‘Lonely, brave’ Prince William fearlessly attends premiere without sick wife

Here are some new photos of Prince William at last night’s premiere of The Hobbit. I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the exact same tuxedo that he wore to the charity benefit on Saturday night. And in case you’re wondering, Duchess Kate was not in attendance. The palace announced that she was pulling out of the appearance a day before, because she was still battling her morning sickness. And in case you’re wondering how the pro-royal press is playing all of this, it’s “Poor Kate is so sick and brave, and William is so brave and lonely.” I actually do think William probably misses Kate at these kinds of events. He had gotten used to doing these things with Kate, and he probably is a little lonely.

Flying solo! Prince William arrived dateless to the U.K. premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Dec. 12, as pregnant wife Kate Middleton recovered at Nottingham Cottage from a second bout of extreme morning sickness.

Inside the event — which was in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund to support industry employees during times of hardship — the prince chatted briefly with Blanchett about the Oscar-winning actress’ native Australia. He also told Odeon theater manager Tessa Street that his wife was sad to be missing the film.

“I passed on my best wishes to Kate, and he said, ‘She would have loved to have been here if she could,’” Street told reporters, noting that the Duke was “very friendly.”

In fact, the prince’s wife was supposed to attend the royal premiere with him but had to bow out at the last minute due to her hyperemesis gravidarum.

“The Duchess of Cambridge will not attend The Hobbit premiere tomorrow evening and will continue to rest privately,” a St. James’s Palace rep told Us Weekly on Dec. 11, one day before the event. However, “the Duke of Cambridge will attend as planned.”

Middleton’s presence on the green carpet was certainly missed, but she was there in spirit. Just before the screening started, Sir Ian McKellen sent his best wishes to the Duchess, and everyone in the audience — including William — applauded.

Just one night before the Duchess’ second bout of morning sickness, the prince went solo to the Winter Whites Gala, where he commented on his absent wife’s condition. “I don’t know why they call it morning sickness — they should call it all day and all night sickness,” he joked. “[Recovery is] a long old process but she is getting there. She feels like it is going to go on forever.”

[From Us Weekly]

So… okay. I’m trying to desensitize all of you so that in the coming weeks, months and years, you won’t be surprised when Kate barely makes any public appearances. I’m not a total Morrissey, but I really believe that we won’t be seeing her until Christmas (like, a visit to the church), and maybe not even then. I wonder how long it will be before William’s press secretary informs the public that he and Kate decided that her health would improve in a more tropical climate. Christmas vacation for Kate’s morning sickness? Oh, you know it’s coming.

But the royal press machine is still forcing the “Will and Kate are super-normal and common” stuff with this week’s cover story for Us Weekly. Much of it is stuff we already covered, like Kate only wants one part-time nanny/babysitter. There are a couple of new pieces of royal propaganda, though. A friend tells Us Weekly that Kate and Will are “very outdoorsy” and thus, their child will be as well. They also say Kate will be “firm but fair” (Mmhm), and most importantly, Kate will now be getting more security. Like, there will be a dedicated security guard for her bump.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Hautie says:

    Too bad Harry is not in town to help out with the PR stuff. I really miss seeing Harry!

    The poor boy goes to Vegas… gets naked and laid. And everyone freaks the h*ll out. So he has been shipped off and not seen since.

  2. Less is More says:

    Prince Will.i.am. a goof is brave. Yeah, so true. He actually did a few solo appearances. Yeah, so brave.

    His smile or bearing of teeth remind me of goofy grin of hapless brother on tv show Two and a half men.

  3. Skipper says:

    They really should come up with a different name than morning sickness.

  4. Walice says:

    Oh Please!!! These people are NOT movie stars, they are heirs to the English Throne. That may not mean anything over here, but to them, its EVERYTHING.

    He is not being brave.

    She may not be sick.

