Lindsay Lohan in Donna Dashini at ‘Liz & Dick’ premiere: bloated or beautiful?

I’m just going to do the most basic and budget coverage of all of this Cracken Dramz, okay? It’s what she would want. Not really – she wants us to talk about her. She wants us to overanalyze and talk about how talented she is and how we’re all praying for her and everyone keeps being mean to her and that’s why she’s been in a slump. But let’s fight crack with crack, shall we? So, let the crackie coverage commence!

These are photos of Lindsay at last night’s Liz & Dick premiere in LA. LL wore this peek-a-boo-boob gown by Donna Dashini. It’s the wrong color for her (it washes her out) and she just looks so bloated and dirty. One of the untold stories of LL’s crackie-ness is that her makeup artists hate her. But LL walked the red carpet like she thought she was the second coming of Marilyn Monroe. Crackhead is delusional. Water is wet (also: vodka).

Here are some more crack stories floating around:

*Lindsay made her appearance on The Tonight Show last night, and she tried to explain to Jay Leno why she’s been doing interviews with every outlet except for 20/20. When asked about Barbara Walters, LL said: “And I love her. I’m a big fan of Barbara Walters. I met her when I was very young. So when it’s right, she knows she’ll be the first person I sit down with.” She also said that she plans to spend Thanksgiving in New York with her family: “I love to cook. My brother and I usually take over the stuffing and the potatoes. The yams… We do marshmallows on top.” So… when is she getting arrested? Hopefully the LAPD will arrest her before she skips town? Her hair looked much better during this interview:

*Here’s a red carpet interview with LL and some of her castmates – LL is treating the red carpet like she’s at the Oscars. She did some lines in between the Tonight Show and the red carpet.

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  1. Az says:

    That is one budget low class dress.

  2. Amelia says:

    The girl in the background!! Second from the left, top picture.
    Yeah, Cracken. THAT’S what people think of you.

  3. NeNe says:

    Absolutely horrible…. what a trainwreck~!

  4. RN says:

    Ah, the evening gown that exposes one’s navel ring – the epitome of class. It’s too bad she wore it now. She should have saved it for when she was picking up her Oscar.

  5. littlemissnaughty says:

    Mother of crap. That is one tacky getup on one delusional crackie. She looks 40 and not in a good or classy way. Yikes. Remember when she was the next big thing? And why does she make ME feel old too???

    • erika says:

      do you realize how HUGE of an insult it is when you (and others) compare the HoLO of looking … ’40′… Hell?

      It’s INSULTING, unfounded and RUDE!

      Do you actually know of any 40 yr old women at all? And, if you do, could you sincerely tell them TO THEIR FACE that the Skank Crack Master HOBAG of the Universe almost…I repeat, ‘ALMOST’ looks as SHITTY as they do???

      If so, I’d love to meet you! Because I myself am 40, and I might even venture to guess that I look just as, if not, BETTER than you do!

      How’s that for an unfounded statement! Blind guess right off the Internet!

      I’ve begged y’all repeatedly to realize that the Cracken Ho looks like HELL because she has been ridden as hard as the Devil’s Pony, licks crack/smack/coke and crank crumbs off the dirty floor each times she emerges from a cracken coma and is so bloated with a mixture of Vodka and unwanted…’man juice’ she could be a buoy out at sea!!!

      Please, stop insulting fair living women who take care of themselves and live for their health and life AT ANY AGE, whether it be 13, 40 or 98!


      • mebee says:

        Whoa — take it easy there. I don’t think the op was attempting to personally insult you, though you’d never know it from your (over)reaction.

      • Eileen says:

        Ericka-take some deep breaths and take off the capslock. I am almost 40 and I didn’t take offense in anyway to her comment. LL is 26-and she looks like a 40 year old lot lizzard. And I’m being gracious.
        There’s nothing insulting about looking like you’re in your 40′s-unless you are 26.
        If you are 40 and look 40-fabulous.

      • MARIA says:

        jesus christ relax! You obviously skipped the part “and not in a good or classy way”. NO we don’t say everyone look like hell as soon as they turn 40! We say the cracken looks like a 40 year old who lived a rought life. That’s when it really starts to show. She looks like it mid twenties.

      • Amy says:

        Someone must have family arriving for Thanksgiving . . . .

      • bluhare says:

        Erika, don’t worry. Those youngsters will be eating their words one day.

        You guys do have a tendency to throw “old” stuff out there at every other heart beat. Maybe Erika just hit her limit.

