L&S: Duchess Kate is expecting twins & she’s due in July 2013

You know that Life & Style was right, right? Their cover story last week was “Yes, It’s True!” – Kate’s gossipy friend telling the world that Kate is knocked up and that she and William would announce in December. Lo and behold, Kate is actually knocked up and they announced in December. So, obviously, L&S got in touch with the same gossip friend for even more royal scoop this week. That scoop? TWINSIES. And a July due date.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have confirmed the duchess is pregnant and Kate’s close friend Jessica Hay is spilling all the details on their baby joy in the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now.

“They cried with joy when they found out she was pregnant,” Jessica shares with Life & Style. “Catherine’s been steadily putting weight on since April this year and hasn’t been drinking for a good few months — they’ve been preparing all summer. It was decided that they’d try at the tail-end of the royal tour in September, and that’s when it happened!”

Thanks to her healthy diligence, Kate’s blossoming more and more each day. “The difference in Catherine is already tremendous,” continues Jessica, who attended the exclusive Marlborough school with Kate at the age of 14, was a guest at the couple’s wedding reception in 2011 and first revealed the pregnancy news to Life & Style in late November. “Her face is already fuller. She really is glowing.”

While Jessica tells Life & Style Kate is already “seven to eight weeks along,” an insider confirms to the mag, “She’s due in July, which is a month full of significance for William,” further explaining, “His mother, Diana, was born on July 1, and his parents got married on July 29.”

[From Life & Style]

Oooo… what if the baby is born on July 1st? If it’s a girl, they’ll definitely have to call her Diana then, right? But sure, a July birth definitely tracks with the timeline. I’m thinking early July. And if Kate is carrying twins, then it might be earlier (because women carrying twins tend to give birth before their due date). I should point out that if Kate is carrying twins, it will be a very big deal as far as the royal succession goes – whichever twin is born first is the first heir, obviously, even if that baby is only technically, like, two minutes older. And what if Kate has a C-section? The doctor would be choosing the heir!

People Magazine not surprisingly has Will & Kate on their cover too, and they chose the same Mario Testino photo as Life & Style. The online piece is meh – you can read it here. My favorite part is when they speak to the editor of Majesty, Ingrid Seward, who notes the timing of Kate’s pregnancy. Basically, Kate got pregnant exactly when she was supposed to as to not overshadow the Queen, and Seward says: “I don’t think anything is left to chance. Kate is probably one of the most organized [royal] women we’ve ever known.”

Some photos of William entering the hospital this morning:

Covers courtesy of Life & Style and People, additional pics courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Christine says:

    If it were really twins, I wonder why there’s has been prevalence of twins nowadays. Probably in vitro? But I don’t think that’s their case.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Christine, I wondered the same thing. More and more twins are born now and in vitro is a link. It tends to be more common that with the chemical boost you have paternal twins (the siblings that don’t look identical) and you form maternal twins naturally.

      I also think this is how AJ had knox and vivienne (sp?) and how kelly preston was pregnant with twins until she lost one.. That’s why we’re seeing more paternal twins in the last 20 years.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        “I also think this is how AJ had knox and vivienne”

        Why would you think that a 32-year-old who had already been pregnant and given birth to a healthy baby would need to use IVF to get pregnant a year later? Plus, there are twins in Angelina’s family, too. And Brad’s sister has twins, so Vivienne & Shiloh are more likely to have twins of their own naturally, too. Believe it or not, even celebrities can get pregnant with twins without help, lol!

      • Val says:

        It’s Fraternal and Identical twins, not Maternal and Paternal. Fraternal twins are from 2 different eggs and identical are from the same egg, which splits. But even fraternal twins can look very similar, case in point Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        spelling and incorrect terms aside (i blame my mobile auto correct) everyone forgets how hard it is for some women to get pregnant! no matter their age it’s not only difficult for some, but if you’re an actress or just someone working a lot you don’t have the time to pencil in sex during your ovulation cycle. Sometimes women need help with that.

