Cameron Diaz: ‘I think every woman does want to be objectified, I think it’s healthy’

Remember Cameron Diaz’s disastrous Esquire UK pictorial for the November issue? Cameron was photographed in various trashy ensembles, from leather-y dominatrix to “squatting biker girl” to “a girl with a shredded t-shirt and bolt-ons.” Obviously, the photo shoot was done by Terry Richardson, and a lot of you had a lot to say about how awful it was that Cameron felt the need to say “yes” to that mess. But are we making Cameron into a victim unnecessarily? Perhaps. Because as Camy discusses in a new interview, she’s quite happy to be objectified in trashy, “sexy” pictorials because she “knows her sexuality”. Just know: I actually have very mixed feelings about everything Cameron is saying here.

Cameron Diaz has said she gets a buzz stripping down to her underwear for the camera. The 40-year-old actress says she finds racy photo shoots “empowering” and is comfortable in her skin.

She told The Sunday Times: “It’s empowering. I’m not some young girl with the photographer going, ‘Will you take your clothes off?’ I’m like [mimes stripping], ‘How does this look?’ They’re like, ‘Today we’re not going to put anything other than bras and heels on you,’ and I’m like, ‘These heels are not high enough.’”

“I’m a woman, I know how to handle myself. I know what I feel comfortable doing and I know my sexuality.”

The star also thinks its “healthy” for women to want to be objectified.

She added: “I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy.”

Cameron also laments the scrutiny put on the young stars of today, as it’s harder for them to grow up and make the mistakes young people do without being criticised.

Reflecting on her own career, she added: “I wouldn’t have survived it. Nobody in their twenties can. That’s when you do all your stupid s**t. You’re supposed to be an idiot. You’re supposed to get drunk, or go out with a guy who’s terrible for you.”

[From The Standard UK]

Is Cameron revealing a more sophisticated and nuanced feminist theory than we’ve ever heard? Not really. Psychologically, I think she’s just justifying her own famewhore-y actions and wrapping it up in lipstick feminism. But I don’t think she should be dismissed out of hand either – I was just reading The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress Roundtable, which included discussions from women like Anne Hathaway, Rachel Weisz, Sally Field, etc. What struck me was how neurotic ALL of them are and how their individual neuroses feed each other until they have, like, group neurosis. In that context, Cameron’s breezy ownership of her own sexuality and her own sexual power, plus her lack of “I should be humble, I should feel unworthy, I should feel damaged” neurosis is refreshing. What I’m saying is that although I don’t agree with Camy, I don’t think she should be bashed or slut-shamed for feeling the way she feels. Of course, I do think she should be bashed for having such lousy taste in men.

Photos courtesy of Esquire UK, WENN.

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  1. lflips says:

    I don’t want to be objectified; I want to be loved and enjoyed by my husband.

    • Lee says:

      yeah – I don’t have an issue with Cam’s sentiments per se, but I do have an issue with the phrasing. Wanting to be perceived as sexy and attractive doesn’t mean I want to be objectified; I want my personality and intellect to play a part in my sexiness I don’t want to be boiled down to a shell of a woman, an object to be lusted after.

      In any case, if Camy does want to be perceived as a sex-object, go for it girl, I guess. I just don’t think she’s sexy anyways, but to each their own.

  2. Riana says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what she’s saying EXCEPT for her to say everyone feels that way, not true.

    All that being said we’ve really got to stop demanding women fill in ‘approved statement on womanhood on line A’.

    Men say random shit all the time and its okay, but women have to have a whole mission statement. Cam likes being objectified, fine. She’s an adult and she CAN own it that way. Some women like that and its good that she can express herself that way.

    • Amelia says:

      I think this is a good way of putting it.
      Horses for courses, and all that jazz.
      I certainly don’t want to be objectified, but like you said, Cameron does and that’s her choice, she’s a grown woman.
      I do think she should have put a little more thought into her statement before saying *every* woman wants to be objectified, though.
      Definitely agree with you about men being able to come out with odd quotes etc and they just seem to float away. However Cameron did make quite a sweeping statement, and rarely do generalisations reflect well on the speaker.

    • LAK says:

      This kind of interview is given by so many actresses at a certain point in their careers, usually when they are having to switch gears from the sexpot next door to character actor. Suddenly they start discussing their sexuality and nudity on screen, usually accompanied by either risque photoshoots that were never in their repertoire or an increased screen nudity…honestly, it’s like the actress version of a mid-life crisis.

