Too bad for savages-they will not go and see it , you know why? Kristen’s face is in 80% of screen time and she is a true hero of the film!!

      • Deidra says:

        She has put in danger the final installment with her “indiscretion”, she tarnished SWATH so that the studio had to fire a screenwriter who was already working over the sequel. She failed Florabotanica promotion with her incapability to put two words together and sound coherent, and, possibly, contributed to the firing of the Balenciaga couturier. Do I need to mention she threw Rob (the man she loves and respects the most!) under the bus to save her in this promo. She’s beyond unprofessional.

  68. Maritza says:

    Their so called relationship is a sham. Purely PR stunt for the movie Twilight, they’ll each go their own way once it’s all over.

  69. Lulu says:

    Oh, she loves him. She became a wraith over the whole affair. You don’t do that unless you are lovesick. She is historically shy about PDA. I don’t know why Rob and everyone else ignores that fact. You don’t have to like her, but she doesn’t want her butt fondled in public. What is the crime in that? And we have seen her bashfully duck kisses before. Rob thinks it’s funny.

    • Get a clue says:

      I’m not buying that she is shy about PDA bit. She had no problem talking about her previous bf and showing PDA with him. She had no problem making out with a married man in public. But when it comes to the man she loves more than anything in the world, then she is shy about it? She also has no problems referring to him in interviews, and he does the same. But God forbid a reporter ask them to label their relationship and then they get in a tizzy. I don’t think they are a PR couple. I do believe they are both f’ed up and like each other that way. The bitchier she gets toward him, the more he seems to like it. To each his own.

    • Lulu says:

      When was she with a married man in public? She got caught in a steamed up car in a compromising position by the stealthy paps. And you’re right, she wasn’t so shy about it when she wasn’t hardly famous. But things have changed quite a bit, haven’t they? I’ll bet everywhere they go the paps are screaming ‘Kiss her Robert, kiss her!’ and it probably pisses her off.

      I dunno. Could be wrong, but I just don’t tend to see big conspiracies everywhere. If it all was fake, why did she lose so much weight? Are you going to tell me suddenly that she has that much dedication as an actress?

  70. smiley says:

    ther is something like 50 shades of grey going on in his twilight zone except i guess the roles are reversed

  71. Claudia says:

    Hmm, I don’t know. I’m always the more reserved one in relationships, and it comes off as disinterested (which couldn’t be further from the truth). In private I’m normal and very affectionate, it’s just that I’m definitely not into PDA.

    The “don’t kiss me” part is pretty cold though, if that’s true. If she were to try to explain that away with being reserved, that would get down to puritan levels, damn.

  72. Carolyn says:

    So looking forward to this Twilight PR BS to be over.