      • Jbomb says:

        I’m with you Ericka!! I’m tired of all these young people wearing their age like a badge of honor when they’ve done NOTHING to earn it. I never criticized people for their age when I was younger because it MAKES NO SENSE! Grrrr. And I was in between 2 girls in their 20′s last night in spin class who didn’t get close to finishing the class so there! ok i feel better. carry on

      • Ginger says:

        I’m 40+ and didn’t take it as an insult. (Although I am very lucky that genetically my family all look a lot younger than our true ages) She is merely implying that LiLo shouldn’t look like she’s a lot older than her true age because of her hard partying ways.

      • erika says:

        guys! that’s just how I get, I’m a fighter! i’m fine though (no fam’s for xgiving : )

        equating Lindsay’s HARD look to an older woman we all know doesn’t equate. Any ONE of us could be 198 yrs old and never look as ragged as the HoLo

        All I’m asking, and I know others would appreciate is to be mindful of how we tear down other women (anonymously) here or otherwise, especially in terms of body image. it’s OK if we tear down the celebs (that’s why we’re all here right???) but let’s try and boost each other up!

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        If someone is 40 years old and looks great and feels great, why do they lose their sh*t over this? If you look better than I do or are kicking some 20-year-olds butts in spinning class, why do you take this personally? My guess is age is not just a number to you. Because I’m about to hit 30 and when people say that Courtney Stodden looks at least 30, I don’t think “Gee, that is insulting to me.” Because being in your late 20′s and looking like it is NOT a problem. Being a teenager and looking 30? Yeah, that’s not good.

        And Lohan looks awful at 26 because she had tons of horrible plastic surgery and has lived a crackie drug life, yes. And that has aged her appearance considerably. I’m not allowed to say that? That a 26-year-old looks much older than her age? Do you only object to the number I picked because you’re at that exact age right now?
        Lohan looks much older than 26 and I’m not apologizing for saying that. That’s a fact but it doesn’t say anything about how good or bad anyone else looks at 40. Hence the addition of “in a good or classy way” because yes, you can be and actually look 40 and look fantastic. I have a feeling though you wouldn’t love it if someone guessed your age right, you’d probably prefer to be put at 30-35? “Looking 40″ is not an insult but yeah, if you’re 26, it means you look much older than you are and that is due to drinking, drugging, nipping and tucking, and bad bad styling. You may yell at me again now, if you’d like.

      • HulaHoop says:

        People don’t say she looks 40 as an insult to 40 year olds, they say it because bish is like 26 and looks rough as hell. I’m 38 and I am not offended when people say she looks 40 but I’m here to tell you that I sure as f*ck wouldn’t have wanted to hear that I looked like I was 40 when I was in my 20s.

      • Twirl says:

        Lol! Love it. I’m 43 and I do not look anything like the Cracken. Of course, not having done crack, slept with the dregs of society, and had Dina as my drug buddy helps. Heck, if anything, I look younger than Lilo.

      • Vesper says:

        I think @ Erika has a good point.

        I can’t tell u how many times I’ve heard someone say “she looks good…FOR HER AGE”, simply because the woman in question is past the age of 35. I’ve seen stunning women in their 40′s who look better than most 20 and 30 year olds, yet I still hear the same thing “she looks amazing…for her age”.

        I think many women who are older than 35 become sensitive to those type of remarks. Being called an “older” woman, a “cougar” or a “MILF” is not exactly a complement, yet u hear it all the time.

        As for the people who say “40 is the new 30″, or “40 is the new 20″, have u ever noticed the only people who say that are the people in their 40′s? Everybody else just thinks they are old.

      • Norm says:

        I think Erika here is being a hypocrite. Just like no one knows what you look like, you also have no idea what Lindsay’s life is like, but apparently you read enough tabloids to think you’re an expert. And what’s the trend now? Making fun of drug addicts? Is that shallow and volatile or what?

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Vesper: I agree that the whole “she STILL looks good” or “for her age” thing is ridiculous. It’s not a miracle if someone looks great at 40 or 50. As if a beautiful woman in her 40′s is a unicorn or something.
        But that wasn’t the point she was trying to make while capslocking at me. She implied that I used 40 as a general insult, which I didn’t and which it is absolutely not. 40 alone is not a problem. It becomes a problem when you’re actually 26. And I’m not gonna lie here, if someone told me I look 40 years old (I’m almost 29), I would freak out. And I’m pretty sure that every single 40-year-old on this board would be horrified if someone guessed her to be 50 or older. I’m pretty sure none of us would be anything but ecstatic if someone thought we’re 10 years younger than we actually are but heaven forbid we seem 10 years older. That’s not an insult to anyone who actually is 10 years older.

        But yeah, people are sensitive about age, I get that. Still, I think it should be allowed to be horrified if a 26-year-old looks 40.

    • lulu1 says:

      It’s my birthday today!
      I’m 46. It’s so nice to sit here thinking that my life is great, my dreams are small and may well come true and nothing makes me happy like a good book, a glass of wine, a sunny day, a hike in the mountains…reading smart comments on Celebitchy.
      Let me be the only person who wants to thank Lyndsay – for making ME feel like a star.