        Young in age does not always equal high fertility. And some women need help. Infertility is nothing to be ashamed of, but few women will admit to it because the the stigma still exist.
        That’s just the ugly truth of it.

      • Kim says:

        AJ and Brad have stated they didn’t use fertility treatment. She was only 32 when she got pregnant and had just given birth two years prior.Kelly probably used donor eggs.There are more twins now because women are waiting later to have kids.Of course some are the result of fertility drugs but most are not.

      • Rena says:

        Happy for them as I am for all expecting couples, hope for a healthy pregnancy and baby (or babies).

        Don’t see why 2 women with twins are signaled out with the explosion of multiple births in both the celeb and non celeb world these days. Julie Bowen has twins as does AnnaP and MariahC for example. Being an actress or celeb has nothing to do with when one is most likely to conceive. And you are aware that both identical and fraternal twins do occur without IVF right?

        And I hope/guess that you were not aware of the history of twins being born in both Brad and Angelina’s families. A history that is scientifically proven to indicate a high probablity of a twin or other multiples pregnancy. Same type history in JLo and Marc’s families. Both of these couples have said on the record that no IVF was employed but I guess you know better than they do. LOL

        I do think like others that all the hormones in the foods we now eat might actually have something to do with the many multiple births as well as the IVF
        assistance now available.

      • rara says:

        Both Angelina and Kate tried to get pregnant when they were very very thin and seemed to really want to conceive as soon as possible, so it would make sense that they used in-vitro.

        They have the money and access to doctors that can help them, though “normal” women under the same circumstances would just try to do it naturally for a longer period of time.

        Angelina was older than Kate is today. I think Kate is 30 or 31 years old and Angelina was 34 or 35 years old at least, but living on very low calorie intake can take its toll on fertility.

    • regina says:

      I would bet that they had fertility treatments. I beileve there was a lot of concern over her weight and ability to conceive. and it doesn’t appear that twins run in either family. so I would put money on IVF. She should consider herself lucky to produce the heir and spare simultaneously. The pressure will be off then and she will probably conceive naturally after that. best of luck, if she’s in the hospital already this might end up being a hard, long road for her!

    • Talie says:

      Twins actually run in Kate’s family, from what I’ve been reading. So, it if it’s true…it was natural.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      MY theory on why there’s such a prevalance of twins now is due to the growth hormones and other chemicals put into our food supply. If animals have been fed hormones to produce more offspring, faster, and we then eat those animals we are also eating those hormones.

      Although, in my family: my uncle has twins, my grandmother was a twin, her sister has twins, both of my grandfathers had twin brothers, and both of my parents have three sets of twin cousins each, and a cousin of my mom’s has twins. Interestingly enough, not one set of twin girls in the whole family tree, at least going back four generations! I can’t tell you how happy I was with each pregnancy to find out there was only one little bean in there, lol!

      But twins or singleton, congratulations to them both, and wishing her an easier pregnancy in the next few months!

    • Feisty says:

      More likely taking Clomid, a fertility encouraging drug. I work at a church with a very wealthy congregation, and there are a frightening number of multiples (even triplets) because of the success of the drug.

      • tripmom says:


        This was my first thought. Even though we didn’t have fertility issues we used Clomid to help us ensure that we conceived in a certain small time frame. (Our business is seasonal and we wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be due smack in the middle of our busy season.) If Kate conceived exactly when everyone wanted her to, then there’s a possibility she had some help with that, and it doesn’t mean it had to be IVF. Clomid is an inexpensive prescription pill that you just take once a day for 5 days, but it gives you a 5 to 15% increased chance of twins because it increases the amount of eggs released, increasing the chance of more than one egg being fertilized.

