Lindsay Lohan acting ‘like a common groupie’, follows The Wanted to Philadelphia

When you’ve pulled off the amazing, groundbreaking feat of being arrested in one state and formally charged in another state all within the same 24-hour period, what’s next for a crackhead on the go? Imagine it… you’re facing assault charges in New York, three charges in LA, and the IRS has just seized your bank accounts because of back-taxes… so why lay low? Why not travel to Philadelphia like a cracked-out groupie, just to see your new favorite boy-band, The Wanted? Ugh. Lindsay Lohan did just that. According to Us Weekly, she was in Philly yesterday:

Lindsay Lohan is definitely a fan of The Wanted! Following her Nov. 29 arrest in NYC, Lohan, 26, made her first appearance at Q102′s Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Q102 Philly tweeted an exclusive photo of the actress backstage at the concert. Wearing a green coat and grey hat, Lohan had a smile on her face as she signed autographs for fans. According to Q102, Lohan was hanging out backstage with The Wanted.

The British boy band was present at the club where Lohan’s alleged brawl occurred last week. The Liz & Dick star was taken into police custody and charged with assault after a woman claimed Lohan had punched her. Prior to the incident, the actress had attended Justin Bieber and The Wanted’s show at Madison Square Garden.

“It’s a bit of a blur actually,” The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness told MTV News this week. “We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about [bandmate] Max [George], but I don’t think it actually was.”

During the band’s Thursday night concert, McGuiness wore a “Free Lindsay” T-shirt. “After a small scuffle that went down, I felt very sorry for her,” he said. “I wanted to cheer her up and I think she said she liked it, right?”

[From Us Weekly]

Jay McGuiness also said that Lindsay “was a total sweetheart on the night, so our experience [with her] is quite positive.” Ew, I just got some very gross visuals for how Lindsay is winning over the boy band. I want to believe that these Wanted boys are just unfamiliar with the size and scope of Lindsay Lohan’s crack drama and they don’t even realize she’s like the Typhoid Mary of cracked-out losers. If you spend too much time with her, you become a crackie by association.

TMZ confirms that Lindsay was in Philly and they even have a photo of her signing autographs on her way into the backstage area. They say she’s “following Max George around like a common groupie” and that she managed to get a VIP pass to the Jingle Ball. Ew, I just got even more visuals for how Lindsay arranged that. Ew.

But seriously, how is she even paying for her lifestyle at this point? Is she just cash-only?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RN says:

    I so rarely think of her as a woman only in her twenties, so it’s especially creepy that she’s following a boy band.

  2. Ms Kay says:

    Eh. Soon it’s going to be Not Wanted!

    Joke aside, I sincerely hope that one day she gets herself back on tracks.

  3. lem says:

    those last two pictures…are those recent? b/c she should forever stick with that hair color.

  4. KellyinSeattle says:

    Enjoy your freedom, Lindsay; pretty soon (hopefully) you’ll be locked up.

  5. brin says:

    Nobody puts crackie in the corner.

  6. Sam says:

    Max George needs to invest in one of those full-body condoms from the Naked Gun. Crackie is unstable and drunk most of the time, so one day he might just be walking down the street and WHAM, Crackie Attack. He should protect himself now!

  7. Elceibeno says:

    Instead of focusing on her getting clean, she’s running after a man like a teenager. She must’ve stashed money where the IRS can’t seize it.

  8. Talie says:

    I agree with everyone…she’s way too old for this game.

  9. Madriani's Girl says:

    Lindsay IS common, in fact she’s straight-up trash.

  10. Green is Good says:

    Bad move on this band’s part to be even remotely associated with the Cracken.

  11. Annie says:

    Party up, Lindsay! It’s not like you’re not going to jail for tax evasion very soon, and honey? When that happens you’re looking at a real stay in jail. You don’t mess with the government’s money. So if you think this isn’t a serious problem, you’re dead wrong. Have fun while you can!

    Amazing, just amazing that she just doesn’t care. I’ll be so happy when they sentence her to one year AT LEAST in jail.

  12. OhMyMy says:

    So The Wanted is experiencing the “Lohan bump”. Getting postively giddy from all the hit counts generated from last week. Be careful, boys, the Lohan bump may seem like great, free publicity but it comes with a very steep price. It always comes back to bite you in the arse.

  13. Madriani's Girl says:

    Hate to burst the collective bubble in here but if she finds someone to pay her taxes for her, the IRS will consider the debt settled and won’t pursue charges. Fact is, they have yet to even file charges. They’ve just attached liens on her accounts and nothing else. But if she pays, she skates. Case closed.

    • shoeaddict says:

      And I don’t hate to burst your bubble, but the IRS is NOW investigating Crackie’s “strictly cash” only payments for night club appearances. Now who here at Celebitchy actually believes Crackie declared all of these cash payments as income. Didn’t think so. TAX EVASION makes the IRS pissy and if she’s guilty, she will go to a FEDERAL PRISON where there is none of this overcrowding house arrest nonsense. Fox News reported this a few days ago on their website.

      • Madriani's Girl says:

        That’s a completely different thing than simple owing back taxes, which is what the liens are for. I hadn’t heard about the investigation you were referring to but I’m so excited, I could just pee. Maybe FINALLY, she’ll get put away!!!!!!!!! Thank you for telling me this!

      • OhMyMy says:

        Does anyone know if there would be any penalties for the companies paying her the cash under the table?

        If someone was dumb enough to pay off the taxes for her it wouldn’t help her in the long run. She’d just be even more convinced that she didn’t have to take responsibility and worry about it, someone else will do it for her…all good.

        I think that’s why her business manager from 09-10 quit on her. Accountants and business managers will handle the number crunching and prepare the paperwork but it’s still her responsbility to sign the forms/check and submit them. I don’t think she bothered to.