      • erika says:

        Let me just put a final cap on this.

        1.) I’ll be 41 next week! Making coconut cupcakes, getting my hair done, the week off. I have NO qualms about stating or/revealing my age. My next door neighbor introduced herself, we chatted, topic got to age and when I said I was actually 40 she was taken aback, she thought I was in my late 20s. Again, I have NO ISSUES with being, stating, or reaching my current age. In fact, if I look this great at 40, then i’m not too freaked about 50!

        2.)The flip side to that is, and this is what I’ve been posting all &#&!^ summer long (patiently) when the ‘she looks 40′ posts come is this: Lindsay looks TERRIBLE (older for her age, botoxed, tired, drugged) because of her lifestyle, choices, actions and *disease (please read clause below). The age of 92 could be thrown around and I’d still fight it. Age is irrelevant, actions and choices ARE.

        3.) Finally, don’t we all roll our eyes at the 40+ers like Salma Hayek and Jada Pinkett Smith? The quotes languishing about how terribly exhausting and trying it is just to maintain their scorching beauty? ohhh how the 1 doughnut (in 15 yrs) they had that morning how it went straight to her hips, how ever will she don her $25K couture gown? And how shockingly reassuring it is that omg, turns out they didn’t take a Smith n’ wesson rifle to their brains when they turned the ‘BIG 40′?

        keep posting it or not, I don’t care anymore. I get and appreciate BOTH sides of the argument, I really do. I’m a fighter and I make my fight known, OK?

        I dig the ladies on this board, LittleMissNaughty are we capiche? Cuz I’m cool, you came back w/ a great point too and I don’t want to be banned from here because I like all the posters.

        Happy Holidays. Peace.

        Enjoy Liz and Dick!!! Bottoms up!

        (drugging, partying etc.)((Clause: I only state this from what I’ve read. No, I cannot confirm, can I take a really wild guess? Oh HELL YEAH! and, just what the Hell do we all visit and post comments on Celelbitchy for? The Cracken antics!What Cracken antics? sigh….God, you know))

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Okay, I didn’t want to start a fight and I didn’t mean to insult anyone. Actually, I have a few friends who are late 30′s and early 40′s and they constantly say things like I did in my first post so I guess it’s an individual pet peeve.
        My mother, for example, is in her mid-60′s and looks at least 15 years younger (that side of my family has fabulous genes and I’m hoping I take after them, the other side … well let’s not get into that) and when someone says “Oh my god, she looks 60.” and we know she’s much much younger, she never feels attacked. She just laughs and says “Well, thank god for your grandparents’ genes.” So again, my immediate environment has never EVER had a problem with naming numbers and honestly, I’ve never seen it on here either so I had no clue that this would actually make someone blow up like this.
        I’ll try to avoid numbers but I’ll never back down on the fact that LiLo looks so much older than her age. People can take from that what they want.

        Happy Thanksgiving to the US ladies!

  6. lower-case deb says:

    the look on the girl in the gold bolero/shrug thing is hilarious!

  7. MARIA says:

    i’ve never seen skin like that. How can it have so many different shades? Wtf? Also, PUT ON A BRA!

  8. someone says:

    holy crap, the neighborhood chipmunk that my cat chases in our backyard has smaller cheeks than her. :S

  9. Heather H says:

    “You are the Liz Taylor of your day”??? Was the reporter smoking crack too?
    (in the clip)

  10. lucy2 says:

    Still looks gross, but at least better than those cracked out blond pictures. But still terrible. That gown is so trashy.

  11. lassie says:

    That girl is broke. And the tattoo on her upper arm looks like the stickiness that’s left on your skin after you remove a band aid and all black crud sticks to your arm. Filthy.

  12. Birdie says:

    She used to wear very pretty dresses. Now she goes for those cheap shiny real housewife dresses. Her face is so bloated, her lips are ridiculous. Drugs are bad, kids.

  13. Miss Kiki says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Lilo genuinely thinks she’s at the Oscars, it’s too funny. I can’t even hate on her today the whole thing is too effin’ hilarious.

    *sips chilled cracktini*

  14. jani says:

    Lifetime movies get premieres now? Lifetime movies are what you watch when you’re too sick to go to work and/or have insomnia.

  15. G says:

    A ratings f’nn bonanza. Then what?

  16. jano1981 says:

    The worst part of that dress are the budget “jewels” dangling in the holes. I ythink she got the dress on the canyons set. I think the dress is very adult film star classy. :)

  17. MonicaQ says:

    Nice(ish?) dress but not on Ms. Lohan. She’s a bit pale and leopard-y to wear it. Also wearing a metric truck load of makeup to cover up your freckles when *everything else is freckled* is dumb. Seriously. It looks faker than Nicki Minaj’s booty in Photoshop.