  3. India says:

    Well, I don’t know what to say abut this. In the first pic, Cam looks like she always does……pushing the sleezy tarty look. In the 2nd one, her bolt ons are lopsided. And in the last one, she looks like a little old lady until you scroll down and see how short the dress is.

  4. Arlene says:

    I don’t think she knows what to objectify really means.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      That’s what I was thinking. There’s a difference between being objectified and feeling good in a bikini and wanting to show that. Plus, this is part of her career, she’s played into that in many of her movies for tons of money, what is she going to say about it other than this? I’d like to see her work in an office, then we can talk.
      Also, if all women secretly want to be objectified, that begs the question why. Maybe Because we’re taught it’s the ultimate compliment? Oh, Cammie. Again, not sure she knows the meaning of the word.

      • Jess says:

        Yeah, she’s not out in the real world, in an office setting, praying that the pervert in the cubicle next to her isn’t checking out her ass as she walks to make copies. I think all women want to feel attractive and good about themselves, but not all women want to be looked at as a a vessel for a man to dump his spunk. I much prefer the men who engage me in a conversation, compliment my smile, before ogling the goods. That’s me.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        LOL Exactly. Being complimented is nice but you can’t make it your life goal. And we all look (at the office as well), let’s not lie to ourselves but looking and judging/objectifying are not the same things.
        I’m thinking Hollywood has screwed with her perspective and honestly, some of these celebrities need to at least Wikipedia that sh*t before opening their mouths on these issues. I really hate to be lectured on this from people who get photoshopped for a living.

    • Liv says:

      Some people should really better shut up. Opening their mouths makes them look bad.

      +2 I also think she doesn’t know the meaning of objectified. But I laughed when she said having bad taste in men would just happen when being a twenty-something.

  5. SmokeyBlues says:

    I totally get what she is saying and I agree.

  6. Spif says:

    I salute her for owning her sexuality. She OWNS her own body (bolt ons et all) which is a good thing.

    But the objectifying thing scares me; and it is the opposite of feeling relaxed with yourself. It now looks as if she says; ‘i love my body, because it is perfect as others (men) want to see it, and i am happy to oblige’

    That is not even lipstick feminism. It has nothing to do with feminism.

    I would want my daughter to be happy with her body as is, because it is who SHE is, not what people want her body to be. The body is just a shell, after all….

  7. lucy2 says:

    1 – Never start a sentence with “I think EVERY woman wants-”. If that’s how she feels, awesome, but don’t speak for anyone but yourself.
    2 – It’s hard to take anyone seriously when their butt is hanging out in the photo.

    • T.C. says:


      If she wants to be objectified that’s her business but don’t speak for all women. There is a difference between wanting to be sexy and being objectified, I don’t think she knows the difference. She is getting older and will need to soon lean more on her talent than her body.

    • gogoGorilla says:


      I don’t care about nudity in movies or in pictorials (even stupid icky ones like Cam favors), and I don’t even care about (adult) women who do porn – I’m not responsible for their choices, you know? They can do whatever makes them feel good, or pays the groceries, or keeps them relevant (in their own minds?). However, I definitely *don’t* want them speaking for me.

      As far as Cam goes, I think she’s just desperate to be and stay relevant. In Hollyweird (and in our society, to some extent), women over 40 are basically considered over the hill and put out to pasture. So, yeah, I sort of get why she does this stuff, but I hate that she tries to justify it by generalizing it to the female population at large.

  8. Spif says:

    I salute her for owning her sexuality. She OWNS her own body (bolt ons et all) which is a good thing.

    But the objectifying thing scares me; and it is the opposite of feeling relaxed with yourself. It now looks as if she says; ‘i love my body, because it is perfect as others (men) want to see it, and i am happy to oblige’

    That is not even lipstick feminism..

  9. Hannah says:

    Huh? Everyone wants to be objectified? Had she said every woman wants to feel beautiful and admired, I would’ve concurred. The same thing goes for men: People like to feel attractive and want to receive compliments (not just for their physical appearance but their accomplishments, their talents etc.). But objectified??

    • Chica says:

      I agree. I don’t think she understands what “objectify” means. It’s not a good, healthy thing. I could get on board if she said everyone wants to feel attractive or desired…but objectify?? I prefer for my partners to respect me, thanks.

