Demi Moore made out with her 26 year-old boyfriend at a party, of course

Demi in January, 2012, with Rumer. There are very few recent photos of her.

Yesterday we heard the story, from People Magazine, that Demi Moore’s young adult daughters were basically mortified that their mother was dating a guy only slightly older than they were, a guy they knew through friends. The fact that the news originated in People gave it an air of authority, along with the fact that it’s common sense. Who wouldn’t be upset that their mom was dating someone in their peer group? Well here’s some more very embarrassing, very public news about Demi to make her daughters hide their heads in shame. Demi accompanied her new boyfriend, a 26 year-old art dealer named Vito Schnabel to celebrity hangout “Art Basel” in Miami. While there, Demi was photographed dancing like a chicken (as we’ve seen from her before) around Lenny Kravitz and looking quite cozy with Kravitz. (You can see those photos at this link, we don’t have them. In one pic, Lenny has his finger in Demi’s damn mouth.) So does that mean Demi has her sights on Lenny and that she’s kaput with her young boytoy? No! Demi was also seen making out with Vito at that same party, since she couldn’t wait until they got a room. I haven’t made out with anyone at a party since college. Does that make me a prude or just considerate of others? You know the answer I’m fishing for here. Here’s the story, from E!

Ashton Kutcher’s ex Demi Moore was spotted with her rumored young boy-toy this evening at the and Chanel BBQ at the Soho Beach House in Miami, and the duo definitely weren’t keeping their fling a secret.

An eyewitness tells E! News that Moore was publicly making out with Vito Schnabel.

“They are definitely a couple,” says the eyewitness. “She is definitely more down to party than Vito.”

Moore, who also was seen hanging out with Lenny Kravitz, was wearing clear hipster glasses and was seen dancing up a storm. “She was most ready to party than anyone else in the room.”

The actress is also set to appear alongside Schnabel tomorrow night at the Dom Perignon party at Wall nightclub in the W Hotel in South Beach.

Another chance at spotting some serious PDA? We think yes.

[From E! Online]

I’m convinced now that Demi’s issues with her girls are entirely her own doing, and that she’s not going to snap out of it or grow up or do whatever she needs to do in order to move on with her life in a healthy, sober way. Look at those photos I mentioned of her at that party. She’s blitzed and it’s probably not just booze. Yes she needs to get over Ashton, but she’s doing it the entirely wrong way. I had a lot of sympathy for Demi when it came out that Ashton was a serial cheater. Now, not so much, and I’m rethinking whether that sympathy was even warranted at the time.

Vito Schnabel with his dad, Julian, in August. What a catch.

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’d be dancing, too, if Lenny Kravitz was in the room!
    Not much else to say but gross. Making out in front of your daughter? I’d be completely mortified if I even saw my parents making out. :)

  2. Dorothy#1 says:

    What kind of party is she at? Those are the weirdest pictures!!!

  3. BooBooLaRue says:

    I just spit up my coffee.

  4. emmie_a says:

    Her teeth are huge!! I’m sure they are veneers but why would she get such large ones?

    And I’ve heard stories before about her hitting on Rumer’s friends (wasn’t she after Zac Efron?) so this is not surprising at all. Nor is it appropriate. I get that she wants to be a hot cougar or whatever but the way she goes about it makes her look pathetic and downright desperate. grow up Demi.

  5. Blue says:

    Ewww I hate when people make out in public. I was on the bus last week and this couple behind me were going at it. Blech, it was so gross, you could hear how sloppy it was, I want to vomit.
    I guess she really doesn’t care or realize how desperate and sad all these stories make her sound.

  6. RN says:

    I just checked and Bruce Willis and his wife have a 24 year age difference, yet no one is blinking and writing extensively about it.

    Demi’s addictions and behavior should not be lumped all together with her dating younger men. Not if we’re going to continuously give older men with younger women a free pass. We should then confine our comments solely to her alcohol or drug-induced behavior.

    I’m just getting so tired of the double standard for older women. It must be because I’m over the age of 40. Women my age are “cougars” (ugh) if they date a younger man. Men who date younger women are, what? Just men, apparently.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Personally my general rule is that if your partner is younger than your kids then it’s kind of gross.

    • jinni says:

      I don’t think that every May-Dec relationship were the woman is the older one gets ragged on. Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone’s relationships with younger guys aren’t mocked or really criticized and that has a lot to do with the fact that they don’t appear desperate to people. Jennifer Lopez and Demi seem sad compared to those two ladies. Jennifer goes over the top with this “us against the world”/ “our love is so profound” mentality with her “CasperBear” and Demi acts like/thinks she’s a teenager.