        We did end up having triplets, but they are identical, and fertility assistance gives you fraternals, NOT identicals, so we would have had triplets regardless of whether I took the drug or not! :)

      • Lydia says:

        This makes sense. Organized, my foot. If she had that narrow a time in which to conceive, I’ll bet she did take fertility drugs. Good call.

    • hannah says:

      I have identical twin brothers and they were conceived even though my mom was on birthcontrol pills.

    • Apples says:

      I just said this on another thread:
      There is now a higher incidence of naturally occurring multiple births because the age of first time mothers is getting older.
      If an older first time mother has never had a miscarriage or abortion then her chances of a natural multiple baby pregnancy shoots up. Researchers are theorizing that it is nature’s biological way of compensating for the perceived shortage of babies.

      • gem says:

        So much uninformed speculation! I’m due to give birth to fraternal twins in 7 weeks, had minimal sickness and they were conceived naturally. The amount of people who have presumed I had IVF is unreal, and honestly even asking is rude! I’m not a fan of Kate but how, when and what she has conceived is nobody’s business! It’s bad enough having people giving you advice and commenting on a pregnancy normally, never mind having to see it in the press and have the world passing judgement on it!

        Phew, rant over!

    • Gin Genie says:

      There’s a relationship between maternal age and likelihood of twins. Women in the western world are having children later in life, hence more twins.

    • Violet says:

      That was my first thought, too. Kate lost a significant amount of weight after getting engaged and having such low body fat levels might’ve made it difficult for her to conceive naturally.

      In any case, hopefully the rest of pregnancy goes well and both babies are born healthy!

    • lady X says:

      In Vitro has sometimes been the case … it also has to do with the women’s age and birth control …. If you have been on birth control for years which she more than likely has been since they were living together for years and any baby out of wedlock would have been a no no … she increased her chances of having a twins … My mother was 37 when she had my twin brother and I … she had been on every birth control known to man at that time and her eggs released multiples due to being dormant for sooo many years … I highly doubt they used in vitro on the first try … most people only use that if they have issues having babies… Only hollywood folks do that crap just to have twin or boy / girl twins … Monarchs are not into that sort of thing ….

    • Merritt says:

      There has been some evidence that there is in increased chance of twins after you go off of hormonal contraception.

      Also more women are delaying having a baby until their 30s. The older you are when you become pregnant, increases the chances of twins.

  2. Erinn says:

    Honestly… the thought of having multiples terrifies me. I can’t even imagine what a mess I’d be.

    • tripmom says:

      Trust me, you’d be fine. I was shocked when I first found out, but you just deal with it and move on with your day. And there are a lot of advantages. I only have to throw one birthday party each year. :) When I’m done with diapers, I’m DONE, I don’t have to start over with the next kid.

      What I don’t understand is how people have several kids, all at different ages. They each have different demands with feedings, naps, diapers and stuff, and they’re at different ability levels, so they’re not as interested in the same stuff. That seems so hard, and like so much to juggle! All my kids do the same things. That REALLY simplifies things.

  3. HulaHoop says:

    Is she even friends with this trick anymore? I mean who needs enemies when your “friends” gossip to L&S?

    • Chatcat says:

      Maybe this is how Will & Kate wanted the story to be “leaked out”.

      • LAK says:

        As much as i hate to admit it, i have seen a theory that tallies very much with this thought.

        It involves a pap on the Middletons’ payroll who hinted at this baby news weeks ago, but who may appear [to public] not to have credibility given he was once also sued by them.

        The theory is that he may have joined up with Jessica, her having pictorial proof of a link with Kate and viola! Accurate leakage but with plausible deniability.

        It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

      • Kate says:

        LAK, I’m genuinely confused about this one – wasn’t that the pap they sued over photos of Kate? So how can he be on their payroll? What am I missing? (Plus if on their payroll, why would he be leaking, when they presumably didn’t want people to know this early?)

      • CC says:

        Why would they care about a “magazine” such and L&S. Doesn’t make any sense. They just wouldn’t.

