Anne Hathaway devastated after she flashed the paparazzi: deliberate or mistake? (sfw)

Yesterday a photo came out of Anne Hathaway getting out of an SUV outside her NY Les Mis premiere and flashing the paparazzi. She wasn’t wearing any drawers, basically. (DListed has the censored version here. The uncensored version is easily Googled if you’re interested.) We didn’t run that story because we didn’t have the pics and because the ad companies don’t like it when we point out celebrities showing their goods. The flash looked deliberate to me, but you know me, I’m a cynical bitch. I was blogging in the Fall of 2006 when Paris Hilton schooled Britney Spears on how to show the goods to photographers. (She didn’t train her very well, it was all too obvious and Britney did it on at least five separate occasions. I’m not exaggerating.) Also guilty of this practice was Lindsay Lohan, with at least two different flash moments that I recall.

My point is that Anne’s dress was hiked up higher than it looked like it should have been, and the photo really reminded me of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris circa 2006. It was reminiscent of a played-out move, but it was possibly a mistake. Maybe she didn’t want any undie lines in that fug Tom Ford number with the bondage shoes, and maybe it didn’t occur to her to get a string bikini or a thong because she assumed she would be covered. She allegedly told a Vanity Fair writer at a luncheon that she was devastated by the photo. If it went down like that she must be mortified.

The “Full Hathaway” revelation was a shocking break from her flawless looks, and came hours after the actress left a taping of the “Late Show with David Letterman” looking stunning in red. During a luncheon Tuesday at the Four Seasons, Hathaway was overheard moaning about her mishap in the black taffeta Tom Ford gown.

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” she told Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy.

“It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

The “Devil Wears Prada” beauty, well on her way to being a Meryl, accidentally pulled the Britney when she attempted to seamlessly exit her black SUV with the help of a bodyguard who reached for her delicate hand upon arrival. But — oops! — as she swung both of her bondage-inspired boots toward the curb, her thigh-slit dress fell open and she flashed her lady parts.

Was her longtime stylist Rachel Zoe behind the mishap? Or was Hathaway just trying to avoid lines under her slim-fitting gown? Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director at Lucky magazine, says the incident was “shocking and unfortunate” because Hathaway is always “very pulled together.” Morgan said Hathaway could have avoided the problem.

“It’s so much better to be caught in Spanx,” Morgan says. “If you’re not looking for shaping I recommend the Commando brand. It’s hands down the best. It’s seamless and raw cut.” She also recommends Spanx Simplicity High-Waisted Girl Short.

“The fabric is slinky and seamless, and if your dress flies up you’re not naked,” she says. “Her dress had ruching, I don’t know why she felt she needed to go commando.”

If Hathaway still prefers going pantyless, Patricia Fitzpatrick, founder and director of the Etiquette School of New York, offers a solution: “Even Kate Middleton has shown her underwear with her legs spread apart. To prevent it, before you get out, you put your knees together and then you bring them up and out and swing them over the side of the car out to the curb.”

“Knees together girls!” Fitzpatrick says. “When you’re sitting, you sit with your knees touching.”

A classy recovery helps also.

“Do like Kate Middleton. Don’t even answer questions about it and go on your way if it happens.”

And she threw in one final solution: “Wear underwear.”

[From The NY Daily News]

I love how the NY Daily News got an etiquette expert to comment on this. It’s totally obvious advice to wear some knickers and yet their expert plays it straight with advice on specific Spanx to wear! It’s awesome. Well maybe it’s true, maybe Anne didn’t mean for this to happen. This is Anne Hathaway we’re talking about, she’s known as being classy and very professional. She’s been all over the place lately though, and at this point I wouldn’t put it past her to stage this. (Again, I’m cynical and have seen a lot, so take my opinion for what it is.) The verdict is still up in the air, I think.

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  1. marie says:

    oh, she meant for it to happen. I think she’s trying to get people to buy into the “sexy” persona that she doesn’t have… and I think I’m the only one that believes it was on purpose..