  18. Gigi says:

    Please don’t kill me.., I think she looks beautiful and love that hair color, make-up also… Dress not so much but it’s not THAT bad

    • Kim says:

      I think you’re right…especially compared to what she looked like the other day. Her people should not be called make-up artists, but more like magicians. Sometimes. Also this red is the best color for her hair. The dress however, is a serious mess.

    • Fancyamazon says:

      I actually think the dress is almost a win….if it wasn’t for all the peekaboo holes and plastic jewels. The rest of it looks nice, and if she had a bra on I think the fit would be good. It needs a hemming though. She is trying for “old hollywood” glamour, and while they had trains back then, everything was expected to fit well and not puddle on the ground like that.

      As for the rest of her….if she would just relax, exercise (just a little) and live life on the slow side for a month or two I think she would look so much better. She is young, so a lot of this hard-life stuff could still be washed away with rest, food, and whatnot. For now.

      As for her as a person, well, I don’t know. Redeeming that would take a LONG time and a lot of work that I don’t see her putting in.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        Except the places where the jewels are hanging from, it looks like if she took a deep breath, all of those would burst open. The fabric seems to be pulled so tight in that area.

      • Vesper says:

        I think she looks really pretty, especially in the first pic, and she has successfully carried off the old hollywood look she is attempting. I do like her better as a brunette though.

        I don’t see dirty, bloated or sweaty (in these pics anyway), although I do see too much cheek filler. I think if it were anyone else, people woudn’t be so quick to criticize her outfit. I have seen far more dresses at Hollywood events that are 100x tackier than this dress.

    • Zigggy says:

      I agree, I think she looks especially beautiful in the first pic. As beautiful as she can look at this point- she’ll never be able to go back to how she looked in 2007, which is sad but true.
      If she had some sort of bra action going it would be a win for me.

    • J says:

      I agree. This is the best she’s looked in ages. It took a lot of make up to make her look healthy and glamorous though. The cutouts kill the dress for me, but I like the color. Love the hair color too. Like another poster said, just imagine what a little (and I do mean little) exercise, food and rest would do for her.

    • OhDear says:

      Yeah, it’s her best look in the past few years. It’s a small step, but at least she’s not flaking out of her work obligations?

  19. Bowers says:

    I’ve never watched a Lifetime movie but I likely will this one and for all the wrong reasons.

    Such a waste is Lindsay Lohan.

  20. sheila says:

    That dress is so tacky and low-budget and I agree, those dangling “jewels” are the dollar store kind!!

    LOL, look at her posing like she’s still and IT girl and this is a blockbuster premiere (A Lifetime movie?!! She’s in Lee-Anne Rimes country now!!).

    Her make-up people must hate her. Her blush is awful, they put more on the apples of her cheeks so we don’t notice the face bloat or fish lips But it looks awful, like a big orangy (orange blush?!!) stripe.

  21. Mindy says:

    Lil’ Ms. Saggy Tits better get some support for those tittays of hers soon, or they’ll be dragging on the floor by the time she’s 30 (uumm.. that is.. IF she makes it to 30).

  22. Summer says:

    She thinks if she dyes her hair back to red eveyrone thinks shes the old lindsay lohan who doesn’t steal and run over ppl?

  23. jenny piccolo says:

    Crackie in the shiny dress needs to jump back in the cracker barrel she crawled out of & stay in there.

  24. Boo says:

    I have so many feelings about this. First, she looks like painted hell. Next, Lifetime, I have to lay the blame on you for this bordering-on-sad debacle. Lifetime has played this whole disaster up from the get-go about her comeback movie event, and she must’ve thought they were serious about it. Clearly, Lifetime saw how horrible it was and still continued to hype it up, thus guaranteeing that her cracktastic performance would get so much negative attention. They set her up to be the butt of this cruel joke, and the worst part is, no one can tell whether she is in on the joke or not.

    It would make my day if they arrest her.

  25. QQ says:

    HayZeus!! She looks like she is going to the AVN awards and Then to hustle some work immediately after!

  26. cynicalsmirk says:

    Well, she looks like a delusional trainwreck, but not as bad of a delusional trainwreck as she should, given her habits.

  27. Chris says:

    I think, all things considered, she looks amazing!
    Consider this photo against any others taken in the last few years. Girl is looking good!!

  28. Skipper says:

    I googled Donna dashini and found nothing. Who is that?

  29. rosemary says:

    i was watching mean girls yesterday, she used to be so beautiful. its so weird now cause she looks older than her mom, and seems like her sister is going down the too much plastic surgery path too.

