Madonna goes topless for her new perfume ad: is this her real rack?


If anyone had ever told me back in 1984 that Madonna would still be playing the role of a barely-clad, sexed-up vamp in 2012, well, I wouldn’t have known what to say. To start, I was only 9 or 10 years old when Madonna burst onto the scene, so the future meant nothing to me at all that point. Also, I had no idea what sex or “Like a Virgin” meant, but that’s all in the distant past. What I’m trying to say is this: While I appreciate that Madonna roared through her 40s looking pretty damn hot and I am very sensitive to remarks regarding age, I still can’t fathom that she’s still doing this stuff at the age of 54.

This new advertising campaign for Madonna’s Truth or Dare Naked perfume is a perfect example of Madge’s refusal to get dressed and carry herself with a modicum of dignity and respect. Those totally aren’t her real boobs, right? No matter how much one works out, boobs (real ones, anyway) don’t lie. You can push them up in a glorious bra, but once that bra comes off, it’s evident that there is some skin on the body that doesn’t retain elasticity from exercise. This is Madonna though, and she’s been deluded about her true age for quite some time. She still insists on showing off her butt cheeks at nearly any given opportunity, and her reliance on Photoshop for ad campaigns has been exposed within so many untouched photos that I’ve lost count. We all know what she really looks like these days, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just wish that at a certain point Madonna would embrace her true age as a reflection of the “ultra-powerful woman” image that she has embodied for decades now.

No matter what Photoshop (or a rack double) can do for Madonna though, she’s still a 54-year-old woman wearing a cheerleading outfit. Here she is performing last night in Homestead, Florida.




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  1. Axis2ClusterB says:

    That’s not her real anything.

    • Mimi says:

      yep, she wished she looked like that lol

    • LAK says:

      They’ve simply recycled an image from her TRUTH or DARE Vogue days back in 1990, and photoshopped the hell out of it, to point that it look superimposed on someone else.

      the original picture has jewelled arm bands, the boobs were full but not this perky….

      For someone who is always forward looking, i wonder why she’s gone back to memory lane, and from 20-30yrs ago. First the material girl line straight out of the 80s and now this straight out of the 90s. should we look forward to the cowboy look of the late 90s/early oos?? it’s de ja vu!!!

      • UhhuhDUH says:

        Bingo! You said the same thing I said before I said. Thank you!

        No one Madonna’s group is saying this is a new photo because it’s not. In fact it was released as a photo and I think it’s on a remix cd of hers I have from the Erotica album.

      • mytbean says:

        I make part of my living with Photoshop and imo it’s not a retouch or hybrid of the older image made to look new. The pose is the same though…

        But shopped? Hell Yes. Shopped to oblivion. But not a whole lot more than any other celebrity, frankly. Same amount of shop on different things.

        Madge’s boobage probably has excellent perk but that would be from a fine surgeon’s doing. And the Photoshop artist softened it so that they had a little less of a plastic appearance in the shot.

        Otherwise, she’s probably just had age lines, wrinkles, shadows and what-not smudged, clone-stamped and massaged to preference.

        We all know she’s aged. And I think she knows that we know. At this point I’m ok with embracing this shtick as a brand she’s selling.

        I like how 90 percent of the audience behind her is comprised of middle-aged gay men. :)

    • Sophia says:

      Yes it’s photoshoped but come on! Madonna has always had a great rack and she workes out a LOT so i believe it’s still the same.

    • Me Too says:

      Never been a Madonna fan but I wonder if you and Bedhead and all the rest of the women on this site who will spend time dumping on her for continuing to behave the way she did when she began as an artist, feel the same way about all the male rock stars out there who’ve continued to do the same thing in their 60′s?

      Do you laugh at the Rolling Stones for dressing the way they do and doing the same kind of shows? Do you laugh at Aerosmith? They’re still picking up girls the same age they were when they were 25. They still wear leather pants. And yet, I’d bet you all would be cheering them on for living their life and enjoying themselves even into their 60′s.

      What? Is Madonna supposed to stop being a sexual being because she’s in her 50′s? Compared to many of the men out there both in the music and acting world, she’s pretty tame.