      • LAK says:

        Hi Kate – i am using the generic term ‘on their payroll’ to mean that he has an ongoing relationship with them where he alone gets exclusives. Sorry i couldn’t think of a better phrase to convey how close their relationship is.

        They fall out from time to time but by threatening the Middletons, he always finds his way back in the fold which leads me to believe he knows where the bodies are buried.

        His tweets about the middletons are always accurate.

        The Middletons have been known to leak stuff to shore up Kate’s image.

        I can’t completely buy into the conspiracy this time because i can’t think of any reason why they would leak at this time unless the reason is going to become apparent in the next few months.

        This pap on the other hand probably has nothing to lose and everything to gain by leaking stuff however, no one is going to believe him unless they know his Middleton connection is solid [which it is] and there is that pesky court case which was merely a blimp in their relationship.

        I do think that isnce Jessica’s now lives off her Kate exclusives, she may have read Tanna’s tweets and then sold the story or they may be connected. Very few poeple realise that Jessica is discredited as Kate’s friend especially when she comes up with very accurate information.

        It makes sense for pap or Jessica to sell their story to a rag like L&S if they had no authority to do so because L&S aren’t going to go back to the Palace to verify or get an additional quote like People would.

        If WK wanted to leak a story, pap is again a very viable way to do it, and to do it with a low grade publication that wouldn’t check their sources closely.

        So to sum up my totally speculative thought, if this story was leaked by either the Middletons or WK to L&S, someting else is going on. Stay tuned.

      • Raven says:

        If Kate waited for 9 years to marry Wills, and her mother supposedly sent her to school where Wills attended, they are not going to waste those years of work on a bit of leaking. They gain nothing from it and risk really upsetting the Queen and family.

      • LAK says:

        @Raven – She didn’t just wait for all those years. She actively leaked and courted the press to make herself look like the perfect wife to/for William.

        Being married into the family is no guarantee that you’ll stay that way, hence the continued leaks. Even Saint Diana had to leak to the press to keep the upper hand in her relations with the palace.

        It is highly suspicious that a known Middleton pap would leak this information weeks ago and for that information to be accurate.

        No one is that lucky.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        @LAK – Ah, okay thank you! I’m with you now. That would certainly explain things with the photographer – symbiosis, basically?

        That also makes sense as to where Jessica Hay got the info, because I googled her over that story a couple of weeks back, and it seems she barely knows Kate – definitely wasn’t at the wedding. Just was at school at the same time, and has sold stories on that basis ever since, as no genuine friends would talk out of turn and media outlets wanted someone with at least some connection.

  4. Chatcat says:

    I said it the other day her on the plaiddy dress link before the pregnancy was announced. A boy and a girl is my guess and I hope she doesn’t do it C-Section because that is fooling with the natural order of things! Congrats to the couple and their family.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Lord, am I ever grateful I’m not Kate. If I had all these tabs up in uterus when I was hospitalised with the same condition, I’d be shooting people.

    p.s. Any time your pregnancy hormones are high enough to render you THAT ill, their first thought is “TWINS!” and only an ultrasound (this early on, transvaginal) can determine it.

  6. Jessica6 says:

    “Princess Baby Drama” LOL! Oh, please.

    Wee Willie Windsor in the photos above is really starting to resemble his uncle, Prince Edward. Me thinks Wills should just shave the dome and get it over with. He’d look ten times better…well, in my opinion, anyway.

    On a more serious note, I can’t help but think of Diana. So hard to believe over 30 years have gone by since she married Charles. I awoke at dawn to watch the wedding, and 16 years later, awoke at dawn to watch her funeral. I well remember the day she gave birth to Wills back in 1982, and all the frenzy that brought on.

    Time, its passage, and its measurement truly becomes more surreal the older I get.