  30. Sugar says:

    so long ago when this whole cracksterflack started I was JOKING about her actually showing up on a red carpet for this! FOR THIS. I do not remember LT’s ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger’ getting this special red carpet premiere. what gives? never mind I just answered my own question…

    Kaiser I do have so much crack commencing (sorry) & you are right in that her relevance is kept right up there as though she were but she’s not. I cannot stop myself. She brings out the anti crackie in me like no other.
    And she’s heading back to NY for Thanksgiving if that happens she really really really has an outstanding attorney. I can hear the negotiations play out “but your honor shes not a flight risk. she can’t hide she Lindsay f*king Lohan!” my apology your honor but come on I mean let her have her big premier, let her have turkey dinner with the fam & on my word she will turn her self in. It’s a win win win situation you don’t look like a meanie, she is complying & I am still the fabulous

  31. GreenTurtle says:

    Thank God she finally took care of that harsh eyebrow situation. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I could find a version of this dress in the more “understated” section of those awful mall stores that cater to proms and quinceaneros.

  32. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    magic facelift bands…..28.00 on ebay….. but I think she had to go in for the heavy duty bungee cord ones to pull back that hard but the ton of makeup spackled on…to create the illusion of slimmer face…look at the stretch on her neck in the side view…LOL…..
    Thats a hookers easy on easy off dress….No Bra …No Drawers …all Access. !!! ….
    and a cheap fur….really glamorous….NOT !…..
    And Grant Boyer…didn’t even bother to show up….Only man in the movie who had sence……and the only one who could half way act…..
    Anybody else notice the name of the children…….? …They were Thompsons and I will lay odds they are the directors grandchildren….LOL….
    Oh yea a Star studded wasn’t ….a full Lohan Inc Production
    on a poor mans budget so Lindsay gets to walk a Red Carpet once in her life as the “Star of a Movie ” ….
    The only Oscar every going to be attached to Lindsay Lohans name is the One some future actress gets from playing Lindsay Lohan in the “The Wasted Life and Death of a Hollywood What to Be…The Lindsay Lohan Story” …..wonder if Emma Stone would be interested…..LOL

    • Annie says:

      Haha THIS. I can’t believe people actually fall for that and think her double chin just magically disappears! There is your answer people to why she only sometimes has a double chin, it’s not some weird syndrome, she is tying it back behind her ears!

      There’s also a whole load of photoshop goin’ on because in the video she looks like total dog shyte, double chin or no.

  33. Nanz says:

    Whatever she uses as “blush” makes her cheek implants look like continuous sideburns from her hairline. And yes, that’s the nicest thing I can say. Happy Thanksgiving Eve, my US celebitches!

  34. Shelly says:

    I don’t like the dress she chose for the premier, but I’ll say something nice. She looks pretty decent overall. The hair and face look better than usual and at least she isn’t caked in self-tanner. I’ll take her freckles any day over that. It was also sweet that those people said nice things about her, as that doesn’t happen very often. Obviously they weren’t going to bash her at her own premier, but it was still nice.

  35. len says:

    imagine what she would look like if her life had been different. Those freckles are really beautiful and so is her body. She could have looked amazing.

  36. vixo says:

    I hate the dress, it looks so cheap and she needs a bra ! The fur looks cheap too, like it has fleas. Her makeup is not good, I think the bronzer/blush needs more blending. That said, it’s the best she looked in a while – it’s amazing how she can looks so bloated one day and the next she looks almost normal. And I must say, I love her hair color.

  37. I'mSupposedToBeWorking says:

    I love it when she blows kisses to her adoring fans. It’s just so…sad.

    Girl needs to start supporting her boobies stat.

  38. e.non says:

    ugh… does she really think that blowing kisses pose is cute. well, at least she’s progressed past not sucking on her fingers.

    bitch needs a bra; a bath; a reality check.

  39. Nashville Girl says:

    Cracktini yams for Thanksgiving!

  40. Mich says:

    This is one of my favorite Cracken posts ever!!! That hideous dress when others in the pic are wearing jeans. The proud Red Carpet roll out for a Lifetime movie that has already been hilariously bashed. The standard Cracken kiss blowing pose (I’d love to see a montage of those!).

    All I can think of when I see these pics is Norma Desmond.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Did you all watch the red carpet video? Her face and brain are scary when they try to work.

      Video is the best of the post, I love when everyone is asked about LL and their eyes dart around and then they admit to the difficulties in doing this shoot. Pure gold!

  41. shewolf says:

    She is a beautiful girl… she could have easily been one of the most beautiful in hollywood but she’s such a mess. The dress is just beyond awful.

  42. Dimebox says:

    Ugly dress in a dirty color. Lindsey on Leno last night made me cringe…she flirted, flipped her hair, and her swollen cheeks were scary. She looks so shopworn.