      And, so what if her boobs aren’t hers. Most of the boobs in Hollywood, including those tacked onto the 20 somethings aren’t real. And, Madonna is certainly not the first star to be photoshopped. Have you looked at the latest Victoria Secret catalog? And yet, every post on this site about VS models is so sickenly saccharine and “wow, look at how beautiful MIranda is…” I really wonder about us all!

      Guess it’s time I leave this site because what I’ve come to see both in most of the posters and sadly, myself, is that we all simply use this place to dump on other women and laud the men who are generally screwing them. (And I don’t mean in just the more active vernacular of that term!)

      • themummy says:

        Fantastic post. I love the types of stories that show up on Celebitchy, but the commentary in the articles (of one writers anyway…whose articles I often skip because of the content) and in the comments is really atrocious. I still come for the stories and pictures, but I need to stop reading comments and occasionally posting. I don’t think it’s healthy with all of the woman bashing (even if it isn’t called that it’s what it is and you make the point beautifully in your post) and body shaming.

        All of that said…wearing a cheerleader outfit at age 54 does seem a little weird to me. It’s not what she was wearing way back when, so I do’t think that (very apt) rationale applies. It seems she’s not trying to be true to who she was and is as an artist (or even about being an artist at all) but is instead trying to prove she’s still very young and with it. But even so…so what? Live and let live. I love the comparison you made to older male artists, though. So, so true.

      • Alicia says:

        I agree very much with you
        There is always a double standart between male and female getting old. Why is she supposed to stop acting like a sexual being? Are women over a certain age supposed to forget about feeling sexualy attractive?
        I really don’t madonna in many ways but i hope continues to feel sexy always, I know i will like to….

      • Jess says:

        @themummy, you hae found yourself on a site called celebitchy, where people come to bitchh about celebs. Of ALL the sites on the internet, you pick this one? Why?

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Good points, all of them. However, what your over looking is that these ridiculous old rockers are not looked up to as you seem to think. They are held up as examples of old men deep in denial and are roundly laughed at….as is madonna.
        mick jagger, steven tyler, and whom ever else are mocked and snickered at.
        madonna prancing around in her Gwen Stefani get up
        ( sorry, she did it first and better) looks very…who’s afraid of baby jane. I feel very VERY sorry for Lourdes.

      • crazydaisy says:

        Oh yeah, I laugh at Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. Old goats dressed up like kids, mutton dressed up like lamb – it’s the same thing.

        54-Year Old Cheerleader sounds like a good potential title for the next Judd Apatow film, though. What do you think?!

      • mytbean says:

        The reason I frown on Madonna’s prancing around in teenage themed costumes and I shrug at Jagger in tight pants is because I *EXPECT* women to mature emotionally whereas men, I don’t. HAH!

        So, yup… I do have a double standard and it is sexist – but it has less to do with sexual relevance and more to do with emotional maturity.

  2. says:

    OMG she looks like a ridiculously demented grandmother in that cheerleader outfit.

    And her perfume add looks like her face was superimposed on someone else’s body.

  3. Madriani's Girl says:

    No and that’s not her real 2012 face, either. That’s her Truth or Dare face and rack. JFC, lie much??

  4. Eleonor says:

    Madonna has, or used to have, great boobs; btw to me they must have taken an old pic, around the “Sex” book era, and photoshopped in this.

    • Shannon says:

      She does have a great rack. Still to this day and her ass isn’t bad either. For a 54 year old she looks pretty good body wise. Face wise, not so much. Too much Botox and fillers I would guess.
      I think her tits in this ad are hers, but of course they are photoshopped as is her face.

  5. HotPockets says:

    Madonna goes topless, photo-shopped, botoxed, desperate, not sexy and try hard for her new ad is more fitting.

    This woman has never been attractive. period. no matter how much work she has done.

  6. phoenix says:

    The whole pose is a drawing from her sex book with her 2012 photo shopped face drawn in.

  7. truetalk says:

    oh Madonna…give it a rest.

  8. KellyinSeattle says:

    She’s sunk pretty low, as sure her real breasts have. I’m embarrassed for her. But mostly, I feel sorry for her daughter. How embarrassing would that be?!!!!!!

  9. Saskia says:

    Madonna is in complete denial about age just like Cher, except Cher is generally pretty awesome and Madonna is a try-hard poseur who only occasionally stumbles into originality by accident.

