Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, pitches a Twitter fit over Grammy snub

Justin Bieber

Here are some photos of Justin Bieber in Philly (poor city can’t catch a break, what with Lindsay Lohan wandering around and acting like a common groupie) on Wednesday evening for the Jingle Ball. Justin’s had a pretty big year for a guy that was only supposed to be here for one or two years, max. He won an AMA award, got to meet the Canadian Prime Minister while wearing overalls, and earned a massive $55 million while executing a Douche Ex Machina on mechanical wings. Total win.

Still, it’s never enough for a mega pop star, and Justin must be awfully disappointed that he was snubbed for every category in the newly announced Grammy nominations. For his part, Justin has actually maintained a dignified silence on the topic, but his sketchy manager, Scooter Braun, went roaring on a a Twitter tirade. Here are the results:

Justin Bieber

Classy, right? I guess singers (just like actors) get way too worked up about awards when the true measure of success is usually found in record and concert ticket sales. Oh well. It does seem strange that Bieber was overlooked for Pop Vocal Album. Hell, I’d even take Bieber over that terrible Gotye song that was nominated for Record of the Year. Gotye = ear poison. Here is a (mostly complete) list of Grammy nominations:

Record of the Year:
Lonely Boy, The Black Keys
Stronger (What Doesnt Kill You), Kelly Clarkson
We Are Young, fun. featuring Janelle Monae
Somebody That I Used To Know, Gotye Featuring Kimbra
Thinkin Bout You, Frank Ocean
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift

Album of the Year:
El Camino, The Black Keys
Some Nights, fun.
Babel, Mumford & Sons
Channel Orange, Frank Ocean
Blunderbuss, Jack White

Song of the Year:
The A Team, Ed Sheeran
Adorn, Miguel Pimentel
Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
Stronger (What Doesnt Kill You), Kelly Clarkson
We Are Young, fun. featuring Janelle Monae

New Artist:
Alabama Shakes
Hunter Hayes
The Lumineers
Frank Ocean

Pop Vocal Album:
Stronger, Kelly Clarkson
Ceremonials, Florence & The Machine
Some Nights, fun.
Overexposed, Maroon 5
The Truth About Love, Pink

Rock Album:
El Camino, The Black Keys
Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay
The 2nd Law, Muse
Wrecking Ball, Bruce Springsteen
Blunderbuss, Jack White

R&B Album:
Black Radio, Robert Glasper Experiment
Back To Love, Anthony Hamilton
Write Me Back, R. Kelly
Beautiful Surprise, Tamia
Open Invitation, Tyrese

Rap Album:
Take Care, Drake
Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, Lupe Fiasco
Life Is Good, Nas; Undun, The Roots
God Forgives, I Dont, Rick Ross
Based on a T.R.U. Story, Chainz

Country Album:
Uncaged, Zac Brown Band
Hunter Hayes, Hunter Hayes
Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran, Jamey Johnson
Four The Record, Miranda Lambert
The Time Jumpers, The Time Jumpers

[From Grammy.com]

Taylor Swift will win everything. R. Kelly received a nomination this year? How interesting.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Twitter, Fame/Flynet, and WENN

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  1. Samigirl says:

    Underdog? This teenager has more money than most of us will ever accumulate! He already has a Grammy (I think?), so just get over it!

    SN: I REALLLLLLY hope The Lumineers win the Grammy. I have their album listen to it every day. It’s wonderful. Ho Hey is mine and my daughters song =)

  2. Skipper says:

    I’d be pissed too. If call me maybe got a nomination justin certainly should have. It’s all crap

    • CamColty says:

      I love the lumineers !! I sing ho hey to my boys all the time :)

    • Leigh says:

      Hey Skipper, do you know Scooter?

      • Skipper says:

        No. You think the Grammys are an upstanding and meaningful ceremony? You think we are never ever getting back together is in the same league as gotye’s song (that I’m tired of but it’s still good). Isn’t this all a popularity contest? Why shouldn’t Justin’s music be included in the clusterf**k?

      • NerdMomma says:

        All Skipper is saying, Leigh, is that the bar for Grammy nomination is set very very low if “Call Me Maybe” made the cut. I agree there are a few gems on that list, but if record sales are the reward for popularity, maybe the Grammy noms should reward strong songwriting or something? Otherwise what is the point?