    • emmie_a says:

      I think you’re on to something. Yesterday we were commenting on how Anne has zero sex appeal and this is her (self-proclaimed) moment to shine so maybe.

      • amd says:

        Agreed. I don’t care that she deliberately didn’t wear knickers and deliberately flashed – no intelligent adult could possibly have done this accidentally and she is definitely not stupid, but I don’t much love the “innocent little me” routine she is trying to pull now.

    • Rachel says:

      What gets me is that the slit in the dress isn’t even that high! She’d have to hike the dress up in order to “accidentally” flash someone.

      And you know what, even if you’re trying to avoid panty lines, you can get a very nice lace top thong at Victoria’s Secret that will keep everything covered without any panty lines or awkward butt cleavage. They’re 5/$25… I’m sure she can afford it.

      • Bobbie says:

        I love it Rachel. That is exactly what I was thinking. I’m a lawyer so I have to wear pantsuits all the time where it will show lines and guess what- your solution works perfectly! It’s gross to go commando anyway- what if something leaks out that shouldn’t?

      • littlestar says:

        Rachel, I was thinking the same thing. A thong or g-string could have easily helped her out if panty lines were her concern. And I love those lace thongs from Victoria’s Secret! So comfy and great crotch area coverage (sorry for being so graphic, but some thongs barely have any material to cover that area).

        I really thought Anne was a classy lady. I just don’t get why something like this could have happened to her. she KNEW she wasn’t wearing any underwear, so why would she even risk having her dress ride up or have her legs open while getting into the vehicle??? It makes no sense! I’m on the fence about this too.

      • V4Real says:

        One word Anne; Soma, they actually work.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        They actually make thongs specifically for entertainers that do not show anything. Our artists have to wear them.

        I can’t imagine wearing a couture, borrowed gown with no panties. So gross.

        I have no need to know about other women’s waxing routines. (or not waxing)

      • Sandra says:

        HAHAHA Rachel I just ordered some! They really are the best and I’ve always wondered why people worried so much abt pantylines when you can just wear those?

    • Becky says:

      Also, it looked like she had make up on her thighs and that she positioned them to look the best. All the other starlets with pics that we likely for attention still had unflattering angles and such. thighs are tricky, there is that inner wobbly part, the little bit of cellulite in the outer parts- yes, even in crazy skinny girls, skinnier than Anne, usually only the very fit escape).

      ETA: she must have gotten lucky with the angle because a real pro wouldn’t do that. I can’t stand Hathaway but she’s a real actress. that would be insane.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Persona of sexy victim…victim of right

    • Sandy Pandy says:

      I didn’t think she meant for it to happen until I had a better look at the dress – you could easily have worn underwear with it – so yeah, conclusion is that she did mean for it to happen. Like she needs the publicity? You would think that since she’s bald she would have felt a draft … so sadly, yes, I’m on the deliberate side.

    • holly hobby says:

      I said the same thing on another board and I got accused of being a misogynst and blaming the victim. I’m sorry but this isn’t her first trip to the rodeo. She knows everyone will be looking at her so she has to cover it up.

      The slit didn’t go that high up to see her lady bits so what happened?

      I used to like her but she’s getting on my last nerve.

    • joe says:

      she looks like a boy, I think she did some tucking of her junk and tried to show she has a gash

    • rhonda says:

      Janet Jackson was humiliated , you could see it on her face when she exposed herself during the superbowl.Media ate her alive for that, she paid fcc fees. while this chick dose the dirty to the camera, by exposing her vigina to the world and media says humble and supportive things in support of such recklessness in female behavior.

  2. Effy says:

    I don’t think it was intentional.

  3. Chatcat says:

    If she deliberately didn’t wear panties then it was deliberate.

  4. Jackson says:

    I don’t believe it was intentional. She is already getting a crazy amount of press without her own personal Hello Kitty moment. She also doesn’t seem like the type to want that kind of attention. I think it was an accident.