  10. Amelia says:

    I think they might be hers, actually. When you lift your arms up like that and your boobs aren’t very, very big, it’s quite a flattering position for the girls.
    Add in a bit of photoshop to get rid of imperfections and there you go.
    Topless Madge.

  11. Jaxx says:

    I can’t make up my mind about Madonna, or Demi, or any of the women who refuse to “act” their age. On the one hand I think they don’t look like 50 year old women, so why do they have to act like 50 year old women? Why does age, a number, dictate what anyone can do? I doubt many women Madonna’s age would have the energy or flexibility or stamina to put on the shows she does. Why does she have to change what she does because of her age? Maybe she is doing her part to break the rules and free everyone else to do the same.

    On the other hand, seeing her in a cheerleading outfit makes me cringe too. But, hey, she does look good in it. If no one knew how old she was would anyone mock her for it? Being in my 50′s myself I know how hard Madonna has to work to keep herself looking like she does. Doesn’t she deserve to do as she pleases without a bunch of criticism? then again, Madonna has been criticized her entire life. What else is new?

    • spinner says:

      How are 50 year old women supposed to act?? Who sets the bar & why?

      • atorontogal says:

        If there’s a handbook on how 50 yr olds should act would someone kindly send me a copy. I am 50 going on….however I feel during that particular day. Sometimes my 17 yr old tells me I’m immature. Hey it’s my life and I’m living it as I see fit. Madonna should be allowed to do the same. Sadly her “fit” means showing off every inch of herself in a rather unflattering or plastic kind of way.

    • Nina W says:

      I’m with you, I can’t decide if she’s being a good role model or is just another youth obsessed celebrity who is too insecure to let go of their glory days. I’m all for women embracing their power at any age but when you pump your face full of fillers and jump in a cheerleader outfit are you really furthering a positive image of an empowered 50-something woman?

  12. Dawning Red says:

    Whoever inked the outline around her did a pretty poor job at it. Especially on her left arm; at the elbow area one line just abruptly stops, as well as on the wrist, where it simply ends at the bracelet and doesn’t continue with the hand. Perhaps the photoshop artist ran out of pixels trying to make this fossil look young?

  13. TxGal says:

    It seems since Madonna has hit her 50′s she has gone down in popularity. She has become annoying and her music has not been that good.

  14. lizzi says:

    damn, she’s really fighting her age tooth and nail.

  15. HappyMe says:

    Ewwwww this is just gross. Whatever happened to growing old with grace. Classy is not a work in her vocabulary obviously.

  16. Lisa says:

    That is a perfect description! Demented, indeed!

  17. Jean says:

    I would imagine that would be the hardest part being a movie star…the aging process. You can be nipped and tucked, botoxed, etc. and still have a resemblance of who you used to be. There is no such thing as aging gracefully in Hollywood any longer, unless you are no longer able to afford to keep up the maintenance.

  18. dj says:

    As a woman in her 50′s also I agree that there needs to be a redefinition (or no definition) for women of any age. At the same time, that Cheerleading picture is killing me with embarassment for Madonna.

  19. Suzie says:

    Instead of becoming an icon, she’s become a joke. She looks good for all the work she’s had done, but a geriatric cheerleader? Come on Madonna. Leave that to the teenagers.

  20. Ginger says:

    I look to famous women like Helen Mirren as the example of who I want to emulate at an older age (in “real” life I look to my Mom). Everyone goes on about how great Madonna’s body is, etc. I personally do not find her body to be that hot. I’m sure I’m in the minority but that’s how I feel. I do think she is somewhat of an example of a strong woman in the sense that she’s very successful and won’t allow anyone to take advantage of her. She is obviously in control. BUT I have always felt that at a certain age, a woman can’t act like she did at 20. It just looks ridiculous! So, Madonna put on some clothes, even if it’s a cheer leading outfit. Oh, and if you could please tell Jennifer Aniston to put on a freaking, proper bra, that would be awesome!

  21. Lila says:

    Um…it’s shameless and awful but couldn’t she at LEAST get some good photoshop people? I can’t believe this is the official ad picture- it’s such a joke, just like her. This makes me feel so so sorry for her.