      • erika says:

        oh girl are you serious? don’t mess with me, stating that she might go to federal prison is like, mustering up dreams of unicorns and lollipops to me right now…it would be just TOO goOD to be true!

        I wonder if HoLo would revert back to her lesbian ways once in federal prison?

        oh no…I feel bad for all the ladies currently serving in federal prison. WATCH your FRONTS ladies!!! Don’t drop the rope!

      • Boo says:

        I think we are *ALL* peeing at the thought of Crackie in the federal pen. It would be like Christmas and all our birthdays rolled up into one giant gift.

      • PinkG says:

        OhMyMy: I would guess they give her a 1099 at the end of the year.

  14. fabgrrl says:

    Common groupie = communal groupie? Those boys are pretty cute. I’d imagine they have prettier, fresher groupies to chose from.

  15. lucy2 says:

    “But seriously, how is she even paying for her lifestyle at this point?”
    You answered your own question – more gross visuals.

  16. Cathy says:

    Run boys, Get away as fast as you can. Don’t let the crackenmonster cast her evil spell on you. Run, run, run…

  17. clumsyme says:

    Did she have a nose job recently? Her nose looks really funky in the last pics. Of course her lips are done, but something about that nose is different.

  18. Flora Kitty says:

    Poor Typhoid Mary to be compared to the Cracken.

  19. hayley says:

    did anyone see Aaron carter freak out at her on twitter? because something about it was hysterical. go check it out.

  20. PortlandJan says:

    I would suggest that this band have the good sense to lock up their money, credit cards and valuables before they go on stage.

  21. Christine says:

    The way her face, especially her nose/trils, is changing is similar to Megan Fox’s. Everything lifts including the nostrils.

  22. boo says:

    She knows how to weave that web doesn’t she, she’s very charming this little crack thief. I totally believe that these poor schmucks don’t even know what they’re getting into. I can just see her smiling and being so coy and sexy cute, she’s a master at this game, how do you think she gets all those rich guys to give her money, of course with them it’s more than just smiles, there is always the promise of “more”, if you get my drift. I got your number Ms. Lohan, just don’t overplay your hand you might land in jail.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    I’d encourage those boy banders to use their phones/laptops for something other than video streaming & tweeting, and do a little Google or Bing research on The Cracken. I’m sure it would be enlightening to them.

  24. Izzy says:

    She wasn’t signing autographs. She was signing receipt papers for the process server.

  25. Chatcat says:

    Oh great, as if the streets of Philly were already not safe, now we have to hide our male children under the age of 25 from the cracken ho.

  26. mar says:

    calling her a common groupie is too much of a compliment

  27. *Apple says:

    Wasn’t the necklace she jacked the same style to the one she is wearing in these photos? If I remember correctly it was a long chain with a pouch, right? Does that ring a bell for anyone else?

    • jwoolman says:

      No, she was wearing the stolen necklace along with something that had a pouch (of a different trype) dangling off it. At the time, that pouch was always with her. I always figured it carried her “medication”…

      I suspect that all these young men being asked to say nice things about Lindsay don’t know her very well. They had better be careful – she’ll be begging for money while robbing them blind. I wonder if the people asking for autographs knew who she was or if they assumed she was with the band? She’s so unrecognizable from her teen movie days and it’s hard to believe the band’s audience includes Lifetime movie fans. I know she brings all this on herself and is a real mean girl (I’m doubting now that it’s just the booze and drugs, even sober she may not be very nice). But all this is so pathetic and sad. She’s so delusional.

  28. logan says:

    So she has charges in New York and charges in California and she pulls her crazy train into my state of PA? Philly isn’t the place to play the games she likes to play. There is enough problems in Philly without her spreading her own brand of crime wave.
    When exactly does she have to appear in court? Could somebody let me know, I want to be sure and see her latest ho stroll into the court house. With MaMa and Miz Holley in tow as usual.

  29. Lexi says:

    She was such a pretty girl, what happened? Plastic surgery, drugs????

  30. Helen Hines says:

    Could she endorse the check and then sign it over to a friend to cash it? Would her friends be that stupid?

  31. logan says:

    stephen baldwin just arrested on……..TAX CHARGES.
    Radar Online says that Lindsay sent Ali to a used clothing store to try and sell some of her clothes. Didn’t get nearly as much as she wanted.
    Lindsay——the tax man cometh!!!!!!

  32. Justine says:

    Is it just me – “Lohan [...] signed autographs for fans” – there are still fans?

  33. e.non says:

    how in the hell is she able to be travelling to philly…
    i thought she was broke. is her married indian moneybags boyfriend still in the picture?

  34. ViloDeMenus says:

    This just confirms her immaturity, she’s closing in on 30 and likes boybands? How sad is that? Nothing says loser like a woman who’s mad about a manufactured band that will be forgotten in 18 months. What next, trying to take that nub Biebs away from Selena? She’s so very sad, isn’t she?

  35. Jane says:

    “The View” today focused on criminals and someone used Casey Anthony and LL in the same sentence.

  36. Krock says:

    Didn’t Charlie Sheen give her 100g’s? Maybe she’s hiding it in her mattress and living off of that.

  37. Skesis says:

    Oh God, her face. I feel sorry for her. But I’m significantly older than she is and look better when I’ve just woken up than she does at her “movie” premiere.

  38. Sassy says:

    so tmz is reporting she travelled on the band bus to Boston? sounds like she’s an invited guest not some crazy stalker?

  39. Bess says:

    It looks like Blohan is with the band in Boston.

    via twitter…
    @RyanSchulteis: Video of Lindsay Lohan backstage at Jingle Ball 2012 #JingleBall2012