      But it speaks volumes for how she feels about herself.

  10. Miss Kiki says:

    I get what she’s saying about herself, she isn’t some young girl on the casting couch, she knows what she’s doing and she enjoys so props to her. I’ll be honest, I have a boyfriend but I don’t hate it when guys stare at me, I’m 25, I’m in good shape so screw it they can look. I do however dis agree with her when she says that *all* women want to be objectified. They don’t and it’s that kind of sweeping statement then makes men think it’s alright.

    I know it probably seems like I’m putting forward contradicting statements but it makes sense in my head..

  11. mk says:

    Spoken like someone who augments their body to please someone, then gets their ass dumped. No, it isn’t healthy. It’s a social construct of the patriarchy, you tool, and it isn’t ‘empowerment’ you’re feeling. It’s the brain chemical rush of having to subconsciously put yourself in a place where it’s okay for your body to be your entire existence.

  12. sasa says:

    Cameron, your fake boobs looks ugly. Is that objectifying?

  13. Rose says:

    There’s a big difference, IMO, between wanting to feel attractive, sexy, wanted, etc. and objectification.

    I’m guessing she doesn’t actually know what “objectified” means and thinks it’s more the former.

  14. Calimero says:

    I don’t want to be treated as an object: I hate when someone whistle at me, shout at me in the street, if she appreciates it good for her, I know some women who love be objectified but it’s absolutely not my case : I only want some respect and it’s hard to obtain it

    • Lizi says:

      i also don’t get who likes to be whistled at/leered at walking down the street or something…i really don’t like to have men staring at me but some women love it. even my boyfriend says I should take it as a compliment for my ego,but i simply hate it and get easily disgusted. i HATE to get attention. is it normal? o.O

      • Jess says:

        Totally normal. When guys just reach out and grab my ass at a bar, I don’t like it, I get grossed out. Hands off, eyes front, or I will not give you a second of my time. I want them to like me for me, and if I want to be sexy with you, then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

      • Lisa says:

        I’d be disgusted if someone grabbed me or made unwanted advances, but when I get cat called, I kind of like it. :(

      • Lizi says:

        I was grabbed once in a very crowded place. Glad my hand moved fast into his empty head. These attitudes bother me so that when I go out at night and feel crazy ” eyes on me” I put on a really pissed off butt kicking attitude and I respond accordingly. What gives any guy the right to assume I’d be interested in his advances if my behaviour does not show any sing of it? It’s like they expect all women to be flattered because they’re hitting on them or something… It’s so ridiculous… I understand that some women like it and I definetly don’t judge,but if I am enjoying a night out without bothering anyone,without any kind of provocative behaviour why do they have to bother me? Too much to drink perhaps? What a weird social interaction those kind of guys have…

  15. Bowers says:

    I think she’s sounding desperate.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I think so, too. The yellow dress is hideous….the top photo; well, I’ll say this – she has nice arms.

      • Cazzee says:

        Okay, I was just mean to Cameron Diaz in an earlier comment but now I will be a bit sympathetic to her. She is 40, and not exactly known for her acting abilities. Her looks have brought her fabulous wealth and fame, she doesn’t have another talent as a backup…and now her looks are fading.

        Leaving that ‘animal magnetism power’ stage of your life behind is tough for anyone. I am in my forties and am suddenly aware that for the first time in my life, me and my friends are no longer on TV or in the movies. Have you noticed how few fortysomething women there are in the movies? All the senior-ish jobs that in real life are held by women in their forties are, on TV, given to women in their twenties and thirties instead. There is a definite cultural “cliff” in the media that fortysomething and older women fall off the edge of, usually never to be heard or seen from again.

        So this is all to say that Cameron Diaz is about to be erased, she doesn’t want to be erased, and she doesn’t have a backup identity other than being a babe. She doesn’t have kids, she isn’t into theater I don’t think, she’s not really up for directing, and she doesn’t feel like starting a fashion line.

        What else is left for her, except desperation?

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever read.
        It’s sad because it’s true.