  22. Jayna says:

    Great ad. I like it. I have a lot of mid 40ish to just hitting 50 women in my office, all striking and in shape and have far more energy and are probably more fun than me in my 30s. They all loved the ad when we were looking at it. She looks like a woman in the ad in her late forties and her body is in amazing shape right now from the tour and thankfully not too thin. She’s always had amazing boobs. I saw her in concert and her body really is looking amazing. My gay friend and his sister were right up front by the stage and said you can’t describe how great her body is right now seeing her up close.
    They were in awe. I find the Photoshop no more offensive than other ads. Her face
    looks like present day more mature Madonna, just with Photoshop.

  23. kate says:

    Photoshop award goes to whoever did that ad.

  24. Jaded says:

    Should have called her perfume “Eau de Desperation”.

  25. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Those are her anythings ! even her face ! ……my god how many times she going be 54 and by my count Demi-wit Moore has been 49 yrs 3 yrs in a roll and the is her 2nd time turning 50……Both need to admit they are older ladies and be proud instead of trying to be twenty something ….

  26. Sapphire says:

    It’s the shop and some nip/tuck plus the “Sex” book. Since I am over 50, I am not about to co-sign any specific course of conduct but what looks stupid usually is. Hele Mirren is ageless and classic. Madonna, Demi and the rest of the beef jerky brigade are not.

  27. Dredz says:

    I actually LOVE Madonna’s taste. I have many pieces of her collection with H&M and her fragrance is so, so beautifully done. I just feel pity that she has to feel the need to compete with the younger acts. Rihanna has a scent coming out around the same time as this one called Nude… I mean, hello?

  28. J says:

    Not as bad of a photoshop as Gaga’s perfume ad. We all know Gaga has floppy pancake boobs but in her ad they used a body double. Madonna always had a great rack.

  29. Thiajoka says:

    Did you ever see them being interviewed on the red carpet together? She would downright dog him to the reporter and he would respond in kind. No love there, I kept thinking. Yeah, she had his piece in a safe somewhere for a while and he finally got it back.

  30. Clare says:

    The cheerleader pics remind me of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd….looks like Madge is ready for her closeup!

  31. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, that is a discount photo-retouching job! Did Madonna or any of her people somehow not notice the heavy black outline on the right side? That looks so odd—like a rough draft of the ad was used by mistake.

  32. Chell says:

    She looks like a transvestite dressed as Fay Dunaway in a cheerleading uniform! (No disrespect to transvestites)!!!
    She was on the Ellen show a week or two ago & she came out in some crazy metal bustier that looked like a cage & she had a mask & she was talking in that fake British accent! She is just SO over the top, it’s embarassing! But I have to admit, I do still love her, haha!

    • Jayna says:

      She’s on tour. She came out in that outfit because that’s the outfit (slacks, men’s dress shirt, tie, constructed metal bustier over it) she is wearing during Vogue in her current tour, which is kind of an hommage to her old bustier in Blond Ambition. She wore it to Ellen because she planned to put Ellen in one and show her how to Vogue. It was a planned bit (Ellen just happened to be in black slacks, a tie, and a white dress shirt), not that she just decided to dress like that on a visit.

      Her accent does still come and go. I hate it when it happens. More than anything, it was early in the morning, and Madonna’s voice really sounded hoarse from the tour and deeper is what I noticed.

      I usually don’t like Madonna in interviews, far too stiff, but she was kind of lighthearted (for her) on Ellen’s show, and her son, Rocco, was adorable on the show.

    • Lulu says:

      I don’t know why everyone is so hard on her about her ‘fake’ accent. Anyone who has lived for awhile in another English speaking country is going to pick up an accent that will be obvious to anyone from their homeland. Hasn’t anyone listened to someone from Ireland or England or Scotland talk on the phone to someone back home and noticed how much their accent thickens? Can you imagine if the person on the other end accused them of having a ‘phony American accent’ because I know for a fact, that while we can’t hear it, people from where they come from, think they have an American accent.

      Anyway, she looks scary in that cheerleading costume. Her body is too thick and muscular to carry it off IMO.

  33. bettyrose says:

    I would so love it if I could look forward to being filthy rich at 54. I would wear designer suits and elegant evening gowns, get luxurious spa treatments, and devote my time to worthy causes. I would so flaunt being wiser and more sophisticated than the youngins around me.

