Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $100K as ‘payment she was owed from a project’

Charlie Sheen has a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, and he ended up talking about his new BFF/wannabe goddess Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately for all of us, Charlie did not declare his undying love for the Cracken, but he did discuss her issues and he ended up confirming that he wrote a $100,000 check to Lindsay to help her pay her tax bill.

Notorious bad boy Charlie Sheen is opening up to ET’s Chris Jacobs in an exclusive interview, commenting to Chris on a loan he made to his ex co-star Lindsay Lohan.

Sheen struck up a kinship with his co-star Lindsay Lohan on Scary Movie 5, and reportedly gifted the troubled starlet with $100,000.

In speaking with ET, Sheen admitted he had indeed given Lohan an unspecified amount of money, saying only that it was payment she was owed from a project. Although he says he was happy to “pay it forward,” Sheen reveals that he has yet to have received any form of gratitude from Lohan.

“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,’” laughed Sheen. “Anything, you know?”

Nevertheless he wished “the best” for Lohan, explaining that she’s “a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot.”

He added, “She just needs a little bit of time…People need to give her time to get her s**t together.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Wait, what? “Sheen admitted he had indeed given Lohan an unspecified amount of money, saying only that it was payment she was owed from a project”…? Michael K’s ideas for the “project” were a lot grosser than what I’m coming up with. Like, I think it’s just straight up prostitution, as in the “project” was gross, kinky sex with Charlie Sheen. Or drugs, obviously. Maybe Charlie was paying her $100K to drug mule. Yikes.

Here’s the video of the interview – Charlie also says that he gave Lindsay the advice to “lead with humor” – as in, to have a sense of humor about herself and her situation, which… that really isn’t the worst advice. Too bad that the Cracken has NO sense of humor about herself.

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  1. Summer says:

    Was it a secret bj project? ( if u know what i mean)

  2. marie says:

    was it project Charlie Dong? project Adopt-A-Dong? project Disease-A-Dong? project Keeping-Dongs-Green?

  3. yellowshaba says:

    regardless of everything he loaned het 10,000 dollars and she couldn’t even bother to say thank you? Wow cracken now that’s just plain rude

  4. mojoman says:

    Yeah sure, it’s called ” something Charlie forgot to put on the bedside table project”..

  5. cat says:

    Maybe that’s what his accountant told him to say? If you give a gift of that amount, maybe you have to pay taxes on it? just guessing. he seems like an okay guy – I know he has issues but. (I didn’t watch the video. don’t know if that would change my opinion.) Strange that L Lohan didn’t acknowledge it tho’! That’s where I think he’s really saying it was a gift. If it was for a “project” DO you technically have to say thanks? curious.

  6. Summer says:

    Project two and half grams!!! lol

  7. gg says:

    Please don’t enable her right back on the streets and behind the wheel Charlie. She NEEDS to be jailed already.

  8. TheWendyNerd says:

    Did she lie about how much abortions cost and he was just too high to notice?

  9. freya says:

    he might be a complete crackhead (and a bit misguided where LL is concerned), but he sure has his heart in the right place:

    • emmie_a says:

      Yeah the 75,000 donation was awesome. He’s extremely messed-up but I think he’s a good person, which is why I think he’s too good for Lindsay.

      And is he joking or did Lindsay really not thank him for the 100k?? I can believe it though because she’s such an entitled snot.

  10. Jennika says:

    “She is just going through a lot”? Yea okay. All her problems are her own damn fault. She not a f-ing survivor. Does she have court tomorrow?

  11. yael says:

    lindsay, if you’re going to be a trainwreck, at least do it the charlie sheen way – he can still speak coherently and logically (and hell, actually be funny), and appear relatively sober during an interview.

  12. G says:

    Oh, I think she got fined or pay reduced for all the crap she pulled SM3. Maybe she had to pay for that private plane to fetch her.

    She complained and her felt sorry for her. Didn’t even say thank-you? Which explains everything about why one is successful at work and the other isn’t.

  13. Zigggy says:

    I can’t believe she didn’t say thank you. Well, I can, but you know.

  14. dorothy says:

    She must be great at “jobs”.

  15. Cathy says:

    Perhaps he forgot to thank her for services rendered and she figured turnabout is fair play.

  16. T.C. says:

    Do prostitutes say thank you to their Johns?

  17. psykins says:

    He’s probably just saying that so she won’t have to pay the 50% gift tax (which is awfully nice of him if she hasn’t even thanked him yet!) Instead, she’ll just have to pay her regular income tax rate…(or not, since it IS the Cracken)

  18. Bess says:

    If Charlie wanted to give me $100k, I would send him a written thank-you note and call him every damn day.

  19. boo says:

    Of course the cracken does not have a sense of humor, did someone post that? To have a sense of humor you need to have some brains, I think Charlie is very smart, he’s a mess, but I like him. Lilo not so much, she’s stupid and an entitled snob and that combo just makes people mad.

  20. mrs. j says:

    At else she could of bought a bar of soap dirty cracken

  21. Tiamet says:

    If this was actually payment she was owed, she had no cause to thank him. I don’t thank my boss for my paycheck each month.

    Having said that, I don’t believe this for a minute. I think it was a gift and she’s just incapable of being properly grateful.

  22. skuddles says:

    I’m sure Charlie thinks of it as a “down payment” of sorts. When her broke crack-ass is in the gutter and she has nowhere else to turn she’ll remember good old Uncle Charlie and coming crawling to him, fishy blow job lips poised and ready for action.

  23. Sugar says:

    Charlie did an amazing kindness for the young girl fighting cancer that’s winning!!! The LILO saga you learned a lesson not to waste your kindness on certain people. At least the mother of your twins is facing her demons. And I truly hope the judge does the right thing regarding the pv of Lindsay-I’m thinking the boys of the wanted have their fingers crossed as well it. They probably thought they’d just be partying w/her that fateful night in NYC not adopting her .

  24. BlueAngelCV says:

    I took “pay it forward” to mean that it’s not money Charlie owed her from a project but that she crack lied that someone owed her $100,000 from a “project” and hadn’t paid so he said he’d let her have it himself.

  25. Laura says:

    All the people saying that Charlie ‘has issues but is a good guy’ make me want to vomit. He shot a woman, choked out a woman, held a woman at knifepoint, kept a woman locked in the closet…that’s just scratching the surface. He may have done some nice things but he is not a good man.