  16. Skipper says:

    True or not, never admit you ever like to be objectified out loud. It just gives people an excuse

  17. Saphana says:

    I dont think any woman is “supposed” to date jerks. thats BS. oh and if you date jerks in your fourties, YOU are the jerk.

    thats what bugs me so much, women now justifying bad behaviour with feminism, its not only wrong on a factual level but it gives feminism a bad name. i read some twihards saying Kristen Stewart is a feminist because she engaged her sexuality when she bonked another womans husband.

    Cameron is just a lost cause. she could have learned so much but she is just like so many other actresses: insecure and not bright.

  18. Faye says:

    I do think there is a middle ground between putting yourself down and “putting it all out there” like Cameron does — it doesn’t have to be one or the other. A woman can feel happy and confident about the way she looks without needing or wanting all men to see her that way. That being said, it’s a free country, and Cameron can do what she wants.

    I do have an issue with her saying all women want to be objectified — completely untrue, and she can’t speak for all women.

    I also think she’s mistaken “objectification” to mean “admired for your good looks and sexiness.” Objectification of women is when they are identified completely and only as a sexual object or plaything — their personalities, interests, and accomplishments all take a back seat to or disappear completely in the face of the sexual image men build of them. In a sense -and unfortunately, I’ve seen this with some men — the women become almost like a blow-up doll for men — i.e., an *object* — because the men are only interested in the women as a projection and fullfillment of their own sexual desires (or other hang-ups toward women in general). In a sense, the objectified woman stops being important as a unique human being, and to me, that is very sad.

    So the conclusion of that rant is that while I do think many women may enjoy being thought of as attractive or sexy, especially by their spouses and partners, most would *not* want to be objectified.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      After a second read through I started to question weather ‘objectify’ was actually the word she she should have used. I totally agree with your closing paragraph though, I think Cam likes dudes looking at her and that’s fine, some of us do and I really appreciate that she makes that clear- she enjoys it. It’s the sweeping statement of *all* women that I think is gonna be a bone of contention for a lot of people.

    • mytbean says:

      Or – maybe she means, once in a while she likes to be objectified in the bedroom. Sometimes that can be steamy for some people.

      But yeah – I think she meant admired. I got her point.

  19. Adrien says:

    First photo, she looks like Kesha.

  20. Lulu says:

    Oh wow, she really isn’t very bright is she? And I agree with you Kaiser that she is trying to justify that awful photo shoot. I feel sorry for her actually. Her horrible taste in men reveals a lot about her issues I think. She’s getting older, and that’s awfully hard on a woman in Hollyweird.

  21. mytbean says:

    I think she just means that – when she gets naked – she wants the man she adores to look at her like a newly lit tree on Christmas morning.

    The rest of us are so above that right? I mean we’d rather have the man break out a Physics book and ask us to solve some equations so he can admire our brains.


  22. Chatcat says:

    Ring Ring…

    Diaz: “Hello”

    Chat: “Cam…it’s Chat…I just read an excerpt from your Esquire mag “spread”, and I do mean “spread”.

    Diaz: “I was great wasn’t I! I looked great and sounded great. I am so smart and funny and vain. Every woman should want to be like me!”

    Chat: “Uh yeah well about that EVERY woman thing…what did you say exactly..hmm oh yeah “I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy.” Really Cam, what a dumbshit thing to say, it was just such a … blonde moment for you and I thought we had gotten beyond that! Now I know Justin is married and you are hurting, well as much as somebody such as yourself whose vanity outweighs your BMI can possible hurt, but you didn’t help you cause with a lot of women (see how easily that can be done without the use of too many brain cells) thinking you are any kind of “it” woman by a being stereotypical Hollywood bimbo. I thought we were going to leave that up to LiLo’s and ScarJo’s of the world. And clearly doing stupid shit does not only happen in your 20′s you dipshit…you have also disproved that. Damn your thick.”

    Diaz: “Oh well Ok, thanks for calling…I gotta go Terry is going to photograph me for my next mag appearance and I want to find an even more trashy ensemble from my closet then the black leather from the last shoot so that every woman will want to be me! Bye”

    Chat: “Yea well see ya Cam, don’t worry about every woman wanting to be you thing OK…there are certain things in the life and THAT ain’t one of them! Later.”

  23. Cam S says:

    She needs to stop working her chest muscles so much. When you have implants, you have to have a little extra fat around that area or they end up looking like two balls stuck to your chest.

  24. Kate says:

    “Psychologically, I think she’s just justifying her own famewhore-y actions and wrapping it up in lipstick feminism.”