  34. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Wow, how dangerous, avant-garde, rebellious, and revolutionary is it to slap your face on some perfume to cash in before you cash out, no one’s ever done that before – you can’t be rebellious and avant-garde when your paramount concerns are marketing and money; If her music were decent i would give her a pass, but it isn’t; this geriatric cheerleader (well said,suzie) needs to find the bingo parlor and retire.

  35. blonde on the dock says:

    I think we should celebrate the fact that there are women in their fifties that look this good. She’s a performer that’s the only reason she’s wearing that outfit. If she chooses to flaunt herself well good for her for having the confidence. Younger people seem to have a lack of respect for those that are older. Maybe it’s a reminder of what’s ahead?

  36. tmbg says:

    I’m not going to harp on her for trying to stay young because I just turned 37 and feel like a fossil, so I get where she’s coming from and why she does it (plus I think it’s just wrong to keep criticizing her for not being 30). I also happen to think that when the fillers sunk in, she started looking terrific again.

    What I will say is that her fragrance smells wonderful and the reason for that is because it is an exact duplicate of Fracas, one of my favorite scents. Honestly, she couldn’t have come up with *something* to add in to make it at least partly her own? The saleslady said it wasn’t a big seller. Why would it be when you can get the original?

  37. e.non says:

    the perfume should be tagged ‘desperate’…

    ugh, i feel so sorry for lourdes/rocco for the embarrassment she causes them. hopefully david/mercy are young enough not to be aware…

  38. Sarah says:

    She is the same age than my mom and the latter looks better. All this money wasted!!

  39. Madison says:

    With the way Madonna controls her image nothing about her is real. Every picture of her has been photoshopped until it’s looks perfect.

  40. Madonna defender says:

    That is her real rack. Madonna has always had nice boobs. From like a Virgin and beyond. Why can’t those be her real boobs? She works out everyday, and when you raise your arms everyone’s boobs look higher. You’re very petty, give the woman some credit. She has always had a nice rack, since she burst on the scene. I say good for her, they look great Madonna : )

    • Aud says:

      She had a good rack way before she started her heavy duty workouts. For more than a decade now she has been Miss Gristle.
      I doubt she has a good rack now. Why? You can tell from the low level of fat that she endeavours to maintain. Her man arms, forearms, legs. When you’re trying to keep body fat so low, the boobs are the first thing to go. Boobs are composed of fat, something Madonna keeps to the bare minimum. And she wears a lot of uplight bras. Bras that probably have engineering patents. No 50+ year old woman has good ‘natural’ breasts without surgery. Let’s get real here.
      No one who does extreme weights, to lose fat percentage, has ‘good’ as in full breasts like the breasts in that perfume promo.

  41. Amy C says:

    It surprise to me that why would anyone may be except your spouse and like that finds sexy or attractive seeing a 55 year old woman naked or a man for that matter?

  42. daisydoodle says:

    The problem with Madonna is that she has no sense of humor, if she did and laughed at herself, people wouldn’t be as critical. She works very hard to keep her body in tip top form, good for her. Also she never fell into the drink and drug crowd. Being 52 myself, I like people to compliment me on how good I look at my age, I would never try to look younger. I’ve earned those years and I’m proud I’m still here, so should she.

  43. natalina says:

    Im glad these people realize she’s all fake. it wouldnt be humanly possible for a 50-something year old woman to have perky breasts like that.

  44. Lindsey says:

    Even in that candid photo where she’s doing some sort of volunteer work (not modeling a perfume, mind you) she does not look bad at all for a woman of 54. I’ve seen 30-year-olds worse for wear. I mean, Lindsay Lohan, for example.

  45. Jo says:

    The dark line under her chin says photo shopped. I’m 48 and had a reduction and lift and my boobs are that perky – amazing what medicine can do. Lucky for me, insurance paid for my boob rework – I don’t have Madonna’s ca$h! I don’t begrudge her trying to look good, it’s her job and she looking pretty good these days.

  46. Jo says:

    The dark line under her chin says photo shopped. I’m 48 and had a reduction and lift and my boobs are that perky – amazing what medicine can do. Lucky for me, insurance paid for my boob rework – I don’t have Madonna’s cash. I don’t begrudge her trying to look good, it’s her job and she looking pretty good these days.