      The relationship between Aaron Taylor Johnson and his older wife Sam Taylor-Wood only really started getting the side eye from people when from his interviews he seemed to have been molded into his wife’s prefect man and never allowed to find out who he was a person because they got together when he was so young, which is reminiscent of how older men would take in young female wards and raise them to be their perfect wives back in the day.

      • lizbet says:

        Agreed. The age gap is just one element of a larger equation, and if the “mature” person is trying to hang onto their youth by being with a younger person, that’s what gets mocked. If both act like normal adults, even if it isn’t someone’s cup of tea, people might side-eye it, but they get over it and move on.

    • lem says:

      With Demi it is just the culmination of everything– the young men, the drug abuse, the partying, the extreme plastic surgery, etc. She seems to do all of it to validate her “continuing” youth and sexiness. I don’t get the same vibe out of Willis and Hemmings relationship– that’s not to say that some older men that date younger women don’t do that, but I don’t see that with those two.

    • bcgirl says:

      @RN Amen sistah!
      said well.

      and what are they both saying in that first pic, “Sh……”

  7. Dawn says:

    Demi please take these relationships out of the public eye. You aren’t doing yourself or your children any favors by acting the fool over and over again. I would say that you are a desperate woman but by your actions, that word no longer covers it as you are beyond desperate and moved into some other realm. Not too cool Demi. No wonder your daughters remained friends with Ashton, maybe it wasn’t his entire fault after all. You are in my generation Demi and so I say to you it’s time you grew up, 50 is not all bad girl, you just accept it and roll with it and you’ll be fine. Relying on a 20 something for your fun is just wrong, find yourself a man and if fifty and over is too depressing for you there are still lots of hot forty year olds for you to hit on. But it is time for you to move away from those in their twenties. Really.

  8. SmokeyBlues says:

    I have never made out in public. It’s just so gross and screams “I need validation!”, which makes sense given Demi’s recent behavior.
    Her dance moves look like me with my sister when we are staying home on a Sat night lol. I love the way Lenny is avoiding even looking at her dance moves.
    Get it together Demi! Damn!

  9. marie says:

    what?!? Kravitz is way better than that kid, WTH is wrong with this chick-dangit, if you get the opportunity to sleep with Kravitz you take it!!

  10. kimchee says:

    These party pics (at link) are hilarious. Who is that blonde man who is doing the weird dance behind the couch by the plant? He must be someone….

  11. meryl-lee says:

    She’s an addict, behaving like an addict. Why is everyone so surprised/indignant/shocked?

  12. Emma says:

    Hm. Why would Lenny have his finger in Demi’s mouth? Unless, unless, what is he holding in that same hand in the picture before…?

  13. RobN says:

    The degree to which I feel sorry for her is seriously waning.

  14. tracking says:

    I just watched a Demi film “Half Light” and it reminded me why I liked her as an actress. BUT I realized halfway through that her face was frozen. As in immobile, could barely open her mouth. Her derm does good work–she looked freakishly young and beautiful (easily passed for 30 or so), but at a cost. I try not to judge her, because I’m sure her emotional and likely hormonal issues are hell, but it is sad.

  15. tabasco says:

    soooooo many STDs in these photos

  16. Chordy says:

    Ah, yes, the old truth of celebrity breakups: the best way to get over a man is to get under Lenny Kravitz.

  17. Bowers says:

    There’s nothing wrong with younger but to constantly seek out younger rather than just letting something happen is just plain sad.

  18. LeslieM says:

    I’ll say one thing for her; he legs look great! I hope that is just a weird picture and not Lenny K. giving her a pill. She needs to grow up and act her age.

  19. India says:

    I am just disgusted by this behavior. I used to really like her in the 80′s and 90′s, but now she has turned into such a nutcase skank.

  20. Becks says:

    Ugh….how embarrassing for her daughters!

  21. aston martin says:

    I don’t have a problem at all with her getting loved up by a way younger boyfriend. I do have a problem with her acting like she’s 26 herself. I’m not saying break out the walker; just tone it down a little, be sophisticated. Get photographed TALKING to Lenny, not up in his face flirting. Wear a tastefully tailored cocktail dress and dance here and there with friends, drink in hand, not going buck-wild eating the camera with your nearly exposed gyrating crotch.

    I’m getting tired of reading about her, even in the can’t stop watching the car wreck curiosity.

  22. G says:

    A 50yr old and a romper should not know each other. She’s an embarassing hot mess. I’m embarassed for her. RUMOR COME GET YOUR MOTHER!

  23. candigirl says:

    Haha I love these photos and the comments “not going buck-wild eating the camera with your nearly exposed gyrating crotch” What others said above, Demi is an addict, and it looks like she’s on drugs again. On another site there is a photo of her leaving the party with a woman, Demi can’t seem to focus her eyes anymore, seems really out of it and hides her face with her hands. So sad for her kids.