      • V4Real says:

        Hi Skipper
        I also think the Grammys are full of crap. Unlike the AMA’s, The Grammys do not make their decisions based on record sales and a few other criteria’s. The members of the Recording Industry Association select the songs for nominations as well as vote on them. I’m pretty sure some albums/songs out sale others by a large margin and still the song with the least amount of record sales can win.

        The Grammys have been called the Oscar of music but like the Oscars it has become to political. JB was not nominated because maybe the members don’t consider his music worthy of a nomination. I’m still trying to figure out how “Call Me Maybe and “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together made the cut.

      • Skipper says:

        After seeing how hard people campaign for oscars, I don’t think there are any awards ceremonies that aren’t corrupt. The dresses are the only things that make them worthwhile. It’s just the popular crowd patting each other on the back. I’m going to set up an awards ceremony for my family and friend. I’ll give out awards like, most fertile, best decision maker, smartest kid, best knitter. I have planning to do. Now I know what I’ll do at work all day!

      • Leigh says:

        Skipper, I completely agree with your last comment, all the self congratulatory ceremonies in the entertainment industries are full of crap… I was just teasing you about insinuating AT ALL that Bieber should get a nomination… of any kind…

        Why do they need to reward themselves – all they do is entertain people!! They’re making music, not saving lives or changing the world… lol.

  3. CamColty says:

    He looks like such a Douche haha my good god

  4. kas says:

    His managers name is Scooter. How perfect.

    Aren’t there bands, like the Rolling Stones, that have never won a Grammy? But yeah, Scooter let’s press pause over THIS particular snub.

  5. daz says:

    someone just spat their dummy out of the pram

  6. logan says:

    Ah, Christmas is coming, get the little fella a new bike and he will forget all about the Grammy’s.

  7. BRE says:

    I didn’t have to read the article to be annoyed by it, the pictures alone are killing me. LEARN TO DRESS!

  8. Kate says:

    I have a feeling the Grammys will end up with Frank Ocean picking up everything he’s nominated in.

  9. BRE says:

    Justin kind of reminds me of a boyfriend I have when I was 19. He was always high and listening to bone, thugs, and harmony.

  10. Amy625 says:

    The Grammys are about talent not album/tour sales. Being a big seller helps but it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get nominated. Taylor isn’t going to win anything. WANEGBT isn’t going to win song and record of the year. That would be ridiculous. Even more so that it was nominated.

  11. Ann says:

    The Grammys are a joke anyway. They pander to the masses and top 40 hits, not quality music. “Call Me Maybe”??? Award winning? Please. Yes it’s a catchy little tune that was everywhere, but that doesn’t make it award worthy.

    That’s just like saying that Oscars should be given to Twilight and Transformers, because they are so popular.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t take an adult man who chooses to use the name “Scooter” seriously. (Unless he’s on the Redneck Comedy Tour. Which negates the “seriously” part.)

    As far as the Grammys, I say “Do something to actually EARN one.” But then I see the other candidates and realise they deserve no more respect than the MTV awards.

    How far the mighty have fallen.

  13. Micah says:

    I seriously can’t with this twit.

    It looks like he practices these looks and poses in front of a mirror, before he goes out.

    I feel sorry for Selena, it’s like a night out with this one, would involve seeing the back of his head for most of the night, as he would be trying to check himself out in any and all reflective surfaces, practicing his “blue steel” looks and poses.

    The ridiculous outfits…..

    Everything is so affected with this kid.

  14. dorothy says:

    It’s ok, he still has all his “fans”. Too bad all of them are still in elementary school.

  15. Kimbob says:

    LMAO….I can’t stop laughing. This is a prime example of JB being butt-hurt for the snub, & “job security” for Scooter by consoling the little brat w/a Twitter rant. That’s all this was, plain & simple.

    It’s called keeping the ego intact of your “cash cow.” Bwahahahahaaaaaa!

  16. Bowers says:

    The guy couldn’t shut up.

  17. Erinn says:

    Mumford, the Black Keys, Lumineers, fun.? This is probably the largest amount of people I’ve actually liked that are up for Grammy’s.

    I’m also pumped that Bret Mckenzie is nominated for one for the song he did in the Muppets!

  18. Kate2 says:

    First of all, Bieber and his manager are both tools.

    Second, “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? Really? That song was released 4 months ago. How can anyone be like “OMG, it’s totally worthy of being nominated for Record of the Year!” Ugh. That and “Call Me Maybe” (bigger ear poison that Gotye – sorry). I just can’t take the Grammy Awards seriously anymore.