  5. Brooklyn says:

    I think she staged it. It’s freezing here in NY right now. Panty lines wouldn’t have been visible in that monstrosity she is wearing so why is she going commando? Very suspicious, I don’t feel bad for her. Put on some drawers and this won’t happen lol. I personally find her insuffable in interviews and most of her movies. I don’t get the hype around her.

  6. Melly Bee says:

    I think that it was an accident. This isn’t her usual MO. By the by, I am loving her hair. So gamine!

  7. Blue says:

    I’m not seeing the reason for her to go panty less either. That cape business at the back covers her ass so she could have worn regular or seamless panties, a thong. Smh.

    Edit: she knows how to get out of a car in a dress without flashing, so why now?

  8. Samantha says:

    I don’t think it was deliberate since it goes against the image she’s been cultivating. Girl wants that Oscar. She’s not going to pull something déclassé and trashy that will put her gold statue at risk.

    • Harper says:

      I agree. When I heard about this it reminded me of an interview she gave several years ago, where she said she turned down the lead in Knocked Up because they showed a vagina and she thought it was unnecessary and tasteless. Flashing a bunch of photographers would definitely fall into that category.

    • amanda says:

      Now I’m the complete opposite on this. Bitch wants her Oscar and will try anything. You don’t forget you’re not wearing panties in a dress like that in New York in winter. I don’t have the paps waiting for me when I exit my car but I manage to check my hemline before I leave – especially if my skirt is tight. I really hope she loses.

  9. Nicolette says:

    What’s up with that dress, is she going for the Batman look? Sorry, this woman annoys me big time.

  10. Christina says:

    Not deliberate. Look at the awkward expression on her face. Plus, she has cultivated a ‘classy’ image so there’s no way she would deliberately risk it this way.

    That said, would it have killed her to put on a pair of knickers? Celebs like her usually borrow these posh frocks, they don’t get to keep them. I wouldn’t want to wear that after she’s worn it without knickers. Ugh. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to wear that ugly dress at all – even if it is a Tom Ford.

  11. Miffy says:

    Whatever about the is-it-isn’t-it publicity stunt, the hygiene behind this is just ewwwwwwwww.
    Anyone who has seen the Rachel Zoe Project knows she always uses sample dresses, so then she squeezes her undie-less clients in them to spend an evening rubbing their bare nether regions all over garments that are going to be returned to the designer?!? BLEURGH!!!!

  12. Gwen says:

    I’m so tired of Anne Hathaway by now :X

    Deliberate or not – when people campaign in such an obvious manner, they quickly become too much regardless of the story.

  13. Kasey says:

    70% of me says: “It’s Anne she strives for no less than a classy and refined image that is free of drama and scandal, so it must be an accident.”

    Yet 30% of me says: “but she wore THOSE shoes and THAT dress! Obviously her judgement is impaired so……..”

  14. Angie says:

    Annie is working hard for her oscar. I don’t see how this accident could help her campaign….But you never know with these hollywood people.

  15. mln76 says:

    Anne is equal parts immensely talented and annoying. She ain’t París Hilton though. Bitch wants an Oscar and the Academy doesn’t go for crotch shots.

  16. DeltaJuliet says:

    I just don’t get the whole “no underwear” thing anyway. But even if you like going commando, would you do it in a dress, when everyone is taking your picture? Who is that dumb?

    • cynicalsmirk says:

      My thoughts exactly, Juliet! What’s with the no knickers thing?? I can’t imaging wearing that dress and not being worried about flashing everybody all evening. Unless that’s your intention. Look at us all talking about bland Anne Hathaway today – this falls into the “no publicity is bad publicity” category.

    • cmc says:

      I can’t comment on whether Annie meant to flash the photogs, but I can comment on the choice to wear no underwear. I go commando pretty dang often because I like to and it’s comfortable. Maybe Anne H secretly hates underwear. I know I do, and I probably have the exact amount of sex appeal as she does (read: none).