  43. Audrey says:

    Delusion, thy name is LiLo…

  44. Murphy says:

    She doesn’t look as horrible as usual. It looks like she (or a least her make up artist) tried really hard. But make up can’t cover bloat and horrible plastic surgery

  45. Meerkat says:

    The DM has photos of this dress from the rear and she clearly is not wearing anything under that hideous dress. Not a pretty sight!

  46. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Needs to ditch the trashy Ariel-esqu wig.

  47. melca blue says:

    Is her dress see-through in the back? Maybe that explain the girls reaction in the first picture.

  48. RobN says:

    People are being too harsh on her. She looks pretty awesome for 67.

  49. Akmuffin says:

    Her transition into the porn industry has just been made even easier. She has the dress for the AVN Awards all picked out!

  50. mebee says:

    Gorgeous! I mean I just can’t find fault with her looks here at all. Jealous!

    • Lady D says:

      As the Original Bella would say, INTERVENTION STAT.

    • Dawning Red says:

      I completely agree. I hope that if I ever end up as am 80-year old coked-out, STD-collecting, car-smashing, pathological lying, tooth-rotting cheek-filling delusional kleptomaniac balding nymphomaniac prostitute, that I end up looking just as good as Lindsay’s carcass does.

    • mebee says:

      I didn’t say she’s made good life choices – clearly not. But despite all of her issues I do still think she is a beautiful girl. I find it sad that she is an addict and has made so many mistakes with how much potential and talent she once had. As another commenter said (and I’m paraphrasing here) — she could have been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, easily. I still think she is gorgeous, though less so than if she had taken better care of herself. Anyway, sorry if I offended anyone by saying she looks great here. I think it’s the best she’s looked in a long while.

  51. serena says:

    From far she seems fine, almost good, then you see her crack-bloated face and remember, it’s just Linnocent.

    Anyway, yes, this is the best she looked in years. And that’s saying a lot.

  52. Krock says:

    I have to say I do like her hair, but the dress….oh no no no.

  53. Eileen says:

    That is the tackiest dress I have ever seen. And her blowing kisses a la Marilyn? Speechless.

  54. Minky says:

    Anyone else see her and Phoebe Price as interchangeable now?

    Just look at that top photo and look at this one of Phoebe:

  55. Christian says:

    Wow, her co-star sounded like she was lying through her teeth when asked what it was like to work with LL. Everyone else sounded completely full of sh*t as well. I think Lifetime is just glad it’s over and will never work with her again.

    I’m torn – I really want to watch Liz & Dick becuase I know it will be a massive trainwreck, but I don’t want to contribute to their “ratings bonanza” that will ultimately add more fuel to LL’s unearned ego. But mostly I just want Liz Taylor to stop rolling in her grave.

  56. Marianne says:

    The looks is an upgrade for her.I still wouldn’t say she looks amazing. But she doesn’t look like a total crack mess either.

  57. Bodhi says:

    I cannot wait for the Fug Girls take on this

    Edit: Ask & ye shall receive

  58. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    That nasty Cow……Look close at the photos number two…those people behind her have just go the first view of her naked as* when she lifted up that stole….and they are laughing at her…and her assident looks like she wants to sink through the floor…..But you notice in other shots of the back she has part of that long draped material at her feet velcoed over the sheer section so its hid …can see it clearly in the ROL back shot…..
    What a nasty Cow …Lindsay Lohan doing another f u on her fingernails only this time the message is
    “KISS MY A** “……..

  59. logan says:

    At one time all photos of her were her scratching her head. Then she mixed it up by always having her fingers in her mouth. Now it’s air kisses. Please bi**h, nobody wants those things directed at them. Side shank eyes from everyone in the crowd. lol

  60. nikzilla37 says:

    Although the dress is a bit skanky, this is the best she’s looked in ages.

  61. Ginger says:

    I appreciate that her stylists were trying to go for an old Hollywood glamour look here but it fails miserably. The cut outs on the dress and no visible boob support ruin it. At least her hair is a semi decent shade that compliments her coloring. That blonde crap she was sporting before this was terrible! When she’s not smiling her face almost looks normal. It’s when she smiles that you notice the work she’s had done and the fact that she seems bloated. I actually love her makeup…I just wish it was on another red head.

  62. Stuart Horsely says:

    Can this “woman” not wear a bra to save her goddamned life?

  63. megan says:

    When I saw the dress I whispered “ewww”

  64. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    I think she looks really nice, actually..
    And her voice is sounding A LOT better and more like her old self.

  65. Sweet Dee says:

    This is actually an improvement in my opinion, but that dress is tacky as hell. No one wants to see your freckled navel.

    Mmm, doesn’t that sound like a strawberry flavored shot? Freckled navel.