  7. Christina says:

    Sorry, this ‘Jessica’ is about as much a ‘friend’ of Waity as I am. Waity is what? about 8 weeks pregnant? If she is expecting twins, she may not even know herself. And given that the Queen was only informed of the pregnancy hours before Waity went into hospital, there’s no way she’d be blabbing in great detail to a ‘friend’ who wasted no time in running to the press which William so despises.

    Complete filler, of the type which we’re going to be subjected to endlessly over the next 8 months.

  8. Rita says:

    OMG!!! What if they are both males. Who’s in line to the thrown???? First one out has to be tagged so as not to confuse the line of succession.

    OMG!! What if the delivery is by cesarean? Then the doctor pulls the rabbit out of the hat and decides who will be king.

    This has King Lear or one of the Shakespearian dramas written all over it. God help the next generation of royals and as always, God Save The Queen.

    • Belle says:

      At this point, it doesn’t matter if they are both males, right? Changes have been made (or are in the process of being made) so that a daughter could be heir as well.

      When twins are born, they are always ‘tagged’ anyway, royal or not. Any twin I’ve ever heard of (unless they were born in the bushes) knows whether they are the ‘oldest’ or not. Even in a c-section, it can take time to wrangle a baby out of the womb… but in the event it goes quickly, most doctors try to be sure the babies are born at least a minute apart, so they still have their own ‘time’.

      Oh, and I’ll add for good measure, since it seems as long as this twins rumor is floating around, there will be talk of a doctor ‘choosing’ the heir in a c-section, the doctor would deliver the baby that is positioned to be delivered first. No picking and choosing… one will be in position to be delivered before they can even get to the second baby.

    • Melanie says:

      The gender doesn’t matter anymore to be in line for the throne, just birth order. So a girl could be born then a boy and she would still be ahead in line.

    • lady X says:

      OMG I can not believe how many people are ignorant about twins… If they are both boys baby A is the oldest … they will not confuse it because they will label him … and trust me when the monarch is involved they will not make tat mistake … and the DOCTOR has NOTHING to do with who chooses… the baby that is closet to the birth canal will be grabbed first … they would have been born first anyway …. And lastly the King or Queen position is not that envied any more… Trust me … more people would rather be Harry then William

  9. florencia says:

    mmm that sounds like fertility treatment to me.

  10. Ms Kay says:

    Boy am I already tired of them 24/7 baby news, it gets me nauseous too eh.. I’m going to have mood swings for the next 7 months.. *sigh*

    *goes to get ice cream*

  11. shelley says:

    yawn…call me when the baby or babies are born. Waity Kate is so predictable and boring. What the world needed was a young career woman who could juggle her job as well as princess duties. She hasnt even been doing a good job as a full time princess

  12. serena says:

    He needs hair transplant. Oh and I don’t believe it’s twins because, isn’t yet really early to find out?

    I don’t think that ‘source’ is still a friend too. LOL

    • CC says:

      The twins thing is just urban legend, and no she wouldn’t know yet, and doctors usually wait for ultrasounds to detect the heartbeats.

    • tripmom says:

      I know it’s standard to wait until 12 weeks along to do the first ultrasound, but I SWEAR this is 100% true…

      When I was 7 weeks along I marched into my doctor’s office and told them I was having twins, and I wanted them to do an ultrasound to confirm it. They treated me like a crazy lady, but I stuck to my guns and raised holy hell in their waiting room until they did it just to shut me up. It turns out I was wrong, and it was triplets, not twins, so I guess I was kind of right.

      They asked what made me think I was having twins and I said “I’ve been reading that baby book you sent home with me and I’m having symptoms I’m having 15 week symptoms, not 7 week symptoms. I just knew something was off.” I’m sure this is the most carefully monitored pregnancy of this era. I would bet anything that she’s had an ultrasound by now, so she really could know.