  17. mimifarrow says:

    If it wasn’t deliberate then she’s ridiculously naive. I dress about as casual as they come on a daily basis, and even I know to wear underwear and keep my knees together. Duh.

  18. Kate says:

    It seems deliberate but I don’t see how vag-flashing is going to get her an Oscar. Which is what she wants. Oscar voters tend to be older, a bit more conservative. If it could get her ahead in ANY way I totally see her doing it, but I don’t see the benefit.

    • deehunny says:

      OMG you ladies are so cynical! If I got papped every time I wore a tight, long dress without undies I’d get caught at least once too!!!

      Also, everyone is always like, “that’s easy, just keep your knees together.” But how often do you keep your knees together without purposely thinking about it getting out of a car?!?!

      Sigh– Team Anne

  19. Maria says:

    you can argue that she should know about wearing underwear.

    BUT why do they even photograph womens crotch area? yeah i know its normal nowadays but why is that so?
    Of course there are lots of untalented bimbos out there who do this to get attention but if the paps wouldnt take pictures they wouldnt be able to and a woman who doesnt want this would be free in her choice to not have her vagina all over the internet for 5 billion years until the sun explodes.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Oh for the love. The photograph is of her entire body getting out of the car. It’s not a close-up of her vadge.

      • Angel says:

        This! And to the above commenter, um, I think about keeping my knees together every time I’m in a short dress or skirt (or a high slit in her case). Nobody needs to be flashed my lady bits. Especially getting out of a car. It’s not that hard, doesn’t really take more than a moments thought. This Pollyanna princess damn well knows to keep her knees together when she’s exiting a SUV with HUNDREDS of photographers waiting for her. I have no idea what her motivation was, it seems completely stupid. But she absolutely knew what she was doing.

  20. emmie_a says:

    I’m wondering how much she practiced that pose in the first picture. I guess it’s good to work the dress but she’s just so obvious about — everything.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I doubt it was intentional, she’s getting a ton of press and Oscar buzz, why would she need or want that sort of attention? This isn’t a Paris type D-lister we’re talking about.
    But for the love of all that is holy, wear underwear, people!

  22. Eleonor says:

    She should have worm that dress for the Batman press.
    If you don’t want us to see your biscuit, there’s only one thing to do: wear panties. To me: she did it on purpose.

  23. Miss Kiki says:

    Ok she’s back in my good books. Here is the response she gave about it when she was asked by Matt Lauer.

    “It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment, and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants.”

    • Christina says:

      ”unwilling participants”???

      She chose to wear no knickers under a dress slit to the thigh, at a red carpet event where she knew and expected to be papped. While I don’t think she deliberately flashed the paps, a red carpet pro like her must have known it was a strong possibility with that outfit. It’s not like some peeping tom took pictures of her getting undressed in her bedroom. Cry me a river, Anne.

    • emmie_a says:

      Awww poor sad Annie. Since when is exiting a car a vulnerable moment?? And she should wear underwear if she’s unwilling to be sexualized!

    • Miss Kiki says:

      LOL and that people is why she’s back in my good books. She chose not to wear pants, in a dress, with a split up it, knowing she would be getting papped coming out of the car and yet she is acting like a victim. It’s audacious and hilarious.

      • emmie_a says:

        I don’t get your reasoning – but ok…

      • Miss Kiki says:

        No doubt this explanation makes a lot more sense in my head. I used to quite like Anne but in the last few years I’ve found her a bit dull. The fact that she’s purposely gone out with no pant, has then been papped and then had the nerve to act all victimised has amused me no end and that’s the first time in a while that I’ve even had any sort of reaction to her. Due to this ridiculous stunt she’s now back in my good books.
        Sorry that probably still came across as mindless babble!