    • aims says:

      I can’t either. Its awarding the top 40 music. Kelly clarkson? Shes a great singer, but come on. Whatever happen to real music? When an artist was really an artist. Where they wrote, played an instrument, they didnt have to run around the stage like an ass and they wouldnt even think about being auto tuned.

  19. GoodCapon says:

    Good to see some people still have common sense. Why would anyone even consider giving Beiber a Grammy? Seriously.

  20. LeslieM says:

    Who the he’ll dresses him? My eyes are burning. The gold chain and peeking over his sunglasses (inside no less) as if he is wearing readers. Seriously the clothes have gotten really bad. He didn’t dress anything like this in the beginning. He looks like Curtis Blow.

  21. lower-case deb says:

    What?! No Gangnam Stylie?

  22. Andrew says:

    I am so happy about black keys and Mumford getting nominated for album of the year. I just wish flo and the machine’s ceremonials would have been too, but it got nominated for good stuff too. This year’s Grammys look great and I am glad Beiber didn’t get nominated. Even thoughi can’t stand Gotye’s voice, the song itself isn’t that bad…it’s better than listening to words such as ‘selenar’ and ‘wiener’. Talk about childish lol

  23. Adrien says:

    His protege, Carly Rae got one for “Call Me Maybe”.
    Whatever, Grammys, we all know the song of the year belong’s to Psy’s Gangnam Style. It’s not even nominated.

  24. Skins says:

    Love how he tries to look and act like some badass rapper, yet his music is about as bubblegum fluff as you can get. Not saying the kid doesn’t have any talent, but he is such a tool

  25. Ms Kay says:

    *tyres screech* Tyrese got nominated? In what world????

    Wait… I thought Watch The Throne was nominated too? Or is it only a partial list I’m seeing here?

  26. Coral says:

    Why does Justin look like Hillary Swank in Boys Dont Cry? He should do the remake.

  27. Alexandra says:

    I am rooting so hard for Florence + the Machine and The Black Keys.

    As for Scooter, isn’t a contradiction to say that all the singers deserved their nomination, but JB also deserved some? Sometimes, there is no place under the sun for all of them. Nominating JB would have meant excluding others.

  28. poppy says:

    there was a great article in the new yorker re: scooter braun this september. bieber and he are perfect for each other.

    sn: ALABAMA SHAKES if you like a bluesy soulful rock a la janice joplin type music.

  29. Theresa says:

    FUN! Team FUN! FUN’s album is so amazing! I want to be able to post “FUN WON!” the day after the Grammys!

    *Ahem. So, what were we talking about?

  30. Bird says:

    OH MY GOD with the posing. It’s actually kindof amazing lol.

  31. Lee says:

    Is anyone else getting a Zack Morris vibe from JB?

  32. Stubbylove says:

    Sorry JB – the Douchey Lesbian Look-alike award nominations come out in January – fingers crossed!

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    The sad thing is that his gold chain is probably real. And his pants so baggy because he isn’t potty trained yet. Anyway, if he wins a Grammy, I’ll move to Canada….oh, sh*t, never mind.

  34. Zoid says:

    Part of me wishes that, since they have already hit rock bottom, the Grammys had taken out a shovel and dug a little deeper to include One Direction. Imagine how Scooter would’ve reacted then.

  35. Madriani's Girl says:

    I really, really hate this kid and for me to hate on someone, that’s a lot. He thinks he is so cool but he’s just an egotistical douchenozzle. Like we used to say when we were kids: He thinks he’s hot sh*t but he’s really just cold diarrhea.

  36. Ash says:

    Ugh, I can’t even with this kid. He looks like SUCH a tool posing like that.

    I hope Zac Brown Band wins for country album. They are so very talented and put on an amazing show. Plus Uncaged was a great album.

  37. Christine says:

    Yea, you lost me at Bieber over Gotye. No. Just no.

    • Elena says:

      I was beginning to think I’m the only one who had to triple check to makes sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me.
      Nobody’s got to love Gotye, but Bieber songs over “Somebody that I used to know”…???
      Well, at the end of the day everyone’s entitled to their preferences.

  38. skuddles says:

    Ugh look at that ridiculous little punk trying to pose all cool-like.

  39. Guest says:

    Why is it a snub? That implies they deliberately didn’t nominate him just to annoy him. Nothing to do with the fact that he wasn’t good enough or simply that there were enough people better than him to fill the relevant categories.