  66. Izzy says:

    Since it’s almost the holidays, I shall whip up a nice round of Crack-Nog, with rum and nutmeg too.

  67. OXA says:

    She was 2 hours late for the Premier and still looked that bad.

  68. Grace says:

    She’s a pretty girl but can she never wear a bra? At that size she needs some support.

  69. skuddles says:

    She looks like a tacky hobag in that dress – although it’s obvious someone (or a whole team of someone’s) worked hard to make the rest of her look presentable.

  70. EscapedConvent says:

    Wow. I’m surprised I’m about to say this, but this is the best I’ve seen her look in several years. The dress is more nightgown/slip than dress, but what are ya gonna do? She thinks it looks good.

    It’s the makeup & haircolor that struck me. It’s a big difference for her. That’s the closest to “reasonable evening look” I’ve seen on her. I think the darker red hair is flattering. Also, she looks pretty happy for a girl who might be going to jail for another few hours!

  71. dcypher1 says:

    I think I can see white sh!t up her nose. Classic firecroatch.

  72. Anguishedcorn says:

    It’s amazing to me, how her natural beauty still shines through despite everything she has done with it. I saw these and thought (despite my thoughts on her personally) that she is still incredibly beautiful. Just imagine if she had actually taken care if herself.

    That “40% off Michael’s” comment was perfect for the dress.

  73. Hazel says:

    Her hands are so filthy and gross. True crack hand. She looks like she needs a good scrub down and a manicure. Urgh

  74. EscapedConvent says:

    This comment section today = fabulous & hilarious. Much better than Lindsay’s champagne negligee deserves!

  75. mercy says:

    I think she herself looks good, … but the dress is not that great.

  76. JudyK says:

    Thanksgiving prep…too much to do to read comments right now, but…bloated? Huh. First time I haven’t thought she looked bloated.

    And watch out people…nothin’ wrong with freckles, and I should know!

  77. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I think the saddest thing of all is that she clearly still thinks she’s some amazing A-list Movie Star and she doesn’t get that she has become a pathetic joke.

  78. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    She looks so OLD…goodness how old is she again?

  79. buckley says:

    She looks like Rose McGowan.
    Not a compliment.

  80. trudiebell says:

    Whoever does her plastic surgery is a criminal taking advantage of someone who should not be allowed to make those kinds of decisions for herself. Also, someone please buy her a bra.

  81. Abby says:

    with the exception of that HIDEOUS GOD-AWFUL dress. … she looks pretty good for her. I like her as a redhead so much better.

  82. Cam S says:

    Why does she always wear metallic looking rouge? It looks awful on her cheeks and make her look like a corpse

  83. mollination says:

    If this were Paz de le Huerta, I’d say she looks amazing. But no, she looks awful.

    I’m guessing she was going for old-hollywood glamour (based on the film she’s promoting, the silk, the fur stole, the hair style, the red lips), but she missed the mark so drastically it’s painful.

  84. Kreia says:

    The porn version will be soon to follow: Dickin’ Liz. I will probably just watch the one(s) starring LiLo.

  85. The p0rn version will be soon to follow: Dickin’ Liz. I will probably just watch the one(s) starring LiLo.

  86. The pr0n version will be soon to follow: Dickin’ Liz. I will probably just watch the one(s) starring LiLo.

  87. Ally8 says:

    Her face looks healthier, but the lack of support/structure in the top and sides of that dress is doing her no favours.

    Three cheers for any sign of less drug consumption, though!

  88. Mari says:

    I like the color and the fabric but the dress is hideous.
    But she does not look that bad, for her standars.
    God, what would it take for her to go back as much as possible to her old self?
    She was so pretty, and yes, she had talent. What a pitty

  89. Feel kinda sad for her...` says:

    I know she made herself into what she is or isn’t… but I can’t help but wonder what she would be like WITHOUT the alcohol/drugs, plastic surgery, bad relationships, partying and bad influences. I imagine a pretty redhead, with a husky voice, sparkly eyes and a successful career that surpasses someone like Anne Hathaway.

  90. Bread and Circuses says:

    I really like that red lipstick on her, especially in conjunction with the red hair.

    And although I’m relatively inured to feeling sorry for this woman, I am glad to see her looking less white-faced and wobbly than she did when she got off the plane. (Yesterday? The photos from yesterday, anyway.)

  91. molly says:

    She looks wonderful and very talented. Still.

  92. ZenB!tch says:

    She has red stripper colored hair. It suits her.

  93. dorothy says:

    Who dresses this woman? She always looks cheap. And, put on a bra for gods sake.