      • emmie_a says:

        No need to apologize! I’ll re-read my comments minutes or hours after posting and sometimes I’m even confused by whAt I’ve written. I envy those who can post with witt & precision. …but I get what you’re saying. (Boring) Anne was being a bit bold & daring and is now playing the victim card. I agree with that and I say own it if you’re going to go that route bc that makes it all the more bold & daring.

  24. carrie says:

    yesterday someone wrote usually she doesn’t wear bra so why not no panties!
    but i don’t believe she wanted to show her vagina

    • Brittney says:

      Just a pet peeve of mine… you know she couldn’t show her *vagina* unless she really, really, really tried, right? It’s internal. She didn’t even expose her labia either, really — just a sliver of her pubic hair — but I think you’re talking about the labia.

  25. Sweet Dee says:

    You know, some people just don’t like underwear. I’m one of them. Undies drive me nuts, I hate ‘em. That said, if I were wearing a dress not my own I would put some on; if I were going to be photographed getting out of a car in a skirt or dress, I would also wear some. Actually, I would wear some under a skirt or dress regardless.

    I am no fan of Anne, in fact she is my Hollywood pet peeve, but I do think she is a smart woman. I’m sure it was staged. It’s actually a really smart way to get attention (since it’s unexpected for her ’cause she’s sooo classy and whatevs), and then cry “woe is me” all over the press during her Oscar campaign.

  26. Annie says:

    I will never understand women who don’t wear underwear. Please wear it? Don’t moan about flashing people. You should always wear underwear regardless. Also, girls who never wear bras? You’re not as firm as you think you are. Millions of times I’ve seen women (who haven’t even had children!) with their boobs all droopy and weird. Have some class! Wear underwear! It does have a purpose: hygiene and class.

  27. Theresa says:

    Either she has the most enormous hands or her waist is TINY!! Especially the way she is gripping her waist, she is definitely wanting to accentuate how miniscule it is.

    Damn. I am built like a rectangle, no hips, no waist. I would kill for her figure!

  28. Lex says:

    When celebrities get loaned outfits for premieres, do they have to sign a contract saying if they leave anything unseemly on the dress due to not wearing any knickers, they have to pay for the cleaning?

  29. Audrey says:

    I’m SOOOO tired of her! And now she’ll be the poor little victim of malicious paps. Ugh.

    I don’t think it was intentional, but still, just wear underwear and these things won’t happen.

  30. stephanie says:

    it was a mistake. definitely. she may be campaigning hard, but she wouldn’t go there on purpose. it sort of goes against what she’s trying to do.

  31. LadyMTL says:

    I’m torn as to whether or not this was deliberate. Part of me thinks no, that AH has never been the type to resort to Paris Hilton-esque behaviour in order to keep her name in the press. But then the other part of me says “uh hello, there’s no such thing as bad publicity” and really, how on earth COULD she flash her lady-parts in that dress unless it was deliberate?

    Anyway, the moral of the story is this: always wear underwear. :p

  32. lower-case deb says:

    If only she’d listen to Joanna Lumley’s guide for girls getting out of cars.

    Bonus a very dreamy Bon Jovi. :)

  33. lafairy says:

    I think that we are just seeing her underwear. I think that she is wearing a nude color panties, because otherwise I don’t see why her mons pubis is lighter than her legs and shinier!!! except if her pubis is made from satin I think this is just her uderwear.

  34. Melanie says:

    I think she did it on purpose. I don’t think it’s necessary or plausible for her dress to be hiked up that high. Also, I was looking at her imdb page the other day and clicked on her quotes. She is such a BSer.

  35. amanda says:

    Bitch please.

    Intentionally. As intentional as that smug-gimme-that-oscar face she’s been sporting for weeks.

  36. Kate says:

    I don’t know. I think it’s something you do if you want a reality show, not an Oscar. I don’t think it was intentional. She probably thought that because she was wearing a satin-type of fabric, that she should go without undies. That used to be the conventional wisdom. Jean Harlow didn’t wear undies with her sleek, clinging satin gowns because the fabric shows everything.