    They are both doing what they HAVE TO… ensure the continuity of the Monarchy of England. End of Story

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Please don’t speak for all of England, they don’t mean everything to us okay. In recent times I have seen more royalists in America then in England. future of monarchy depends on people of England and commonwealth not on these two and frankly speaking I don’t think monarchy will survive death of Queen and king Charles . after Queen dies commonwealth nations will start abolishing monarchy one by one and neither of the younger generation and Charles have the respect that a monarch requires in order to survive. I strongly believe that with growing indifference among the younger generation towards rf along with lack of respect for Charles and young royals and commonwealth abolishing monarchy, rf will not survive.

  5. Elly says:

    brave William has to “work” alone… buhu.

    William has zero charisma… colourless guy…..zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. marie says:

    can I ask what is brave about attending a movie premiere by yourself?

    • Mel says:

      My thoughts exactly.
      The same goes for feeling sick.

      I really, really don’t understand what “bravery” has to do with any of it.

      I don’t even know why “bravery” is so important, in the first place, but – if anything – wouldn’t it be “braver” NOT to go to this event – or, conversely, for her to go to the event, despite being sick?

      Just so there is no misunderstanding: I am not advocating he shouldn’t have gone, or that she should have gone – not at all.
      I am just trying to figure out what’s so “brave” about any of this… It’s just ridiculous.

  7. Angelic 20 says:

    I was sure that he will not cancel this and the winter gala engagement no matter what. Anyway the more tabloids will force this normal couple lie, it will make more people ask if they are so bloody normal then why do we need a monarchy? And why are we paying them to be normal? This angel is going to backfire so royally in the future. I don’t know who even buy this crap anymore that they keep on printing the same old thing, this is just so boring even for trashy tabloids . please just for entertainment sake sing a new song, this is just getting tiresome and annoying.

  8. Mich says:

    I chuckled at the number of Daily Mail comments questioning how he could make time for this but not for his military engagements.

  9. Jenni says:

    why do they still refer to her as Middketon? wouldn’t her surname now be Windsor or something?

  10. T.C. says:

    She doesn’t have cancer and he is going to a movie premiere not war. Please retire the use of brave for these two reality stars.

  11. India says:

    Oh I do feel so sorry for poor Prince William and The Oh So Beautiful Kate. I know that he is so lonely and so brave to attend anything especially without Kate. They have such a hard life and do so much for the UK. They are hard working and so involved in all of their many charities. The UK is so blessed to have them.

  12. Esti says:

    There’s seriously nothing in that story that refers to either of them as brave or William as lonely. He went alone, he said she wished she could have come, people said they hoped that she felt better soon. That’s just everyone being polite.

    I know there is a LOT of media attention on these two right now and some of it is pretty fawning, but I think this site just contributes to the overkill by ascribing stuff to stories that just isn’t there.

    • Mich says:

      Headline from the Daily Mail story on the event:

      “The lonely prince: William attends Hobbit premiere but has to leave Kate at home as she struggles to recover from sickness”

      • Esti says:

        So maybe quote that, then? Instead of pointing to a totally different article that says nothing at all of that type.

        And while the Mail is idiotic pretty much all the time, on all topics, even their story doesn’t say anything about William or Kate being “brave”.

      • bluhare says:

        They may not be using “brave” in this story, but they use it in every other one. Usually about Kate, though, I’ll give you that.

      • Mich says:

        They might not say ‘brave’ straight out but it is definitely the subtext. ‘As Kate struggles to recover from sickness’ etc.

        I might not like them but I do believe she is have a hellish time and that he is justifiably concerned. I also believe that the media is playing the situation for all it is worth.

      • Esti says:

        But Kate *is* struggling with a pretty serious illness, yes? I mean, the Mail loooooves to sensationalize everything and I’m sure they’re laying it on kind of thick, but that’s just how they are on all stories. Most media outlets (not the tabloids, which we all know fully make up 90% of what they print) just seem to be saying that she’s sick and William is concerned. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

      • Mich says:

        Fair enough, but Guardian-level coverage doesn’t get much play here on CB unless we are talking about more serious issues (i.e. CO$, the comment thread on Psy’s apology, etc.).

        Re the rags that cover the gossip we come here to enjoy, story after story about Kate’s bravery in the face of adversity is nauseating. War heroes should be so lucky to get so much ‘brave you!’ adulation.