  13. lilibet says:

    I think it’s all nonsense and if she does have twins it’s just a coincidence. This ‘Friend’ of Kate surely must have been booted of the friends list after her last full on blabbing?! also if Kate is in hospital because of such severe morning sickness I doubt that “Her face is already fuller. She really is glowing.” I bet she feels and looks as rough as old boots!

  14. Amy says:

    Has there been a case of twins being born to a royal who were in line for succession? Is it the twin born first that is considered the heir? How confusing!

    • Christina says:

      I’m not aware of any example of twins being born to be heirs to a throne – the Danish Crown Prince and Princess recently had twins, but they already had two older children. But yes, if that were to happen, the baby that emerges first gets the crown! And with the proposed change in the succession law, the baby’s gender won’t matter.

      Thing is, though, IF they are twins (and I don’t believe the gossip on this) it’s very likely they would be delivered by CS. Which means the doctor would be the one selecting the future king/queen. Interesting…

      • Belle says:

        Gah! This is killing me…. LOL The doctor ‘choosing’ the heir is going to make me crazy. Don’t know why this is bugging me so, but it is!

        If twins are born via c-section, the baby that is born first is simply the one IN POSITION to be delivered first. Just as with a vaginal delivery, the baby that is born first is the one that has moved down into position to come out. When a c-section is done, one baby will be better positioned to come out first, before the doctor can get to the second baby. No digging around, being choosy. (;

  15. Devon says:

    I really doubt that a 30 year old woman, who most likely started trying this summer, has had fertility treatments already. If it is twins, then it’s just a coincidence.

    I moved to the UK this past summer and I have never seen more twins in my life so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had twins. It seems like ever pushchair I see is double with twins in it! Makes me scared to start trying now!

  16. keats says:

    Admittedly dumb question: can you tell twins at 8 weeks? Nobodys questioning it so I guess you can?

  17. Apsutter says:

    I wonder if she’s starting to feel better. He looks to be in a much better mood when he went to the hospital this morning

  18. Anguishedcorn says:

    I read this and immediately cringed. I understand that they may have had t announce wary bc she was hospitalized, but it seems really ill-advised to announce it’s twins. So much can happen with a multiple pregnancy– speaking from experience, as I was pregnant with twins and lost one at the end of the first trimester. Bein pregnant with twins definitely doesn’t mean two will be born, and they should wait until further along before announcing that detail. Just my two cents.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t believe much I read in L&S. Fashion your seat belts, the media frenzy is just beginning.

  20. Georgia says:

    The doctor wouldn’t actually chose the heir.
    In the C-Section he picks up whichever is more near the pelvis. That being the one that would actually come out first.
    Sorry I’m not that nitpicking is just the medstudent in me talking =)
    But good for her if it’s twins. I’m sure she will have lots and lots of nannies to help her (as she should!).

  21. mimifarrow says:

    Baby #2 is gonna be pissed.

  22. francesca says:

    I think it is an exciting idea, but only time will tell. I am expecting identical twins in April and I’m still wrapping my head around it!

  23. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “I don’t think anything is left to chance. Kate is probably one of the most organized [royal] women we’ve ever known.”

    And by “organized,” I take it she means “controlled.” Of course nothing was left to chance — or to Kate’s choice either. Every aspect of her life is controlled by the palace, including when to get pregnant.

    • Christina says:


      That’s why I think the posts above saying that she or her family are ‘leaking’ information to the press are nonsense. If she were found to be doing this, she’d be summoned to her Madge’s chambers for a dressing down post haste – morning sickness or no. Once you’re a member of The Firm, your life is not your own. And Waity was fully aware of that when she signed up for the gig.

  24. kimcheee says:

    It’s kind of creepy. It would make a great horror story. 2 souls fight it out in the womb for an opportunity to rule the world. There is much at stake. End times. Light and Dark. One could be evil and one could be light. *SCREAM!*

  25. shewolf says:

    Twins!! :D Im so thrilled! I hope its two girls!!!!!!!! Why am I so excited!!