  37. Reece says:

    1. She’s getting out of the car with her legs closed. UNLIKE the aforementioned “ladies”.
    2. That dress is tight. There’s no way to sit in it without hiking it up.
    3. I feel personally strong about this. Not everyone can stand a piece of dental floss up their @ss. I would go commando any day over wearing a thong.

  38. MG says:

    For the love of God…just wear underwear…please. That goes for EVERYONE! There is absolutely NO reason for people to go commando. There is an underwear solution for all of your wardrobe needs!!!

  39. Loulou says:

    None of these actresses know how to gracefully get in and out of a car. In a dress, it can be done without ever opening your knees. Sadly, even stylists don’t have enough savoir-faire to educate their clients. It’s disappointing coming from Anne H. She should ask Valentino if she’s that clueless. I’m sure he’s had to school one or two women over the years.

  40. Eleonor says:

    Dear Anna,
    in an ideal world I could eat all the stuff I want laying on my couch, without gaining a pound, and you could go pantless wherever you want.
    Unfortunately I have to workout three times a week, and still pay attention to what I eat. And you must wear panties, if you don’t want you biscuit all over the internet.

  41. Haarping Charlie says:

    Big deal It’s not like she hasn’t done nude roles in the past.

  42. KellyinSeattle says:

    Yawn; so tired of her. Everyone w/ a functioning brain knows to put on panties, when you’re being photographed everywhere. I just don’t know if I want to see her movie….I’d appreciate reviews for it before I go see it (Kaiser, yes, your reviews~!!)

  43. Aria says:

    A couple of years ago, many years ago, she wore a see through top and no bra. Her nipples are all over the internet. Google it!

    My bet is she did it intentionally to keep getting attention. No big deal in Hollywood!

  44. Hubbahun says:

    I’m sorry but you have to be incrediblu naive not to see this as OBVIOUS. You know how to avoid this situation – wear your friggin’ skiddies. End of.

  45. Ginger says:

    I’m firmly in the camp that she did this on purpose. Obviously she could have worn some kind of panties. Plus, she isn’t showing “everything” just enough to get attention. She should have worshipped at the altar of Liz Hurley in so far as how to keep covered while wearing a thigh high slit gown.

  46. Alana Fajina says:

    I won’t believe for one minute that she didn’t know what she was doing. How many red carpets has she done now? It ticks me off too that she thinks we’re stupid enough to buy it. And what’s with the “well on her way to being Meryl” crud? She Will NEVER Be Meryl, sorry I’m not sorry.

  47. I Choose Me says:

    The “Devil Wears Prada” beauty, well on her way to being a Meryl, accidentally pulled the Britney when she attempted to seamlessly exit her black SUV with the help of a bodyguard who reached for her delicate hand upon arrival.

    Who writes this sh-t? Is what I want to know.

  48. Raised Brow says:

    Rachael Zoe is responsible for this awful mess?

  49. anemoneblue says:

    imho if you are going to go commando, then either stfu or practice getting out of the car gracefully. please, there are plenty of underwear that do not give you pantylines, if that’s what she was avoiding. this girl is plain ugly, and i guess she has resorted now to britney styled “antics”, like getting papped showing your privates, in order to call attention to herself. this girl has zero attractiveness factor or sex appeal. huge cow eyes and a joker mouth…..i know i’m bitching, but this is exactly the place to do it..

  50. Jules says:

    Remember a year or two ago Victoria Beckham was getting out of a car and at the last second David saw what was about to happen and put out his hand to block the shot? I still think that was such a sweet thing for him to do. Annie needs a guy like David! But I do think this was an accidental-on-purpose ‘incident’.

  51. Lindsey says:

    Don’t know if you all have seen it this morning, but she addresses the slip on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, who said, “Seen a lot of you lately.” Ewwwwwwwwwww. Anyway, here’s the link:

    So, I do believe sincerely that was an accident, either that or her publicist is genius because she brings it back to Les Mis. Also, the best of that interview is where she breathes her flu germs into his stupid face.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Let’s leave aside for a minute whether she accidentally on purpose flashed her biscuit or not. Matt said that? Like for real said that? “Seen a lot of you lately?” *takes a deep, calming breath* This is why I could never be a celebrity. I would have punched him in the balls.