    Yes. This. Though I do have to like her, anyway, just for the lack of obvious crazy. And she’s not especially vain, either – Being John Malkovitch convinced me of that one. I really love her sense of humour and how cheerful she always seems about her life, so I give her a pass here.

    I think she’s rationalising the fact she knows this is just same old, same old. It’s the “it’s not sexist if it’s only ironic!” stance. But, oh well. I don’t think anyone alive doesn’t rationalise away things they aren’t proud of. And “all women like being objectified” is such an inherently stupid thing to say that I can’t worry overmuch. It’s too Uncle-Tom-like to fear.

  25. Theresa says:

    To take anything an actress says as intelligent, balanced, within a healthy perspective and representative of the general masses is foolish.

    She is a former model, who as far as I have ever witnessed has never really said or done anything remotely learned or intellectual, like attend college or university, take time out to expand her mind or study anything beyond reading a script.

    Her very choice of material for her films as well as her insistence upon being photographed as luridly as possible, ESPECIALLY now that she has hit 40, is saying to me that she is denying that she can age gracefully and that she will be holding on to youthful fantasies as long as possible.

    She does not speak for me, nor represent me in any way. She does represent a woman with esteem issues, who feel they are measured by their physical appearance and that are subconsciously afraid of losing those looks and all the fringe benefits they provide.

    I will give her that she lived a pretty awesome life, carefree and full of luxury and frivolity. What she will do with the next 40 is probably mourn over those years, and eventually look pretty silly, dating too young of men, pulling and plumping up her face, continue to give obnoxious interviews and hope that PhotoShop continues to develop technology that will keep her pretty and youthful for a decade or more.

    And I will continue to deify women like Meryl Streep, Hellen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Judi Dench, a small handful of women who seriously want to portray women characters, not objects.

  26. Sara says:

    Well, that explains her poor taste in men and perhaps why she isn’t in a long term good/solid relationship at 40 which I think every women secretly wants as they get older.

  27. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I hope that what she means is that every woman wants to be seen as sexually attractive and just used a poor word choice because I don’t think women really want to be objectified.

    Women want to be respected. They can seen as sexually attractive or provacative and still be someone that demands respect and admiration. Being objectified sort of implies something trashier and where the woman doesn’t have anything to offer except her body …she’s seen as an object for them to use as they desire. I hope women are worth more than that. I look at young girls who are so full of life and ideas and enthusiasm and cringe at the idea that they could grow up to only be seen as a sex object.

  28. Mira says:

    She should speak for herself or get a dictionary before she speaks or get her interview proof-read. This is what, a mid-life crisis for female actors? Most go on to talk about how sexy and confident they feel at 40 and how comfortable they are with their bodies.

  29. izzy4ya says:

    This is the third time Diaz has said something that made me think she’s an idiot. I’m convinced she is. I understand that she is aging in this business and it’s even more important for her to express her conformity or love for “the system”, but not all women want to be objectified. In fact, I hate it. And if she wasn’t making millions she would hate it to. You can want to be considered sexy, attractive, desirable WITHOUT wanting people to be so focused on your looks that they don’t see you as a person. I actually feel bad for her reading this, because it sounds like she is desperate for ANY kind of attention.

  30. dj says:

    I think A-Rod really screwed her up. I am sorry but she sounds like she is spouting off something she has internalized from a man. I’m just saying….

  31. Str8Shooter says:

    She is, and always will be, an IDIOT. Period.

    Anna Faris’ thinly-veiled performance of her (let’s face it, who else would it have been?) was pitch-perfect.

    Especially after reading a headline like this.

  32. Hmmm says:

    Cammy, empower yourself by reading a good book.

  33. kate says:

    She chose the wrong words. Her Bestie Gywenth will be giving her a talking-to (shaming) about her poor grammer.

    She didn’t mean Objectify- she just meant (i think) that she thinks most women would love to be thought of as sexy or beautiful by others

  34. Lisa says:

    Just about everyone wants to be desired in some way, but objectification is a different game. It comes from the wrong place, wrong people, and can have some ugly consequences.

    So I can’t really stand behind the “let her say what she wants because men can say what they want” argument. If a guy said they wanted to be objectified, it’d still be a shitstorm because he’s expecting adoration/subservience from a woman.