  26. Another K says:

    I don’t think too much should be made of this twin business. I am not sure if the Brits have L&S magazine but here in the US it’s kind of a down market D- tabloid that no one (except Celebitchy it seems) pays much attention to. I think they just kept throwing out royal baby talk so often that it was bound to stick sometime and they hit paydirt over the weekend.

    • Another K says:

      I wanted to add to my post above –
      Since I was talking about magazines, so to speak, I would like to ask you Brit girls about a magazine called Tattler. I bought it once on a visit to London and wasn’t too sold on the content. A few months ago, knowing that I love all (well, most) things British, my daughter got me a subscription for my birthday. I’ve read two or three issues now and I think I have a pretty good sense of humor but I honestly don’t know if this magazine is serious with it’s over the top society stuff or is it supposed to be kind of a funny jab at the whole system? I hope it’s the latter. Sorry to be so off-topic, but I’ve been wondering about this for awhile. Thanks for any clarity anyone can offer. I’ll go back to contemplating world peace now.

      • LAK says:

        Sadly, Tatler is dead serious. It’s the bible for young sloanes. older sloanes read The Lady.

        Mind you, the current editor has tried to make it more tongue in cheek, and less insular with regards content but if you are a sloane, it’s like a yearbook.

        ps:- look out for the April fools article in the march issue. it tends to be an OTT profile of a fake family. Best one ever was the fabulous Haagen Daz family. Haagen daz being an ice cream brand. people really thought there was one and apparently wrote in enquiring after the heir to the Haagen Daz fortune.

      • Another K says:

        LAK, Holy Crap I really thought that the magazine might possibly be a huge joke but I wasn’t sure. I just received the December issue yesterday and it was all about the “Hot Singles List” or some such thing. And Pippa was on the list! So I am guessing that this is Kate and William’s social crowd. It is about 5:00 p.m. here and I know it is very late in GB so I’ll probably never get an answer but I have got to ask: What do the “normal folk” think of all this? The party photos near the back of the magazine are so ripe for a good parody! I guess it’s really no different than all the wealthy kids running around in New York or L.A. but it’s all the throwing around of titles (Honorable, Lady, etc.)that is so interesting. I didn’t think that stuff was taken seriously anymore by anyone but the royals; basically because if the royals didn’t take it seriously,they would be out of a job. I wonder how in the world the Middle Class Middletons made it into that group? I would have a huge inferiority complex if I lived in Great Britain. My great-great grandfather had a piss poor dirt farm in Scotland before making his way to California and somehow I don’t think I would have been warmly welcomed by the Hot List crowd. :)

      • LAK says:

        I wish it were a joke or a parody but it is not. And in that world, those titles matter. Money helps, but title is better.

        The good news is that it is quite insular as they all loathe publicity of the celebrity kind so pretty much unless one of their set is in the news, which is rare, i don’t think the rest of Britain thinks much about them.

        if you wanted to infiltrate society, tatler would be as good a place to start as any. it is full of information about who/what/where/when.

        Or you could always buy The sloane handbook – no joke, this is a real book written back in the 80s all about how to be a sloane. if you have the cash and motivation, it would be very easy.

        The lists they make are always interesting because the people they anoint as hot are so homely.

        What will really amuse you is the ‘eligible’ list. It ranges from teens to 90yrs if they are alive and not married. it’s wierd how they list people who are in relationships as eligible. i guess only marriage puts one out of the running.

  27. Rianic says:

    I have IUI conceived twins who were delivered via csection. The fertility issues was my hub’s, not mine.

    They told me not to tell we were pregnant w twins until after the first trimester bc of the rate of one twin “disappearing.”. My morning sickness was worse than my naturally conceived first child, but not to the extent of this

    As far as the csection, the baby who is in the “A” position (closest to the cervix), is delivered first.

  28. Elceibeno says:

    Prince williams looks so happy and handsome. Clearly fatherhood has agreed with him.