  52. LAK says:

    It looks like a mistake, because the dress is supertight and riding up to facilitate her exit from the car.

    That said, someone needs some etiquette lessons regarding car exits, especially if this commando business is the norm or a possibility.

    I wince everytime Kate exits a car, thank goodness we haven’t had a flash of her crotch in that position since before the wedding although there have been near misses.

  53. La Calabaza says:

    Her bush is not Oscar worthy. Hands down!

  54. silver says:

    here’s the FULL quote of her response:

    “It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which brings us back to ‘Les Mis,’ that’s what my character is, she is someone who is forced to sell sex to benefit her child because she has nothing and there’s no social safety net. So lets get back to Les Mis.”

    I liked her before but am pretty put off by this.

    1) it seems deliberate to me for all the reasons everyone else has stated on here. idk why she would do that on purpose, except now she gets even more attention & it couldn’t hurt her efforts to be seen as more sexy & less goody-goody. idk. she was just on SNL raving about what a “goddess” Rihanna is, so maybe that’s her new role model…
    2) being a multimillionaire actress who chose not to wear underwear (in a dress that wouldn’t have shown pantylines) while hiking up a leg slit extremly high (when it normally isn’t very high at all) and getting out of a car to a mob of photographers with your legs open (when you normally know how to properly exit a car when wearing something revealing) … and then acting all indignant over the ensuing pics, somehow trying to compare or connect them to being treated like “someone who is forced to sell sex to benefit her child because she has nothing.” sorry, but that comparison is very off-putting, in my opinion.

  55. Dommy Dearest says:

    Princess Mia does not approve of your shenanigans, Hathaway.

  56. Jaxx says:

    Definitely deliberate.

    If you look at the real photo there’s no way that she didn’t deliberately shovel all the material of the dress to the side so she could “accidently” flash her cookie to the crowd. No way the material fell over to the side by itself. Not only that, but even wearing underware you can tell when your nether regions are catching the breeze. She planned it.

    But the part that really grosses me out was not the flash of her lady bits, but the later excuse about how sad it is that we live in a world where those kinds of photos aren’t deleted. Oh, please and as if.

    Might ask Kate how well that works out for you. And Lindsey, and Britney, and the loads of other “ladies” who have their cookie shots living forever on the internet. No one lands on that list by accident. If you don’t want to flash, then lay your purse across your lap when getting out of a car. Or the million other ways you can keep yourself covered in that moment.

    Oh, and wear some underwear. Pretty simple, Anne.

  57. Jayna says:

    Hell, no, not intentional from her, an A-list actress, with Oscar buzz. A Lindsay/Britney/Paris moment isn’t what she wants to be associated with. What a club to belong to. She’s okay. Maybe embarrassing, but barely anything revealed. No full view like Brit’s which was just horrific. I can’t remember Paris’ and Lindsay’s, but I think I remember that they were full views like Brit’s.

  58. palermo says:

    she knew the paps would be there
    she knew the dress was slit way up to there
    she didn’t wear undies
    she did it on purpose

  59. F5 says:

    Meanwhile, somewhere in France, Jolie’s Leg is having a marvelous day :D

  60. Louise says:

    Looks like barely anybody noticed so she HAD to do a piece to the media to really shine a light on it.

    When this happened to others they made NO comment.

    Shame on Anne. She did it on purpose, then made sure everyone noticed! Sick way to promote a film if you ask me. She’s still boring and uninteresting.

  61. normades says:

    I think she was trying to show off those hideous boots.

    I get why a lot of peoplet think it’s on purpose (and I kinda think so too). Anne is so about trying to make it about HER all the time. Round table discussion: ‘I want a BABY just like you gals!”. Now this. It gives her a funny story to talk about, something other than the movie which is an ENSEMBLE cast.