  35. vvy says:

    She’s kinda right. When people get boob jobs, they say they’re doing it for themselves. Really? If you lived out in the boonies and were single and never ever saw a soul, would you still do it? Of course not. They do it because they want to be perceived a certain way…they do it for themselves because they want others to admire them. That is objectification.

    • izzy4ya says:

      Gotta disagree. While I don’t buy the “it’s for me” excuse, having implants does NOT mean you want to be objectified. Not everyone with breast implants walks around with no top on waving their rack in people’s faces. They may want to be perceived as more attractive, but that doesn’t mean they want to be reduced to a mere object or fantasy in everyone’s mind. That is objectification. Everybody wants to be considered attractive because there is social value in it. Objectification is different. And to me, it means that you appear to have value but ultimately you are nothing-disposable.

  36. anneesezz says:

    She sounds like a moron. She shouldn’t say “every” or “all.” That yellow dress is hideous. She is under the mistaken impression she looks good in anything.

  37. Ginger says:

    I can definitely state with certainty that NOT EVERY woman wants to be objectified. That’s Camy’s opinion and she’s entitled to it. However, you can’t throw a blanket statement like that out there and assume it’s the truth. I know there are plenty of women (just judging by my friends) that have big issues with objectification. One of my friend’s has HUGE issues with pornography. To each there own. What I have a problem with is that the objectification of women can lead to a fundamental lack of respect for women. Or unnatural expectations of “real life” women. For example, not all of us like to wear lingerie and strip down for someone. Not all of us have bolt-ons, etc.etc. We are all individuals with different tastes, desires. We don’t walk straight out of a porn film or a fashion mag. We have a personality and intelligence and morals that you can’t depict in a shallow sort of medium. In a way, I think her statement not only insults women but men who have a brain as well.

  38. Amy says:

    I think there’s a very fine line between “admired” and “objectified.” When I’m out and about and I see a cute guy staring at me, yes it might make me smile because I find him equally attractive. That being said, I do not want to be objectified by every single guy I go by or be catcalled. I think the word Cameron was looking for was “admired” or maybe even “appreciate.” Objectify is such a loaded word.

  39. DesertPoppy says:

    Its a shame I used to really like Cameron but lately she just comes across like a desperate mess. Maybe she was always that way and I just didn’t know it.

    I agree with the others and wonder if she actually knows what objectify means. I get being comfortable in your own skin and with your sexuality and that some people like showing it off. But why would you want to be seen as an object?

    I actually like the idea of the yellow dress but the tailoring/fit seems off. Though it might be too young a look for her.

  40. Dredz says:

    Her implants are just awful, awful!.

  41. ClaireB says:

    Yeah I really think she confuses “objectified” and “desired” . There’s a great big gap here.

  42. Amy C says:

    It surprise me with her looks ( she is attractive used to be attractive more) she never even been married once. She and Derw berry are totally different that way.
    about the topic… all women like to be admired or liked is a better experssion jmo.

  43. Grace says:

    Cameron you moron you have been objectified;as in turned into a plastic-looking human sex doll with a big yapping mouth.
    Congratulations to you for acheiving your goal in life but many women prefer NOT to be objectified by men.
    I am sure your friends and family are regularly embarrassed by your ridiculous comments.

  44. opp says:

    Being a lady is not empowering enough?

    Didn’t know that trashy in public was. I guess for some…

    How about the trashy stuff in private and if one cannot be a good role model then stay away from public displays at least not mainstream media.

    She can do this stuff for porn where it belongs. What kind of screwed up message is this.

    Is she saying that being a lady isn’t empowering, that trash is? Just wow.

    She loves porn and pot and thinks admitting this to public makes her cool. It anything it makes her bizzare and needy for the wrong attention.

    Be a lady. Your not our responsibility and if you have issues with self esteem go see a shrink, please and let us confident people who know the difference judge healthy for ourselfs.

    Talk about being objective. Does she know the meaning?

    Show your privates in ypur private home or in porn sites. Thank you

  45. Maggi says:

    I go to pole dancing class. I won’t say every woman, but many women, even the most buttoned up have secret stripper impulses. We like to be noticed and we like to inspire lust. Not all the time, but sometimes. I don’t go often and I wear baggy shirts, everyone else is in hoochy shorts and crop tops. It’s just part of the human experience.