  47. Jo says:

    The dark line under her chin says photo shopped. I’m 48 and had a reduction and lift and my boobs are that perky – amazing what medicine can do. Lucky for me, insurance paid for my boob rework – I don’t have Madonna’s cash. I don’t begrudge her trying to look good,

  48. Jo says:

    The dark line under her chin says photo shopped. I’ve had a reduction and lift and my boobs are that perky.amazing what medicine can do. Lucky for me, insurance paid for my boob rework – I don’t have Madonna’s cash. I don’t begrudge her trying to look good,

  49. Narak says:

    If anyone had told me back in 1984 that we would still be judging women on “ladylike” behaviour- especially someone like Madonna I would have burnt all of my French feminism books and put on a burka. Get over it. She looks great and still pisses off the prudes!!!

  50. Amy says:

    Funny how most women were egging on the Duchess of Alba when she decided to walk around the beach wearing her bikini at 86, yet Madonna can’t appear topless in a perfume ad?

  51. El Kiddo says:

    Granny, please stop stealing my cheerleading clothes. I have training today…

  52. UhhuhDUH says:

    ONE- this is not a new photo of Madonna. This is from the mid-90s. I have a massive poster of this except her breast aren’t covered.

    Those are her real breasts. Whether her 54 year old breast have been given a lift is a different story. But that image is from the 90s around the time of the Bad Girl video prior to Lourdes ever being a blip on Madonna’s radar.

    I swear have you all never seen her coffee table book “SEX”?

    Those her her breasts. Not implants, not surgically enhanced – just Madonna with freaking great breasts.

    While mine my be way bigger, mine are also way less spectacular and droopy as a basset hounds ears.

  53. epiphany says:

    That’s actually a ‘Truth or Dare’ photo circa 1990 and they stuck on her 2012 (photoshopped) face, that’s all.

    I don’t care how rich and successful this woman is, she’s mentally ill.

  54. sirsly says:

    I think we had always hoped that Madonna would make aging cool for women. If anyone could have, it would have been her. But she never even tried. ;-(

  55. Kosmos says:

    I can’t stand her, but in all honesty, she really buffs up her body as much as possible given her age, but when we see pics that aren’t photo shopped, we see the real aging skin and wrinkles, not covered up by costumes and clothing made to enhance. You can only do so much with muscles and then there’s all the plastic surgery she’s had, face and body parts, so we get a mix of new and old, I guess. To me, she’s the embodiment of self-delusion and narcissism.

  56. Nev says:

    Please keep going Madonna. You can age how you choose to and your body is still hard and looking better than most of the pop singers today! Never sloppy. Age is nothing but a number! Who says you have to tone it down?!!!!!!!!!! And why?!!! Nobody else is bringing it anyways!

  57. Ally8 says:

    Lord, that looks like Joan Crawford in a cheerleader outfit.

  58. PaulY says:

    Maybe she’s being ironic and the joke’s on us for not getting it.

  59. Bobby the K says:

    It’s enough to put you off your feed.

  60. The Wizz says:

    I’m 36 and my mother is 58. Nuff said.

  61. Kloops says:

    Uh, no. Everything she does screams of desperation. It’s pathetic. She is in a position to completely rock being 50+ and redefine it. It amazes me that she’s so shallow and self absorbed that she doesn’t recognize the tremendous opportunity given to her. Instead she chooses to be an awkward example of a woman clinging to her long lost youth. This pisses me off because 50+ year old women can be completely fabulous, sexual and intriguing, but Madonna insists on doing them a disservice. So screw her.

  62. Marianne says:

    Of course it isnt real. That isn’t even her real face. That is definitely photoshop.

  63. Angee says:

    That’s Madonna the product, not Madonna the woman.

  64. dcypher1 says:

    That ad photo looks like it was taken 20 yrs ago with all that airbrushing. Magde ur not 20 anymore please put sum clothes on. We all know u dont look like that anymore. Who are u trying to fool.

  65. aquarius74 says:

    Yes it’s her real rack… back in 1990.

    But problem is… it’s not her real face anymore. See the difference ?

    You can find the best ever nude pic of Madonna here :
    She was at her best at that time.

    I think she can still look pretty good nude but those schoolgirl’s outfits don’t fit her (as they don’t fit anyone over 25). She may want to copy KPop doing that, but KPop is a bit much wider than Girl’s Generation “Oh” cheerleaders look.