  13. redickulous says:

    What a total non-story.

  14. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Yep, non-story. William and Kate can/should do things alone all the time. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea for couples to spend every minute with each other, 24/7 (although I know people who feel differently).

    William was hunting or shooting birds, or something like that, the weekend Kate was with her parents and got really sick. At first I wondered why William wasn’t with Kate when I assumed this was the “big weekend” when she was making the announcement to her family. But then I thought, if Kate doesn’t like hunting or shooting, why should she have to pretend to? Who said she can’t have different interests? More power to her.

    So long story short (too late), yeah, who cares if William saw a movie alone.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Do you remember the photos of Kate going hunting with William? I think it was shortly after the engagement announcement? She was all dressed up shooting, smiling, and excited she shot something.

      She had so much fun until the backlash. PETA mainly, but many others didn’t care for her actions. Since then they put out a statement saying she would sit out future hunting trips.

      • Emily says:

        Why is there backlash when SHE hunts, but not when HE does?

        The sexism in the gossip world is always massive, but it seems even more massive in the coverage of the royals.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Emily I don’t get it either, but there it is. Probably because it’s more tradition for royalty at this point. And again I don’t agree with it, but maybe also because… Kate is female. She’s suppose to be frail and meek, kind to animals and all that. Whatever the logic Kate played into it.

        The point I was trying to make was simply that Kate enjoyed hunting. Mrs. K stated Kate didn’t like hunting so she shouldn’t have to go along and pretend to enjoy it.

        Sexism is another can of worms.

      • Mich says:

        It wasn’t just ‘hunting’ that got people upset, it was fox hunting. The entire royal family has been criticized for it heavily and having Kate participate just brings more attention to it.

  15. Emily says:

    My mother did not have the illness Kate has. But my mother still threw up all the time until about the 8th month. Not working when you’re pregnant is not laziness. Pregnancy isn’t just eating a lot and having to pee a lot. I know that for some women it’s easy and fun, but for many, many others, it’s the opposite. I admit it would be amusing to see Kate barf on the queen’s shoes, but blaming her for not keeping up public appearances while she is not only pregnant, but vomiting all the time, is pretty ignorant.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      No one called her lazy for not showing up to the premiere. She did however cancel everything except this premiere until just before.

      She has a terrible work ethic and is very lazy in general, but I don’t know where you’re getting the “stop calling pregnant Kate lazy for not going to a movie premiere”.

  16. DreamyK says:

    William and Harry will always get a pass from me because of their mother. I was really rooting for Di and the shock of her sudden and violent passing was tremendous because if it could happen to her, her who had the world at her feet, it could happen to anyone.

  17. Zeo says:

    Is it just me, or is William’s appearances at events this week inappropriate given his wife’s sickness and the suicide of the nurse? Perhaps, laying low will make him seem more sympathetic, but I suppose he isn’t concerned with that.

  18. vava says:

    when did this custom begin of having the so-called ‘royals’ attend film premiers? Do they think they are celebrities? They certainly ACT like it! Willy should be ashamed of himself. He cancelled a military function, but he has no problem attending red carpet events. This, people, – is what he is all about. He wants to be a celebrity. Work? NO. Party? YES.

    • Mel says:

      They ARE celebrities.
      “Celebrity” means the state of being widely known to the public. And that they certainly are.

      But I don’t like their attending premieres and “fashionable” entertainment parties either. It looks “off” somehow.

    • Lucrezia says:

      This wasn’t a random film premiere, this was a “Royal Film Performance”. According to wiki, the custom began in 1946, and proceeds from the night are donated to charity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Film_Performance

      So at least one royal representative pretty much HAD to attend, it’s the whole point of the night.

      Other than those specific performances, I googled “royal” and “premiere” and they really don’t show up to much that doesn’t have some major cultural relevance for the UK (or broader Commonwealth). I’d give them a pass for films like Warhorse, Bond and The Other Boyelyn Girl.

      About the only exception I could find was Prince Harry attending the Dark Knight premiere.