  94. C.Z. says:

    She looks like Ariel here (or Jessica Rabbit)

  95. Justine says:

    To sum up: For what she has done to herself, for what she has put herself through, she looks okay – but just consiederd her age she looks like a friggin’ mess. And I totally agree – she would be incredebly gorgeous if she wouldn’t have destroyed everything she had. But she did and now she looks like this. I believe her looks just reflect how sick & sad her inside is. If she wouldn’t be such a bitch and a liar I could actually be very, very sorry for her.

  96. Cookie says:

    I don’t think this is her worst look, but the dress is pretty bad. The little hanging gems on the bodice are some straight up stripper-wear accenting. Her hair shade has improved from the drug-store shade of red it was a few weeks ago, though. It’s a shame she has such bad taste otherwise she could look much better.

  97. Maritza says:

    She finally is starting to look like herself again. I think she looks pretty good now that she is not wearing the fake tan, great teeth and her hair color is just right. If Disney ever decides to make a real life Little Mermaid movie she would be a great choice for Ariel.

  98. gobo says:

    Oh my god. All the people in the back ground. So much barely concealed WTF across their faces.

  99. Dredz says:

    Sad, she used to wear Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Marchesa. Now she’s reduced to wear something which looks like a cheap nightie with plastic beads, self attached maybe. Very tragic.

  100. chalkdustgirl says:

    The smartest move she’s made here is to go back to red, which suits her overall colouring very well. The saggy ta-ta’s are a true testament that Lindsay does not have a realistic grasp on how she’s looking these days because she actually thinks they don’t need some proper support! I’m guessing she thinks they look “perky” under that satin? The rest, omg, is a disaster. And the waddle is just nasty.

  101. Really? says:

    “This is the best she’s looked in ages,” is pretty much carte blanche for chica to go out and bust another move, another pedestrian, another Porsche…this chick has no substance, the only thing she lives for is a decent photo op…now she’s got one and it should hold her over ’til early to mid 2013 or so…she barely skids by on celluloid and as a result feels justified and vindicated of all the “haters…” That’s one cracked theory. How can she function knowing that her freaking nickname is Cracken and that David Duchovny referred to taking a dump as releasing a “Cracken?” How is this chick still even minutely relevant? WTF, is she like a walking Hollywood test tube or something?

  102. Carolyn says:

    I can’t see Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence etc trying this look at premiers.

    Words fail me. To think of the career Lindsay could have had. Surely every new starlet (and male equivalent) is being given a run-down of The Decline of LL as cautionary “what not to do” by their Agent.

  103. Mew says:

    She’s so hard trying to look like million dollars but falls flat to her face – she looks cheap and tacky as hell. She just has no clue.

    Granted, the hair looks much better than it has for a long time. Red is her colour.

  104. dinah says:

    The expression on the face of the girl behind her in the first/main photo says it all.

  105. bea says:

    Bitch is trippin’

    I’ve seen nightgowns with better cut and fabric than that silver nightmare she’s wearing. Three peek-a-boo holes with dangling jewels!?! And the My Little Pony hair. All looks cheap.

    The next ANS for sure.

  106. MissyA says:

    *LOVE* that her co-worker looks uncomfortably off to the side as she whispers, “(LiLo) is a wonderful person.”
    That’s fking gold right there!

  107. jwoolman says:

    Help! I’m stuck in mobile view and can’t get out!
    To keep this on topic, I blame Lindsay Lohan. But it’s really annoying. Well, so is she. I cleared cookies from my phone, the site still won’t let me off mobile view. Lindsay is still here, too.

  108. megs says:

    The people that made this movie love that she is getting it so much press, even for negative reasons. Media outlets want to slip in questions about her “troubles” and she gets to promote her made for tv movie.

    Why does she have a double chin? She never had one when she was heavier.

  109. TwoHearts says:

    It makes me sad when I remember LL is only 26. She should be at the top of her game. She’s in that perfect Hollywood age range – young enough to romance R-Patz, old enough to be Clooney’s love interest without it being too creepy. instead, she’s clinging desperately to past glory until she ODs at age 30. Its also sad to think her parents and friends will only notice her death long enough to exploit it for every cent they can get.

  110. Barbar says:

    Just can’t figure out what happened with the hem of her “dress”. Looks like someone decided it was going to be too long & threw a hem in at the last minute. Poorly made garment, all that visible machine stitching around the peek-a-boo places. Not well done. And this is by a designer?

  111. emme says:

    I think that her makeup looks great and her hair looks better then usual. Her eye makeup looks exceptional and her triple chin is no where to be seen….but that dress? Da f&ck? This is the worst abomination of the beautifully constructed bias cut 30′s style dresses I’ve ever seen. Jean Harlow is rolling over in her grave. The saggy breasts, the cutouts, the cheap tacky jewels hanging from those cut outs, and the hem: i can’t. Not to mention the horrible construction, tailoring, and the color of the dress. She looks like Casper the friendly ghost in an ill fitting swap meet dress.