    I don’t know any of Justin Bieber’s songs apart from Baby simply because they don’t get much air time here in Europe probably due to lack of requests. I don’t listen to radio a lot or music channels on tv but even I know the popular songs of artists I don’t particularly like, such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepson. I genuinely couldn’t name a Bieber song (apart from the above mentioned). I know more about his private life through gossip sites than I do about his music.

    Teenage girls are a powerful enough force to make him financially succesful but unlike other artist his music doesn’t carry to other generations so maybe that’s why he was “snubbed”.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Dumping Bieber is the best thing Selena has done. I can’t imagine having to willingly spend time in his presence. Just looking at him is bad enough.

    As for being snubbed…bwahahahaha. The Grammys used to be about talent..now? not so much.

    I give him 1 more year. His time is just about up.

  41. gabe says:

    Personally, I’m pretty much over awards and awards shows now. I guess it shows my age, right? I guess it has something to do with the sheer volume of music released and the amount of daily exposure the artists get.

    Back when I was little popster, we’d watch the awards shows to see something special. Even if you knew it was contrived, it was still something you didn’t see every day. Remember when Tupac and Biggie’s moms came together at the MTV awards? Even the behind-the-scenes gossip was more interesting back then, like wondering if Snoop would show up and if he’d get caught by the cops waiting for him if he did. Stuff like that.

    But now, social media and the marketing machinery monster have every angle covered for us to access every day. When you look at Bieber… as pissed as he may be about not being nominated, how much will Grammy validation actually affect his sales or his fanbase numbers? And if he was asked to perform, how different or over the top would that production be from all the stuff he’s already done in his concerts and videos? At some level, everything is turning into more of the same thing.

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      Great post gabe; but go back further than social media and music vids; one of the many reasons Led Zeppelin was huge (they never won album of the year go figure), was not only that they were the greatest rock band but they stayed away from the media as it then existed and cultivated an aura of mystery to enhance their stature; Sweets grown common lose their dear delight wrote the Bard, and the more you see douchenozzles like biebster the more you despise them. Exact opposite of the mighty zep back in the day.

  42. Boodiba says:

    Who cares about the Grammys? Awards shows are even more painfully boring that reality TV.

  43. Nicole says:

    Oh yes! Some of my favorite people are nominated! I really want Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, Miguel, and Lupe Fiasco to win something.

  44. gemmaa says:

    As a reformed music snob, I would like to state that I think ‘call me maybe’ and ‘we are never getting back together’ are FINE examples of great pop music.
    Vapid, catchy, fun. They don’t ask to be taken seriously.

  45. oivey says:

    What is to be expected of a grown man called Scooter??

  46. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I hope Frank Ocean wins everything that he is nominated for, he deserves it and he is amazing (not to mention utterly gorgeous).

  47. twoblues says:

    “Scooter”, who could ever take you seriously with a name like that?

  48. Jub-Jub says:

    I’d even take Bieber over that terrible Gotye song that was nominated for Record of the Year”

    Even if you don’t like that particular song (I’m not a huge fan of it either) at least Goyte writes and composes his own music.

  49. Sweet Dee says:

    “Taylor Swift will win everything.” ??? Umm she’s only nominated for one thing, thankfully. “Bieber is better than Gotye” ??? Gross, no he’s not. At all.

  50. indi says:

    I think the Grammys proved what a joke awards ceremonys are a couple of years ago when Lenn Rimes was nominated for a song no one had heard from an album no one bought. Allegedly because her songwriter was on the board or some selection committee for the Grammys. That was the occasion she was able milk it for more publicity by being seen to mouth the F & B words when Miranda Lambert won that category.

  51. Serena says:

    somebody in the grammys is doing their job right.

  52. Hayley says:

    When is this ridiculous little twit going to go away?

  53. jay says:

    He looks like he just came out of Kanye’s closet… +1 for the Frank Ocean sweep!

  54. lisa2 says:

    I think the true measure of success is longevity. It is about the totality of the career. There have been many performers with huge sales and won awards. Today most people don’t know who the hell they are nor care. I don’t see Justin as this Iconic figure in the future. I don’t see him being that talent that is remembered. Not saying he is not talented, but I just don’t see it. I see him going the way of so many other teen idols.. his career will ebb an flow. Just like everyone else.

    awards are not everything.

    There was a kid in my High School named “Scooter” a nic name, but he was the first white guy I and my friends every crushed over. Seriously a beautiful guy. Wow.. I’m feeling 17 all over again.. :)