    Jessica Lange said that she regretted not playing up her sexuality when she was young because of feminist ideals. Then she was too old to play the glamour card.

  46. Kosmos says:

    Well, no one is going to objectify her in that horrid yellow dress!! I have to say, it’s really bad looking. The neckline is strange and not her style, and the color is not either. Yikes.

  47. lisa2 says:

    I don’t understand why it is that when women like Cameron and a few others say they are self aware and own their sexuality it all comes down to taking off your cloths and posing like a tramp. Now if you look at some women that are considered very sexy and that are really known for it at some point they don’t do those kinds of shoots anymore. YET they still have the sexy title. Sexy is not being nude. It is a state of mind. And women that are forever screaming how they are so enlightened. I see it as a cover for the truth. Cameron is always spouting off some dumb stuff. I use to think she owned her singleness, then she talks about how she travels for the dong or tells some (to me anyway) disgusting story of how she shaved her friends private area. She is crass and gross in so many ways. And I use to really like her. Makes me sad now.

    The pictures look desperate and they make her seem like she is not secure, but trying so hard.

  48. I'm going to Guam! says:

    I think she’s fun sometimes, but this is bad.
    I don’t like this side of Cameron at all :(
    Where’s the cool, funny, surfer chick gone?

  49. kibbles says:

    This coming from a woman who despite her millions of dollars and sex symbol status, got breast implants to please an ex she was in a short-term relationship with. Also, remember how jacked her face looked last year after going overboard with botox. PLEASE. She is probably like most Hollywood starlets who are completely neurotic about their looks and aging.

    Also, check out her recent comments concerning shaving down there:

    From the article: On Graham Norton’s talk show this weekend, Diaz revealed her shock at a friend’s “70s bush”. According to Diaz, women need to have very tidy, trimmed pubic hair. She and a group of friends nagged the woman, but to no avail. The woman’s husband got in on the act, but still she wouldn’t remove the infernal bush. Finally, Diaz and her friends apparently attacked this poor woman – who was happy and comfortable with the seaweed waving gently between her thighs – with a pair of scissors and forced her to remove her pubic hair. “We did it because we love her so much,” Diaz claimed, proud of her achievement.

    I personally think what she did was disgusting and the exact opposite of what feminism is supposed to achieve for women. If her friend doesn’t want to wax or shave, she shouldn’t be made to feel undesirable or dirty from a woman who likes to be objectified by the likes of photographers such as Terry Richardson. Cameron is the one who is gross and completely devalues herself as a woman to men who only use her for their sexual fantasies, nothing more.

  50. Kim says:

    She always tries to come across as a libertine and so unencumbered by traditional notions of marriage and childbearing, which always makes her sound insecure and desperate and so confused. She just strikes me as someone who has no idea what she wants and who is significantly dumber and more transparent than she thinks she is

  51. mimi says:

    She’s just desperate for everyone to see her as some sex kitten. Objectified is the wrong word to use. Admired is better.

  52. jwoolman says:

    She just doesn’t know many women outside Hollywood. Actors and models do focus on their looks because that’s a good part of what they are selling. She needs to instantly seem attractive to a large number of strangers in order to get work. She may honestly not realize that many other women have lives where looking “sexy” to anybody but their S.O. or looking anything but their natural selves (e.g., wearing makeup, curling or waving or straightening their hair, maintaining a tan chemically or otherwise) is just not necessary. Not all little girls want to be princesses, and not all women want to impress total strangers with their “beauty”. A lot of women are busy doing other things. Plus many of us find that being “objectified” seriously interferes with our ability to walk safely down the street and to have truly equal opportunities in our work – it’s an obstacle in our lives. But Diaz lives in a world where spending many hours every day “working out”, dealing with extensive makeup and hair styling and coloring, and plastic surgery is considered normal. It may really be incomprehensible to her that other women are lucky to find time to run a comb through their hair but still are quite happy and fulfilled and successful… Just becoming parents causes a huge shift for both men and women simply because family responsibilities are so time-consuming for those who don’t make enough money to pay others to do a lot of the work. But even without kids, life can be very full without any of the things Diaz does to keep herself marketable in her job.

  53. jwoolman says:

    P.S. I should say, however, after watching two repeats of the 4th Shrek movie today, Diaz does make a delightful ogre mother of three… Which actually is relevant to the discussion and quite a contrast to her comments!