  29. e.non says:

    damn, i feel badly for this woman. she’s been hounded constantly — ‘when is she gonna have a baby; oohhh, she’s holding her stomach, ooohhh, she’s got a fat face — obviously she’s pregnant.’

    i can’t imagine how it’s going to get worse — but it is.

  30. Wren says:

    I’m just putting it out there that the odds of conceiving twins naturally does increase with age – that’s why there are more twins born nowadays, because women are leaving childbirth till later in life. And my two cents worth, I am very slim (50kg) and conceived 3 times naturally without any medication or IVF and naturally conceived fraternal twins at age 30. Sadly I lost them, but I think it’s silly to go on that she must have had assistance to conceive when millions of women conceive everyday – this is nothing more miraculous than every other conception. Although I am very happy for them :-)

  31. Nicolette says:

    Some close friends of ours just had premature twins (no IVF here, twins run in her family) over the summer. Their Mother became quite ill with very high blood pressure, and they had to induce labor. Scary time, but the babies and the Mother are all doing great :)

    I wish William and Kate the best of luck for a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  32. Sara says:

    I still think William is sexy even tho his hair is running away from him.

  33. Sara says:

    I still think William is sexy even tho his hair is running away from him

  34. Mario says:

    The royal penis has provided the peasant scum with future rulers to look down on and ignore you all!!! Worship the royal penis or it will destroy you lower class rodents!!!! Seriously stop sucking up to these people, they’re just royal parasites and snobs.

  35. Lori says:

    Let’s be thankful she’s not the next Octo-mom!!!

  36. GrandPoobah says:

    Why do people find it so offensive to suggest that she might have had some fertility help?

    Whatever works for you is whatever works for you. Women shouldn’t judge other women for their reproductive choices. IVF is just as valid as natural conception. People have more twins when using IVF than naturally-it’s just a fact. There is no shame in it.

    Anyway, I doubt she’s having twins. Every time a celebrity is pregnant or has a food baby a bunch of tabloids blare from their headlines that they’re HAVING TWINS!!!! And how often is that actually true?

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t think it is necessarily that they find it “offensive”. To me it all has become some pat answer to any celebrity or famous person’s pregnancy. OH they had to have had IV or something. Celebrities despite the common thinking are PEOPLE just like us all. and some of them get pregnant and have multiple births naturally. It just seems this is the narrative. Just like every celeb is accused of doing botox or fillers. Not saying many are not, but there are those that are not. But it seems every time a celeb has a picture posted that same thing is said almost every single time.. oh she has lip injections, botox, her face is fuller: damn full faces happen to most women when hormones kick in.

      I don’t know if she had outside help in getting pregnant. My question is if she did why is she being attacked for it. It is not a crime nor is it against the law. every woman can’t get pregnant. And unfortunately the body doesn’t always do what our brain and heart want it to.

      Not my business, but I actually think it would be great if the first born was a single birth. I know no matter what the child that is not the one will have a lot of issues. Harry was the “spare” that is a lot different then being a twin and having your fate determined by where you were positioned in the womb.

    • Xantha says:

      For me it’s not about IVF. I’m not much of a royalist(I don’t see the point of monarchies in the 21st century) but people here and beyond act like Kate is some old maid at 30 and therefore must need help conceiving.

      Just compare her to the other European monarchs. Letizia of Spain was 31 when she got married and 33 when she had her first child. Crown Princess Mary was also 33 when she gave birth to her first child. And Crown Princess Victoria was 34 when she had her daughter earlier this year. Provided that there is no miscarriage Kate will be younger than all of them when she gives birth to this child.

      Kate is not some weird exception, she’s actually the rule for the modern monarchy.

  37. Jayna says:

    Life & Style, one of the cheapest copy-and-paste story mags. They don’t have the deep pockets like the big mags and would never be the go-to mag to sell this story. Made up to fill space in their weekly magazine.