    And I wish the press would stop comparing her to Meryl Streep. Not even.

  62. Lia says:

    Why is she wearing braces on her legs? Will she be using a wheelchair as her next fashion accessory?

  63. lala says:

    I think she was so busy trying to be an AVANT GARDE fashionista (which she’s not) in that Hefty Bag Balloon Dress and dominatrix shoes that she forgot to keep her legs together!

    I would die of embarrassment if this happened to me- now her cooter will be on the internet forever. I mean we all still remember when Britney, Lindsey, Paris,etc did it 7 yrs ago…

  64. Dibba says:

    What the hell is on her legs/feet. Hideous

  65. Jessica says:

    She didn’t do this on purpose. It is illogical to think she would. This vagina flashing business goes against her image and her campaign.

  66. Amy C says:

    Well she could have wore a thong at least. Well it happens think next time in advance.

  67. I Choose Me says:

    Oh Anne. You should not have even addressed the matter. I can’t remember who said this but “Never apologize, never explain.” Just go about your day.

    I was happy not knowing. Now your answer makes me think it was a totally planned move. *sad face*

  68. tonyc says:

    the only thing hideous about these pics, is her dress. As for her going commando, big deal.

  69. Sterling says:

    There are so many sexy and seamless under garments for women to wear under a gown, dress or skirt so the panty line excuse is not valid anymore. If I wear an evening gown, I want to feel classy and elegant . It just seems so skanky, cheap and lazy to get all dressed up and not wear panties. All of us know how to get out of the car and not flash everybody. She knew what she was doing. She is not a victim. She got exactly what she wanted.

  70. Aud says:

    It’s not like the dress would have revealed a pantyline. She couldn’t wear a tiny g string or anything similar?
    But yes, the dress is more hideous. And the footwear.
    And there I was thinking that gladiator sandals were overdone and horrible.

  71. Graygrrrl says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think it’s odd that her lady bits appear to have a spot light on them? That small area is lit up like a Christmas tree while her thighs and dress are much darker. I don’t see how that could be without some retouching.

  72. Jeanie.amour says:

    Jeepers creepers! Somehow I had always had the impression that she was smarter than this. Becasue really, what girl who isnt looking for hoochie-riffic attention or to get lucky at the end of the night with a random, would choose to galavant over to any red carpet event (knowing full well there would be countless camera’s and those getting out of the car shots…in a SPLIT LEG DRESS no less!) minus the pantaloons!?! And I get that some dresses make for some unflattering pantylines…but there are seamless panties everywhere now a days. Gotta say, this is a bad look for her (and I’m not talking the bikini line trimming choice).

  73. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Ugh, I can’t even with her. I’m not even positive why she irks me so much – but she always has. The only thing I’ve seen her in that didn’t get me all stabbity was Rachel Getting Married.

  74. Mew says:

    The pose of “I have the worst stomach cramps ever, it must be the oatmeal paste I eat.”

  75. Kosmos says:

    Definitely NOT intentional by her…she isn’t the type to flash, but geez, this has to be completely embarrassing. If this were at least a thong, so much better, but nothing at all, ouch! I do hate the shoes-boots look with the dress, ugg….

  76. poppy says:

    ripped straight from stephen huvane’s playbook. totally an “accident” because she is so classy. he had GOOP pull the same stunt (but with flesh colored panties) in london. it was january and she had no coat on. in london. an unfortunate “accident”. they never expect the paps to be right up in their business, the NERVE, taking her picture at a premiere!
    seriously, they know what they are doing.

  77. Darth says:

    Every time I find myself about to hop on the bandwagon against Anne Hathaway, I remember how she consciously chose to leave the dogmatic, discriminatory Catholic Church in a show of support for her gay brother, so I refuse to hate on her for shallow things like her weight or clothes. She’s done enough, in my eyes, to be exempt from criticism.